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    There are good things to come but I m shocked by THIS : @[CM] BigTuna : "The fact that you're here right now reading this lengthy update during this rocky Early Access period, still playing the game and adding positive and constructive discussion on our Reddit/Discord community is a testament to the better half of Battalion 1944’s community as a whole. " It is a lack of respect for Forum's users here since the beginning or later, supporting your work, still playing the game and trying to keep constructive discussions and clean forum. You have totally given up the forum and you are neglecting the other half of Battalion1944's community (which is the worst if i understand well !) You should close this forum. Things will be clearest.
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    Another important factor is that their beloved eSports players are on Reddit. We are 'merely' casuals and backers. We are the other half according to @[CM] BigTuna . We don't matter to Bulkhead Interactive. Oh wait, the backers did matter, back when they needed their money. Now that the people can't get their money back, Bulkhead can show them the middle finger and can continue to satisfy the needs of the former COD4 'pro's'. By the way, I'm fully aware I come across like a complete asshole in this post. But sadly the only times someone from Bulkhead seems to respond is to someone who acts like a dickhead and not to people who try to have a civil discussion. On a more serious note: BigTuna, I understand it's impossible for you to respond to everyone. But is it really that much trouble to copy, paste and post this update on your own official forum?
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    The death knell of this forum began as Early Access arrived and all the kickstarter and alpha stuff was hidden away. OK it was at that point historic but to leave it read only and visible for those who had been part of that process would have been nice. But perhaps at that point we should have seen that Bulkhead were already worried? Perhaps the only reason to keep this forum running is that those who were part of Kickstarter and such like would have a complaint that they would loose their special forum tag? Whatever, the fact that the devs can't post even a link to their news items, updates, or similar in even the "news" area of this forum shows the real lack of respect that they have for anyone here. I don't expect every post or even thread to see comments from Bulkhead, but a little engagement would have been nice. After all those who backed you from the outset were here first and we shouldn't need to chase you around the internet to find out what is going on. It's a real shame. This game could have been so good. Clearly the focus on a niche competitive scene has taken over the marketing ethos and the blinkers are on as to why that has become a deterrent to a player base. I wanted, and still would like to support it, but if Bulkhead don't like us, please just turn out the lights and put us out of our misery.
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    WOW ..JUST WOW ........this not even post on their own forum
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    I couldn't agree more Soldat! I really don't get it, first the forum "is the shit" then they say all major updates will be on Battalion's steam page and now it's all going on Reddit. For the love of god make up you're minds Bulkhead!! If Reddit is the place to be, just say so and close this dead over-spammed forum....
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    That is indeed some dodgy stuff right there... Instead of using this official forum as a lead platform to get2gether, Bulkhead seems to have chosen a different path. This indeed means a big chunk of early backers are left in the cold A shame...
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    Clearly you're talking about the 300 people left playing this abomination because I don't see any resemblance to MoHAA, CoD1 or ET. I don't even know if they actually believe their own charade that CoD4 is actually "old school style of FPS" or if they're just being consistent in their misinformation. However they're clearly not going to change the gameplay because apparently this garbage is what they're aiming for so good luck to them - but not really. Being so confident in Battalion not being a failure in the end - oh the hilarity that will ensue in year's time. Also not even posting this on your own forums? I can't even wish them luck if they're just cherry picking criticism like that after all their failures. Funny thing is I actually believed in this project because I backed it and now here I am. I guess lesson learned not to take any interest in Kickstarter games because it's going to suddenly change mid development and everyone's going to claim it's been like this from the start.
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    Well seems reddit and twitter are their main channels and not their own forum
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    people already asked for, but it would fuck up the hole card system. in unranked its okay, but in competitive not at all. The team itself has to decide who plays scope and who not.. and in most games you need only 1 sniper btw i heard/read that the actually system with the cards (especially only 3 scopes in ranked) is only transitionally. Just wait for it
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    Well I've read some arrogant post on these forums but this takes the "P:ss" . I an 70 years old have played Moh, all except the last few CoD "due to Jump/Bunny hopping) and all Battlefield games so far and have reach the highest rank in almost all. 5 of my friends (half my age) have made the decision not to continue with this game down to the Jump shooting or what ever. The last one recently was playing and suddenly was banned but doesn't know why, he made an enquiry but heard nothing back. Not a very good sign for the future eh! Suppose I will get banned for this, its a shame because the game had potential, but I suppose games are for children
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    Hi Devs Your instructions on your WIKI are incorrect for installing the app with SteamCMD its not: app_install 805140 it should be: app_update 805140 validate https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD Wall
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    Well, I tried again tonight and guess what people were actually jumping OVER my HEAD, I think a jump height and length restriction may help. Jumping was classed as cheating when I was a member of the Oldbreed clan, it avoids hit detection or something like that ( computers were the size of a small house when I was in my teens lol)
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    it seems like it should be mandatory idk why this has yet been implemented
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    Will this be implemented anytime soon? Given the amount of traffic coming through here (including sensitive data) and the fact that it's now free (AWS certs, Letsencrypt) this really should be enabled.
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    He is the webdesigner even tough he don't visit the forums
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    Next chance is EA 1st feb
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    Ohh we got our own Norwegian Battalion domain now
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    Turn of your wallhacks and aimbots! Hahaha j/k, welcome to the forums I have not seen that error, let's hope on of the devs sees this.
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    In game we now see Kills, Assists and Deaths. But to me it seems a little useless to see kills, as there are many kills that does not do anything. I would like to be able to see Round Winning Kills which is all kills that one get in rounds that your team wins. All other kills are essentially useless and I think this would be a great feature.
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    Personally I like the idea, but it must be a fully separate game. Battalion is what it is. But I'd love a game like PUBG in a 50v50 mode with WWII era.
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    use your brain ? devs didn't want the game to get famous yet. When the release comes it is all about promo and management.. we will see then if it is gonna be top or flop. Right now there are no big steamers and tbh.. thats good. So nobody will buy an unfinished game and be mad about it just like you. And right now i am totally behind it. Of course i see many problems but nothing that can't be fixed and it will be fixed mostly. Devs did big statements, u didnt't read them huh ? They only went in early access to get more feedback from a much higher player base (10-15 players went up to 16k, check steam charts) and of course because they needed more cash, the studio was empty... no cash = no game. So by now they have a lot of work to do.. bug reports, game changes, balances, fixes and we will see how they gonna deal with it.. if they screw it up or design the game we are all looking for. Texting "dead game" in the forum kinda shows that you are pretty mad. For what reason ? An unfinished game ? Players that always destroy you in comp. ? :'))