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    Stop being salty. If you had just asked me for a code I probably would have given you one because you've been here a long time, but it turns out you're just pretending not to be a salty regular gamer. Sort your act out, don't get upset. We're managing a release of a game here not baby sitting people, if my phone dies and I'm late tweeting for your because I'm working my ass off so be it. Here's your code, hope someone doesn't take it; 63EMA-D5X0G-KH9NZ "what a great way to start the project" I've worked until midnight two nights in a row then back at 6am. I don't care if you aren't happy because you didn't get an alpha code. There is no line for 'order of who gets special treats first'.. You get me followers so I can promote the game, then you have a chance of winning a beta key. This is how I talk to people who speak to any developer on my team without respect. Support us and we'll bring you a great game, make us feel like crap and you're burning the fuel we use to finish this thing. Bramm.
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    Alright guys, many people have been waiting for me to post this. But here it finally is! Basically, I have one spare Alpha/Beta key for battalion 1944. And since everyone wants this key, there is other way to keep it fair then just using a random generator. The way I will do it is this way: Everyone who wants a key can post a number (which isn't taken yet) between 1 and 1000. Followed by a nice/funny reason why they should receive the game . By MIDNIGHT CET (0:00) I will choose a winner with a random generator. This lucky winner will be contacted in a PM on the forums with his key. Anyone can participate! Since 1000 number will probably be too many, I will keep drawing numbers till a number pops up that has been taken. NUMBER LIST: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10xKdv3gh3V78yp-BSdfa07_EULYiYfCcuB97jHlSfOs/edit?usp=sharing IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Since there is no other way to check if a steam key is already been used or not. I will just have to go of the "word" of my friend. He said he has no time to play and wasn't able to activate the key yet. I know this might sound stupid, but that's as sure as I can get on the key still being valid. So even if you won there might still be a slight chance the key is activated (resulting in me punching my friend in the face for making this so embarrassing) . But hopefully this isn't the case! Also: I will post a screenshot of the winning number, sadly I won't be able to record at this moment, but I hope you all trust me in being honest with the random number, since I don't get anything out of this giveaway. It's not like i'm asking people to follow me on social media or whatever . Other then that: GOOD LUCK!
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    ABOUT KEYS Q: Can I get a key? A: Unfortunately no developers or mods are not able to give out keys to anyone specific right now. The only way to receive keys is by signing up here. Q: If I have a key, can I play tonight? A: Yes, everyone with a key will be able to play tonight Q: I didn't receive a beta key yet! What to do? A: Check out #media in discord for giveaways, or simply wait. Most keys are still on it's way! Q: I own an alpha key, do I also need a beta key? A: No, people who have access to alpha can use the same client to play the beta. Q: If I have a beta key, do I also have access to EA? A: No, you will still have to buy the full version of the game (February 1st) Q: When will we be able to play? A: Session 2: 18:00 GMT (20/01) - 06:00 GMT (22/01) Q: Can I buy keys? A: Both buying and selling keys are not allowed on our forum and discord. We are not responsible for any scams that might happen in DM's. We strongly disagree the sale of free beta keys that only last for 2 more days. Be a nice guy and just give it away ABOUT NDA (streaming, recording, ...) Q: Are we allowed to Stream? A: Yes! Beta Will no longer be under NDA so you can stream and share videos Q: Can we share pre-recorded alpha footage now NDA is lifted? A: No! Alpha footage remains under NDA! GAME ISSUES Q: Client says it's outdated, what to do? A: Nothing, just wait till the servers and beta update go live! Q: I selected my region and clicked play but the game doesn't launch? A: For some people the game might take multiple minutes to load up. If it takes too long try: Restarting PC, verifying game cache, reinstalling the game. Q: Matchmaking says "Allocating servers" but it doesn't start. A: Because of the huge amount of people playing, servers are pushed to their limits. This means that it might take longer to find a server. If this however takes more than 20 minutes I suggest you restart your game. ABOUT THE GAME Q: When will the game be released? A: Early access will hit steam market at: 1st of February 2018. Q: What will be the price for Early access? A: $15 / €15 Q: I would like to host a LAN / Tournament A: For possible partnerships with the team behind Battalion 1944, contact: esports@bulkheadinteractive.com If you got any more questions add them down below and I'll add them to the list!
