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    This is not a CoD2 clone. This is not a Cod4 clone. This is not a CS/DoD clone. This is Battalion 1944. We are not going to pander to just one community - we take inspiration from ALL the great classic games and merge in needed features such as MM, rankings etc) from modern games. We aim to give a shared home to the FPS players who were abandoned by mindless modern shooter design and left behind by profit seeking publishers. We can share that beauty of the old school skill based shooters with the next generation of FPS players. I don't think any other developer is in the position to take the risk we took in developing this game. We didn't expect a huge playerbase - Thankfully 100,000 people signed up to play our beta and the future of the game is looking bright as we head into Early Access. Regardless, thanks for trying out our game. CoD2 and promod will always be great and you can still play them with their tiny communities - but if Battalion gives you any nostalgia for the glory days of FPS - you can choose to support us or not on February 1st.
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    Shut up... I think it's quite clear the developers do care about you, they're busy making your game. @the rest of the community; apologies for lack of communication we're super busy. The game is getting close to finished! Lots to show!
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    Greetings all, Some of you here will already be aware of my existence but for those who are not familiar with me I shall introduce myself. I'm the new recruit at bulkhead studios working on QA and jr community manager roles, I was recently hired due to my experience in the FPS scene having played at semi/professional levels in multiple titles over the last 15 years. Although I started PC gaming in the early days of Medal of Honor, vCoD and CoD2 I'm predominately known for my time playing in some of the biggest and best teams/organisations through CoD4 ProMod's era, conveniently one of the main games battalion is inspired from. During this time I created a YouTube channel where I posted tutorials, tips and tricks, fragmovies etc which has also stemmed to other games such as CS:GO and allowed me to amass over 55,000 subscribers. I've also competed at high level in CS:GO, League and Overwatch. Over the last year I have been aiding the development of Battalion 1944 by visiting the studio to give feedback on the games direction and mechanical fundamentals to help ensure the base of the game is setup for success in the competitive FPS market, recently I decided to accept a job working full time on the game as I believe in the direction and would love to see the game succeed and allow players, especially the ones who missed the early era of FPS games be able to experience the great competitive fundamentals of a well made shooter. As previously mentioned my job role here is QA & jr community manager so I balance my time between finding bugs and glitches and helping to iron out any problems with the game, therefore if you find any problems - that's on me. The rest of my time is spent answering your questions or concerns, creating informative media such as videos and images outlining changes within the game while generally being available to query at any time. You can find me on twitter at https://twitter.com/phantasyftw or available on discord in the battalion channels.
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    Hey guys! (Although this change log is being released to the public. Battalion 1944 is still only available to those who have purchased Alpha Access.) Thanks to all those that took part in Alpha v0.1 was greatly successful, we had hours of fun fragging with you guys on the servers and we’re looking forward to Alpha v0.2. Since Alpha 0.1 we’ve internally outlined some major issues from your feedback that we need to get fixed. New features aren't added overnight and bugs have to be prioritised based on their severity. So don’t expect everything to be magically fixed and/or implemented in Alpha 0.2! Battalion 1944 is still very much in it’s early Alpha testing phases. The time we left between v0.1 and V0.2 has meant we have been able to fix a fair few issues as well as adding a few new features. We really appreciate all of your patience with us as we’ve been working really hard to add as much as we can to make the wait worthwhile for you all! We saw how much you all enjoyed Battalion in Alpha v0.1 so we are hoping you enjoy it even more in v0.2! Alpha v0.2 Dates and Server Times: Alpha v0.2, Session 1, Launch date: 14/07/17. Session 1, Start times (approx): 18:00 (BST), 13:00 (EDT), 10:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.2 Session 1, Close date: 15/07/17. Session 1, End times (approx): 08:00 (BST), 03:00 (EDT), 00:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.2, Session 2, Launch date: 15/07/17. Session 2, start times (approx): 18:00 (BST), 13:00 (EDT), 10:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.2, Session 2, Close date: 16/07/17. Session 2, Close times (approx): 08:00 (BST), 03:00 (EDT), 00:00 (PDT) Alpha V0.2 Changelog: Maps: ManorHouse_V2 implemented - We’ve made massive changes to the Manorhouse layout on the ‘B long’ lane next to the B bombsite overlook barn. We did this to encourage a smoother flow around that side of the map as well as adding more aggressive and defensive options when playing around that site, ready for the future implementation of our own competitive Search and Destroy styled game mode. Gameplay: Movement speed in every stance reduced by 30% across the board. Strafe jump distance reduced by 25%. Changed prone animation to be more in line with CoD 1/2/4 in order to combat drop-shotting. Slower transition to prone. Prone rotation arc distance reduced. 