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    31524-hour peak I think I have more neighbours.
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    It is also ludicrous to accept that a game looks like something that came out over 10 years ago. Oh except for better resolution I would go as far to say that old game looks better and plays better. And that is very very saaaaaaaaaad!
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    here 's an idea to cure bunny hopping, every time someone jumps twice within 3 secs, Max Payne "bullet time" kicks in and those in the vicinity have several seconds to riddle the jumper with bullets
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    Hello there. This idea comes from CoD2&CoD4, this implementation would be most likely make the current movement system more dynamic, players would have different playstyles depending on their movement. I wont talk much about it, here is a small video, if you have played CoD2/CoD4, you know how useful this can be, especially how useful it was in CoD2 for prefire peeks. Here is the presentation, excuse the annoying guy talking in the background, just ignore him, but what's he's saying is basically the reason of this thread. (0:25 and so on)
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    I personally never get why there are two versions of Manor at first place. The first one is pain to play, it's smaller than v2, optimization is far worse and playing 8v8 there is complete mess.
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    I second this. Hardcore/competitive gamers that come from the older cod games (like me f.e.) care little about high res quality graphics let alone destructible environments and fully furbished houses with high details. We will simply disable most of it anyways to get that little extra fps and have less details to get distracted by. The correct "art style", tile set, lighting and color palette chosen however does! That alone determines the atmosphere within a game, played in competitive scene. COD UO and 2 nailed it in WW2 settings (where COD WW2 utterly failed if you ask me) and COD MW nailed it in Iraqi settings. But for me personally Bat1944 missed the boat here. It's too..."saturated" and too..ermm... trying to look realistic? I can't really grasp the WW2 atmosphere. Perhaps due to not having a single player campaign with brilliant storyline to get "in the mood"? Also, once again, the maps need to be brought back to the drawing table and redesigned to fit competitive play (CQC in center with escapes to the map edges which in turn hold more long distance fighting and not to forget rooftop access and less houses being accessible). Its kinda like the IT movie remake; where the classic one (with Tim Curry) was frightening because of the psychological effect it had by not overdoing things and trying to hard, the remake simply emphasized on blood and gore which just not sorted the same effect. It left nothing to ones imagination. I know the comparison is kinda of a long shot but I'm trying to make a point there which i hope will deliver the message hehe(English is not my native language).
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    its you like good example that why developer has not improve the game. Oh well its good enough lets see how much money we can get from the fans..... This is the reason why COD release every year and its ppl like you can't take criticsm.
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    https://www.unixmen.com/how-to-clear-memory-cache-on-linux-servers/ for linux users
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    poor effort the devs have put in Hahahhahah are you for real cods have 100s of coders working on games which are almost ready lol the engine tools are ready for the next 5 cods these hace got about 3 coders starting virtually from scratch... you guys literally have no idea what your talking about ffs ??? they are putting the business on the line lol they could walk now with silly amounts of money to buy themselves a nice new house fund a new business and have money left over. instead they continue to work their arses off to finish this game that is nowhere near finished and clowns arnt happy... its not ever ever gunna be the game you want it to be so just scatter and go play cod or battlefield or some shit oh and please dont downvote me im getting serious deppresion from all the downvotes i cant stop crying
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    as said above if the devs didnt care they would walk away now with a tidy profit in their back pocket they would t ve working the wouldnt be supporting lans ect... your just talking shit because the games got you tilted... just another moron that nobody will miss.
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    Havent received my PS4 game key yet, Had no response to my comments on kickstarter, Twitter, Email or Facebook as one of you’re original backers it would be nice to get a reply ? Cheers
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    Hello community - this game generally irritates me due to that it is NOT compatible with Unreal Engine 4. This engine causes so many issues for well at least my computer Yes it is fairly old, GTX 660, I5 3470, 8 GB ram, but that should not change the fact, that opening the game takes about 2-3 minutes. Joining the server is a 50/50 chance, either way it takes 1-2 minute to get in, and by that I will either lose connection to host or get in and have stable 40-60 fps, but crazy stuttering every now and then making it unplayable. Yes, spare me from your "It is early access comments" never have I experienced an early access game that had stuttering, and literally killed your computer memory wise. Closing a game should not rely on your computers specifications. I'm not sure whether it's just me or highend computers too, but closing this game literally destroys my computer for about 2-3 minutes making it slower than a laptop from 10 years ago. The memory usage from UE4 Game in my Task Manager exceeds 1200 memeory and it feels like it has killed Windows. If it is plausible I would like to refund my game - I highly doubt it since I backed it up on kickstarter a long time ago. // Dcease