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    I am a former cod2/4 pro player and I've been waiting this game for 2 years and Battalion 1944 is the last hope for me. I didn't back them on kickstarter anyway yesterday I had a chance to try the game finally. As far as everyone knows first impressions about game is so important, you can judge it way more fairly before you involved and get used into a game. I will make a long list and long piece of writing after the beta ends but so far I want to share my first impressions about beta and the problems that I saw. First of all it has a really huge potential to become an amazing game that can be even way more superior than cod2, cod4. Yesterday I had a 8 hours of gameplay and I really enjoyed it while playing and almost I got a feeling that I am playing call of duty 2 and 4, but somehow I felt like something is missing and not polished at all ( but since it's a beta i cannot expect a polished game ). Felt like this ; https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CG0l9XNUIAEPRjG.jpg ( Hopefully after 1 year, I will have nearly everything tho) 1-Movement Movement feels way too clunky and restrictive. I am not able to jump anywhere I want or I cannot find a position that will make a huge advantage for me. I cannot climb or jump to some simple boxes that I can climb in cod2/4. Those kind of limitations break the immersion for me personally but I don't say you are able to jump everywhere that you see, but you will be able to find a good spots and feel much more safer. As far as I see, some people complain about sprinting. I think it's about to getting used to it but still I felt like I am not in the " total control " of my character, it's way somehow restricts my gameplay, you could put a stamina and regeneration thing for it. I don't complain about movements in combat but while I am playing an Axis and when the round starts I feel like " I cannot make it and take the position at all." It's maybe because of the maps but i dunno. I will give a decent feedback about movement after beta ends. But still my main concern is climbing and feeling restricted by current movement system. 2-Maps and Round Duration In my opinions what makes the game immersive and great is the maps. Even though the base game would be amazing no one could ever play a game with a bad maps. My biggest letdown about Battalion 1944 is current state of maps. I know we just see 2 maps for competitive in beta, however, I am not really feel comfortable with them. They are way too small, not immersive and there is not enough time to take a position while you are playing defence/axis. There are tons of maps to take a reference from cod2 and cod4. (see: burgundy, dawnville, carentan, toujane, crash, strike, backlot etc..) You cannot come nearly at the same time with the defending site while you are attacking. You need to take a position in Axis to defend. I feel like I am playing Quake at some points, If maps would be a bigger and way more well designed problem will be solved I think. Due to small size of maps, rounds end too quickly and you don't have a time to feel the tension of the rounds, even a round ends while 10 seconds left. In my opinion what creates and increase the tension is " there might be someone at any place to defend the objective " but when you rush as 5, you will destroy the axis before they even take a position, so it totally breaks the whole purpose of the game as well as nades. If you rush, you don't even use to tactical nades except smokes. Personally, I really liked Coastal map but I wish it was much more bigger and would be more " sweet spots." Also I believe that, people will make a great maps through modding and other stuff and they might be added into an offical community maps after all, such as Santorini, Overgrown etc.. in CS:GO. And now round duration, I think when the maps will be properly designed, round duration will go up. I feel like I am lacking of time while playing because I don't want to play it like a Quake or Overwatch. There is no enough time to check every corner and due to this map pool in beta you don't even need to check every corner. In my opinion when you make a bigger maps, rounds around 2.30 would be enough. I feel like playing TDM even when I am playing Search and Destroy. S&D requires time to set-up for both teams especially Axis, but time does not enough for it. But again I need too see the other maps in Early Access for better judgement. 3-Nades Nades need to reworked and it's a must. When you throw a nade it goes with a delay. This kind of delay makes bomb throwing way more clunky. Just make it like a CoD2 or smth. You need to be able to throw a tactical nades from a bigger distances. Just a quick example ; In CoD2, Burgundy map, you were able to interrupt Allies rush to B objective by throwing nades, even it does not cease or interrupt their rush, at least it was slowing down their rush and It was a pullback for them. And maybe, the solution for the maps fixing nades ? So attacking side rush can be stoped by nades and you can take your position way more safe and quickly. 