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    Hey guys! So Rezzed is over and I just want to thank every single one of you that has contributed to all the amazing feedback and interest we have received over the past week. It has a been a very busy period but Battalion will definitely benefit because of your pre-alpha feedback! We completely exceeded our initial expectations, having a constantly full queue of players waiting to get their hands on the game (with people even re-queueing for up to an hour just to get a chance to play again!). We received great feedback from everyone who attended and 99% of people that played Battalion loved it so it's always hugely encouraging to receive that kind of reaction. It was great to speak to some of our backers and dedicated community members. As well as this, we got a some great feedback on our online content that was released over the weekend and due to this there are a few things that we would like to discuss and hopefully get cleared up. Post EGX Rezzed Pre-Alpha Changes: Visual Fidelity/Environments: We have always gone into making Battalion with the intent of making it look as great as it can without compromising gameplay. One of the most important aspects of classic games is their performance and clear and clutter free visuals within their level design, so we decided to take the route of opting for smooth gameplay and high frame rates over performance hampering visual effects. Our aim was to create a game that feels fluid to play and we feel like we have achieved that. In short; we’re retaining gameplay essential characteristics such as clearly visible players; smooth. high frame rates and overall reducing the amount of clutter within the levels. There may be some lighting and post processing tweaks but the video was pretty representative of the direction Battalion is taking; performance first. Our intent of prioritising performance is working out well as our frame rates on EGX’s supplied PCs hitting 144fps easily and when unlocked reaching over 300. High focus on performance is transferring well over to the console test builds too, and we’re expecting high results from the console version of the game. Note: User Interface and third person animations were ALL work in progress. 2. Gameplay Feedback, Updates and possible Changes: Most people loved the pre-alpha footage we released and we have had a great reaction to it with some great feedback. However some people had a few concerns that we wish to address: Movement speed: We received many comments on the speed of our movement and our sprint. One thing we’d like to remind you of is that Joe is the one playing in the video. He and Howard designed the levels and Joe has a lot of map knowledge/movement skill after playing nearly 200 hours on the manor house map throughout development. He can do these jumps and move at a certain speed because he spends hours in the game everyday and has pretty much mastered the jumps he created. Also remember that was TDM gameplay on our smallest map. That gameplay footage was not representative of how players played the game at Rezzed. Skill based movement is highly important to Battalion differentiate players of varying skill levels and will always be in the game to some extent. However, this is community driven development and we’re actively working based off player feedback from both our forums and players at EGX Rezzed. We are looking at reducing the speed of our sprint function, strafe jumping distance and reviewing how that affects gameplay. We have always been aiming at fast paced intense infantry combat and we still aim to retain that. Third person animations: These are currently being completely reworked as we speak, using a new system for smoother blending between animation states. A whole load of new animations will be added soon ready for the Alpha, including running, jumping and death animations! All new animations will be updated by Closed Alpha in May. We’re planning to post a development update in April showing you the full range of our new third person animation system. Recoil: So again the player in the video is one of the designers Joe Brammer and for the most part he is extremely accurate with his weapons and pretty good at controlling recoil. Therefore there is more recoil in Battalion than shown in the footage. However, we have had similar feedback from people that have played the game and we’ll be looking at altering this. Weapon recoil is on a slider and we buff and nerf weapons weekly to attempt to balance them. Although, with the introduction of other weapons into the game there will have to be constant rebalancing to allow each weapon to have its own characteristics and uses within Battalion! We’d also like to remind people that if we ‘increase’ the recoil amount, players will simply adapt to control that recoil (this has been tried and tested). Within a few hours of practice players will be back to the same level of control as before. After a certain point it's difficult to improve on recoil as a player. Battalion as with many old school games, Call of Duty, Enemy Territory, and Quake the skill was in the movement, positioning, and gamesense. Recoil was never a focal point of those games, accuracy and aim still plays a huge part, but on specific weapons. These things are what play testing is for! Don’t write the game off from a few balancing issues that you saw, this is open community development. This is what our Closed Alpha and Closed Beta stages are for! 3. The closing of the Pre-Order store For those of you that don’t know. We announced the closure of our pre-order store on the 31st March. Unfortunately that means that you