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  1. bunny hopping/ instant kills

    I don't think they said they were ever going to emulate MOH and why would they lol(see below). The gameplay is pretty poor. The game was hella fun when it first came out and I was 10 though. As for cod2. If cod2 had sprint and a 105FOV option the games would look very similar. Also, plenty of players strafe jumped around corners and jump shot in CoD2 maybe you didn't notice it as much because there wasn't sprint in the game?
  2. Please remove this! I am not sure if this intended or not but you can sprint while you have a nade pulled. I have been able to throw nades some insane ranges and it basically breaks Derailed when I nade the American cross to Cinema. With a little coordination with teammate nades the Americans wouldn't be able to cross for a good 5-10 seconds or counter pick street.
  3. bunny hopping/ instant kills

    Anyone who thinks they are going to remove shooting while strafe jumping is insane. It is one of the core concepts to this game to make it a competitive shooter. The maps are much more like CS than CoD2 and 4, they have less angles to play and peek from. With no flashbangs its really the only play to push into a sight, otherwise you will die to someone just staring at a corner(which doesn't require much skill). The devs may slightly decrease the speed to make the model not so fast, or they may slightly increase some recoils, and alter rate of fire/damage ratios of guns. They already are trying to fix the animation and they have made progress with this. They are also working on fixing the netcode which once fixed, will probably be the biggest nerf to strafe jumping. Right now strafe jumping basically amplifies the peekers advantage from the dsync because of the speed. Personally I like when someone jumps out at me because unlike cs they cant change direction in mid air, which makes lining up the shot easy. Yes, the mechanic seems a little strong right now but once they fix the dsync issue it will probably be about as good as it was in CoD4. Everyone just needs a little patience! I am sure MMR will help with this.
  4. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    Personally I think nades should probably only be able to be thrown half the distance they were in Cod 4, it was kind of ridiculous every player was Tom Brady. Spawns and maps can easily be balanced so spam nades don't need to be a thing. Maybe have a purchasable nade that can be thrown further than regular nades or just make all nades purchasable and have the same distance. I know they were talking about having some sort of a team economy. Buy X amount of nades to clear X amount of spots to help clear either site.... Nades don't really require skill just practice...
  5. HQ mode?

    Somewhere in between would be good. The spawn timer in cod2 was like 10 seconds and was a little to long. I also didn't like that the attacking team didn't have to destroy the HQ when both defending players died. However cod4 instant spawn was garbage, we had a custom ruleset that had spawn timers which made it fun.
  6. HQ mode?

    Will there be an HQ mode in the game??? 2v2 and 3v3 HQ is a great way to practice with the teammates. Something like 7 second spawn timer. 1:30 second hq's and the people that have the hq only spawn at the 45 second mark. Would be nice.