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    Hey guys, Fully appreciate that you're concerned about the direction of the game but reading your post I feel you've been worried based on comments from highly vocal community members. We have PRE-ALPHA gameplay coming out very soon. This means there will be unfinished and placeholder animations/UI etc but you will be able to gauge the direction we're heading towards with the game rather than trying to imagine the game from different users posts and comments. I won't debate specific points such as the non competitive nature of nade cooking or spray patterns (we'd rather read constructive debates on the forums between members and pull valuable informations for us to make informed final decisions!) but I'll write a few bullet points to help summarise and clear up some generic goals with the game that are relevant to your concerns. 1. We ARE aiming to bridge the gap between casual and competitive play. We talk a great deal about competitive play as we our goal is that competitive 5v5 Search and Destroy is the main 'focus' for players who want to take the Battalion experience to the next level. These players will put 1000's of hours into mastering the game, so it's VERY important to us that we refine that aspect of Battalion to make it a solid gameplay experience, hence why we talk about this aspect of the game so much. However, this does not mean we aren't focusing on making the casual side of the game fun and engaging for players with zero interest in playing to be the best. We're still developing our casual modes TDM, DM, CTF and experimental modes for quick 'jump in and play' games as well as implementing a dedicated area of our UI for our server browser, allowing server customisation, modding, custom maps etc. 2. We are not a 'WW2 CSGO clone'. This keeps cropping up around the forums but it's simply not true. Our game plays totally different to CS, however CS is one of the longest lasting classic FPS with elements that should be at least considered for discussion. We've looked at old school FPS game to create or own game (albeit with a bias towards CoD2/CoD4 Promod as a base point for certain design decisions). The most important thing to remember is that Battalion is it's own game, with that classic FPS feel we all know and love. 3. We read your concerns! We're making an active effort to read everything our backers/supporters share on the forums. This includes all the opinions on microtransactions and skins. One of our main goal is to be able to make future content free and accessible to everyone with OPTIONAL microtransactions. One of the unfortunate downsides about us being transparent with our intentions and the benefits/detriments of potential routes we could take by discussing with you guys directly is that misinformation gets spread easily. We often float out ideas to gauge the reaction to help us make informed decisions. This is where we need a certain level of trust that we are gamers ourselves and also want this game to be the best it can be without degrading the core experience. Every business decision is under extreme scrutiny because we as FPS fans know the pitfalls other developers have made. At the end of the day, the game will speak for itself. Like I said, we have pre-alpha gameplay coming out VERY soon so everyone will be able to make more informed comments very soon. The game is obviously still in a VERY EARLY state with unfinished animations/UI but it should be a good representation of the classic game feel we're aiming for. Even better, you'll be able to experience it during closed alpha bug testing this May!
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    Hey To answer your question quickly; there is no planned weapon sway in Battalion 1944. Wherever you aim and scope your sights will land accurately on the target (if you can aim!). The long answer is that we're doing it because Battalion 1944 has the potential to become a fast paced game. 1 shot rifles in Call of Duty 2 are very powerful and they're aided by the fact Call of Duty 2 had no sprint function. You could still be fast in Call of Duty 2 using an SMG/pistol, but not in the same fashion or speed of an SMG player could play in CoD4 Promod. CS:GO actually has weapon 'sway' when you're using WASD to show that your shot will be inaccurate unless you're stood still. Again, that game also has players move at a very slow pace. Our SMGs (Thompson etc) currently allow players to move quite fast. We're aiming for a skill based game where skill is rewarded, so if you're good enough to scope and aim at a player who has just strafe jumped around a corner (and he is spamming mouse 1 with his Thompson for that lucky headshot) and your aim as a sniper is on point, our thinking is you should be rewarded for that. Adding another 'step' such as holding breath or increasing weapon sway to that process is a direct nerf to the sniper and an indirect buff to SMG/run and gun gameplay. We're aiming to balance that out so all playstyles are viable but not overpowered. Our Kickstarter Alpha/Beta will allow us to test that before public release!
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    Hey Soldat, I think your worries are probably valid! I appreciate that you care as much as we do about Battalion, I think we can see that and have seen over the last year, so thank you for that. @Tiptup basically said everything spot on and I really appreciate you coming in and saying that! I'm very busy but I wanted to respond and weigh in on the Pro vs Casual player issue; first of all, you are trying to speak for everyone, but you are not. There are a lot of people who DO want things like skins. People have different opinions of the game. Our way to deal with this issue is to support modders and make it as easy to mod the game as possible. Our technical director has had a big focus on ease of use in our engine. Our previous titles and every other UE4 modifiable game, requires you to download a custom version of UE4 AND the games project file, both of those can be pretty big. We're keeping our game file as small as it can be and if you want to mod Battalion 1944, you WONT need to download a custom UE4 engine, you can just use the regular engine straight out the box! We'll also be actively speaking to modders and supporting them over the next few years. We're pro more content, I know the ET guys really want some ET stuff in the game that we aren't supporting right now, but that doesn't mean that it won't be in Battalion in some form and we won't help them do it. From a casual point of view, we acknowledged that every single person on the forums wants something slightly different and comes from a different community, someone will always have a bit of disappointment we didn't do something. Adding a feature from one game make break another feature from another game. So we have to be selective. We're choosing to focus on the competitive mode as a COD2/COD4/CSGO hybrid. We're then actively supporting competitive growth of the game with support from ESL, CSGO pros & casters, and COD pros and casters. The casual side of things will still exist in the game and that part of the game will still grow and we will be supporting it, but we'll be helping guide the community to build great mods in the same way that Arma works. So you can have the refined experience you want. With that said^ our casual mode is still totally good. We're looking at implementing an objective game mode maybe Christmas 2017. So there will still be a good game in casual. Also; skins can be turned off, you don't have to play with them on, so you could see the regular weapon textures and play without any issues. Joe
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    I lurk these forums and this post irked me so much I had to create a new account. I've backed the game and so have my small community of friends (6ish?). I played COD1, 2 and 4 competitively. MOHAA got me into pc gaming. This is the game I've been waiting for.. hopefully. Now I will respectfully address each of your points. First break was when Devs decided to add microtranscation. After discussion, they convinced me saying it won't be compulsory to buy these lootcrate and everyone will be able to unlock same stuff in the time and because it is a question of survival for the long term. Ok, but it is a step back. I support micro-transactions. I look how CSGO, DOTA and Overwatch have dealt with it and I'm delighted. If the game was P2W at all, it would ruin the game entirely but their post has outlined that this is not their goal. If it is purely aesthetic, does not affect your game whatsoever.. what do you care? It is not a step back, it is an alternative source of revenue that will allow them to continually support the game. If a guy runs by my screen with an outfit and gun that look different, I won't be hassled. Plus, as a nerd, I enjoy getting new skins and such. Then Devs stepped back on the fact it won't be possible to stream or record Alpha Closed. Ok. It is a detail. Not essential. Not a big problem and it is understandable. But again it is a step back. I understand why you'd be upset but is this is a step back? Certainly not. The devs are not confident that they want the general public to make a judgement or assessment on the game at such an early stage. All it takes is for someone to see a stream, say.. he this doesn't look finished/graphics suck/whatever.. I won't buy it and I'll tell my friends this as well. Then Devs looked for to implement an original quake engine bug : strafejump. I guess they are not looking for to add too much glitchies or intentionnal bugs. Strafe jumping is a nice movement feature that adds to the competitive depth/skillgap. Personally, I think its odd to try and recreate movement depth when you can add your own/original spins on movement tricks. Today Devs announce they are thinking to add "crazy skins". It is not what backers wanted when they decided to support the game massivly. Ok it is not WW2 reconstitution but neither CODMW5 or RB6-Siege. Again i have the feeling it is much more an economic reason than a real core game reason. Devs are starting to think profit insteed to make the game they promised first. Even if it is not fully decided, it is a new step back. I share your concern here. I hope they keep the skins within the environment. I support clan skins/logos ala CSGO but that is about it. If I see Santa costumes and pink leopards I'll be pretty bummed about that art decision. They can easily make profits off cool gritty realistic WW2 skins/huds/etc. In the same time, Devs are saying they are pending the development of "War Torn" System wich was a great feature announced after kickstarter but always in the spirit of customization of our characters. We didn't expect it and it had the approval of the majority. It is a step back. I honestly never really cared for the war torn system. Its a lot of work for something you won't really care for after the original "oh thats kind of a nifty feature." This if it anything is a positive thing if it means efforts are being redirected to more significant developments. The most dangerous, today i have the feeling Devs become elitist and are talking much more with pro-gamers. I take @Farq-S words because it is better said than i could : "the development is struggling to strike the right balance between casual and competitive. If it goes too far down either path this game will lose alot of its audience on the opposite side." The game needs both worlds but one world haven't to dominate the other. What next ?? Killstreak ? Perks ? Locking weapons ? ..... I included these as one point. I don't think you understand this quote. It is difficult for any developer to strike this balance but as seen with CSGO, the more you support the depth of a shooter and allow for a skill gap, the more people appreciate putting time and effort into the title. COD 1/2/4 were competitive heavy shooters that went casual and completely lost their original fan base in favor of a larger casual scene. Lastly, killstreaks, perks and locking weapons.. you realize these are not competitive features right? In COD4 the competitive community had to create modes to eliminate this garbage? If adding these is your concern you should support the input from competitive players.
