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    LEAKED Pink Kar98k Hopefully it will be in game, it looks fantastic
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    Tuna is doing his job and liaising with the community. If you think we're not saying legitimate reasons, that's on you. Because we certainly do have legitimate reasons. I'm one of the main people behind keeping the alpha windows short and sweet. We want to test things with a large group of players, we want to hammer the game when you guys are on and we can't do that if we have 50% population or even lower. Also, after a couple of weeks people might and probably will show less interest in the alpha and helping us test, if we keep the windows short we will be more likely to grab people's attention. We take our alpha very seriously, I'm so impressed that our community has cared this much about the game and I'm always touched when we get people passionately asking to play the game, because really that's all your asking right? Let us play the game! But trust us, we know what we're doing, every decision we make here is for the benefit of Battalion in the long run. Lots of games rush to the finish line and try and get things out the door. Without offending any developer, I merely think their methods didn't work; Days of War and Dirty Bomb, both games had big open alphas where people could just play the game all the time... feel free to go and check their player counts now. Both polished and complete games, but neither lasted much more than a month. Now if you look at; Quake Champions, they've been doing private weekend alpha sessions for a few weeks now and it's been very good and super fun; however even at peak times we've had to wait 3 to 4 minutes to find a game. Concurrent players are a luxury and players don't realise the significance. Look at these statistics: http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ Rainbow 6 Siege: 1.8m steam users own this game / Highest Peak concurrent players; 45,000 (2.5%).. Based on that ratio: Battalion has around 6500 players in the alpha / Peak concurrent players 162 (2.5%).. So those numbers obviously aren't exact AT ALL or even that useful, but they get the the point across; that just because you want the game to be open and available at all times, doesn't mean everyone agrees and will be ready to play at the same time as you. I also understand you want to jump around and practice or even test locally but we want to have you guys hammer the game on the weekend then discuss the issues and possible fixes (for balancing) throughout the week, we want to have active discussions in the week and then apply changes in the next alpha weekend. Joe
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    Hey, So @[CM] BigTuna isn't a dev, when you guys ask questions he turns around to us (he's sat behind me) and ask us the questions you guys want answers for. We're super busy and don't tell him everything in detail or the explicit reasons we decide to do things, so attacking him for just relaying tid-bits of info for you guys isn't cool. However, spreading misinformation isn't cool either (from both ours and the community standpoint) so that means we may have to be more tight lipped about these things from now on until we're ready to make official announcements as people get outraged pretty easily. We've said before it's one of the downsides of being open/raw about development. It's a balancing act we're still working on refining In terms of the actual main questions of this thread, everything we do is for the benefit of the game. It'd be great if we could just let everyone just hop straight into the game whenever they wanted, but the reality is that this would be bad for the game and the community. Joe's listing out some reasons next to me right now to explain some things literally as I'm typing this reply, so I'll let him carry on from what I'm writing, but we'll have a full schedule released soon explaining what we'll be testing, when we'll be testing and how everything will work. It's very important we do this right, and introducing things slowly to you guys will be much more beneficial for the game and development in the long run as we'll have more time to fix the large glaring issues and you'll actively see improvement and new content week to week. This is a very small closed alpha player pool and we need to make sure we maximise the amount of players during the testing periods to make sure we get the most effective feedback based on the latest weekly builds of the game. We have always said Alpha/Beta sessions are not marketing tools like modern Alpha/Beta sessions for AAA studios which just let you play a demo of the game before it's out, they're for helping us test and build the game we all want to eventually play as our main game we play every night. Hope that clears up some answers. More official info will be coming soon.
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    I feel sorry for the devs who are trying to be open and transparant and certain members of the community lash out at them at every single thing that changes. People have been crying for developers to be transparant for years, now they are and yet these people still complain. Things change all the time (and rightfully so), sometimes things don't work as expected so they have to be changed. Show some respect instead of freaking out at everything the devs change.
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    Dude... LOL. A few people played it at a COD2 LAN for like 10 minutes each, same at rezzed and phantasy played it a few times at their studio. Not like 30mins of playtime is going to give anyone a big headstart. Years of FPS experience on a competitive level will Also to answer your other question, they clearly said they will patch mid-week and resume play during weekends. They aren't a studio of 500 developers who can both keep the servers up and running during the week AND work on patching it etc.
