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    Hello community, Since the game seems to be playable and nearly working now like it should for many players, i thought about the future of the ,,arounds" of the game. I'd like to gather some ideas created by the community in this thread and in the view of the occasion just start with some ideas. Boxes The lootbox system is quiet similar to CS:GO. In my oppinion future boxes should contain some more ,,unrealistic" skins like CS:GO uses (assiimov, skins like bavaria, engraved and similar). The game itself isn't historically correct and that is ok. It is what it was and is supposed to be. It could offer an enticement to younger players or people who, in general, like the mix of the old gameplaystyle with modern ,,arounds" like the competetive system and weapon skins. Personal Rank Medals (1 Medal for 1 Year) Similar to the CS:GO system i furthermore thought about the medals you can get year by year by ranking up within personal levels in CS:GO. It could be a nice idea to create own medals for BT44 or even remodel historical medals player can earn by ranking up till the max level year by year that will be displayed in steam inventory. Achievements I'm not up2date right now wether someone mentioned this point or wether it is even part of the roadmap. Achivements could also be implimented into the game, maybe even some hard achievements that offer players to get an achievement medal for the inventory (Like some of the knive and rifle achievements in Day of Infamy. The player gets a medal, that looks like a historical medal, that is added to the inventory and not tradable). Furthermore i.e. kill, weapon, death, grenade, run achievements and stuff like that. Displaying competetive ranks At the moment personal ranks are displayed at the scorelist beside the player's nick. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to display the skillgroup icon instead of the personal rank? Could be easier to estimate the skill of the people you are playing with. Full adjustable playerconfig Crosshairs should be full adjustable, a function i really miss at the moment. Furthermore brightness and contrasts should be adjustable as well (I know it is actually in the game but still greyed). Overview in the menu I'd really like to see an personal ,,stats and rank" overview in the menu. I would like to see the level, name of the rank, rank icon and the full list of player statistics. These ideas are just meant to be just the first of that topic to make a start. I hope we can gather some future ideas together that will help to make more people being interested in this game and play it again or buy it. Many apologies for my rusty english skills.
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    A non-profit Battalion1944 TUP LAN, hosted by a team of eSports enthusiasts. DISCORD https://discord.gg/xRS6WqF Paid Teams [2 / 32] (68) '@' DDD / maxaki / weku / dejvin / brewie WiLD Dav / Fleshx / imroc / kebit_ / Vanir LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT Introducing the Gallantry Budapest LAN Deposit SchemeLANs aren't always cheap to attend, sometimes you're needing to go to another country entirely. So we've came up of a way to help the teams who want to come, but can't afford to pay the full amount straight away. The instalment plan allows teams to secure their spot at a much smaller cost, allowing them the opporunity to pay smaller amounts at a later date (with 0% interest).To avoid any issues later down the line, we're limited this offer to be available until 31st March.- First payment before 31st March ~ €100 (€20 per player)- Second payment due 30th April ~ €100 (€20 per player)- Third payment due 31st May ~ €150 (€30 per player)We can be flexible with late payments for the second and third instalment, as long as it's no later a couple weeks and you give us notice. But please come to us ASAP to avoid your ticket being cancelled (with an admin fee). If we do no hear from you after 2 weeks of the payment due date, we will cancel your ticket and refund you as per the refund policy at the bottom of the thread.Payment DetailsSend us an email: gal-lan@outlook.com and we'll process it within 2 days, please state in the email:Team Name:Captain's Name:Captain's Full Address:Mobile Number (optional):Once