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    Some people seem to overestimate their skill. Just look at CS, the SSG-08 (Scout) can only one shot kill with an HS (and possibly in the torso if the guy one already took damage), and even at high level it's not much used (while it isn't expensive). Speaking of CS, do players complain about the AWP? No, because the economic system counterbalances the imbalance of weapons. So wait & see, how the economic system of Battalion will impact the balancing of weapons. There are quite a few other factors that are forgotten in this post: - The SMGs will also be able to one shot kill with a HS at short range (most certainly). - SMGs usually have greater mobility (in other games and i hope in Batallion too) allowing them to straf around corners more easily, making them harder to aim. - It is also necessary to see how strong the aim-punch will be in Battalion. And let's face it, a sniper that can only OS with HS, is not fun to play for 99% of the players. A game is made to be fun to play, whether it is competitive or not.
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    1- "First of, not everyone will be 100% hp all the time so they will get killed even if you tag them in the stomach or chest, second, neck up is a decent size hit box for a weapon that requires skill to use, hence a single shot rifle/sniper is not for everyone....and third, you can tag a guy for 99% of his hp and then 1 tap him with a pistol instantly, its been done before in most shooters, i dont see why this is any different." Answer: I may be blind, but in recent videos I haven't seen a health bar, so I assume they are going to use a similar health style as COD2... with that you can eat a sniper shot and hide only to recover in a few seconds. This makes snipers/rifles nearly useless at long range and make it inferior to SMGs at close range. Why cant you understand this? 2- SMG's have a thing called recoil, you cant simple spray them like in recent cods like lazer guns, im sure their damage values will lessen with distance and they will have to close that distance when facing a sniper, especially in a 5v5 when that sniper will have back up. Answer: You haven't played the old CODs or seen the Battalion footage on recoil. 3- "I love how you keep making an argument that a poor lonely sniper wont kill anyone, but at the same time that sniper will just instantly die to smgs and somehow cant adjust his positioning at all." Answer: What? This makes no sense whatsoever.You clearly never played COD2 or COD4 in a competitive way.
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    Holy hell you must be really new to competitive fps games. You can tag a guy and finish him with a pistol pretty damn easy, especially if you know hes guaranteed 1 hit after the tag. You can eat a sniper shot, hide to recover, by then your entire team is dead while you are sitting prone in a corner giving the enemy team a number advantage and still having to leave that corner and get hit again.... Im so confused how you keep belittling the sniper over and over again like they can only shoot once and then its either get a kill or simply die in the spot they are standing in. Once again you are really new... Battalion 1944 is still being worked on and half the guns are not even in yet, so im not sure how you can say that it will have no recoil. Cod2 had plenty of recoil as well as cod4, certainly more then any cod to come out in years or most other shooters. This actually made me laugh, since ive played in every league that cod4 had to offer in every season that it ran while it was alive, so i clearly can say with 100% certainty that you weren't apart of that scene which makes sense from the lack of understanding about this issue. Replaying with "what? or "makes no sense " isn't going to help you prove your point, what ever that is, nor discredit what i say, so try harder next time please.