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    LEAKED Pink Kar98k Hopefully it will be in game, it looks fantastic
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    Tuna is doing his job and liaising with the community. If you think we're not saying legitimate reasons, that's on you. Because we certainly do have legitimate reasons. I'm one of the main people behind keeping the alpha windows short and sweet. We want to test things with a large group of players, we want to hammer the game when you guys are on and we can't do that if we have 50% population or even lower. Also, after a couple of weeks people might and probably will show less interest in the alpha and helping us test, if we keep the windows short we will be more likely to grab people's attention. We take our alpha very seriously, I'm so impressed that our community has cared this much about the game and I'm always touched when we get people passionately asking to play the game, because really that's all your asking right? Let us play the game! But trust us, we know what we're doing, every decision we make here is for the benefit of Battalion in the long run. Lots of games rush to the finish line and try and get things out the door. Without offending any developer, I merely think their methods didn't work; Days of War and Dirty Bomb, both games had big open alphas where people could just play the game all the time... feel free to go and check their player counts now. Both polished and complete games, but neither lasted much more than a month. Now if you look at; Quake Champions, they've been doing private weekend alpha sessions for a few weeks now and it's been very good and super fun; however even at peak times we've had to wait 3 to 4 minutes to find a game. Concurrent players are a luxury and players don't realise the significance. Look at these statistics: http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ Rainbow 6 Siege: 1.8m steam users own this game / Highest Peak concurrent players; 45,000 (2.5%).. Based on that ratio: Battalion has around 6500 players in the alpha / Peak concurrent players 162 (2.5%).. So those numbers obviously aren't exact AT ALL or even that useful, but they get the the point across; that just because you want the game to be open and available at all times, doesn't mean everyone agrees and will be ready to play at the same time as you. I also understand you want to jump around and practice or even test locally but we want to have you guys hammer the game on the weekend then discuss the issues and possible fixes (for balancing) throughout the week, we want to have active discussions in the week and then apply changes in the next alpha weekend. Joe
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    Hey, So @[CM] BigTuna isn't a dev, when you guys ask questions he turns around to us (he's sat behind me) and ask us the questions you guys want answers for. We're super busy and don't tell him everything in detail or the explicit reasons we decide to do things, so attacking him for just relaying tid-bits of info for you guys isn't cool. However, spreading misinformation isn't cool either (from both ours and the community standpoint) so that means we may have to be more tight lipped about these things from now on until we're ready to make official announcements as people get outraged pretty easily. We've said before it's one of the downsides of being open/raw about development. It's a balancing act we're still working on refining In terms of the actual main questions of this thread, everything we do is for the benefit of the game. It'd be great if we could just let everyone just hop straight into the game whenever they wanted, but the reality is that this would be bad for the game and the community. Joe's listing out some reasons next to me right now to explain some things literally as I'm typing this reply, so I'll let him carry on from what I'm writing, but we'll have a full schedule released soon explaining what we'll be testing, when we'll be testing and how everything will work. It's very important we do this right, and introducing things slowly to you guys will be much more beneficial for the game and development in the long run as we'll have more time to fix the large glaring issues and you'll actively see improvement and new content week to week. This is a very small closed alpha player pool and we need to make sure we maximise the amount of players during the testing periods to make sure we get the most effective feedback based on the latest weekly builds of the game. We have always said Alpha/Beta sessions are not marketing tools like modern Alpha/Beta sessions for AAA studios which just let you play a demo of the game before it's out, they're for helping us test and build the game we all want to eventually play as our main game we play every night. Hope that clears up some answers. More official info will be coming soon.
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    I feel sorry for the devs who are trying to be open and transparant and certain members of the community lash out at them at every single thing that changes. People have been crying for developers to be transparant for years, now they are and yet these people still complain. Things change all the time (and rightfully so), sometimes things don't work as expected so they have to be changed. Show some respect instead of freaking out at everything the devs change.
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    Dude... LOL. A few people played it at a COD2 LAN for like 10 minutes each, same at rezzed and phantasy played it a few times at their studio. Not like 30mins of playtime is going to give anyone a big headstart. Years of FPS experience on a competitive level will Also to answer your other question, they clearly said they will patch mid-week and resume play during weekends. They aren't a studio of 500 developers who can both keep the servers up and running during the week AND work on patching it etc.