1st person & 3rd person lean distance increased. Changed lean move speed to feel more natural. Vault lag bug fixed. Prone block implemented - We’ve implemented a way to remove the frustration of an old school pain - ‘prone block’. There should no longer be a situation where you want to go prone but can’t. Your player model will move to adjust to the environment around it. We’d like to hear your feedback on this feature! New items added: Shotgun (Trenchgun) added for both the American & German factions - We’d love to hear your feedback on this new addition to the game. Weapon changes: Weapon FOV scaling. MP40 iron sight fixes. Fixed knife collaterals. Knife range decreased. Pistols no longer 1 shot headshot at long ranges. Pistol damage & range reduced. Pistol equips faster. Pistol model sizes increased. Added weapon animation replay on the tapping of change weapon button. Grenade tumble animation added. Grenade behaviour simplified - Image shows newly implemented Grenade behaviour Effects: Removed sparks & dust from footprints. Animations: Less jerky animations across the board. M1 Garand recoil animation improvements. Misc Fixes: Mouse acceleration OFF by default. Improved stability through some minor optimisations. Server browser fixes (still requires an Alpha weekend to be sure!). FOV scaling on the weapon. Player name sticking fixed. Round end crashes fixed. ‍Key binds available to change within menu General Collision Improved Good luck and Remember our Alpha NDA is still in place so please stick to it! Please only speak about Alpha in the dedicated channels e.g. Alpha Discord & Alpha Test Zone Forum or directly to developers. Thanks guys and see you all on the 14th! Tuna
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    Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick update on a few things that have developed during and since E3 as well as an update on our new and future hires and upcoming events! You might have seen that we flew out to E3 2017 a few weeks ago. It wasn’t the first time someone from our team attended, however it was the first time we took a group of team members and showed Battalion in LA so it was a good experience and we learnt some really useful information that can go towards development. One event we had lined up at E3 was a showing of Battalion at Alienware’s Exclusive Influencer Event. This was in a separate location from E3 and was really cool as it gave a lot of people a chance to experience Battalion in a way that we could control and test the game. It was also great to see people like Rob Kazinsky as well as a bunch of Twitch influencers playing and loving Battalion in its early stages of development, so overall it was a pretty cool event. Overall E3 was great. Was really great to hang out with and discuss things with other developers, especially our friends at Squad, Insurgency, Day of Infamy and Xbox; so that will really help development of Battalion in the long run! In other news we’re happy to announce we’ve been on a hiring spree, as we’re rooting out talent from within the esports scene to help develop Battalion into the competitive game we all want it to be. The first announcement in this regard is that we’ve officially hired Phantasy (Mark!). For those of you who aren't in the know, he’s an ex-CoD4 Promod pro and high level competitive gamer who’s going to be giving us feedback and making informative Youtube videos on Battalion to go on our official Bulkhead Youtube channel. He’ll mainly be testing the game internally but he’ll also be utilising his skills and creating video content that will clearly outline updates throughout development as well as detailing other key features of Battalion down the road. Having his knowledge and skill set should improve our ability to get information across to you all as well as iron out bugs that would affect the competitive experience more efficiently. We are all happy to have him on board so if you see him on Twitter or our Forums then make sure say Hey and welcome him on board! The Bulkhead team will also be attending ESL ONE next week promoting and showing Battalion to competitive players and Esports Journalist. It should be interesting to gauge their reactions on it, get some feedback and hear their opinions. Apologies for the lack of responses from us over that last few weeks, as you have probably guessed we have been super busy. However if we aren’t replying it’s usually a good thing as it means we are working hard behind the scenes! That’s all for now. Hope all you Alpha backers are pumped for Alpha 0.2 coming up on July 14th - 15th! We’ll have some good fixes and a few additions to be detailed in coming updates so stay tuned! Thanks guys! Tuna & The Bulkhead Team
