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    So, how is it going? Are even pillocks from this thread so fiercely defending this horrible design decision still around amongst all those 38 players online or already jumped flower?
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    Was there any update? Any good if so? ? Sums it up pretty much...
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    Thought the fleas were supposed to have been calmed down since the last patch (not had a chance to play much lately so not tried it since update) Pity: ? I guess someone will be along soon to point out the "I wish people would stop calling it bunny hopping its strafe.....blah blah blah the difference is HUGE..... drone drone drone it takes immense skill to jab a button non stop......ZzzZZzzz. Then of course someone else will come along and say its not a problem and its MEGA MEGA MEGA easy to kill the fleas you simply need to use simple trigonometry algorithms to deduce angle to the power of bounce allowing for wind direction etc etc or they might just say "Git Gud as all the trendy kids say now.
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    Just had first game since trying it on very first Alpha. Games looking alot better and def alot smoother. So thats apositive. That said - in the few games me and a few others played (read "got owned badly") it seems like the games slowly morphing into a bad copy of the new CODs? First of all nearly everyone was bunnying everywhere (although they tried to say it was "strafe jumping" - bunnying is bunnying) and on S&D its just a straight forward run fest - whats happened to the tactical feel and palystyle of the game - has this died? it just feels like run and gun and bouncing everywhere. True we may have just had a bad few games (experience - dont care about being owned ) but at this point in time games feels like a weak clone of games already on market. We were really looking forward to the type of game they spoke about on kickstarter - tactical feel, back to roots like UO etc and I just dont feel that the game is there. Shame. Still happy to wait and see but at the moment it looks like BF5 may trump this. maybe.
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