sent you will receive an invoice and instructions on where to send your team's entry fee. At this point your team has secured it's spot in the tournament, but you have 48 hours to send the payment before that spot becomes available again. Please only request an invoice when your team is ready to pay to avoid any disappointments of missing out.LAN Details 20-64 Teams 350 EUR Entry Fee 5 Players (+1 Manager/Coach) Event Organizers: baker [baker#0910] rikkz [rikkz#4388] Sulph8 [Sulph8#2556] more will follow.Venue Details 13th - 14th - 15th of July 2018 (Screens & Projector could be set up for FIFA World Cup as well) Infinity eSports Bar - Német utca 2. , 1084 Budapest , Hungary Transport from Airport GoogleMaps Route Travel by Bus 30 High End PC's with 144Hz monitors. Availability: - I5, 8GB, GTX 1070 - I5, 8GB, GTX 970 - I5, 8GB, R7870 Cheapest average flight costs. OVERVIEW Great affordable local accommodation. HOTELS - 5 Persons 4 Nights AIRBNB - 5 Persons 4 Nights Ideal LAN circumstances. Active night life.Tournament Details 2 Online Cups for Seeding and Prizes. LAN Group Phase and Play-offs. Prizes & Sponsors will be announced later. Interested Teams [68 / 64][+4] 19 | 9 | 6 4 | 4 | 4 3 | 3 | 3 2 | 2 | 2 2 | 1 | 1 1 | 1 oddsquad JAKEY / reeceym / bAKEZJi / rdz / phaai / major PENTA Sports rEplan / synde / pukiz / A1GA / FrosteR DBEPAINS BounTy / Zinkenbert / 2times20 / JEYZKAA + 1 '@' DDD / maxaki / weku / dejvin / brewie dfiance qure / edimka / zabo / cozje +1 Northern Mafia eMpe / Randlf / eazy / momoz / tac0 Fate eSports Pain, Fredso, Jaazz, Speirs, KyZersen cubattalion snb / ahje / geilo / berna / rav / rokzye / patz99 / scofield Augmented Authority DcR / EPN / Purge / Equixr / Clearo dominatorz mark / cozje / stylez / qwrx / +1 NORTHERN DARKNESS qLimAxzU19 / miRACLE / LINQAN / KYOCHI / CHOOBIE / Stevy Paranoia ViruZ_ / Koski / Pwrzk / jihuuu / Unreal HOPE dNnYO- / GriimJow / BaDWAY / Wolfite +1 zythGAMING andrewG / reflexzR / jangeru / ALLVATER / f1ashyyy Big $hots Soose / Vato / Madvillain / Sulu / Dakkaz HYPER MikeeeoX / ALEXZ / Livje / fabzoR / phetaL D3sTii GR33KO ATG NATHZN / DEEZN / MOFFERZ / SAM / PHAAI Asterope lalaRAWWWRR / MiiCHA / Tacy +2 NYYRIKKI Esports janzwE / SLONE / japekki / villis / pehmiZ xtothed ztk / filsuu / Tomi / miikasd / Tomsku SAVUNA ILMAAN JCarbonara / tuke / snock / kendricku / lamaru / Matsoni LÖSSI Embo / PRiMEE / SettiAle / kepa / kirdez turpo vozER / berry / Niskala / dULLIS / ra1z / aNfeli kyntäjät eetutbh / jethro / flow / naitchel / tippi Devious Gaming rEb1rth- / timb / ROBBERd / m4DARAA / mau Banaan MikeyyyM / Fre / Ertjeee / Pino +1 DEMISE stRove / dynz / bluEz / N1ELSK / samuelg Team ISNO ISNO / H1dzR +3 AVENUE bjorn / rEjexx / yoyo / kwartz / diet ACIASS Davy / qwertYYY / KNALLER / supreme / toxjee 5Kings kajsk1ng / Scythe / uzuma / dltr- / r1k- jackals rudlar / denthist / jaroslav +2 Antwerp Addicts LogDot / BounSTARRR / fRe / Famous / LollyPoppr Nice Gaming bazsa / Palad1n / r1VERSE / Sk1lzZ / Sp1RiT Hello Kitty Qkesz / rampageee / z1kox / boco / Stormy Team MISTRAL Lecktra / MANQN / keban / repliz / Sweex HYPOTHERMY dR4X / HeLot / TYLER / VEXON / Devod WiLD Dav / Fleshx / imroc / kebit_ / Vanir FLS-Gaming craven / WaRdanceR / opses / +2 CFATT Kub4w / wafel / r0ck / WEAVE / THAGZ thePRORETURN cOwmOO / smacky doo / bckkk / mTN / wlkkk NoNameYet Maz / pho / MiltonM / Numerek / Mustang / Kub1K noraj zlatan / getseven / jerem / dr4 +1 Wolves lydef / ATO_ / dr1z / Hayze / Sygma mustHave ythnk / dogsicle / hejduk / Undead / HYSTERIA Frenchie Toast Mafia AIM / MOi$@ND / d@k!LL@ / L!mpY / cYb@$n!p@ GUNRUNNERS jANYY / bladeSTAR / F o X x / GLady / cDe LFT_cz louwe / Adamelo / lifeR- / Map0k / alfa Kolegove waaKy / kaRa / Aladrin / thomas / warking BLITz FRESHY / Lox / speedz / Necror / F1CHO Placebo zann / mattz / Scentic / wizzBY / kreator Mrki ecStazy / TiDuS / LVKS / YUXMANE / ŠOŠE Entropy Gaming Shiki / M4joR / nieSow / v'Rx / hellcy EURONICS pYLon / helmzi / hustle / pYorn / Tyler EU LegendsKn0xX (Coach) / morphYy / select / thundeR / Nao / oxi VoGlioSborrare pinocchio , ruspa , laSirenetta , Sempronio , Montesi UTOPIA bLACKTIME. / dAAAMP / DANiZKYY / S4u / fujin The Imperial Tobin / bAAz / stat / tam / Yaffa God Squad rekzu / ptER / RA1VZ / Beakzy / Syn TBA BUBL1K / ari / homie / ksandR / DOBZWER BROTHERS Dizzy / SeDoi / Ksen / sn1k / HDMzeh Inept alukardjke / VORTEX / uBERBURK / saihtaM / speed The Cavalry Mcfluffish / Funnsy / phloFF / Aspa / +1 HUNT Esports GARCIA / TGB / ARMY / SHADOWMIGLITO / FENIX unexpected savu / nuni / nodyxz / blueangel / scof1eld Last Chance celezi +4 sphere x Noeysis / cake / Dani / Rosamaha / miLkLF Teamctaz Discord: ctazhei#9829intrax Discord: intrax#5763Nightyz Discord: Nightyz#9625fuckR<3 STEAM LINKPre-LAN TournamentsFirst cup is on the 20th of April.Sign up forms for this cup are open now - http://bit.ly/GALCUP18No sign up restrictions, everyone is welcome to participate.Prizes will be announced later on.1 day tournament.Second cup is on the 15th of June.Only paid teams participate for seedings. (Invite)Prizes will be announced later on.1 day tournament.Business Inquiries: gal-lan@outlook.com If your team is not from the EU and you still want to attend, please send me a PM. We are eager to host a fun and exciting event, any community input is much appreciated! Refund Policy If you are unable to attend the event, please notify us as soon as possible. If your notification is received over 28 days prior to the start of the event, your payment will be refunded subject to a €20 administration fee per ticket. Notifications received within 28 days of the event will not be refunded unless the event is full and your place can be sold to the next person on the waiting list, in which case the €20 administration fee will still apply. Refunds will typically take up to 10 working days to process providing all of the information required is supplied in order make the transaction. Since this is a non-profit event, whatever fees are made will go straight to the prize pool.
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    I don't expect everything to be set in stone. Things evolve. But I hope it is helpful to compare Battalion as it exists today, compared to what was originally envisaged when we first started this journey and were invited to join the Kickstarter. By looking at this perhaps both players and Developers can establish whether expectations are being met, and why some are happy and others are not. Please take a look at the Kickstarter listing and in particular watch the official video. Let's try and compare what was offered and what we have, this might help understand what is working and what is not: A word frequently repeated in the video is "authentic". It's used in many contexts, weaponry, maps and environment, sounds, replication of classic fps like Call of Duty 2, Medal of Honor. In particular we get statements from Howard Pilpot "authentic down the barrel experience" There is reference to nostalgia but in high res technology. In some respects I consider they have delivered. Sounds seem good. Graphics are OK (and no doubt will be optomised even more). The game doesn't need unlocks to play so does rely on player skill, rather than time served. But there are two key areas where the game is not delivering on the original promises. Maps. There are plenty of references to Carentan and Bastoigne. There is a whole video scene with Joe Brammer talking about St Mere Eglise. Copyright on previous games may make it difficult to replicate the maps we knew from the original CoD, MOH or whatever, and in many cases those game maps were interpretations, rather than the real thing. But the maps we have now are really a series of things in a style of the Normandy or other environment, but do not even pretend to be some of those well known scenarios. Movement. This is the biggest challenge. It is the love or hate that I see have become the deal breaker for players. Joe Brammer talks of using mo-cap to make animations "genuine, authentic and just way more real". Howard Pilpot refers to "authentic down the barrel experience" The video also refers to stripping out overpowered abilities. So here lies the problem. In the trailer video players are firmly planted on the ground when shooting, even if they are also walking or running. There is absolutely no indication in the video of jump kills, bunny hopping and such like extremes. Let's repeat the word "authentic" and ask ourselves whether the strafe jump pin point accuracy gravity defying leaps we currently see in Battalion are "genuine, authentic and way more real"?