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    I think you guys are massively over estimating the affect of these changes. The update sounds much more drastic than what happens during normal play. The aim of all of the combined changes was to combat the fact that the most (and some would say only) viable option to counter a player who is holding an angle would be to strafe around a corner and hit them mid air with a single rifle shot, without even being scoped, giving the angle holding player no time to react. This is because of the following reasons: 1] Online peekers advantage - This exists in ALL games. Unless you are playing on LAN the peeking player will get a millisecond advantage over the player holding an angle, simply because their client performs the action which is then sent to the server and then back to other players. It is important to consider this when talking about these balance changes. 2] In the Beta build - it was possible to be 100% accurate before you could even be fully iron sighted in ADS. This meant in air quick scoping was extremely easy to do for any player of any skill. We've done testing and tweaking internally - and we've since reduced the in air inaccuracy to the point where you are now only 100% accurate just after you have fully iron sighted. This means you are 100% accurate just after the moment you have gone fully into ADS - even in the air. Timing is now incredibly important. The 'inaccurate' period is during the transition to ADS - which increases in accuracy throughout the transition from 0-100%. If you shoot during this exact period your shot will be inaccurate, meaning players can no longer shoot with pinpoint accuracy immediately after strafing a corner with the angle holder having 0 time to react. If players do decide to shoot during this pre-ADS period - they are taking the risk of their shot being inaccurate - putting them at a disadvantage for doing so if they miss their shot and have to re chamber their weapon. 3] ADS speed was too slow for certain classes to be able to shoulder peek corners. Jiggle peaking a corner is now more viable for all classes - meaning you don't have to strafe jump as the only way to counter someone holding an angle. BOTH are still VIABLE options - the only difference is that an explosive strafe jump play is fully committal and you must time and hit your shot. Shooting too early before being fully aimed down sight will punish that player. This increases the skill ceiling for rifle players. 4] SMG is supposed to be an up close and personal weapon - at max range the SMG does 13 bullets to kill. It wins in the close range engagements it's supposed to - however a skilled rifler can still have that chance to ADS and flick shot them - as long as they can aim their shot.
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    Hey everyone, Today we’re officially emerging from the dark. We have some massive things coming in 2018. It’s time to start getting hyped. As Winston Churchill famously said after winning The Battle of Britain; “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” From here on in Battalion is going to get even more exciting. I’m considering this the end of the beginning of this amazing project that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of. From its inception, we have strived to create a game worthy of sharing the experience of the classic shooters that many of us grew up playing and arguably more importantly, the experience that many people are to young to have enjoyed. This is it, Battalion has built a strong base that has time and time again received exceptionally good feedback, better feedback than we ever anticipated. We’ve listened to our community and we’ve applied changes they’ve asked for in every alpha. Soon, in beta, you’ll have the chance to do the same, and then again in early access. The process of this developer listening and reacting to the community won’t ever stop. Be vocal and be supportive and we’ll keep working hard to produce the real ‘back to the roots’ shooter of the year. Here’s our official announcement of our gameplay trailer, which is coming January 9th, 2018. You guys have been amazingly patient these past few months. We’re still working ridiculously hard - but now is when we start gearing up for the big announcements coming in 2018. Our social media accounts are now back online - you’ll see us tweeting again from tomorrow and we’ll be more active in general. For those of you who are participating in the alpha tests this weekend, please remember the game is under NDA still, however we would appreciate you sharing this trailer to your friends and letting people know what you think of tha game so far! We’re happy for people to discuss the alpha, but absolutely no audio, video, or image content should be shared publicly. We’ve also updated our Steam page with our latest branding for Battalion 1944, check it out and add the game to your Steam wishlist! http://store.steampowered.com/app/489940/BATTALION_1944/ Thanks a lot Bulkhead Interactive
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    Nothing spectacular but might as well do something productive in the build up to EA release! Hopefully someone will enjoy.