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    offline mode was never promised. the devs were asked months ago if offline would be available and they said maybe. that doesn't amount to a promise.
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    Hey guys I understand your concerns here and I am sorry that your expectations of booting up Battalion offline are not likely to be met. I am sad to hear that some of you don't believe that the Alpha isn't worth the money. However, when you buy and participate in Battalion 1944's Alpha you are participating in a 100% in development Alpha test. You are the guys that get to experience the game before almost anybody. With AAA titles now that release Open Alpha and Beta's, they are basically Demo's there will be little to a small amount of progression between their Alpha and Beta release to the full game. When participating in Battalion's Alpha and Beta phases you will be massively contributing and witnessing your contributions having a DIRECT impact on the Development of Battalion 1944 week by week. There's not that many of you guys in the Alpha and you all are the foundation for the development. We are aiming for this to be huge but we have to start somewhere and you're in on the ground floor! I know you're annoyed by Offline play possibly not being included but what were you really expecting to get out of it? We've said LAN might not be possible yet. It would be you running around a training map firing guns that are probably going to get re-balanced at some point so if that's what you're worried about then it wouldn't be helpful towards that goal. It's still in Alpha guys and this is a REAL Alpha. We aren't a AAA studio size yet, but be patient. Believe me we are grinding to get Battalion as best as we can and include the little things that the community wants most! We need your help and your support to progress this game and you have a chance to mold it into what you want. After this we have obviously seen how much you guys are interested in offline play so that's a clear goal that we need to reach so this is already helpful! Thanks Tuna
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    Hey guys As you have probably seen we have made the personal reputation counter visible on your profiles. We have done this to encourage constructive and interesting posts whilst limiting argumentative or derogatory comments. We felt there has been little repercussions for these actions in the past so now you will have your rep public for everyone else to see! Consider the toxicity or the relevance of your post before you post it and rise up the upvote leader board. We are considering resetting the rep and allowing it to start from now but we may just leave it how it is. Enjoy!
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    Guys, this is their job. Let them do it. They want to do it this way which makes sense as others have mentioned, due to: A higher concentration of people who will be playing at one time, rather than them being spread over an entire week. You will become potentially burnt out if it is allowed to play during the week, you will spend hours playing and things such as bugs and glitches will let get in your way. If you intend to practice, then you are in the alpha for the wrong reasons considering it likely will be quite buggy and all over the place in terms of glitches, animations ect. It is a better idea to not allow for offline play as if you can play it offline then it leaves the game exploitable potentially on the server side. People would have the files likely and so the developers have decided it's safer to not have those files within the reach of people in the Alpha. Once again, even though you could do some bug hunting offline, things such as 3rd person animations, sound effects and all of that stuff which they would want to be fixed. 3rd person animations I would imagine are a priority considering they said they were working on them only recently. I know that it seems arbitrary in terms of logic considering you could argue that without the Kickstarter supporters and those who pre0ordered the game the studio wouldn't be here, but you paid to support them, not to have your every word and idea implemented. It's no different than giving a streamer £30 lets say. You supported, yes. Does that mean you get to decide what games they play or anything? No. It's the same here. You paid to support them in making their game, and that only gives you so much in terms of influence.
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    You guys talking like alpha is for you guys to practice, but using "bug hunting" as an excuse. This is an alpha to test multiplayer, and the studio feels comfortable if they take the week to make a new build for the weekend. So be patient, just play on the weekend. It really isn't that big of a deal, lol. Also, alpha was never guaranteed for offline play. Last I asked Tuna, he gave me a "soft" yes but wasn't sure as it was too early to tell. Now that we're closer, we have our answer. You pay $70 for every version of Battalion 1944, and to have your values implemented into a game that has potential of running for a while. So let the devs do their job in alpha and we do ours. Calm down lol. inb4 many downvotes.
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    Extensive research from Activision, Ubisoft, EA, and Valve that we've correlated and read will show the following; 1. Most gamers find skins cool 2. Gamers don't care about 'realistic skins' different woods/metals etc 3. Gamers want their skins to be flashy and boisterous, its part of the showmanship of gaming, especially in FPS games. 4. The people who don't want skins, are actually a minority. 5. The reason people are scared of the word 'skins' is because they subliminally connect this to Black Ops 3, mainstream console gaming, and excessive in-game purchases- even though these people complain, they usually end up A. not playing the game and reviewing it badly or B. enjoying the skins and the bravado of having unique weapons. So whatever your opinion; for the drama queens "YOU'LL RUIN THE GAME YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING"... Well.. we do. We're quite good at this. There is the information, enjoy.