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    Hey guys! So over the past week or so you've probably seen us hinting at an announcement coming soon. Well Tomorrow there is! Tomorrow we'll be releasing a Vlog detailing significant updates in Battalion 1944's development! There's also a sneak peak at a few of us playing it for those of you who want any tiny taste of what it will be like! This Vlog will give you a good idea of where the direction of Battalion is heading so make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and our YouTube Channel for it's release. However we will be posting it in our News and Updates Section too! Hope you enjoy it and just a heads up that within the next few weeks there will be a Battalion 1944 reveal trailer! So prepare yourselves for that. One last thing: We are aware that as we gain more and more traction we will be getting more new members join us on here so please don't flame people if they're just being lazy and not using the search function. We will just side with them if you get mad! Please just be patient, some people prefer to learn through their own interactions and not by reading other peoples! Hope you enjoy the Vlog tomorrow! Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet me! Thanks! Tuna
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    You will receive falling damage for dropping off of a large height (currently around the height of 2 story buildings). More importantly you will also make SOUND when falling. So dropping off of any height will give away your position, letting the enemy know where you are. Anyone who has played Call of Duty competitively knows making just one step can lose you a firefight or if you're clever enough you could use that sound to bait the enemy towards you. As for health regen, I feel like that's already been discussed in other threads. However, for the sake of those who haven't read previous discussions (I don't blame you, there's a lot!) health regen is a part of Battalion 1944. This is because we're aiming to be a different game to the only other currently competitive FPS options on the market, CS:GO and Overwatch. For some background: CS:GO is a slower, methodical game where you're heavily punished for being out of position. This leads players to being extremely careful in their approach to the game. Overwatch (the only other growing competitive FPS) is the complete opposite of the scale with infinite respawns and less aim related mechanics where frantic gameplay and fast decision making is the way to win. We're looking to slot nicely between these two games with a fast paced but still skill based FPS that's different to everything else on the market. We know this because we're competitive players ourselves and we're looking to play a competitive game exactly like this In Battalion, we want players to be able to take more fights and encourage more aggressive playstyles. This means 1vX clutches will become more likely for skilled players. A good escape from a fight and knowing when to engage and disengage from a won/lost shootout becomes another 'skill' in terms of a player's gamesense. Also, you must remember the game is also full of rifles with 1 shot potential, where in CS:GO, the only true 1 shot rifle is the highly expensive AWP or a well placed headshot. Giving SMG players the mechanic of regen health will help 'buff' aggressive playstyles but at the same time anyone with aim will be able to counter them. If you don't make your shots count and confirm your kills then you should expect them to be able to fight you back. Whilst I know Counter Strike is a truly amazing competitive game (I have over 2500 hours put into the CS franchise growing up) I do believe we need to differentiate ourselves as a competitive title. If we made 'CS WW2' we wouldn't have our own identity as we would just be the same game but set in WW2. I think health regen heavily ties into that separation, letting players be more aggressive where fast thinking, strong teamwork and insane aim are key to becoming the best. I appreciate your concern but we have considered this and we're confident it's the right decision for the game. Just keep an open mind, you might find you prefer this way of playing! Edit: Just to add, we're also planning on the regen being quite punishing. You can't just hide for a second and be back to full health. Things such as regen time will be tweaked and adjusted through your feedback.
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    To be honest, the only parts we take from CSGO are their match making systems and we had a similar ranking system; however that has grown into a different form now anyway. CSGO: Backend / Matchmaking Dirty Bomb: Backend / Matchmaking COD4 Promod: Movement, map style, weapon balancing, gameplay style COD2 PAM: Movement, rifles, gameplay style Enemy Territory: Movement I hope that clears it up for you?
