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    I don't really see why the last topic was closed. People reminding how much players are currently playing are just a small percentage of the total topic. Maybe ban them for some time if u don't like em to remind you all the time. Like 90% of the posts are people that are still trying to help this game and because of that give their oppinions. The title brougt life to the topic and I think it's good to have topics that trigger people to read it. Since there wasn't as much activity anymore since early access started. So i hope you don't mind that i created this topic so we can move on discussing the current state of the game and i hope you get some vulnerable info out of it.
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    Idk, it should be dead, just like the game itself. dead game doa
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    Adze is an interesting fellow. Thanks for linking me to current players, it was 1,100 last night so we're pleased It sucks we went down from day one of 19,000 but we were never expecting that many. Now we now there is a clear place on Steam for Battalion, we just need to fix the issues. Thanks for spending your time updating us on the stats, we appreciate you putting in that work. We're really busy here so it's good that someone can do that for us. And thanks for the 134 hours / 5 days of your entire life you spent playing our 'ded gome' we appreciate your support and sorry you feel negatively about the game. Cheers for feedback all! Joe
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    Agree. Right now, it is necessary to find out why only 1100 are playing the game. If it's strafe jumping, low TTK, jumpshooting or high acc, change it and make the game so 10K-20K are playing. Then you disappoint 1100, but it does not matter in the big picture. The most important thing is to get the game populated and not so much about principles. Once the game is populated, you can make the specific part as originally intended for competition. Just my opinion
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    Hello Battalion 1944 Community! I'm vozER, a 28-year-old enthusiastic gamer/streamer from Finland. As some of you may know, I've been playing CoD1/2/4 competitively for around 15~ years or so. I'd like to give my point of view about the current gameplay and gun balance. I've been playing Battalion 1944 non-stop since Early Access was released. There are a few things that in my opinion could make the gameplay feel a little better though. I'm really loving the game and I have tons of fun playing it! Keep up the good work @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] KingHoward @[CM] BigTuna @[CM] phantasy and all the other developers! 1. Movement Speed Movement speed generally feels quite good, but in my opinion it's still just a little too fast. For example: sprint + jump seems a little overpowered at the moment. There seems to be almost no time to react when an enemy sprint + jumps you behind a corner - even if you're equipped with a shotgun. Especially while SMG's feel like 2-shot kills atm, I think this combination is a little too much. Also, while the movement speed is so fast, it's quite hard to one-shot with Spray-weapons. Why try to one-shot kill when you're gonna kill the enemy so much faster by spraying - no matter the distance. I would lower the movement speed 3% - 5%. 2. 1-shot Headshots Generally, I feel like this game needs more opportunities to try to get "1-shot" -kills. It's a little riskier trying to one-shot, but it may pay off the shooter since it still may have some bullets in the magazine. It also adds more diversity on how to play with the guns. Are you going for a a one-tap or are you gonna spray? As a bonus, we could see some nice one-tap kills. 3. Gun Balance I. Heavy Weapons (BAR & MP44) Rifles should be effective in mid-long (especially long-range) range battles, Heavy Weapons should be effective in mid-long (especially mid-range)ranges and SMG's should be effective in close-range situations. The recent buffs surely did help using these guns, but something still feels a little off. Many times I still feel like the enemy should have been dead already while spraying with these guns. Right now I have really mixed feelings with Heavy Weapons. I think they should be a little more effective on long range battles though. I would buff BAR & MP44 with more damage (10-20%). I would nerf the fire rate a little (5-10%). I would nerf the recoil (+5-10% added to recoil). Not sure about the percents, but you'll get the idea. I know this is a whole different game than CoD1 / CoD1:UO, but I would try to chase the recoil and damage of BAR/MP44 in these games (Thank you @Marrond for the awesome video link): I'm not sure if the little 'curve' is necessary. I think it disturbs your visibility while firing with the weapon. I would remove the curve. As a second option, I would consider changing the BAR's ironsight to something similar to this: 3. Gun Balance II. Submachine Guns (MP40 & Thompson) Submachine Guns feel a little too powerful in close range at the moment. Generally it feels like 2-3 bullets is enough to kill the enemy. I would nerf the damage in close-range by 10-15% 4. Hipfire I think firing from the hip is a little too hard at the moment. The bullet spread is a little too high on most of the weapons (especially with Heavy Weapons). Generally it doesn't feel wise trying to hip-fire the enemy since you're gonna be in a disadvantage in most situations. 5. Weapon Switch / Weapon pickup Switching between your primary and secondary weapon feels a little too slow/clunky at the moment. The same goes when picking up another weapon from the ground. This also occurs, when you're trying to "fake-plant" (quickly pressing F while planting) and getting your weapon ready to shoot again. You can pick up a weapon / pick up your old weapon to your hands too quickly at the moment. Right now you can just spam F and it will change the weapons in 0,01 second rate or something. This may be a problem when you're trying to pick up a weapon from the ground and accidentally pick your old weapon back (it may have 0 bullets for example) in to your hands in a shooting situation. This may become problematic, especially since the area to pick up another weapon is so short. I would lower the time to switch to another weapon by 0.5 seconds. I would add a cooldown while picking up another weapon (0,3~ seconds). 6. Item pickup area Many times I've tried to switch to another weapon that's laying on the ground, but often find my arms to be too short or the "weapon pick-up indicator" never shows up. I would extend the weapon pick up area/indicator. Thank you for reading! Please don't hesitate sharing your thoughts! -vozER
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    Why is the "selecting card" time and strat time seperated ? I think its not logical, chronologicaly you make the strat and then you select the guns and utility you need for it. And idk since the strat time is 3sec its useless. And sometimes its frustrating when you wanted to change your mind on your gun selected but you are in strat time and can't change the gun
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    It's a business, so I would guess they are interested in sales unless it's a hoppy. A company must be faithful to its strategy and plan until time comes where reality no longer corresponds to goals and strategy, then it's time for a review. A product is no better than what the customers think. If you change strategy you should also pay close attention to getting it communicated in the right way so that customers are not confused. Saying that something better arrives tomorrow without being specific can cause problems as it creates expectations that can be difficult to meet, thereby ending up in the same situation as before. Damage control can be fine for a short period but to get the customers to stay you need to tell them exactly what the plan is especially if you change it. Right now, most people think they know the plan and have rejected it.