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    It's much harder to get a competitive game made properly than to make a casual game. A casual gamer can play a competitive game casually. A competitive gamer cannot play a casual game competitively. I'm happy that Bulkhead seem to actually understand this and are prioritizing things like movement - something casuals probably won't even notice or care too much about if it's good or bad. If you want a realism mod to be created, why isn't your community modding something like Day of Infamy, Red Orchestra, or Squad? Those games seem to be closer in gameplay to the style you want to play. Why force a competitive focused game like Battalion 1944 into something it's not?
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    Well, this is exactly why all of your anti-cod mechanic arguments are flawed. How in the fuck can you draw conclusions on a mechanic in a game --you've never played competitively--. I'd take a stab, from my observations, that the majority of the ex-competitive (or currently) players here have dabbled in both CSGO and CoD. I know myself that I like to keep an open mind to the development direction of the game, and would welcome a lot of CSGO features that I believe would have merit to be implemented into Battalion. You keep drawing lines in the sand where they don't have to be. My point is that you nullify any CoD-based suggestion or arguments made, without any actual knowledge in what they involve. FYI, I'm open to nades in battalion to be inventory based. I just think the points you make in your arguments are generally unfounded and plain childish at times.
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    Okay, so you paid $70 for the Full Game + Early Access + Beta + Alpha. We aren't a huge team. We don't have hundreds of programmers and employees to catalog bugs and report them. We can't push builds and remodel things within the hour. We need a little more time to work on these things, just a little though We will have a post explaining how the Alpha is going to work soon so keep an eye out for that The Alpha will stretch across multiple weekends from Friday to Saturday. You'll have three full days of play over the weekend and a hard focussed time for you to report bugs. Instead of a few hours a night midweek. Then that will give us 4 days (mon, tues, wed, thurs) to implement changes and push a build for the next weekend. I am sure it will go fast don't worry!
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    I think people need to stop defending the devs for every negative post aka white knight them, they are grown up man and they can handle criticism on their own. It's part of their job, and it brings the best out of people. They make mistakes, we make mistakes and we are on this forum to have a discussion about certain topics but sometimes it gets ruined by people who downvote any criticism towards the development team imo.
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    Said the guy who want to see so much features from CSGO and would like a CSGO WW2 mod ! For your information, COD2 and COD4 were not console port. Now, I read -124 ! He is growing up but in the wrong side.
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    I can see why your ''forum reputation'' is currently at -116 LOL. In a fast-paced game like COD, like Battalion, having inventory nades slows things down and makes things clunky. In these games I want to be able to throw my grenade as fast as possible, 1 click of a button. I don't want to pull out my nade, wait for the animation to finish and THEN throw it. It slows me down, which is not what I want in fast-paced games. CS:GO is a much much slower game for example and it still feels clunky to me there. Also, please stop acting like a 12 year old every time someone disagrees with you, grow up man. (Unless you are actually 12 or have some sort of disorder, then I apologize, friend).
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    There are reasons for maps having basic textures, see CSGO's flat wall design. The Mp40 is being reskinned. Please please please, stop referencing prototype levels that don't exist anymore! Read the forums for a bit then start posting You'll see we've made a lot of progress.
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    Joe has a point in the Dustin interview, RB6: Siege did realistic skins and they're pretty boring in all honesty, who wants to own a snakeskin gun? I dont care if there's skins in the game, at the end of the day its the gameplay I'm here for. And being a small dev team, micro-transactions could potentially be what keeps our game updated and alive so for the sake of a few crazy skins in the game it doesn't bother me. And If its true that players will have to option to turn them off in competitive play, then it literally has zero impact on the game and people need to get a grip. I can't think of a top 5 E-Sport without some kind of micro-transaction in place. It's obviously helps contribute to the games popularity and if there's no player base for a game, sadly there is no game. This game will need all sorts of different players if it wants to be a competitive game. So I welcome the idea of skins, as I trust the developers to use that income to better the game, and I still believe they still have the heart of the competitor in-mind. Ideally I don't wanna see pink Kar98's everywhere I hope they're a bit more creative with their designs. Also wanna add that I'm not a massive skin person myself, but I can appreciate how it benefits the production of games.