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    pistol is too close to you character, other guns seem fine but I feel the pistol should be at a further distance. the second issue is that when you jump or even drop off a small ledge it slows you down quite allot. when switching weapon and shooting or aiming down sight, there is quite a big delay even when you 'double switch' video of example:
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    Stop being salty. If you had just asked me for a code I probably would have given you one because you've been here a long time, but it turns out you're just pretending not to be a salty regular gamer. Sort your act out, don't get upset. We're managing a release of a game here not baby sitting people, if my phone dies and I'm late tweeting for your because I'm working my ass off so be it. Here's your code, hope someone doesn't take it; 63EMA-D5X0G-KH9NZ "what a great way to start the project" I've worked until midnight two nights in a row then back at 6am. I don't care if you aren't happy because you didn't get an alpha code. There is no line for 'order of who gets special treats first'.. You get me followers so I can promote the game, then you have a chance of winning a beta key. This is how I talk to people who speak to any developer on my team without respect. Support us and we'll bring you a great game, make us feel like crap and you're burning the fuel we use to finish this thing. Bramm.
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    I wanna know is everybody happy? As an humblebundle backer i'm not so enthousiastic but maybe i didn't understand everything very well. Theres not much information about it so i just start my own topic for now. To get some information and wanna know the thoughts of other backers. So first of all we paid 65 euro's like a year ago to back this game, a lot of us couldn't back the kickstarter because it didn't accept PayPal but a lot of us have been here from the start. Don't get me wrong i paid 65 euros to help the game but at that point i also thought the game would cost like 50 euro in the end and for 15 euro's extra i could play the alpha and beta which sounded pretty good to me. In the end i accepted the game would be sold for 15 euro's as people with no so much money can easily step into this game. At some point we knew the game would be cheap and the dev said we all would be happy with the price. And i guess i read somewhere there would be some compensation in the end. Ok so far everything right. We accept this. Now close to release we received 3 war chests, i don't know if it's me but i didn't find much info about this. From what i've heard they have some worth because people would like to have those. Other thing i heard when I open them they are not tradeable / Sellable. Is this true? So after i open them they don't have any worth at all? I don't rly plan to sell them but it would be nice if we got something special that is actually worth something. Can someone tell me can we expect something special, and is it worth something. Or is there a (big) chance that we will get a pistol like when u roll a case from CS:GO and clearly never get something good... So far everything ok, i must say for the above reasons I don't like that the humble bundle backers didn't receive the gold skin the kickstarter people are getting. Also the kickstarter people would get this exclusive skin from 105 euro which was clearly more than us. But now we already know that basically also the people who backed for 30 euro's received these skins and also received what we got. Correct me if im not right? Well i don't rly like the above but was kinda stunned that after this all, i also have to pay 12,50 extra to get an exclusive pack. Don't tell me it's a choise but as someone who believed in this game and was willing to invest to making it possible it feels kinda bad i have to pay 12,50 extra which brings the total almost to 80 euro's. I really think this could have been free for the people who invested time and (a lot) of money in this game. Allright that was all for now. I really wanted to share my thought about this with you guys. Well that being said, see u tonight on the battlegrounds!