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    Funny people downvote my post for having hope Edit: Do the ones who downvote also have the balls to say why they downvote?
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    How is this thread so big Just so you all know: - There is a big update coming out early march - They have plans for a free weekend - They have plans for more tournaments - ... They have still some tricks left to try and bump the playerbase. What I've heard is that atm they don't put much time in marketing since they want to make the game better first. Don't quote me on this. But I still have some hope
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    What you've outlined above is what has been frustrating for me as a Kickstarter funder. I watched their video and the same quotes you mentioned above were the ones that resonated with me - "genuine, authentic and just way more real" "the most authentic, down the barrel experience of world war 2" "authenticity is at the heart of Battalion 1944" "a more authentic world war 2 experience" and the emphasis in the video of getting things right and being authentic with the shots of them going to the real world locations, handling the real guns and sampling their sounds. They sold it as being on the more realistic end of the FPS gauge. The graphics look like a downgrade too compared to the very nice looking foliage in the Kickstarter video and the animation looks poor when they went to great lengths to tell us what they had done to make it look "genuine, authentic and just way more real". I wasn't expecting something hardcore because of the way they emphasised the influence of Call of Duty 2 in both words and the way they placed the game boxes next to their PC's just to hammer that home. I was hoping for something along those lines, something a bit more authentic than CoD2 (after all its their favourite word) but without the unlocks but what I got was something that seems like it was designed only by the E-Sports side of the team they mentioned. Its too fast paced, too much twitch shooter, bunny hop, strafe jump and not the "authentic, down the barrel experience of world war 2" we were sold on. I'm hoping its not too late for Battalion 1944 but so far its the most disappointing game I have ever paid up front for in a Kickstarter or Early Access format. I'm hoping the movement speed can be slowed down, that the bunny hopping can be reduced and something can be done about the strafe jumping around corners while getting no-scope headshot kills. Its killing the game and the participation numbers don't lie and you cannot spin that any other way than people being turned off by what they are finding. Please also look at the level design, it just doesn't feel like you are running around a war torn town. There is not much in the way of debris and the general rubbish left around, its like the council have been round in their street cleaners before the match has started - add a bit of grit and grime! The buildings don't flow right either, you'll see a window on the outside of a building yet run through a corridor and see no door into it, yes its a small thing but just add some doors even if they are locked just to make it feel right and please again add some grime and rubbish, at the moment its just all too clean, even PUBG manages to 'grime up' their buildings better. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam looks a lot better when you are fighting in towns so its not Unreal Engine 4 causing any issues and please please please, if you have mo-cap for the animation of soldiers then please put it in the game because currently they look awful.
