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    The approach of staying quiet when there's nothing to say makes sense, to begin with. Especially when you want waters to calm down after a stormy EA release. However, at this point it seems the complete silence starts to become rather adding to the negative look of the situation. Consider there's still quite a road ahead until we hit full release and the internet a) is impatient as fuck and b) needs to be 'teased' constantly in order to maintain interest in something. As a starter it would be nice to have the Steam Announcements, which are always very well put together in my opinion, posted across all communication platforms (this forum, reddit, twitter), or at least link them there for convenient access. Additionally there could be some more in between posts, preferably when internal milestones are met, not necessarily on a regular schedule, which provide an idea where development stands and what might have changed from the current live build. Keeping things more one-way though, that is, not starting design discussions, but letting people (passively) be part of what's going on behind the doors. I still believe there's no point in banging the big marketing drum before full release and the game being polished, leaving little to no issues for people to grow mad over. I'm afraid the bashing against the game on release day will be inevitably and the best way to come out clean is the majority concluding that the final product is good, so the trolls run dry on bystanders quickly and we can focus on actually playing the game and pushing things forward as a community. ;)
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    Cyrus and I have looked at this a little. I agree with the conclusion that it's not doable right now with the files we have.
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    I agree with you Excel. They bother less about the community now. They were atleast communicating before MU2. It's depressing after playing this game over 180+ hours & now they all gone silent. MU3 is the last hope.
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    Today @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON Talked on Twitter about being more open again.. (click on it to read the whole conversation)
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    I know they are working on things. There was server file update just the other day specifically for CTF game mode.
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    I think the bomb should be visible on the back of the bomb carrier. Atm axis team can't see who's carrying the bomb unless they kill the bomb carrier. Since the bomb is too big to fit in someone's pocket, when a player picks up the bomb, a backpack should be on that player's back. It's more realistic and other games have this feature too, like CS.
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    ive started working on random objects that were commonly seen ... what have you been making?
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    Before the 2.0 FFA was playable if u turnd off the minimap. Now u get stucked in spec mode and after 20 sec the server crash
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    Not updated? you mean the unannounced maps? As far as I know they are still following this roadmap so no need to update it.. and the names of the maps/weapons we hear at the release of an update And Q1 means Quarter 1 and a quarter of a year is indeed 3 months I agree it looks like the Q4 (winter) update will be not in the fourth quarter of 2018 but a little later like Q1 2019.. So they will work on it in Q4 but will release in Q1.. We will see
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    MU3 should roll out in this or next month I guess (between 23th of September and 21st of December).. Then the next Winter Update should be before 20 March 2019 And full release somewhere after that and before 2020 (My guess goes to May 2019) All my info comes from their official roadmap http://battaliongame.com/
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    ppsh: Russian sten gun: British And I know they want to implement the British and the Russians, but that will be after full release as far as I know.. But they want it just as much as you and me The things they are working on for full release are: * New Competitive Map * Spectator Mode Overhaul * In-game clan system for scrims, ladders and competitions with high tick servers * Theatre Mode * New HUD / UI * New Casual Map * General Fixes & Patches ready for full release! After that: Free DLC
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    I'm not a competitive player but here are my thoughts: 1. The pistole is holy to me and I would like to keep it as my secondary. 2. Re-selling the weapon sounds good to me, but do you mean before the round or when the round has started? 3. See 1.
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    Yes the gameplay is good. The old-school fps feel like cod2 & cod4. That's the reason we have high expectations.
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    Could be Q3.. yeah well then it should be here at least before 2019.. I actually have high expectations for full release.. mistakes are made but that does not change the final product. The game (imo) plays really good already and with just more content and players we could have a blast on it. The content needed is being made right now and the players needed should be brought by a decent marketing campaign (and that is planned) With SquareEnix behind them it should be "easy" to reach.. but for independent developers its a lot harder in comparison to the large companies.. But they will get there.. Also worth adding is that they will create new FREE content while we play the game that has been released by then.. It's their passion (read baby) and will not abandon this one!
