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    Major Update #2 and Tournament

    I feel like I should elaborate more.... The graphics are better. I finally can get rid of the annoying gloss/glow. The economy is better. But nades are to good for how inexpensive they are. However, the if you land when zooming effect feels like you are rubber banding and the zoom delay on the bolts/snipers is a bit to much to the point I have no desire to use them. Alt for sprint is still not fixed. (You cannot jump while sprinting when alt is your sprint key). You are able to look around with alt while jumping in PUBG so this should be fixable.(Same engine) I was never on the "remove sprint" train before. But I think now id be willing to give it a try. It may just be to hard properly to balance a game that has both sprint and bolts in it.
  2. ryaNNN

    Major Update #2 and Tournament

    Just played the beta patch. It feels worse than the game did 5 months ago in alpha....
  3. ryaNNN

    June update wishlist.

    I just wanted to list all of the things I want to see changed and what I have seen people in the community posting about over the past couple of months. 1.) Fix your weapon un-zooming when you go prone. "This only happens when players use toggle zoom, hold to zoom players stay zoomed." 2.) Make the first person animation for switching smoother, and give the double switch animation commonly used to stop reload some personality, kind of like the CoD 4 clap. 3.) Introduce Deathmatch and maybe even HQ. At least for private servers!!!! 4.) Make the Killfeed + chat readable in console. 5.) "One way" crouch and prone buttons. Like the "Go to Prone" and "Go to Crouch" bind in Cod2/4. 6.) Fix not being able to jump while sprinting when "Alt" is your sprint bind. 7.) Make the nade indicator only appear as and after a nade has touched the ground. 8.) Give the M1A1 Carbine a new ironsight, similar to the vcod version. Make the K9 ironsight more bulky or replicate the vcod ironsight. Same with the BAR. The Thompson ironsight is ugly as well but its not as bad as the others. 9.) Increase the non-sprint movespeed to make jiggle peeking more viable and dropoff from sprint to not feel so shitty. This also makes "flying out" not the only option. 10.) Add a 0.2-0.5 second on the function so when you are spamming 'F' to pick up a gun, you don't instantly pick your pistol back up. 11.) Add a little more fill objects to the maps. Wallable Barrels/boxes and maybe Pianos... Move cars/trucks out from spawn camping positions so they can be used throughout the round. Lets see more Hills, peaks, and valleys no matter how small on the upcoming maps too! 12.) Make the 3rd person animation for prone a little bigger. Also sometime when a player prones with a object right behind them they look like an amputee from the waist down. Feel free to post anything you feel I left out.
  4. ryaNNN

    June update wishlist.

    You can use both in pubg. Which is the same engine so it should be fixable.
  5. ryaNNN

    Reaction on Wartide 2.0 post

    Hopefully there is a silent MMR system like Dota had back in its beta for Wartide. Its not really fun playing with or playing against Potatoes.
  6. ryaNNN


    The problem is that because of the maps and the movement speed rates. Strafe jumping is the best option when making a play in most scenarios not because the mechanic is broken but... The maps are like cod 2 where there is not a lot of random objects to play around, but the normal walk speed is to slow so you cannot strafe back and forth to jiggle peak anything. Then they add the sprint function to the game which only worked in CoD4 because there were numerous objects to play around (Cars, walls, refrigerators, fax machines, dumpsters) that allowed players to punish people when they flew out, not to mention the open middle map setup that made players account for many more angles before they jumped out. Where as in battalion the majority of fights are isolated so players only have to worry about 1 player at a time. All in all it ended up being a recipe for a clowny playstyle that for sure wasn't intended. The whole "Jumping is overpowered" issue could be solved by the devs moving some cars, trucks, pianos, and rubble out in the map and increasing non-sprint move speeds. I really don't understand the logic of only having cars and trucks that only provide cover for Allied spawn campers on maps like Coastal and Derailed. I am not suggesting more angles like the 360 degree B site on derailed but opening up the maps a little more and making angles maybe have different degrees of elevation(which may be more important than filling the maps with objects). Just take for and exaggerated example the A ramp/hill on Cobblestone, If you were to strafe jump out there, you would just get rolled because the likelihood of your crosshair being close enough to the person holding the area to be able to flick to them before they shoot you is very small. In battalion 95% of the elevation change is stair wells and trenches. All the the roads, sidewalks, and ally ways are flat, the only map so far that has seemed to embrace elevation is invasion an again the map is to compartmentalized and the fights are too isolated. So again, strafe jumping reigns supreme. Note: the paths, halls, and allyways are too narrow on this map and pushing feels suicidal.
  7. ryaNNN

    Constructive feedback from a casual POV

    But when am i supposed to But I like having time to modify my classes and try out the new perks i unlocked.
  8. ryaNNN