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    Hey Guys! We’ve been hard at work at Bulkhead Interactive ever since this awesome Kickstarter community of over 10,000 backers pledged your support to the Development of Battalion 1944 back in March. With the Christmas holidays coming, we’re incredibly excited with the year to come as development ramps it up an extra notch and we get closer and closer to revealing the new-look & revamped Battalion 1944. As a small present to say thank you for all your highly vocal and dedicated support, we’re posting a development update to warm you guys up for the big reveals next year. We’re also aware that when we put out content there is a chance that our ideas and features could be stolen or plagiarized, so it’s also important for us to keep some cards close to our chest! This update is a bit text heavy but for those of you who really want to follow the game’s development there’s definitely something for you in here. Alpha, Beta, Early Access and Official Launch Plans So a massive thing that you guys keep asking is; "when can we get our hands on the game?" We’re totally on board with how excited you are to get your hands on Battalion, so we thought it’d be a good idea to give you guys an idea of what content to expect at each stage! Alpha - May 2017 As you guys know, the Alpha testing phase is planned for May 2017. We’ve been having internal meetings and discussions about the best course of action for releasing and testing content alongside the community. Currently we’re planning on having ‘Alpha playtest weekends’. This means we’ll be having planned playtest weekends where we’ll all be focus testing specific features of Battalion as a community. This means you’ll be able to become a part of our development by helping us test different features of the game and providing us with live and direct feedback. We can then make an active weekly effort to implement features and improve the game for the next playtest based on your feedback. For a example of how this will work, the first week of Alpha we’ll be testing the community server browser, our user interface and 1 or 2 of our finished maps on official playtest servers to get feedback solely on the core gameplay, weapon mechanics and movement. Each week we will add and test a different and new feature of the game, testing new maps, game modes and features. Once we’ve received your feedback and we’re happy with the communities reaction to the core gameplay, we plan to move onto the Battalion 1944 Beta phase. Alpha backers will also be able to boot up the game ‘offline’ for extra testing whilst our official weekend playtest servers are not live during the weekends. As a disclaimer, it’s worth noting all stat tracking will be wiped between every testing phase. This is so that when Battalion launches on Steam Early Access everyone will have a clean slate. However, we’ll be looking into how we can reward our Alpha and Beta testers with unique rewards for your early support. Beta - Estimated - July 2017 The Battalion 1944 Beta will be a continuation of the Alpha playtesting weekends but will be more focused on official matchmaking and competitive play. It will also be key for us during this phase to focus test all of the ‘extra’ features of Battalion, such as XP progression with BattleRank and in our in depth stat tracking/unlock systems. These extras are to make sure that the raw and visceral gameplay is backed by an engaging system that keeps players wanting to come back for more. The beta will also be used to test our competitive ranking system, which means the introduction of ranked 5v5 Search & Destroy. We’re also aiming to introduce our team based ranking system during the beta playtests to allow for fairer matched games based on your team’s skill rating. Steam Early Access - We’re remaining flexible. When we launch on early access, we plan for the majority of the game’s “base” features to be intact. At this stage the game will see it’s highest influx of new players, meaning all of the testing done through our Alpha/Beta sessions will be essential for a smooth launch of Battalion 1944. Alongside the Early Access launch, we’re also planning to launch Season 1 of BattleRank competitive play, approximately a week after the game goes live! This will give teams and players the chance to battle it out on our official competitive servers and get that Season 1 rank and badge on your player profile. The date of the early access isn’t yet announced as we have to be flexible with our launch. We want the game to be in the best state possible before public release, that’s where you guys come in. We’re aiming to head to Early Access in August, the more you guys play the game over those 3-4 months the more feedback we can gauge and the better balanced Battalion can be. Console Early Access/Launch We’re currently in talks with platform holders to secure the best possible launch for Battalion 1944 on consoles. These discussions are confidential with each platform holder, so we’ll keep you up to date with more news as and when it happens, just know Battalion’s best interests are our goal here and we need our console partners to be on board with what we’re trying to accomplish with Battalion. Official Launch - To Be Announced The official launch of Battalion 1944 will be a combination of our Steam launch alongside our console releases. The game will be a fully fledged product at this point in it’s life cycle, with the only content left to develop for the game being extra content such as free maps, expansions, seasonal updates, patches and more customizations. With the official launch, we’re also planning to add a new objective based experimental gamemode. There may be chances for the community to playtest the mode before public release. We have no more info to share right now but fans of teamwork and objective based play will really love the new dynamic added to the game. It’s important to remember that Early Access will still be a testing phase so things will change, just as with games like Overwatch and CS:GO they constantly update and fix features. Battalion will be a ‘live’ title that we continue to support for years to come, the game you see on day 1 of Early Access will come a long way over its life cycle; changes made will be made from the heart of Battalion, the community. Keep being vocal. More release details coming next year… We’ll be posting an update much closer to our Alpha/Beta/Early Access releases to lay out all the key details in full for our Kickstarter backers. We just thought it’d be good to lay out our intentions early for our backers to see. Battalion 1944’s Movement System Some of you have started noticing murmurs throughout our forums and our developer twitter accounts that we’re heavily focused on nailing our movement system. Our aim is to make Battalion’s movement easy to pick up but hard to master We’re doing this to allow competitive players to be able to practice their ‘flow’ when moving around maps and enable ‘trick jumps’ to heighten the game’s skill ceiling for the top levels of play. For example we’re looking at the benefits and detriments of strafe jumping, bunny hopping, crouch jumping air movement to make our game feel better to play than any competition. A good reference point for gamers is to say we’re looking to create a blend between 3 games in terms of game feel and movement mechanics: Call of Duty 4 Promod, Call of Duty 2 and Counter Strike. Community server admins and modders in theory should be able to take advantage of these mechanics to create trick jump maps/servers which are both fun and useful for practice. Battalion 1944’s Character Development Progression The characters in Battalion 1944 have been coming along nicely and are going through their final visual pass ready for the implementation of the ‘war torn system’. We recently shared how easy it is for us to add texture customization to our characters as potential cosmetic rewards. For example, here’s our hispanic male character with us switching on/off an example screaming eagles warpaint: Map Development Progression So one of the aspects that everyone is asking about is the core of Battalion 1944; the game’s competitive map pool. Whilst we’re still holding back on showing finalised renders of the levels, we can confirm the maps that are currently in development, which we’re working on right now as I’m typing this update! 1 - Manor House (Name not Final) Location inspired by Brecourt Manor, players will duck and dive through trench warfare to flank the german howitzers, whilst also being able to set up sniping positions from within the map’s French barns and the manor house itself. The Manor House map is set on the evening of the D-Day landings, which is made very apparent within the map’s key areas (keeping that a surprise for the reveal!). Manor House is currently days away from completion in terms of both art and design and will be shown to our internal and professional testers shortly, to ready the map for the Alpha release. 2 - D-Day (Name not Final) A location inspired by the Omaha Beach D-Day landings, the aim of this map was to create the first ever truly competitive level based around the D-Day landings that actually provides a balanced arena for 5v5 Search and Destroy combat. Many other shooters have tried and failed at a creating balanced interpretation of the D-Day landings by giving the Germans the high ground advantage, shooting down onto the beaches, creating a spawn/death cycle. This is something we set out to avoid from day 1 when you helped us reach the D-Day Landings stretch goal. In Battalion 1944’s interpretation of the D-Day landings, players jump into the fight just as the beach has been taken, fighting their way through solid the German defenses including MG bunkers and concrete trenches as players work their way to destroy the German weapon caches which are set up within a large Bunker network and a weapons stash within a local farmhouse. The map is currently in development (aiming to be 60% completed by Christmas) and is also aimed to be shown to our internal and professional testing teams soon to ready the map for the Alpha release. Map 3 - City Station (Name not Final) This is our main city level which we predict to be a very popular level for competitive play. The advantage of having a level set within a city is the way that building architecture allows us to design open spaces right next to tight, well designed choke points allowing for player creativity but also competitive predictability of gameflow. All of the map warfare takes place around the central train station bridge, creating a focal point for the mid lane, long and short routes through the map to each bombsite. The cities location and visuals are influenced by French architecture similar to the city of Montebourg. The map is currently in it’s final blockout form, with artwork commencing in January. We aim to release this map during one of our Alpha/Beta playtests. Map 4 - Watermill (Name not Final) This level is based on a French village in Burgundy. Our aim with this map was to create a familiar feeling basic layout for CoD2 fans with brand new