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    Hi, I think it would be awesome if we can move minimap to bottom left corner of the screen. Basically swapping places with kill feed. It's naturally much easier and quicker to glance to the bottom of the screen then looking up. The competitive side of this game requires knowing your surroundings, assessing your situation and good reaction time, just to name the few. I believe moving minimap will tremendously help with all of the above. Thoughts?
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    is that you don't have to bother with all the weapon customization, classes and whatnot bs like in recent CoDs. It's just pick your weapon & play like the good old days, when games were real.
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    Hey, I was wondering what the general consensus was in the community about skins and crates. Seeing that just recently Battlefront 2 was heavily bashed for their practice with lootboxes and consequent wave of critisicm towards other games or the infamous, shady market and betting sites with Csgo, Pubg skins etc. I would expect people to be very opposed to this concept. But that is not the only reason why I dislike this approach. To me this game is absolutely not suited for skins for its theme and era. It just looks weird to me to see M1 with a flashy, colorful, patterned skins or even stickers. I know that as of now only a few, kinda polished skins were confirmed, but keep in mind that Csgo also began just with weapon skins and now they have gloves skins and whatnot. When I first heard about game I just imagined a remastered version of CoD 2 with some fixes and the few PITA features to be tweaked. What I've seen in the past few months has surprised me, in a very positive way. It is not exactly what I imagined, it is probably even better since it's not just CoD but I sense a bit Day of Defeat, HoM, possibly some Csgo similarities... However, in none of those oldschool FPS games were skins, which is why, and for many other reasons, they are labeled as oldschool and that's what Battalion wants to be. Suddenly, the game becomes a bit less about gameplay whilst the desire for an exlusive item or the urge of being the cooler kid in the yard, takes a fair share. To put everything in perspective, I absolutely understand the reasons why the chose to do so. The initial price of $15 is really low for such an amazing product, additional DLC content is supposedly free and skins seem to be the way to pay for assets, development etc. My question is why isn't the price a bit higher at the sacrifice of skins? I definitely wouldn't mind paying more, the same goes for the DLCs. What do you think?
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    New keys are coming Tomorow Morning - Sunday - (discord Source)
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    My man patience is a virtue. Keep in mind that while Cod4 is a fast paced game there are communities still active on cod4 that play the slower type of gameplay. There’s a few tactical realism servers on cod4. My point is that battalion 1944 will have a server browser and mod support. Wait for those features to be available and I promise you a community will pop up that has your style of play. Promod is is not for kids, neither is counter strike. Back in those days no kid had a gaming computer. Now because of cartoon shooters on pc like over watch and team fortress 2 kids have gaming computers. They just so happen to buy csgo because it’s cheap. That doesn’t mean Promod or CS is for kids. I’m a 26 year old man. Relax homie
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    Stop being salty. If you had just asked me for a code I probably would have given you one because you've been here a long time, but it turns out you're just pretending not to be a salty regular gamer. Sort your act out, don't get upset. We're managing a release of a game here not baby sitting people, if my phone dies and I'm late tweeting for your because I'm working my ass off so be it. Here's your code, hope someone doesn't take it; 63EMA-D5X0G-KH9NZ "what a great way to start the project" I've worked until midnight two nights in a row then back at 6am. I don't care if you aren't happy because you didn't get an alpha code. There is no line for 'order of who gets special treats first'.. You get me followers so I can promote the game, then you have a chance of winning a beta key. This is how I talk to people who speak to any developer on my team without respect. Support us and we'll bring you a great game, make us feel like crap and you're burning the fuel we use to finish this thing. Bramm.
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    The first call of duty didn't have sprint and you couldn't ironsight while in the air.. CoD:UO had sprint but you still couldn't ironsight while in the air, the sprint + jump + ironsight combo was first in CoD4. In CoD2, first CoD where you could ironsight while in the air, you had to change to your pistol to move faster.
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    I vote CoD1 style but wouldn't mind testing it out @ alpha or beta My only real reverence is cod1, the rest i did not like as much as that one...
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    Haha, not sure what made you think this game was coming out in 01 Feb. Silly. Bless.
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    Gets a yes from me. Out of all the things you can master in a competitive style game jump shots and 360s where my favorite.
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    Yesterday while playing as a German, i got really tired of hearing the German voice screaming "THEY ARE TAKING B" like all the time. The voice was kinda bad aswell. The American one is much better.
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    Giving criticism to your criticism: make notes in brief Bless
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    I hate skins and I never use them in any game. Crates/skins to me are a complete waste of money. But then again, if it keeps a game alive - great.
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    Please redesign the map one exit for allie? all axis does is camping our spawn and waiting for us to get out that one exit. good job of design map....