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    Hey guys, Fully appreciate that you're concerned about the direction of the game but reading your post I feel you've been worried based on comments from highly vocal community members. We have PRE-ALPHA gameplay coming out very soon. This means there will be unfinished and placeholder animations/UI etc but you will be able to gauge the direction we're heading towards with the game rather than trying to imagine the game from different users posts and comments. I won't debate specific points such as the non competitive nature of nade cooking or spray patterns (we'd rather read constructive debates on the forums between members and pull valuable informations for us to make informed final decisions!) but I'll write a few bullet points to help summarise and clear up some generic goals with the game that are relevant to your concerns. 1. We ARE aiming to bridge the gap between casual and competitive play. We talk a great deal about competitive play as we our goal is that competitive 5v5 Search and Destroy is the main 'focus' for players who want to take the Battalion experience to the next level. These players will put 1000's of hours into mastering the game, so it's VERY important to us that we refine that aspect of Battalion to make it a solid gameplay experience, hence why we talk about this aspect of the game so much. However, this does not mean we aren't focusing on making the casual side of the game fun and engaging for players with zero interest in playing to be the best. We're still developing our casual modes TDM, DM, CTF and experimental modes for quick 'jump in and play' games as well as implementing a dedicated area of our UI for our server browser, allowing server customisation, modding, custom maps etc. 2. We are not a 'WW2 CSGO clone'. This keeps cropping up around the forums but it's simply not true. Our game plays totally different to CS, however CS is one of the longest lasting classic FPS with elements that should be at least considered for discussion. We've looked at old school FPS game to create or own game (albeit with a bias towards CoD2/CoD4 Promod as a base point for certain design decisions). The most important thing to remember is that Battalion is it's own game, with that classic FPS feel we all know and love. 3. We read your concerns! We're making an active effort to read everything our backers/supporters share on the forums. This includes all the opinions on microtransactions and skins. One of our main goal is to be able to make future content free and accessible to everyone with OPTIONAL microtransactions. One of the unfortunate downsides about us being transparent with our intentions and the benefits/detriments of potential routes we could take by discussing with you guys directly is that misinformation gets spread easily. We often float out ideas to gauge the reaction to help us make informed decisions. This is where we need a certain level of trust that we are gamers ourselves and also want this game to be the best it can be without degrading the core experience. Every business decision is under extreme scrutiny because we as FPS fans know the pitfalls other developers have made. At the end of the day, the game will speak for itself. Like I said, we have pre-alpha gameplay coming out VERY soon so everyone will be able to make more informed comments very soon. The game is obviously still in a VERY EARLY state with unfinished animations/UI but it should be a good representation of the classic game feel we're aiming for. Even better, you'll be able to experience it during closed alpha bug testing this May!
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    Hey Soldat, I think your worries are probably valid! I appreciate that you care as much as we do about Battalion, I think we can see that and have seen over the last year, so thank you for that. @Tiptup basically said everything spot on and I really appreciate you coming in and saying that! I'm very busy but I wanted to respond and weigh in on the Pro vs Casual player issue; first of all, you are trying to speak for everyone, but you are not. There are a lot of people who DO want things like skins. People have different opinions of the game. Our way to deal with this issue is to support modders and make it as easy to mod the game as possible. Our technical director has had a big focus on ease of use in our engine. Our previous titles and every other UE4 modifiable game, requires you to download a custom version of UE4 AND the games project file, both of those can be pretty big. We're keeping our game file as small as it can be and if you want to mod Battalion 1944, you WONT need to download a custom UE4 engine, you can just use the regular engine straight out the box! We'll also be actively speaking to modders and supporting them over the next few years. We're pro more content, I know the ET guys really want some ET stuff in the game that we aren't supporting right now, but that doesn't mean that it won't be in Battalion in some form and we won't help them