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    Alright guys, many people have been waiting for me to post this. But here it finally is! Basically, I have one spare Alpha/Beta key for battalion 1944. And since everyone wants this key, there is other way to keep it fair then just using a random generator. The way I will do it is this way: Everyone who wants a key can post a number (which isn't taken yet) between 1 and 1000. Followed by a nice/funny reason why they should receive the game . By MIDNIGHT CET (0:00) I will choose a winner with a random generator. This lucky winner will be contacted in a PM on the forums with his key. Anyone can participate! Since 1000 number will probably be too many, I will keep drawing numbers till a number pops up that has been taken. NUMBER LIST: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10xKdv3gh3V78yp-BSdfa07_EULYiYfCcuB97jHlSfOs/edit?usp=sharing IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Since there is no other way to check if a steam key is already been used or not. I will just have to go of the "word" of my friend. He said he has no time to play and wasn't able to activate the key yet. I know this might sound stupid, but that's as sure as I can get on the key still being valid. So even if you won there might still be a slight chance the key is activated (resulting in me punching my friend in the face for making this so embarrassing) . But hopefully this isn't the case! Also: I will post a screenshot of the winning number, sadly I won't be able to record at this moment, but I hope you all trust me in being honest with the random number, since I don't get anything out of this giveaway. It's not like i'm asking people to follow me on social media or whatever . Other then that: GOOD LUCK!
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    The mini map is very detailed and hard to actually see the routes or get information from it with a glance. I'd suggest making them simpler and less detailed or at least finding a middle ground between the two. The link below is a set of custom mini maps in csgo that are very clear and easy to get information from. http://simpleradar.com/
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    GENERAL (beta and early access) Q: If I have a beta key, do I also have access to EA? A: Not necessarily, your Beta key will not work. If you purchased though Kickstarter or Humble Bundle you should have an Early Access key in your email. If you just signed up to the Open Beta then you will still have to buy the full version of the game. Q: Can we Pre-order the game? A: No Q: Can we Pre-load the game? A: No Q: What will the download size of the game be? A: About 7,5 Gb Q: When can I buy the game? A: The game will be put for sale on steam on February 1st, 5pm (17:00) GMT Q: How much will the game cost? A: The game will cost €14,99 / $14,99 / £11,99 on steam. Q: When will we be able to play? A: Once the game is released on February 1st, 5pm GMT. Q: Do I need to keep Battalion 1944 Test Zone installed? A: No, the early access version runs on a different client. The Test zone has at this moment no use. Q: Will placement matches be based on K/D or W/L? A: Placement matches will be based on W/L. First to Fight edition (FtF) Q: What is Battalion FtF? A: FtF is a special edition of the game that you can buy to show your support towards the game even more. Q: What does FtF include? A: FtF includes the core game, 5 warchests, an exclusive trench gun skin and the Battalion 1944 soundtrack. Q: What will be the price of FtF? A: First to Fight edition will cost $24,99 on Steam. Q: Can I upgrade my normal Battalion 1944 game to the FtF edition? A: Yes you can, this will cost $12,99 and will include the same bonuses except the core game. Q: Will FtF edition will only be available for a certain period? A: No, it will always be available. About Skins Q: What skins will there be in the game? A: Check out all currently confirmed skins on this fan-made website: https://battalionskins.com/ Q: Can I still buy "The Turing Test" to receive the special Turing Test mp40 skin? A: Yes you can! ABOUT KICKSTARTER & HUMBLE BUNDLE PACKAGES Q: I backed the game, when do I receive my Early Access code? A: EA codes are being sent to all backers between 30th and 31st of January 2018. Q: I still didn't receive a key, what to do? A: Make sure to check your spam and promotional folders. Or search for "Bulkhead" in your email folders. If you still don't find it contact @[CM] BigTuna by sending a DM on the forum or contact him on twitter (https://twitter.com/bigtunaalex). Q: Installation file is only 167Mb, is this normal? A: Yes, you can not pre-load the game. The full game files will be available for download when the game gets released. ABOUT SERVERS Q: Can we host our own servers on Windows / Linux machines? A: Yes, at 1st of February the server files for Windows and Linux will be released. Q: What console commands can we use on our servers? A: The full list of server commands can be found here: Q: Will server owners be able to edit the amount of cards / team for each class? A: Yes Q: What will the server tickrate be on official servers? A: 60 GAME ISSUES Q: Client says it's outdated, what to do? A: Nothing, just wait till the game launches. An update will go live then, making you able to play. More Q&A's coming here once game gets released. ABOUT TOURNAMENTS Q: I would like to host a LAN / Tournament A: For possible partnerships with the team behind Battalion 1944, contact: esports@bulkheadinteractive.com. Q: Are there any big events planned yet? A: No, but check out Battalion 1944 Official Discord's chat: #events for small upcoming events. Q: What rules does an official tournament has to follow? A: Check the Battalion 1944 Official Wartide Competitive Rules here. ABOUT NDA (streaming, recording, ...) Q: Can we share pre-recorded alpha footage now NDA is lifted? A: No! Alpha footage remains under NDA! If you got any more questions add them down below and I'll add them to the list!