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    I thought MU3 was Q3 on the roadmap because on Q4 it says "It's been a full year blah blah blah" so i assume Q4 will be end of January maybe but what i meant was does anyone know what date MU3 it is out? They haven't even bothered to update the roadmap and leaving people hanging is not a way forward as they get bored and move on.
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    Well, he is clutching at straws with regards to the player base as it currently stands so i guess he is testing the waters whether to go back to how it was and take criticism or not communicate at all and lose the remaining players and the last ounce of interest this game has left. I don't know tbh if their approach to be open created the anger in people making them argumentative or whether it was just Brammers arrogance but it has been quieter since they kept the doors closed and got on with things. In the end all people want is what they were offered/promised which was a good smooth game to replace CoD2/CoD4 rather than a CS:GO looking game. Does anyone know when MU3 is going to roll out?
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    Hi, my name is Piotr, im 24, im from Poland. I just bought Battalion and i really enjoy this game. I can feel good old days. Im looking for a team to play more serious. Becouse for now community is quite small i would like to measure in TOP. As a teenager i played CoD1 in small clans (eGaming.in and SPQR) then some CoD4 (clanbase, esl leagues etc. in mixes). Just add me on steam so you can test me http://steamcommunity.com/id/wiklu
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    Don't misinterpret that I am happy with the direction Battalion started out heading in, but I am optimistic. I wish they would have approached production with the casual community first, then the esports, but that is not up for me to decide. I have to ride the roller coaster just like everyone else. Secondly, there are a lot of things they have built into the game that I am not a complete fan of, like the strafe jumping and corner jumping. It's just not my style of play as I prefer a tactical, more methodical style of play, but hey, I am on the roller coaster and can deal with it. What I find optimism in is the vision they are working towards. When mod tools come out, the community will be able to pursue and build a game which will cater to the individual. My assessment is that not one WWII FPS game out there now, at this caliber, even remotely comes close to pursuing that option. If you played COD2, COD4 or World at War, surely you remember all the great custom maps that communities made, the cool mods that got implemented which created an atmosphere for every taste in gameplay to find a place to play. That was a major factor in continued interest and longevity and lends to the uniqueness of this title. I am not happy that they didn't start out this way, but like I said... the roller coaster. Regarding player base. I know a lot of players (www.509th.net, been doing this since 2001) that are waiting for a full release game before taking on playing regularly. The feedback I get from them is that they like the concept and vision, but don't really want to get involved with an Early Access Beta that inherently has bugs and constantly will need updates. They are waiting for full release before they start investing time into the title. I read a ton of posts that continue to bash and trash this title, and usually from the same few people. I've asked myself and am curious to know how anyone that spent money through KS like I did or purchased Early Access through Steam will ever have a remote chance of getting a return on their investment of time and money by the bash and trash? Seems to me that providing constructive feedback for improvements and a proper level of expectation of an Early Access Beta would go a lot further with title development and player base improvement. So, for me, I am going to enjoy what I have to work with, look forward to what is to come and continue to support the development of this title in a constructive fashion to help improve it and the player base. That is what I've decided to do to at least have a chance at getting a little ROI on my investment of money and time. Some on the other hand, just don't have the patients, can't see the vision and expect way more out of an Early Access Beta than there should be.
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    Aren't you worried? Even after every update(improvement) the player base gets smaller and smaller. I feel like even if Battalion is amazing at full release, people still won't give it a chance. But I'm going to wait until MU3 or full release before I give it one last try. I'm glad to see you're happy with the direction Battalion is heading. I'm more on the worried/less optimistic side. Not because I don't believe Bulkhead can make an amazing game for full release, but it feels a little too late. Even after every update(improvement) the player base gets smaller and smaller. And when they started their Kickstarter project, a WW2 game was farely unique, but now every developer is making a WW2 game. But I hope they prove me wrong.
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    i don't agree, in Bulkhead's case, that they can be accused of not working hard and squandering KS money. many people may have been unhappy with the way the game turned out but those guys did put their heart and soul and their own money to make Bat44. that said, Bat44 was my first experience funding a KS and i'll never do it again. not because i think Bulkhead were lazy or incompetent but because the KS model is fundamentally flawed and completely broken.
