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    They started with Kickstarter made in a way to attract as many people as possible. Mentioned games like CoD, MoH, ET. Created an article in CoD2 community to advertise their project. Hell they even promised authentic WW2 experience. Word "authentic" was used 5 times on Kickstarter page and 6 times on Kickstarter video. Promised genuine/real animations. Showcased museums and real places to be used for inspiration. Recording sounds of real guns. Promised support for Xbox+PS. Promised modding tools, great netcode and anticheat. Later they promised advanced spectator and replay system. Some people wonder why part of the community expected realism or not so much arcade game ... I honestly can't blame them. Some people expected something more like CoD2 / MoH. Something without constant strafe jumping. I can't blame them either. Nowhere on Kickstarter was mentioned Promod or wannabe Promod movement. If it wasn't for Phantasy, most people would not know then. They took our money, asked for some feedback but always acted so superior and above us. "Don't tell us what to do" "We are experienced and know better than you" "You won't understand until you have 1000 hours like me on Battalion" all the time. They say they want to be different from other devs, want to communicate with their players. Yeah they did. But in the most arrogant way. They needed more money once again, used Battalion's hype for it, rushed into EA and the only working thing was crate shop. A lot of players came to play that day and even some days after. But with misleading advertising, game not being ready for EA, a lot of issues not being addressed soon enough and toxic behaviour from Bram on public, this was supposed to happen. I'll be honest to say that I expected a lot from this game, but my expectations were crushed completely. And I supported this project so much during alpha phase. I expected more from game and I expected way more from devs, their vision, skills but mainly from their behavior towards community. I didn't want to believe that before, I hoped that this is something interesting I was waiting for for a long time, but it's clear now, it was just an illusion. I am interested in some bigger project with higher goals and meaningful plans. That is clearly not Battalion since their target players are "very small community that has mostly moved on from gaming". With that in mind and as this title suggests, I guess it's time to "move forward". - Battalion 1944 Kickstarter video
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    There are good things to come but I m shocked by THIS : @[CM] BigTuna : "The fact that you're here right now reading this lengthy update during this rocky Early Access period, still playing the game and adding positive and constructive discussion on our Reddit/Discord community is a testament to the better half of Battalion 1944’s community as a whole. " It is a lack of respect for Forum's users here since the beginning or later, supporting your work, still playing the game and trying to keep constructive discussions and clean forum. You have totally given up the forum and you are neglecting the other half of Battalion1944's community (which is the worst if i understand well !) You should close this forum. Things will be clearest.
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    Another important factor is that their beloved eSports players are on Reddit. We are 'merely' casuals and backers. We are the other half according to @[CM] BigTuna . We don't matter to Bulkhead Interactive. Oh wait, the backers did matter, back when they needed their money. Now that the people can't get their money back, Bulkhead can show them the middle finger and can continue to satisfy the needs of the former COD4 'pro's'. By the way, I'm fully aware I come across like a complete asshole in this post. But sadly the only times someone from Bulkhead seems to respond is to someone who acts like a dickhead and not to people who try to have a civil discussion. On a more serious note: BigTuna, I understand it's impossible for you to respond to everyone. But is it really that much trouble to copy, paste and post this update on your own official forum?
