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    In a game like this, an active community and player base is everything without that there is no game, I get the feeling that the devs released the game because they needed more funding but after the huge failed release day with many refunds they then concentrated their efforts on trying to get sponsors through the competition side to aid their funding even more If this is what the devs are focusing on, then it is at great cost to the game because even if they get the funding, without a player base the game if dead in the water anyway and the only guys that get anything out of it are the devs prolonged wages perhaps, A dead game in general very rarely makes a come back from this sort of disaster and when certain devs show themselves to be very arrogant and don't even post on their own forums then there is even less chance of any comeback no matter how good an update they bring out in the future, this and the fact that the devs fail to acknowledge or agree on the fans dislike of many aspects of the gameplay It's a shame because it could have been so so good
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    Cant take this company serious anymore. I feel like i was tricked into buying this game and did not recieve product as promised... Whatewer that devs are trying to do it is to late for that now. Seems like they are so arrogant , blind and irresponsible I have that feelingn that they abandoned this forum because they can not take criticsm at all instead they are posting to reddit to their pets and wannabe b44 pros. I am not mad beacuse i payed for the game and it turned out to be a total disaster i am mad couse the game had potential and got completely ruined. Yet there is this also My team organised lan tournamennt here in Karlovac Croatia 32+ teams from whole Europe showed interest and signed up to participate. 1st place:4000€ + trophy and medals 2nd place:2000€ + medals 3rd place :1000€ + medals Food hotels and motels are cheap here in Croatia like 10-15 euros per night. Also having some great night out in local pubs is also cheap beer is like 2 euros. We had everythinng sposnsors good gaming pcs lots of space tournament was supposed to be at big shopping center. Interested team had 45+ days to pay to participate none of them have payed and we have canceled the tournament. cant blame interested teams who would play game on lan that was barely playable from home on pc due to many crashes and bugs. this was not just one case there were many other Eu tournaments that got canceled. Yet devs were not tracking that issue how could they after all when they have abanoned their own forum hahaha. Yet they have announced major lan tournament The Insomnia62 in UK England one of the most expensive countries in the world with a prize pool of 10k. Who would participate in it when there is no any official B44 team ranking? This game is going to die i mean it already is thanks devs Poor buisnees choices got it where they are today. i am not hater of this game or devs at all i supported it from the very beggining of the game even have spend 50 euros on loot boxes to help the devs because i liked the idea back than but this now is just killing it. Console annoucment said it all...
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    I didn't know they used to strafe jump all the time in WWII. If Battalion 1944 is "accurate to what millions of people fought 70 years ago" then CoD WWII is a simulator.
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    Introducing BattleRank & Wartide 2 Changes! Major Update 2 Preview 22 MAY - BIG TUNA Introducing BattleRank Beta 2018 - Major Update 2 (June) When looking at the list of issues with the Early Access launch version of Battalion, at the top of the list was giving reasons for players to keep playing whilst rewarding those who do keep booting up and playing for their efforts. We had these kind of changes down to be worked on ready for Major Update 3 - but we’ve decided to run a small ‘betaseason’ of our new leveling system within Major Update 2 called ‘BattleRank’. BattleRank Beta Season 2018 is the first step towards making Battalion the engaging and rewarding game it was always intended to become. With every BattleRank season (roughly every 3 months) will come new exclusive rewards and weapon skins that can only be acquired during that period. BattleRank is a system designed to reward you for playing Battalion 1944 - due to this all players XP will need to be reset to make way for this new era of BattleRank. Every player who boots the game during the very first beta season (seasons will last roughly 3 months) will receive a participant coin and a participant weapon skin as thanks for checking out the changes to the game for that season. Players who stick around however, get the chance to ‘level up’ their BattleRank to higher tiers. This is done by gaining experience point (XP) by playing the game and completing matches. In the 2018 Beta Season of BattleRank, every 10 levels will reward you with a new & exclusive weapon skin that can be sold or traded on the community market. Also, every single level up will upgrade your publicly displayed BattleRank icon and also reward you with a free War Chest! Reaching the Diamond Tier and max rank (Lvl 50+) will reward you with the ‘Beta 2018 Completionist Coin’ and a season exclusive animated weapon skin that you can only