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    1. Increase the pickup range. 2. Put a 0.2-0.5 second on the function so when you are spamming 'F' to pick up a gun, you don't instantly pick your pistol back up. 3. Make guns stick with the dead body, the whole gun flying around the map seems glitchy at the moment. ---Is there any chance we will see and option where you can swap out the enemy's gun for your own if its the same class? For example, if you are an American rifleman and you pick-up a Kar98 and survive through the round, at the beginning of the next round it could give you an option to swap it for your M1. Also, did anyone happen to notice if there was a "Go to crouch" and "Go to prone" option in the keybinds? In cod4 these just made the keybinds only crouch you and not stand you back up when you hit it twice. If not, can this be added? This kind of goes along with my spamming f to pick a gun up, but if find myself instantly standing back up when I try to go crouch.
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    Just off the top of my head: - Decrease smoke time (17 seconds is too long); - Increase the amount of smokes/grenades a team has from 9 to 12; - Add a "kill radius" when the bomb explodes (People risk losing their card & it allows for ninja defuses to happen); - Pistol being slower than SMG/default makes no sense (People been running with pistol in their hands for ages, because it was slightly faster in most games); - Perhaps add prone block to the game (It's possible to "360" in a window while proned atm); - Increase the pickup range of weapons and the bomb; - Add some sort of round loss system / comeback mechanic where cards get put back into the game after losing X rounds in a row for example; - Lower the fire rate of M1 Garand & shotgun; - Heavy weapons are underwhelming (Hipfire on BAR is useless and the ADS sight could use some work). Also some people (myself included) think it would be nice if card pickups were silent when crouched... There have been situations where you are "forced" to go all the way around because a card is blocking a corridor. EDIT #1: Feels like TTK (time to kill) is too low & HP regen takes forever, which makes it extremely hard to re-engage. EDIT #2: Consider increasing the fuse time from 45 to 50-55 * EDIT #3: Reduce the fall damage. * Had several situations with a perfect read on the remaining player and would still end up with only ~20 seconds left on the clock. There's little to no room to make plays or clear certain spots. Keep up the good work! <3 @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] KingHoward
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    This is more of a design choice and something which builds suspense for when retakes are happening. Remove the bomb timer and use a beeping noise like csgo the reason is it helps build suspense and having those nail biting super close defuses, puts everyone at the edge of their seat. A tournament in Csgo showed the bomb timer and the rounds were much less engaging and suspenseful then without the bomb timer. Could just be a viewer only addition but I think it should be replaced as a whole
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    Nothing major, I'm a big fan of the game and think it's in great shape for it's current stage. Maybe for the ability to see what class or card everybody on your team has picked on the scoreboard (tab) might be a decent suggestion. Not so helpful for competitive but might be useful in pubs. Small idea and won't break the game either way.
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    Hey ! I really think having a *bip* sound or timer sound for the last 20 second or something should be a must have. I missed many round because of that ! Its kind unbelievable that is not a thing already, maybe i missed something. Is there a option to turn on ?
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    agreed, especially the delay when you trying to shoot after sprinting or picking up a gun is way too big, your click gets completely ignored and gun won't shoot.