do it. From a casual point of view, we acknowledged that every single person on the forums wants something slightly different and comes from a different community, someone will always have a bit of disappointment we didn't do something. Adding a feature from one game make break another feature from another game. So we have to be selective. We're choosing to focus on the competitive mode as a COD2/COD4/CSGO hybrid. We're then actively supporting competitive growth of the game with support from ESL, CSGO pros & casters, and COD pros and casters. The casual side of things will still exist in the game and that part of the game will still grow and we will be supporting it, but we'll be helping guide the community to build great mods in the same way that Arma works. So you can have the refined experience you want. With that said^ our casual mode is still totally good. We're looking at implementing an objective game mode maybe Christmas 2017. So there will still be a good game in casual. Also; skins can be turned off, you don't have to play with them on, so you could see the regular weapon textures and play without any issues. Joe
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    So I come from CS:GO and the CS franchise in general (mostly CS:S and CS:GO). I have served as an analyst and commentator in CS:S and CS:GO for several years (most recently doing CS:GO events for ELEAGUE, DreamHack, Gfinity, ECS, etc.). With those things in mind, I obviously am big into spectating the game for live commentary as well as review in post-game situations (analysis, content, etc.). So with that said I wanted to pose some thoughts about spectating games in Battalion 1944. A lot of this is going to be copy pasting features we see in CS:GO. I feel Valve really nailed spectating for the most part, especially in live situations. Though I will say, many of these features are also found in other games as well, especially in recent times. Without further ado, here are some features I think are important to a great spectator experience. X-ray: Having X-ray for character models for spectators is one of the best things I have seen added to spectating FPS games in the last few years. A lot of games are strictly streamed with X-ray on all the time. It really helps quickly see how people are set up or movement on the map while still being able to view the game in a player’s first person perspective. I definitely feel this needs to be a part of this game. You can do Red for Axis and Blue for Allies or something. However, recently in CoD IW I saw the X-ray color be based on the team colors (so OpTic Gaming X-ray colors were green for example). So there are some options on exactly how to implement it, but I would love to see X-ray in the game as early as possible for spectating. Mini Map/Map Overview: It goes without saying having a mini map is a big part of FPS games. Usually this sits in the top left corner or something of your screen as a player to get information about the map. As a spectator it lets you see everything and everyone. It’s definitely a big part of spectating. This is probably too obvious to even add here. However, a big thing from CS:GO and other games is the ability to pull up a giant map overview AND to be able to draw on it with different colors and stuff. This is a great tool to talk tactics and point things out. I would definitely love to see that being a part of the game. A great Spectator GUI: This includes score, team names (maybe logos and country flag), clock, round number, map number (if it’s a bo3 or something so you can quickly see who has the map lead). Also player bars on the sides of the screen (name, what gun they have out, what nades they have, health/armor, number of kills in the round, etc. ) Finally, being able to go through the players with the number keys is HUGE to help with observing. One team is 1-5, the other team is 6-0 (again just look at CS:GO). Map Cameras: Outside of the ability to follow players in first person as well as free roam around the map, having set cameras across the map for third person shots would be great. The added ability for an observer to customize where these cameras are setup will also be great. It can allow you some nice shots between the action and such to add to production value. Instant Replay: This is a great production element. Many people use external means to do it, not sure if it is possible just to be an added element of the game itself. Demo playback: This is one of the things CS:GO got wrong. Demo playback in CS:GO is complete ass. Third party providers like Statshelix crush the actual in game system. I hope that a solid demo playback on this game can be achieved. It is great to be able to watch matches back and pick them apart. These are just some of the biggest elements I see and enjoy in other games. I feel they are important to have to make the viewing experience great. I imagine many of these ideas are already in the works but thought I would share them here anyhow. If I have any more ideas I may add them to this thread at a later date.
