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    Then why keep coming back? I think you will find the forums are full of "realistic" mature men and not a hopeful fat kid who just goes on about how good he is or thinks he is. The rest of your post is plain rubbish.
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    lol you couldnt be more wrong lmao, i forgot cracked servers even existed aswell lol.... i only played promod, normal cod4 was full of bots. played at a decent level not too seriously mainly just pre inv pugs.. and about 6 month at a i.qpad before i quit because i didnt have the time at that point in my life. never played anything but promod and played for 6 year... the game is exactly the same style of play.. its not as smoothe as promod because its a completely different engine and the game is 10 month from being finished im sure it will get smoother... strafing in this is easier as its not a bug in this game its been manually included in this engine, slightly different speeds moving about.. BUT this game is aiming and is very close considering the different engine in being cod4. hence why half the old cod4 players are back.
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    this game is 10 month from being finished, your comparing it to a finished product.. and yes i didnt really word that correct 100 developers no doubt all wont have been programmers but.... 2 year to make 100 devs. the franchuse had lrevious releases over multiple platforms and a much bigger operation.... using iw 3 engine which was then also used to make world at war (cod5) aftet being slightly modified obviously mw2 was different lol infinity ward were not involved in that, didnt their servers go tits up on release day of mw2? i remember people bitching about that too. and while were on about the comparison do you not play b44 the same style of play as you played cod4? as opposed to say csgo which to be any good the style of play has to be completely different to cod n b44??
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    It can be one of the best and still have some flaws. Both are not incompatible. Even if they are not perfect and there are still improvements to be made, Battalion hit regs are more than correct for an early access game.