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    just asked phantasy this question on his twitch stream..."what game does movement most closely relate to and did it feel different to your previous play session?" Answer - "feels almost identical to Promod.....strafing is slightly easier than Promod" he's fielding lots of questions right now https://www.twitch.tv/phantasyftw Ques - how was the recoil? Ans - normal. Ques - shooting mechanics? Ans - just like COD2/COD4 Ques - can you reload cancel? Ans - yes....all gunplay mechanics are like COD Phantasy - "they're planning an economy system......not like CS:GO.....can't talk about it anymore" Phantasy - "gameplay is fast-paced......has health regen.....wouldn't work well with no health regen.....would slow game down too much.....people would camp" (his words, not mine)
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    I feel like all these threads are kinda useless. Im sure the DEVs already have what they want in mind, and I trust them. They have a former 'pro player group', which I suppose is needed for some good advice. Im just being patient, and letting them do what they think is the best - after all they're former cod2, cod4 and csgo players. And have some pro-players with good advices. Id prefer this game to remind more like cod rather than csgo tho My english is rusty as fuckkkkkkk
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    Remember guys, you need to pull the pin before you throw them. Tsk Tsk. lol
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    Welcome to the club @efcprivado
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    ola @efcprivado maps - similar size to CS:GO and COD. small to medium size no campaign mode. only multiplayer
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    Hey man. We aren't much closer to arranging something for this unfortunately sorry guys. Hopefully soon