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    offline mode was never promised. the devs were asked months ago if offline would be available and they said maybe. that doesn't amount to a promise.
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    Guys, this is their job. Let them do it. They want to do it this way which makes sense as others have mentioned, due to: A higher concentration of people who will be playing at one time, rather than them being spread over an entire week. You will become potentially burnt out if it is allowed to play during the week, you will spend hours playing and things such as bugs and glitches will let get in your way. If you intend to practice, then you are in the alpha for the wrong reasons considering it likely will be quite buggy and all over the place in terms of glitches, animations ect. It is a better idea to not allow for offline play as if you can play it offline then it leaves the game exploitable potentially on the server side. People would have the files likely and so the developers have decided it's safer to not have those files within the reach of people in the Alpha. Once again, even though you could do some bug hunting offline, things such as 3rd person animations, sound effects and all of that stuff which they would want to be fixed. 3rd person animations I would imagine are a priority considering they said they were working on them only recently. I know that it seems arbitrary in terms of logic considering you could argue that without the Kickstarter supporters and those who pre0ordered the game the studio wouldn't be here, but you paid to support them, not to have your every word and idea implemented. It's no different than giving a streamer £30 lets say. You supported, yes. Does that mean you get to decide what games they play or anything? No. It's the same here. You paid to support them in making their game, and that only gives you so much in terms of influence.
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    You guys talking like alpha is for you guys to practice, but using "bug hunting" as an excuse. This is an alpha to test multiplayer, and the studio feels comfortable if they take the week to make a new build for the weekend. So be patient, just play on the weekend. It really isn't that big of a deal, lol. Also, alpha was never guaranteed for offline play. Last I asked Tuna, he gave me a "soft" yes but wasn't sure as it was too early to tell. Now that we're closer, we have our answer. You pay $70 for every version of Battalion 1944, and to have your values implemented into a game that has potential of running for a while. So let the devs do their job in alpha and we do ours. Calm down lol. inb4 many downvotes.
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    So you guys are more concentrated about graphics, skins and whatever else that makes game visual nice? I really don't care so much of these things. I want Battalion 1944 to succeed in E-Sport, to compete with CS-GO and also have a great feeling in this game.
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    I think people need to stop defending the devs for every negative post aka white knight them, they are grown up man and they can handle criticism on their own. It's part of their job, and it brings the best out of people. They make mistakes, we make mistakes and we are on this forum to have a discussion about certain topics but sometimes it gets ruined by people who downvote any criticism towards the development team imo.
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    Joe has a point in the Dustin interview, RB6: Siege did realistic skins and they're pretty boring in all honesty, who wants to own a snakeskin gun? I dont care if there's skins in the game, at the end of the day its the gameplay I'm here for. And being a small dev team, micro-transactions could potentially be what keeps our game updated and alive so for the sake of a few crazy skins in the game it doesn't bother me. And If its true that players will have to option to turn them off in competitive play, then it literally has zero impact on the game and people need to get a grip. I can't think of a top 5 E-Sport without some kind of micro-transaction in place. It's obviously helps contribute to the games popularity and if there's no player base for a game, sadly there is no game. This game will need all sorts of different players if it wants to be a competitive game. So I welcome the idea of skins, as I trust the developers to use that income to better the game, and I still believe they still have the heart of the competitor in-mind. Ideally I don't wanna see pink Kar98's everywhere I hope they're a bit more creative with their designs. Also wanna add that I'm not a massive skin person myself, but I can appreciate how it benefits the production of games.