    Weapon Pickup "Cooldown"

    This has already been covered. The 1 second suggestion is way too long but yeah some sort of cd would be nice.
  9. Can we also get a 1 way crouch and 1 way prone key. That way I can hit "C" as many times as i want and my character is still crouched. Or for 1 way prone I can hit control as many times as I want and my character is still proned. In cod4 these were "Go to prone" and "Got to crouch" in the controls.
  10. ryaNNN

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I would really like them to at least increase the normal walk speed, it would make the transition between sprint just feel smoother. I mostly agree with the heavy and pathfinder suggestions I would only add... Heavy. 3 hits to kill at every range or the only time they take 4 if they are all in the feet and its really long range or something. I was all for 1 shot headshots but I did like the idea where the Bar was and the STG44 wasn't. Either works though. I would like to see the recoil increase and then if the heavys are OP then they can decrease the rate of fire as decreasing the rate of fire may make them a little to under powered close range. Pathfinder. No more 2 hit kills without a headshot is good but I would also make the max number of bullets to kill should be 8. Thirteen is just excessive, especially in a game that doesn't have a deagle. If they do feel under powered after the nerf, a small rate of fire increase and ammo increase on the Thompson would probably be all they need.
  11. ryaNNN

    What to adjust

    This would be like artificially intentionally giving the game shit reg. I know the reason many cod players didn't start playing cs right away is because the gun doesn't shoot where it is pointing, so why would they implement this into there game? Instead of creating an annoying situation where players feel like they are shooting right through people they have alternatives to nerf the mechanic. 1. They can reduce strafe jump speed and/or reduce sprint speed to make the target easier to hit. 2. They can increase recoil making it harder to consistently hit a target while moving. (Its harder to hit a moving target but it is also harder to hit a target while moving. Increasing recoil would probably hurt the player trying to hit shots while moving more. 3. Wait till the lag/netcode is fixed. The mechanic takes full advantage of the current peekers advantage and amplifies it a little. 4. Better maps. The mechanic feels the same as it did in cod4 but it wasn't nearly as popular as it was in cod4. Maybe this was because the TTK was higher or the maps were just better. Would like to see objects shifted to more useful areas like on derailed where the 2 cars on the attack side are only useful for spawn camping, why not move one into the street more and maybe give the Germans an object to play around as well? Same with the Allied truck/small markets on Coastal. 5. Make the jump more floaty like it is in pubg so its again easier to hit the jumping target. 6. Make the legs or a leg dangle more to create a bigger jumping target. 7. I honestly don't have an issue with this part of the game and I think Ranked MM will help shift some members of the community from focusing on this. I really do hope the exercise all options before creating a silly mechanic where bullets simply do not go straight. Like how would reducing accuracy work? Would the barrel magically curve when you are in the air, then go back to being straight when you land? Or do the bullets just decide to leave the gun barrel at a 20 degree angle for some reason? Can you elaborate on this?
  12. ryaNNN

    Jump Shooting - CoD2 player's perspective.

    1. Smokes and frag nades are limited in this game(as they should be). So covering every spot is insanely difficult. 2. What you are describing is an issue with object height and placement and not the jump shooting mechanic. This could easily be solved by making objects taller so they cannot be shot over or shorter so you do not need to jump to shoot over them. Or just moving them to a less vital part of the map. You are correct in saying that straight up and down jumps favor 1 shot weapons more, but the strafe jump mechanic definitely helps the attacking side more. This is also situational, I would say on Derailed the wall of barrels benefits the American team more for jump shots because it helps them take the site. Where for the Germans, the American team is already looking for the jump shot because they have to be ready for someone peeking from the metal steps. Where on Coastal, the Americans do not have any objects to jump shot over (they should probably move the truck near American spawn into the street a little more). The Germans have the tank, mid-wall, and boxes in the street at B, so obviously the mechanic will favor them more on this map.
  13. ryaNNN

    Jump Shooting - CoD2 player's perspective.

    Agreed. A hold breath function could help. Its not much of a nerf though. Really the scope just zooms a hair to quickly, all of the guns zoom in a little quicker than what I think players are used to but for the scope and bolt it obviously matters more.
  14. ryaNNN

    Jump Shooting - CoD2 player's perspective.

