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    Why hello there, STK here, and this is my first time posting on the forums and I'd like to start off with a little bit of background info: I used to play cod4 a lot at decently high level, played cod2 and quake live a little bit, and most recently I've been playing overwatch at tier 2 level. Next to that I've been programming for about 5 years, mostly with game development in mind, and currently I'm studying "Creative Media and Game Technologies" at HKU in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Back in the days of cod4 I used to play smg for our team, and I absolutely LOVED the movement in that game. The movement in cod4 was the one thing that seperated promod from other shitty FPS games, and the fact that it took thousands of hours to master its movement was an extremely competitive and fun factor. After years of playing other games and occasionally playing .wars in cod4, Battalion 1944 finally arrives, and it is truly the game I've been waiting for. I love it so far. But that doesn't mean its perfect, and I mainly wanna focus on the movement in this game; strafing. Today, phantasy uploaded the video "Battalion 1944 - Strafe Jumping Tutorial", and in it he mentioned how the strafing is fundamentally different from quake engine based games, because battalion uses unreal engine, and therefore CANNOT have the same movement. This is absolute bullshit, the game's programmers should know this, and I'm here to explain why and how it could in fact be implemented. Since I've always loved strafing in games, I have done some research on the topic. There are a lot of different places on the internet where the mechanic gets described, but the most useful source of information has to come from the id software's github itself (https://github.com/id-Software). If anyone is interested in how it really works on a mathematical level, I'd be happy to explain, but I wont put that in this post just yet. When you go to the github, and more specifically to the quake 2 section, you can find a file named "pmove.c" (https://github.com/id-Software/Quake-2/blob/master/qcommon/pmove.c) this file contains all the character movement code of the engine, and its full of some great examples of code. When you scroll down to the function "PM_Accelerate", you see a function of just 15 lines long. Since movement is done by applying forces to the character in different directions, there has to be a function that limits and controls this kind of behavior. "PM_Accelerate" limits the amount of acceleration that occurs when pressing a specific directional key (WASD), and just this function alone creates the "bug" of air strafing. Again, quake-like strafing is not an "engine specific bug", but in fact some wonky vector math in the air control function. This CAN be implemented in different engines, and I have even done so. The following link is a demo i created of quake-like strafing done in unity: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19RcjAQmE33GCcfS-Pm3pWNDE6HxfmEDo/view?usp=sharing If the devs want help with implementing this feature, I would be honored, but please at least just look at the code, because I would KILL for real strafing in Battalion, and its frustrating to keep hearing its impossible when a noob dev like me can even implement it. That's it, -STK
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    Introduction: So I've been following Battalion for quite sometime now, I love what the game is trying to achieve and I like the way the Dev team has been working so far, as of now I have over 100hrs in the game if we consider the time spent playing during alpha/beta and EA, so this is not coming from someone who has just bought the game and immeditaly wants to say what has to be changed. The following are my personal opinions on the current state of the game, so you are free to not agree with me. I understand the game is in EA and a lot of stuff is not final and subject to change, some of the issues i'll be talking about may have even already been fixed internally, so just to not repeat myself again: these are my current opinions on the state of the game as it is right now, I know things will change, but it is obviously easier to change them if players tell you what they feel it's wrong with the game, after all that's why we're here. Unfortunately English is not my native language so this wall of text will most likely be filled with grammar errors and things someone else could have explained better, but enough with the introduction, let's get to the point. The WWII Setting: I already know I'm going to get downvoted for this, but I've always thought that the WWII setting is a drawback for a game like Battalion, it's obviously something which cannot be changed, but I'd still like to share my thoughts on this and what it means for the game. Undoubtedly the fact the game was going to be set in WWII was one of the major reasons the Kickstarer campaign succeeded, this is obviously a good thing, but it comes with 2 issues: 1) Artistic Limitations: A few times reading threads on the forums or on the Battalion subreddit, I've found people complaining about the Axis uniforms and how they have some visibility issues in specific spots of the maps, this is something that the Devs will only be able to improve over time, but they'll always be stuck with uniforms Nazis used to wear because of "Authenticity", artists and 3D modellers will never have the freedom others game developers have (unless they decide to give up on authenticity and tweak the uniforms even if they don't end up looking like the real life counterparts). This is not only limited to uniforms, but also to weapons and nades (no flashbangs or stun for example). 