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    Welcome @Slawdawgz, hope to see you around in January
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    Sry, can't watch frag flicks with such annoying music Anyways, welcome to the forums @shev441, I did'nt play much WAW really... And now it's PUBG until the Battalion guys are back
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    Wait what????? @WhiteDeath read @pukiz comment over and over again for a few days
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    Big Halo and COD player from back in the day. Quit Halo after Halo 3 (turned to trash), quit COD after MW2 (turned to trash). Super excited about this game. Plan on playing every night. Thank you for making this happen. I'll be reaching for the top. Figure.09
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    Haha i`ve discored only today (and this is very sad) a game called Hell Let Loose, and it looks like a long way ahead from Battalion is terms of graphics, its a very promissing game and will be a hard duel between Batallion and it! Look at the graphics in the kickstarter campaign and take your conclusions, battalion has being in alpha for like 8 months and the only thing better are the soundFX, so hurry up!