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    Hey guys Major Update 2 is live and playable. Head over to our Steam news page to read all about what you can expect to find in this new update https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/2699229596634463651 Thanks Tuna
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    2018-06-15 18-39-33.mp4
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    Savoia examined & Updated weapon physics 1 JUNE - BIG TUNA Introducing Savoia and more! Some of you may have seen our previous update announcing our newest map - Savoia - coming to Battalion in June within our Major Update 2 Beta Testing Phase. Today we’re happy to show a little more of this map to you guys as well as some other stuff so we hope you enjoy! This map is a lot more open than previous maps as we have tried to move slightly away from our previous map design policy’s which retrospectively are too much like CSGO with tight chokes and close entries into the bomb sites. Savoia contains long streets and a lot more verticality as well as a ton of potential for close combat with many enterable buildings and tighter areas around the bombs sites. We hope you enjoy the new colour palette in this map too as it adds a Mediterranean feel to Battalion and could be a little more enjoyable than Northern European theatre we have previously used. Consistent Weapon Physics After Death' Whilst this feature is alot smaller than some of the other gigantic changes coming to Major Update 2 - this small change will please all players who have ever experienced the ‘where did his weapon go?’ feeling after killing an enemy player and wanting to take their weapon. Weapons will now drop at the exact point you kill a player. Falling weapons no longer fall with the momentum of the dead enemies ragdoll, but will instead drop directly to the floor. This small change brings much more reliability to the game and no more ‘bouncing’ weapons. This is an important fix for Wartide 2 where carrying weapons over to the next round and have the choice to save weapons is an important part of competitive play now. YouTube™ Video: Dead Weapon Drop Example Views: 3 All this and more will be available in our live version of Major Update 2 on July 12th. Thanks for tuning in and see you all soon The Bulkhead Team
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    Weapon Balancing, New Sounds & Movement Tweaks - Major Update 2.0 17 MAY - BIG TUNA Major Update 2 Changelog - Part 1 Update 2 of 3 Major Update 2 is on the horizon and with not “too” long left to wait we’d like to start sharing our fixes, improvements, and changes. MU2 will contain a tonne of new additions as well as loads of great tweaks, balances & fixes! We think this update will really improve the experience of Battalion 1944 and dramatically improve upon certain features that were prevalent when we went to Early Access in February. This is just part 2 of the Changelog as there is so much to go through therefore we are trying to keep our updates as short and snappy as possible. Part 3 should be released tomorrow so keep an eye out for that! Movement & Weapon Balancing Reworks Our upcoming Major Update 2 combats what some players are calling “bunny hopping” in Battalion 1944. The controversial ‘corner jumping meta’ which we’ve received a lot of feedback on from both casual and competitive players is being addressed with in this update. We’re also planning on some tweaking weapon balancing based on your feedback as well as lots of nice extras, such as settings and performance increases and new weapon sounds that you guys have been asking us for! Movement Changes: Our intentions with the following movement and weapon balance changes are to reduce the strength of jumping around corners to the point of it being a calculated risk to do so, whilst in turn increasing the strength of other styles of engagements such as jiggle peeking or leaning to allow different playstyles to become viable within the game. Reduced the amount your third person player model moves out of cover whilst leaning by 75% which will encourage angle holding and jiggle peeking. Increased momentum very slightly to create smoother general movement. No longer receive movement penalty when falling from small heights whilst not ADS to increase general movement fluidity. Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps to give players who are holding an angle extra information on the enemies movement behavior. Added a ‘movement punish’ when landing whilst holding ADS. These combined changes will mean a strafing jump shot is much more of a commitment/risk when choosing to make that play. You will still be able to jump around a corner to get the surprise factor on an unsuspecting enemy but it should no longer be the best play in all situations if you need to guarantee a swift kill. We will be watching how these changes affect the meta of the game very closely. Prone Behavior Changes A small percentage of players were complaining about ‘dropshotting’ where players would go to prone as they came around a corner to decrease their chances of being hit. We’ve addressed this by re-looking at how other games implement ‘anti drop shot’ mechanics, hence the following changes: If a player goes to prone when moving whilst ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS. If a player goes to prone when stationary whilst ADS, they will stay in ADS. If a player tries to move whilst already in prone and ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS - unless you’re a using a scoped sniper rifle. Weapon Balance Changes Sniper Rifles The Springfield, the Kar98 Scoped and the Kar98 now take slightly longer to become fully scoped when transitioning to ADS. This has in turn increased the length of the inaccuracy period when transitioning between hip fire to aiming down the scope. The Springfield and the Kar98 Scoped hip fire accuracy has been decreased whilst moving. These changes are intended to evolve the playstyle of these weapons to focus more on holding angles and sight lines, instead of jumping around a corner at close range. Instead players should start using quick lean peeks to get opening picks to allow your team to take early map control. Using these extremely powerful weapons aggressively in close ranges is still a viable choice for skilled players - but these tweaks ensure other weapons may be a better choice depending on the map played & gameplan of your team. Playing a sniper aggressively carries a much higher risk than it did before. YouTube™ Video: Springfield ADS Time Views: 146 These changes can initially sound drastic and we fully expect players to be worried about their favourite weapon receiving slight nerfs within the upcoming major update, but after lots of internal testing we actually believe this is the right move for the weapons themselves and game as a whole. These changes bring the scope in/out times more in line with similar classic FPS titles. During our first play tests, we really felt the immediate effect of the changes, however when we adapted our playstyles to the ‘new’ Battalion 1944 we found that the overall game was considerably better as a result. YouTube™ Video: Kar98 Firing Views: 400 Heavy Weapons The BAR is now a 3 shot weapon across all ranges instead of 3-5 shots at range. The BAR ADS animation was tweaked to feel more snappy and responsive. The STG44 is now a 3-4 shot weapon instead of 3-5 shots. Both STG44 & BAR stationary hip fire accuracy slightly increased. The BAR is finally receiving a well deserved buff to increase its pick rate and give the allies a much more reliable weapon choice when attacking. These changes should increase the weapon’s feeling of consistency and ‘snappiness’. We have also minorly buffed the STG44, but only to reduce the feeling of randomness of getting 5 hitmarkers at its longest engagement range. The STG44 is intentionally not as powerful as the allied BAR due to the nature of the Germans being on the defensive side. And remember, both automatic weapons can still deliver an almighty 1 shot headshot! A much more effective way of fighting with our new ‘fat head’ characters. YouTube™ Video: STG44 Spray Views: 91 SMGs MP40 Horizontal Recoil Slightly Reduced. YouTube™ Video: MP40 Spray Views: 59 The feedback we’ve received on Battalion’s SMGs has generally been positive. The one common complaint was with the MP40’s recoil pattern. We’ve decided to reduce the horizontal recoil of this weapon to be more in line with its allied counterpart, the Thompson, to allow more control over the weapon’s erratic firing nature. Shotguns Max range damage slightly reduced. Min range damage increased slightly. Crosshair spread decreased to more accurately portray pellet spread. Reduced shotgun fire rate. Can now hold 6 shots instead of 5. Shotguns in any FPS game have always been controversial. In an effort to make every weapon viable, we originally buffed the shotgun to allow it to compete with some of the other extremely powerful weapons within the game. With the changes to Wartide 2.0 meaning different weapons have different values, this no longer needs to be the case. We’ve also seen the feedback from players that in certain situations the shotgun’s communication wasn’t correctly shown to the player - creating situations where players would ‘tag’ when they felt they deserved a kill - or the exact opposite to this scenario could also happen. We’re hoping the above tweaks will help alleviate the feeling of the regularity of these situations! YouTube™ Video: New Shotgun Views: 74 Weapon Penetration Values Our thinking with bullet penetration has always been trying to make it consistent in terms of communication over what you can and can’t shoot through. This meant thin metal sheets, small objects and thin wooden doors/shutters etc are supposed to be penetrable. The problem we’ve seen is that some assets slipped through and were accidently made penetrable, such