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    [GUN-PLAY] Pathfinder Needs a direct damage nerf. The fire rate and hip-fire accuracy will still keep this gun very relevant and powerful close range. But the way it is right now, you have almost no time to react when fighting an SMG close range…. Even against an operator Operator This class is EXTREMELY clunky. The screenshake is very laggy and can sometimes teleport the player. I suggest removing the screen shake altogether. Slow down fire rate. The fire rate increase was a step in the right direction but I feel it was a bit much as it is just too strong Increase the spread. This will reduce the long range “rifle-like” kills and make it a more consistent kill closer range. Shotguns are supposed to destroy close range, and at this current moment, it feels more or less like a hit or miss gamble close range. Rifleman / Marksman I might suggest possibly adding a bit more aim punch to help keep these classes in check. I know a lot of people don’t like aim punch, but it’s needed so that way these classes aren’t crazy strong when getting tagged still. COD2 best implemented this aimpunch. All weapons I’m not sure if double switching was purposely left out (to prevent cod4 wait bind abusers) or not, but it feels so clunky when swapping weapons. If this was indeed done to prevent that, might I suggest mimicking COD2’s weapon switching. The faster switching will help keep the gameplay faster and less clunky. At the same time, if the double switch was implemented (double switch when pulling out a weapon to cancel the weapon equipping animation and immediately do an action out if it), it would also keep the speed of the game faster. [LEAN] Leaning feels useless in a higher level play environment. Leaning gets you killed more than give you advantages currently. You just show way too much of your body in 3P in comparison to 1P. Because of this, this encourages people to just spam their jump key. I feel like if leaning or slow peeking a corner was a viable option, there would be less people jumpings corners. Another perspective, as someone who’s leaning a corner; since you show a lot of your body / hitboxes, someone who jumps the corner on you has the advantage because it’s easier to hit someone leaning. Leaning (in my eyes) should be the most optimal way of peeking / holding angles, because that means your positioning is better. Jumping should be used as a curveball peek to throw someone off. Again, in my eyes, COD2 implemented leaning the best (in my eyes), maybe a slight bit more. This will indeed slow the game down some, and reward players who are leaning and positioned better. It will also help punish players who jump out a lot because it’ll be harder to hit someone leaning an angle correctly. Rifles and Snipers will benefit from this, but mix this in with the increased aimpunch will help keep them in check. [MOVEMENT] Jumping There needs to be a more harsh landing lag. The more I scrim teams and play, the more I realize the most efficient way to cover a part of the map or take part of the map is mashing your jump key on every corner. I suggest adding landing lag if you fire a shot while mid-air. This will help keep some fluidity in movement (early round sprinting), but make it much more risky when jumping a corner and shooting. I feel like jump height is crazy high right now. I understand that this might not be good to reduce based on fluidity of maps. I would suggest decreasing the height of regular jumps, and keeping crouch jumping the same height. This will add an extra skill layer in movement that the average joe gamer cannot do consistently well without good movement practices Strafing I feel like strafing is way too easy. Strafe jumping is supposed to be somewhat skillful when doing. I’m not sure how, but I feel like making the “inputs” for strafing more strict to do a strafe jump. Again, this will increase the skill ceiling in terms of movement, which is a large part of the gameplay in Battalion. Speed I feel like the movement speed is in a good spot right now. My suggestion would to be to slightly increase walk speed with pistol out. This will help bait rifle shots by “jiggle peeking” with pistol. [GAMEPLAY] Health Regen I feel like it is WAY too slow right now. Doesn’t fit the speed of the game. I saw spectator and see that regen jumps to the closest 5th factor, then regens 5 every regen instance, maybe bumping this up to 8 would help speed up the game a bit. Kill-feed Please give us an option to remove the “white” from kill-feed. I’d much rather see Red / Blue as I can glance down and see which direction the flurry of kills are going. Also, the white name kill-feed is really buggy as even assists make it colored weird. I am posting this as a player who has been here since 0.1 alpha. Since being able to actually scrim the game at a high level, these issues were glaring. This post is meant to be from a Competitive player's standpoint and focuses heavily on ingame mechanics and gunplay. I truly hope the devs read this and takes this feedback into account. The game's playerbase is slowly dwindling, even the hardcore people who were waiting for this game to scrim has been dying off. Some of these gameplay fixes will help keep the Competitive players in, the matchmaking server fixes will help bring in newer players.
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    By posting on the official forum for the game and constantly engaging in discussion, you are in fact showing that the game is not dead. Less than a month into early access and you're still interested in being a part of the community, even if you're being negative Congrats on keeping Battalion alive and kicking. Oh, in your opinion if its dead, should we just stop working on it? Not reinvest any profits? and start keeping the money for ourselves? Because you said its dead right? Or should we reinvest and spend a year building a sustainable FPS game?
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    This is important to info your teammates who killed you last and where, for example.