will no longer be able to purchase Alpha, Beta and Early Access packages of Battalion. We really appreciate everyone that pre-ordered Battalion and we are so excited to see you all in these pre-release stages! EGX Rezzed - The Development of Battalion 1944: Check out this talk our producer Joe Brammer gave at EGX Rezzed about the development of Battalion 1944: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IewUBml4eZM Also if you’ve got half an hour spare take a look at Joe’s panel on The Second Coming of WW2 games here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l62BTcCuu7M Upcoming Updates: From this point onwards we’re planning weekly development updates to keep you guys in the loop with Battalion 1944’s development. Next Thursday (April 13th) we’ll be announcing the Closed Alpha start date and the date that we’ll be sending out the Battalion 1944 backer surveys. We’re also super pumped to announce that we’ll be releasing a brand new trailer to get people hyped for the Closed Alpha testing. That’s it for now! Thanks, Alex ‘BigTuna’ Preece & The Bulkhead Team
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    Hey guys! As our Closed Alpha draws closer we have decided to set the Official Closed Alpha Release Date as May 26th! We’ve decided to release a hype trailer to get you guys pumped for the Closed Alpha testing made by the one and only NikkyyHD, the creator of amazing frag movies such as ‘Clockwork 4’ and ‘sViix’. We hope you all enjoy this Closed Alpha announcement trailer from NikkyyHD! We all love it and we hope it made you ready to get stuck in to Battalion 1944. In anticipation of the Closed Alpha, we’ll be sending out our Kickstarter Backer Surveys on the 28th April! Make sure to get your survey answers sent back to us as soon as possible after this date to make sure we can send you your Closed Alpha Steam code on the 24th May (which activate on the 26th). We are all really excited to share Battalion 1944 with our Alpha backers and we’re looking forward to getting great feedback from all involved to make strides towards improving the game for everyone at the Beta & Early Access stages. Our Alpha is hugely important for us as it will enable us to identify bugs within Battalion quickly and efficiently with such a large first online playtest. For our Alpha we have really focused on the feel first and foremost. The game is in no way done and we know there are things that need fixing, implementing and finishing but right now we are really trying to work on nailing down the feel of the game and it’s movement. Once we have the base we can build upon it and add more features/content ready for Early Access. The community is massively important to us and we are glad we can show you what we have been working on as well as giving you the chance to have your say in the direction of the Battalion. Development Roadmap Within the coming weeks we’ll be releasing a full development roadmap with a list of features that are expected to be implemented for each development stage. We’ll also be releasing a Alpha weekend schedule which will show what we’ll be focus testing as a community each weekend. Next Week’s Development Update Next week we will be releasing a small development update where we’ll be showing you the progress with our new third person animations & graphics tweaks! Stay tuned! To recap, here’s all the dates you need to remember: • April 28th - Kickstarter Surveys get sent out • May 24th- Closed Alpha Steam Codes get sent • May 26th - First Closed Alpha weekend! That's all for now. Remember to watch your emails for our the surveys and for your Alpha Codes and we’ll see you in our servers May 26th!
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    LEAKED Pink Kar98k Hopefully it will be in game, it looks fantastic
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    Hey folks! So I did a rather lengthy interview with Joe Brammer about all things related to Battalion 1944. Included in the interview are a lot of details that were not previously known. While it is rather long, I feel this interview tells you everything you can know up to this point about Battalion 1944 that the devs are willing to have known publicly at this time. I have time stamped the interview so you can skip things you don't care about and focus on topics that are of particular interest to you. Thanks and enjoy the interview! You can also share it on Twitter if you want:
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    Things I would change 1. No sprint - its a modern game, even CSGO has some sort of 'sprint'. Whilst you might dislike it, you are after all a hardcore COD2 player, the are many other players that want it2. More recoil on all weapons.- You can't tell the recoil if you're watching the video, a lot of the recoil has been upped but I'm controlling it pretty well. But we are upping them again anyway.3. Movement is way too fast- We're testing slower movement now, will let you know the results4. Red dots off- no, it helps new players not only compete but also learn to use sound and direction. 5. Seems to reward too much on jumping- agreed, we're looking at this. But we do enjoy the movement side of the game, slick movement will contribute to top players games.6. The hit indicator- will be staying, but do you have something you specifically don't like about it?7. Weapons are too accurate when firing unzoomed - agreed, but this was really just a time thing, we hadn't had time to tweak. 8. Map should be a compass" - because you play cod2, but why the f*** do you need to know where north is? Hope that helps, will watch for your response, I'm crazy busy but I'm reading everything!