4-Wartide System I like Wartide System, there is no meta yet, so we need time to give a feedback for it or criticize it. But sometimes it feels pull back, I know it's in the beta state as well, it will be tweaked. When you lost 2-3 rounds in a row, game can give +1 to all cards as a catch-up mechanic and can prevent snowballing. But as I said before we need a time to give a feedback for this system. 5-Sounds And Animations I am sure about sounds will be tweaked and reworked. Sometimes movement sounds of enemy is not clear at all. You are not able to hear a sound like CoD series. Rainbow Six Siege sound system might be a good reference for it. Current state of sounds is uninspired and crude. I know you are really worked hard on animations and try to improve them, I am sure that animations will be really fluid when Early Access ends.However, for the current state of animations, I can say that they are colorless, yet they are improving. 6-Killfeed Sometimes I am not able to track it, It might be tweaked as well. When you are in a combat It's really hard to track killfeed. 7-Recoil System Many people dislike recoil system but personally I liked it. Adding a little recoil to whole weapons will solve this issue for people imo. To conclude, I will give a detailed feedback when beta ends and I will continue to give a feedback in early access as well. So far I can see that this game has a fucking huge potential and it is really fun to play with its current state as well, please don't ruin it. I really like how you listen community feedbacks and try to improve your game with us. Keep it up great work !
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    Hey, I was wondering what the general consensus was in the community about skins and crates. Seeing that just recently Battlefront 2 was heavily bashed for their practice with lootboxes and consequent wave of critisicm towards other games or the infamous, shady market and betting sites with Csgo, Pubg skins etc. I would expect people to be very opposed to this concept. But that is not the only reason why I dislike this approach. To me this game is absolutely not suited for skins for its theme and era. It just looks weird to me to see M1 with a flashy, colorful, patterned skins or even stickers. I know that as of now only a few, kinda polished skins were confirmed, but keep in mind that Csgo also began just with weapon skins and now they have gloves skins and whatnot. When I first heard about game I just imagined a remastered version of CoD 2 with some fixes and the few PITA features to be tweaked. What I've seen in the past few months has surprised me, in a very positive way. It is not exactly what I imagined, it is probably even better since it's not just CoD but I sense a bit Day of Defeat, HoM, possibly some Csgo similarities... However, in none of those oldschool FPS games were skins, which is why, and for many other reasons, they are labeled as oldschool and that's what Battalion wants to be. Suddenly, the game becomes a bit less about gameplay whilst the desire for an exlusive item or the urge of being the cooler kid in the yard, takes a fair share. To put everything in perspective, I absolutely understand the reasons why the chose to do so. The initial price of $15 is really low for such an amazing product, additional DLC content is supposedly free and skins seem to be the way to pay for assets, development etc. My question is why isn't the price a bit higher at the sacrifice of skins? I definitely wouldn't mind paying more, the same goes for the DLCs. What do you think?
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    No, we have the opinion if there is an issue with any of our competitive maps, then we need to address it and fix it. Not allow certain maps to just become stagnant because players don't practice them as much. Reality with CS is that it has many great maps, but they never get used because players are very afraid of change. Bramm
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    Hello, I'd like to talk about the Battalion Alpha Discord and Official Battalion discord. The Alpha discord especially has always been a nice place with a fairly small community discussing the game and just having a laugh. But lately , now the game has opened up to the public, it's kind of becoming a mess. Don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming anyone here, but I think it's time for some changes in there. For example: No more welcome messages (Having so many people joining, it's just a big spam) More active moderators (I only see @seekax doing a job, a really good one btw) Cleaning up the voice channels (they look glitched, check screenshot down below) Rules about voice channels being a little weird (Don't go into there unless invited by a dev?) Rules might get updated with possible consequences (Rule nr8, gets done all the time, nobody does anything about it) Like in the competitive Battalion discord, having a region_assign in the other discords too. New members: first few minutes muted (to avoid spam) ... Just some suggestions, but since discord is the main form of communication in this community, I think there might be some more "maintenance" attention to it.
