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  1. All I get is searching... for 20second then 5 seconds of Matched found, allocating server. I actually counter the seconds. I cannot level up. Is there no Australian players? Or is the matchmaker screwed. I want to learn how to play but cannot even get a ranked game. Played 9hrs and probably 8 looking for a match. I'd refund but cannot due to hrs played ffs. Here is a friendly suggestion also. HAVE RANKED PRIVATE SERVERS!!! And fix shit first instead of having hosted competitions. I'm getting angry and it's not even Friday. This is all I get. 20180221_171843.mp4
  2. ViPeR

    Team swapping

    Well when it is constantly 6 vs 2 why play beta? I said I have up on beta. Not the game. Just had a game start as a 5 vs 1.
  3. ViPeR

    Team swapping

    I have given up on the beta test as the match making system is broken. When you start a game and allow a 6 vs 2 start it is just not right. There should always be an option to swap teams for all players if the numbers are uneven. It has really destroyed all balance in the game.
  4. ViPeR

    Price Strategy

    Pricing it between 20-30 US on steam EA is probably a good move. I see so many new game priced 50-60 and I just ignore them. Especially with the Aussie dollar conversion rate, 50-60US is a ripoff for most games now days.