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    I don't expect everything to be set in stone. Things evolve. But I hope it is helpful to compare Battalion as it exists today, compared to what was originally envisaged when we first started this journey and were invited to join the Kickstarter. By looking at this perhaps both players and Developers can establish whether expectations are being met, and why some are happy and others are not. Please take a look at the Kickstarter listing and in particular watch the official video. Let's try and compare what was offered and what we have, this might help understand what is working and what is not: A word frequently repeated in the video is "authentic". It's used in many contexts, weaponry, maps and environment, sounds, replication of classic fps like Call of Duty 2, Medal of Honor. In particular we get statements from Howard Pilpot "authentic down the barrel experience" There is reference to nostalgia but in high res technology. In some respects I consider they have delivered. Sounds seem good. Graphics are OK (and no doubt will be optomised even more). The game doesn't need unlocks to play so does rely on player skill, rather than time served. But there are two key areas where the game is not delivering on the original promises. Maps. There are plenty of references to Carentan and Bastoigne. There is a whole video scene with Joe Brammer talking about St Mere Eglise. Copyright on previous games may make it difficult to replicate the maps we knew from the original CoD, MOH or whatever, and in many cases those game maps were interpretations, rather than the real thing. But the maps we have now are really a series of things in a style of the Normandy or other environment, but do not even pretend to be some of those well known scenarios. Movement. This is the biggest challenge. It is the love or hate that I see have become the deal breaker for players. Joe Brammer talks of using mo-cap to make animations "genuine, authentic and just way more real". Howard Pilpot refers to "authentic down the barrel experience" The video also refers to stripping out overpowered abilities. So here lies the problem. In the trailer video players are firmly planted on the ground when shooting, even if they are also walking or running. There is absolutely no indication in the video of jump kills, bunny hopping and such like extremes. Let's repeat the word "authentic" and ask ourselves whether the strafe jump pin point accuracy gravity defying leaps we currently see in Battalion are "genuine, authentic and way more real"?
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    Player counts speak volumes, especially in this case since the decline was caused almost exclusively by the gameplay mechanics. Obviously if so many people wanted promod 2.0 there would've been still at least 10k daily peak players left from the initial 16k. However that's not the case and truth be told it's the very vocal minority wanting the game to be promod 2.0 while a much larger chunk of people who played and supported the game want something else. This has nothing to do with speed of bug fixes rather than taking a step back and thinking over if changing some mechanics is really that bad of an idea.
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    I feel similair about how this LAN has been announced and feel like it's lacking to much in forms of the LAN itself and with the late announcement nobody could get early bird tickets. The prices below are calculated with the ''best'' transaction fee on the internet, so you'll always get less Pounds for your Euro's. Almost no European teams will compete (unless they really want to go and spend a lot of money) Currently no form of recording matches or offline LAN mode (I hope you will work really hard on that one, as if you fail on that during LAN pfff..) five figures prize pool (just barely) First of all are the tickets to enter the LAN: 1 BYOC standerd ticket is £99 x 5 players = £495 and you have entrance from 9am Friday until 4pm Monday. If you rent a V8 (i3 and GTX 1060) or V10 (i5 and GTX 1070) essentials between £104 or £130 you'll get a PC with monitor (144 hz) times 5 players = £520 or £650. Then we're talking about location, the UK is prolly the worst location for a European LAN: 1 planeticket from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Birmingham is £88 x 5 players = £440 (only hand luggage). 1 ferryticket with Stenaline from Rotterdam to Harwich is £95 x 5 players = £475 (with bagage, but long travel time and no transport from Harwich to Birmingham). 1 trainticket with Eurostar from Rotterdam to Londen is £220 x 5 players = £1100 (still no transport from Londen to Birmingham). Haven't calculated going by car, but for 5 people with PC's etc. you need two cars atleast or rent a van. Now lets just say you want 5 standerd BYOC tickets and go by plane, but need to rent a computer (which would be in my case and don't think this game works well on an i3) I would have a minimum of £291 and for my whole team it would be £1455. Then you still have food and drinks, lets say between £100 and £200 that would make a total of around £400-£500 per person or £2000/£2500 per team. First place wins £5000 (total winnings between £2500 and £3000); Second place wins £2500 (total winnings between £0 - £500); Third and fourth place loses money, unless prolly it's a local team or the team has LAN support. I've got to admit, a £10.000 prize total isn't bad at all for a BYOC LAN and especially your first LAN, but it's bad for a competitive one and without TUP, can't see this go far as an international LAN. In 2013 there was a CoD2 TUP lan named The Last Stand in Prague with £8000 prizemoney and £1300 worth of hardware prizes. TUP LAN so you only needed to bring your mouse, keyboard etc. Needed a hotel (£20 pounds a person per night) £220 pound entry fee (5 players) Everybody could get there by car and only some had to go by plane (only needed gaming gear and cloths) I hope your second LAN will be more central and for the love of god, please do a TUP LAN. I know it's called the UK Masters, but this shouldn't be the game it's ''first official LAN''. They should just do a compo there to try and sort things out for their ''first official LAN''
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    No amount of tournaments could ever push the playerbase drastically. The only way to do that is to make the game fun for casual players. And Battalion is very far away from it atm.