routes/sightlines and visuals, creating a unique map with it’s own identity. It’s clear and distinct 3 lane routes make this map a perfect candidate for competitive play. The map is currently in it’s final blockout form, with artwork commencing in February. We can’t wait to show this one. Map 5 - Upottery (Weapons Training Map) Training map which is set in Upottery, UK. The air base is featured in the early episodes of Band of Brothers. In this level you’ll be able to test out all the weaponry in the game on our firing range and grasp the very basics of Battalion’s movement. Many more maps in development! A lot of the maps that have been already finalized have already been through several iterations and are unrecognisable from their original state. For every map we’ve made we’ve thrown another two away, purely because we’re striving for the best for competitive play. We also have many more maps currently being designed and are currently going through this iteration process, which is why more will be announced at a later date. Battalion 1944's Ranking System We’ve recently been talking to our forum community about our ranking systems and getting you guys involved with development. One of the massive selling points of Battalion 1944 is our ranking system, BattleRank. Alongside community owned servers, we’ll be having a matchmaking system which will enable players to track dedicated individual stats as well as team statistics from competitive play. This is probably the most advanced part of the game so far, it’s in a really good state and despite Joe and Howard discovering the real meaning of ‘elo hell’ whilst trying to design a fair and balanced ranking system; it’s looking great. Unfortunately, our ranking system is rather special to us and is easy to steal and plagiarize so we won’t be publicising all the details until 2017. However, just know that we confer with ex-professional Call of Duty players on a regular basis. This brings us to you guys to help us decide the names of Battalion 1944’s competitive rankings. You can still get involved in that conversation here: http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/1691-help-us-decide-our-competitive-rank-names/ Players will be able to play competitively when we launch our matchmaking system into the game shortly after launch (currently planned for the beta phase of development). Season 1 of competitive play is planned to launch with our Steam early access release. This testing phase is vital, we guarantee there WILL be issues and we want you guys to let us know about all of them! We want this part of the game to be especially slick. We’ve said this before, but we aren't just developers, we’re competitive players ourselves. This is why we’re focused on creating a great competitive experience with a matchmaking system and tracking stats that actually matters. Changing The Pricing Model We saw a lot of fans telling us that the price for Battalion was to high. After a lot of discussions and debates with various different areas of the community, we’ve decided to implement a loot crate/weapon case system. This means we’ll be able to lower the retail price of Battalion 1944 thus lowering the barrier to entry. Multiplayer games live and die on their player bases, especially FPS games. We want to make sure Battalion is available to as many gamers as possible from a financial standpoint and a technical view. Obviously; we massively appreciate our Kickstarter community and we’ll always be looking for ways to give you something extra and make sure you’re always treated the way you should be. You can read more about loot crates/weapon cases in the next section. Battalion 1944’s Visual Customization & Weapon Skin Unlocks On the forums and in the studio we’ve also been talking a lot about the plans for visual unlocks and how skins etc can be obtained. There are tons of options for us in terms of soldier and weapon customizations. The current plan is that every time you ‘level up’ via XP you’ll be able to call in an air package (in the main menu, obviously not ingame!) which will give you 2-4 visual customization items of varying rarity. These can include but are not limited to: Melee Weapons Helmets/Headgear Equipment Loadouts (Remember: Visual Changes Only!) Weapon/Metal Variants Weapon Engravings Profile Poses Victory Poses War Cries (Limited to 1 usage per round) Team Emblems Player Icons We’ve been doing the research and have been gathering references for our art team to create the customizations as well as starting to plan the systems for implementation when the game hits full release. As we previously mentioned, something we’re also considering is giving players the option to pay a small amount for more loot crates or weapon cases etc. This is completely optional and should be seen as a donation towards further development of post release content. We’re aware of the awful stigma surrounding micro transactions as we’ve all seen great games ruined in favour of greed from developers and publishers. We’ve been having a long discussion with the community about this matter. The tradeoff of having an option to also pay for these purely cosmetic unlocks (which can all be gained for free without spending a penny!) is the option for us to financially support the game post launch with free DLC content for all players, new maps and supporting the competitive scene by sponsoring competitive community events. We want the British/Russian DLC updates as much as you do and this seems like a great option for the game’s longevity. It’s worth mentioning DLC won’t really be DLC, we’ll just continue to update the game and add new content as regularly as possible. Just like Overwatch and CS:GO. This is still an ongoing and open discussion with our community so feel free to get involved here: http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/1636-loot-crates-weapon-case-drops-what-are-your-thoughts/?page=1 Battalion 1944’s User Interface Battalion 1944’s User Interface We’ve been reading all of your feedback in our UI design thread and taking on board your notes. Whilst we aren't showing you the main menu user interface right now, we can say it’s looking AWESOME. The guys at Monolytic are doing an amazing job at creating a highly usable and efficient user experience to allow you to get into the game quickly. We’ve nearly wrapped up conceptualising the main menu UI and are planning to move onto the ingame HUD etc. in January. We’ve been looking at all your comments and suggestions on the forums and are looking to implement the best ones into our new designs. We’ll be able to share more with you on this front during 2017. Feedback from ex-Call of Duty 2/4 and esports professionals (Forgotten Soldiers LAN) We’re also extremely happy to announce that we’ll be getting exclusive feedback from current and ex-Call of Duty players as well as current professional esports players before we head to Battalion 1944’s Alpha. This is to ensure we nail the feel and core gameplay of Battalion 1944 to make it a raw and truly skill based first person shooter for the modern generation. We’ll be doing this alongside supporting the Forgotten Soldiers LAN, which is a Call of Duty 2 revival tournament in Munich, Germany. You can read more about the event here: http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/1744-battalion-supporting-forgotten-soldiers-lan-cod2/#comment-18371 ...Phew! That was a long update. Whilst we won’t be releasing much in terms of videos or screenshots until our big reveal next year, we hope this was enough to satisfy your thirst for more Battalion 1944 news before the year is over. As a final note for the year, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for helping development of Battalion 1944 become a reality. We have one more day in the studio before we break up for the winter holidays, so without further ado, from the team at Bulkhead Interactive we’d like to all wish all of our backers and loyal supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    Our leaning system is finished, it feels similar to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Battalion 1944 is pretty fast paced so camping & leaning isn't the most advantageous playstyle, its just annoying really lol, but if people do it, they won't be top fraggers. Battalion like COD2/COD4/ET is a game of choosing when to push and when to wait, not a game where you solely wait.
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    Struggling from some time whether it was appropriate to put this here, but as a dad with a 1 year old daughter and 2nd baby coming up, the news about Joe and his wife's daughter seriously torn me apart (it makes me cry, which i haven't done for decades) and made me angry at the same time that these things happen in life. I just had to speak out and come here. How hard i try, i cannot imagine the pain you feel about your loss and all i can do, hoping it will be comforting to you in any way, is giving my sincere condealances and God speed to both of you, Joe, and your wife. I hope you will find peace. In here she will always be remembered, Please remember that English is not my native language so i hope this messages reaches you the way i'm trying to deliver it, while crying at the moment. Yours, Tim
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    Bulkies and fellow B1944's To begin with: The User Interface is perhaps one of the most underestimated features in a game that can actually make it or break it. The UI holds both the main menu screen layout, HUD, character load out screen as the server settings menu and the match finder / serverlist. Something i personally are really keen on and allergic for too, if not done right (see: Heroes and Generals where they started off really great but since 2014 totally messed it up). In general: - First of all: In all area's the golden rule is KEEP IT SIMPLE and follow the "3 click max to reach your goal" principle. - Second: preferably do not hide everything under buttons but make it reachable directly as much as possible. Example: I wish to mute main menu sound? then there should be a speaker icon directly on my screen that toggles it. And not having to go all the way through settings menu to disable it. - Something revolutionary could be a personalized fast access menu? - Keep it low on the fancy stuff and have features toggled OFF as default. If people want to fancy up their UI / HUD then let them have to toggle it manually. - DO NOT design the UI as if playing on a mobile phone. - DO NOT use floating menu's but have everything framed and positioned properly and logically. Main menu idea - Have a solid background only showing the SinglePlayer / MultiPlayer / Training and Settings options in a list. Simple as that. Early COD series did and worked just fine. Optional the toggle on/off sound button and credits page showing the names of the devs, investors and early backers. - Do not add social media links nor links to the forum/website or whatsoever on the main page. Perhaps when viewing the "credits and info" page can hold them. Else it will look very cheap and like a game aiming for the "casual gamer and the mass"). - Optional: