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  1. Server provider

    I think this is just someone starting to host servers once the files are released.
  2. Questions about servers and mods

    I used to run a community on COD4 and i would like to rebuild it on this game but i will need public server files to do so.
  3. Questions about servers and mods

    They also said multiplay will be the only place to get servers from at start. I was planning on running a server for every gamemode on day 1 but i should not have to pay a premium to do so when i have a dedi box sitting waiting to be filled with servers. I want this game to work but from what i've been reading recently it's not gunna be the game i thought it was.
  4. Questions about servers and mods

    If there is no public dedi server files i'll not be buying this game. The reasons i'm buying this game is no over powered kill streaks, public dedi server files, server browser, mod and map tools. I've been waiting since CODWAW for a game like this.
  5. This game mode is the only reason i'm buying cod be the first one i've bought since world at war.
  6. Beta

    For UK holidays you multiply the amount of days you work a week by 5.6 so 5 days a week multiplied by 5.6 is 28 days
  7. Capture the Flag (with 5 Flags/Locations)

    Days of War is dead only gets a peak of 15-20 players a day, think they went into early access to early. Also £20 is abit much for what you get. I'm sure someone could make a dod style mod when we get mod & map tools.
  8. E3

    Will the Battalion 1944 team be at E3 this year?
  9. I hope theres a 12v12 search and destroy.

    If this game turns out the way i hope i will have servers running all game modes they will be like 12v12 16v16 32v32
  10. Cards effecting competitive play?

    i'm sure if it doesn't work someone will make a promod like mod and remove it. Look at cod4 with the servers with all the noob guns removed.