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    Hello Battalion 1944 Community! I'm vozER, a 28-year-old enthusiastic gamer/streamer from Finland. As some of you may know, I've been playing CoD1/2/4 competitively for around 15~ years or so. I'd like to give my point of view about the current gameplay and gun balance. I've been playing Battalion 1944 non-stop since Early Access was released. There are a few things that in my opinion could make the gameplay feel a little better though. I'm really loving the game and I have tons of fun playing it! Keep up the good work @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] KingHoward @[CM] BigTuna @[CM] phantasy and all the other developers! 1. Movement Speed Movement speed generally feels quite good, but in my opinion it's still just a little too fast. For example: sprint + jump seems a little overpowered at the moment. There seems to be almost no time to react when an enemy sprint + jumps you behind a corner - even if you're equipped with a shotgun. Especially while SMG's feel like 2-shot kills atm, I think this combination is a little too much. Also, while the movement speed is so fast, it's quite hard to one-shot with Spray-weapons. Why try to one-shot kill when you're gonna kill the enemy so much faster by spraying - no matter the distance. I would lower the movement speed 3% - 5%. 2. 1-shot Headshots Generally, I feel like this game needs more opportunities to try to get "1-shot" -kills. It's a little riskier trying to one-shot, but it may pay off the shooter since it still may have some bullets in the magazine. It also adds more diversity on how to play with the guns. Are you going for a a one-tap or are you gonna spray? As a bonus, we could see some nice one-tap kills. 3. Gun Balance I. Heavy Weapons (BAR & MP44) Rifles should be effective in mid-long (especially long-range) range battles, Heavy Weapons should be effective in mid-long (especially mid-range)ranges and SMG's should be effective in close-range situations. The recent buffs surely did help using these guns, but something still feels a little off. Many times I still feel like the enemy should have been dead already while spraying with these guns. Right now I have really mixed feelings with Heavy Weapons. I think they should be a little more effective on long range battles though. I would buff BAR & MP44 with more damage (10-20%). I would nerf the fire rate a little (5-10%). I would nerf the recoil (+5-10% added to recoil). Not sure about the percents, but you'll get the idea. I know this is a whole different game than CoD1 / CoD1:UO, but I would try to chase the recoil and damage of BAR/MP44 in these games (Thank you @Marrond for the awesome video link): I'm not sure if the little 'curve' is necessary. I think it disturbs your visibility while firing with the weapon. I would remove the curve. As a second option, I would consider changing the BAR's ironsight to something similar to this: 3. Gun Balance II. Submachine Guns (MP40 & Thompson) Submachine Guns feel a little too powerful in close range at the moment. Generally it feels like 2-3 bullets is enough to kill the enemy. I would nerf the damage in close-range by 10-15% 4. Hipfire I think firing from the hip is a little too hard at the moment. The bullet spread is a little too high on most of the weapons (especially with Heavy Weapons). Generally it doesn't feel wise trying to hip-fire the enemy since you're gonna be in a disadvantage in most situations. 5. Weapon Switch / Weapon pickup Switching between your primary and secondary weapon feels a little too slow/clunky at the moment. The same goes when picking up another weapon from the ground. This also occurs, when you're trying to "fake-plant" (quickly pressing F while planting) and getting your weapon ready to shoot again. You can pick up a weapon / pick up your old weapon to your hands too quickly at the moment. Right now you can just spam F and it will change the weapons in 0,01 second rate or something. This may be a problem when you're trying to pick up a weapon from the ground and accidentally pick your old weapon back (it may have 0 bullets for example) in to your hands in a shooting situation. This may become problematic, especially since the area to pick up another weapon is so short. I would lower the time to switch to another weapon by 0.5 seconds. I would add a cooldown while picking up another weapon (0,3~ seconds). 6. Item pickup area Many times I've tried to switch to another weapon that's laying on the ground, but often find my arms to be too short or the "weapon pick-up indicator" never shows up. I would extend the weapon pick up area/indicator. Thank you for reading! Please don't hesitate sharing your thoughts! -vozER
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    What you've outlined above is what has been frustrating for me as a Kickstarter funder. I watched their video and the same quotes you mentioned above were the ones that resonated with me - "genuine, authentic and just way more real" "the most authentic, down the barrel experience of world war 2" "authenticity is at the heart of Battalion 1944" "a more authentic world war 2 experience" and the emphasis in the video of getting things right and being authentic with the shots of them going to the real world locations, handling the real guns and sampling their sounds. They sold it as being on the more realistic end of the FPS gauge. The graphics look like a downgrade too compared to the very nice looking foliage in the Kickstarter video and the animation looks poor when they went to great lengths to tell us what they had done to make it look "genuine, authentic and just way more real". I wasn't expecting something hardcore because of the way they emphasised the influence of Call of Duty 2 in both words and the way they placed the game boxes next to their PC's just to hammer that home. I was hoping for something along those lines, something a bit more authentic than CoD2 (after all its their favourite word) but without the unlocks but what I got was something that seems like it was designed only by the E-Sports side of the team they mentioned. Its too fast paced, too much twitch shooter, bunny hop, strafe jump and not the "authentic, down the barrel experience of world war 2" we were sold on. I'm hoping its not too late for Battalion 1944 but so far its the most disappointing game I have ever paid up front for in a Kickstarter or Early Access format. I'm hoping the movement speed can be slowed down, that the bunny hopping can be reduced and something can be done about the strafe jumping around corners while getting no-scope headshot kills. Its killing the game and the participation numbers don't lie and you cannot spin that any other way than people being turned off by what they are finding. Please also look at the level design, it just doesn't feel like you are running around a war torn town. There is not much in the way of debris and the general rubbish left around, its like the council have been round in their street cleaners before the match has started - add a bit of grit and grime! The buildings don't flow right either, you'll see a window on the outside of a building yet run through a corridor and see no door into it, yes its a small thing but just add some doors even if they are locked just to make it feel right and please again add some grime and rubbish, at the moment its just all too clean, even PUBG manages to 'grime up' their buildings better. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam looks a lot better when you are fighting in towns so its not Unreal Engine 4 causing any issues and please please please, if you have mo-cap for the animation of soldiers then please put it in the game because currently they look awful.
