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  1. hi, i know it's yet another type of "CSGO has it ,will BAT44 have it" kind of question but i wanted to ask if the devs thought about having different types of nades and throw styles. I mean it is nice to have that much variation to it. Although it has to fit the gameplay of course. regards
  2. onyx

    Running - CoD vs CoD:UO

    I've seen that in Day of Defeat they handled running this way: You can run, but have a limit. If you exceed it, you get punished by moving slower afterwards. Players need to know how much they can run and can have strategy behind it. Do I make several short burts? Do I push over the limit to reach a certain spot and take the punishment? I think that's a great way to implement skill into it.
  3. onyx

    Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    i also think rader of CSGO is nice. enemy spotting by sound should be a skill. they pretty much nailed it. This video explains every feature if someones interested and doesnt know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYVZezwknL8 i have no clue what you can do better. if it can work for bat44, then just do the same.
  4. had hoped that there's some modern, better way of doing that. registered now and joined. see you there
  5. onyx

    Price Strategy

    that's very understandable. that's why regional pricing exists and is well implemented into steam. there are over 20 different regionrelated prices they can set. But you don't get my point what's the flaw in the logic comparing bat44 to csgo. You take Valve that owns Steam and has like unlimited resources, just had to rerelease the same game for like the 4th time or whatever, getting insane amounts of money coming in through the steam community market with a small developer like Bulkhead. And every kid on the planet knows Counter Strike ;D So you have to understand why CS is as cheap as it is and not everyone just can do as Valve does.
  6. onyx

    Price Strategy

    on kickstarter it says "Regular Retail £30" although i wouldn't quite understand why people would get hung up on if they pay 20 or 40 or whatever. i imagine most will play at least hundreds of hours and the competitive ones thousands And comparing it with a release like CS:GO with someone like Valve behind it is just unfair.
  7. hey guys, i just wanted to float the idea that we could organize ourself a cod4 server with promod to get some Deathmatch going on and some PCWs. One could get into the CoD type of aming and movement again, have some fun and get some practice. You know, maybe having some kind of cornerstone where all can meet, get some contacts and what not. Maybe getting an IRC channel up for the community? I've been absent for 5 years from competitive fps gaming myself but man has this game got me fired up again thoughts/ideas?