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    As I first heard about Battalion 1944 I was hyped. I haven`t played much different Online-Shooters since Call of Duty 2. Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Insurgency, CS:GO.. I had fun with them but nothing could bring back the excitement of the past days. My expectations for this game were high. In the Kickstarter campaign they even showed Call of Duty 2! This could only get good, right? The time passed and I sometimes engaged in the conversation around this game and shared my ideas. First doubts about this game came up when Brammertron talked in an interview about the weapon recoil. That players could easily adapt to the recoil of the weapons and that they want to focus more on the movement. A game that should bring back the mechanics of the oldschool games without much recoil? After all the first Call of duty was known for much recoil especially the BAR. As I had the first oppurtunity to play this game myself when it released into Early Access I began to see the problems of this game. The game was not what I expected. I played bad, but didn't have fun. I played good, but didn`t have fun either. The guns felt mostly the same and not satisfiying. Because of the fast gameplay there were no evolving cool gunfights. To be honest it remembered me more of the new Call of Dutys than the old ones. I can live with crashes, bugs and delayed updates but why should I play a game that I simply do not enjoy? Discussions began and many players had the view that Battalion needs big changes on the core mechanics. Often discussed was the "time to kill" but I never saw a statement from the developers about it. Also the full time community manager is rarely seen replying to people. Even if some guys are assholes and shout their same phrases "dead game" etc. it wouldn`t hurt to show more presence. In the big announced march update they said there wil be changes to the gameplay but only a small nerf to the smgs was made. Critics were called "braindead". It doesn`t matter if they critism was justified or not. It just isnt professional for an developer to do that. The maps indeed got better but the core mechanics of this game were still nearly untouched. What I want to say is, Haters don`t just appear out of nowhere. They have a reason to hate the game and they are sometimes not that wrong but they voice their opionion in the wrong way. Bulkhead Interactive gave them enough reasons to be mad. First off Bulkhead Interactive built up a massive hype around the game that they simply couldn`t fulfill. If you are dissappointed you sometimes get angry. In their kickstarter campaign they seem to have not clarified enough that Battalion is NOT an shooter that aims for realism. And you can easily find more. Both sides are to blame. Even my hopes for this game are almost gone. It is not the game I had hoped for. I even reinstalled Call of Duty 2 to see if maybe I was wrong and I simply didn`t enjoy this type of game anymore. But no, I still have a lot of fun with this game. I only miss the sprint in this game. I got so used to it. It maybe was too optimistic to await that a small team of developers could make an game that is as good as Call of Duty 2. I mean Call of Duty 2 was made by maybe the most expierenced developers of that time. But on the other hand I could also be evil and say that the developers can`t even optimize the game that they made. I have 50 FPS or less when playing this game while I have in Battlefield 1 in Full-HD more FPS.. Which is also true. I am not even angry or something, just dissapointed. If only the developers could state if they are going with this super fast gameplay or if they are ready to make drastic changes for the core mechanics. If they want to keep the super fast gameplay without recoil and fast time to till they should just say it and I could find my peace with this game and move on. But if they say they I will make bigger changes to the gameplay I will stick around and atleast try it.
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    I agree, the game has a peak player count of 470 last 24 hours and Joe Brammer hasn't been on these forums in like 12 days. Not only is the game dying a death but the forums are as well. GG Bulkhead, nice way to thank the people who funded your little project
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    Wartide 2.0 - Major Update #2 (June) Wartide 2.0 is coming! You as a community have spoken and we’ve listened to all your feedback about the original Wartide gamemode. We’ve taken that feedback onboard and have acted on it by creating an entirely revamped version of the gamemode we’re calling internally ‘Wartide 2.0’. This re-engineered competitive mode will replace the current competitive gamemode - “Wartide” and will be released within our Major Update #2 coming in June, so get ready! The largest concerns with the original Wartide were: No win / loss bonuses meant steamrolling became very likely. Having the losing team being forced repeatedly to play default class round after round when losing, wasn’t a fun experience and players would often leave rather than persist. The original Wartide system lacked depth to its weapons economy therefore all weapons were forced to be balanced and as viable as each other in terms of perceived value. Wartide 2.0 intends to address these issues by adding an actual economy system which is shared entirely between your team. The brand new Wartide 2.0 Tokens, which drop when a player gets fragged. (Only one token is ever dropped, even if the weapon’s value is higher than one token!) Footage of