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    I thought this post was gona go about sandwiches, croissants, and bread
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    Wow... you left me speechless.... I've been part of many gaming communities, and I've even forum-moderated one. There were alot of differences between the different communities, but there was one thing that was always the same: "NEVER EVER BEG. NEVER ASK DEVS FOR <insert something here>". Such behaviour could even lead to a forum ban. To me, that came as a logical thing. Developers probably have something much better to do than responding to thousands of "OMG PLIZZ GIVE" messages. And in your case, I thought it applied even more. You are an innovative person. You are trying to bring something new onto the market. It takes courage. That comes with a certain level of stress and it requires quite some dedication and time. So never did the idea of asking you for a key cross my mind. Especially after seeing the amount of community members (especially the more active ones!) also hungry for a key. I made a thoughtless forum "rage" post, in an, I admit, rather unfriendy way. The fact that you decided to fire a key at me sent a very strong message across to me. This doesn't feel like a "hah. i complained like a biatch and got my way" victory or anything. You taught me a lesson. You made me regret my actions. There is one more thing I'd like to mention: it seems that this game has great potential, and in the future, it could gain alot of new players. That will lead to a very active forum. I can say that a big part of the forum posters of a popular game are salty people who will take every opportunity to flame the game or the developers. Unjustly most of the time. Alot of people don't come on a forum to say "oh this gun is nice" or "nice map!!". They come to complain. And they will also seek every opportunity to critisize the developer's response if they don't like it. Please remember that However, I realise that I did something wrong and I apologise to you. Hopefully I can deliver a good contribution. I wish you a good night.
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    if you are using nvidia card go to nvidia control panel>resolution> select tick box that says use nvidia color settings
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    In Australia , COD4Promod was much more successful than cs. The lack of dev support is what let the game down and lead to its death, not its mechanics. I completely disagree with you. People are looking for a shooting mechanic that isn't like cs this is pretty much why the game is getting hype from the older arcade shooter community. The ability for bullets to go where you aim is something people want and really allows a single player to take control of the situation. I personally like it. There isn't any popular games at the moment with this style of shooting mechanic and i hope it brings it back. If you want cs style shooting there's csgo or like insurgency or something. This is effectively an arcade quake cod hybrid. I'm happy that the devs have stuck to their guns and haven't tried to make the game like stuff we already have, I see people suggest no health regen or like more recoil from time to time and i don't think they get it... It's ridiculous for this game to have those things, there are already games like that. Battalions mechanics are going to be very attractive to a market that don't like the other fps styles. That being super big battlefeilds, super realistic bullshit or cs style shooters. I guarantee new players are not even going to have a shot against some ex cod promod/2 players. There will be many complaints because of this i'm sure.
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    even the music reminds me of CoD4!
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    Feel sorry for that person who has to downvote me in every thread, sorry you don't have anything better to do with your time....
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    We all waited for this enjoy hype hype!
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    Damn right, lads, I read the post title and expected to see this....
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    The game isn't meant to be some next level tryhard eye tearing movie level failing stuff it's all about a well functioning multiplayer that is attractive to both casual and competitive players. think of it this way: who the hell would care if CS:GO devs decided to add history to the game? the game ain't about that.
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    Ah that's mainly because we have gone dark. We are getting a totally new website soon so we have kind of neglected it. Soon it will be looking loads better dw
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    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have some nice food and quality time with your loved ones Much of love, Dark
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    Im also a former CoD4 player and I can fully agree with you cyric. One thing i would like to mention: The indication for players left alive (the bar at the top) is distracting to me. No need to see the fancy profile pics of all players. It takes me to long to spot the greyed out ones to get the information about how many players are left... may im just not used to it, but i think numbers would work way better (at least for me :D) Information about the classes of my team could be viewed at the scoreboard.
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    Oh, then I can't help you guys. Just hope that @[CM] BigTuna sees this and can help you guys out!
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    Hey folks! Some of you may have seen interviews I have already done with Brammertron and Phantasy Interview with Joe Brammer: Interview with Phantasy: I will be recording another interview with Mr. Brammer here soon (possibly the day after this post!). The interview will likely be released just before Early Access launches. I already have some questions in mind but I figured I would see what some of your questions are out there. I won't be able to include them all as I think the interview will only be about 30-45 min long but just though I'd see what was out there! Thanks!
