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  1. Hello, Would you trade your ALPHA key for BETA key +20EUR?
  2. We can argue all day long about this and i think it's totally pointless. We both play CoD4 for very long time, maybe i have attended less LANs but both have experiences against the best teams. I accept what you write even though I think the cars affect the way you play
  3. I just say it would need some changes to be balanced... Playing park as attack will be much more easier because cars won't explode so you have more possibilities. Even we got killed there late game on OOF5 so you did. So you should definitely know without exploding cars and barrels pushes are more easier.
  4. Well, pushing park as attack will be much more easier, you don't need to take care of cars. For deffence scope watching mid from the spawn car is now easy also (it's common to nade scope there). And trust me or not, if you go B with SMG as deff. Sometimes you still die to car
  5. If cars dont explode, it will need remake. Pushes would be much more easier.
  6. Hello! Everyone who will be interested in playing Battalion 1944 and would like to be informed about planned leagues and lans, updates and many other things. Feel free to join our group which is the best way to be informed about the competitive scene the fastest way! EU - CZ/SK -
  7. That's the reason why i said we can remake cod1 cod2 maps but change them as much as we can but keep the spirit of it which is possible. But still I would like to see some new maps with themes like japan/chinese war during ww2 / egypt war ... for example
  8. I think we should not remake CoD4 maps for this game. It's different period (WW2 and modern). Better would be to remake cod2 or cod1 maps (but not the same way as they were but change them a lot). Don't know which countries are going to be supported but some arabic maps (desert), european and and some Chinesse/Japan oriented map would be nice to see
  9. Hello. My question is if there is going to be supported only english or you the developers would also like to add other languages.