the new Token dropping from a fragged enemy in Wartide 2.0 Teams will start with a set amount of tokens that will deplete as the players on a team pick weapons from the shared buy menu, these weapons all have varying costs based on their effectiveness. For example - The extremely powerful one shot snipers cost more than cheaper weapons such as the shotgun and the two brand new "eco" weapons we’re adding to the game! In this new system the much loved default carbine classes will be free so have fun with those. Players gain more tokens throughout the match. Important actions within a Wartide 2.0 game will result in rewarding players and, in turn, their team with additional tokens. This includes actions such as: Planting / defusing the bomb Consecutive round wins / losses Picking up tokens from dead players We’ve had a couple of early external tests with top level teams from within the competitive scene to test the new format (without user interface). We’re currently working with a different UI designer to revamp the Wartide 2.0 user interface to communicate this new gameplay as simply as possible for new players and spectators. This is a work in progress and not totally finished. Some UI weapon images are placeholders and subject to change We intend to carry out more external tests with top tier players as we move toward polishing Wartide 2.0 before public release in June. We feel these changes counter some of the issues that were raised about our original Wartide gamemode and we are really interested to see what you all think and as always we are keen for constructive feedback. Introducing ‘Wartide’ Matchmaking Option & Retiring Unranked/Ranked Playlists - Estimated Major Update #2 We fully understand that with lower concurrent player numbers, new and less informed players are finding it difficult to find other players to play with unless its during peak times. One of the ways we are going to help alleviate this issue is by removing both ‘unranked’ and ‘ranked’ playlist and merging them into one and the same under the menu option ‘Wartide’. This means players will all be searching under one playlist - instead of being split between 2, helping players who want to find matches in the new Wartide 2.0 gamemode. The new Wartide will function the same as the previous unranked playlist. This is a temporary measure until we’re ready to relaunch a brand new ranked playlist through our huge competitive matchmaking upgrade later in the year (which we will release more info on at a later date. This decision was also made as we feel the ranked experience of Battalion 1944 wasn’t to the standard we ourselves would’ve liked it to be in, let alone our players. More on this below. Competitive Matchmaking Upgrade - Estimated Major Update #4 The current ranked matchmaking user experience is not good enough - to the point where we’re hearing players would rather play unranked than ranked. Instead of bashing away at improving a system that isn’t working - we have been talking to a very popular third party service provider who loves Battalion 1944 to implement their widely loved and accepted matchmaking system directly into the game… whilst we’re hoping players aren't too upset by the closure of our own competitive mode - we’re hoping you’ll be able to face it for now as we have a great 3rd party replacement in the works that will be integrated into the game itself. This will come with a reliable ELO system that tracks your progress, general stat tracking, match history and all the other good stuff that player expect from a top tier competitive experience. This is only the beginning for this feature, as we’ve always wanted a way for 5 man teams to stack up against each other within the game. More info on this will be announced closer to the release time whilst we work out the finer details of the system in the meantime. Another Development Update Next Week! In keeping with our renewed plan from last week’s ‘moving forwards’ news update (which you can read by clicking here), we’ll be releasing another development update next week with more behind the scenes looks at the development progress of Battalion 1944’s new upcoming features. Thanks for the continued support, See you next week! Tuna and the Bulkhead team
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    The death knell of this forum began as Early Access arrived and all the kickstarter and alpha stuff was hidden away. OK it was at that point historic but to leave it read only and visible for those who had been part of that process would have been nice. But perhaps at that point we should have seen that Bulkhead were already worried? Perhaps the only reason to keep this forum running is that those who were part of Kickstarter and such like would have a complaint that they would loose their special forum tag? Whatever, the fact that the devs can't post even a link to their news items, updates, or similar in even the "news" area of this forum shows the real lack of respect that they have for anyone here. I don't expect every post or even thread to see comments from Bulkhead, but a little engagement would have been nice. After all those who backed you from the outset were here first and we shouldn't need to chase you around the internet to find out what is going on. It's a real shame. This game could have been so good. Clearly the focus on a niche competitive scene has taken over the marketing ethos and the blinkers are on as to why that has become a deterrent to a player base. I wanted, and still would like to support it, but if Bulkhead don't like us, please just turn out the lights and put us out of our misery.