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    Yeah i agree, im waiting to see what the game is like from then to and hope it will play much better.
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    Let's see what happens on March 8th. It was positive to see the devs so active on steam today. It seems that they have become aware that without a big player base there is no competition scene. A competition scene needs an audience to attract money. It comes only from a large player base since nobody will be watching a game they do not play. You have to satisfy the masses before hardcore gamers to achieve this goal. This can be difficult when you have a great passion for what you think is the perfect game for competition. But it is necessary to compromise at the beginning and make a game that attracts the most possible players and then build the competitive scene from here. I think there have been some very positive announcements so I'm confident and will try the game again on March 8th.
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    1,183 24-hour peak hi @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON :DDDD
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    why have their own forums and post on reddit ? I am really starting to wonder whats the point in having forums
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    Forum does not get enough attention by the team, it's insecure and flooded. And most questions from the community goes unanswered
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    Question settings ... 123... Random words... Answer... Maybe? ............. how?
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    I am right that this game with Strafejumping only appeals to a small part of the players. This is obvious. I also give you the right to build a strafejumping version on a non-strafejumping version. Not the other way around.At the same time, however, I think that you have to connect strafejumping automatically with e-sports. This is a fixed misconception. E-Sports has many faces. Those who think the cod4 Promod because of the pro in the name in some form more demanding is mistaken. For most, it is silly and therefore they reject it. Anyway. It is up to the developers what they make of it. But it is a misconception to be able to push the game if the great majority rejects this strafejumping. Then no events will help. Furthermore, I am skeptical that the developer will take the necessary steps and remove the Starfejumping. Apparently they feel a rejection of Strafejumping is currently a personal critique. Posts like this have a deep look. https://www.reddit.com/r/Battalion1944/comments/7x92at/bulkhead_on_communication_question_for_the/I would wish the guys some relaxation and we want a game without Strafejumping. Until then, my friends and I prefer to play cod.
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    This is the reason why the Americans are not a great choice. I'd have loved to see British and Germans because they match up much better with the Enfield - k98. Soviets and Germans match up. British and Italians match up. Pretty much everyone matches up with the exception for the Americans because of the M1. The G43 in reality was an answer to the SVT both of which were similar but simply not as mass produced as the Garand or considered the main battle rifle of their armies. The G43 shot 8mm Mauser the same as the k98. The SVT shot 7.62x54 the same as the Mosin. The Garand shot .30-06 the same as the Springfield. We could say add the Springfield, remove the Garand because we don't care about historical accuracy, but in reality what I really want is a game where I don't just use the Thompson or MP40, the BAR or the STG. I want to have the STEN, the BREN, the PPSH. I want other factions. I want other locations, I want other weapons. That was much of the charm of CoD and CoD2, and I think it's lost a bit just pitting Germans vs. Americans.
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    You force solo queue only and I quit. I'm not playing a game where my friends of 16 years cannot also play with me, especially given the fact that I absolutely despise and want nothing to do with the larger community of mouthy douchebags and retarded children. If people who are solo queueing become sad because they're getting their asses kicked by a premade then that's tough shit in my opinion. Suck it up and make some friends or shut up and play the game. My friend and I duo-queued our way to GE in CSGO, and beat plenty of pre-made stacks along the way. If people are worried about their rank and the fact that they're more likely to lose against a team, then scale the XP so a loss vs. a team affects you less than a loss vs. other opponents, and if you are afraid not enough people will solo queue to fill in those gaps, slightly raise XP if you win while soloing. Then again, most matches aren't 1's vs. 5's. Are we still considering it unfair if a team of 3 solos and 1 duo play against a 4 man and a solo? What if their solo goes 0-24 and your duo sucks but one of the solos goes 40-5? IMO its a waste of time worrying about fairness beyond simply handing out ranks. Play the game. Make friends and stack or don't. You know what solo queue is.
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    I agree its not on cod4 pro mod level.
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    I said this all along. Make the game for the masses, make mod tools available so people can make the game how they like it which will include the 1100 currently playing now. I don't believe the devs aren't concerned by the drop in players regardless what they post. They will come good, they have no other choice if they want their game to be played and supported across the wide spectrum of players or are they narrow minded enough to focus on nothing more than esports?
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    Its hard to say, apart form the obvious aimbot. We need some sort of killcam to see how the player movements/view was.
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    Yeah maybe the devs could spend a couple days working on a system that can be easily bypassed or maybe you could just report them and ignore them and perhaps in the future mute them
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    a better function would be autokick for bad player. like seriously.. i am mostly the best in my team and i get cancer watching others sometimes.. or when i give quality calls and they just ignore it and die totally stupid. Sometimes i start flaming them.. a clear definition of "toxicity" would be usefull tho
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    How is this thread still going on?