as the kubelwagen. This was never meant to be the case. We’ve now adjusted these specific meshes that weren't meant to be penetrable and adjusted the damage values of penetration to feel more consistent. Also, a big change the community requested was to make the bomb box no longer penetrable which we are happy to say will be implemented into Major Update 2! You will now be ‘safe’ when planting/defusing - meaning your post plant positioning will now be very important. New Weapon Sounds! We’re adding new weapon sounds to make all weapons feel much more powerful across the board. This update will also include new hitmarker & headshot sounds to make the game feel even more responsive than before. YouTube™ Video: Colt Firing Views: 78 Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps. New Gewehr Sound. New STG44 Sound. New Thompson Sound. New Luger Sound. New M1911 Sound. New Headshot Sound. New Hitmarker Sound. New Footsteps Sounds. New Token Pickup Sound. New Attenuation/Falloff. YouTube™ Video: Gewehr Shooting Views: 78 Performance Gains We’ve heard the complaints since Major Update 1 about performance dropping - We’ve been looking into multiple aspects of the game from both CPU and GPU perspective to help better optimise for high end and lower end hardware. These tweaks include us focusing onto: Blueprint Nativization (drastically decreasing load times and increasing performance). Level Specific Optimisations (reducing draw calls). General Optimisations (reducing unnecessary clutter within the project). Animation Optimisation (only visible information is sent to clients). Hopefully in Major Update 2 players should see FPS and performance gains across the board. These optimisations are ongoing and will continue all the way until release! Settings/Menu Configs Major Update 2 will be the very last time an update resets your config! Part of our new build system has allowed us to keep your configs intact for future updates - this means future smaller patches will no longer become a major annoyance every time we would like to update the game. We’re also introducing more in-game config settings as we look to enable those with lower end PCs the same ingame options as someone who would tweak their ini files externally. This change also means ini files will be locked - as all of the relevant options will be be available ingame (you’ll still be able to keep your settings config!). We’ll also be putting some restrictions on certain config settings which we felt were being abused to give an entirely unfair advantage to certain players. MU2 Release Date & Beta Test Players have been asking us to bring them in to help test the game before it’s pushed live to the world! There are 2 stages in MU2. MU2 Stage 1 - Beta: In June when we feel the build is stable ‘enough’ for testing, we will push a version of the game to our ‘Public Beta’ branch on Steam. We will not be using the Test Zone for a few good reasons, but this won’t change anything for you! To access the beta, we will distribute a code to players that can be used in Steam by doing the following: Open Steam > Right Click ‘BATTALION 1944’ > Properties > Betas > ‘enter code’ MU2 Stage 2 - Release: Throughout the Beta phase we will be watching the feedback. What we will not do is be “over-reactive” to initial feedback. The beta phase will last a few weeks. During this time we will make changes, fixes, and improvements. We absolutely expect there to be bugs. But this is your opportunity as a passionate gaming community to make an impact on a commercial video game and this is our opportunity to make our passion project commercial! By listening to your feedback we believe we can maximise the potential of Battalion 1944. We are not setting unrealistic expectations during this update, our goal is to show people what Battalion 1944 should have been at launch, but could only be possible with the extensive feedback given to us over the last 4 months. After we believe the game is balanced and just prior to the ‘Gallantry LAN event in Budapest’ we will push the release version of MU2 to the live Battalion 1944 branch. We hope you’re ready to see all these new additions in game becasue we can't wait for you all to test these changes and let us know what you think. We really hope they will really improve Battalion’s gameplay for the long term. Thanks guys and see you in the next one coming tomorrow! The Bulkhead Team