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    Oh god,out of all things to have 5+ pages and millions of arguments over,you chose the feature that abosuletly wont have any effect when you are actually playing the game(dont you all feel a little silly)? "Skins = more people playing Battalion = game is growing = everyone is happy. Just look at CS GO" This comment from @skitelo should end this topic ages ago. Besides,its not like they are forcing you to play with skins.You will have option not to put any skin on your weapon,so that should be the end of your worries.Honestly,I didnt want to comment on this topic but I am getting notification everyday from same group of people who are obviously tilted for no reason and that gets me tilted^^ I really hope that this topic will come to an end,its really exhausting to see it all the time whenever i go to website.Now.let the downvoting begins
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    Some have said they don't want it in and why. Some have said they do want it in and why. Some have said they are indifferent if they are in and why. Developers have stated they are looking into adding skins into the game and why, although the look and aesthetics of the skins is yet to be determined and shown. They have also stated they would also be looking into a setting to disabled these (not sure if it was client/server sided though). Until we get 100% confirmation with examples straight from the developers of what we can expect the skins to look like I really don't get what keeps this thread going.
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    People care about this game, that's why there frustrated and rightly so. If we change something or decide to do something we will always have a reason for doing so and it will always be for making the game a better experience. We don't want people to play the game twice and say "that was fun" we want people to finish playing the game after 5 years and remember how frustrating trying to rank up was but how rewarding it was when you finally got there. Joe
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    "all packaged into a competitive multiplayer environment" "Join a Battalion and compete season to season with BattleRank, our global competition system." "BattleRank’s highly tuned stat tracking system enables Battalion 1944 to go beyond the standard mould of shooters gone by and enables players to compete globally for rewards, glory and honour." "Battalion learns from the skill based gameplay of classic competitive shooters and merges it with the stunning visuals that our team can produce, utilizing next-gen techniques such as motion capture, physically based rendering and photogrammetry to make Battalion a truly next gen competitive shooter." "BattleRank competitions." "Compete in regular challenges ranging from seasonal to quick fire hourly objectives to earn rewards and extra XP." "Tight, focused, competitive maps. Battalion's maps will be designed around our team based infantry combat. The map locations are inspired by real world battlegrounds of the allied campaign and blended with competitive layouts of classic shooters that focus on balance and competition." "Make your platoon known for being the deadliest, most effective, or the most active platoon, receiving unique rewards and raising the bar of competition." "Battalion is designed to be a great LAN game to compete with or against friends locally with our classic and easy to use server browser." "Competition is at the heart of Battalion, maps are designed with different game modes and server sizes in mind. Whether you like to run and gun in a Deathmatch arena with 16 players, or rifle it out in a robust competitive layout with smaller and more focused team sizes, all playstyles can and will be catered for." "BattleRank is our global competition system." "Below is an explanation of how BattleRank works and how it's unique to Battalion, encouraging competitiveness and teamwork." "Competition and Scores. When you play the game, your score goes towards your Battalion. Your Battalion is constantly competing against every other Battalion in the game." "Whilst all the Platoons in one Battalion are part of the same team, they are also competing within that Battalion" "it's an extra option for players that wish to compete together as a team against other teams." I agree, it was almost impossible to tell that this game had a competitive focus, the term esports didn't show up and synonyms don't count.
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    Do you just search kickstarter campaigns for keywords or do you actually read what they write? They don't have to mention the term esports when half of the campaign lays out the competitive focus of the game. They first announced the game on cybergamer for god's sake. What qualifies as an authentic and realistic artstyle is down to the individual, if you don't like fancy skins, don't apply them to your guns, considering the rest of the artstyle is still pretty realistic i think calling it authentic is perfectly fine. I'm fairly sure some folks modified their guns in ww2 in interesting ways as well.
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    10000 backers paid for an authentic oldschool FPS, or at least the majority of them should have and that's what they are getting. If you expected an immersive WW2 shooter you selectively blocked out large chunks of the pitch. I just gave you a reason why flashy skins should be in the game and it's a pretty darn good one. Unless you know of a better way to keep the game financially sustainable this is what it's going to be. You can kick and scream and moan about it, but me and everyone else who wants to play this game competitively would much rather have a game with a few weird skins and a future than an 'immersive' game which costs 3x more than csgo, relies on community funded tournaments and will eventually die after <2 years. If this is a dealbreaker for you, hit up this guy and sell him your account, he'd probably appreciate the game a lot more than you. There are plenty of immersive WW2 shooters out there, take your pick of the litter.
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    9 years ago, when cod games were actually good and devs cared about their community. And it has dedicated servers, that's why there're still some people playing it. You won't see dedicated servers in cod ww2. Game will be dead on PC within a month like Ghosts, AW, BO3, IW, MWR.
