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  1. Hello, today I discovered for the first time your title and, being an oldschool COD2/4 player, immediately fell in love with the gameplay. For me, multiplayer PC gaming is dead for quite some time now. Why? Because even 10 years ago every game was just infested with hackers From my experience there is only one solution. There was an AntiCheat project named UAC. The idea is straightforward. You purchase the cheats yourself so you can neutralize them. They busted most of the CoD community back then. It was just eye opening. Of course this takes a constant effort. So I'd like to know how the developers see this problem and how they are trying to tackle it. PS: I mean, take a look at a site like https://www.iwantcheats.net/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-hacks-steam/ It's so easy and widespread it's ridicules. Groups like that a professional and fast. PB is on Steams Early Access since only 2 months...