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    - First of all it's funny that you have disabled comments, seems like you're not interested about our thoughts. - All the links in the post are removed or not working. - Imo the token system could cause lot more problems than card system. For example, if we have a greedy guy on the team he might take an expensive weapon so now its not only that we wont have anymore snipers, but we wont be able to get any kind of guns except the default... - "the much loved default carbine" - haha that made me laugh - Removing ranked? Seriously? Well, we never knew how the ranking system works so I guess it won't make too big difference, except we will remain 2v5 if we are about to lose a game - Only thing that is positive, is I'm curious what you're gonna do with FaceIt - Also, the post made me feel like we won't see so much change in the game until about release time..
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    for update posts, the threads in that section of the forum should always be locked but bulkhead have usually forgotten to do it in the past so i can see why you think locking the thread is unusual. to the rest of your post, i was also surprised to see they're dropping battlerank as this was one of the biggest features pushed in selling the game so bulkhead should explain in much more detail why they're ditching it now. on the face of it the token system sounds too generic and open to abuse so i hope they've done alot of testing to shake out the flaws. if it comes out with bugs that's to be expected but if its systemically flawed that's inexcusable at this stage so where would they go from there? there was not a single mention of the excessive jumping and the weapon imbalances were downplayed. i'm concerned bulkhead still don't see these as glaring issues but if they haven't been changed significantly none of the other changes will matter. overall, i think the update was overly positive by not properly addressing many of the issues repeatedly raised to the point that it made me feel like it was abandoning its older player base in favour of new players that came in at EA. may not have been their intention but that's how i felt when reading it. however, my concerns won't be confirmed or allayed until the update drops in june. ultimately, what was most significant about this update to me was more about what they didn't say.