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    I'm going to be 100% honest here. Hate it or love it. I believed in the idea. I believed that Bulkhead was going to do what they promised us in their first video on Kickstarter. I was hyped right away. This hype didn't end. The game went in Alpha and I was still believing in the developer team (although I thought Joe was an arrogant asshole sometimes), and I thought the horizon was looking good. The game was fun and the roadmap looked neat. I shared the idea/game with every gamer I knew and two of 'em bought the Early Access on release. The game went in Early Access. They left the forums, player numbers faded, and the frequent news and updates were gone. I hoped that this shit was temporary, but it's september and nothing much has changed. Like... What the fuck happened? I hope they turn things in a good way soon. But I have the itchy feeling they're just going to abandon the game after "release" and show a nice middlefinger to everyone who really believed in this game and in their team. I guess I'll take the L. The idea was perfect. The execution is/was pretty fucking shit. ?
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    That is pretty much the way it went and is going. Look at steam discussion groups, zero activity from the dev's and even on the "ask a dev a question" forum not one reply to any question has been given by a dev. I guess this is the result of a dev team using other people's money to force a game in to Esports before making a game for the casual's, building a player base then enter Esports....... seems the most logical way to do thing's.
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    well, judging from the comments in this thread it's pretty clear BH decided some time ago to reduce their efforts in working on B44 in the hope people would just forget about it and move on. if this is the case the reputation of BH and the devs will be forever in the toilet. maybe not within the industry but with the players unless they turn this mess around. BH ignored all the warnings from players early in development and like @Soldat Ryan said there were many people constructively questioning some of their decisions on the forums and in DMs but they chose not to listen. not just to the trollers but they stopped listening to everyone and here we are today. look at this recent tweet. B44 isn't even on the list! https://twitter.com/Brammertron/status/1037371971200344064 B44 failed not because it was a bad game but because BH stopped communicating, in a meaningful way, with its players. BH either ran out of money, lost their way, lost their nerve or all of the above. whatever the reasons its very disappointing to see. i'm not angry or bitter towards BH because, at the end of the day, its just a video game. but what i have learned from this experience is that 99% of devs are full of shit and you shouldn't believe a word they say or give them a penny of your money until they deliver. just like it is in any other walk of life. its as simple as that.
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    @Soldat Ryan Sorry if you think having an opinion and being factual is rude but i'm not one to dress things up. Black is black and white is white, i owe BH nothing so if they or any fan boys don't like my comment's it's because they don't like the truth, get all defensive and say it's being rude. If you think that's rude you should see some of my other post's when im in a bad mood ? I turned my servers off 4 months ago, just wasn't worth having them running using resources better put elsewhere.
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    I have to agree with your post Farq-S. It's as though Bulkhead are letting B44 fade away whilst BH have moved on to other things. No idea what is happening but most people said it months ago, this game will be a fail but some disagreed which split the community immensely and Bulkhead chose to ignore the vast majority of people's concerns and question's unless they posted positive comments about the game and not to mention they abandoned this forum from what i believe is where it all started. I hate to be negative but i have nothing but negativity for this amateurish team, they took the money and didn't deliver, even to the point of closing servers in certain areas leaving a potential amount of players with a crappy game experience. Who wants to play with a stupidly high ping, is that not a bad thing for the game? Anyway, im fed up with Battalion and Bulkhead not being able to deliver what they promised, they are deluded enough to think people are going to wait around for a fully polished game when they can't even be bothered to keep in touch with their customers. This forums activity reflects game activity and i will never ever buy a game from Bulkhead ever again, i almost feel mugged into thinking this dev team and game was going to bring communities, clan's and leagues back to life because what they promised is nothing like we are ever going to get. I made a point to Joe Brammer on steam where he said "we are listening to the community and making the game blah blah blah" or something similar and asked him why BigTuna always post's "we are making the game we want" i asked which statement is correct and do they know what they are doing but i received no reply and yet Joe posted to other topics but ignored mine. Arrogant and ignorant is not a way forward for anyone especially in business.