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    Thought the fleas were supposed to have been calmed down since the last patch (not had a chance to play much lately so not tried it since update) Pity: 🙁 I guess someone will be along soon to point out the "I wish people would stop calling it bunny hopping its strafe.....blah blah blah the difference is HUGE..... drone drone drone it takes immense skill to jab a button non stop......ZzzZZzzz. Then of course someone else will come along and say its not a problem and its MEGA MEGA MEGA easy to kill the fleas you simply need to use simple trigonometry algorithms to deduce angle to the power of bounce allowing for wind direction etc etc or they might just say "Git Gud as all the trendy kids say now.
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    rifles still way too OP, feels like you got lead in your boots when you move but you can jump higher than a frog and still shoot with lazor accuracy with a rifle, this game sucks in a different way now and as not improved the game play as in the "fun aspect" ..infact i would say its frustrating and annoying to play after the update just my opinion of course .....oh and the two other guys that played it with me
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    ive started working on random objects that were commonly seen ... what have you been making?
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    Indeed you are correct but if everyone doesn't bother it is because everyone feels the same. I gave it another go and it has improved very much but trying to get my mates back playing is hard work, being told flatly "No thanks" every time says it all. Only people to blame are the devs, yes they had some bad luck at the start but they could have done more to try and install confidence back into the players instead of setting their sights on a new type of player and dumping this forum and distancing themselves from the truly interested players. We were going to play Battalion in a league but the game was so bad the league decided it couldn't host it then all the emails the league admin sent along with mine to Mr Brammer were just ignored so what more can people do. For me, i will have a game now and then, will never be my main game but as a clan we have gone back to battlefield 1 and await Battlefield V.
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    It only caused a short lived increase. But since BH announced that " what you see is what is here to stay" (e.g. the XP system, coin economy, skins, Steam avatar implementation) i doubt if any new update will crank up numbers for good because, according to many reactions, it's being regarded as completely unnecessary. It seems only a handful of teams and skin traders (that app. make up for the 250 players online simultaneously) decided to stick to and invest in this game. And can't really blame the rest of the 16K potential customers that tried this game after being hyped for a new COD2 type of game only to find out "it's pretty much CS:GO with a WW2 skin" (containing the not liked content as mentioned) and uninstalling again. To be honest, i've only clocked 10h in the game myself and am not really impressed either 🤔
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    https://steamcharts.com/app/489940 perhaps better site. It seems nothing has changed, but i didn't expect this aswell since the game might play a lot/ little for playesr who we're already playing. It's just i don't think it's enough to get the ones who left the game back, because the core game is still the same as before. But maybe @ full release you'll never know..
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    oww some old cod2 dude
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    Just you to know, i ve found the solution. My steam profile was private, i ve setted it so my friends can see my profile and now it works! I don' t know if it's normal but it works this way
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    Maybe it would be helpfull if you posted Your pc specs and settings.
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    So people tried to help you and now you are yelling "dead game" to their beloved game... not so nice!
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    Tonight I decided to give Battalion 1944 one last try. But even that was fruitless, there were a number of players on "locked" servers and the odd one on the unlocked ones so even if I wanted to play it was a waste of time. Good luck with the game but I am uninstalling. Bye bye!
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    ... But you care about the game.. that's nice
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    Such a shame tbh and im thinking of doing the same thing since i haven't bothered with Battalion since 17th March so might as well free up some hard drive space.
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    Lol you are so wrong this game have much more than 2 problems It have reached the point of no return with 60 players average playing it. People dont want to play the game for multiple reasons And that include the dev team and the game itself This game will ot ever recover end of story.
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    Sup guys, as Im just searching a german based Team, ill continue writing this text in german. Hallo vielleicht zukünftige Teammates! Ich suche ein Team in Battalion 1944, mit dem man eventuell erstmal ein wenig einsteigen kann um noch ein wenig mehr Erfahrung in dem Spiel zu bekommen. Selber spiele ich derzeit noch CS:GO in ESEA, bin jedoch an keinem Team gebunden. Ich habe einige Jahre eSport Erfahrung auf dem Buckel, sowie einige Jahre im Shooter Genre. Durch das neue Update von Battalion haben ich Spaß gefunden an dem Game, bin aber leider jemand, der ein Spiel nicht einfach nur aus Spaß spielen kann. Ich kann verlieren, hasse es aber wie die Pest. Für mich ist es wichtig nicht aufzugeben, an sich zuarbeiten und beim nächsten mal den Gegner in den Arsch zu treten. Spiele für gewöhnlich die einzel Schuss Waffen für 1 Token, oder die Rifle (Hier bevorzuge ich das STG, die Bar ist noch nciht mein Freund geworden). Aim ist vorhanden, muss aber noch auf Battalion angepasst werden. Wenn Ihr noch mehr erfahren wollt, könnt ihr mir gerne per Steam oder hier im Forum schreiben (Steamlink weiter unten) Eckdaten: IGN: TrueFate Steam: www.Steamcommunity.com/id/TrueFateFK Alter: 19.07.1994 (23) Teamspeak, Headset, Gehirn sind vorhanden Skill: Zwischen Mid-Mid/High (happert noch an Map Kenntnis und Movement) Spielzeiten: Ab 18/19 - Ende Offen, Wochenende unbegrenzt
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    Did anyone ever stop and think that the reason you see no-one playing is because people like you. You see low numbers and give up. If everyone does that...no players. If everyone that says "game is dead" would get in there and play...voila, more players. Got to admit, game has come a long way. Get in there and give it a chance. The only people that can bring numbers up is ourselves.
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    Give this game some time. Its amazing how many skilled Players are on the server. Never ever experienced this before. I love the Battlefield Series too, i have all BF on Origin except Hardline, but BFV will just another Re-Skin from BF1 like they did with BF3&4. I think Battalion will do this, just look at other EarlyAcces Games -> nothing happens for months and in Battalion u see how many effort they put into their game and dont forget the small dev team.... :p
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    What do you say guys? Before we hit <100 players? How about stopwatch game mode, how about objective based plays. How about not copying cancer strike? How about more competitive wolfenstein elements and more fluent gameplay/gunplay? How about movement while shooting like no other game offers anymore nowadays (except dirty bomb which plays way too slow)? Bigger field of view maybe? Or just let this crap die and spend the 5$ this game made on cheap beer.
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