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    It's still pretty buggy, but its in there. These are basically the controls you were given in film tweaks. Controlling gamma, contrast, and saturation. Joe
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    Hey guys We have noticed that there have been more and more threads of people looking to buy and sell Battalion 1944 codes as well as holding giveaways in return for Twitter followers. Although this is not illegal and we don't have a huge problem with it, we don't want this to be happening on our forum. This forum is designed as a hub for you guys to share your enthusiasm, discuss features, allow us to contact you all easily and to give you all the opportunity to contribute to making Battalion great. We don't want it to become a marketplace. Please report if you see this behaviour We aren't mad about it at all, just from now on I'll be deleting any topics and posts in relation to key buying to selling. You can do what you wish with your codes, but please use another form of communication for selling or buying Thanks everyone! Tuna
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    Hello guys! Im mostly making this because FrosteR did it and if he had such success i feel i should as well. -What's your name? Lauren Scott -Where are you from? London (Now living in Germany) -What are your favourite videogames? Anything FrosteR plays. -Where did you hear about Battalion 1944? From FrosteR Real talk, look forward to playing Battle Lions with you all. I hope one day we can all be on the same server as FrosteR and if we are really lucky be in his fragmovie.
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    We wanted/still want to add female snipers when we introduced the Russian faction stretch goal
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    Hey guys So I've seen about 4-5 topics posted about how to get in the Discord server and 2-3 about "where is my key". I understand you're wanting a fast answer but Please use the search function and comment on other posts. The answers will be there from experienced forum users that know the answers and if they don't, they will tag me so I can answer. Please just read and stop clogging up the forum with the same topics. Thanks
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    Hey Guys! In light of Alpha approaching this weekend, we have set up two more of our Developers on the forum Their main role on here will be to monitor and relay your feedback and opinions during our upcoming Alpha Phase weekends. They will be really useful and provide a great route for your feedback to really have an impact Battalion. Say Hey to @[DEV] James who is a programmer and all round useful dude. James also oversees our QA at the moment as well! He will be pretty present in the Alpha Bug Reporting Forum and discussing any issues there are within the Alpha. Also say Hi to @[DEV] Tn6 / Tim. He has recently moved up to production after previously proving his knowledge in our Art team. Tim knows a lot about a lot and he will be monitoring what you think of certain game-play related features as well as taking in any problems with art that you guys find during the Alpha! These guys will be super helpful in detailing what needs to be improved upon and allowing us to update Battalion throughout the Alpha weekends. Give them a Howdy and don't let them be strangers! That's all for now. Tuna
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    So guys and gals, today is the day where Bulkhead hopefully starts to send out the Battalion 1944 Steam keys, who gets it first? What region of the world do they start with, or is it sent out in alphabetical order? Report back when you got yours The hype is on
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    Just read this at half 12... gonna sleep ^^ Big day tomorrow!
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    Hey everyone! Nice to join the forum and see the community support on here. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all at some point
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    Oh yeh there's a lot thats changed, but not like masssssively. The animations have been redone, but they 'look worse' at the moment, but they are actually better lol. Much better on performance, the next step is to make them work for a competitive environment.
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    Hey guys! Important update today as we get prepared for the first ever Closed Alpha weekend on the 26th May. Keys will be sent out on the 24th/25th of May for everyone to download Battalion 1944, ready for when the servers go live. You’re officially becoming a part of Battalion 1944’s Closed Alpha Testing Team! We felt it was very important to lay out key facts for you in this update with a breakdown of the Alpha weekend schedule so that we can accurately manage your expectations. Please read this update fully if you intend on taking part in the Battalion 1944 closed alpha weekends. Also do remember to remind other players of these facts to reduce the amount of uninformed statements about the game! Quick Reminder Before continuing I just need to post one quick reminder for everyone which I've repeated many many times: This is a REAL Closed Alpha. It is NOT a marketing tool for us. Battalion 1944’s Closed Alpha WILL be broken, unbalanced and full of unexpected (and expected!) glitches. This is why you're here to help us test and refine the base of the game. Put aside the tag of being a ‘backer’ and welcome to the testing team. This access to Battalion 1944 is very early in the game's development and is not representative of the final Early Access release. The game is missing core features/modes and will have game breaking crashes/bugs/glitches. Please remember this when heading into Closed