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    The main thing would be testing the movement and exploiting the maps, that stuff takes time.
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    We haven't said yet, but this discussion is frustrating so I'll drop a hint. We're experimenting with some flashy skins that are tied to WW2. I'll say no more. But its cool as shit if you're into WW2 stuff and if you're into flashy skins. Again; experimenting.
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    Quotes from the kickstarter campaign: I do understand that this very horse is dead and buried. I'm not even trying to argue crazy shit, or shitty skins or even crazy skins will be in the game. They are going to be in the game. Yeah, I got it. However, I like to point out that nobody had reasons to expect micro transactions and crazy skins coming to the game, because Bulkhead have explicitly stated that those won't be in the game. See quotes above. Nobody is making this up. Nobody is misinterpreting anything here. It's been there. Black on white. Period. If they had said nothing at all about either of those subjects, then OK, we could have been expecting anything, even pay to play. So, please stop throwing shit at people who are not exactly satisfied by this development. They have all reasons to be irritated. You may try explaining to them how there is no alternative if you want to, or just leave it. At any rate, telling them to go away because they are not 'competitive enough' is just that toxic behavior which is killing communities. I do believe that is possible to cater to casual and competitive at the same time, especially because there will be dedicated areas for either playing style anyway. Why is it so hard to accept that? Why has it always to be competitive versus casual? I'm dead tired of that debate already and that awkward cocky attitude is as uninviting as can be. Give it a break. Personally, I also had the impression that Bulkhead consciously mentioned both of these aspects and meant to explicitly separate themselves from the major's way of doing things. And yes, this has been one of the key selling factors for me. I believed they had a plan how to not go down the cheap road and provide us with something different. Either they had no plan or, more likely, they are now afraid that the initial plan is not going to create enough revenue for the e-sports ambitions, which have gone up in the prior list somewhere during the curse of the last year. The term 'e-sport' hasn't been mentioned once in the kickstarter campaign, by the way. Well, fine this is reality, so you got to adapt all right. Though, keep in mind that they could have put the e-sports thingy on the back burner in favor of other target groups as well. I'd even say it had looked a lot like that about a year ago, as far as reading between the line goes. I'm pretty sure statistics will tell that there are more casual playing customers than competitive, semi-profession or even professional players and standing your ground in the e-sports circus is a great risk of its own, isn't it?
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    yea i am a dreamer...... Sorry if im double posting but i am kinda disappointed by a large degree. I understand the devs need to do what they gotta do to design the game and what not aswell as keep the budget intact but taking away things that affect what I paid for is kinda giving me a sour taste. I paid for alpha access, which is the game itself for offline testing and if possible online testing. Beta would be the same thing. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way i do but i think this is something the Devs cannot back down on. As per "security reasons" what security reasons? Cheaters getting a hold of the code and digging through it? (wouldn't you want that so that you can close the loops when they are found?) People recording things and posting it on public areas? (Thats what the NDA is for). I think we deserve an in depth explanation to why we cannot test the alpha offline.
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    I purely play competitively and I am fine with skins. It keeps the game going in terms of development, income for the developers etc. If you don't like skins, just don't use them? Not that hard lol. Possibly the devs could add a command like /r_detail 0 in COD4 which turns off camo on your POV only.
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    Yes you are clearly very good in discussions and open to other peoples opinions, as demonstrated by the screenshot attached to this post
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    RAFF has indeed supported us from the beginning and been an important member of the community, Tuna notified me and Howard this morning of your post hence why me and Howard stopped what we were doing and responded at the same time We appreciate you listening to our reasons and appreciate your support. Also; after seeing Call of Duty's announcement, maybe you can see why we decided to make some decisions
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    Oh god,out of all things to have 5+ pages and millions of arguments over,you chose the feature that abosuletly wont have any effect when you are actually playing the game(dont you all feel a little silly)? "Skins = more people playing Battalion = game is growing = everyone is happy. Just look at CS GO" This comment from @skitelo should end this topic ages ago. Besides,its not like they are forcing you to play with skins.You will have option not to put any skin on your weapon,so that should be the end of your worries.Honestly,I didnt want to comment on this topic but I am getting notification everyday from same group of people who are obviously tilted for no reason and that gets me tilted^^ I really hope that this topic will come to an end,its really exhausting to see it all the time whenever i go to website.Now.let the downvoting begins
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    Some have said they don't want it in and why. Some have said they do want it in and why. Some have said they are indifferent if they are in and why. Developers have stated they are looking into adding skins into the game and why, although the look and aesthetics of the skins is yet to be determined and shown. They have also stated they would also be looking into a setting to disabled these (not sure if it was client/server sided though). Until we get 100% confirmation with examples straight from the developers of what we can expect the skins to look like I really don't get what keeps this thread going.
