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    I would say it feels more like Rising Storm 2 Vietnam and i don't like the feel of that game either.
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    Since the first alpha test, there is very little focus on casual side of the game. And here we are, one year later and nothing really changed that much in this regard. If they are going to continue like this, there just won't be any casual players at all. And 2 years from now it's either going to be dead or with enough luck, end up like Quake. This is not something I would want tho. Despite everything, I still want to like this game.
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    I hope the game ends up like Enemy Territory or Counter strike, what I mean by that is the moddability of the core game. I want to see custom maps, game modes, silly things like coloured text in servers and custom wavs. It gives communities an identity. For example our server already has removed one shot rifles as our community cannot stand them. The gameplay is great imo, with lots of custom maps [we have a few mappers thankfully], a nice workshop and even moddability that will allow customisation of the game modes (Escort the tank) the game will be very healthy imo. Alot of people are harping on about this and that, but there isn't a current game on the market that does CoD2 aswell as BAT44. It's a great game and we're all looking forward to future updates. The people who are enjoying the game are doing just that, and not whinging on forums/social media.
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    teams competing, hopefully complete movement that's amazing to use, some community made maps in the rotation for comp and smooth animations battalion seriously still has so much potential, if you can't see that then i don't know what to say.. all i have to say is this game still has the potential to be huge
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    Sadly I don't really see Battalion going anywhere or becoming anywhere close to a 'mainstream' title. When it comes out fully in 2019 I imagine there will be a boost in player numbers but only slightly (perhaps a maximum 24 hour peak of 1500-2000). There are too many issues overall and the game in general feels underwhelming and, frankly, generic. The style of gameplay is great and the card system is an interesting take on having an in-game economy but the gameplay itself feels sluggish and clunky. Overall there is just something (quite major) missing from Battalion - I have no real desire to play everyday and when I do I only play a few matches before losing interest. This doesn't really happen to me when I play other FPS games.
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    This discussion is pointless tbh. Maddog, you'll never see grenade cooking in a competitive game, get over it. Feel free to mod it and install on your server. yeah, downvote me.
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    Welcome back yiNMastah! Me, as you are one of the old timers around here and I agree with what you say. I played trough alpha and beta in hope of this would pick up and turn out to something I like. It didn't.. So in EA I only clocked in 2-3 hours and I got tired and wanted to play PUBG instead. I'm not anything close to a pro, casual only all day long and for me this ended up as a bunny jumping strafe flying mid air kills with lazer accuracy. I used more time spawning and looking for games then actually playing it. I have pretty much made up my mind about Battalion 1944, it's not going where I hoped and will never go that way, so I have uninstalled it and are leaving this community pretty much. It still kinda bugs me and 9 of my friends that we backed this with a clan pack when we could spend 12-15 punds on it to test and leave, But that's Kickstarter and can't do much about that. I'm just disappointed that we didn't end up with a game from the early days of KS videos, this is nothing like that.
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    I love CoD1.. It's my childhood.. and I pray for the return of X-Fire.. But I need to say that after playing Battalion, I prefer it ABOVE CoD1.. When I compare CoD1 to Battalion then Battalion has a better movement to me and it just feels a lot smoother.. The maps imo are also much improved in the last update, and I want to play this game every day! I love this game! And when I boot up CoD1 it just doesn't feels right anymore.. Still love it but I think Batt is better.. (just not fully done)
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    And most of them could return some day.. I understand why some people don't want to play with bugs.. It can be reallllly frustrating, especially when you try to run your own servers.. When the game is 99.99 % bug-free I see them coming back in That's my vision
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    I am including all things tactical. I'm not negating anything. Of course you can use an uncooked nade tactically. You can also use cooked nades tactically as well. It depends on your style of play and game philosophy and strategy. If I am about to clear a room and I don't want to be caught in the middle of a reload on a garand, I would prefer a cooked nade over an uncooked nade. If I am clearing and controlling areas further away, an uncooked nades work tactically as well. Again, it depends on what you are doing, which tool works best.
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    i think people are forgetting this is the unreal engine, the chances of getting cod4 movement are pretty much none.. i mean to get the movement how they have with unreal engine is pretty sick tbh
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    as I said you are wasting your time trying to explain to those with fixed minds, obviously it is far more skilfull to handle cookable grenades full stop, you have to select the grenade, pull the pin at the right time then throw at the right time in the right direction, a lot to balance if you are using them as suggested to keep an area clear this is a very tricky thing to do unless the nades are uncookable then you simply select and sling but ofc the enemy knows that and will counter with a similar sling meaning you can't progress any further to the so called "better position" any way pretty much making them useless. As stated the only argument against so far is noobish suicide bomber type use, something that can easily be countered in many ways so a nonsense argument.
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    the game hasnt even been marketed yet ffs lol they have all their marketing budget still to use. and the game is still basically a beta the game isnt realeased untill the end of the year... people really are mental thinking an unreleased game is dead lol
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    I just feel like i'm 15yo again and have a blast with it.. Sorry I have nothing to feed the discussion, but I feel like it's important to hear when someone in satisfied as well Seriously downvotes on this? Something is wrong with that part of the community.. sad.
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    A dead game and by that I mean barely 1500 people playing and the only people left caring about the game will be those few teams playing for a bag of Lay's. Unless something miraculous happens like Bulkhead finally seeing through their own ego and actually changing some mechanics in order to cater to all the 15k lost instead of the 1k they are left with.