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    Wartide 2.0 - Major Update #2 (June) Wartide 2.0 is coming! You as a community have spoken and we’ve listened to all your feedback about the original Wartide gamemode. We’ve taken that feedback onboard and have acted on it by creating an entirely revamped version of the gamemode we’re calling internally ‘Wartide 2.0’. This re-engineered competitive mode will replace the current competitive gamemode - “Wartide” and will be released within our Major Update #2 coming in June, so get ready! The largest concerns with the original Wartide were: No win / loss bonuses meant steamrolling became very likely. Having the losing team being forced repeatedly to play default class round after round when losing, wasn’t a fun experience and players would often leave rather than persist. The original Wartide system lacked depth to its weapons economy therefore all weapons were forced to be balanced and as viable as each other in terms of perceived value. Wartide 2.0 intends to address these issues by adding an actual economy system which is shared entirely between your team. The brand new Wartide 2.0 Tokens, which drop when a player gets fragged. (Only one token is ever dropped, even if the weapon’s value is higher than one token!) Footage of the new Token dropping from a fragged enemy in Wartide 2.0 Teams will start with a set amount of tokens that will deplete as the players on a team pick weapons from the shared buy menu, these weapons all have varying costs based on their effectiveness. For example - The extremely powerful one shot snipers cost more than cheaper weapons such as the shotgun and the two brand new "eco" weapons we’re adding to the game! In this new system the much loved default carbine classes will be free so have fun with those. Players gain more tokens throughout the match. Important actions within a Wartide 2.0 game will result in rewarding players and, in turn, their team with additional tokens. This includes actions such as: Planting / defusing the bomb Consecutive round wins / losses Picking up tokens from dead players We’ve had a couple of early external tests with top level teams from within the competitive scene to test the new format (without user interface). We’re currently working with a different UI designer to revamp the Wartide 2.0 user interface to communicate this new gameplay as simply as possible for new players and spectators. This is a work in progress and not totally finished. Some UI weapon images are placeholders and subject to change We intend to carry out more external tests with top tier players as we move toward polishing Wartide 2.0 before public release in June. We feel these changes counter some of the issues that were raised about our original Wartide gamemode and we are really interested to see what you all think and as always we are keen for constructive feedback. Introducing ‘Wartide’ Matchmaking Option & Retiring Unranked/Ranked Playlists - Estimated Major Update #2 We fully understand that with lower concurrent player numbers, new and less informed players are finding it difficult to find other players to play with unless its during peak times. One of the ways we are going to help alleviate this issue is by removing both ‘unranked’ and ‘ranked’ playlist and merging them into one and the same under the menu option ‘Wartide’. This means players will all be searching under one playlist - instead of being split between 2, helping players who want to find matches in the new Wartide 2.0 gamemode. The new Wartide will function the same as the previous unranked playlist. This is a temporary measure until we’re ready to relaunch a brand new ranked playlist through our huge competitive matchmaking upgrade later in the year (which we will release more info on at a later date. This decision was also made as we feel the ranked experience of Battalion 1944 wasn’t to the standard we ourselves would’ve liked it to be in, let alone our players. More on this below. Competitive Matchmaking Upgrade - Estimated Major Update #4 The current ranked matchmaking user experience is not good enough - to the point where we’re hearing players would rather play unranked than ranked. Instead of bashing away at improving a system that isn’t working - we have been talking to a very popular third party service provider who loves Battalion 1944 to implement their widely loved and accepted matchmaking system directly into the game… whilst we’re hoping players aren't too upset by the closure of our own competitive mode - we’re hoping you’ll be able to face it for now as we have a great 3rd party replacement in the works that will be integrated into the game itself. This will come with a reliable ELO system that tracks your progress, general stat tracking, match history and all the other good stuff that player expect from a top tier competitive experience. This is only the beginning for this feature, as we’ve always wanted a way for 5 man teams to stack up against each other within the game. More info on this will be announced closer to the release time whilst we work out the finer details of the system in the meantime. Another Development Update Next Week! In keeping with our renewed plan from last week’s ‘moving forwards’ news update (which you can read by clicking here), we’ll be releasing another development update next week with more behind the scenes looks at the development progress of Battalion 1944’s new upcoming features. Thanks for the continued support, See you next week! Tuna and the Bulkhead team