A tactic maker menu where you select one of the official maps from a list and go to a drawing board where you can add simple colored lines and dots and able to send it to other accounts? Single player - Depending of how the SP will take shape, this screen should give u the possibility to choose the faction you would like to play the SP campaign with, by the use of a simple pull down menu. Something unique would be the option to play as a Wehrmacht soldier! But that aside. - Then a list will appear of the scenario's that are available to play. - Lastly a character load out screen showing the character with slots around it on designated places of where the equipment should be placed (e.g. in one hand holding the main weapon, second hand a pistol, on the head a helmet with custom modification etc). - Alternatively have classes to choose from with fixed load outs and let players just then select the asset to customize? Multiplayer - FarQ-S his idea sounds interesting. World map showing active WW2 theaters. Next zoom level should show the cities/towns/areas available each with their own specific / detailed map (with help of mod community). After selecting the map of choice, the last zoom level (3 click max) should give you the list of available servers running that map with server info and join button. - But to stick to the "keep it simple formula", just showing a filter and "refresh" button which calls a mission list should do the trick too. And in my honest opinion this will fit better in a game that aims for competitive gaming. HUD - Optuinal: A compass showing your position, objectives and wind directions and perhaps a red dot lighting up where an enemy is spotted - Optional: Ammo status bar bottom screen - Optional: health bar - Clock showing remaining battle time top left - NO hit registration boxes - NO spotting doritos in your screen/face - NO objective markers in your screen other than on the compass (competitive gamers are smart enough to learn the maps) - NO text messages telling you what happens in the game but just sounds (see: COD: MW) - NO tooltips ingame Again, not too much hidden menu's that turns the game into a point and click adventure game. Please do not try to win a Pulitzer price by making everything ultra super high resolution with curved edges around text and that sorts. The game should have an oldschool look&feel. MOH and COD2 did this very nicely (COD:MW less) and people supporting this game actually expect an oldschool type of game starting with the general UI. We/they do not really care about fancy graphics since then we would have gone playing COD:10000 AD. Text size should not be too small. Thats my two cents. Will think of more. Added: - Please keep transitions and animations to a minimum. If you click something (e.g. open a menu) it should simply 'pop open' with minimum delay instead of slowly sliding open or stuff like that Again this all looks fancy but surpasses its goal. - Concerning Farq-S his carousel i would suppose hitting a button to change faction would just dissolve the current character image and load the next one rather than having some carousel turning it around some axis putting the current one on the background or anything. Simplicity is the keyword here
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    Now we finally get to the actual point of your troll post, Goucho. When you pay for any version of a game, whether it's in the alpha stage or final release stage, a large amount of that cash has gone into the actual game development. Everyone knows this, commonsense dictates this fact, even you are already aware of this fact, but still you have the utter "bass neck" to post what you did on these forums, in the hopes of fooling someone and/or causing as much trouble as you can in the process. That's what truly "leaves a bad taste", Goucho, it's that and the wording of your emabarrassing rant that has everyone here really "smelling a rat" as to your true motives in posting the garbage that you have.
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    Impressed by the responses to this thread We are indeed working away, we're working really hard at the moment actually; team is pretty stressed! But the game is finally coming together and we've nailed the 'feel'. We have a string of announcements coming up in February/March. Thanks Joe
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    Hey Battalionites! Great news! The official Battalion 1944 Steam page is up! Go check it out here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/489940/ and be the first to add it to your wish list! Thanks a lot.
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    Let's rename everything. Alpha is now called 'Play it first' Beta is now called 'Play it second' Early Access is the first public time you can play it. You're paying to have access to it earlier, not paying to test it. We don't want our community playing a broken build they don't deserve that, they should be letting us know if a weapon feels slightly OP or if they don't like a certain section of a map. Alpha is just the term we use for first version, anyone over the age of 18 knows that what DICE are doing with Battlefield used to just be called a 'demo', you'd receive them in magazines, download them over 6 days because of ancient internet speed and it would be just one map. With Battlefield you aren't actually testing the game, they're making you think you're an active part of the development process and you're part of some secret club, but really you're just accessing the demo before anyone else, under the guise of "oh its broken here because its a beta". The difference with Battalion- those of you in the alpha will be the first people to say "This is good, this is bad". Every company in the world says "we value your opinion". Well; they don't! But in this instance, we're just a group of frustrated FPS fans who were tired of waiting for literally our heroes to make a game the way we wanted it, so we say F*** it, let's do it ourselves: this is important because I'm try to say we know exactly what its like to have issues with a game and not have a say and see a game going down a bad path. So if you want to be a part of our community, if you want to be a part of this game, and if you want to literally change the course of FPS games, you'll get involved and put your money behind it just like everyone else in this community has. Thank you to the people who have defended us and understand the challenges of game development and understand the mammoth task we're trying to achieve; you get "it" There are no refunds, we're spending all the money on the development of Battalion. This was clear on the Kickstarter page. Our way of doing business is simple; make a great f****** game and make a game the people want and the rest will take care of itself.
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    So I come from CS:GO and the CS franchise in general (mostly CS:S and CS:GO). I have served as an analyst and commentator in CS:S and CS:GO for several years (most recently doing CS:GO events for ELEAGUE, DreamHack, Gfinity, ECS, etc.). With those things in mind, I obviously am big into spectating the game for live commentary as well as review in post-game situations (analysis, content, etc.). So with that said I wanted to pose some thoughts about spectating games in Battalion 1944. A lot of this is going to be copy pasting features we see in CS:GO. I feel Valve really nailed spectating for the most part, especially in live situations. Though I will say, many of these features are also found in other games as well, especially in recent times. Without further ado, here are some features I think are important to a great spectator experience. X-ray: Having X-ray for character models for spectators is one of the best things I have seen added to spectating FPS games in the last few years. A lot of games are strictly streamed with X-ray on all the time. It really helps quickly see how people are set up or movement on the map while still being able to view the game in a player’s first person perspective. I definitely feel this needs to be a part of this game. You can do Red for Axis and Blue for Allies or something. However, recently in CoD IW I saw the X-ray color be based on the team colors (so OpTic Gaming X-ray colors were green for example). So there are some options on exactly how to implement it, but I would love to see X-ray in the game as early as possible for spectating. Mini Map/Map Overview: It goes without saying having a mini map is a big part of FPS games. Usually this sits in the top left corner or something of your screen as a player to get information about the map. As a spectator it lets you see everything and everyone. It’s definitely a big part of spectating. This is probably too obvious to even add here. However, a big thing from CS:GO and other games is the ability to pull up a giant map overview AND to be able to draw on it with different colors and stuff. This is a great tool to talk tactics and point things out. I would definitely love to see that being a part of the game. A great Spectator GUI: This includes score, team names (maybe logos and country flag), clock, round number, map number (if it’s a bo3 or something so you can quickly see who has the map lead). Also player bars on the sides of the screen (name, what gun they have out, what nades they have, health/armor, number of kills in the round, etc. ) Finally, being able to go through the players with the number keys is HUGE to help with observing. One team is 1-5, the other team is 6-0 (again just look at CS:GO). Map Cameras: Outside of the ability to follow players in first person as well as free roam around the map, having set cameras across the map for third person shots would be great. The added ability for an observer to customize where these cameras are setup will also be great. It can allow you some nice shots between the action and such to add to production value. Instant Replay: This is a great production element. Many people use external means to do it, not sure if it is possible just to be an added element of the game itself. Demo playback: This is one of the things CS:GO got wrong. Demo playback in CS:GO is complete ass. Third party providers like Statshelix crush the actual in game system. I hope that a solid demo playback on this game can be achieved. It is great to be able to watch matches back and pick them apart. These are just some of the biggest elements I see and enjoy in other games. I feel they are important to have to make the viewing experience great. I imagine many of these ideas are already in the works but thought I would share them here anyhow. If I have any more ideas I may add them to this thread at a later date.
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    So our first and 3rd and 1st person crouching animations sync up perfectly so they can't be abused in this way by headshot angles. We're planning on implementing as CS:GO style 'delay' if you spam crouch too often in one spot.
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    Everything was placeholder! All will be revealed soon!