2) "It's WWII so it has to be realistic": Now if you are talking with me and happen to unironically say those words, you'll have to listen to my 15 minutes monologue on why you're wrong, jokes aside the fact that the majority of WWII games that have come out recently were more based on realism and tactical movements has spread the idea that WWII games have to be realistic and anything which is not a "prone here for 10 minutes simulator" is considered CoD crap for kids, it is a possibility that if Battalion wasn't set during WWII it wouldn't have attracted so many uninformed players who were looking for a different type of game and ended up talking negatively about it. CoD2 meets CoD4: So let's get to the actual gameplay, since the beginning the devs have stated that the game was supposed to be a spiritual successor to some of the great fps games of the past (CoD2/4, MoHaa, E:T), I'm going to admit I've never played those games except from the CoDs, so I can't judge how much of them there is in Battalion. Phantasy said in one of his videos, that the developers based the game on CoD2 and added promod movements on top of it and if it's true that the game definitely feels more like promod in terms of movement and overall pacing, sometime I feel like the sprinting mechanic is not at fluid as it was in Cod4 and I get the impression to be playing CoD2 with sprint. It's kinda hard to explain both because I struggle a bit with my english skills and because it's something you have to feel to understand (and is also heavily based on personal preferences). I think this choice is bad for the game for 2 reasons: CoD2 players vs CoD4 players: Without a doubt Battalion's major supporters have since the early days been people who used to play the old CoDs back in the days and were looking for a new game to play, this is evident by the long lasting debate on whether the game should or not have sprint. But I think neither of them is happy with the game's current movement, because it doesn't resemble CoD2 nor CoD4 movement, now you may say: "Zane Battalion is not supposed to be a clone of those games", more on that later. No need to reinvent the wheel: Quite simple, there is a reason if IW back in the days made CoD2 and CoD4 as they are, with CoD4 they decided to change how the game played, improving on what they had already done, but they knew if you want to innovate you can't just change something a bit and call it a day, you have to go all the way and hope people will appreciate what you have done. In simpler terms: CoD4 plays so differently in terms of movements compared to CoD2 because most likely IW devs found out that an hybryd movements system between the 2 wouldn't have played that well. Romans used to say: "In medio stat virtus" or 'virtue stands in the middle" and if it's true that it is a good advice for life it doesn't suit game design that well. To be, or not to be.... a copy: Obviously I don't want Battalion to be just a copy of CoD2/4 I want it to be a better game, but to be better it first need to be on par with them and that's why for this whole time I've been comparing Battalion to those 2 games. If you were to ask me which fps games I like most based on movement and character control, I would without a doubt say "Quake and CoD 4", as simple as that, it's needles to say that Quake movement doesn't fit Battalion's gameplay, but with CoD4 it's a different story, because it LOOKS and FEELS like it, but it's not as good. That's why I don't think trying to reproduce CoD4 movement equals to being a copy of it, on the other hand the way the game plays right now seems like a cheap copy of promod. Now you may say: "But they will for sure with time improve the movement system" and while this is true, the devs have never officially stated their plans and when asked about it, the answer was " we want Battalion to be a different game", being DIFFERENT is NOT a good thing by itself, being BETTER is, so why deliberately choose to ignore an already tested and well working movement system, just for the sake of being different? On the the other hand there are a few things which were actually copied from CoD4 which to me don't really make any sense, an example? SMGs damage falloff, since Alpha 0.8 the thompson takes 13 bullets to kill someone at long