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    WOW ..JUST WOW ........this not even post on their own forum
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    I think there were more than 300 players playing CoD4 on any given night back in the day though. CoD4 still has 280 ish players after 11 years where Battalion has 300 players after 2 months so no i'm sorry i can't agree with that statement because your assumptions are incorrect.
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    This. ^ Well, then you know me too. And you know that I never ever hated Battalion during Alpha / cbt stage. Nah. This might be applied for development of the game. Game is actually dead when there is no one left to play with. Reason one is true. Reason two is a complete bs, sorry to say that. Have you ever tried to look for example for hate on PUBG? And I don't mean now. No. Since the first CBT. This game had (still has) crazy amount of issues. A lot of people could not even play or run this game properly. There was (and still is) a massive shitstorm about that. Hell, it even has the same steam rating like Battalion. Or ever heard of H1z1 King of the Kill before PUBG happened? You could seriously write a book for the amount of game breaking issues it had. Yet, a lof of people played it and even much more players are playing PUBG atm. Despite all those problems. It's never only about issues. If the game has a fun concept that makes players want to come back and play more, they can endure a lot of crap. But that's not the case for Battalion. And sure, part of that problem is rushing EA release, that was a huge mistake. But that's not the only reason. For example, since the start of the development, they don't seem to care about casual players very much. There is very little effort to create some fun enviroment for them (there was none around alpha/cbt stage). They are also very passive atm, they stopped responding even to constructive criticism and all they seem to care about right now are lans/tournaments. Which is funny considering how unfinished their game is atm. This might be partially true for the first day of EA release, but in general it's far from true. I already reacted on this topic here: Now I am talking only for myself but this "strafe jumping issue" to me is because it's used so extremely much. I love CoD4 Promod with all my heart, it's still the best fps game (mode) I've ever played but strafe jumping here was never so extreme. Not on any skill level. And I honestly feel, this is one of the things that is killing the game atm. I also don't see a reason why anybody should not be able to turn off strafe jumping on his own server if he doesn't like it. Sure, it would require some work, but there are clearly a lot of players that are interested in that. I don't mean to be harsh but I would advise you to read / watch their kickstarter page and then come back to your comment. While I knew what Battalion is really supposed to be back in time, I don't think it's completely fair for those who supported this project based on their kickstarter campaign. I wrote my insight on that here: I refuse to believe that there are only two groups "like-minded players" and "haters". There are also players that do care, put a lof of hope into Battalion and have some serious concerns about the future of this game and want their voices to be heard and responded to. Because you know ... criticism is kinda important thing for any development / project / product / etc. It's completely natural thing in any segment and it's important for it's future development, so it should never be completely ignored. Sure, some people take it way too far. Some are pure toxic and doesn't really provide any meaningful insight, but that doesn't make it right to ignore other people.
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    Tonight I decided to give Battalion 1944 one last try. But even that was fruitless, there were a number of players on "locked" servers and the odd one on the unlocked ones so even if I wanted to play it was a waste of time. Good luck with the game but I am uninstalling. Bye bye!
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    Almost 80 years old and looking 4 a clan that plays as a team..I have many years experience with FPS games too many to list here, also I have many communication programs to chat. What the hell maybe someone out there might add me to their team (clan). Thank you
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    A few of us were really looking forward to this game going back to ww2 cod/cod2 styles, and for two long years we waited watched every trailer, read every post and thought how great it was to have this type of game back, with leagues and clans, and all the communities getting together to play each other on their own servers just like the old days used to be AND THEN THIS .....THE DISAPPOINTMENT IS BOUNDLESS
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    I believed for so long that this would work. But the shit started basically after the private forums we're removed. After that they gave day 1 keys to people (streamers or w/e) and not even all the guys on the forums had a key. Some of them being here from day 1. A lot of people didn't get their incentives from kickstarter and we haven't heard anything anymore about the console versions. I really wondered where this people where untill actually 1 person opened a topic about it. Close to that developers we're fighting with people on the forums, which didn't look so professional in any way.. Communication with the community is ok but not in that way, in that way i even liked communication of aaa games better, where they don't communicate with most of the players @ all. It looked so retarted all this weird posts on twitter and mr.cool guy posts on the forums. Reading the direction the game is going basically nothing is going to change. They will create a better game for themselves and probally the 300 that are still there and perhaps 200 will come back. I basically stopped reading when they stated the reasons why people left. I don't think people left for bugs or server issues but most of them left because they didn't like the type of game, because i't wasn't going anywhere from what we expected after we we're hyped from the kickstarter.. But ahh yeah like some people stated here above Battalion is Battalion and they are not gonna change for the masses. Which is 2 bad.