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    Hey guys! It’s been a long time since we ran the Kickstarter we’ve shown gameplay, and for very good reason. We’ve been completely and utterly gutting and rebuilding the unreal engine to mimic the gameplay feel of old school shooters and maximising performance to ensure our first ‘pre alpha reveal’ is representative of what our sights are for Battalion 1944. With that being said… Today we can announce that next week we’ll be showing gameplay for the first time since the Kickstarter! This will allow all our backers to see the game before Closed Alpha in May. This should help clear up some misconceptions about what the game is and how we’re going about nailing that classic game feel. We’ve recently been testing the ‘base game’ with some super closed playtests with pro level Call of Duty 2 players and gaming press, making sure the BASE GAME feels good to play. That’s what our aim is with sharing this footage next week, to show you guys how the game plays. We feel we’ve got to that point where we’ve completely modified Unreal Engine to feel like a classic FPS with 1 to 1 movement and aiming mechanics. A few key points to consider before next week are: Third person animations in this build are in a very early state. We have much more fluid anims already working in engine which are currently mid-implementation, coming in before the closed alpha goes public. User Interface is still a work in progress, there’s a lot of placeholder assets in there. However you can see how we are aiming for a simple UI with minimal clutter. We still have a way to go! Which means we’re still looking for your valuable feedback next week. Our second MASSIVE announcement is that Battalion 1944 will be available for an early playtest at EGX: Rezzed, 30th March- 1st April at the Tobacco Dock London, UK! More awesome news is that we’re bringing the Battalion 1944 Pre-Alpha build to the Tobacco Dock in London for EGX Rezzed 30th March -1st April, so that gamers will be able to test Battalion 1944 offline before we jump online for the closed Alpha in May 2017. A few of the key Bulkhead team members will be at the event to play against and chat to, including Joe, Tuna and myself (Howard!) aswell as some of the Square Enix Collective team! Feel free to come and say hi and talk about Battalion, we don’t bite! That's it for news until next week. I Hope you’re hyped for next few months, I know we are! Thanks, - KingHoward and the Bulkhead Team
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    just asked phantasy this question on his twitch stream..."what game does movement most closely relate to and did it feel different to your previous play session?" Answer - "feels almost identical to Promod.....strafing is slightly easier than Promod" he's fielding lots of questions right now https://www.twitch.tv/phantasyftw Ques - how was the recoil? Ans - normal. Ques - shooting mechanics? Ans - just like COD2/COD4 Ques - can you reload cancel? Ans - yes....all gunplay mechanics are like COD Phantasy - "they're planning an economy system......not like CS:GO.....can't talk about it anymore" Phantasy - "gameplay is fast-paced......has health regen.....wouldn't work well with no health regen.....would slow game down too much.....people would camp" (his words, not mine)
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    Hey guys! As promised, here's the Vlog announcement! Hope you enjoy it! if you want to read a more indepth analysis of what this means and what we've been working on you can read our latest Kickstarter Update. If you have any questions start a thread in General Discussion and we'll do our best to answer any! Thanks! Tuna
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    Is it going to be a thing now that whenever someone doesn't get something their own way... they'll make a thread about it? Come on guys you're heavily critiquing a game before it has even reached alpha, let alone a proper gameplay reveal trailer. I'm not sure where you're getting your spray pattern / RNG theories from, it's the first I've heard of it. Every piece of communication that I've read from the developers thus far (not just suggestive posts from community members) has all pointed towards a CoD2/4 mechanic, which does not include spray patterns or RNG. The developers haven't indicated any real clear direction or as to what they want to do specifically in regards to skins, so I think you're jumping at conclusions waaaay too early and are just getting worked up by the amount of people that are in favour of the CSGO style compared to the authentic style that clearly you're after. And you're getting upset over non-cookable grenades? Come on now, how is that a game breaker for whatever side of the fence you sit on in regards to competitive or casual? I just don't see the point in people complaining about the same points that have already been discussed to their death previously without even opening the game up first and giving it a crack.
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    We're working on something, but for the love of god, please please please, stop suggesting the same CSGO features lol. I thought I loved CSGO a lot, but now I realise what a huge CS fan you are lol
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    The desperation to excuse and play as the SS is worrying, whether the units fighting on the ground "weren't that bad" or not, that specific group of soldiers were also responsible for doing the blood work of the murder of millions of innocent people. Frankly, I speak for all of bulkhead interactive when I say, we have absolutely 0 interest in including the SS or any references to the SS in Battalion 1944. All sides committed major atrocities, I've been to Dachau concentration camp a strangely high 6 times. Feel free to debate and discuss the SS and the topic, but it will change absolutely nothing in Battalion 1944. Sorry, but we won't be tarnishing the name of Battalion or making our developers associate their names and put their names on work that encourages people to play as the SS. Joe
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    Just there @Freakshow shows excellent discussion and arguments skills like a polite adult and on the other hand @ToonBE drags it down the drain to a low level of banter.....
