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  1. What games do you currently play?

    Battlefield 1 with a bit of PUBG for my FPS needs, 7 Days to Die and Shellshock Live as "rewind" games.
  2. Do you play Single Players?

    Well, I've played a lot of singleplayers back in the day (Hidden & Dangerous 2, Original War, Hearts of Iron and Dawn of War come to mind first, but only because I sunk the most time into them). Around the beginning of this decade I had a catch-up phase, where I went through a lot of old classics, like first two Fallouts, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Half-Life games and Planescape: Torment (which I may or may not have completed during university lectures). In last two years the most notable titles I've played through include both Metro games (although I have mixed opinion about them), 3D Fallouts, Oblivion, Skyrim, Portals, Mass Effects, Deus Ex games (both old and new), both Dishonored and Max Payne trilogy. So, yeah, judging by size of my list alone (which isn't even really complete)... if you show me a good singleplayer, you can expect that I will take the bait.
  3. What mouse do you have?

    Steelseries Kinzu v3. Can't complain about it. It's light, works well and is very durable (first mouse in ages that I didn't break after 6 months; so far my Kinzu works for 16 without an issue).
  4. Let's discuss about maps

    Hurtgen... oh man, the memories. In my community it easily was one of two favorites, Hurtgen regulars always bickered with our Carentan regulars about who is better and which map takes more skill (to be fair, getting a ton on Carentan was way easier, but that's just KPM) (and then there was me, playing Pavlov and Ship; and ton = 100 kills) In the end, I will be curious about pretty much anything thrown at me, and if it manages to recapture the magic of some of more successful and detailed three-lane map designs that first two CoD's delivered... then things will become really fun.
  5. What games do you currently play?

    Recently I've been playing: Battlefield 1 (these days I'm putting more time into Community Test Environment than actual retail version) ShellShock Live - it's a Worms-type game that I use to relax (having to shoot once per every couple of minutes helps) 7 Days to Die - basically crafting with zombies. Every 7th night your position gets swarmed by a zombie horde, but zeds (as players call them) will also visit your base during the week in smaller numbers (both day and night) if you're too active. Guns are an extreme rarity until late stages of base development. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault - a F2P FPS which mostly fills my niche for slower gameplay with small teams, but without too much complicated stuff. Starcraft - I am dreadful at RTS, but as it's available for free now... can't say no. I also went through Dishonored 2 (gameplay improved compared to the original, and storytelling still holds up) recently.
  6. How did you found your nickname?

    Well. Mine is a bit of a mess. So, initially I've used two different nicknames in different games. In some it was Spitfire (as I was going through initial fascination with WWII and I absolutely fell in love with the plane), in some it was Siemion (which 1) Is the Russian version of my irl name and 2) Was the first name of one of my favorite characters in Original War). For some time, that status quo continued. Quick side note/fun story: In a game called Haxball (basically air hockey/soccer mix), I played as Siemion. My team leader was Spitfire. My TS name also was Spitfire. People were always confused to no end when we were on TS at the same time. Anyway, eventually I started playing vCoD. There was that issue where all the free space after your nickname was filled by a digit repeated to infinity (in my case it was 3 with my first physical copy, then 5 in second and 3 again in 3rd; I lost my physical disks about once per 6 months). In my peanut brain, instead of thinking "how to remove the digits", I started wondering "how to make as few of them as possible show up". Genius solution? I've merged both nicknames I've used ("longer nickname = less 3's"), and that's how SpitfireSiemion appeared (erm, I mean, SpitfireSiemion33333333333333333333; thanks, CoD). Capital letters went away because for some reason I thought that it's impossible to have uppercase nicknames in Battlefield 3 (don't ask).
  7. Before shots are fired. Reminder!

    One more tip coming from my own trial and error experience in other games (it applies even for full releases, but it's even more inportant in alpha/beta tests)... giving feedback is key. However, it also is worth remembering that presenting it in an easy to read way is just as important. A 3-page wall of text without paragraphs will be quite tough to get through. For bug reports, two often forgotten, yet crucial aspects are reproduction steps and evidence. Providing these really cuts the time of bug verification and fixing down. Also, while it depends on dev team, usually it's heavily preferred to comment on one bug in one thread/submission rather than make a new report about the same thing. If frustration will be sneaking in for you... trying to use it towards something good helps. When I got upset, I sometimes went on 'bug hunt free roam', where I just started doing stupid things on an empty server with a hope that I randomly get some bugs I could send up. Sounds weird, but works. If frustration is still there... sometimes taking a break is the best choice (and that really applies for every game in existence if you ask me).
  8. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Hello, My name is Szymon. I am from Łódź, Poland, but currently I'm living in Dallas, TX, where I'm temporarily working in the field of biotechnology. I am splitting free time between playing (including moderating an unofficial bug tracker for BF1), reading and In terms of video games... tough call. In terms of favorites, it would go like this: FPS: Hidden & Dangerous 2, vCoD, Battlefield 3 and BF4 (1k+ hours in every single one of these) Racing games: Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit and NFS: High Stakes (...and NFS II was my first game ever) Strategies: Hearts of Iron, Original War. I also have a soft spot for Dawn of War, but I haven't played it that much (got a couple of good memories though, mostly related to tricking my friend in 1vs1's) Other: Shellshock Live, 7 Days to Die, Fallout franchise, Jane's Attack Squadron (in hindsight, it was awful, but nostalgia), Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus (I know, technically they're VN's), Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (one of the most underrated games ever), Dishonored, Shadowrun trilogy (Returns, Dragonfall and Hong Kong), Max Payne 3 (airport scene is one of my favorite video game scenes ever). How have I heard about Battalion? Well, by reading a small Polish gaming news blog. Idea caught my attention enough to pledge.