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    I made some frame by frame breakdowns of the animations which could/should be improved/fixed. Jump + sniper scope, hand glitching through weapon: Example: https://imgur.com/a/5f7HJ Source: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/953738659748040710 Shotgun sprint, weapon is floating: Example: https://imgur.com/a/aO5n2 Source: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/953736895825108994 Frag grenade, hand is glitching through grenade: Example: https://imgur.com/a/d7bGc Source: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/953758856613679105 Frag grenade is blocking view: Example: https://i.imgur.com/Mivw6Jq.jpg Source: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/953758856613679105 Smokegrenade is blocking view: Example: https://i.imgur.com/naE3nHY.png Source: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/953758856613679105 STG44 reload animation: Example: The player should chamber the first bullet after inserting a new magazine by using the cocking handle. Source: (00:17) https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/953933844759146497 Shotgun reload animation: Example: The same chambering issue applies to this weapon. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISSK3_hyFbg All of this is made possible by publicly available content.
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    Hey guys! If you're reporting a Technical Issue please: Use English. Try to include as much information about your Setup, Rig, Hardware and Software as possible. Try to be clear and precise with your explanations of what happened so the developers can get a good indication of what is going on. Please do not hijack other peoples posts with your personal bugs. If you have a separate issues please create your own post. As usual, please be kind and courteous to everyone. We appreciate your feedback and please understand that Developers might not respond to your post but we do read them! Thanks a lot! Tuna
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    You can say what the freck you want about a public picture from twitter, facebook or other sources! I for one like it, but think it's a tad bright and to little informative, but that's me Do play alpha and all the rest but the description arcade and casual don't mean squat to me at first hand!
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    The other thing is recoil doesn't equal skill based, if it's random. I don't know why that ever became a thing people say. Low recoil is fine because it puts more emphasis on snap aiming and good reflexes. Adding more randomness with more recoil wouldn't make it more skill based. The lower recoil means that other skills become valuable such as knowledge of when to prefire, aiming at specific positions, testing your reaction speed and like I said flicking to get on target accurately.
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    Can't we pre order the game before the game is out? or do we have to wait till the 1st of Febuary to purchase the game
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    Maybe everyone on the forums will get a beta key who knows^^ Basically they got the e-mailadresses of everyone who is registered so could be a possiblity to compare this with beta sign ups. So maybe it's community first who knows what they are up to
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    I made a little remix "made in France1944" enjoy ... or not ! Cheers.
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    Who told you it was random.
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    Implement EAC, VAC and Battleye and but keep the VAC and Battleye secret. When VAC or Battleye bans someone, tell him that EAC did it. Then watch the cheat developers' faces trying to figure out why their "EAC proof" cheats keep getting detected
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    I'm sorry for those who didn't win Game will come to EA soon! So stay tuned on the forum and follow the latest updates! Congratz to DOG19!
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    like i've said in another thread Bat44 is close to the point when it needs to be pushed to a wider audience. people are starting to see alpha footage and their natural next step would be to visit the homepage and the Bulkhead youtube channel. when they get there what will they see? content which is always one step behind. they would probably never click on the homepage again. little things like updating the homepage are becoming critical at this stage so i'm hoping we see the marketing push spring to life when the trailer releases on 9-Jan.