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    If i may weigh in my opinion of what Soldat is saying.... First off i agree with what Soldat is saying and i understand his concerns. I've been active here on the forums for quite some time, maybe not as long as Soldat but long enough to get to know a few people and their views (and vice versa), and I know that English isn't Soldat's first language but i understood that he was only concerned about what the list of goals were on the kickstarter vs what it developed to be through the forums but i AM NOT fearful of the direction of the game and i 100% still on board with the Devs and their plans. When micro transactions were first said there was a panic attack by most people, including me, because most of us understood it as if Battalion would become P2W. It wont and it is only cosmetic, there will not be a system like World of Tanks with "gold ammo" to do more damage. As per the recording of the game during Closed Alpha i support the Dev's decision to say "no" to it and to have an NDA coming with it. I assumed it from the start and when i read it on the kickstarter that you could i took it as "of course you can record it but you cannot publish it onto the internet. Show your friends when they come over your house or through your phone but make sure the video cannot leak out." Anyway, the people that were freaking out over Soldat's concerns should step it down a notch. Its all good If anything, this goes to you Soldat, in a long post like this write it in French and I am sure either google translate or someone else who speaks good english/french can translate it. As for the skins I am sure they will remain in the WW2 era and will not see Santa Claus and Pink modern camo in it. The war torn system was just a "bonus" and only adds to the game, which i like makes it interesting. So Soldat, you know that most of things you mentioned are just aesthetic and will not change gameplay what so ever, right? As for the others.....I hope you understand that Soldat is only mentioning the changes from the initial goals on the kickstarter vs now. Tiptup did a great job in explaining it to Soldat of whats going on but I just wanted to say my 2 cents as well. For the Devs. Maybe, if you can, make update of changes from what was on the kickstarter to what it is now. What you guys are focusing on and what is going to be included in the game, etc etc like patch notes. I know you guys gave out updates but at this point i think things would be clarified with an "Updated Goal List" either in the forum as a pin or on the kickstarter updates. It will take some time i know but it will be worth it to quell any sort of thoughts or miscommunication between the backers.
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    So do we, and everyone, and infact there's a few singleplayer WW2 games coming out this year.. You will be spoiled for choice! But you need a lot of money and a lot of time to give it the treatment it deserves, we're focusing on competitive play and multiplayer. Thanks Joe
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    It's most basic form is 'done' We've programmed it, but we have some work to do to make it as good as modern games. But you can literally record out footage. But we're trying to build in a 'theatre mode' similar to how the Call of Duty demo viewer worked except its built into the game instead of an external piece of software (See CSGO for example). There are quite a lot of factors limiting how well this works, performance being one but right now there isn't a perf hit. Viewing other players perspectives is a difficult thing to do here, but we're looking into it. Certainly at alpha it won't be in, but I can't say it will be for early access. Battalion has a long life and the next year will rely on you guys to let us know what features work and what features need to be added. Thanks Joe
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    I read all the comments and thank you for everyone who responded it makes for discussion. I am not upset or angry at anything, just wanted clarification. Yes the alpha is a bit over a month away and I CANNOT WAIT to play it with all of you. What i wrote here is from what i took from the forums discussions and a couple things here and there that were said. King cleared things up and that is what i was more trying to get to happen. It makes work on their end but it eliminates many "worry" threads as ToonBE so whole hardly hates. Toon you have some great suggestions but your attitude is sometimes really bad when YOU don't agree with any said opinion. Ive been attacked and down voted at times where i just don't understand why, but i don't back lash at it. So please take a chill pill and i hope to see more constructive posts from you. @scaR you said it perfectly and yes these were all concerns that jump the gun but i rather say them now than later when everything is finished. This isn't just about me, this about US and how we all will enjoy the game. I wrote this topic on the consideration someone, and you did, would come along and say "dude chill its too early". Its fine and im glad you said what you did and i know most people agree with you, but i feel it is my duty as an active member on the forums and supporter of BAT44 to voice my concerns for them to be either ridiculed or clarified. It has happened and we got the answer from King that we all wanted to hear. Also Toon, im not "bad" at spray patterns considering i hold my own in CS with only about 60 hours against MG1+ players. Went up against highest ranking in a custom practice arena game and they had trouble killing me. Not that they didn't have their flicks that nailed me everytime but spray patters are sometimes luck and for those like me who have none...it gets annoying.