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    after a week out, it's not even in the top 100 steam stats
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    A little bit of feedback from a player that was at the very top end of the skill scale with the sniper in cod1 and 2... (some proof here). The sniper rifle is currently too easy to use. I'd suggest making the scope off-center (ie cod1 scoping) but increase crosshair accuracy when stopping movement and crouching/proning. This would stop the silly sprint jump quickscopes which you hit 100% of the time with only a small amount of practise. Also forcing you to scope out after a shot would increase the skillcap. The Kar98k appears to be a little too good. I'd actually take this over the sniper rifle. It feels like the cod2 version with higher damage. I feel that damage to anywhere except the chest/head area should not be fatal and promote switching to your secondary to finish them off... which brings me on to my next point Weapon switching feels a bit pointless due to the delay in firing. I'd expect to be able to pull out a pistol a lot quicker than I currently can. Picking up weapons from the floor is close to impossible. Their physics makes them jiggle around and the area which you can pick them up is too small. I'm not a fan of grenade indicators. I personally believe you should use your eyes and ears to move away. The card system doesn't have a comeback mechanic and doesn't really promote eco rounds. Maybe a grenade buff would change this so that you always run with an eco and spread out your pool of nades... Otherwise it could be a really different idea to start with no cards, have the cards in areas on the map at certain rounds to contest, or earn cards based on kills. At the moment it doesn't really feel like there's a meta game, just barriers to enjoyment. Sprint, jump and spraying around corners does annoy me a bit. My suggestion would be that during the sprint and jump you can ironsight but upon landing you cannot ironsight for 0.5+ secs. This would give the 'defender' the opportunity to react. Ideally this would only happen when using sprint+jump. The map design feels a little painful right now. Whoever gets the best spawn gets to the bomb first on derailed and your only real option is to defend mid+A as axis and play retakes/nade plants on B. The sites generally feel like there's nowhere you can defend from a distance. I'm not 100% on this as I didn't test it with others, but movement speed with all weapons feels about the same, again it felt like there was no reason to use my pistol. Smoke seemed great. I'm not sure if this is just a skill-cap thing but if you time your jumps, you can carry the momentum of your sprint before you run out of stamina, and continue a new sprint once you land. Fall damage felt too high. Jumping off a wall at headheight caused damage, no doubt buildings such as toujane would cause you to crater. The BAR is just as bad as cod2. Not sure if this is intended! You're aiming not to use cod content yet the bomb drop/pickup sound seems just like the sound used for things such as flag pickup in cod2? I love the lean animations. The really stop people clipping. I'm not sure if this is tick rate or lag compensation, but I frequently died around corners. When will console commands be restricted? I found that my mouse sensitivity equaled cod2 and csgo at 110 FoV (but this is above the slider). Please allow 110? D: MP40 felt underpowered. 2x close/mid-range headshots didn't kill. Sound was great. I could tell if someone was above me, the surface they were on etc. Why do the models smile like maniacs when shooting? Sorry, this is becoming more of a list so I'll just stop now. I hope you do read this and consider some of the points! Something important that I missed out... the delay between letting go of mouse1 to releasing the grenade from your hand is painful!
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    I love and enjoy in playing this game and I truly believe that it will suceed.However negative comments from community disquct me.The guys have put allot of effort and time to make us game that is similar to cod2 and cod4 and bring us all back together and allot of other players who play fps games enjoy in b44.I don't get All these negative comments lately,game needs a bit more time it is still beta and we can not expect that devs can fix all in a day.I truly hope that player base will grow.And that's why devs want to do lan's after all this game requires allot of skill why wouldn't we crown it with lan? Lan can only attract other fps players to join so stop be negative about it I am sure that ranked will get fixed soon.Ranking sistem doest work for me but idc just enjoy the game guys.We have great game and solid structure for the next few years so let's support it in the best way that we can!
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    staffers and bunnyhoppers. LOL upvoted
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    That's the news I wanted to see. The only better place to make LAN rather than Croatia is Czech Republic, prices are insanely low there. I'm not bothered with PC specifications as 60fps works fine for me. We will be there!
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    Well, over the last couple of days it has but i posted this 10 days ago you can see the decline since then. http://steamcharts.com/app/489940#1m
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    Realism and competitive don't go very well together, also the desciption of what you'd want them to change goes against the kind of gameplay Battalion has, if those changes were to be made the game would turn in a mess with no identity, it would be a cheap version of CS but with ADS (btw no competitive game bases damage values on caliber) Well it's not like realistic games are doing that great either, RS:Vietnam has a playerbase similar to Battalion's, despite being a fully released game and Squad has just 2k more players currently. The numbers are so small because the game is still under development and doesn't have enough content to entertain most players for a long amount of time
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    I don't want to sound mean but dude there are lots of games out there that are exactly how you want battalion to be and many others are coming soon, on the other hand the cod2/cod4 community has been looking for a spiritual successor of those games for years and battalion is the game which resembles the most old CoDs, why do you want to turn the game into the average realistic fps game the market is already full of? I get you were expecting something else, but let me tell you the game is never going to be like you want it to be, yes in future there will be mods aimed to make the gameplay more realistic, but I doubt they'll ever be as good as a game built from the ground up around that concept (Post Scriptum, Hell let loose i.e)
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    Have never really disagreed with you mate, won't start doing that now! Some really good points being made here and deserves to be seen. Couldn't bring myself up making a feedback post, but thanks @sh0tyz couldn't have done this one any better!
