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    What to say huh? They got me on hype as i loved cod2 cod4.Amateur dev team that sucks game isnt as promised.Be sure that their careers are over for good and thats what satisfies me as no one would hire them or buy their products ever again.They developed so bad rep inactive on their own forums announncing console franchise while they couldnt even finish pc one.Thank you for taking our money and abandoning us it was a Pleasure i hope u devs are reading this couse your game is totail fail and a disgrace.I was so hyped and believed at the game and u guys killed it.I would advise u also to find other jobs this is not for you. Also u devs should know how much did it Hurt us casual players for treating us like complete garbage. Your extremely unprofesionall behaviour make me a smarter man and gives me reminder to think twice before buying any game in the future.yet u were the first who completeley dissapointed me and i am old school fart 28yrs old who purchased 200+games. I hope u guys Will enjoy the money u took from us as u gave us nothing in return. Your game? Only one explanation i can relate to it is this one. U order burger and u get burger without a meat thats what u did to us. Sry for being this much rude but thats what i really think.And to fellow players thats feel same as me good luck and i hope well see each other in some other game some time soon,Until than bye.