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    Dear Battalion 1944 Development Group A Little about us! The Firm Gaming community consist of 10 active members. Throughout the years the same 10 members have been together for about 12 years competing in all of the call of duty series games. We were active in some more than others. Starting out in 2005 on Call of Duty Big Red One PlayStation 2. We have had over 100 members come and go through the years but the 10 core players have remained together. Our goal! We are writing to potentially form a partnership that benefits us and the gaming community, which is almost endless in its growing size. We would like to recommend competitive integration that would change the way competitive play is organized and played, starting with battalion 1944. Our ideas are new and innovative in that respect and we would love to be a part of the testers and organizers of that aspect of the game. Our goals are to get rid of the middle men in competitive play and make competitive play more accessible to players in game. The future! Going back to the basics is what everyone has been waiting for in a game. Making changes to how competitive play is organized is what console gaming has been missing throughout the years. Many sites have come and gone. Sites that are still around are plagued with terrible pay for play advantages cheaters take advantage of. Our partnership and ideas will hopefully revolutionize how completive play is conducted. We would love to discuss more in private about our ideas. We hope that you consider our advice, we have been around for over 12 years in console gaming. We look forward to playing Battalion 1944 on PS4 competitively and we hope that we can make positive difference in the game. Thank you for your time and reading our proposal. Sincerely, 1TF1 The Firm Gaming Community 1TF1.com