range as you can see here: I don't remember how this stuff worked in promod, but apparently the falloff on bullet damage is the same as it is there. But what's the point of having the same values as promod when the game is so different in term of maps, weapons and movement? Those values definitely made sense in the promod's gameplay context, but it is not necessarily the same for Battalion, why use the same values of a game you don't want to be a copy of and then refuse to have the same movement mechanics? Weapon Balance: It's not a secret weapon balance needs some tweaking, in my opinion that's what should be changed: Schrodinger's SMGs: currently SMGs are in a weird position where they are both OP because they kill in 2 shots at close range and useless because of the damage dropoff I've just mentioned. Personally I don't like this, it reminds me of Overwatch heroes, where basically every hero has a counter and unless the skill gap between you and your counter is high the best choice is to turn away and avoid him most of the times. I think every weapon (except the shotgun) should be more or less viable based on the range, but never almost useless. Of course I don't want the thompson to be the Kar98 V2, but as it is right now even if I had a 100% accuracy It'd be almost impossible to kill a sniper or an Heavy from long range, unless he was already low on health or perhaps a very low skilled player. On the other hand you melt enemies at close range, which is not fun for them and makes the ttk very low, therefore gunfights "feel off". Trenchgun Nerf: The Trenchgun is also a bit OP, I think the effective range should be a tad shorter, shooting while ADS should also be more effective than hip firing Snipers: Not much to say on them but making the ADS animation just a bit longer. Kar98: It is almost okay, but it has be less accurate when not ADS, no scopes with Kar98 and snipers in general should be lucky shots, right now i get 2/3 of them every Unranked If you have just read all of this, thank you I owe you a beer, let me know what you think
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    Hi All What do you wish for, when a TR mod comes out Here is my list 1. No damage when shooting unless you are aiming. 2. Gun unable to shoot when jumping/vaulting 3. Able to move bomb sites 4. Bomb plant/defuse time - random 8, 10 or 12 seconds. No noise for plant/defuse. No ticking noise. 5. No dead messages, no indication of dead/alive on score board. 6. No hit markers, no cross hairs. No scoreboard update till end of round or map. 7. Speed control for sprint, walk and when aiming with guns. 8. Healing. 9. Height damage control 10. Cooking nades + No nades in first 30 secs 11. Load out control 12. Force A or B plant when player count is low 13. !b3 14. Carry one primary weapon only. 15. All guns able to adjust bullet speed and damage. (The Garand can shoot 8 bullets compared to around 2 in WRM) Any mod which can accommodate most of these points will bode well with nearly all TR clans/servers. This is probably a combo of BRM and WRM, mainly WRM Now I've woke up dreaming, lets see what comes about. Hoping Chris
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    Hey guys! My name is Tony Gorb, I'm 23 y/o and I'm a Graphic Designer and Junior Developer. First of all, I'd like to thank Bulkhead interactive for this game.It's impossible to find these days something like cod2/cod4 or any other old school fps. I'm really into this game and I'd like to support the devs for their tremendous work! I was thinking over the last few days on something more common but unique to other fps games and I decided to give it a try. Let me know what do you think of this Main Menu concept, would you like to see it in-game? Here's a clear template : After you'll click Play the top nav will change to this : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 1: Server Browser UI Redesign. When you'll click on "SWITCH TO" - Unranked / Competitive buttons will appear Main Menu : https://dribbble.com/shots/4184663-Battalion-1944-Menu-UI-Redesign Server Browser : https://dribbble.com/shots/4212855-Battalion-1944-Server-Browser-UI-Redesign you can also follow my Instagram page if you want to see more stuff like this https://www.instagram.com/tony_gorb/
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    Class limit is inevitable. One trench/scope per team is necessary. It worked great in vCOD/COD2/COD4 and will work great here too. It's interesting, but I'd twist it a little. All cards that were not picked up should go to stash and be distributed to the team that lost five consecutive rounds. It would give a chance to gain the momentum and try to challange enemy and fight for a 6:6 or 5:7 instead of 2:10 during one side. Winning team would have to take a bigger risk to collect all cards, so odds for losing team increases even more. btw. Brammerton confirmed few days ago that economy system will be almost completely re-aranged. Card system in it's current form just doesn't work.