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    MAJOR UPDATE #1 6 MARZO - BIG TUNA It’s time for our first major update! We’re pleased to say that Early Access has been a great decision for Battalion 1944! This major update contains huge changes to Battalion entirely based off of player feedback. The type of feedback you can only get by taking advantage of Early Access. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for spending time giving us the critical feedback AND testing that Battalion very clearly needed. “There is only so much you can test with 20 people in an office! Any developer will tell you that time is the most valuable thing in game development. I’d like to thank you personally for giving us your time and making Battalion a more stable, balanced, and more fun game to play.” - Joe Brammer / Studio Lead For helping us test, improve, and fix Battalion 1944 through its first month of Early Access, we’d like to reward all of the players who purchased the game in its first month, 5 War Chests, that will be available in your inventory from March 8th. We have been constantly working on fixing and improving core Battalion features. We have been releasing almost weekly updates to continually improve upon our product to make it the best experience possible for you guys. Today we are able to give you guys our first huge content update - with more news updates coming in the near future. This update contains new maps, reworks of existing maps, weapon balancing, A LOT of crash fixes, performance improvements, major network fixes, sound improvements, match making changes, XP increases and gamemode changes and teasers! Wartide Retired - Temporary Changes We’ve heard your feedback on the Wartide gamemode - we fully understand the mode’s potential and what must be done to reinvent the gamemode, as we’ve hinted at before. We will be returning this summer with Wartide 2 which uses ‘a form of currency’. In the meantime we’ve temporarily changed how Wartide works whilst we remaster the mode. Our goals and reasoning for the temporary change is to try and balance the weapons perfectly by giving players the ability to pick almost whatever they want The largest issue with the gamemode was that making a comeback was extremely difficult, even with the power of the default class in the right hands. As a temporary measure, we’re making all weapon classes (bar the most powerful SMG & Sniper classes) unlimited. This is to keep the losing side in the game & allow more player choice. As a side benefit - unlimiting weapon classes also helps us study every classes perceived value to players - which will help us decide on classes worth within the future revamped Wartide gamemode. The grenade pool has also been removed in favour of grenades being tied to classes. Temporary Weapon Class & Nade Breakdown: Rifleman - 1 Smoke, 0 Grenade, Unlimited. Pathfinder - 0 Smoke, 0 Grenade, 3 cards per team. Heavy - 0 Smokes, 1 Grenade, Unlimited. Marksman - 0 Smokes, 0 Grenade, 3 cards per team. Operator - 1 smoke, 0 Grenade, Unlimited Utility (Default) - 1 Smoke, 1 Grenade, Unlimited Please remember that these changes are only temporary whilst we completely overhaul the actual wartide gamemode over the next coming months. NEW MAP - Invasion (Used for both Competitive & Arcade) This new map is, you guessed it, located on a Normandy beach and it will consist of the Allies attacking the Axis through their defensive bunkers and buildings to achieve victory! This map contains a balance of long routes which will be great for sniper duels intertwined with smaller spaces that promote close quarters combat. You’ll have to manage your utility usage as a team as well as manage your full arsenal to exploit the advantages and weaknesses of both bomb sites. As with all maps during Early Access - this is Invasion’s first iteration ready for testing. We’re not afraid to change maps based on your feedback at all and we have been looking at all posts and opinions regarding changes. Video di YouTube™: MAJOR UPDATE ONE: New Map "Invasion" Visualizzazioni: 381 This leads us onto the next huge content changes within this update: Map Changes: Liberation: New & improved lighting. Opened the broken barn & windows inside of Bombsite B. Video di YouTube™: MAJOR UPDATE ONE: Liberation Improvements Visualizzazioni: 193 Manorhouse v2: New & improved lighting. New “A long” area to allow for more tactical nades. Opened barn door by A site which looks into A long. Shortened axis main road into an L shape that leads to mid. Closed route by crashed plane. Reworked main entrance to A from mid. Closed mid connector barn. Re-opened mid trench by adding a new ‘drop’ into the trench. Widened mid trench & added cover. Added new skill jump out of mid trench into mid. Reworked B long. Closed the broken wall angle from trench/wooden to B long. Opened & reworked the apple gardens area behind B house. Moved fountain into apple gardens. Reworked B bombsite layout to be less claustrophobic. Video di YouTube™: MAJOR UPDATE ONE: Manorhouse_V2 Rework Visualizzazioni: 212 Battery Battery has received a lot of TLC this update as the most unloved map from both a player and developer standpoint. This map was never aimed to be a competitive map - hence the lack of love given to it compared to some of our other maps. But this is something we’ve begun to act on internally, starting with improving casual maps. More to come on our casual progress in future updates. Battery’s upgrades have improved player movement and added other possibilities within the map. This has been achieved by removing a lot of the annoying "Invisible Walls" that players would often feel when playing on it. With these new changes hopefully the sections of the map that are still untraversable will be better telegraphed to the player. This should feel much