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    Hi i find some fake sites offering battalion to download. This could bring some negative experiences for newcomers searching for a game. I'm tired of this sites. I hope it will help you @[CM] BigTuna http://mygamespot.org/battalion-1944-pc-download-reworked-games-free-download/ http://reworkedgames.info/category/battalion-1944-on-pc/ http://www.rgmechanics.com/battalion-1944-free-download/ http://install-game.com/battalion-1944-free-download-game-pc/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8ZS-wrT7oc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhPJRNyuGmg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlF55jOiRzE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TBuBdouiZc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A53LA46_ZYQ
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    Hello community manager @[CM] BigTuna @[CM] phantasy wanna shed some light on the situation for us who bought in for beta and now apparently will be left without one? I'm sure all of us are happy with whatever choice you guys have made, if it's best for the game, but not sharing any info at all, while indicating that you will skip beta, seems like a real dick move towards backers, who after all have money to support your cause.
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    Yea, I still don't get why the CM had to go dark during this process!!??!!
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    Could someone please name me a single competitive game, that has a new release every single year? CoD these days doesn't even have a competitive aspects. Usually a bad console port, bad netcode, p2p connection, not fun to watch, non-existent weapon balance, killstreaks, supply drops with new weapons, dlc separating people ... That's why there are so many hate trains. It's so easy for people to get hyped over something and when that doesn't happen or reach their expectations, shitstorm happens. I just don't see a reason to believe something that did not show a single evidence that it's true. CoD was showing a middle finger to pc community for way too long.
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    Oh man.. it's soo hard to wait.... Today I was like: let's tell my boss i'm not working for a week in January.. but we don't know a date.. they just said January And I even don't know if we can play during the week.. I hope they will tell 2 weeks before so I can still tell my boss
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    They were not conscripts, Ryan bro, they were all volunteers who wanted to destroy the communist regime in Russia. These volunteers were known as the Russian Liberation Army. Here's some photos: ROA 1st Division parade at Munsingen training camp south west Germany on 10 February 1945 The three officers are carrying the 9mm MP34 A young Russian Podporuchik, ( Lieutenant), of the ROA The mass grave of two generals and 187 unknown ROA soldiers, Olšanské hřbitovy cemetery in Prague
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    1: console release I THINK is late 2018.. let's say the fourth quarter of 2018. As far as we know there will only be full release on console, no Alpha or Beta.. 2: Yes there will be snipers. More weapons: Thompson, m1 carbine, m1 garand, trench gun, mp40, mp44, kar98k, (gewehr.. don't remember how this one is actually called) And I think I forgot some...
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    Interview With Phil Elliott Head of Indie Development at Square Enix Collective: http://www.theouterhaven.net/2017/10/interview-phil-elliott-head-indie-development-square-enix-collective/
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    The Krefeld Battleground - Aftermovie "After several months of production, I am proud to release “The Krefeld Battleground - Aftermovie”. This movie contains highlights from the previous LAN in Krefeld (May 2017)." - Wissem Annabi The bunny-hopping, strafing, headshot kings of "Wolf:ET" :
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    Welcome @Slawdawgz, hope to see you around in January
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    Sry, can't watch frag flicks with such annoying music Anyways, welcome to the forums @shev441, I did'nt play much WAW really... And now it's PUBG until the Battalion guys are back
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    Wait what????? @WhiteDeath read @pukiz comment over and over again for a few days
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    Big Halo and COD player from back in the day. Quit Halo after Halo 3 (turned to trash), quit COD after MW2 (turned to trash). Super excited about this game. Plan on playing every night. Thank you for making this happen. I'll be reaching for the top. Figure.09
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    Quoted from Kickstater campaign. This have maybe changed since the campaign but as they didn't said the opposite (or i missed it), we can expect to be able to host ranked server too.
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    Bulkhead is making this game with their love for competitive fps... They do it because they love it.. this is their DREAM project.. So they will never implement things like this in Battalion 1944.. NEVER!