    The game would be to one dimensional without jump shooting. In a game where the guns shoot straight and there are no flashbangs, there needs to be multiple ways to get around a corner. Without strafe jumping and jump shooting its way to easy to just stare at a corner. Bottom line, there needs to be a variety of ways to push through a choke point. You may feel strafe jumping may be a little to strong at the moment but anything more than a 10% decrease to the mechanic at this point would ruin it. They can also reduce the sprint speed by like 5% to slow it down a bit, but again it needs to be a viable mechanic for this game to work (if they reduce sprint they need to up the normal walk speed by at least 5% so un-zoomed strafing back in forth shoulder peeking to bait shots is a slightly more viable.)
  15. 1. Increase the pickup range. 2. Put a 0.2-0.5 second on the function so when you are spamming 'F' to pick up a gun, you don't instantly pick your pistol back up. 3. Make guns stick with the dead body, the whole gun flying around the map seems glitchy at the moment. ---Is there any chance we will see and option where you can swap out the enemy's gun for your own if its the same class? For example, if you are an American rifleman and you pick-up a Kar98 and survive through the round, at the beginning of the next round it could give you an option to swap it for your M1. Also, did anyone happen to notice if there was a "Go to crouch" and "Go to prone" option in the keybinds? In cod4 these just made the keybinds only crouch you and not stand you back up when you hit it twice. If not, can this be added? This kind of goes along with my spamming f to pick a gun up, but if find myself instantly standing back up when I try to go crouch.
  16. ryaNNN

    Improvement for picking guns off the ground

    What do you guys think about having the option to bind plant/defuse to another key? This would make picking up guns that are near/on the bomb easier. Especially if they increase the pickup range. This could remove situations where you need to get a gun and the bomb toggles instead or you have to start that defuse and you pick a gun up instead.
  17. ryaNNN

    Improvement for picking guns off the ground

    I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one I 100% agree with this, I was just thinking as a quick fix, because the guns dance around way to much at the moment.
  18. The biggest problem with this is it will make people feel like they are shooting through people. It will be extremely frustrating when your bullets don't hit even though your sights are centered on the opponents chest. Basically, I can see the current patch notes causing some broken mice and headsets . I realize, I the whole strafe jumping and shooting completely ADS is rare. But, the change(shots not being 100% accurate when you are completely zoomed in) adds unnecessary RNG to the game. Isn't strafe jump speed the same as sprint speed? Wouldn't they just decrease sprint speed by 5%? I do agree though, there were a list of more attractive alternatives they could have used when nerfing the mechanic. It feels like they were just adding quick fix and I hope the final build has 100% accuracy when you are 100% zoomed-in, no matter the situation.
  19. ryaNNN

    Improvement for picking guns off the ground

    Yeah I had my things on toggle crouch and prone but hitting the button again stands you back up. So if I am spamming "C" in the middle of a strafe jump sometimes I would hit the ground and then stand back up immediately. I guess I am a bit of a button masher... Guns being able to be moved after the body hits the ground is okay. But when I shotty someone and the gun bounces around in the ally for 10 seconds or fly's 70ft down the street, its a little ridiculous. Another thing to add. The guns were a little hard to see on the ground, maybe we were just not used to looking for them. I guess it couldn't hurt if they were a little easier to see though.
  20. Please remove this! I am not sure if this intended or not but you can sprint while you have a nade pulled. I have been able to throw nades some insane ranges and it basically breaks Derailed when I nade the American cross to Cinema. With a little coordination with teammate nades the Americans wouldn't be able to cross for a good 5-10 seconds or counter pick street.
  21. ryaNNN

    Sprinting with a nade pulled back

    Except on derailed you cannot spot the cross nades because there is a building in the way. You can still get nades far enough without the sprint throw to stop the push. But they shouldnt be able to kill the sniper who is up against the very back wall.
  22. ryaNNN

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

    I don't think they said they were ever going to emulate MOH and why would they lol(see below). The gameplay is pretty poor. The game was hella fun when it first came out and I was 10 though. As for cod2. If cod2 had sprint and a 105FOV option the games would look very similar. Also, plenty of players strafe jumped around corners and jump shot in CoD2 maybe you didn't notice it as much because there wasn't sprint in the game?
  23. ryaNNN

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

    Anyone who thinks they are going to remove shooting while strafe jumping is insane. It is one of the core concepts to this game to make it a competitive shooter. The maps are much more like CS than CoD2 and 4, they have less angles to play and peek from. With no flashbangs its really the only play to push into a sight, otherwise you will die to someone just staring at a corner(which doesn't require much skill). The devs may slightly decrease the speed to make the model not so fast, or they may slightly increase some recoils, and alter rate of fire/damage ratios of guns. They already are trying to fix the animation and they have made progress with this. They are also working on fixing the netcode which once fixed, will probably be the biggest nerf to strafe jumping. Right now strafe jumping basically amplifies the peekers advantage from the dsync because of the speed. Personally I like when someone jumps out at me because unlike cs they cant change direction in mid air, which makes lining up the shot easy. Yes, the mechanic seems a little strong right now but once they fix the dsync issue it will probably be about as good as it was in CoD4. Everyone just needs a little patience! I am sure MMR will help with this.