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    Tuna is doing his job and liaising with the community. If you think we're not saying legitimate reasons, that's on you. Because we certainly do have legitimate reasons. I'm one of the main people behind keeping the alpha windows short and sweet. We want to test things with a large group of players, we want to hammer the game when you guys are on and we can't do that if we have 50% population or even lower. Also, after a couple of weeks people might and probably will show less interest in the alpha and helping us test, if we keep the windows short we will be more likely to grab people's attention. We take our alpha very seriously, I'm so impressed that our community has cared this much about the game and I'm always touched when we get people passionately asking to play the game, because really that's all your asking right? Let us play the game! But trust us, we know what we're doing, every decision we make here is for the benefit of Battalion in the long run. Lots of games rush to the finish line and try and get things out the door. Without offending any developer, I merely think their methods didn't work; Days of War and Dirty Bomb, both games had big open alphas where people could just play the game all the time... feel free to go and check their player counts now. Both polished and complete games, but neither lasted much more than a month. Now if you look at; Quake Champions, they've been doing private weekend alpha sessions for a few weeks now and it's been very good and super fun; however even at peak times we've had to wait 3 to 4 minutes to find a game. Concurrent players are a luxury and players don't realise the significance. Look at these statistics: http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ Rainbow 6 Siege: 1.8m steam users own this game / Highest Peak concurrent players; 45,000 (2.5%).. Based on that ratio: Battalion has around 6500 players in the alpha / Peak concurrent players 162 (2.5%).. So those numbers obviously aren't exact AT ALL or even that useful, but they get the the point across; that just because you want the game to be open and available at all times, doesn't mean everyone agrees and will be ready to play at the same time as you. I also understand you want to jump around and practice or even test locally but we want to have you guys hammer the game on the weekend then discuss the issues and possible fixes (for balancing) throughout the week, we want to have active discussions in the week and then apply changes in the next alpha weekend. Joe
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    Hey, So @[CM] BigTuna isn't a dev, when you guys ask questions he turns around to us (he's sat behind me) and ask us the questions you guys want answers for. We're super busy and don't tell him everything in detail or the explicit reasons we decide to do things, so attacking him for just relaying tid-bits of info for you guys isn't cool. However, spreading misinformation isn't cool either (from both ours and the community standpoint) so that means we may have to be more tight lipped about these things from now on until we're ready to make official announcements as people get outraged pretty easily. We've said before it's one of the downsides of being open/raw about development. It's a balancing act we're still working on refining In terms of the actual main questions of this thread, everything we do is for the benefit of the game. It'd be great if we could just let everyone just hop straight into the game whenever they wanted, but the reality is that this would be bad for the game and the community. Joe's listing out some reasons next to me right now to explain some things literally as I'm typing this reply, so I'll let him carry on from what I'm writing, but we'll have a full schedule released soon explaining what we'll be testing, when we'll be testing and how everything will work. It's very important we do this right, and introducing things slowly to you guys will be much more beneficial for the game and development in the long run as we'll have more time to fix the large glaring issues and you'll actively see improvement and new content week to week. This is a very small closed alpha player pool and we need to make sure we maximise the amount of players during the testing periods to make sure we get the most effective feedback based on the latest weekly builds of the game. We have always said Alpha/Beta sessions are not marketing tools like modern Alpha/Beta sessions for AAA studios which just let you play a demo of the game before it's out, they're for helping us test and build the game we all want to eventually play as our main game we play every night. Hope that clears up some answers. More official info will be coming soon.
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    Hey There seems to have been a fair few questions on what the PC requirements will be so I'll post them here!SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 SP1 (x64), Windows 8 (x64) Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: Geforce GTX 570 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 5 GB available space RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 10 (x64) Processor: 3+ GHz Quad-Core 64-bit CPU Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: DX12 Compatible GPU with 4 GB VRAM DirectX: Version 12 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 5 GB available space Enjoy
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    Please don't bring PC vs Xbox vs PS4 debate to this forum, its just stupid. Are console versions being neglected? Compared to PC? Yes.... because we're working on the PC version right now and I absolutely refuse to rush to deliver a sub par video game we said on the kickstarter we would deliver a game that felt 'hand crafted'.. and that will take time, but this doesn't mean its ignored AT ALL. I have a lot of meetings with platform holders trying to get the best deal for console gamers on Battalion- straight up transparency; Xbox are more keen to work with us than PS4 as Sony have a focus on VR at the moment. But we aren't going to "port" Battalion to consoles. Consoles are totally different to PC, from a player psychology point of view, technical, and design. Instead we're going to take what we have and redesign it for console (don't worry, it's no more or less work than porting). But this may mean a different focus on gamemodes, maybe even unique game modes for console. But I still today don't understand why developers and publishers insist in porting and copying games to different platforms despite having totally different audiences. The best example I can give is as follows: The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is an excellent Swedish film; except you have to turn on subtitles to watch it in English. It's also lower budget than what English speaking films are used to and some of the jokes/quirky parts of 'Lisbeth Salander' don't come across. The US/UK adaptation with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara follows almost exactly the same story line, but with a much more cinematic approach, English speaking, with English/American humour and ultimately a much stronger focus on the films shot by shot visual quality. That's the best way can think to describe it, I hope that helps. I just don't understand why companies feel the need to port the exact same content over (in FPS games mostly) when they're massively different.. Do you realise how few PC players play Team Deathmatch? But its by far the biggest gamemode on console!? Just interesting^ Joe
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    I feel sorry for the devs who are trying to be open and transparant and certain members of the community lash out at them at every single thing that changes. People have been crying for developers to be transparant for years, now they are and yet these people still complain. Things change all the time (and rightfully so), sometimes things don't work as expected so they have to be changed. Show some respect instead of freaking out at everything the devs change.
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    Dude... LOL. A few people played it at a COD2 LAN for like 10 minutes each, same at rezzed and phantasy played it a few times at their studio. Not like 30mins of playtime is going to give anyone a big headstart. Years of FPS experience on a competitive level will Also to answer your other question, they clearly said they will patch mid-week and resume play during weekends. They aren't a studio of 500 developers who can both keep the servers up and running during the week AND work on patching it etc.
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    What if I told you, we're working on something that's based on S&D, but we add something more competitive . . .