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    We are working on it guys. The game is really coming along. We are just getting our heads down and working towards the Alpha guyzzzz. We will get a gameplay trailer out asap don't worry. I've seen it and it looks a tonne better than it did in the kickstarter video!
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    There's a lot of misinformation and confusion in this thread as people seem to be confused between the difference in economy and unlock/progression systems. Also, please try and keep conversation civil! Name calling and shouting with CAPS etc will only takes away from our development time if we have to manage everyone more hands on. Be polite! Anyway! For clarity, we're never doing gameplay changing unlocks (especially bought with real money!). What ToonBE is actually referring to is CS:GO's economy system. I've posted a vid below that breaks down the system. You can see it adds a lot of tactical teamplay and depth, which also makes it interesting when spectating the game. In a way the system is it's own small mini meta-game within the actual game itself. However, this may not be in line with our ethos for the game. Remember, Battalion needs to be different to other competitive games, because why would you play something that's already been made and established? We need our own 'system' to differentiate ourselves. That may even mean no system at all! We are discussing internally how we can enhance our competitive S&D mode and the economy system is a relevant topic that has been mentioned. We may implement some kind of system which rewards teams for rounds won or incentivises saving of weapons and smarter play. However we will never straight rip content from other games. If we do add an extra element of teamplay and weapon management to the game it'll be completely different to the way CS:GO uses ingame money for kills/rounds won etc. Also as a final point that i have to clear up... Call of Duty 2 PAM and CoD4 Promod didn't die because they were bad games. Competitive games have much more structure and better implementation and developer support now, alongside the extreme year to year growth of esports over the years. Promod was a MOD. That was already a barrier to entry for casual players to get into the competitive scene, that alongside a multitude of other reasons is why they couldn't survive competitively as games like SC2, LoL, DOTA and CS:GO came onto the competitive scene. The gameplay was fast, exciting and different to CS:S and Quake (the main other competitive FPS of those years) , which made it an interesting competitive alternative in terms of both gameplay and spectating. We want to retain that feeling of a fast, skillful gameplay where any round a clutch can be viable for a talented player. So maybe no weapon management system at all is a better fit for Battalion 1944? However, I definitely see the benefits of having something like this. I'll probably open a thread in a month or two specifically for feedback on our ideas when they're more concrete to get all of your feedback. This is being actively discussed and will never be implemented without testing and feedback. If the community hates our ideas, we can always revert them.
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    I know it's only a semi-serious suggestion but how about having it as one of our 'war cry' unlocks? They'll be limited to one use per round on official servers (to avoid spam) and we never said war cries have to be vocal
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    Wow! totally missing the significance of this vid. Phantasy is one of the few people outside the dev team that's actually played the game. nobody outside the dev team has even seen the game. Phantasy's entire vid talks about the "Gameplay" mechanics and look and feel of the game. the significance of this vid to anyone with half a brain should be obvious.
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    Hey guys, So first of all I'll help clear up the actual debate. In Battalion 1944, realism is not a core gameplay value of ours, instead it's focused on the combination of authenticity and competitive fun, the same as it is in games such as CoD1/2, Enemy Territory and Battlefield. We've specifically always chosen the word authenticity over realism in all of our marketing as in no way are we trying to recreate WW2 exactly as it happened to the detail. We're not a tactical realism shooter like Squad or Arma. However, what we are creating is 'Battalion 1944', which will have it's OWN feel in terms of sniping and core gameplay, much like all of the games listed above have their own unique game feel. Taking that into account and to answer the original question, snipers and rifles in Battalion are currently being implemented with the competitive nature of the game in mind. For example, If you read a gameplay situation and can then scope and fire before your enemy sees you and reacts, you deserve that kill. That goes for all situations, If a sniper 'out games' you by creeping up, jumping around a corner and killing you before you react, you'll need to react to that snipers overconfident playstyle and 'out game' them back. The trade off is that if you miss that shot as the sniper, you're going to be at a disadvantage to a Thompson for example. The look and sounds of all weapons are being created with authenticity in mind whilst the gameplay will always be focused on skill based shooting. So secondly the next thing I need to mention is I'm actually going to lock this thread after it has been reported by another poster who wasn't in this thread. The comments have escalated towards personal insults. At no point on this forums is it acceptable to call another member a 'retard' for having an opinion and in no instance is it acceptable to reply with vitriolic remarks back. We're all in the same boat as supporters and fans of this game. I would really hate to have to start clamping down on forum members who are openly supporting what our team is trying to achieve but letting the community down by adding toxic comments to discussions. It isn't what this community is about. Please keep future discussions civilised, we want this to remain a place for veterans and newbies alike to share their passion for this project, so lets keep it that way
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    just asked phantasy this question on his twitch stream..."what game does movement most closely relate to and did it feel different to your previous play session?" Answer - "feels almost identical to Promod.....strafing is slightly easier than Promod" he's fielding lots of questions right now https://www.twitch.tv/phantasyftw Ques - how was the recoil? Ans - normal. Ques - shooting mechanics? Ans - just like COD2/COD4 Ques - can you reload cancel? Ans - yes....all gunplay mechanics are like COD Phantasy - "they're planning an economy system......not like CS:GO.....can't talk about it anymore" Phantasy - "gameplay is fast-paced......has health regen.....wouldn't work well with no health regen.....would slow game down too much.....people would camp" (his words, not mine)
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    Hey guys! As promised, here's the Vlog announcement! Hope you enjoy it! if you want to read a more indepth analysis of what this means and what we've been working on you can read our latest Kickstarter Update. If you have any questions start a thread in General Discussion and we'll do our best to answer any! Thanks! Tuna
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    We're working on something, but for the love of god, please please please, stop suggesting the same CSGO features lol. I thought I loved CSGO a lot, but now I realise what a huge CS fan you are lol
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    Froster, I know who you are, so I massively respect your opinion, are you in our ex-pro players group? If not I'd love to get you invited. On this topic; Weapon sway: Promod does have weapon sway, you're wrong. When we say we have weapon sway, we have a very similar amount to COD4 promod, so its pretty minimal but trust me when I say, when there is 0 weapon sway, to most players it looks weird AF. Don't forget we're comp players we play on super low settings, minecraft mode etc, I actually play CSGO on 4:3 square so we are totally aware of keeping the game as minimal as possible. But weapon sway exists in COD4 promod and we have the same amount, to be sure.. I just booted it up and checked. I have a feeling you might be talking about something else not weapon sway? Let me know if I've misunderstood? Random Recoil: CSGO is about pinpoint aiming so they have spray patterns and they're actually trying to get rid of them more and more so that people use 1 taps and they have more 'Scream' type players. It's better for spectators that way. COD4 is primarily about movement, you say if there is random spray patterns then there's no skill? We're building a team game where more than just 1 guy with a gun matters. Battalion has 1 shot rifles and snipers for the precision aiming. But for the movement side of things we have the SMG type classes with the thompson and the MP40. Yes the recoil is random, but those classes are about positioning and movement, not about aim. Thanks a lot for the feedback! Joe
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    Jump shots add another level of skill and another dimension to the game, jumping & ADS is in Battalion.