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    Quake had bunnyhop This jumps are just strafe jumps Learb people, and stop hating game cause you didnt know what were you buying
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    I think the issue with the game not playing as smooth as cod4 right now is not caused by the way they have implemented strafing, but rather because of animations/player collisions still not being polished enough.
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    nothing wrong with it lol the game is made to play like old school cods, they are pretty damn close aswell! devs have done an awesome job
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    Greetings all, Some of you here will already be aware of my existence but for those who are not familiar with me I shall introduce myself. I'm the new recruit at bulkhead studios working on QA and jr community manager roles, I was recently hired due to my experience in the FPS scene having played at semi/professional levels in multiple titles over the last 15 years. Although I started PC gaming in the early days of Medal of Honor, vCoD and CoD2 I'm predominately known for my time playing in some of the biggest and best teams/organisations through CoD4 ProMod's era, conveniently one of the main games battalion is inspired from. During this time I created a YouTube channel where I posted tutorials, tips and tricks, fragmovies etc which has also stemmed to other games such as CS:GO and allowed me to amass over 55,000 subscribers. I've also competed at high level in CS:GO, League and Overwatch. Over the last year I have been aiding the development of Battalion 1944 by visiting the studio to give feedback on the games direction and mechanical fundamentals to help ensure the base of the game is setup for success in the competitive FPS market, recently I decided to accept a job working full time on the game as I believe in the direction and would love to see the game succeed and allow players, especially the ones who missed the early era of FPS games be able to experience the great competitive fundamentals of a well made shooter. As previously mentioned my job role here is QA & jr community manager so I balance my time between finding bugs and glitches and helping to iron out any problems with the game, therefore if you find any problems - that's on me. The rest of my time is spent answering your questions or concerns, creating informative media such as videos and images outlining changes within the game while generally being available to query at any time. You can find me on twitter at https://twitter.com/phantasyftw or available on discord in the battalion channels.
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    Add the ability to view the player profile
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    This is a balancing issue, right now the snipers are one shot, one kill, and with no scope sway, it makes them over powered. I think you need to add same mechanics COD2 had to its scopes. Unless you are holding shift, it sways, and if you hold it too long, you lose your breathe and it moves more. This would add some balance to the people camping corners with snipers. If this can not be done, maybe nerf the scoped snipers and make them only one shot kill with a head shot...
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    The mini map is very detailed and hard to actually see the routes or get information from it with a glance. I'd suggest making them simpler and less detailed or at least finding a middle ground between the two. The link below is a set of custom mini maps in csgo that are very clear and easy to get information from. http://simpleradar.com/
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    Zane you owe me a beer I read it all! Movement - I agree it is not quite fluid yet. The momentum while running around the map feels choppy and limited. Sadly even when you pick an SMG on 105fov it feels that way, choppy, limited and even a bit slow (for an SMG class). I can’t put my finger on it but sprint duration is a major thing, acceleration/deceleration values, animations or even action delays need work big time. Weapon balance - SMGs are indeed in a weird spot. They’re OP at close & mid range and useless at long range. It is by far the easiest gun to stomp teams with imo. You can drop people at mid range very quickly, it’s mid range damage is too high. When it comes to close range, their 2 hit kill range is way too long. Imo their 2 hit kill range and mid range damage are the two things that need changing the most. I’d like to see how they’d play out as 3 hit kills at CQB personally instead of a 2 hit kill but the above needs work for sure. And about the 13 hit required at max range, yes I also think it is too much, in COD4 it made sense because they had a Deagle, which could drop people in 3 hits across the map so they had to be useless at long ranges, but in Battalion the SMGs don’t have a cannon secondary so they don’t need such severe nerf at max range, imo they deserve to do some respectable damage at long ranges. I’d say about 8-9 hits to kill at max range would be more sensible for the SMGs in this game once their 2 hit kill range and mid range damage have been decreased. Trenchgun - imo it is OP, currently you can one shot people at a crazy range, it should take 2-3 hits at mid range pretty much all the time. I’m happy for it to even tag at long range and to be able to kill with a shotgun past mid range as long as it takes many hits 4+ but the current mid range damage is too strong. Also its rate of fire is a bit too fast imo just feels crazy imo my two cents, and don’t forget the beer 🍺