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    It is exactly what make me stop to buy/play COD games !
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    " I am 15 years old, Been playing a lot of COD1, COD2, WAW, BF1943, Brothers in arms, MOH Allied Assault" *Hall of Fame* +1 For you, sir. Good luck finding a clan that suits you!
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    Hi, Don't get me wrong, Battalion looks great and all but here is some feedback. The maps in Battalion look a bit bland, not full of any any color/they're too dark. Are these maps just concepts? Can we have a map like this or can the dev's make a map that looks like CoD2 Carentan.... not copy it. but copy cod2's design. cod2 has amazing design. Battalion's Carentan is too bland.
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    might be a nice singleplayer is it me or they have a e-sports menu in that call of duty site? ROFL too late fu activision
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    personally, i think the devs (and Tuna) have been way more transparent than any of us should reasonably expect from a studio and this has opened them up to being micro-managed by the community. i wouldn't blame them for being more closed from now until the release of this game because all of these "dramas" on the forums are distracting them from making the game at what is probably the most crucial time in the project. i won't waste my breath and say leave them to it because some people in the forums (not you @DukeNukem) are never happy with an answer unless it comes directly from @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON or @[DEV] KingHoward.
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    Who ever told you the skins would be this bright and colorful anyway?
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    We haven't released our planned Early Access date yet as we want time to polish the game enough through Alpha/Beta testing before we launch. This doesn't mean there will be no bugs and broken features during Early Access, it just means we want to be happy with the base of the game before launching on Steam.
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    Not the first and still over a month to go, wonder what's next to be subject to change........
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    To add to this, i would say each soldier has their own dog tag with some custom information on there. Something along the lines of Battlefield but its designated to Blood Type, Name, Rank, and Service Number. Having it be 000000001-999999999 would be kinda awkward. I mean could be interesting maybe but limits things. I would say Something with Letters and Numbers like A101-00-001-A0A0A0 (A101) would be joined season A1 month 01 (00) would be day joined (001) Country of Origin (could use the real "area code" for the country like Greece is 30, Germany 49, UK 44, etc etc) (A0A0A0) Would be the random letter/number combo a person would get. So it would be personal and yet random at the same time. You can either have a single type of dogtag style or take each countries and do the same idea within the format of that country. In this case it would be US and Nazi dog tags for the two nations that are in the game. For the future it can be Russians and British along with whomever else will be added. +1 for the idea in general!!!
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    TL;DR - Forums are getting toxic and not welcoming. May 1st, 2016 - Nov 2016 The forums were not very active and we had a one or two new threads come up a week. Everyone discussed it and everyone got along with one and other. The casuals would suggest and idea and the competitive guys would give constructive criticism and not belittling criticism and vice versa. Everyone respect everyone's opinions and peacefully discussed ideas and such. End of Nov - Dec 2016 We suddenly see a flock of competitive guys come on the forums. Now I clearly remember a casual guy posting an idea and these new guys with less then a week or so on the forum verbally beating him. Belittling him because his idea's are stupid and would never work in a competitive scene. Now this guy is not going to just stand there and take it so he begins to fight back. Now I see some more people who have been on the forums for almost a year but they creep out of the shadows and join the fight. The domino effect goes in to place and now the War starts, competitive and casual guys go at each others throats. Present day People have been fighting for so long that just the names of certain people now trigger one and other and the respect is gone and there is no way that even if their suggestions are valid they will down vote them or hate on it anyway. Figurative example: I would bet that if I posted "have a great day everyone" I would receive two reputation notifications but when I go to look it would say "0" just because two people down voted and made it neutral just because of who I am. Literal example: Someone wanted a trello so I responded respectfully "Doesn't seem necessary right now. Creating a Trello is pretty much showing everything that they want to create which ruins the surprise for everyone." Now if we had a trello all the devs ideas and future plans would be out in the open, no surprises and if they had to remove some ideas that people loved then there would be a huge outcry. After the NDA then sure a trello would be amazing! Literal example: Some guy asked what single player story you found the best and if you play single player games."For myself it was COD: Big Red One. I use to get into that campaign so much that I actually use to get upset when some of the co-main characters died as the war progressed. Back to the subject I always play single player games. When I need to relax I always play a single player game." I responded respectfully yet this had 2 upvotes but became neutral from two down votes. Why? I mean it was me telling people about my childhood and a game I loved. Literal example: Someone tried to take my COD 2017 thread off topic. "What does this have too do with COD 2017?" This is a respectful question as to why and there was no intention of disrespect in it yet it received down votes again. So is this enough information, can anyone see the direction the forums are going. People may say of you're over reacting but no I am not, I am trying to put into reality that this forum is not welcoming, people who come here are not going to get a good first impression and first impressions are everything. I had my ups and downs but I cooled off over the past 2 months and others have noticed this.