Alpha testing. What To Expect From Alpha 0.1 The Alpha 0.1 build of Battalion 1944 is extremely bare bones. We’ll be testing 6v6 Team Deathmatch on our first (and smallest!) map, Brecourt Manor on official servers only during the official play test times. This will all be done through an early version of Battalion 1944’s server browser. The main thing we’re looking at testing is the FEEL of the game. This means we want to know how it feels to move and play around in the game world. Bugs & glitches we can fix over time. Game modes, weapons and content can all be added at any time, but the core game needs to feel good before adding new content to the game. After internal testing and play tests at events, we feel the core of the game is in a good state right now, but we want to hear your in depth feedback to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. We know there will be bugs and glitches and we’re definitely encouraging reports as they will be incredibly useful for us to fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Lots of bugs we already know about and are already on our internal list to fix, however at this stage we’re mostly interested in feedback on how the game feels to play at this initial stage. Launching Closed Alpha 0.1 Servers, Key Info & Playtest Times We’ll be launching the Alpha 0.1 servers on Friday 26th May at 18:00pm BST until 02:00am BST. We’ll then repeat these server uptimes for the following day on the Saturday 27th May. This first Alpha weekend test will be familiar to those who were able to play the game at EGX Rezzed in London, albeit with a lot of balance changes and fixes since that point. ALPHA 0.1 - 26th-27th May Details Mode/Map:Team Deathmatch on Brecourt Manor Weapons: M1 Garand, Kar98k, Thompson, MP40 (More weapons will be added for testing in the coming weeks!) Server Up time: Friday 26th 6pm - 2am (18:00 BST, 19:00 CEST, 13:00 EDT, 03:00 AEST) Saturday 27th 6pm - 2am (18:00 BST, 19:00 CEST, 13:00 EDT, 03:00 AEST) Official Closed Alpha Server Locations: Europe - Amsterdam, London Russia - Moscow East-US -New York, Washington DC Central-US - Dallas West-US - Salt Lake City, San Jose LATAM - Sao Paulo Australia - Sydney Southeast Asia - Singapore Asia - Hong Kong North Asia - Tokyo Why Closed Alpha Weekends? (Dedicated Server uptime and Testing Playtimes) As an extension of the fact that the Closed Alpha weekends are a testing phase for the game, it’s very important that we let you know that there will be dedicated server uptimes for playing the game and the reasoning behind why this is the case. The core reason is that we need time between play sessions and weekends to analyse the stats & data over the weekend and use your feedback to improve the game during the week. This way you’ll actively be a part of the community driven development we always promised, seeing weekly changes, additions and updates. Another reason is that at no point during the Closed Alpha testing periods do we want testers to not be able to find others to play with. We currently have a list of Alpha Backers, Humble pre-purchasers and external testers to help us improve the game during these periods. We've purposefully aimed for our Alpha player ‘pool’ to be around a few thousand players, however this does not mean concurrent player counts will reach that during Alpha, in fact we expect concurrent player counts to be much lower. This is in fact good for the game as it allows us to get more quality feedback from the hardcore few! These concurrent players will make up the core of our hardcore testing community from weekend to weekend. We will be taking on board your feedback through the forums and our social channels and then implement changes during the week, ready for the next alpha play test weekend. It's very important we do this right, and introducing things slowly to you guys will be much more beneficial for the game and development in the long run as we'll have more time to fix the large glaring issues and you'll actively see improvement and new content week to week. This is a very small closed alpha player pool and we need to make sure we maximise the amount of players during the testing periods to make sure we get the most effective feedback based on the latest weekly builds of the game. We have always said Alpha/Beta sessions are not marketing tools like modern Alpha/Beta sessions for AAA studios which just let you play a demo of the game before it's out. Our Alpha/Beta sessions are for helping us test and build the game we all want to eventually play as our main game every night of the week. CLOSED ALPHA IS UNDER A NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (NDA) By downloading the Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha, you've agreed to adhere to our NDA rules. This means nobody is allowed to share videos/pictures/media or discuss the game outside of the following three channels... We have THREE core ways to interact with the development team and other community members during the Closed Alpha. 1 - In-Game Bug Reporting We have an in-game bug reporting system. Please report bugs in-game in as much detail as possible as your primary source of bug reporting. If you have any game breaking crashes (crashes to desktop etc) these will be automatically sent to our team to investigate. 2 - Invite Only Closed Alpha Discord Use the Closed Alpha Discord channel provided with your survey Q&A to join the minute to minute discussion or join up and play together with other Alpha community members. Fast chats and quick discussions will be held here. Don't expect bugs to be fixed if posted in the alpha Channel. Invites to this Discord server were included with your backer survey email. 