more liberating and give players much more freedom to be creative during firefights. General gameplay improvements have also been made to the map adding a sense of verticality in places, with more objects and interesting areas to play around. We've also opened up new routes and made new and improved sites for TDM/CTF/DOM and of course Wartide if that’s what you want to play! Updated Mini Maps: Remember the CS:GO simple radar inspired minimaps from Battalion’s Alpha? We have made those even better. These mini maps take a long time to develop - and as our map layouts have become a little more concrete, we’ve been confident to be able to remaster the mini-maps for you guys. These will make key areas highly visible and remove the clutter from the maps to allow you to figure out player positions and map layouts easier. Gameplay Changes: Thompson & MP40 Changes: Maximum bullets to kill at furthest range reduced from 11 to 10. 2 shot kill range is now significantly shorter. XP/Reward Amount Changes We’ve changed the way XP is rewarded so that you’ll be rewarded more for playing the game adding the ability to level up faster and gain free War Chests more regularly. Players will now reach level 10 (competitive minimum rank) much quicker! In some cases players will now earn 4 times the original amount of XP. The new XP reward amounts are as follows: Competitive - GameWinScore = 1500xp GameDrawScore = 900xp GameLossScore = 500xp Unranked - GameWinScore = 1200xp GameDrawScore = 700xp GameLossScore = 450xp Arcade - - Domination GameWinScore = 600xp GameDrawScore = 350xp GameLossScore = 200xp - CTF GameWinScore = 600xp GameDrawScore = 350xp GameLossScore = 200xp - TDM GameWinScore = 600xp GameDrawScore = 350xp GameLossScore = 200xp Servers/Netcode Check out Battle(non)Sense’s video on Battalion 1944’s Netcode: Video di YouTube™: Battalion 1944 Netcode Done Right? Visualizzazioni: 21,036 Battalion 1944 is a first person shooter set in World War 2 which aims to recapture the recapture the feel of classic competitive shooters like Call of Duty 2 or Call of Duty 4’s Promod. Whilst his review of our netcode is positive - we’ve taken steps towards improving on his feedback and this is the first step towards improving Battalion 1944’s netcode even further. Improved interpolation netcode to reduce the effect of peekers advantage of high ping players. Network alteration to movement replication. Added hidden functionality for client UI network icons (icons coming soon). Added SEA servers. Merged NA servers into one location (Chicago - Temporary during Early Access). Removed South American servers due to low player counts. Removed hidden ELO score from unranked/arcade games. Competitive Matchmaking will find other players faster in populated regions. We’re fully aware that matchmaking is not in an ideal state right now - we have plans to improve all players’ experience both during Early Access and for full release. We have some huge information to share in our next big news update about a partnership deal that will be great for Battalion 1944’s future. Thanks for sticking with us as we move through this temporary period. Many of you may have seen us alluding to working with ‘Faceit’. We’d like to inform you that it is much more than that! Spectator Smoke grenades now have the same particle effect trail as grenades in spectator. Spectators will now always hear round win music at the end of a round. Spectator player colours on the minimap now follow xray / status bar colours (blue/red). Spectators should now see +5 +10 kill rewards when spectating players. When using autocam - we’ve inflated a player action score if they are the last person left on their team. It's most likely that this person is the most exciting player to watch for clutches with the odds stacked against them. Small fix for spectators in dedicated comp games seeing everyone on the minimap as their unique colours instead of nation colours. Weapon animations are more synced with spectator. Specifically weapon reloads & grenades. Fix for spectator auto camera causing FOV iron sight issues. Auto camera now plays death cam on dying spectated players instead of instantly switching to the killer. Misc Additions Added AFK/Idle auto-kick. Added profanity filter. Added Manorhouse V1 loading screen. Added player setting to adjust minimap zoom level. Improved VOIP stability. Added brightness/gamma settings. Fixes Fixed some code inconsistencies which would cause certain clients to crash. Fixed div0 error causing 3D weapons to not show on the inventory screen. If a warchest fails to open - error message has changed from "Please contact support." to "The War Chest has not been taken. Please try again." when failing to grant a skin. Fixed spectator memory leak causing client to crash (sorry Blitzkrieg!) Fixed the social voting menu always disappearing after death/between rounds. Fixed up certain redirectors and removed corrupted assets (in preparation for modding). Fixed a possible crash on bomb defusal. Fixed bomb defuse/plant getting locked out if a player moves outside of the bombsite bounds while attempting either action. Fixed the ability to view a players steam profile from the social menu. Fixed minimap markers being upside down when the setting ‘Fixed Map Rotation’ is enabled. Fixed second bomb spawning when planting or defusing in bomb mode. Fix for killfeed incorrectly making players other than yourself white. Potential fix to third person automatic weapons occasionally not making sound. VOIP - No longer receive UI notifications from players who are muted. Training is now disabled if you are in a party (this caused matchmaking issues). Only enabled texture streaming off by default if VRAM > 3GB. Fixed surrender votes occasionally failing after round 12. Note: If you’re continuing to experience hard crashes please post