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    Seems way too overcomplicated. Simplicity is key in my opinion. A regen system works well in COD and other fast-paced games. I think the COD system should be used, pretty much.
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    So I am taking from @Soldat Ryan and making a version of my own to show that there is more concern from various members. The single thread is great but i feel sometimes there needs to be multiple like this one. Original belief: This game was advertised as a WW2 shooter that will eventually become competitive and will try to bond the bridge between competitive players and non-competitive players by making the servers user friendly. So when i saw this as a game that will use the historical perspective of WW2, throw a little twist of their own, and do something other games haven't. Also it was said that it would be a game that brings back the roots of the old games like COD1/2/4 and MOH which i still feel it will, to a degree. I want to see a game that will be competitive in a WW2 scenario but it should stay in the WW2 era with its weapons, characters, battlegrounds, and even the hud style. I was excited, and still kinda am, till recently where a few things have been said im not exactly agreeing with. What is happening now: -First off there was a topic about grenades and if they should be or shouldn't be "cookable". I am pro grenade cooking because it adds more to the game and will be used by players of value (not trolls who go on suicide runs) to a great degree of strategy. Players will not be able to hide in a corner without the risk of no exit and will always have to have an escape plan or some sort of awareness of the enemy player. Those of you who think it is not competitive im sorry to burst your bubble but it is. If it such a 50/50 thing it should be taken under consideration to turn it off or on through the server. Over time there will be one that has more traction over the other. -Second, I understood that this game will have aim and shoot through sights and scopes. NO spray patterns. That made me very happy but there were topics that talked about the game turning and becoming a spin off WW2 mod of CS:GO. This is something i will not accept. If it turns into spray pattern I personally will only play it with friends. It will no longer be a casual or competitive game for me. I also don't see how it is possible considering chuck of the arsenal during WW2 were bolt actions. How can you have a spray pattern for those other than where the barrel points the bullet goes, as it should be in every game. Anyway i need some clarification of this. -Thirdly I will not accept any kinda of camo skin that wasn't part of the WW2 era. I cannot see anything in my brain that will allow pink weapon skins along with a possibility of people turning their characters into clowns. I mean if thats the case it will make them a nice vibrant target but i do not agree with it what so ever. The thing that i loved the most was when it was said there will be an ability to etch into your weapon a design or letters or what ever else on the wood stock/metal. That in of itself is epic and had no reason to change or be added upon with color skins. The other thing was the wear and tear of weapons and gear, what ever happened to that? Why not focus on that as "add on skin" instead of stupid (sorry to say this) child like colorful weapon skins? -Fourth. many people on the forums have a very one sided view to how they want to play the game and all power to them, but please understand its not all about you. What you believe isn't correct and what i believe isn't correct but there must be a healthy argument in order to find a common ground. Many times in the forums i see people blaring at each other and i tend to stay out of it, it needs to stop, especially if you are one of the active members. Its all understood that the devs have the final say but the devs also have a responsibility to take the arguments under consideration. The forums needs to be moderated slightly better and there needs to be some sort of punish system if people become too toxic. I would just like to see this game become as popular as COD and for it carry on for the ages. For it to be one that resonates through the next decade as the "remember how awesome it was" after multiple titles from these devs. All of us are looking from the outside in and this response from me only from things that have been said and seen around the forums along with the announcements. I do not want to see a cartoon WW2 shooter and if were to turn into one i would be highly disappointed. Id like to see more community nights aswell. Backers and nonbackers gathering together for some fun and smack talking through a game would be well needed. Doesn't need to be a shooter or maybe it should be!