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    just got back from Rezzed having spent 4 hours solid in the Battalion 1944 booth. firstly, let me preface my opinion of gameplay by stating my keyboard & mouse skills are 1 on a scale of 1-10. movement - within the first 5 seconds of playing it felt excellent. my exact feeling was this is a classic cod game. smooth and fluid. in terms of speed it felt very slightly slower than cod4 but barely noticeably so. walking speed while aiming down sight feels slow while using the M1 Garand and faster while using the Thompson. sprint lasts 3 seconds max then stamina depletion takes you into walking speed. the movement didn't feel fast-paced to me but that may be because i'm used to playing destiny and titanfall 2. overall, i felt they've nailed movement. felt really good. if your mastery of movement is better than your enemy you'll most likely win the gunfight. weapons - i used just 2. the M1 Garand felt weighty and powerful with low recoil and average fire rate. ADS was snappy and iron sights were gorgeous because i had no problem acquiring and tracking targets. if you hit the torso it was a 2 shot kill. 1 shot to head. shots felt like they went where you aimed. the M1 is outclassed at close range by smgs so you have to switch to a pistol (pistols are strong at close quarters by the way and movement speed feels faster when equipped). M1's hipfire is not great which is as it should be and the reload time is slow enough to get you killed if you're caught short mid-gunfight. the Thompson and other smgs dominate at close quarters with good hipfire but there is noticeable damage drop-off from medium range. recoil is on the low side and reload is fast. smgs definitely benefit from the faster movement speed in close quarters but it's not fast enough to make you feel like you're whizzing round the map. map - the manor house map (same one used in the new trailer) is really good. it's small but has good flow and rewards good positioning. there are no choke points and the only camping spot is upstairs in the house. visibility is excellent with players being easy to pick out even in windows and doorways. grenades - no issues here so far. they're powerful with a small blast radius. the timer is on the slow side so you're able to avoid them if you move quickly. HUD - you can see for yourself. it's uncluttered and never gets in the way. mini-map - i was surprised to see red dots when enemies fired. @KingHoward explained players with hearing impairments would have problems picking up on audible cues like footsteps etc. my personal preference is no red dots but the devs are open to all possibilities. in my 4 hours there the feedback from players was overwhelmingly positive. the only playable mode is TDM but the devs repeatedly talked very excitedly about their search & destroy mode. i had to keep telling myself this is an alpha because it was that good. All-in-all, i think the game is exactly as i hoped it would be and meeting @KingHoward @Brammertron @BigAlexTuna @MrAngryWhiskers and especially James in person who are all very nice chaps for letting me take up residence for 4 hours was well worth the trip. forgot to mention the devs said they have lots of work to do on animations. They're not finished.
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    offline mode was never promised. the devs were asked months ago if offline would be available and they said maybe. that doesn't amount to a promise.
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    Hey guys I understand your concerns here and I am sorry that your expectations of booting up Battalion offline are not likely to be met. I am sad to hear that some of you don't believe that the Alpha isn't worth the money. However, when you buy and participate in Battalion 1944's Alpha you are participating in a 100% in development Alpha test. You are the guys that get to experience the game before almost anybody. With AAA titles now that release Open Alpha and Beta's, they are basically Demo's there will be little to a small amount of progression between their Alpha and Beta release to the full game. When participating in Battalion's Alpha and Beta phases you will be massively contributing and witnessing your contributions having a DIRECT impact on the Development of Battalion 1944 week by week. There's not that many of you guys in the Alpha and you all are the foundation for the development. We are aiming for this to be huge but we have to start somewhere and you're in on the ground floor! I know you're annoyed by Offline play possibly not being included but what were you really expecting to get out of it? We've said LAN might not be possible yet. It would be you running around a training map firing guns that are probably going to get re-balanced at some point so if that's what you're worried about then it wouldn't be helpful towards that goal. It's still in Alpha guys and this is a REAL Alpha. We aren't a AAA studio size yet, but be patient. Believe me we are grinding to get Battalion as best as we can and include the little things that the community wants most! We need your help and your support to progress this game and you have a chance to mold it into what you want. After this we have obviously seen how much you guys are interested in offline play so that's a clear goal that we need to reach so this is already helpful! Thanks Tuna
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    I really like silent jumps but the problem is its super glitchy and buggy. It's not even like a feature that might just be going to far. No fall damage or noise on vault is a thing though.
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    They've already stated that they will implement a setting to turn it off. /endthread
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    Alpha isn't even out yet and shitters are already turning this community pretty toxic. Calm your tits and be a bit more respectful guys.
