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  1. Spoon

    battalion 1944

  2. Spoon

    Missing Early Access Codes

    Best contact Big Tuna on their discord https://discordapp.com/invite/battalion1944
  3. Spoon

    ranking/skill system?

    Server logs don't provide enough info for programs like xlrstats to work at the moment.
  4. Spoon


    best post on steam , reddit or their discord as the devs have abandoned these forums.
  5. Spoon


    just opt out of the beta and steam will re-download the old files.
  6. Spoon

    Major Update #2 and Tournament

    Probs best leaving free weekend untill mu3 as it would only hurt the game if we still have the same trash arcade modes
  7. Spoon

    Dedicated servers vs Rented servers

    Every server is a dedicated server, the server you are renting might be better hardware or closer to your location. My dedicated server has better ping than offical/matchmaking servers.
  8. Spoon

    steamcmd overwrite

    Same i've turned off my servers untill there is mod & rcon support.
  9. Spoon

    steamcmd overwrite

    When CSGO first came out they overwrite gamesmodes.txt & gamemode_ XXX.cfg every update before they gave us gamemodes_server.txt & gamemode_XXX_ server.cfg
  10. Spoon

    steamcmd overwrite

    rename defaultgame.ini like every other game not really a mess up.
  11. can you post your config.ini and deck.json you are using
  12. Post your mod idea in the modding section of the forum and if someone else likes it i'm sure someone could help you make it or make it themselves.
  13. Spoon

    Admin tool : B3

    I will be working on my own Battalion parser for B3 once the servers support proper logging and rcon.
  14. Spoon

    Game's Dead guys..

    It was possible to rank up on modded servers they just had their own rank per mod folder my community servers even had prestige. I'm sure once mod tools come out we can make our own ranking system.
  15. Spoon

    Game's Dead guys..

    This game better not die i just tried to play cod again and battalions ruined it for me i can't go back to playing with flame thrower, flame shotgun & bouncing bettys.