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    Why and how do you know there's no coming back possible? It's not going to be an easy task, though, that doesn't necessarily make it an impossible one. What is your expertise in this regard, what are the references you base that on? Or maybe, do you have a crystal ball telling you the future? Seriously, back up such general statements please, as you are obliged to explain yourself as anyone else is. I'm sick and tired of this BS... I'd agree that the way of dealing with troublesome ongoings in the public wasn't exactly how I expect professionals to handle things, to begin with. I wouldn't agree to call it 'arrogant', though. But then, I'm so far away from so-called social media I don't really understand how this kind of customer relations are supposed to work these days. By the end of the day, I rather witness an honest meltdown with lots of anger thrown at me in an act of emotional cleansing, than swallowing those staged excuses of oh so costumer-friendly triple-A-cooperations. Anyway, what really is the point you are trying to make here? I have to agree to some extent, as I too find myself scratching my head in disbelief when yet another event is being announced, while the game is still under construction. I'm not sure how much resources Bulkhead really spends on this stuff, as this seems to be your underlying concern here I guess, but it looks like there is an interest by hosts and teams to organize and take part in such events and the bulk of the work is carried by those third-party people. At least I hope so. The point is, do you really want Bulkhead rejecting this interest in the game, telling those enthusiasts they have to wait another 2-3 years before they can grow the competitive scene, which basically these people are already right now? Again, I somewhat agree it's sort of building the roof first, but maybe it is not that easy of a case. Staying with that picture, this house they are trying to build is a competitive shooter and 'competition' probably is the grout that house has to be built with and sure you can not add this later on. Therefore, as much as I share the skepticism regarding their engagement towards LANs, I am not convinced it is indeed working against the goal of making the game a success. Yes, whoever builds a house, cannot start building the roof. However, as I tried to point out in the upper paragraph, maybe this is not even a case of a roof-first-attempt, to begin with. Additionally, you imply both companies could do equally well by basically ignoring the competitive potential of one of their games for 2 - 3 years after release. Well, I would say it is more of a risky approach for a smaller entity like Bulkhead, which is dependent almost exclusively on that one game, while having less capital to carry them over that time, compared to a well-established studio with several well-established IPs, which allow for cross-financing and keep the business a-running in the meantime. Look, I believe we got to give some extra patience and some extra goodwill to indie companies these days, as the big players don't give a hoot about the niche-customers anymore. Everybody is bound to make mistakes and nobody who is responsible for running a company is obliged to take advice from faceless randoms on the internet, like you or me. If you don't trust their intentions and abilities and rather stay away for now, OK, that's fine. There've been more than enough shitty scams going on in the indie scene, so I won't blame anyone being pissed right now. However, when putting some more effort into researching the studio and keeping up with the current development than spreading assumptions and accusations, maybe you'll get more out of it in the end.
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    You cant come back from this: https://steamcharts.com/app/489940 Meanwhile the devs are being arrogant (they have been since the start) to the critics on social media and planning competitive events that nobody watch. Look at Rainbow Six, thay have built a consistent player base and 2-3 YEARS AFTER THE RELEASE is when the competitive scene started to grow. When you build a house you start by the bottom, not by the roof. And that has nothing to do with being Bulkhead or Ubisoft.
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    @everestt, @abdalkadir, @oldman, @Maxou, @Kreator I have lot's of issues with the current live-build as well and have been experiencing crashes on all possible occasions during the game, while the whole thing didn't perform all too smooth in general, to begin with. Bulkhead does know and of course, care about this. Mind you, the studio still is rather small and this game is in EA and not a finished product, therefore technical issues are to be expected: Bad news: There's no hotfix on those issues currently, so you got to be a little more patient. Good news. MU2 (major update 2, launch 12th July) will fix a lot, maybe even all, of the issues causing the game to crash like that and the game will perform much smoother. I played the current beta-build during the public test which took place last weekend and experienced no such errors anymore.
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    There seems to be a conflict that no one acknowledges, the fact it is a game based on a factual scenario which completely ignores facts when it either looks cool on youtube clips or is probably easier for developers to implement. As there are many games which have incredible gravity and physics defying stunts available I really do not know why anyone would implement a game which would draw an immersion crowd, which ww2 games invariably do, and those people like to have some semblance of reality involved. The best example of this would be to actually try and use ironsights or a scope whilst jumping in the air in real life, bet you lose an eye before you get a single shot within 2 meters of the target [VS-UK] same crowd involved in the total war mod for cod? best mod ever
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    EA started in february 2018 and the game is supposed to be finished in february 2019. We're a third in the way so chill..
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    Well, I'm not sure if the majority really is asking Bulkhead to get rid of strafe-jumping and jump-/dropshooting altogether, but rather wants those features' effectiveness to be toned down a fair bit and things to be balanced out better, in order to make less 'erratic' playstyles more viable. In fact, this is being discussed and worked on at Bulkhead, obviously (steam announcements). Actually, the game has been advertised to be a pretty arcade-ish, COD4 PROMOD alike shooter ever since that first official gameplay-reveal, at the latest. I trouble to understand how people, unless backers (Kickstarter/HumbleBundle) of course, who bought into on or even after EA-release could still have expected a COD1/COD2-vanilla experience by that time. (Sidenote: COD1 has never even been mentioned during the entire Kickstarter campaign.) Don't get me wrong, the game has been in a terrible state on EA-launch and nobody is going to deny that, so most of the critique makes perfect sense. However, there's quite some harsh feedback to be found on the internet, where people keep pointing at the Kickstarter campaign and comparing it to what the game has turned into now. Yeah, I understand the line of thought, but frankly, this really only is a valid argument for initial backers, who joined prior to the first gameplay being released, as the information given/the plans explained two years ago indeed allowed for different expectations (buzzword: authenticity). Anyway, we've been through this shift on the development back a year ago already, so yeah, ... Sorry, but you're a little late to the show. However, I managed to spend an hour or two on the latest beta-build, this weekend and regarding stability the game has improved massively and I, as anyone else, wished it would have been like this on day one. The game performed smoothly all the way through, even on my not-so-high-end pc. I can't really judge on the gameplay from that little time played, but we'll see when MU2 launches. Anyway, that EA-launch apparently has hurt the game's and the studio's reputation greatly. Sure they will have to take some extra spins on the marketing wheel covering up for that damage. To be honest, as of now I wouldn't put a bet on this working out or not. Though, I still keep my hope considering there's still no actual alternative in sight (arcade-ish, fast-paced, competitive, no nonsense-shooter anyone?) and if games died from negative internet comments PUBG would have been buried a thousand times already. I mean, why not be a little optimistic for a change.