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    As an old fart who played CoD/OU as part of a clan in the now defunct clanbase leagues, my interest was sparked when I heard about Battalion 1944....and the one thing I would desperately like to see in the game is the original style melee attack.....you know the one....run round a corner at the same time as the enemy.....and react just quickly enough to deliver the full sweep of a rifle butt to the face. It was so satisfying!!! Please Devs if you implement one thing from CoD/UO please let it be the original bash mechanic, whether its with rifle, pistol, binoculars or even the satchel charge (my clan mate once pinned a prone sniper in the corner of a room on the st. mere eglise map and thumped him to death in about 5 hits with a satchel). It would also give us the timeless 'which team's going defence/attack' pre round start pistol melee fight between the two best bashers on each team.....everyone else forming a big circle to watch....like being at school.....fight..fight...fight.... Remember people.....Respect da Bash!
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    You'll all be happy with the price, trust me.
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    There is an update with video coming next week
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    Beta Changes - Improvements, Tweaks, and Fixes from The Community ( source ) After more testing in our beta phase, we’ve read through literally all of the comments and discussions we could find in the community and we’ve taken the feedback onboard and applied it to the game Hopefully, this will be yet more evidence of the bright future of Battalion’s competitive scene. We don’t just listen to the community and react. We make our own assessments, we watch your feedback come in and evolve as more hours are put into the game, we then read and listen to your feedback on reddit/twitter/steam, then we discuss potential fixes for your issues, and then we implement/test, and then we push the game to the community for feedback! Esports, Tournaments, and Events First off we’d like to just give the community a small insight into the future of Battalion as a competitive title. Obviously, the competitive side of the game is a huge focus for Battalion, but we aren’t going to start with a huge prize pot without first growing the competitive scene. Our goal is to see each event grow bigger than the last. In the last 12 months we’ve seen multiple games grow too quickly in the esports scene without building the game on a solid foundation. Since the big success of our beta, we’ve been presented with so many amazing opportunities to push Battalion as not just a competitive game but to also have a professional scene as well. We’re humbled to be presented with these opportunities, but we wanted to let the community know that regardless of how much money gets thrown at events and tournaments the most important thing to us; is to keep our focus on fostering growth in our fan base and our competitive scene, it is not possible to buy your way into esports. To grow the game competitively we need you guys to continue your support and patience! We also would like to stress the importance of Clanwars going forward, being able to compete against other teams without ever having to leave the game is a huge step forward for a competitive game like ours. On top of this, we have some huge announcements on the horizon, surrounding Clanwars. So whilst we’ve had many offers for events, we’re choosing to support a select group who share our ideas of steady growth. If you are an event or organisation looking to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to contact esports@bulkheadinteractive.com Changes & Improvements Changes to Mid-Air Accuracy We’ve acknowledged that beta players felt the time to kill was to low and that corner strafing/jump peaking was too common. Previously in Battalion, weapons were 100% accurate in the air. We have now added another layer of depth to the game, to reduce the amount of ‘flying around corners’. Whilst this is still a valid strategy, it should no longer be always the most optimal way to approach a gun fight. This effects the snipers & kar98 most of all. For an amount of time when a player is in the air, they will no longer be able to hit perfectly accurate shots. This change is ONLY applied to horizontal movement (X & Z axis), if you stand still and complete a regular vertical jumpshot, you will retain 100% accuracy. This change has been applied to the following weapons at different levels of inaccuracy. Kar98 Sniper (Extreme) Springfield (Extreme) Kar98k (High) STG44 (Medium) BAR (Medium) Thompson (Minor) MP40 (Minor) BAR & STG44 movement speed changes After much discussion from the devs and the community. We have decided to buff the BAR & STG movement speed across the board. Firstly, we have increased ADS movement speed on the BAR & STG by 20%, this is intended to make peaking corners easier and remove the necessity to strafe round every corner. We have also given the BAR & STG a buff by making their regular movement speed 20% faster. Kar98k ADS speed changes We have made the Kar98k’s general move speed slower, however the ADS speed is the same. We have moved away from any class based movements and adopted