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    So this is how UE4 actually could look like used right
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    Clearly you're talking about the 300 people left playing this abomination because I don't see any resemblance to MoHAA, CoD1 or ET. I don't even know if they actually believe their own charade that CoD4 is actually "old school style of FPS" or if they're just being consistent in their misinformation. However they're clearly not going to change the gameplay because apparently this garbage is what they're aiming for so good luck to them - but not really. Being so confident in Battalion not being a failure in the end - oh the hilarity that will ensue in year's time. Also not even posting this on your own forums? I can't even wish them luck if they're just cherry picking criticism like that after all their failures. Funny thing is I actually believed in this project because I backed it and now here I am. I guess lesson learned not to take any interest in Kickstarter games because it's going to suddenly change mid development and everyone's going to claim it's been like this from the start.
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    It is also ludicrous to accept that a game looks like something that came out over 10 years ago. Oh except for better resolution I would go as far to say that old game looks better and plays better. And that is very very saaaaaaaaaad!
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    Hello there. This idea comes from CoD2&CoD4, this implementation would be most likely make the current movement system more dynamic, players would have different playstyles depending on their movement. I wont talk much about it, here is a small video, if you have played CoD2/CoD4, you know how useful this can be, especially how useful it was in CoD2 for prefire peeks. Here is the presentation, excuse the annoying guy talking in the background, just ignore him, but what's he's saying is basically the reason of this thread. (0:25 and so on)
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    this is the problem with modern games.any bit of skill added and everyone cries a game is broke. jumping was part of cod games.people jump near walls to see people coming = map awaremess gameplay awareness. people just want this game dumbed down.then you end up with the stupid cod shit we already hate.bubbles my brain. you either cater for the masses or you cater for decent players. this game was aimed at being for oldskool fps players but all you get is players crying who never played oldskool cod.its mindnumbing.
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    I think the main problem with Battalion's graphics is not that it doesn't look photorealistic or anything, in my opinion the main problem is that it doesn't look visually appealing like games such as OW or even old CoDs do. It doesn't have anything to do with how the game plays but it's certantly a bummer that a game made in 2017/2018 with UE4 looks worse than old CoDs or ,to make another more approriate example, worse than Black Squad, a free to play game made with UE3. It's not a big problem for me, since I don't care about graphics, but it kinda makes me question the devs skill, maybe they were not able to make it look good and run well at the same time, who knows?
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    you miss its fun to play. battalion i play because i want a oldskool fps shooter like cod 1 / uo sorta cod 2 but battalion isnt like them.its too rough people are toxic it isnt as fun. you know when you go into a interview for a job or xfactor what do you have to do ? its simple you have to give your best dazzle show what you have got. battalion is like someone who is a not bad singer but looks like a boz eyed kid. hes never going to win but he can sing the odd song . thats it in a nutshell. ironsight is a better game just in beta. in every way. for free. how can a game like battalion which doesnt really know what it wants itself compete. it cant. doesnt matte how many lans or whatever. the only way this game works is one. someone else grab it do whats needed immediatly and get people playing. that simple. before you say i dont know nothing i have played all the games. i have played to highest fps standard my friends make the games you rave about.manage the teams you watch in esports finals. this game wont succeed without serious change.