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    Leaning should be key in high skilled matches, but currently it gets you killed more than benefits you.
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    I'm pretty sure that COD4 promod community is more or less contented with B44, not sure about truly old CoDs communities. B44 resembles nothing from vCOD/COD2, besides World War II setting of course. @Revvin Rising Storm 2 was made on Unreal Engine 3 @Zane It's not about changing this game into a war simulator. We don't want it to be another Red Orchestra, for that we'll get Hell Let Loose or Post Scriptum. We just want this game as realistic as it can in terms of an esport game, a game without strafejumping with 100% accuracy or (example) caliber .30 BAR giving lower damage than 9mm MP40 (and don't start here with stopping power, will ya).
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    I myself keep wondering when they are going to make a adult version of this game instead of a game for 12-15 yr olds
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    I don't care about post's on Reddit or this forum, one isn't better than the other so i have no idea why that was even brought up as it has no effect on the real facts which is how many players are actually playing the game. The decline in players speaks volumes. You can dress it up as you wish but the real facts are interest has either been lost or set aside. It will pick up again with the release of the patch in March but who knows which way it will go thereafter.
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    I was never expecting (or wanting) a realism game. CoD 2, CoD 4, etc aren't realism. But the movement mechanic we have now has moved far past the capabilities of authenticity. The physical height and distance of single and repeated leaps and bounds is far beyond the capabilities of an athlete. I get that the devs have taken the game they have built in a certain direction. That may have been what they intended, or it may have evolved. It is also their right to do that with their game. Battalion in it's current form may well represent Bulkhead's interpretation of the classic games they played years ago. It may be that they weren't playing the vanilla versions of those games and were parts of the modding communities that existed so that they were used to different game behaviour. Unfortunately those of us who are "whinging" are doing so as what we are being presented with is not our recollection of those classic games. Yes in the standard versions of those classic games there was some bunny hopping and dolphin behaviour, but it wasn't the technique for whopping the opposition. It wasn't something that you could retain tremendous accuracy whilst bounding around. It was frustrating to be on the wrong end of the classic bunny hopper, but it didn't stretch the incredulity that the casual player was immediately deterred. I suppose the question was and is one of whether Battalion 1944 was intended and designed to be a game purely for competition and thus a specific enthusiast, or should it be aimed more generally at the masses? It did seem from the Kickstarter that they wanted to appeal to all. I haven't the skill to play competitive (my user name is an accurate summary of my inability). I had hoped to see a game that by stripping out all the kill streak perks and such like that accentuated the good player over the bad, and took things back to basics, meant I at least had a point and shoot chance. But with the mechanic as it is, that has no reference to authenticity, I and many others stand no chance at all. At the simplest of levels that makes the game a frustrating, and disappointing experience.
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    As I said, it's not about realism. It's about taking certain approach to the topic. This game is rather more like Quake than COD/MOH. Nobody stands that vCOD was realistic, but compared to B44 it looks like freakin' Insurgency against Team Fortress... I have this tiny hope that resolving netcode issues will improve gameplay a lot but it's a long shot and can't get really hyped for that unfortunately.
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    Don't take the upvoting and downvoting too seriously(I didn't do both with your post). I've also heard somewhere that they still have their entire marketing budget left. But I assume most people interested in this type of game already heard about it. So I can't imagine the playerbase will see an exponential growth, but I hope I'm wrong.
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    hey everyone, as Brammertron did it on twitter so i: i want my fakin money back. Everytime were playing as 5 against 3 players or somethin like that. 9 out of 10 kills are jumpshots. Just give me my fukin money back @Brammertron so i can burn it or wipe up my ass with it, looks like a better investement than giving it to you guys.
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    nah not a chance plenty of times ive said this forum is full of little pussies downvoling everything you write because you say the game is decent haha