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    178 in game.. it's growing.. and in 2 hours 500 in game.. But hey toxic will be toxic @sLL
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    Thank you. I'll look into modding the market json. I made a copy of Market0.json and removed machine guns and renamed it to rifles.json. I then made a copy of default.ini and called it rifles.ini. . I had to change references to Market0 file to rifles. Where it said market0.json I changed to rifles.json. Where it said Market0, I changed to rifles. Seems to be working and allows multiple ini files. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for everyone's help.
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    Did anyone ever stop and think that the reason you see no-one playing is because people like you. You see low numbers and give up. If everyone does that...no players. If everyone that says "game is dead" would get in there and play...voila, more players. Got to admit, game has come a long way. Get in there and give it a chance. The only people that can bring numbers up is ourselves.
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    Give this game some time. Its amazing how many skilled Players are on the server. Never ever experienced this before. I love the Battlefield Series too, i have all BF on Origin except Hardline, but BFV will just another Re-Skin from BF1 like they did with BF3&4. I think Battalion will do this, just look at other EarlyAcces Games -> nothing happens for months and in Battalion u see how many effort they put into their game and dont forget the small dev team.... :p
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    I love the new update with all the new options. Im looking for the best visibility, but there are so many Options and its hard to figure out if u have good settings. So I would like to see how other Players have set their environmental tweaks. Color Strength: 10 Color Tint: 5.5 Toggle Fog: Disabled Toggle Atmospherics: Disabled Toggle Antialiasing: Disabled Toggle Landscape Shadows: Disabled World Contrast: 0 Sky Fade: 0 Vignette: 3 Lightbounce Power: 10 AO Strength: 0 Toggle Static AO: Disabled Toggle Detail Occlusion: Disabled Lens Flare Intensity: 0 Toggle Lens Flare: Disabled Toggle Bloom: Disabled Exposure Amount: 5.5 Motion Blur: Disabled Kill Aberration: Disabled Digital Vibrance is at 100%
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    I hope so, that you are wrong we will see what devs will bring, with more content and less bugs there will be more players I hope I started BF series with Vietnam and my favourite titles are 2&3 played it tons of hours and it was pure fun. My personal opinion is, that BF is going the wrong way (casual) You had the Sentinel Packs in BF1 aka "uh yes every noob can be a frag machine for some time" and in BFV there will be Planes with huge bombs aka COD Killstreak award.... I will definitley play the Battlefield Beta but i guess i will stick to Battalion Have a nice day