a bug report in the Bug Reporting section[forums.battaliongame.com] of our official forums detailing exactly what happened alongside your PC specs and as much potentially useful information as possible. If you work with us and provide us with as much detail as you possibly can to help us figure out the root cause of the issues then we can better tackle and solve these problems in future updates. Quick Note On Playerbase, Marketing & Our Plans You may have noticed we’ve dramatically slowed down on marketing and pushing the game to streamers, new sites and new players (quick example: opting out of Square Enix’s latest publisher weekend promotion). This is our decision. Your feedback has been amazing in helping us identify the core issues with the game - which was the exact reason for us entering Steam Early Access. Keeping a core small & hardcore playerbase who keep dropping in/out during early access to help us test and give feedback on the game has always been the plan for early access, with much bigger explosion at full release. However, the launch hype train and a drastically larger early access launch than expected clouded most players view of our actual intentions of growing a small community from the ground up as we develop the game together. We will have a much larger written update coming soon regarding this entire concurrent player base ‘issue’ that players outside of the core Battalion community have become increasingly obsessed over. This coming update will fully detail our plans for this year, how we intend to improve the short term experience for all players trying to find other players as well as long term plans to grow as we head towards a huge content and media explosion at full release next year. This should help alleviate the concerns for our hardcore fans who are worried about the brain dead ‘dead game’ comments from uniformed players who can’t see more than 1 week into the future. We’ve landed some huge partnerships, big content plans and exciting developments ready for full release next year. Offline LAN Server Support Delayed Offline LAN support has been delayed as we need more time to work on this feature. We’ve been committing our time to other places, as you can see! Sorry! PC Support for Travelling EU Teams at Blitzkrieg Open Championship On March 7th Insomnia & The Plays will be announcing a hardware sponsor for The Blitzkrieg Open Championship specifically for EU teams travelling to the UK. This service will be free and specifically for teams travelling from outside the UK. Whilst it’s late, we saw an opportunity to help a partner and our players. The Blitzkrieg Open Championship is enabling the developers, tournament organizers, and future sponsors to see Battalion 1944 in a competitive offline environment. To avoid any major issues when a significant prize pool is on the line this summer, it is an important milestone for us. We ask for your support. Information for team applications: In order to apply for free PC’s for your team, first make sure you meet the following requirements: Confirmed full EU teams representing organisations only You are competing in the Blitzkrieg Open at Insomnia62. To apply: They must also sign up to the tournament (link found on this page: http://ukmasters.gg/insomnia62/) PC Specs Processor: Intel Core i5-8600K Coffee Lake CPU, 6 Cores, 3.6 - 4.3GHz CPU Cooler: Chillblast 120 CPU Water Cooler Motherboard: Z370 Gaming Motherboard Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB Graphics Card Memory: 16GB DDR4 Memory Solid State Drive: 250GB Solid State Drive Hard Drive: Seagate 2TB 7200RPM Hard Disk Monitor: Asus 24” VG248QE Monitor The sponsor will not provide the peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset) Email us at esports@game.co.uk to apply for your team and we will chat with you directly. Last date for applications will be Thursday 15th March and you will be informed if you are successful within 24 hours of application. Brammertron’s War Chest Wednesdays Tomorrow night at around 7pm UK time Brammertron will be live on Twitch playing Battalion with KingHoward, Big Tuna and other Bulkhead developers as well as talking directly to you guys by doing a live Q&A. This gives you guys a chance to talk directly and openly with our studio lead about the March 8th update and Battalion’s future. Brammer will also be dropping Warchests whilst on stream! To Conclude: We hope this update provides some useful additions as well as some helpful tweaks and bug fixes. We want to thank you for buying into Battalion 1944’s Early Access testing period, we appreciate all your feedback and patience. Please remember Battalion 1944 has been in Early Access for just over 1 month. We are with you guys for the long term and we are working hard to get the game prepared for when we aim to explode out of Early Access into full release and bring new players into the game. Remember: This client update will launch on the 8th March, 2018. Happy fragging - more updates coming soon! The Bulkhead Interactive Team. source: http://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/1675774437612961631
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    Hello, After the new update every player has it's own unique color on the minimap. I would like to see this same color around the avatar at the top of the screen, so i know who is which color on the minimap. Greetings, sNrkl
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    I see. Well, in over 18 years, I've never heard anyone proclaim that learning how to properly cook nades and use them that way is less skillful/effective than not. Secondly, just because a nade is cookable doesn't mean you have to use it that way, does it? So why is it you care so much that nades be uncookable if personally, you aren't going to cook them to use them anyway?