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    Remember guys, you need to pull the pin before you throw them. Tsk Tsk. lol
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    A cool idea I saw from the CSGO reddit, a defuse progress bar over the player model in spectator mode. https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/60o1yx/devs_please_add_a_defuse_timer_above_players_head/ Example
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    Its ok farq i understand why you did it like has been said a number of times no need for personal attacks. With regard to the day 1 backer card... i guess we all need to leave by that rationale because its changed from what was advertised!
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    If the 'aimpunch' is going to exist, I hope it's going to be very very minimal.
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    I've waited to post as I wanted to gauge people's feelings to see if mine were unreasonable. I can remember the original tag-line to make the best classic WWII FPS and with the big V-log announcement the other day it did come across that Bat44 was not going to be tied to a WWII environment. That in itself is not a deal breaker but it is an indication that things have moved into different areas. All the points raised here have been very valid and it really serves no purpose in going over them all again but what I would say is after an experience with another game that moved the goalposts I believe some of us are a little worried that perhaps it could be happening again. Now after a bad experience it's very easy to get twitchy about things that we assumed were set In stone that now seem to be a bit more fluid and flexible. What i can say is this I know with my interactions with the devs here that they "without question want the best game they can make" my only concern now is that the game they want and the game they described are currently not completely the same and for some people that is the biggest cause for concern. In the end because of the length of time from inception to delivery there of course will be changes of thinking and that's to be expected, I believe after the V-log statement that the devs will be spending more time on here that could help solve these concerns. So now perhaps as questions get raised, before they have time to fester they could get answered. Some will see this as a negative post but it is just observations I have made by reading recently....more than posting, I have been less active of late because of a number of reasons! having been heavily involved in three games there has been a element of frustration that in lots of areas, in all games that discussions about cosmetics seem to get more traction and input than actual discussions on gameplay and design........... Just the random ramblings of an old hippy!!
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    Thanks. Here is a couple of quick shots of the build so far. Buildings are in place and about half of them have the windows and doors done. Tons to terrain and general detailing before this is finished.
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    This is a good question, and we aren't fully decided actually. It's something that we can change as we go, we're waiting to do some more internal testing to really decide this. At the moment, I think we're leaning slightly towards classes, similar to promod cod4.
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    He didn't need to say that!! Now my F5 key will wear out Just drop the bomb on us by surprise, don't drag it out man!!
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    the King has spoken! long live the King.
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    @scaR got a few good points there but I think it's not all about nades, spraypattern, microtransactions, crazyskinz and all that! It's more a feeling several backers and followers got like @Farq-S writes: "i have conserns" The more I read trough the forums the more I get the same feeling and it's not what everyone is bantering about what they think, believe or want. It's more what the dev's are answering, hinting and writing back to us in these forums, on twitter and other medias in general that got me worried. They are actually drifting away from the original kickstarter concept that got us all excited, in small, almost not noticeable steps, but sum it up and I got a somewhat bad feeling..... +1
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    It will not fit the "fast" gameplay they advertise. Also, watching insane snipers play is probably the most exciting thing in competitive shooters, so it's probably going to be the most important role.
