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    use your brain ? devs didn't want the game to get famous yet. When the release comes it is all about promo and management.. we will see then if it is gonna be top or flop. Right now there are no big steamers and tbh.. thats good. So nobody will buy an unfinished game and be mad about it just like you. And right now i am totally behind it. Of course i see many problems but nothing that can't be fixed and it will be fixed mostly. Devs did big statements, u didnt't read them huh ? They only went in early access to get more feedback from a much higher player base (10-15 players went up to 16k, check steam charts) and of course because they needed more cash, the studio was empty... no cash = no game. So by now they have a lot of work to do.. bug reports, game changes, balances, fixes and we will see how they gonna deal with it.. if they screw it up or design the game we are all looking for. Texting "dead game" in the forum kinda shows that you are pretty mad. For what reason ? An unfinished game ? Players that always destroy you in comp. ? :'))