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    People care about this game, that's why there frustrated and rightly so. If we change something or decide to do something we will always have a reason for doing so and it will always be for making the game a better experience. We don't want people to play the game twice and say "that was fun" we want people to finish playing the game after 5 years and remember how frustrating trying to rank up was but how rewarding it was when you finally got there. Joe
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    The problem, as I see, it's not about your transparency. It's more about a new change. For me say "we would no more give an offline access" is transparent enough. I didn't really need explanation (I appreciate them but I didn't require). What I think is important for all, is that you understand that backers have make a choice. Trust on you. The final goal is the final goal, but the road to reach them was presented (like a path, a red line,...) and accepted/awaiting. Why I was happy about offline? Because it would offer me an other way to test the game. During the open beta I would "play", on solo I can test more patiently and immersive movements, see if I find glitch to report, be alone and shot with differents weapon to see how they works in some specifically situation (if I shot when I jump, would I see difference? Or when I run,... into a populate server I haven't the same opportunity) The best test for a DEV is to give the program (in this case Game) at someone other. If I code I code what I think. If you use my program perhaps your approach is different and you will find bugs that I haven't see before because my use is different than your. ... and because it was said that it would be possible 😞 Now no, and the reason given is "security". This need, as I see, a motivation. You haven't trust on us? You have to be ready to assume each position you take... and change them can be negative. A 'hard example': if I buy a car X and you give me a Y, even if better, potentially I can be angry anyway (more taxes, more money to take fuel,...). If I take a Y and you give me a X that It's worst... But if I take Y with a BC1A1A color, you say me "D71616 would be better" and than you give me something other? This is, as I see, the point. Thank you for your kindly answer @[CM] BigTuna
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    "all packaged into a competitive multiplayer environment" "Join a Battalion and compete season to season with BattleRank, our global competition system." "BattleRank’s highly tuned stat tracking system enables Battalion 1944 to go beyond the standard mould of shooters gone by and enables players to compete globally for rewards, glory and honour." "Battalion learns from the skill based gameplay of classic competitive shooters and merges it with the stunning visuals that our team can produce, utilizing next-gen techniques such as motion capture, physically based rendering and photogrammetry to make Battalion a truly next gen competitive shooter." "BattleRank competitions." "Compete in regular challenges ranging from seasonal to quick fire hourly objectives to earn rewards and extra XP." "Tight, focused, competitive maps. Battalion's maps will be designed around our team based infantry combat. The map locations are inspired by real world battlegrounds of the allied campaign and blended with competitive layouts of classic shooters that focus on balance and competition." "Make your platoon known for being the deadliest, most effective, or the most active platoon, receiving unique rewards and raising the bar of competition." "Battalion is designed to be a great LAN game to compete with or against friends locally with our classic and easy to use server browser." "Competition is at the heart of Battalion, maps are designed with different game modes and server sizes in mind. Whether you like to run and gun in a Deathmatch arena with 16 players, or rifle it out in a robust competitive layout with smaller and more focused team sizes, all playstyles can and will be catered for." "BattleRank is our global competition system." "Below is an explanation of how BattleRank works and how it's unique to Battalion, encouraging competitiveness and teamwork." "Competition and Scores. When you play the game, your score goes towards your Battalion. Your Battalion is constantly competing against every other Battalion in the game." "Whilst all the Platoons in one Battalion are part of the same team, they are also competing within that Battalion" "it's an extra option for players that wish to compete together as a team against other teams." I agree, it was almost impossible to tell that this game had a competitive focus, the term esports didn't show up and synonyms don't count.
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    Do you just search kickstarter campaigns for keywords or do you actually read what they write? They don't have to mention the term esports when half of the campaign lays out the competitive focus of the game. They first announced the game on cybergamer for god's sake. What qualifies as an authentic and realistic artstyle is down to the individual, if you don't like fancy skins, don't apply them to your guns, considering the rest of the artstyle is still pretty realistic i think calling it authentic is perfectly fine. I'm fairly sure some folks modified their guns in ww2 in interesting ways as well.