3 - Exclusive Alpha Backer Forum for Balance Discussion & Bug Reports The purpose of this sub-forum is to allow you to send more detailed bug reports with screenshots that the in game reporter allows. This is our secondary point of contact for bugs as the in game reporting system will be our primary focus. If you’re already a forum user, you’ll be added to this over the next week by [CM] Big Tuna! Future Closed Alpha Plans Each Closed Alpha playtest weekend will have an update (big or small) with new things for players to test. For example, in Alpha 0.1, we’re only testing 6v6 TDM on Brecourt Manor with 4 weapons (M1 Garand, Kar98, Thompson, mp40) and in the next Alpha weekend we will add something new, for example: a new weapon such as a trench gun or sniper to focus test that specific addition. This way we’ll get more focused and manageable feedback each week. We’ll have more info on what features will be added and when after the first Alpha 0.1 weekend . Quick Art / Server Room Flood Update For those who follow us on Twitter you’ll of heard about the ‘flood’ incident that happened on Wednesday. British weather was not on our side that day as it was raining heavily. Our office building has a balcony that started leaking due to the weather and flood the floor of our art room, 1 week before Alpha. Despite the water making its way towards our internal servers; our team were pretty quick to salvage everything. Re configuring our security and server set up that same evening, with our art team back up and running by 9am the following morning in a new temporary room. We have everything backed up in multiple locations so no real damage was done. The room is currently being dried and repaired to move back into next week. Thanks for all the messages from those who were concerned! That’s it for today’s update! We’ll have more news and features coming soon with future development updates. Can’t wait to see all you Alpha Backers in-game May 26th at 18:00 BST! Thanks, The Bulkhead Interactive Team
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    God no.. in a fast pace twitch shooter like this game is aiming to be the rifle class weapons would be rendered useless if you needed to get a HS every time for a one hit kill. Do you not realize how much skill is needed to ADS and get a HS when people are sprinting and strafing around the map. Rifles in BAT44 need to be a one shot kill from the center of your torso and up and the head period. Just like @WeAsOne posted 100%
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    Headshot = Kill Upper Body = Kill Its the best solution I think. Battalion is based around movement, so just evade them by using the right movement. The sniper is powerful in most games if you use it right.
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    Not adding dates was a conscious decision. Content was ordered chronologically, and so I thought that it would encourage users to explore a little more with some cool articles that were a little older. I totally understand the want for dates. I just added the date to the news cards on the home page, and news page. Over the next few weeks, I'm sure the devs will adjust to the site and notice things they would like added or changed. I will put a little more thought in to the dates etc in a couple of weeks so that the devs have time to play with it. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts @DiddumsJ & @Razor, I really appreciate the feedback! If you have any other suggestions, continue to share them here.
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    Freakshow knows. Revolutions take time, planning and patience.
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    Headshot = kill Anything else = not kill Standard aim rules. The idea that a chest shot is a kill is just mind numbing. I think these kids have had it too easy for too long.
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    Check these guys out; http://store.steampowered.com/app/454350/agecheck# Cheers! Joe
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    all i can say is i cannot wait to test and play the living shit out of this game amazing devs and amazing game!
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    Really hope in the next weekends we are able to play longer. Only Friday and Saturday evenings is not a lot. As a lot of people have a social life (^^) aswell it would be nice to play middays and sundays.
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    This area 1 shot kill for me.. To have a chance against an automatic on close quarters.. (when its all balanced)
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    Headshot = kill Anything else = not kill
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    Haha yes can't blame them most of them grew up with these crazy leg shot kills, I'm all for taking the good from call of duty but would be a good chance to leave what's bad. Would be nice to see Enemy territory style rifles.
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    Would depend on the recoil and fire rate of the rifles from what I see in the gameplay video, looks very op as are most sniper/rifles in games these days. I just think it would be good to have a more challenging sniping experience not only for competitive but for casual players to who like running around a pub server as SMG only to face a horde of snipers 😀
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    hi, my name is machine, I talk about video games for a living and used to waste a lot of my time playing cod1/2/4 to varying degrees of success. If you wanna play mp_harbor rifles or learn a sweaty nade to back A on mp_crash im your guy. FrosteR is my idol and one day i hope to be half as cool as him. See you guys on the BattleION xo
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    Just a though for the DEVs. They are under pressure and are working hard currently to please us. Think to eat/drink and sleep a bit.