obtain during this BattleRank Beta season. We will reveal these awesome skins closer to the release of Major Update 2! This season of BattleRank is named the Beta season as we want to recieve feedback on the system and see how we can improve upon it for future seasons. Introducing ‘Aces High’ War Chest - Major Update 2 (June) Along with BattleRank - we’re adding a brand new War Chest! Say hello to the brand new 'Aces High' War Chest: This War Chest comes with 20 brand new weapon skins based on WW2 warplanes from the era. We can’t wait to show off the full set when we get closer to Major Update 2! Players will be able to unlock an ‘Aces High’ War Chest every time they level up via BattleRank. Introducing ‘The Chompson’ Exclusive to The ‘Aces High’ War Chest Important: The ‘Aces High’ War Chest will replace the previous ‘The Original’ War Chest. If you’re missing any of ‘The Original’ War Chest skins such as the coveted ‘Grand Panther’ skin, these last few weeks before Major Update 2 will be your last opportunity to unlock these original Early Access era weapon skins. Maybe it's worth holding onto them to see if they increase in market value? Wartide 2.0 - Major Update 2 (June) Our daily development playtests have been really helping us refine the game before the release of Major Update 2 and Wartide 2 is the area of the game that has seen the most iteration from these playtests. The specific focus of MU2 has always been to refine Wartide into a truly competitive gamemode that’s both fun to both play and watch for casual and competitive players alike. However, since we added the concept of a personal wallet, we noticed the redundancy of having a shared economy pool. While cool in theory, - when playing we realised the only reason it had to exist was so that we could distribute money to players fairly, by allowing players to withdraw/deposit to the team pool as needed. The reality was it became just a race to withdraw 3 coins first - whilst actual sharing of money was done through the individual player wallet donation buttons. This made the dual currency system not only redundant - but also confusing with so much information to share between players within the 18 second buy time. Changes: The single largest key change to Wartide 2.0 from our playtests is: The removal of the shared token pool and replaced by personal wallets & direct teammate player donations only. We have decided to remove the shared currency pool where all tokens earned through in game actions were merged into one central pool. This was a system where all players could donate their personal tokens into the team pool, however they could also extract tokens from this pool to their personal wallet. We have decided to move away from this system and have introduced one where the only pool is personal and the only donations you are able to give are to other team members. By only having your own personal wallet of tokens to worry about - the gamemode is now much simpler and allows you to quickly and efficiently share cash between your teammates whilst still allowing more selfish players to hold onto their own tokens. We’re very happy with this iteration of Wartide and are very confident in this being the extremely solid foundations for the gamemode going forwards. Strategy and teamplay have never felt stronger in any iteration of Battalion 1944 than the current development build. Any changes to the mode from now on will most likely just be adjustments in weapon costs and/or reward amounts for winning/losing rounds. Wartide 2.0 - Knife Rounds The classic way to decide which team gets to choose which faction to play first has been officially added to the game. Server owners and tournament organisers will no longer have to restart servers with their own configs or trust players to not shoot one another Here’s a question for the community - would you like knife rounds to be included on official Bulkhead unranked matchmaking servers? Or should this feature only be a server config variable for community server admins? Let us know in the comments! Wartide 2.0 - Overtime We’ve now added an official overtime server config variable so that competitive players get to play multiple mr3 overtimes until one team is victorious. This avoids scenarios in tournament play where team would draw 15-15 and have to completely restart the game server. Misc Extra Additions Adding an Ambient Sound Slider You can now adjust the volume of the ambient map sounds separately from the other audio in the game through the ingame menus. You cannot turn the ambience entirely off - but this should reduce audio clutter for competitive players whilst keeping the playing field level and fair. New HD Renderer You may have noticed the visual upgrade Battalion has received? If not here’s a quick reminder: This is to do with us constantly working on improving the visual direction of the game from characters to environments to user interface - but also due to our new HD renderer which gives us way more post processing options to play with. The great thing about this is that we’ve also made it so that players themselves can tweak individual settings themselves - such as bloom/lens flare/brightness and even hue/saturation etc We’ve actually added a quick option in the video settings so that players can quickly optimise their video settings between beauty and performance presets just in case you destroy your default config! Wrapping Up That’s it for today’s development update and preview - we have more awesome Battalion 1944 news and announcements to come and we can’t wait to share it. Keep a lookout for another huge announcement coming later this week! Thanks, The Bullkhead Interactive Team