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    Unemployment will increase in January haha
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    Enjoy reading @ http://www.pcgamesinsider.biz/indie-interview/66310/meet-bulkhead-interactives-battalion-1944-the-indie-call-of-duty-wwii/ "The title is currently in Early Access, with a launch pencilled in for next year..." No beta.... but sooner release!
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    Update - Paypal The Kickstarter has ended, but that's not the end of it yet! Black Matter has offered Paypal as a way to pledge if you did not pledge yet or if you don't have a credit card. Think and act fast since the Paypal is only available until the 15th of november. PS: The total amount that is being pledged via Paypal does also count for the stretch goals. They have reached the dismemberment goal a few hours ago! You can preorder via Paypal here (click).
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    I have to disagree here. I don't really believe much of the 'omg dis game is good' or the 'deez grafix are bad so this game sux'-kind-of-reviews, but the people who write proper, long length and in depth reviews are most probably legit, and they're most definitely legit when they write a decent negative review when the overall rating of the game is 'overwelmingly negative', 'mostly negative' or 'mixed'.
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    You didn't really answer his question, tho.
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    I'm not talking about the DEV team Wolf, I'm talking about the CM or Mr. Tuna if you wish. And a community manager do not develop anything, he handles the community. So Mr. Wolf, I think your perception of my situation seems to be a bit off, I still don't see why the CM needs to go dark....
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    Thanks for the update, Lyseeq .
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    Update #7: Armored Recovery Vehicles and Sainte-Mère-Église Thanks to your support we've just hit our Sainte-Mère-Église stretch goal! We're thrilled to strike both armored recovery vehicles and the new urban-warfare map off the list of accomplished stretch goals as we head into the final three days of the Kickstarter. The infamous church at Sainte-Mère-Église The Road Ahead Don't think we're turning off the communication once the campaign is over. We're going to offer continuous updates across our social media channels and frequent Q&A sessions as we move toward our Closed Alpha in Q1 of 2018. Make sure you stop by our Discord to chat to the rest of the community. We're looking forward to continuing the conversation. In Case You Missed it! Hürtgen Forest is proving to be a lot of fun to work on! Fight through dense pine forest, across burning wastelands, plunge into the mist of the river valley and struggle back up through the Siegfried Line - Hürtgen will be a totally different dynamic to the open fields of Normandy. We're going to put each force through its paces as you attempt to master the challenges of the gruelling terrain. The smouldering darkness of the river valley. Fight up past dug-in positions. Logging camps and open hilltops will allow you to command the surrounding sectors. Extra Email Update: Even though the Kickstarter is concluding, we'll be opening up PayPal as a payment portal. This will be available on our website once the formal Kickstarter has concluded. All funds raised by PayPal backing options will be included in the stretch goals of the Kickstarter, and we'll update the stretch goal graphic and notify the community across our channels when goals are met. Please take the time to read the FAQ on the page before you choose to back. The PayPal option will run for the first two weeks of November. We will offer the most popular backer tiers. If you're unable to find the exact backer tier you would like to support, please contact us at support@hellletloose.com. Did you see the second gameplay video we released featuring the iconic Brecourt Manor? If that's old news, then check out the German Snipers weapon of choice - the Karabiner 98k with Zeiss Zielacht 8x scope.
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    Just edit HTML and show your parents the edited version where it says 12+ easy
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    Then you should have bought in on the alpha, that we got to play for 6 short days in total (so you didn't miss out on much) Could'nt agree more! I cannot understand why the CM needs to go dark, well if he has other roles like development, testing and such maybe. But to just leave us hanging here without any explanation is just cruel.. ^^^
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    Yea @Farq-S is spot on, we are in hibernation.....
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    Not possible to get a beta as of now, early access next year will be your first shot to get in @hinkeee
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    bulkhead went "dark" in september. zilch has happened since and that will probably continue til january. go back to sleep my friend.
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    Today appear new image/in-game screenshot on twitter showing a bit of new map! Looks beautiful :-* Is it rendered by your modified render engine or by using unreal's default render? @[CM] BigTuna?