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    I'm not really interested. Where is the gameplay? I'm tired of these silly trailers that beg for pre-orders.
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    I wanna see the spec requirments lol MINIMUM TITAN X and then Recommended would be 4 way SLI 1080s lol
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    So on a different note......WHOS GONNA WATCH THE REVEAL!? lol
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    I wasn't aware that the army plans to paint their weapons pink in the near future. Regarding the option, other people being able to see the skins is a big part of advertisement and people's desire to own skins since they want to show them off. Having an option like r_details 0 would be the devs shooting themselves in the foot.
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    I get that you can't play, but most people are busy during the week. They play for a few hours sometimes, and as someone who helps run a community, I can say that between a Monday and a Friday, FAR more people will reliably turn up on a Friday. Friday is stereotypical a day seen as when you go partying, have fun. The same can be said with Saturdays and Sundays. They need concentrated testing, and they know what type of testing they need. At the moment they need large scale feedback on the game and the core things such as animations, sound glitches, graphical bugs ect testing, not the LAN system and if the game is secure. Also, the testing is after the majority of people, not the minority. You are in the minority of people who cannot play on a weekend reliably. That sucks, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't effect the developers and that is your issue, not theirs. They did also say certainly by the time that I pre-ordered alpha access that it was only for the weekends. As either Howard or Brammer said, they want this game to be something you remember and play 5 years from now, remembering how annoying and infuriating it is to rank up, but how gratifying it is at the same time when you do rank up not a game someone plays for 2 hours, says is fun and never returns to again.
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    Listen, I am not attacking a single person other than the grand idea. Tuna is the one who wrote it yes, but it takes a team to make a decision for development of a game so what ever i have said isn't directed to Tuna personally but to the grand idea. You do not have to reduce the transparency of your posts and it is great you can do what you do, but when there are situations in which people get upset you shouldn't "reduce the transparency and be more closed lipped about things". This is a forum for discussion. I am sorry if i came across, in this topic, as headstrong but i like to play the advocate. I do have the personal belief that the game should be offline as well but I just want to clarify that i did not attack anyone directly. My discussion and posts were only about the decision of not having an offline. In the future don't have any "soft" yes answers, just say "at this time we don't know and will update you on the decision we make closer to the alpha". That way it will be a bummer but not a full blown "WTF" situation. The other thing is just the fact by keeping it to the weekends you are cutting out a % of people who are willing to play but cannot due to life. Anyway, i hope to be able to participate on the weekends and that my schedule frees up to test on the weekends.
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    TBH you've chosen ugly skins to show us. They look like someone poured paint on them - no artristry at all.
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    You may feel they are rightly frustrated and it may be true that some people feel annoyed at things changing. However, there are ways of expressing frustration that don't require throwing tantrums and getting mega salty (not specifically talking about this thread), simply cause they don't understand. I don't have a clue about game development, so I don't pretend to know much about how the process should be carried out but it doesn't take much brain power to figure out there is no single correct way to making a game, which some people on here seem to think is the case. As I always have, I'll leave it to you guys to worry about the right way to develop and present Battalion because you're the qualified professionals. Whilst you guys do the hard bit, I'm getting more excited about going all in on those alpha weekends :D.
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    This. Kinda sucks that it's always the same group of people who complain.