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    Just seems now like a simple sales pitch knowing what PC gamers wanted or needed but delivered something else after getting the funding. It's hard to like someone when what they offer is nothing like what you actually get. Had great hopes for this game but feel let down.... oh well, i will be looking forward to the other new releases.
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    Just my thoughts but It feels like the devs had or played with a set amount of teams that already existed who played this type of game like cod promod and decided to make a game to replace it and used the cod hype to finace it, because the devs started tournaments almost stright away even though the game to many players had huge problems and even after a huge amount of negative feed back the devs seem very resolute in keeping the core game play regaurdless of other players opinions All in all i feels like they made themselves and friends a game to play and dont really give a dam about anyone else's feedback at all. and while most of the devs spend a lot of time at these tournaments some who have bought the game cannot even get the game to play, and these forums are full of past players that dont even bother posting anymore So where does the game go from here ? the update did not bring any more players back, the devs dont post here and the player base is dropping by the week,in fact this topic is just about the only topic that is somthing like active
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    It's frustrating.... I thought that the netcode update will change something to positive... but it's the same or at least it feels like the same thing before the update. The TTK is really bad. And the hitreg is a simply a nightmare. Little example: I just saw an enemy (<2m distance). I just shoot (I've heared my shoot) + I saw blood on his face. But I died anyway. I used a trench gun. How can it be that I just heared my own shoot and saw the blood on my enemys face but he didn't died?? I hit him from less than 2 meters inside a house and he still survived and shoot me. On the other side peoples with >200ms ping don't need to hit properly to hit someone. The hitboxes are lagging as hell. Bunny Hopping is still a smash to this game. Instead to pick the enemy with good aim... most of the players just jumping around to avoid being hit. I don't wonder why player numbers getting smaller and smaller. I'm not a hater....I like the basic idea of this game.... but make the game a proper eSports title and not a game where bad TTK, movement, bunny hopping and hitreg is still the "normal thing".(I get killed in easy standard situations way too much where I could survive in other shooter games... this is really frustrating). I'm not a newbie to shooter games. I have 4k in CoD2 and 2k in CoD4 + ESL + I was top 40 competitive player in Insurgency. (Maybe Insurgency made me autistic in Battalion 1944 how knows? lmao) Well... the core mechanics of this game need to be changed heavily or this game will lose it's last players.
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    Hi, I guess this is not a priority but still worth mentioning. You need to update the way your outputting the server information so it follows the source protocol format that steam and many apps/sites rely on to query game servers. You are providing all the right data you just need to map it to the correct fields. bat_name_s should be hostname bat_player_count_s should be num_players bat_max_players_i should be max_players bat_map_s should use map - both output a map name just not always the same bat_has_password_s should be password game_descr should output BATTALION 1944 not Unreal Test game_dir should output battalion1944 not the gamemode (also outputs a different gamemode to the value provided under 'bat_gamemode_s') a var dump of the query: [bat_gamemode_s] => BOMB [bat_has_password_s] => N [bat_map_s] => Derailed [bat_max_players_i] => 20 [bat_name_s] => SERVER NAME [bat_player_count_s] => 6 [dedicated] => d [game_descr] => Unreal Test! [game_dir] => TDM [game_id] => 489940 [hostname] => 90113936674644996 [keywords] => BUILDID:558161692,OWNINGID:90113936674644996,OWNINGNAME:90113936674644996,P2PADDR:90113936674644996,P2PPORT:26040 [map] => Manorhouse V1 [max_players] => 100 [num_bots] => 0 [num_players] => 0 [num_rules] => 11 [os] => w [password] => 0 [players] => Array ( ) [port] => 26040 [protocol] => 17 [secure] => 1 [steam_id] => 90113936674644996 [steamappid] => 0 [teams] => Array ( ) Support for Player Name, Score and Time would also be nice