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  1. nabwhoo

    iNKZ/13/ ex-MOHAAS/COD

    ClanBase ladders didn't lie, MOH:AA had something in the region of 3000 teams whilst Spearhead and Breakout had what...200 between them?
  2. nabwhoo

    Dedicated Server Requirements

    Here's a working repo: https://hub.docker.com/r/dmcallejo/battalion-docker/ If you need any assistance, hola.
  3. nabwhoo

    Dedicated Server Requirements

    I honestly don't know. I've just managed to get the server running in a container so I might try and stress test tonight.
  4. For anyone looking for a solution to this... Credit: dmcallejo curl -s -o /tmp/Community_Servers.html REMOTE_VERSION=$(perl -ne '/Current\sVersion:\s(\d+)/ && print $1' /tmp/Community_Servers.html) if [[ $REMOTE_VERSION -gt $LOCAL_VERSION ]]; then echo "Updating server to $REMOTE_VERSION. This will take a moment..." URL=$(perl -ne '/.*href="(.*\.zip)">Linux/ && print $1' /tmp/Community_Servers.html) curl -s $URL -o /tmp/linuxserver.zip unzip /tmp/linuxserver.zip rm /tmp/linuxserver.zip chmod +x /LinuxServer/Battalion/Binaries/Linux/BattalionServer echo $REMOTE_VERSION > version fi
  5. nabwhoo

    iNKZ/13/ ex-MOHAAS/COD

  6. FYI: https://storage.googleapis.com/battalion_public/BattalionLinuxServer_10849.zip I'm working on a Docker build for the Batallion community server and I've noticed that the version of the server is appended to the URL. This will require the codebase to be updated each time you release a new version, would it be possible to name the file 'BattalionLinuxServer.zip'? I imagine there are alternative solutions but I'm not an advanced Docker user.
  7. nabwhoo

    Dedicated Server Requirements

    I should have been clearer. We're hosting a 10-16 man server on Azure, so far it's running with 8GB of RAM and 2 Cores (Ubuntu 17.10), on 90 tick. Running great thus far, not noticed any issues.
  8. Sauerman, so this has been created with some assistance from the devs? Any chance we can make this an open source project going forward? I'd love to contribute, as would my team (we all work as post-grad devs).
  9. nabwhoo

    Forum HTTPS

    Will this be implemented anytime soon? Given the amount of traffic coming through here (including sensitive data) and the fact that it's now free (AWS certs, Letsencrypt) this really should be enabled.
  10. nabwhoo

    Loot Boxes

    Oh man, that's some serious bad luck. I'd have probably held off buying so many crates at the moment, they're probably still ironing out the drop rates. Maybe one of the devs will see this and take some pity :P.
  11. nabwhoo


    There are already quite a few discussions on this subject. @Mods perhaps merge here:
  12. nabwhoo

    Discussion - Lean Feature

    Hi all, What are your thoughts on increased lean speed? Given the rapid nature of the game, I feel it's slowed down by the lean mechanics. MOH:AA is a good representation of speed leaning.
  13. What specification are people typically using for their servers?