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    Why are you still here
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    Hello, I’d like to first like to introduce myself and provide a little context for my intentions/biases. My alias is Tiptup, however many cod-vets may remember me as kodiak (GameWyze, Nefarious, The Final Stand, DeM, etc). I played Cod1 and 4 at the invite/pro level. My hope is that Battalion becomes a very popular niche esport. I am one of the supporters that recognize the purpose of this project is not to create a realistic WW2 shooter. The developers’ goal to my understanding is to take inspiration from cod2 and cod4 promod with elements of CS match-making and create a classic competitive shooter. I am hyped and the gameplay footage has only intensified that. To the point: BAT44 is not the first project to attempt to revive the gameplay of a classic competitive game (see. Toxikk, Reflex, Battlerite, Days of War, etc). In my opinion, many of these games have fallen flat because they focused entirely too much on mimicking these games. BAT44 will not succeed if it’s simply cod with matchmaking. BAT44 can certainly take inspiration from cod but at the end of the day it must absolutely forge its own identity and be a great game on its own merits. One example of BAT44 attempting to add their own flavor to the game is this potential Reinforcement feature in Search & Destroy. I love the idea! It would add incredible depth to the game and make each round unique. After hearing the idea I quickly came up with various possibilities (+1 bomb for the allies, portable mg42 for axis, +1 grenade per player, an allocation of shotguns and/or sniper rifles, extra smoke grenades). Please, developers, first and foremost this game must be your own. We’re all here because we missed that old school cod gameplay but skins and matchmaking aren’t enough to establish long term appeal. The Reinforcement feature is a great start; please continue this approach. On an unrelated note competitive games thrive because players have something to play for. COD1 essentially died the moment CPL cancelled the second COD CPL tournament. I believe it may be in your best interest to announce a tournament/league structure as soon as possible to keep your player base motivated. The reality of modern esports is that people flock to the games that people are playing in droves. This creates a long-term stability; the thought that if you put hours into this game, in a year or five people will still be playing it and your 'development' has a payoff. These tournaments do not need to be the grand 100k+ CS level grand prizes but a simple 10k EU and NA tournament would be substantial for early player base growth and stability. Crowd funding is an option as well. Best regards, Tiptup
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    Let me begin by saying i have played 1.5k hours of CoD1 and over 500 hours of CoD2 and CoD4 promod. I had never heard of this game before an hour ago when this video popped up in my recommended youtube videos. When i first saw the gameplay footage and the old authentic animations i felt like crying. And then i read the comments where phantasy answered some questions about modding, FoV slider, etc. Now here i am, an hour later 100$ poorer and with a raging boner. Hyped for the alpha
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    Hey! I would love to bring an idea I have for Battalion to the forefront of the forums. As we know cosmetic skins will be present in the game. This is a feature I value and believe adds a lot to a game, however it is something that has been done before. I have a unique idea that will be both cosmetically beautiful & add a sense of uniqueness to the game. One thing I believe games are missing in the common era is a sense of community. Players take part in events, tournaments, and challenges but never seem to have anything to commemorate these very times effectively. I want to add in a cosmetic item that players will value, cherish, and give their guns a unique flavor. I present to you... Gun Badges A "sticker" or "stamp" that can be added to and removed from a gun. These badges will be won or given away in the form of events (challenges, tournaments, holidays, etc.). These badges cannot be traded and will be account-bound. Each gun will have 4-5 slots in which players can choose from their inventory of badges to add to their guns. Anyone spectating a player, or whom picks up said players gun can then see the badges being shown-off on his/her gun. While similar CS:GO's sticker system badges offer some distinct differences: Badges are given to players through events, challenges, and tournaments. A player cannot simply buy a badge. Badges are used to show a players participation, success, and history. Badges may be interchanged at anytime to give the player control over which badges will be displayed. Badges will be small, organized, and represent the player rather than only the gun. All in all I feel that this idea may be slightly altered or change to fit Battalions needs. I have seen games in the past such as Habbo Hotel: an old social-based community where when you click on a player their "badges" are shown. Players became proud, envious, and determined to build up their arsenal of badges. It shows their history, participation, and gives them a sense of community and accomplishment. Examples from Habbo are below. I will be attaching an example image from Habbo, and two examples of how it may look in Battalion. Thank you for your time. I would love to hear everyone's opinion below!
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    Hey guys As you have probably seen we have made the personal reputation counter visible on your profiles. We have done this to encourage constructive and interesting posts whilst limiting argumentative or derogatory comments. We felt there has been little repercussions for these actions in the past so now you will have your rep public for everyone else to see! Consider the toxicity or the relevance of your post before you post it and rise up the upvote leader board. We are considering resetting the rep and allowing it to start from now but we may just leave it how it is. Enjoy!
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    Guys, this is their job. Let them do it. They want to do it this way which makes sense as others have mentioned, due to: A higher concentration of people who will be playing at one time, rather than them being spread over an entire week. You will become potentially burnt out if it is allowed to play during the week, you will spend hours playing and things such as bugs and glitches will let get in your way. If you intend to practice, then you are in the alpha for the wrong reasons considering it likely will be quite buggy and all over the place in terms of glitches, animations ect. It is a better idea to not allow for offline play as if you can play it offline then it leaves the game exploitable potentially on the server side. People would have the files likely and so the developers have decided it's safer to not have those files within the reach of people in the Alpha. Once again, even though you could do some bug hunting offline, things such as 3rd person animations, sound effects and all of that stuff which they would want to be fixed. 3rd person animations I would imagine are a priority considering they said they were working on them only recently. I know that it seems arbitrary in terms of logic considering you could argue that without the Kickstarter supporters and those who pre0ordered the game the studio wouldn't be here, but you paid to support them, not to have your every word and idea implemented. It's no different than giving a streamer £30 lets say. You supported, yes. Does that mean you get to decide what games they play or anything? No. It's the same here. You paid to support them in making their game, and that only gives you so much in terms of influence.