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    Why hello there, STK here, and this is my first time posting on the forums and I'd like to start off with a little bit of background info: I used to play cod4 a lot at decently high level, played cod2 and quake live a little bit, and most recently I've been playing overwatch at tier 2 level. Next to that I've been programming for about 5 years, mostly with game development in mind, and currently I'm studying "Creative Media and Game Technologies" at HKU in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Back in the days of cod4 I used to play smg for our team, and I absolutely LOVED the movement in that game. The movement in cod4 was the one thing that seperated promod from other shitty FPS games, and the fact that it took thousands of hours to master its movement was an extremely competitive and fun factor. After years of playing other games and occasionally playing .wars in cod4, Battalion 1944 finally arrives, and it is truly the game I've been waiting for. I love it so far. But that doesn't mean its perfect, and I mainly wanna focus on the movement in this game; strafing. Today, phantasy uploaded the video "Battalion 1944 - Strafe Jumping Tutorial", and in it he mentioned how the strafing is fundamentally different from quake engine based games, because battalion uses unreal engine, and therefore CANNOT have the same movement. This is absolute bullshit, the game's programmers should know this, and I'm here to explain why and how it could in fact be implemented. Since I've always loved strafing in games, I have done some research on the topic. There are a lot of different places on the internet where the mechanic gets described, but the most useful source of information has to come from the id software's github itself (https://github.com/id-Software). If anyone is interested in how it really works on a mathematical level, I'd be happy to explain, but I wont put that in this post just yet. When you go to the github, and more specifically to the quake 2 section, you can find a file named "pmove.c" (https://github.com/id-Software/Quake-2/blob/master/qcommon/pmove.c) this file contains all the character movement code of the engine, and its full of some great examples of code. When you scroll down to the function "PM_Accelerate", you see a function of just 15 lines long. Since movement is done by applying forces to the character in different directions, there has to be a function that limits and controls this kind of behavior. "PM_Accelerate" limits the amount of acceleration that occurs when pressing a specific directional key (WASD), and just this function alone creates the "bug" of air strafing. Again, quake-like strafing is not an "engine specific bug", but in fact some wonky vector math in the air control function. This CAN be implemented in different engines, and I have even done so. The following link is a demo i created of quake-like strafing done in unity: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19RcjAQmE33GCcfS-Pm3pWNDE6HxfmEDo/view?usp=sharing If the devs want help with implementing this feature, I would be honored, but please at least just look at the code, because I would KILL for real strafing in Battalion, and its frustrating to keep hearing its impossible when a noob dev like me can even implement it. That's it, -STK
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    If the devs and game are so good, and what most players are saying is wrong, then why are you the only one saying it, you cannot ignore the fact that 1, nobody is playing this game 2, the game has got major issues with gameplay 3, the devs just ignore everyone who as a complaint about this game 4, the devs don't even post on their own forums 5, no update for months 7, the forums are almost dead, and if you read the steam forums all you see if bad news from the player base
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    Actually they haven't left the forums, they just don't post here but the question is why and im sure they are mature enough to take criticism and learn from it instead of turning a blind eye to it. More interaction on these forums from an appointed spokes person from Bulkhead would have gone a long way. Seriously, what update? Nothing for 3 months at all, no patches for an EA game is deadly and they announce an update in July and we don't know what issues that will bring either so 4 months for an update the players lose interest and move on its bad business for Bulkhead and bad for the customer base. We have heard all the excuses from Bulkhead from day one and have taken that info onboard but it is just getting old now because the bottom line is they promised something they couldn't deliver and most if not all bought into this game after watching the trailer, the actual game play was nothing like it, make your own mind up about that. Just to add, im not a hater just a very very disappointed player who really wanted this game to work for all and wanted the dev team to listen earlier on, do updates regularly or at least on a monthly basis and at least reassure people on this site, post something even if its to show they are reading these forums.