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    Update #6: (251 724 AU$ pledged. 6 Days left!) (256 408 AU$ pledged. 5 Days left!) Campaign Stretch Goals (image - click) We've just passed the Strafing Run Call-In stretch goal! Depending on the theater of war, your Commander will now be able to radio for AI-controlled ground-attack aircraft to strafe a marked location on the battlefield. Because the environment is real scale in Hell Let Loose, we'll be pulling out all stops to recreate the absolute terror and volume of a strafing run. For a glimpse into the reality of this, below is US gun-camera footage captured the day that St Marie Du Mont was taken. We're now on our way to armored recovery vehicles - support vehicles that will allow you to repair and sustain your vehicles in the field. @xXclusiivE The footage that's shown is captured in an early access stage. Do you remember the first video you saw on the Battalion kickstarter...? ^^ I wouldn't worry too much! I think it's overall looking pretty great already!
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    Thanks, WolfEnstein Also, forgot to add, we have a Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/theteaminferno
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    Hey guys, I'm Prymis, founder of Team Inferno. Team Inferno was created very recently, however we have players who've been playing old school shooters for years. We mainly come from COD4 at the moment since we're hosting a Promod server there. We'd love to have players from other games here too. We're looking to play as a clan in Battalion and maybe host servers. We aim to create a big community open to everyone who plays Battalion as it's looking to be an amazing game. We're looking to expand to other games, but for now it will just be COD 4 and Battalion (as soon as we can play it). We have a Discord server where players can chat, feel free to join it ^^ https://discord.gg/2Ndd4aY We also have forums, they're quite empty at the moment due to being recently created, i'd love to see some of you guys there. http://teaminferno.ml That's all from me, I don't know what else to say really, hope to see you guys there - iF'.
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    Welcome to the website, Prymis, good luck with your recruiting too .
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    I guess M rating.. Maybe you can tell your mom its like "paintball, lasergame or airsoft" but then in a game.. the game is way cheaper
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    a guy from spain made this game. it released a few days ago on PC/PS4. amazing game.
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    Hello, and welcome DDD
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    This is obsolete since long time. I m not refering to the kickstarter anymore as a lot of things changed since release of the campaign. I m simply wait and see what Devs provide us and speculate a bit (but not so much)
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    This is the new game-ready 1944 Heer Rifleman model: From the little that I've seen of this game in action, via their videos, it looks like a genuine team-based, objective-focused creation. Time will tell. Here's Luetin's latest video on "Hell Let Loose":
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    Idk man ... Skins were always something nice to have, because who doesn't like to have some options for customization. Some devs/publishers just have to take what was good a working and make it much worse and add a bigger price tag on that. One would think that as time goes, we should have better and improved games than what we had before. But the reality is completely opposite. These days we have expensive and often unoptimized games with a very little content, repetitive gameplay, unfinished mechanics, a lot of bugs + server issues, preorder bonuses, tons of dlcs and now slot-machines in the form of "loot crates" that are starting to become p2w. All that + before they release something they are usually already working on a new game "Recycled 2.0". It's really hard to find a good game these days.
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    this is exactly why most people regard micro-transactions as a dirty word and Activision's patent has just made it 100% more dirty. i can only hope bulkhead introduce micro-transactions with zero pay-2-win elements or pervasive RNG. there is no argument that can be put forward to justify the inclusion of non-cosmetic only micro-transactions now that we can see where its going to end up. Activision say this system hasn't been implemented in any games yet but i wouldn't trust them as far as i can throw them. i'm sure they've introduced it already to some degree and the patent is a refined form of something that already exists. it makes me sick to my stomach and fearful for the future of games if and when this shite trickles down to indie devs who are fighting for survival on a daily basis.
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    They are in the dark ....
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    For that extra money you were able to influence the development of the game and support the project. Not bad at all imho.
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    That looks really intresting acctually!
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    Haven't yet, but when I get a new keyboard you've given me a good suggestion
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