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    Don't misinterpret that I am happy with the direction Battalion started out heading in, but I am optimistic. I wish they would have approached production with the casual community first, then the esports, but that is not up for me to decide. I have to ride the roller coaster just like everyone else. Secondly, there are a lot of things they have built into the game that I am not a complete fan of, like the strafe jumping and corner jumping. It's just not my style of play as I prefer a tactical, more methodical style of play, but hey, I am on the roller coaster and can deal with it. What I find optimism in is the vision they are working towards. When mod tools come out, the community will be able to pursue and build a game which will cater to the individual. My assessment is that not one WWII FPS game out there now, at this caliber, even remotely comes close to pursuing that option. If you played COD2, COD4 or World at War, surely you remember all the great custom maps that communities made, the cool mods that got implemented which created an atmosphere for every taste in gameplay to find a place to play. That was a major factor in continued interest and longevity and lends to the uniqueness of this title. I am not happy that they didn't start out this way, but like I said... the roller coaster. Regarding player base. I know a lot of players (www.509th.net, been doing this since 2001) that are waiting for a full release game before taking on playing regularly. The feedback I get from them is that they like the concept and vision, but don't really want to get involved with an Early Access Beta that inherently has bugs and constantly will need updates. They are waiting for full release before they start investing time into the title. I read a ton of posts that continue to bash and trash this title, and usually from the same few people. I've asked myself and am curious to know how anyone that spent money through KS like I did or purchased Early Access through Steam will ever have a remote chance of getting a return on their investment of time and money by the bash and trash? Seems to me that providing constructive feedback for improvements and a proper level of expectation of an Early Access Beta would go a lot further with title development and player base improvement. So, for me, I am going to enjoy what I have to work with, look forward to what is to come and continue to support the development of this title in a constructive fashion to help improve it and the player base. That is what I've decided to do to at least have a chance at getting a little ROI on my investment of money and time. Some on the other hand, just don't have the patients, can't see the vision and expect way more out of an Early Access Beta than there should be.
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    Aren't you worried? Even after every update(improvement) the player base gets smaller and smaller. I feel like even if Battalion is amazing at full release, people still won't give it a chance. But I'm going to wait until MU3 or full release before I give it one last try. I'm glad to see you're happy with the direction Battalion is heading. I'm more on the worried/less optimistic side. Not because I don't believe Bulkhead can make an amazing game for full release, but it feels a little too late. Even after every update(improvement) the player base gets smaller and smaller. And when they started their Kickstarter project, a WW2 game was farely unique, but now every developer is making a WW2 game. But I hope they prove me wrong.