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    Yes, but some people are clearly just saying they want to test the game and do bug hunting, when in fact they just want to play to learn the game. That's fine, but we will have the beta and then the early access to still learn the game. As you say, a lot can change from the Alpha until the full release. It's secure, that's what it is. They are game developers who have game creation experience and so even though they haven't made another FPS in the same vein as this with their previous work being puzzle games, they have likely at least spoken to other developers. They say that they talk with the Squad guys among other developers on a regular basis. They have likely just been advised for such an early stage in the games life cycle to keep LAN support out. It does allow for people to learn the back end of the game with enough time and knowledge. I don't know how something like a hack would work, but if you give people the back end of software, they can learn how to manipulate it. It was never confirmed either. We got a soft yes, and things can change over time. Tuna thought that offline play might be a thing, but it does make sense. It means that people will actually be doing live tests to find bugs with other players rather than just learning smokes and nades.
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    It is better for them to say nothing. If they change the date later we will be angry !
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    OFF TOPIC No down vote from my side. Just a little feedback. I wouldn't make practice. I'm a Not Good But Crazy: I really didn't care about scores/... even if sometimes you will hear me say something like "Oh... 0-10! It's time to wake me up! I go make a coffee, or maybe a beer to survive". I like play on game for fun, without stress, but I like have a good game. For testing I would love to have a theatre camera too... If not I always need to find a teammate, make our own film, and see if my cover position is really a cover one or, like in some games, I think to have out just my head and than see into the kill cam that I was fast totally visible. This OFF topic was just to say that If I'm here is to test and help, not for others reasons. 😇 Have a nice day ☕
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    It is pretty ingenious TBH. I do not know if it has been mentioned yet, but by limiting times it can be played, you instantly increase the life span. Not saying the game will die or anything like that. You'll see plenty of that from self proclaimed EA police on Steam that all EA's have to suffer through. But you'll not have instances where a player will log in one day and only find a few people playing which is the risk you will 100% run 3 weeks into Alpha if running 24/7. By setting up a specific time that player can play, people will naturally try harder to actually be there because they will not take it for granted. A lot of you will be in for a rude awakening if you have never played a Alpha version of a game before based on your expectations and unflinching support I have noticed which will make you prime targets for becoming disengaged which is even more harmful than the average troll. Ignore the naysayers and trolls. Yes I know I get pegged as a Troll for talking about the KS comparison, but that is not a critique about the actual game itself and moreso about other things which I will not do (or respond) here and derail the thread. But there will be bugs. You will find a partially playable game. That is how these things work and don't let others get you down. With only specific playing times though, this will be the best course of action. Then of course it also lowers the amount of bugs that are found. Sure, wisdom would say find as many as possible, but humans can only fix one bug at a time. This will help not overwhelm the devs.
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    Lol.... You obviously missed the point. The point isn't that they're going to practice. That's an obvious. I will be one of them lol. But the difference is, I'm not the one flaming the forums and getting angry over the offline topic like some of you. Then you guys complain to devs saying using "bug hunting" as an excuse just to play offline when that is out of the studio's comfort zone for security reasons. Then when they give you a reason to why they made this decision, you guys blow it off as if it was an excuse. Lmfao...
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    Some good points until this. You can't blame them for being a little cautious after putting in over a year's worth of hard work into a project. It's like someone stealing a car from you and someone else saying oh the gearbox was faulty who cares
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    This is a new game, they should make it as they see fit. We already have Ctan in Cod1, and Cod2, and MW1, how many more of the same map do we need
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    Hi, Do you think having a ranking system where the top players are listed as a feature?. - not server bound but global Battalion 1944 bound. - top 10 players e.g: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
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    But it's obvious, isn't it? Yes, BattleRank is their ranking system, but due to dedi servers being in the game and competitive edge of Batalion it's obvious that some 3rd party leagues /sites / e-sport organizations will be insterested in creating their own ladders, events etc. Should Bulkhead forbid them because there's already BattleRank implemented? Hell no. What's more i'm pretty sure they'll heavily support such projects.
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    Skins were always planned and microtransactions do no harm if they don't affect the gameplay. The term esports may not have been mentioned, however there are 21 variations of the word compete.
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    Let's not forget, the devs promoted the fact that they traveled to real world locations to seek inspiration The way I see it, by not tying themselves up in an attempt to recreate an area or map, this gives them more flexibility to design truly fantastic maps!