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    Game needs something "fun" added to it. Not everyone that plays FPS wants to play serious mode. The great thing about COD4 was, it had a great pub scene (being a huge publish was a mega bonus ofc). At the moment, Battalion's unranked is a waste of time, arcade you can't pick what mode you want, server browser is a waste of time it doesn't even show ping and well its already that dead gg. If you want more players - remove the lack of balance overall, strip back the card system while its still broken. Allow people to play a game without restrictions whilst you rebuild. I said that if it isn't perfect, don't bother with the card system. Instead you carried on to "collect more data" waiting for the "meta" well jokes on you, you haven't done anything with the card system (1 extra card per class??) and look where we are now - if you don't win any of the first 3 rounds you're screwed. If you don't invest cards into the first few rounds you risk lack of confidence and comfort - and you're screwed as well. There is now no interest in this game in AUS and its a damn shame. We had all the old teams come back just to see a broken game that was unplayable when it counted the most. You're limiting players from just having a bit of fun, which you need them to do in order to get players to play the game lol. The rest are too late for changing, so I won't bother listing. Maybe your update will bring some back but its doubtful unless you get something amazing going.
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    Well this topic is probally big because a lot of argue the way the game is going atm. Even when i'm playing i'm not really sure if this game will be fine over a few months. I also have 2nd thought if a second launch or new marketing will help this game without making some big changes first. This being said I don't think the points that u stated will be so important. Who cares about more tournaments if the playerbase doesn't grow. if nothing changes this will be 500 dollar tournaments with 32 teams attending . And nog big ones being around. A free weekend can maybe help a few days again, but what if they don't stay again? The game is cheap already and the people who like this gameplay probally already know about it, since the first launch was pretty hyped already. Oke we are getting a new updates that will probally fix some stabibility issues and maybe some other things. The problem is the current problems aren't really being acknowledged, basically the last post of brammer in this topic says it all. I will probally still be there over a few months, but are the ones even that are currently playing? Even if they like the game, there's not much of fun if not much more players are going to play short term. Also basically everyone i played with so far have mixed feelings about the game.. And they are not only stability issues it's more the actual gameplay that turns em off. A lot of players didn't like cod 2 either and went back to cod 1 or other games after a few months. I'm not sure if the cod 2 and cod 4 fanbase can save this game, I would like to see what they come up with so it attracts much more people than these 2 groups. But as long as we get shit comments like this i don't see that happening. But i guess they should post on Reddit where probally all haters are aswell, instead of the community that backed in the first place. BTW the chinese are taking over!!
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    A little bit of feedback from a player that was at the very top end of the skill scale with the sniper in cod1 and 2... (some proof here). The sniper rifle is currently too easy to use. I'd suggest making the scope off-center (ie cod1 scoping) but increase crosshair accuracy when stopping movement and crouching/proning. This would stop the silly sprint jump quickscopes which you hit 100% of the time with only a small amount of practise. Also forcing you to scope out after a shot would increase the skillcap. The Kar98k appears to be a little too good. I'd actually take this over the sniper rifle. It feels like the cod2 version with higher damage. I feel that damage to anywhere except the chest/head area should not be fatal and promote switching to your secondary to finish them off... which brings me on to my next point Weapon switching feels a bit pointless due to the delay in firing. I'd expect to be able to pull out a pistol a lot quicker than I currently can. Picking up weapons from the floor is close to impossible. Their physics makes them jiggle around and the area which you can pick them up is too small. I'm not a fan of grenade indicators. I personally believe you should use your eyes and ears to move away. The card system doesn't have a comeback mechanic and doesn't really promote eco rounds. Maybe a grenade buff would change this so that you always run with an eco and spread out your pool of nades... Otherwise it could be a really different idea to start with no cards, have the cards in areas on the map at certain rounds to contest, or earn cards based on kills. At the moment it doesn't really feel like there's a meta game, just barriers to enjoyment. Sprint, jump and spraying around corners does annoy me a bit. My suggestion would be that during the sprint and jump you can ironsight but upon landing you cannot ironsight for 0.5+ secs. This would give the 'defender' the opportunity to react. Ideally this would only happen when using sprint+jump. The map design feels a little painful right now. Whoever gets the best spawn gets to the bomb first on derailed and your only real option is to defend mid+A as axis and play retakes/nade plants on B. The sites generally feel like there's nowhere you can defend from a distance. I'm not 100% on this as I didn't test it with others, but movement speed with all weapons feels about the same, again it felt like there was no reason to use my pistol. Smoke seemed great. I'm not sure if this is just a skill-cap thing but if you time your jumps, you can carry the momentum of your sprint before you run out of stamina, and continue a new sprint once you land. Fall damage felt too high. Jumping off a wall at headheight caused damage, no doubt buildings such as toujane would cause you to crater. The BAR is just as bad as cod2. Not sure if this is intended! You're aiming not to use cod content yet the bomb drop/pickup sound seems just like the sound used for things such as flag pickup in cod2? I love the lean animations. The really stop people clipping. I'm not sure if this is tick rate or lag compensation, but I frequently died around corners. When will console commands be restricted? I found that my mouse sensitivity equaled cod2 and csgo at 110 FoV (but this is above the slider). Please allow 110? D: MP40 felt underpowered. 2x close/mid-range headshots didn't kill. Sound was great. I could tell if someone was above me, the surface they were on etc. Why do the models smile like maniacs when shooting? Sorry, this is becoming more of a list so I'll just stop now. I hope you do read this and consider some of the points! Something important that I missed out... the delay between letting go of mouse1 to releasing the grenade from your hand is painful!