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    CoD2 style hands down just not as dead on accurate. I'd like to see the game played with the need to ADS at least 70% of the time rather then hip firing and ADS 50/50
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    For Devs, One year ago, after stopping to beleive in words of game studios, i had a new hope on game industry. An indie company decided to offer to the gamers a new WW2 in the spirit of old great FPS in the line of COD, MOH or ET under a modern engine. Devs stuck me with their idea to make an "old school" game on a WW2 environment where our skill is most important than to win crazy stuff, without vehicles, perks, killstreak, artillery, dogs or exosuits, and where all weapons are unlocked. Devs brought my attention by the fact they want to develop the game for all gamers with the intention, then, to extend to the (pro) competitive scene. Devs interested me by the fact we will "reward visual upgrades for our character, accessories and weapons within their realistic art style guidelines", under their "Battlerank competition system". without interfering the gameplay Devs enjoyed me by the idea to not include DLC and microtransaction. At least, Devs pleased me with the idea to support communities with mod/map tool and deliver dedicated server files. I convinced my partners to support the game from the start on these promises and because all features we are expecting since long time seems at the rendez-vous. On these promises, we backed one of these packs (x18 clan pack for us) as 10 000 others backers did. Today i m getting sad because i have the feeling (shared by others) that Devs are stepping back little to little on what they promised in the 1st contract. First break was when Devs decided to add microtranscation. After discussion, they convinced me saying it won't be compulsory to buy these lootcrate and everyone will be able to unlock same stuff in the time and because it is a question of survival for the long term. Ok, but it is a step back. Then Devs stepped back on the fact it won't be possible to stream or record Alpha Closed. Ok. It is a detail. Not essential. Not a big problem and it is understandable. But again it is a step back. Then Devs looked for to implement an original quake engine bug : strafejump. I guess they are not looking for to add too much glitchies or intentionnal bugs. Today Devs announce they are thinking to add "crazy skins". It is not what backers wanted when they decided to support the game massivly. Ok it is not WW2 reconstitution but neither CODMW5 or RB6-Siege. Again i have the feeling it is much more an economic reason than a real core game reason. Devs are starting to think profit insteed to make the game they promised first. Even if it is not fully decided, it is a new step back. In the same time, Devs are saying they are pending the development of "War Torn" System wich was a great feature announced after kickstarter but always in the spirit of customization of our characters. We didn't expect it and it had the approval of the majority. It is a step back. The most dangerous, today i have the feeling Devs become elitist and are talking much more with pro-gamers. I take @Farq-S words because it is better said than i could : "the development is struggling to strike the right balance between casual and competitive. If it goes too far down either path this game will lose alot of its audience on the opposite side." The game needs both worlds but one world haven't to dominate the other. What next ?? Killstreak ? Perks ? Locking weapons ? ..... I m here from the start, almost from day one, and i come everydays on the forum, I m following Devs on twitter and checking Steam discussions regulary (not a great deal, i have a lot of free time) but it is the first time in one year, near of 1st release, that i m really worried about what i read these last days/weeks on some members' and devs' comments. I m nobody. I m not coming from competitive scene. I m just a (old) gamer and my voice has the same value of all others. i always tried to be fair on my comments and open-mind, i m not using vote-down system (i did it 2 or 3 times only), i prefer to vote-up for good ideas/comments and shared opposite arguments when needed, even if sometimes i was a bit rude (it was for the good cause and to create electroshock) but Devs must not forget what made the success of the campaign (all started from this) which allow them to reach their goals and attract new players. Not sure that they would have meet the same success if they have said from the start there will be microtransaction, flashy/unrealistic skins, mainly oriented on competitive scene and above all if they said they will change the terms of the contract along the way. The game is not release yet and, because it is not too late, today i would like to be like "Jiminy Cricket" for Devs and give them one advice : Keep your new false good-ideas for the next game. Don't give up what can make the difference with others games. Keep the initial line and deliver the game you promised (on customization side and gameplay) and which is expected by the majority of gamers who backed the project before to think biggest profits and exclusive competitive scene. It seems, it is the path you are currently looking at. At least, don't think to grow up too fast. Devs asked us to trust them. I did but my faith is starting to break down. I really guess i m wrong and i won't give up but fear is not so far and knocking to the door. Thanks for reading. With all my best regards.
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    +1 Yeah, we've all noticed this, bro, something has definitely changed in the background recently, you can easily tell this just by reading some of the current posts from the "competitive-only" crew. Some of them obviously know more about what's really going on than we do. This was one of our main topics of conversation last night on Teamspeak. "Time will tell", as they say.
  35. 3 points
    I like it when everything's black around the scope
  36. 3 points
    We said no economy as in cash for guns. But we do have a new unique way of playing search & destroy.. in a CSGO meets COD4 meets Hearthstone kind of way.
  37. 3 points
    Not really a fan of aimpunch. If an opponunt is already hitting you then they already have an advantage over you, aimpunch just adds further insult to injury really.
  38. 3 points
  39. 3 points
    No no no no no no With all due respect, but this is not the game for you and in my oppinion all your ideas are horrible.