more weapon specific movement speeds. This hasn’t made a massive change and its more of a buff to the other weapons than it is a nerf to the Kar98k. This again feels a lot more balanced when we have tested it internally. It’s worth noting that it’s counterpart the M1 Garand is now faster in ADS than the Kar98k. The Garand has the faster peak but takes 2 bullets to kill! Sniper rifles movement changes Previously, the snipers were set at the ‘medium’ movement speed. The Springfield and the Kar98 Scoped will both now have a reduced ADS walk speed and their overall movement speed will be slower. Generally, all the classes aren’t too dissimilar in speeds at the slow/medium level. But we felt the snipers were so fun to use for players that we didn’t want to nerf them by hurting the weapon. So we decided to nerf it in other ways. So far the sniper, still feels great but feels A LOT more balanced than it was. Kar98 Scope sight changes There was a consensus that the Kar98 scope wasn’t as nice at the Springfield. While we like the asymmetrical nature of the rifles; we wanted to make the sight feel a bit better. It’s a minor change but we’ve made the sticks/bars in the sight thinner & skinnier. Sniper forced unscope Previously, snipers were able to take a shot and remain in scope while bolting the weapon. Now, the player is forced to unscope. This functions the exact same way as Call of Duty 4, so it is worth noting, when you take a shot, you will need to manually press unscope, to not feel ‘stuck’ otherwise you will feel slow. This is just an extra layer of detail that adds another layer of skill to Battalion. Hopefully, snipers will no longer be overpowered, but they will still feel great to play. Pistol speeds As part of our movement changes, the pistol now also has its own unique speed. SMG’s and Default Weapons are faster than the pistol, however other weapons are slower. Keep this in mind when you’re rushing to get that pick! Fixed Exploits on Derailed Various unfair spots and strange angles have been fixed Upottery training map fixes Black lighting errors on Upottery have been fixed, it now also has a loading screen Arcade Improvements Going into beta, we were already aware of issues with spawns in CTF, DOM, and TDM. The community tested the beta and came to the same conclusion that the spawns were not good enough. Fortunately we had started work on arcade spawns already and we were able to get them in just in time, we’ve tested them internally and they are much more intelligent! Gameservers Dedicated Server Files We will be releasing the dedicated server files via the Steam tools section on February 1st. You will be able to host your own servers easily. Player Counts Technically, you can run a 50v50 game if you so wish! However, we have tested the game with 18 players max, so anything after that is uncharted territory. As part of our “Major Content Update” in summer 2018 (www.battaliongame.com) we plan to include ‘large map support’ so that players can begin to play games with larger server numbers. Remember, the more players in a game, the more your frame rate will be effected. Pre-Order Gameservers We’ve been working with Multiplay who host all of our matchmaking servers, but they will also be hosting servers for players who want to run their own game! Their servers will be limited for 60 tick for now this will change in the future. Visit https://www.multiplaygameservers.com/game-servers/battalion/ Tick Rate After much deliberation, we have decided to run our matchmaking servers at 60 tick. There are multiple reasons for this and it is important that server providers read this. We fully intend to offer 128 tick servers in the near future, but currently with our time constraints there are bugs with 128 tick. Some animation related and some spectator related. Clanwars is in its early stages but we intend for it to use higher tick servers, so fixing these issues are a priority for us. If you do run your own server, we advise you do not use 128 tick and stick to 90 at most. But remember, the game has been most tested at 60 tick. Mini Beta We have made some changes to match making over this week, to improve the overall experience. Whilst for marketing purposes, we don’t want to run another beta, we do want to test the match making one more time before Early Access. This weekend, between Friday the 26th and Sunday the 28th for approximately 1 hour. We will push out an update to the Battalion Test Zone (TZ) and we will live the servers. To be clear; we have no interest in promoting this or even giving the exact time, this is for technical testing only. At some point via both the Studio Leads twitter (www.twitter.com/Brammertron) and the official Discord channel, we will say “The servers & update are live”. From then there will be a small window to play and test the game. However, our ONLY interest is testing match making. Thanks for your support! Battalion is releasing to Steam on Thursday February 1st 2018 (Next week). To help us promote the title, the best support you can give is: Purchase The Game Day 1 Write a review for game on Steam We’ll see you at release!
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    Welcome aboard mate! I'd say no thanks to tanks, from the developers at least! Let the modding community make some for those interested