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    I think the bomb should be visible on the back of the bomb carrier. Atm axis team can't see who's carrying the bomb unless they kill the bomb carrier. Since the bomb is too big to fit in someone's pocket, when a player picks up the bomb, a backpack should be on that player's back. It's more realistic and other games have this feature too, like CS.
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    Hi, my name is Piotr, im 24, im from Poland. I just bought Battalion and i really enjoy this game. I can feel good old days. Im looking for a team to play more serious. Becouse for now community is quite small i would like to measure in TOP. As a teenager i played CoD1 in small clans (eGaming.in and SPQR) then some CoD4 (clanbase, esl leagues etc. in mixes). Just add me on steam so you can test me http://steamcommunity.com/id/wiklu
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    Don't misinterpret that I am happy with the direction Battalion started out heading in, but I am optimistic. I wish they would have approached production with the casual community first, then the esports, but that is not up for me to decide. I have to ride the roller coaster just like everyone else. Secondly, there are a lot of things they have built into the game that I am not a complete fan of, like the strafe jumping and corner jumping. It's just not my style of play as I prefer a tactical, more methodical style of play, but hey, I am on the roller coaster and can deal with it. What I find optimism in is the vision they are working towards. When mod tools come out, the community will be able to pursue and build a game which will cater to the individual. My assessment is that not one WWII FPS game out there now, at this caliber, even remotely comes close to pursuing that option. If you played COD2, COD4 or World at War, surely you remember all the great custom maps that communities made, the cool mods that got implemented which created an atmosphere for every taste in gameplay to find a place to play. That was a major factor in continued interest and longevity and lends to the uniqueness of this title. I am not happy that they didn't start out this way, but like I said... the roller coaster. Regarding player base. I know a lot of players (www.509th.net, been doing this since 2001) that are waiting for a full release game before taking on playing regularly. The feedback I get from them is that they like the concept and vision, but don't really want to get involved with an Early Access Beta that inherently has bugs and constantly will need updates. They are waiting for full release before they start investing time into the title. I read a ton of posts that continue to bash and trash this title, and usually from the same few people. I've asked myself and am curious to know how anyone that spent money through KS like I did or purchased Early Access through Steam will ever have a remote chance of getting a return on their investment of time and money by the bash and trash? Seems to me that providing constructive feedback for improvements and a proper level of expectation of an Early Access Beta would go a lot further with title development and player base improvement. So, for me, I am going to enjoy what I have to work with, look forward to what is to come and continue to support the development of this title in a constructive fashion to help improve it and the player base. That is what I've decided to do to at least have a chance at getting a little ROI on my investment of money and time. Some on the other hand, just don't have the patients, can't see the vision and expect way more out of an Early Access Beta than there should be.
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    Aren't you worried? Even after every update(improvement) the player base gets smaller and smaller. I feel like even if Battalion is amazing at full release, people still won't give it a chance. But I'm going to wait until MU3 or full release before I give it one last try. I'm glad to see you're happy with the direction Battalion is heading. I'm more on the worried/less optimistic side. Not because I don't believe Bulkhead can make an amazing game for full release, but it feels a little too late. Even after every update(improvement) the player base gets smaller and smaller. And when they started their Kickstarter project, a WW2 game was farely unique, but now every developer is making a WW2 game. But I hope they prove me wrong.
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    I play daily. Last I checked, I was able to get into NA servers, however, I would get disconnected about 2 min into match. I know devs know this and are working it out. For the last month, I've changed my online setting to play in Europe servers, and have had no problems getting in. Sometimes, if it takes longer than normal to get into official Europe server, I just quit game and re-launch and usually get right in, if I didn't get right in the first time. I usually play at 120+ ping vs. under 60 ping, but its still fun and there are lots of NA players doing the same or they are playing on private closed servers.
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    So, how is it going? Are even pillocks from this thread so fiercely defending this horrible design decision still around amongst all those 38 players online or already jumped flower?
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    But on a brighter note, anyone seen World War 3
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    The hard truth is after 3 years of development we don't even have a movement system that is as fluid as cod4, which should have been a core mechanic to nail down during the first months of development and that shows the devs don't have the skills to do what they have promised
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    Was there any update? Any good if so? 👆 Sums it up pretty much...
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    i don't agree, in Bulkhead's case, that they can be accused of not working hard and squandering KS money. many people may have been unhappy with the way the game turned out but those guys did put their heart and soul and their own money to make Bat44. that said, Bat44 was my first experience funding a KS and i'll never do it again. not because i think Bulkhead were lazy or incompetent but because the KS model is fundamentally flawed and completely broken.
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    Hey man did you play in bfe/bp?
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    Thought the fleas were supposed to have been calmed down since the last patch (not had a chance to play much lately so not tried it since update) Pity: 🙁 I guess someone will be along soon to point out the "I wish people would stop calling it bunny hopping its strafe.....blah blah blah the difference is HUGE..... drone drone drone it takes immense skill to jab a button non stop......ZzzZZzzz. Then of course someone else will come along and say its not a problem and its MEGA MEGA MEGA easy to kill the fleas you simply need to use simple trigonometry algorithms to deduce angle to the power of bounce allowing for wind direction etc etc or they might just say "Git Gud as all the trendy kids say now.
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    Just had first game since trying it on very first Alpha. Games looking alot better and def alot smoother. So thats apositive. That said - in the few games me and a few others played (read "got owned badly") it seems like the games slowly morphing into a bad copy of the new CODs? First of all nearly everyone was bunnying everywhere (although they tried to say it was "strafe jumping" - bunnying is bunnying) and on S&D its just a straight forward run fest - whats happened to the tactical feel and palystyle of the game - has this died? it just feels like run and gun and bouncing everywhere. True we may have just had a bad few games (experience - dont care about being owned ) but at this point in time games feels like a weak clone of games already on market. We were really looking forward to the type of game they spoke about on kickstarter - tactical feel, back to roots like UO etc and I just dont feel that the game is there. Shame. Still happy to wait and see but at the moment it looks like BF5 may trump this. maybe.
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    Try send @[CM] BigTuna a pm
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    Ok there is some truth in there, but they never made an fps before and the game feels better than cod1 right now (my good old beloved game).. I am impressed by what they accomplished till today and never lost my faith.. The cod team had a lot of experience when they made cod 4 and with the promod it was even touched more.. And what I really like to see is that they never stopped working on the game.. Seems just normal but we also remember "Days of War".. However they could put some love in this forums again cause it seems really abandoned.. (but on twitter and other media they do inform us well about the updates)