  40. 3 points
    @Farq-S gosh man you are so needy and the devs gave you want you wanted @[CM] BigTuna THATS NOT HOW YOU PARENT...LET HIM CRY!!!!! DON'T FEED INTO HIS WANTS!!! logo looks great though!!!!
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    I'd like to suggest to add a ''strat mode'' to Battalion 1944 Basically what I suggest is something like COD4 Promod, A gamemode where you can: - Can follow your grenades and see where they land - Spawn bots at certain places to test and line up wallbangs etc - A way to draw tactics on a map overview for everyone in the server to see (I really miss this in COD4) To be clear, this isn't meant to be a competitive gamemode, simply a way to try out tactics etc (For those who haven't played COD4 Promod) If anyone has other great ideas that could be included, go ahead!
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    I am getting the same vibe. 8 months ago how they where showing the game off and such seemed as if this was the game that was bringing back the CoD2 feel that we all loved. A game that would benefit all party's and everyone would love. Now the only vibe I am getting is 100% competitive. It really is going the CSGO route, by this I mean "competitive" playlist will be no different then the "casual" play list. I bought the game so I now own it forever and will try it but as each day goes on I am slowly loosing faith for the old school CoD2 feeling game that we where hyped up for from the beginning.
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    i'm on PS4 but it is what it is. just have to be patient. it'll get there.
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    Just a heads up, bit of miscommunication, video content is coming NEXT week* Small mistake there, we're still putting out a kickstarter text update today though! Update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bulkheadinteractive/battalion-1944-pc-xb1-ps4/posts/1838458
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    Now, this should put an end to the loads of speculations out there! Great summery of things @[DEV] KingHoward Feels like the community needed it How's the neck feeling after the horrid train trip?
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    Wow, we absolutly need some new info or videos from the Devs! We don't have anything more to discuss, so every topic made on here fly offtopic in a split second and never gets back on track From worries about the direction of Battalion 1944 -----> CSGO casual or not swooooooosh
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    I don't see skins as something bad tbh. I really do like to buy a new skin and play with it. All the better devs can benefit from it. As long as it stays just skins that you can buy or get by drops at the and of the game, I am all for it.
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    I don't get your point. What was that noble cause they were fighting for then? Guys, just chill. It's a competitive game with team A fighting against team B. They could be called 'Orange team' and 'Blue team' as well but we have Germans vs Americans and that's enough. Who needs SS and their uniforms? Who cares if the game is 100% history-true? 'My grandpa was in SS and he was a good guy' is not an argument ...
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    Sup Zane! Welcome dude!
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    This: 1-5 = Private ( Schütze ) 6-10 = Private First Class ( Oberschütze ) 11-15 = Corporal ( Obergefreiter ) 16-20 = Sergeant ( Unteroffizier ) 21-25 = Staff Sergeant ( Unterfeldwebel ) 26-30 = Sergeant 1st Class ( Feldwebel ) 31-35 = Master Sergeant ( Oberfeldwebel ) 36-40 = Sergeant Major ( Stabsfeldwebel ) 41-45 = 2nd Lieutenant ( Leutnant ) 46-50 = 1st Lieutenant ( Oberleutnant ) 51-55 = Captain ( Hauptmann ) 56-60 = Major ( Major ) 61-65 = Lieutenant Colonel ( Oberstleutnant ) 66-70 = Colonel ( Oberst ) 71-75= Brig. General ( Generalmajor ) 76-80 = Major General ( Generalleutnant ) 81-85 = Lieutenant General ( General der Infanterie ) 86-90 = General ( Generaloberst ) 91-95 = General of the Army ( General-Feldmarschall ) 96-100 = President/Leader/5 Star Gen ( Oberste Führer ) Why not having these standard rankings just for both personal AND competitive progress? What am i missing here? Why should they be different? Please enlight me I am not familiar with ranking systems really since i'm an old-school gamer. In none of the competitive FPS games i have played, ranking stats were of any value and in all honesty stats giving you some in game status don't really interests me much. I will let my skills speak for themselves and rather stay low profile. But I guess this is what next gen gamers want to see in games nowdays. I'm just getting old ;(