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    That's because I used the weapon scaling option. You can make it look normal
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    Hey everyone, Today we’re officially emerging from the dark. We have some massive things coming in 2018. It’s time to start getting hyped. As Winston Churchill famously said after winning The Battle of Britain; “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” From here on in Battalion is going to get even more exciting. I’m considering this the end of the beginning of this amazing project that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of. From its inception, we have strived to create a game worthy of sharing the experience of the classic shooters that many of us grew up playing and arguably more importantly, the experience that many people are to young to have enjoyed. This is it, Battalion has built a strong base that has time and time again received exceptionally good feedback, better feedback than we ever anticipated. We’ve listened to our community and we’ve applied changes they’ve asked for in every alpha. Soon, in beta, you’ll have the chance to do the same, and then again in early access. The process of this developer listening and reacting to the community won’t ever stop. Be vocal and be supportive and we’ll keep working hard to produce the real ‘back to the roots’ shooter of the year. Here’s our official announcement of our gameplay trailer, which is coming January 9th, 2018. You guys have been amazingly patient these past few months. We’re still working ridiculously hard - but now is when we start gearing up for the big announcements coming in 2018. Our social media accounts are now back online - you’ll see us tweeting again from tomorrow and we’ll be more active in general. For those of you who are participating in the alpha tests this weekend, please remember the game is under NDA still, however we would appreciate you sharing this trailer to your friends and letting people know what you think of tha game so far! We’re happy for people to discuss the alpha, but absolutely no audio, video, or image content should be shared publicly. We’ve also updated our Steam page with our latest branding for Battalion 1944, check it out and add the game to your Steam wishlist! http://store.steampowered.com/app/489940/BATTALION_1944/ Thanks a lot Bulkhead Interactive
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    Not if allies and axis have separate team colors (green and gray for example), like this: And only make colors appear on the scoreboard, like this: When you kill an enemy, it would show the colors: ("You killed" would always be colored white) When you kill your teammate, it would always show "TEAMMATE" as red like this: I think it makes your nick and your clan feel unique: I'm sorry, but I don't find this to have a big effect on gameplay. I only find it refreshing But if you have made up your mind, I'm not gonna argue.
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    Hey, I have an odd problem with latency on EU servers. I am from finland, yet my ping on EU servers is 150~, whereas on russian servers I get a decent 60. The problem doesn't seem to be servers being overloaded as most of the other players get the normal 20 to 80 ping, and it doesn't seem like it can be on my end either due to my low ping on everywhere else except for the EU servers (Unless my routing is off?) Any ideas what I could do? I don't find any games on russian servers so I can't play there.
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    Let me open by saying I haven't had the chance to play TOO much...but GREAT game!!! I am an old UO player that misses the old school games. Sorry if this has already been posted, I looked and didn't see anything. What if we could get ctf capture assists? I'm not entirely sure how you guys intend to do the scoring fully yet, but I did feel a little irked when I carried the flag 90% of the way through a match on derailed only to die just before the flagpost and have a teammate score it. I know this wasn't a thing in CoD 1 or UO and although I didn't play CoD 2 as much, but its more of a quality of life idea.
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    So instead of classic and in my opinion the most balanced S & D we are getting this? I don´t like this at all..
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    Welcome aboard mate! Many are waiting and we know little to nothing about consoles, my guess would be late this year or next year as PC version just about access EA....
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    Agreed on every other aspects except on jump + aim. A small part of your body is shown and you get to shoot 100% accurately. While not allowing jumping and accurately hitting a target, it would be a "high risk - high reward" kind of situation, where I don't see a problem with.
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    The card system is an economy system where you are given a limited number of each class (excluding default). You get 3 of the 5 main classes in the game, and your team shares a pool of 8 grenades and 8 smokes. If you pick a card and die, the card stays on the map for the remainder of the round for either team to pick up. Whichever team picks it up gets it added to their deck for the next round. If neither team picks it up then the card is lost until halftime when you switch sides. The default card gets a free grenade and smoke, the operator(shotgun) class gets a free smoke, and the heavy(automatic rifle) class gets a free grenade.
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    Can't say i'm a huge fan of skins that are not era specific, like that K98 skin. Looks a bit tacky in my opinion. Whatever floats your boat though!
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    Lots of people message me, one more wouldn't have hurt. I recognise people and give them keys. Check your inbox. Thank You. Bramm
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    hahahaa TEAM ALPHA!
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    Can't wait to try it already!
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    I guess you don't have alpha acces? The MG's were useless(compared to SMG's) before they changed the recoil patern. The game is going the right direction! Have faith in the developers!
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    Maps like - Brecourt , Hurtgen, Toujane Maps like - Carentan, Dawnville, Burgundy Would be great
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    It's an arcade fps competitive shooter, realism is probably one of the later thoughts (and rightly so) , Fluidity and a multiple of ways to out skill an opponent is best.