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    You guys talking like alpha is for you guys to practice, but using "bug hunting" as an excuse. This is an alpha to test multiplayer, and the studio feels comfortable if they take the week to make a new build for the weekend. So be patient, just play on the weekend. It really isn't that big of a deal, lol. Also, alpha was never guaranteed for offline play. Last I asked Tuna, he gave me a "soft" yes but wasn't sure as it was too early to tell. Now that we're closer, we have our answer. You pay $70 for every version of Battalion 1944, and to have your values implemented into a game that has potential of running for a while. So let the devs do their job in alpha and we do ours. Calm down lol. inb4 many downvotes.
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    Extensive research from Activision, Ubisoft, EA, and Valve that we've correlated and read will show the following; 1. Most gamers find skins cool 2. Gamers don't care about 'realistic skins' different woods/metals etc 3. Gamers want their skins to be flashy and boisterous, its part of the showmanship of gaming, especially in FPS games. 4. The people who don't want skins, are actually a minority. 5. The reason people are scared of the word 'skins' is because they subliminally connect this to Black Ops 3, mainstream console gaming, and excessive in-game purchases- even though these people complain, they usually end up A. not playing the game and reviewing it badly or B. enjoying the skins and the bravado of having unique weapons. So whatever your opinion; for the drama queens "YOU'LL RUIN THE GAME YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING"... Well.. we do. We're quite good at this. There is the information, enjoy.
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    It's much harder to get a competitive game made properly than to make a casual game. A casual gamer can play a competitive game casually. A competitive gamer cannot play a casual game competitively. I'm happy that Bulkhead seem to actually understand this and are prioritizing things like movement - something casuals probably won't even notice or care too much about if it's good or bad. If you want a realism mod to be created, why isn't your community modding something like Day of Infamy, Red Orchestra, or Squad? Those games seem to be closer in gameplay to the style you want to play. Why force a competitive focused game like Battalion 1944 into something it's not?
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    Well, this is exactly why all of your anti-cod mechanic arguments are flawed. How in the fuck can you draw conclusions on a mechanic in a game --you've never played competitively--. I'd take a stab, from my observations, that the majority of the ex-competitive (or currently) players here have dabbled in both CSGO and CoD. I know myself that I like to keep an open mind to the development direction of the game, and would welcome a lot of CSGO features that I believe would have merit to be implemented into Battalion. You keep drawing lines in the sand where they don't have to be. My point is that you nullify any CoD-based suggestion or arguments made, without any actual knowledge in what they involve. FYI, I'm open to nades in battalion to be inventory based. I just think the points you make in your arguments are generally unfounded and plain childish at times.
  31. 6 points
    Okay, so you paid $70 for the Full Game + Early Access + Beta + Alpha. We aren't a huge team. We don't have hundreds of programmers and employees to catalog bugs and report them. We can't push builds and remodel things within the hour. We need a little more time to work on these things, just a little though We will have a post explaining how the Alpha is going to work soon so keep an eye out for that The Alpha will stretch across multiple weekends from Friday to Saturday. You'll have three full days of play over the weekend and a hard focussed time for you to report bugs. Instead of a few hours a night midweek. Then that will give us 4 days (mon, tues, wed, thurs) to implement changes and push a build for the next weekend. I am sure it will go fast don't worry!
  32. 6 points
    It's awesome when I can just keep working on the game because our community are so switched on. I ratify this information. Don't be too upset about people making new threads about things, people want to know answers, and when people re-start threads, we always see new discussions and answers. As a dev team, we've never been upset about people opening new threads about old subjects. Joe
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    I think its no fun when you aim at someone's head and the bullet decides to go somewhere else.. Makes no sense indeed!
  34. 6 points
    I did say from the start.. but people got upset when I made comments on Days of War, even though literally everything I said would happen, including plagiarism.. happened. It's not a case of listening to the 'right' community, it's more that we had a plan, we've made 2 games before, and we have a design formula for Battalion.. The community help us balance and iron things out. Our amazing gameplay programmer Dave has done awesome work over the last year to make the feel just right.. Joe
  35. 6 points
    Yes sir! I am FrosteR and I played for the European teams: Power Gaming, TCM-Gaming and eSuba, among others!
  36. 6 points
    100% need first shot accuracy on every weapon at every time. Where that iron sight is pointed or croshair placed the bullets must go.... or we just CSGO now boys.
