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    Good idea @[NGBC]CH_SwissWolf Added one. Should be simple too.
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    We have set up new captcha but we think something has changed that is out of our control. We are in talks with Invision to try and sort it out. Apologies.
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    LFT 25 Jahre (GER/ENG) Alle Waffen bis auf Scope und M1 Bitte Spieler mit Ausdauer und Competitive Interesse Cu on http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vuest999/
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    Agree. Right now, it is necessary to find out why only 1100 are playing the game. If it's strafe jumping, low TTK, jumpshooting or high acc, change it and make the game so 10K-20K are playing. Then you disappoint 1100, but it does not matter in the big picture. The most important thing is to get the game populated and not so much about principles. Once the game is populated, you can make the specific part as originally intended for competition. Just my opinion
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    Yeah i agree, im waiting to see what the game is like from then to and hope it will play much better.
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    because it's nice here and has other areas. You get devs here too.
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    Just to be clear, strafejump have nothing to do with shooting, so the "accurate" is totally irrelevant.
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    Cod2 and Cod4 had stafejump, and that is the reason why Battalion have strafejump.
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    Simply put me, and probably many others, gathered from the very first kickstarter videos that we'll get something close to MoHAA and CoD1. Instead we got this ADHD CoD4 turd dressed up in a WW2 skin. Frankly I wasn't paying much attention to the subsequent videos and press releases, or whatever, only to the kickstarter e-mail news. Regardless that doesn't matter because I gave them my money at that point already so the damage has been done whether I knew it or not.
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    I don't want to sound mean but dude there are lots of games out there that are exactly how you want battalion to be and many others are coming soon, on the other hand the cod2/cod4 community has been looking for a spiritual successor of those games for years and battalion is the game which resembles the most old CoDs, why do you want to turn the game into the average realistic fps game the market is already full of? I get you were expecting something else, but let me tell you the game is never going to be like you want it to be, yes in future there will be mods aimed to make the gameplay more realistic, but I doubt they'll ever be as good as a game built from the ground up around that concept (Post Scriptum, Hell let loose i.e)
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    I said this all along. Make the game for the masses, make mod tools available so people can make the game how they like it which will include the 1100 currently playing now. I don't believe the devs aren't concerned by the drop in players regardless what they post. They will come good, they have no other choice if they want their game to be played and supported across the wide spectrum of players or are they narrow minded enough to focus on nothing more than esports?
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    well its a niche game only staffers and bunny hoppers like this game
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    Sorry to disappoint you, but you are delusional. Let me remind you of few things: - They didn't notice during the 2 years (or more) of development stage that card system won't work (LOL). - They didn't think the game needs VOIP system and ranked system from the beginning. -They couldn't fix the VOIP system eversince they added it --- first: you couldn't see whos talking and the quality sucks --- second:they made a hud for it, but you can only see it on 16:9 :DDDD but the sound quality still bad - They didn't notice during the development stage that weaponbalance is fucked up - They can't fix crashes eversince they pushed to EA - The whole game is a 13gb .pak file :DDDDDDDD - and this list could be endless These guys have NO idea what they are doing, probably watching youtube videos with notepad open and using google "basic pascal"
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    hi @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON 1,262 24-hour peak :DD
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    1,183 24-hour peak hi @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON :DDDD