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    Hey guys, we have indeed decided to restrict streaming on the alpha, despite our best efforts (I don't like the idea of charging for something that can't be public) however, its a necessary evil for us. Here is our opinion on it; first off, the FAQ is a guideline for our intentions, we will never feel contracted to stick to something we said if it has a negative impact on Battalion 1944, every decision we make is for the better of the game. If we said something 9 months ago, we may have since gathered information or learnt something new that can change our previously decided opinion on a matter. When it comes to streaming, we decided that we have 3 stages. Alpha, Beta, and Early Access. The alpha stage is designed to help balance the game, fix bugs, find issues, and search for potential problems. I am 110% positive that the Battalion 1944 alpha will have a lot of issues, just as Days of War has. We're learning a lot from their release so its been very fortunate that DoW has come out now because we're able to track its progress and try and adapt to some of the issues its seen and not make the same mistakes they have made. Alpha will be broken, to allow people to stream a super broken game is just an all round bad idea. People usually take one look at something and make a decision to buy or to spread the word that it looks crap. It's something that you can't recover from easily. The reason our alpha is so expensive is because we want our community to buy into designing the game and helping us moderate and test features, we want to use their knowledge and their opinions to better Battalion, but we want to do it behind closed doors. Again, I don't want you to think we're lying to you or we're being disrespectful to our backers. Really we just want to make the best possible game and we know for a fact we've learned a lot over the last 9 months, many decisions have changed, but that doesn't mean the core values of Battalion aren't intact. Thanks a lot, let me know what you think. Joe
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    Yeh^ Some of the stuff in that video wasn't correct, it was an opinion piece though and I rate Westie! However; closed alpha backers forum? Why let the backers make the suggestions but not the growing community? We don't have a closed alpha forum because we don't have a closed alpha at the moment :D!? I feel like you're making suggestions like we haven't thought about this, we're honestly totally in control of this we have great plans for Battalion and more importantly. Unlike big developers and publishers, we have to 100% rely on the feedback from our community. Weekly updates; not every week is interesting, some bits of information relate to other parts of the game. Game development and design isn't linear. If we did a weekly update from the start of the kickstarter, screw it from the start of the month everything would be different between week 1 and 4. We want to have the flexibility to change our minds, so people don't think what we say is gospel. Unfortunately, all gamers, and I've done this before as a play, jump to conclusions and run away with ideas and what they want the game to be, if we give too much information we restrict what we can do and there is nothing that gamers hate more than a developer that lies. We don't lie, we design, we realize things don't work, we realize things are broken, we discuss good ideas and decide they're actually bad ideas, and we can't make the decisions we NEED to make for the best of Battalion 1944 if the community is demanding something without knowing all the facts. We've also had a few things that were unique to Battalion not necesarrily plagiarized but copied and that's not something we want to expose ourselves to. The wait is coming to an end, announcements are coming, playables are becoming visible, and players are becoming NEEDED. Keep strong, keep pushing our message that Battalion is an old school game first and a WW2 game second, and be ready to test the game everybody Joe
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    not even one more penny to those moneywhores trash business ugly cows
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    The idea is to have spawns that aren't broken yes^ however in arena shooters if for instance the server admin overloads the server with say 25 players (which is their decision) then yes you'll see spawn issues, but if you play the game as a 4v4/5v5/6v6 game you won't see any issues with spawns ideally.
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    i've been here since day one. i saw the kickstarter announcement trailer on IGN and was immediately hooked in by the prototype gameplay footage and extremely impressed with Joe, Howard, David and Kevin. that announcement trailer, to this day, is the best piece of Bat44 material because it captures precisely what we all want from this game. there were alot of kickstarter backers active on these forums at the start and although they've all been very quiet for the last 6 months, believe me they're still there following this game and these forums on a daily basis just as i'm doing. they're probably not so active on the forums because everything being thrown up recently has already been done to death months ago. that's not a criticism. that's just the way things are. so, i thought i'd sum up from my perspective where things stand with Bat44 on the progress of key aspects of the game. Gameplay; GUNS - it's what we're all here for and if the M1 Garand reveal is anything to go by we're in for a treat. Bat44 will have all the guns we'd expect to see in a WW2 game covered, with cosmetic skin variants and engraving (nazi hunter!). MELEE - gun-butt confirmed PRONE - confirmed LEAN - confirmed FACTIONS - we'll have the americans, germans and french resistance (not 100% sure on that one). uniforms will have a high degree of customization with patches and emblems to personalise the look of the soldier. the WAR-TORN system will give visual representation of player's progress in the game. GAMEMODES - all the staples, domination, s&d, capture the flag, tdm plus the D-DAY map and yet to be announced new gamemodes. expect close-quarters, infantry focused, competitive maps that reward skilful gunplay for all playstyles. the CURAHEE map will offer a firing range and leaderboards (personally hoping it will be available for private matches so we can duel with friends). PROGRESSION - cosmetic only! no stupid attachment unlocks that upset weapon balance. BATTLERANK will set objective focused challenges to achieve. Infratructure; very strong support for modding dedicated servers robust anti-cheat i know there's lots of other things flying around and things that the Devs, very rightly, have not revealed to us but i've stuck to areas that i've followed with interest and seen progress from snippets of info in the forums and elsewhere. to sum up, Bat44 is progressing very well from my perspective. the Dev's conduct has been impeccable and the community has been constructive and supportive.
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    You have good points. Have you played CoD1, if I may ask? It's not just the MP44, it's the other weapons too. The thing is, that you have to quickly think in your head that HOW are you going to shoot with your weapon. I think that "with Thompson, you gotta spray, no matter what" think style you may have is not good. Even with Thompson, you can burst shoot in quite a long range. It's just not as effective as with MP44 or Rifles of course. And in close combat Thompson is going to be better option than MP44, no surprise there. Those shots you see in the video are not easy to do, you have to master the weapon. Rifles are 90% better choice in long distance shooting than MP44, even in CoD1. That's a frag movie, compiled with the best one taps / long range shots that I could do and those are quite hard to execute. What I mean is that we need a quite high skill cap on the weapons, not mini-rifle machine guns, but you can still use them in long range IF you are accurate. You are over exaggerating with "shooting the clouds". The weapons have high recoil, it means you have to have a good recoil control. Nowadays almost every FPS-game has no recoil at all - all you gotta do is just spray and have a good timing (see newest CoDs). It's not necessary to pull 'real life' or 'actual combat' in a game that doesn't 100% follow realism, that has been said numerous times before. We need the gameplay to be balanced and appropriately skillful so you can't just spray and use timing for victory, if you know what I mean. And I personally rarely use rifles at all, which cuts me off from the 'we love rifles only' group as you mentioned. I love rifles though, but I don't use them that much. It's fun to show that you can drop snipers / riflemen using an assault rifle far away, when you know, that it requires a lot of skill and they might not see that coming. That's what it's about.
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    This is 100% planned and is going in the game
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    War cries are currently planned as unlockables! Your thread was referenced in our internal discussions when talking about the best way to implement our unlock system. We're going to focus on making them worth unlocking as well. A good mix of cool WW2 references, friendly banter and generic battle shouts
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    Also, in order to keep as many people as possible happy, allow as many elements of the UI to be turned off serverside so those who like to run custom set ups on their own servers can do so as they please.
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    Ideally for me there won't be any great revolutions, keep it simple. Obviously the following are just my own preferences and I may chip in several times as more things come to me: - If you include an in game map (perhaps this can go on the loading screen so players can take a look whilst loading), please include your own location names on buildings, so everyone is singing off the same sheet. Perhaps you can make it look like a military map with names scribbled over the buildings to identify them. - A small, circular compass that allows for clearly communicating directions. No "red dots" to pinpoint gunfire, make players learn to use their ears to identify the direction of the sound. - Killfeed - enough so you know who killed who, with what weapon. Possibly indicating the location of the killing blow (like if it was a headshot, or a leg shot). - The ability to see how many players are alive on both teams as well as what the current score/time left is without having to TAB to the scoreboard. - If you are following a health regen system with a short time to kill model then please, no health bar. Don't need to see that yo-yo'ing up and down. - Keep remaining ammunition/grenades permanently visible.
