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    When will we get new gameplay?

    When will we get new gameplay
  2. Meatsack

    Rifle Balance

    hopefully the game is not a sniper fest and has people using different weapons
  3. Meatsack

    Rifle Balance

    Didnt the devs say you cant talk about the alpha?
  4. Meatsack

    How good will the console version be?

    Are there different release dates?
  5. If there will be a console version of the game will it be worse than the pc version or the same?
  6. Meatsack

    How would you react?

    There are female soilders
  7. Meatsack

    Classic playlist

    In this playlist you can play a variety of different gameodes but with Sprint disabled
  8. Meatsack

    Attack and defend gamemode

    One team will have to defend a house are or something inside and are allowed to have shotguns and submachine guns and are not allowed to go outside .The attackers have to kill all the defenders to win and have snipers,assault rifles and machine guns.The defenders have to survive till time runs out
  9. Meatsack

    Game mode idea

    What if their was a gamemode were you have a sniper that's always one shot but you only have one bullet and you have a pistol with enough bullets to kill one person.The only way to get another bullet is to kill someone.When you run out of ammo you have to nife.