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    I will give huge credit to devs that can pull this game back from the dead without listening to the players who ask for the changes and removing the bunny/strafing hopping and quick scoping and even if they do listen to their players and make these changes I feel it would need a miracle even then to bring it back , but if they swallow their pride and make the changes then fair play to them, and I for one would be willing to give the game another go and I bet a lot of others would too but if they keep on the so called tweeking then regretably i feel the game would be finished for good
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    my concern at this point is Battalion 1944 has now been overtaken by an avalanche of games and the disappointing thing is Bulkhead knew these games were coming but have been unable to move fast enough to stay ahead of them. Insurgency Sandstorm, BF5, Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose are all turning the attention of players away from this game because development slowed to a crawl and Bulkhead have scattered what's left of the player base to all corners of the internet by abandoning their own forum which they have always maintained they have not but if the users believe that then perception is reality without evidence to the contrary. i still have every confidence that Bulkhead will fix the game but i fear it's at least 3 months too late to re-establish the games viability.
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    Since many don't use reddit, discord, and the devs don't choose to make any announcements on this their own forum (it seems to fall to Razor to copy and paste that stuff), it becomes difficult to follow what might (or might not) be going on. .. But then we've all said as much over and over. But I do await with interest the big update and really do hope that the promised changes in some of the mechanics, particularly on strafe bunny aim down sight hopping, will provide the sense of direction this game needs for the "authentic" experience so promised in the original kickstarter promotions. Bottom line is that it is gameplay (even more so than blingy graphics) and a fun playing environment, that will get and hold an audience. Not big prize money for a few competitions, indeed the real e-sports communities will only be interested (after the initial prize bribery), if there is an active casual player base, otherwise where is the audience and new players for competition. This really is last chance saloon and 13th hour stuff.
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    the problem is.... WHEN? WHEN ? WHEN?
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    This ^ The update will make or break the game completely. If it's still no good i don't think Bulkhead or Battalion will recover but i await the patch and give it one final go before uninstalling it and learn from this experience and never buy another EA game again based on hype.
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    I was just joining to give the game another go. And I was amazed to find a total of 26 players playing the game and all of them in locked private servers. WOW! Just WOW! Come on devs just refund everyone and put this entire project down as a very bad idea and promise never to make a game again. I remember the first post I ever put in here I was raging about how bad this game was and got my head taken off. Thanks for showing me that I was right in the first place.
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    exatly, last week was a very great experience, game was much better thatn first realese, and i think today will be better again. So guys, cmon.
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    you are truly incredible. But have you ever bought a support ticket, which covers the time during which you play BT44? Do the devs have to be ready for you that you have problems? What the fuck are you talking about? If you have problems you have discord, reddit, facebook for answers. If devs don't respond, maybe they don't know how u can fix ur problem, maybe? wait for solutions, and stop tlking about refund or shit like this. The game is under EA, is that too diffucult to understand?
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    Devs abandoned this forum long time ago i have the same issue as u do.They do not respond to you couse they do not have solution for your problem. I would suggest u deleting the game as rest of us did. This game gonna fail it is already at point of no return. Would suggest u to spend ur b44 playing time in search for a new game as this one sucks so the rest of the dev team.
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    Just played the beta patch. It feels worse than the game did 5 months ago in alpha....
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    Tried the game again. I like it better but still I really hate that people are able to aim down sight and land headshot after headshot as they jump for some reason. No ADS when jumping period. Also I am a bit irritated with the kar and the speed that gun shoots. My hunting rifle is a Kar and I can tell you that no way in hell can you shoot that fast consistently and on top of that land multiple headshots one after eachother. But I hey what do I know only played games for 30 years.
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    You prefer realistic walking simulators instead of competitive, arcade shooters? So why did You back Battalion in first place?
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    They promised experience from past shooters, and they delivered how it was years ago. cod2 and cod4 had strafejumping, ET had constant strafe jumping/bhop. Next time You should read first and then back to not be dissapointed.
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    Excod4 player... looking for serious team...for lans eu/ita and on-line tournaments.. contact me if you want my steam account.. thank you and good luck
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    Instead of this raging post, you could spend some time on reading the discord conversations, reddit posts and announcements that the devs made. They clearly stated why they aren't promoting the game in it's current state and why MU2 will be so great.
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    What do you say guys? Before we hit <100 players? How about stopwatch game mode, how about objective based plays. How about not copying cancer strike? How about more competitive wolfenstein elements and more fluent gameplay/gunplay? How about movement while shooting like no other game offers anymore nowadays (except dirty bomb which plays way too slow)? Bigger field of view maybe? Or just let this crap die and spend the 5$ this game made on cheap beer.