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    10000 backers paid for an authentic oldschool FPS, or at least the majority of them should have and that's what they are getting. If you expected an immersive WW2 shooter you selectively blocked out large chunks of the pitch. I just gave you a reason why flashy skins should be in the game and it's a pretty darn good one. Unless you know of a better way to keep the game financially sustainable this is what it's going to be. You can kick and scream and moan about it, but me and everyone else who wants to play this game competitively would much rather have a game with a few weird skins and a future than an 'immersive' game which costs 3x more than csgo, relies on community funded tournaments and will eventually die after <2 years. If this is a dealbreaker for you, hit up this guy and sell him your account, he'd probably appreciate the game a lot more than you. There are plenty of immersive WW2 shooters out there, take your pick of the litter.
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    There are quite a few people who didn't do much reading before pledging, you may be able to make them an offer for their alpha key.
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    9 years ago, when cod games were actually good and devs cared about their community. And it has dedicated servers, that's why there're still some people playing it. You won't see dedicated servers in cod ww2. Game will be dead on PC within a month like Ghosts, AW, BO3, IW, MWR.
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    Oh no, it also has a different shade of grey.. literally unplayable !
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    I'd just like to say that this thread is a riot and i greatly enjoyed reading it. What a shitshow.
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    who cares about cod anyways? it will not be played that long with shitty mp and no dedicated servers. community never lasts long. publishers only care about sales, same shit every year
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    It is exactly what make me stop to buy/play COD games !
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    Done : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bulkheadinteractive/battalion-1944-pc-xb1-ps4/posts/1865074
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    Hey guys! We are encouraging you to check out the Official Battalion 1944 sub/Reddit! It's kind of small atm but when we release later down the line I'm sure there will be some important information, super cool highlights as well as other neat Battalion stuff that you're going to want to check out! Hit it up here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battalion1944/
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    Once again ToonBe you are against an idea without providing a valuable reason as to why and attacking a certain group of people. Can you please just explain as to why you disagree with something(because its retarded is not a valuable reason) and stop attacking people while you are at it.
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    Envy is your second name, lol I recognize FrosteR from promod pro-scene and i'm sure i'm not the only one. Does anyone recognize your name? Are you experienced enough to question simple and good mechanics from cod series such as grenade throwing, weapon switching etc.? People collect many things: post stamps, cards, weapon replicas, old cars even. All you collect are downvotes on BAT44 forums
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    Sounds like someone is jealous that I got paid to play games and won some money. Meanwhile you are stuck at Legendary Eagle Master in CS:GO matchmaking and crying on forums... hmmm Also I'm pretty sure you get downvoted because all you post is either immature stuff or suggesting the devs to create a WW2 mod for CS:GO. Because if it isn't in CS:GO it must be shit.
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    We haven't released our planned Early Access date yet as we want time to polish the game enough through Alpha/Beta testing before we launch. This doesn't mean there will be no bugs and broken features during Early Access, it just means we want to be happy with the base of the game before launching on Steam.
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    Me 2.... I do since after being a father my time gaming is limited and I want the same possibility to raise my self with skills only not a ton of armory and gadgets Earned trough hours and hours of playing or paying your left arm to get. (even though my skills are questionable lol) In Bf4 I can't kill anything due to low rank and few unlocks since my opponents are armed to the teeth, with cloaking devices and panser armor lol
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    the devs have actively encouraged the modding community from day one. they are building the game in UE4 and have consistently encouraged people to learn UE4 and promised to provide the modding tools in the game. there are 2 main reasons for this approach. (1) they are a small studio and do not have the resources to make versions of the game that cater to the different communities desperate for this game. (2) by giving access to modders it leaves the devs free to make the type of game they are passionate about without compromising their vision. i'm sure that when this game comes out we'll see every type of Bat44 under the sun once the modders get their hands on it. and the devs will be able to cherry pick the best mods and patch them into the vanilla game. this is why the devs are so focused on getting the movement and feel of the game right because that is the one thing that carries over into any version of the game. cod would have been even bigger than it is today had activision not pushed out modding in favour of lining their pockets with cash from yearly releases.
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    I don't want to see him get banned I just want constructive criticism..
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