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    Damned, yes it does!!!
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    Greetings everyone, my hype was high when battlefield V was leaked, but after today reveal, it was a heavy down. I played Cod WW2 and the campaign was amazing, but never liked cod mp. I play on consoles and have been watching battalion 1944 videos on YouTube, and this game feels like authentic WW2 game. The sound of the weapons, the uniforms, the maps. So I’m getting a hp omen for play battalion 1944. Thank you Joe and to all Bulkhead staff. ChivaUK
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    But thats just straight up wrong. The movement is simply inferior and lacks any sort of acceleration, momentum and dynamic compared to quake based games, and this post here shows that it is indeed possible - and seemingly simple - to implement those.
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    Problem with that is all my clan members have now ditched Battalion and are already talking about Black Ops 4 and the new Battlefield so it will be hard getting them to give Battalion another go which is disappointing as we put so much hope into this game being the next one we could play in leagues again. I think Bulkhead have missed their main target audience tbh but time will tell. Indeed it does and the only way this will happen is if Bulkhead start listening and make a game the players wanted in the first place.
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    I know! Have it in my sight
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    Enough is enough, joined the only available server, one other person on, no indication of where he was yet he within seconds Spider-Man flies around the corner and in mid air shoots me. This happened every time that I spawned! Just a question, how did he know just which corner that I was around or does everyone fly around every corner? Afraid that's it for me, if I had wanted a Marvel game I would have bought one. Bye
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    You know exactly what people are talking about, it's irrelevant if that term is correct or not if people agree on the issue. It doesn't make it less true or relevant. Stop trying to be a nitpicking dipshit.
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    and its this kind of game play that as killed the game so far
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    Said Days of War fan. Oh look, it had whole 1 player peak today!
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    I see a few guys that are reporting getting a ban and don't even own this game whats going off and is it safe to play this game ?
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    1100 players banned for no reason today. If the game was not dead before it will be now. Players will not stand for that... And the worst part is even players without the game got banned so the word is out not to play this game.... Dear Ho dear
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    well 16,000 to start with and it seems 15,000 of them hate jumping around corners so your welcome to the game all on your lonesome you get all the peace you want lol
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    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it! Friday night 620pm here and 661 in game.........................
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    you mean they finally realize that the huge part of the player base does not want strafing and shooting while jumping ? there would be nothing wrong with that and its not caving in,, its been realistic and giving the majority what they want to play and making a successful game that as an upbeat mode rather than this post that says the game is dead
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    you could no shoot while jumping in cod2 you could not jump the width of the road and as high as your head you could only run with a pistol, .........bla bla bla this game was advertised as a cod2 remake and its not its a pro-mod ..so why do you think there is so much complaints ? https://eu.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/586711/Battalion-1944-producer-the-COD2-community/
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    i too watched that stream with a friend and we could not believe what we saw lol if this is a sample of the devs well i am scared for this game .............
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    Stop this nonsense already, it doesn't play like oldschool CoDs, it plays like CoD4promod. And there's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between these. And don't make me waste time recording "olsdchool CoDs" for side by side comparison just to prove how full of shit your statement is, please. It's okay to like the game the way it is, it's not okay to spread missinformation like that because the only thing it will achieve is more angry people shittalking the game and throwing bad reviews at it. It's CoD4promod reincarnation for CoD4promod fans. Noone who enjoyed gameplay of vCoD or CoDUO (actual CLASSIC, OLDSCHOOL CoDs) has anything to look forward to in here.