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    -What's your name? My name is Johan "miRACLE" Gärtner and i am a very very old (25) computergamer who likes to run into tacnades on a bunch of different cod maps. (qLimAxzU19 naded me atleast twice a game back in the day.) -Where are you from? Vikingland, Sweden -What are your favourite videogames? I like games where i can aim a gun at someone and then pull the trigger. I like that after 20-25 bullets i may have managed to kill one or atleast hit them a couple of times. Cod will always have a place in my heart but i like alot of different games. Dying because of the blue gas thingy in Battlegrounds is amazing, so i like to do that. CS is perfect. I like beating qLimAxzU19 in FIFA aswell. -Where did you hear about Battalion 1944? Other old cod players Much love to everyone here except qLimAxzU19.
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    I understand but i wonder, how will you know when most people are available? If you started for example the whole weekend u would see when most people are playing. I guess a lot of people have free time on Sunday for example. But ofcourse i understand the decision, i can't wait though. Will try to catch up this weekend, but think if it would be these times every week i won't be able to play much.
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    @jcuz I do mean this
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    We are still in the process of getting that worked out. Bare with us
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    Only potential problem I see is playermodel sizes from a competitive standpoint. If there is no advantage (smaller playermodel) for picking a female character, then it would be ok..
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    I think so to, alpha is alpha,not matter if your'e from backer or humble... But with that said @[CM] BigTuna is the one to answer this one
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    Now I am kinda missing that downvote button. No offense, but fast movement will be a core feature of this game and most people interested in this game are looking forward to it. I am not so sure how popular this would be. Also, I wouldn't want to split community in 2 different groups, since movement alone will change and dictate whole playstyle.
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    People shouldn't have to spend hours setting up their config to feel like they are on an even playingfield. There's always a tradeoff between customizability and userfriendliness, i think this one is fair.
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    It works the same was as COD4, except you can currently hold backspace and hide the settings menu while you're in the menu so you can preview your changes. If you look in the top right it says "custom 1" thats your profile, we have a couple of presets, but there is also a cfg file that you can change, share, and modify outside of the game. The settings are not per map, that's too much control and we don't want to give out the ability to keybind color commands because now we're getting into a very sketchy way of doing things, so there will be no console key binding. Joe
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    Exploding cars were a huge reason nobody rushed B.. I mean A site...
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    Hey Guys The results are in, the Poll is closed and as I said in the announcement, we are taking the poll results into account and using them to make our decision. So, after seeing the poll results it's pretty clear that the majority of people want to Remove Down Votes. Apologies to those who did not vote for this option but we have to go with the majority. This effect will take place today. This Topic will also be locked from now. Thanks for your co-operation and for your vote! Tuna
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    Alpha on the 26th of may, beta some time in july, EA close to the end of the year iirc. Star Citizen's roadmap isn't really all that great considering they are missing every deadline they set.
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    I'm a daddy gamer.. and i love competitive.. that's why i'm here.... Why call it "daddy gamers" and not just "non-competitive" or "casual gamers"...? It sounds really weird to me.. so please stop discriminating the daddy's here...
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    Hey, 99% of Alpha players have received their Alpha keys. We've been working hard to make sure everyone has had their Alpha access codes sent. This absolutely does not excuse the fact you've been missed by us and is not right that this has happened to you guys. I'll direct message you both (Reflex and Division) right now. We'll make sure you're well compensated for this. Anyone who's reading this, and has either pre-purchased through Humble Bundle or backed an Alpha tier, submitted their survey BEFORE may 23rd and didn't receive Alpha access, please send another request to @[CM] BigTuna.
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    When they release a new gameplay we will
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    Let's all calm it a little eh. I saw the original post and I saw the "SEND THE KEYS" post and I didn't take it as a bad thing. Stop taking everything each other says badly and lets all be friends.
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    Now here is a proper clan ad, nice work guys
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    I didn't DM him last time but I did this morning but also asked if Howard was trying to troll him again I mean it clearly says to DM him so I did.
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    Hey, Hows it going everyone, cheers for the welcome
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    Yes there will be a totally separate build for consoles PS4 and Xbox, it's not a port from the PC and should be just as good as the PC version for those who like console. It will not have Alpha and Beta access so you have to wait until release before you can get your hands on a copy
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    The link was in the survey it self, when you answered that it was gone,. You need to send Bulkhead a e-mail trough the kickstarter pledge website and ask for the link trough there Maybe this works, when you are logged into Kickstarter click this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bulkheadinteractive/battalion-1944-pc-xb1-ps4?ref=user_menu#messages Then click on the pledge you made and send a message to Bulkhead