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    Is it going to be a thing now that whenever someone doesn't get something their own way... they'll make a thread about it? Come on guys you're heavily critiquing a game before it has even reached alpha, let alone a proper gameplay reveal trailer. I'm not sure where you're getting your spray pattern / RNG theories from, it's the first I've heard of it. Every piece of communication that I've read from the developers thus far (not just suggestive posts from community members) has all pointed towards a CoD2/4 mechanic, which does not include spray patterns or RNG. The developers haven't indicated any real clear direction or as to what they want to do specifically in regards to skins, so I think you're jumping at conclusions waaaay too early and are just getting worked up by the amount of people that are in favour of the CSGO style compared to the authentic style that clearly you're after. And you're getting upset over non-cookable grenades? Come on now, how is that a game breaker for whatever side of the fence you sit on in regards to competitive or casual? I just don't see the point in people complaining about the same points that have already been discussed to their death previously without even opening the game up first and giving it a crack.
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    So do we, and everyone, and infact there's a few singleplayer WW2 games coming out this year.. You will be spoiled for choice! But you need a lot of money and a lot of time to give it the treatment it deserves, we're focusing on competitive play and multiplayer. Thanks Joe
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    Hey! Point 1: a lot more work than it sounds, don't become accustomed to destructible because Battlefield has it, networking a destructible environment is very difficult. It's also not the type of game we're making more importantly. Point 2: We chose to have health regen, we understand the pros and cons of it, but we chose regen, it keeps the game flowing and evolving more. Point 3: Server admins can choose to toggle on/off in competitive it will be on.
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    One of the best tools in the industry, Substance Painter is a 3D painting software allowing you to texture, render and share your work. https://www.allegorithmic.com/products/substance-painter Substance Painter also allows you to create your own Smart texture and more, you can also share your created textures with the Substance Community https://share.allegorithmic.com/ Here are a few renders of my texture work using Substance:
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    An Enemy Territory mod (Although the movement isn't too dissimilar) aaaaand I'd like to see someone make a really really good map that we can implement into the full release.
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    I see a suppressor as a sort of gun "mod" and would even want to call it a "perk" since it will give you advantage over others in terms of stealth. Therefor i do not support anything like these gun modifications for competitive play and doubt it will be in the game.
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    I know how the COD4 demo feature works, I'd be happy with something like that because you can have film configs etc. We don't have an external piece of software like COD demo viewer, we want something internal and we know how important it is especially for a competitive player. We've got something in the works, it's just not high up on the priority list for alpha
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    @[CM] BigTuna since I didn't win the PC, can I win the pillows?
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    Hey guys, Recently we have been working on super cool customizable melee weapon unlocks. All melee weapons will be exactly the same stats wise just what tool you wish to use can be changed. But believe me, we have some super awesome designs of real life weapons so look forward to that!
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    Hey man, just got back to the forums and in the office after Gamescom (I try to read as many posts as possible but I don't always get chance/time to respond) but as a massive competitive player I had to get in on this one. So, Battalion as an eSport will not happen overnight, we've always called it a competitive game rather than an 'esports game' for this exact reason. Remember Shootmania: Storm? Yeah, most people don't. It takes time and care to build something like this into an esport. First and foremost, our aim is to make Battalion 1944 a game that is fun to play and has a massive focus on skill based mechanics. Without people wanting to play and improve there can be no 'esports' scene around the game, so our first goal is to make that solid experience that people actually want to be the masters of because they enjoy the game. That takes time, but we're building everything from the ground up with the competitive mindset and if the community want to take it to the next level that's awesome. Servers/Matchmaking/Config So down to specifics, in terms of configuration, owners of community servers will be able to heavily customize multiple aspects of the game through the server config files much like you say. We'll also have our own BattleRank competitive matchmaking on official servers as well as a number of casual servers. The idea is that players can choose to have fun and play on casual servers without competitive pressure so new players can learn the game in a less competitive environment. These servers will run game modes that are more suited to casual players such as Team Deathmatch, Free for All etc. Once players feel like they're ready to jump into the competitive side of the game, they'll be able to jump into competitive matchmaking, which will help them easily find games with other likeminded players. Of course, as a competitive player myself, I know the core community will want to run their own leagues, tournaments and servers, so this is where the community server browser comes in. These could be passworded servers with custom plugins for 5v5 competitive play or pretty much anything. For example CS:GO has matchking services such as ESEA and Faceit to enhance the experience for players who are massively into the competitive side of the game. We see our competitive matchmaking as a good bridge for the players between the levels of play, to keep the player base large and full of recruits for teams wanting to reach the next level. With that idea in mind we will closely be looking at how the community modifies the standard competitive ruleset (If it needs to!) to suit competitive games and we will consider adjustments based on that feedback. Map Design I'm one of the 3 main designers working on the game (myself, Joe and David our programmer) and I'm the guy focusing mostly on the level design. I completely agree about the 3 choke point design, it's essential for certain game modes and fits the team size of the game. I've played thousands of hours of shooters and have a deep understanding of gameflow & design. I even wrote my university dissertation on environment art / level design for competitive shooters where I interviewed FMPONE the creator of the loved CS:GO competitive community map de_cache (I got a 1st grade for that, but looking back now at the study it could've been so much better). The main thing is designing the maps to allow for players with multiple play styles to still be able to enjoy the game. Burgundy in CoD2 is a good example. Long but tight sniping angles, close range alleyways for the Shotguns/SMGs, really fun gameflow. Whilst the '3 lane' level design approach is the goal for most maps in the competitive map pool, we'll throw in a couple of deathmatch style maps for people who want to learn the game mechanics or want a break from serious competition. It's fun to play 1v1 snipers now and again For anyone interested in looking into any further level design stuff, this is a nice point to start at where LevelCap breaks down BF4 map design. I think DICE do a great job at creating levels for massive open combat but Battlefield is not the same style of FPS as us. This video highlights why BF4's level design wouldn't work for a competitive style of gameplay. So. Many. Angles. Gamemodes I'm a massive fan of Search and Destroy. I completely agree with what you've said so don't worry, we're focused on polishing our S&D game mode just as much as we are with the others. There's nothing like winning a close 1v5 clutch for your team. Again, we'll be looking at how the community feels about our default configurations as well as looking at our inhouse stats for S&D and we'll make adjustments if needed. We have said in the past we're looking at CTF as another option as well as S&D for competitive play to vary things up. We'd like to give people the option to try both, we wouldn't force it onto the community. Whilst I personally agree with you and S&D being the ultimate gamemode for both gameplay and spectators, it's a good to have another teamplay oriented option as some people just don't like waiting whilst dead and we wouldn't want to put them off from playing the game. In the end, if the community just plays S&D there's nothing lost. Anyway, in short, yes we're massive competitive FPS fans (watching and playing!) outside of work, so we'll 100% be focusing on making a skill based game that could grow to have a huge competitive community. Myself and Joe are actually competing at the Insomnia 58 CS:GO tournament this weekend to celebrate the release of The Turing Test Hope that helps with any worries, the game is in good hands!
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    The desperation to excuse and play as the SS is worrying, whether the units fighting on the ground "weren't that bad" or not, that specific group of soldiers were also responsible for doing the blood work of the murder of millions of innocent people. Frankly, I speak for all of bulkhead interactive when I say, we have absolutely 0 interest in including the SS or any references to the SS in Battalion 1944. All sides committed major atrocities, I've been to Dachau concentration camp a strangely high 6 times. Feel free to debate and discuss the SS and the topic, but it will change absolutely nothing in Battalion 1944. Sorry, but we won't be tarnishing the name of Battalion or making our developers associate their names and put their names on work that encourages people to play as the SS. Joe