  37. 6 points
    Why is the comparison not valid. Football is just two teams trying to kick a ball into a rectangle and after 45m they switch sides, jeez that's pretty stale. zPAM and promod have been alive long enough to proof that the gameplay in itself is interesting enough to keep people interested. You don't need to make a game complex by adding a bunch of shallow mechanics if you have a few mechanics which offer a lot of room for improvement. Economy system like in CS is definitely not something i want, having only every third round on an even playing field is no fun.
  38. 6 points
    It looks a tiny bit too fast, or the map is too small. Either way, let's see when the Alpha comes around then we can properly judge it!
  39. 6 points
    But there is nothing new being said here. The devs have already said it will have improved by the time we get alpha access anyway. I don't mind new ideas being mentioned, but when people are raging about the same shit that has either already been discussed within the community, or confirmed by the developers, then it's annoying seeing the forums being filled with repetitive stuff, instead of focusing on genuine ideas that are new. Too much energy is being wasted on "omg what is this movement", "is this quake", "what is this recoil", which has already been confirmed to change. Put the energy into something more productive, if you really care about the game. Remember, there is a search function on the forums, nothing suggested in this thread is new.
  40. 6 points
    Hey guys, Just got back to our Airbnb after the busy 1st full day at the event and my feet are killing, so just dropping in to read through all these posts. Some great feedback/comments from you guys with only a few namecalls earlier in the thread so we're going pretty good so far! As a heads up, the next few days will be pretty hectic for us and myself Joe and Tuna will be swamped, so just letting you know at some point next week I'll write up a summary post with some reactions from us about the feedback etc. It really is useful for us to hear what you like and dislike about the game, I know some things are down to actual game feel so if you're unlucky to not be at EGX there are certain things you just can't get from the gameplay footage just yet but Alpha is just around the corner. Everyone who has played so far has got that the game is in pre-alpha, super WIP. But the key thing is that we have the base that we can build upon with polish, bug fixes and more content. In general, development is still early but we're at the point where it's all coming together, so we can get more 'smaller' dev updates out to you guys and get everyone more involved than ever before. Thanks for you patience these last few months, you guys have been awesome. Anyway, need to get some sleep. If anyone is heading down to EGX Tomorrow/Saturday, make sure to come early, queues can get long! - Howard
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    Hey CplDixon! That's awesome thanks for posting some of your work. Very cool. However; the reason a lot of vehicles in game maps (ours included) are often incorrect is to keep the shapes basic. We're working on a tractor right now for instance, and this particular tractor has a few gaps in the engine and wheels, in-game people would be able to see through the gaps and shoot people almost without being seen. Look at the two images I attached, one is a work in progress render of a tractor we're modelling. The other is the reference for the type of tractor we're using. Can you see how blocky we make the tractor? Can you see how many gaps and holes and OP peak spots are in the reference tractor? Personally I think this is a good decision what do you guys think? We've gone for gameplay first. @ToonBE do you remember the changes they made to the fork lift on Cache? That's what we have in mind.
  42. 6 points
    Match stats and results Top team profiles with match history and roster history Top player profiles with career stats, team and match history Match prediction system with rewards (website points?) to encourage viewership of high level matches
  43. 6 points
    We are planning to add specific things that are bangable. e.g. certain wooden walls and things like that but they will be sparing.
  44. 6 points
    We did have a go at prototyping it to work as a shotgun, short range powerful etc, but nahhh, doesn't work as well as we'd hoped... so nope.
  45. 5 points
    If you want to make a competitive game you need money, skins makes money and gives many players a reason to stick to the game, therefore the devs decided to add them, it's as simple as that.
  46. 5 points
    I don't wanna be offensive but I would compare PS4 lans to Paralympic Games. With all due respect to disabled athletes.
  47. 5 points
    Well, true old school FPS mechanics are literally Quake to the core as most of the games of that era were built on the same engine. COD2 looks and feels a lot like a slowed down version of Quake, in my opinion. Actually, seeing how they put such a clean cut to the base mechanics - completely omitting the more realistic implementations of the younger titles - is a much greater surprise than anything I would have allowed myself hoping for. Besides pleasing my personal preference, I also do believe this is a smart decision, that is, not going for a compromise trying to marry the past and presence game styles, assuring no to end up with a game being neither fish nor fowl. Not to forget there most likely will be that half-assed-going-back-to-the-roots COD2 by Activision themselves this year.
