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    If you subscribed to the Kickstarter, you won't get money back. That is the gamble of being a Kickstarter backer. You might get a product, you might not, it might be what you hoped for, it might not. Unfortunately for me, my first foray into the world of Kickstarter crowdfunding, was both for Battalion and also Days of War. It's taught me a harsh lesson of not to part with my cash, so easily especially as via Kickstarter I've paid out so much more for this game, than it will ever be sold for via Steam
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    Everything is wrong. That's why it's hard to find one specific thing that defines problem.
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    I don't think all dev's fly off to different lans, but eSports seems to be their priority number one from the start. That's probably the biggest mistake they made.
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    Yeah, same here but didn't backed DoW, but anyways, i have totally to agree! I'm pretty pissed seeing this game dying so fast (guys don't try to correct me, it's me sight on it) I'll spent a pretty good amount of money, well i did't even have over 50h in this game AND more sadly, i don't have any plans of starting it in the near future... It looked so more promising in the videos and it's just Bunny/strafejump quickscope one-click simulator There are NO REAL fights like back in moh:aa or early cod days, it's just not there! First to shot, first to kill... simple as that
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    Ye I feel u. It's also the lack of interest from the others in my friendslist.. Nobody of them seems to really care about the updates anymore.. Most of them haven't touched the game after the first days of play.. Imo the game speaks to a to small group, and is not the game that u want to play every day. Yeah sometimes I have this like tommorow i wanna play again but sometimes not.. Because everybody seems to want something else i don't know what they have to change anymore, I can speak for myself but it seems it's not only the jumping or ttk or w/e other change. The lack of interest from a lot pretty much is telling us a large part of the game doesn't attract the majority. Also the kickstarter guys received a coin that is currently for sale for a lot of money^^ I really wonder if we (the humblebundle backers who also paid 65 euro and have helped this game testing) ever get something... No special coin , no skin , no recognition, no answer
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    sorry..........is better ? lol, so I'll buy a screen 4: 3! "I remember CoD2, where 16: 9 players had benefited over 4: 3 players because of their been able to see more on the sides ...." in your opinion? it's exactly the same thing! each one his ways .... triple screen is enjoyable and not only in fps race .... but you need a good machine behind, why sell 21: 9 and ultrawide? worst (my next probably ..) Samsung CHG90 32: 9! short zoom too much according to a certain resolution! unplayable in nvidia surround / eyefinity! recently ..... because at the beginning, of course when buying ..... a fov of 143 perfect for me! but since the latest updates blocked on 105, it is clearly say "excellent for 4: 3 16: 9 ... the others..change screen! BRAVO it is still distressing in 2018, to be heard saying "play on one screen for the fps" .... and again, not just any monitor! already the 21: 9 complains .....read the forum please.
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    Hi everyone, i suggest to change count of points to win. cause is hard for begginers and take alot of time if you weren't play vs noobs. Briefly I want to reduce points to win! to 5 or 6! ( Unranked games only )
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    If this is actually true then this game is far worse off than I thought. This is slowly rivaling DayZ levels of lies and bullshit.
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    This. We did the same betting with my friends, I was very optimistic with my 3-4k guess (for 1 or 2 days, then back to 1-2k) I was like, this is the first major update people will check out the changes and stuff. Well I was somewhat wrong. I stated eariler here on this forum, that this game already got its biggest possible hype that was the EA release. Whoever wanted to play this game already bought and tried it, and 90+% of the players didn't get what they expected so they left, they will NEVER come back. Joe Brammer is delusional and keep posting bullshit things like "I wonder if I leaked the stuff we are working on the player base would just grow and grow but I'm not going to", haha, full of bullshit. This Joe guy is a joke. Game had so much potentional, such a waste.
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    Ok so the game is pretty stable for me after the last update. I didn't get any crashes anymore after the last (small) update. Also the gameplay is playable and kinda fun. BUT i still think the development needs to make a few tough decisions maybe towards something that they aimed for @ the kickstarter or maybe something (a bit) different from what we have now. As on discord we did a small bet about how players that would play after the update. I said like 1250 because I don't think a lot of people we're still waiting for the update only the players who already basically loved the game kinda or we're playing already. The others who went away don't even know there was an update because they stopped following.. Now we're back at the same playercount as before the update. And that tells us IMO that there are not enough players who like the game how it's meant to be atm. Because im pretty sure they didn't just leave for the bugs, but a lot of them left because of what the game is heading towards. The guys who only left for the bugs probally tried the game right after the first big update. I hope bulkhead get's the right information what everybody is basically looking for, because it's true the playercount is a big enemy of this game. Will the current 1000 still be here after 9 more months of development?
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    I'm 38 myself so I'd fall in your agegroup. I don't find the gameplay to be 'nothing alike', but neither does it get it right so far. If you think back to the original CoD: the bunny hopping, the TTK, the godlike BAR, etc, I'm seeing similar issues here aswell. I prefer team deathmatches as gamemode and it's somewhat annoying you can't filter gamemodes in arcade. Also I never played advanced warfare, I stopped when they left the ww2 genre, all the spraying and praying and other nonsense just wasnt for me. Been playing for some days now, bought in on saturday and I feel old and slow as hell. I think the difference is we come from different places: you seem to have been (or stil are) way more into the fps whereas I was always a casual player. What I don;'t understand about the current state of the game, and where I think you make a good point is why it isn't exactly like shooters way back. Especially as it's what they advertised with.
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    I've asked for a refund and Brammertron told me to go through steam. Steam doesn't do refunds for this game if you got it through a code. I've asked him about this back on March 6th after steam denied my refund and he has ignored me. So that is very professional of him. I've messaged kickstarter to see what i can do to get the refund. No one wants to back another cod, which is what this game is. Just a "halo-jumping" and "dropshotting" mess, plus all the bugs, it isn't worth playing.
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    After having a taste of bulkead's work for 2 weeks now I guess, I agree with you. I wouldn't buy the game ATM, i rushed the purchase because I was hoping it's gonna be the next esport as they marketed it. I don't regret buying the game cause 15€ is really not a big amount of money, but wouldn't buy the game again, atleast not in it's current state. I get it "EA" and stuff, so I was counting with bugs and errors, but it's too much the game is broken on several levels and the decision making of the devs is HORRIBLE, and I mean it. Seriously a 15yo kid without any FPS experience would make better decisions as far as gameplay is conserned.. Last night I watched the head dev(Joe whatever his name is) streaming, well... now I fully understand how this game went on side tracks.
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    Reload cancel while sprinting gives the ability to cancel reloads and that alone imo adds a lot to the fluidity because you can always cancel actions you don't want to perform anymore for some reason, so if for example you had a few bullets in your magazine and decide to reload but then an enemy picks you, you have the ability to fight him, instead of dying while performing an action you don't need. All of the stuff you mentioned which "doesn't add up in your book" are all CoD 4 features and yeah I don't want to be one of those guys who say "it was in cod4 so its fine", but the way you describe make them look like they have no sense, which they actually do, CoD4 was a good game and the fact it was also a good competitive game has already been proved. I'm amazed you just recently reported them as being out of place, since you've been here for a while and also afaik tested the alphas I expected you had an overall idea of what the game was trying to be and where it took inspiration from. In my opinion the reason why many people are complaining about some of those mechanics is because CoD4 perfectly executed the kind of gameplay it was trying to achieve and everything was balanced (even more with promod) while Battalion on the other side is a decent reproduction of it, but still not as good movement, graphics and balance wise.
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