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    Simply put me, and probably many others, gathered from the very first kickstarter videos that we'll get something close to MoHAA and CoD1. Instead we got this ADHD CoD4 turd dressed up in a WW2 skin. Frankly I wasn't paying much attention to the subsequent videos and press releases, or whatever, only to the kickstarter e-mail news. Regardless that doesn't matter because I gave them my money at that point already so the damage has been done whether I knew it or not.
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    adze, we get it, you don't like the game. You must not like many other games either seeing as you spend so much time on the boards of said game that you don't like.
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    Add the ability to view the player profile
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    As long as it kills with two hits, no, it isn't.
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    Just my thoughts but It feels like the devs had or played with a set amount of teams that already existed who played this type of game like cod promod and decided to make a game to replace it and used the cod hype to finace it, because the devs started tournaments almost stright away even though the game to many players had huge problems and even after a huge amount of negative feed back the devs seem very resolute in keeping the core game play regaurdless of other players opinions All in all i feels like they made themselves and friends a game to play and dont really give a dam about anyone else's feedback at all. and while most of the devs spend a lot of time at these tournaments some who have bought the game cannot even get the game to play, and these forums are full of past players that dont even bother posting anymore So where does the game go from here ? the update did not bring any more players back, the devs dont post here and the player base is dropping by the week,in fact this topic is just about the only topic that is somthing like active
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    Hello community, Since the game seems to be playable and nearly working now like it should for many players, i thought about the future of the ,,arounds" of the game. I'd like to gather some ideas created by the community in this thread and in the view of the occasion just start with some ideas. Boxes The lootbox system is quiet similar to CS:GO. In my oppinion future boxes should contain some more ,,unrealistic" skins like CS:GO uses (assiimov, skins like bavaria, engraved and similar). The game itself isn't historically correct and that is ok. It is what it was and is supposed to be. It could offer an enticement to younger players or people who, in general, like the mix of the old gameplaystyle with modern ,,arounds" like the competetive system and weapon skins. Personal Rank Medals (1 Medal for 1 Year) Similar to the CS:GO system i furthermore thought about the medals you can get year by year by ranking up within personal levels in CS:GO. It could be a nice idea to create own medals for BT44 or even remodel historical medals player can earn by ranking up till the max level year by year that will be displayed in steam inventory. Achievements I'm not up2date right now wether someone mentioned this point or wether it is even part of the roadmap. Achivements could also be implimented into the game, maybe even some hard achievements that offer players to get an achievement medal for the inventory (Like some of the knive and rifle achievements in Day of Infamy. The player gets a medal, that looks like a historical medal, that is added to the inventory and not tradable). Furthermore i.e. kill, weapon, death, grenade, run achievements and stuff like that. Displaying competetive ranks At the moment personal ranks are displayed at the scorelist beside the player's nick. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to display the skillgroup icon instead of the personal rank? Could be easier to estimate the skill of the people you are playing with. Full adjustable playerconfig Crosshairs should be full adjustable, a function i really miss at the moment. Furthermore brightness and contrasts should be adjustable as well (I know it is actually in the game but still greyed). Overview in the menu I'd really like to see an personal ,,stats and rank" overview in the menu. I would like to see the level, name of the rank, rank icon and the full list of player statistics. These ideas are just meant to be just the first of that topic to make a start. I hope we can gather some future ideas together that will help to make more people being interested in this game and play it again or buy it. Many apologies for my rusty english skills.
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    BRIGHTNESS/GAMMA FIX The main issue with Battalion 44 for me was bothering with really bad lighting on competitive maps. Although I could tweak my monitor settings, I avoided that because I have no profile memory in my LCD. Thanks to an reddit user I have found the perfect combination to improve ingame visibility. I will break it down to you in two steps: 1. Go to control panel -> folder options -> show hidden folders -> go to C/USERS/USERNAME/AppData/Local/Battalion/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor -> Doubleclick on "Engine" and add following lines: 2. Go to https://vibrancegui.com/ -> download for PC -> Open -> Click "Add" and find the path to battalion.exe (C/Program Files (x86)/ Steam/steamapps/common/Battalion 1944/Battalion/Binaries/Win64) -> doubleclick on newly added battalion.exe, set vibrance level to 150 -> minimize the program. Turn on the game and enjoy Feel free to move this thread to appropriate forums, cheers. crav.
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    The thing that worries me the most is that the developer team don't seem to worry. I know it's EA and they got a year left untill full release. But the playerbase keeps declining. It even took me fifteen minutes to get into a game(Europe). I wonder how easy or hard it is to convince players to give it another try in a year from now. Because I think most people interested in this game already tried it.
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    We have set up new captcha but we think something has changed that is out of our control. We are in talks with Invision to try and sort it out. Apologies.
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    How is this thread so big Just so you all know: - There is a big update coming out early march - They have plans for a free weekend - They have plans for more tournaments - ... They have still some tricks left to try and bump the playerbase. What I've heard is that atm they don't put much time in marketing since they want to make the game better first. Don't quote me on this. But I still have some hope