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    Someone on Reddit posted this.. I would like to help him the devs to read it AustiforniaCSGOtrade: Now that other post really got me thinking about this subject in depth and I went and rewatched all the footage available. And I'm gonna make a few key points. I'll make the points first for TL;DR then elaborate on them later. Side note I am very tired and at times refer to the devs in third person only to speak directly to them in the following sentence but I'm tired and am really hoping this game is a success so if they read it, fantastic, if not, well I'm not editing it either way. What is positive/in favor of Battalion WWII Shooter Hype Train Disenfranchised CoD fans from all platforms No PC loyalty to CoD CoD's lack of real Competitive focus Activisions determination to fuck over their loyal fans What needs fixing/focus Advertising: everyone I talk to hasn't heard about it First on the list is pretty self explanatory, every year there is a huge hype train for the latest CoD installment. This year it is confirmed to be WWII, and the FPS market is ripe for a WW2 arcade shooter as there hasn't been one in almost a decade. As it stands, Battalion is set to release well before CoD, and if the Devs play their cards right with DLC they will have no problems reeling in people eager to play a WWII. Let me explain; This was in the most recent dev blog, now everything on there seems well and good besides "Supply Drop". This leads me to my next point. CoD players are sick of Activision's DLC format and corner cutting. They put unique weapons behind an rng slot machine with an insanely low earn rate by playing the game. The alternative is of course shelling out 2 dollars a container. After the insanely negative reaction to the Infinite Warfare trailer, it was announced if you paid an extra $20 for it, you would get a remastered version of the fan favorite of the franchise: Modern Warfare. The statement from Raven, the Developers of Modern Warfare Remastered, or MWR, said they would keep the game original. It took 3 months for Activision to bastardize the game with an insane amount of DLC locked behind a slot machine. You could build it with "parts" but it took an insane amount of playing time to get enough parts to craft any of these weapons. So please for the players and your own success, If you are doing loot cases, make the items cosmetic. The game has a PC focus, and the PC community wont stand for that. Look at the top PC shooters right now. CS:GO and Overwatch. Both have cases, both are cosmetic only. Please don't cut yourselves off at the knees playerbase wise by making a bad DLC decision. I'm willing to pay for map DLC but CS:GO and Overwatch add all maps for free to keep the playerbase from splitting, which might be a good idea for Battalion. To round out that point, it was discovered that Infinite Warfare and MWR had sub par networking and in the case of MWR, the original game that came out a decade ago had better connection when it was run on the consoles and routers of that era. People aren't happy about this. Another thing many competitive CoD fans are missing is an in game competitive playlist. They use 3rd party sites but it's not the same as queing through the menu at all and getting a ranking in your combat record, and they are lamenting that. The more details that the devs can release about Battalion to reel people in, the better. The next point is about the PC loyalty to CoD; there is none. The last decent release was Bo3 and it has no playerbase. The casual/arcade shooter role is pretty much empty. Battlefield exists but it has massive maps and lacks the arcade feel of a CoD like title. Overwatch is too far into the arcade genre and kind of flirts with the moba genre with each hero having unique abilities and ultimates. I know that I called it a casual shooter when it's focus is competitive, I don't know how to put this really but I wanted to distinguish it from CS:GO. CS is at it's core a competitive game, and it has 20 years of pedigree to prove that. No game will knock it off that pedestal. I don't want Battalion to even try, it should be marketed as a casual shooter with a really polished competitive game mode, or a competitive game with really polished casual modes, both of which CS:GO is not. The devs mentioned promod for Cod4, this is key. PC is missing a CoD like title, and the more they base it off cod 2 the better. CoD 2 was one of the last CoDs to not have perks/abilities, CoD 4 promod restricted perks for good reason. If there are perks in Battalion, I trust the devs to know what they are doing. If you believe you have a good product for PC, release as many details about it as possible and players will come (we get horny for hud options). Have a good anti cheat and hardware/IP banning like Overwatch and some players may get full on erections at the news of that. As far as CoD's lack of competitive focus, every year the first month of the game competitively sucks ass as no one can agree on a ruleset and the devs stupidly try to push out of the box rules to relate to the casual CoD player. Yes they throw tournaments throughout the year but they still don't have a polished competitive mode in either of their IPs this year for casual players to play. If Battalion wants to coerce more people in they could use a % of profits from the supposed DLC crates in a monthly tournament, winning team could get like 50 bucks each, but all they really need to do at minimum is have a polished competitive playlist. As I've pretty much covered the positives here is the one big negative I can see until more gameplay comes out; Nobody knows about this game. Nobody on the few discord servers I frequent, nobody I know in real life that plays video games, nobody. I've done my best to advertise it with word of mouth without sounding like too much of a fanboy. Pay some youtubers or big industry names to follow the twitter or make a video on it. Those videos aren't too pricey for the size of the target audience and viewers are 10x more likely to click on a video if it's a game they haven't seen before that looks good (again with the WWII hype train). Or you could give yours truly an Alpha copy and I can post some sexy gifs to r/gaming and get an old fashioned reddit hypetrain going So yeah TL;DR at the top, I'm hyped for the game and I'm hoping it does well both for my enjoyment of a large playerbase and the success of the devs
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    This x 1000. The amount of people who have looked at the Kickstarter and seemed to have somehow garnered the opinion that the game will have high levels of realism and things like that is ridiculous. They made it very clear in the Kickstarter. Some people will only hear/see what they want instead of what's in front of them, though.
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    Leaning is in the game, it was just underutilised Disagree completely, imo leaning makes gameplay much more fluid. This is especially apparent in CoD1/2/4 where players leaned everywhere, around anything.