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    The SMG at range is pants, without a doubt it's underpowered at range, yet as you say at close range it seems OP. I'm not sure it is. I think a culmination of lag correction not giving people holding corners a fair chance and bullet spread from hip shooting being phenomenal. Trenchgun I don't think there is much have a problem with. If anything I find it not killing when it should. Kar98 is great as it is. Although I do find I tag people too often without a kill. This could just be client side issues rather than anything else. Again, maybe netcode related in a way. To me the issues tend to be the lag compensation allowing SMGs a big advantage to people holding corners, hip firing on the move being exceptionally accurate and as you say SMGs having such low damage at distance (but to me close range dmg is good).
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    While the hopping and drop-shotting can be annoying, it is a key aspect of the type of game Battalion wants to be. It raises the skill gap tremendously. I get so annoyed when someone strafe-jumps round a corner, starts shooting me, then drop-shots to finish me off, all within a few seconds. I can't do that (right now), but with practise it is something I can achieve. As for the price, once the game comes out of Early Access, the price will likely be bumped up a bit. Maybe not to £35, but I reckon it'll be more than what it currently is. But as someone already mentioned, you backing the game on Kickstarter goes towards the funding the development of the game during the early stages. If you just wanted the game, you should have waited for it to come out on Steam before handing over any money.
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    If you spent money on a kickstarter as a way to somehow get a cheap deal on a game, you're doing it wrong and completely missing the point of kickstarter. It's a fundraiser platform for ideas. You either like the idea and give it the amount of money you think its worth, or you don't. If you back the project you're giving them your money and saying "go make the thing you're saying you'll make because I want it to exist". Then when it shows up you're going to be upset that they're putting a low selling point on it, because you gave them more money in the kickstarter campaign? If all you wanted was to purchase the game, it makes absolutely no sense to back a kickstarter campaign for it unless the campaign were to explicitly state that if you get in now the game will cost $10 but if you wait until its released it'll cost you $20. I've backed a few games on kickstarter in the past and I've never seen any developer make that claim as a gimmick to receive funds, and I did not see this group do that either. If for whatever reason you DID back the kickstarter for the proper reason- you wanted a competitive FPS in the mold of older CoD games, then it should be good news that the game is on sale for such a cheap price, since a niche competitive based multiplayer only game which has to compete with something like CSGO isn't going to survive a week on steam if you sell it for a high price. You see all the people flipping tables and going ape shit because an early access game *gasp* has bugs and problems on release? Imagine now that they paid three times what they did for this game. The amount of butthurt would be amplified tremendously.
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    Hi Guys! I'm John, 20 Years old and i like playing Video Games, especially Battalion 1944.
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    From Discord : If Devs could take a look at the query protocol that will be nice.
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    or just do a blacklist system to not play with him again
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    The current leap will kill the game
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    There is already at least 1 paid hack out for Battalion 1944 and the coder isn't going to leave it detected. The battle against cheats isn't simple. Whether I encountered a cheater already is another question. Can't confidently say I did.
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    I don't think peakers advantage is an issue here, watch 2 videos I linked in lag compassation thread. I feels like either servers are lagging or there is interpolation issue. Just now I saw guy get killed while guy that shot him didn't even appear on his screen and there was one one angle that dude could come from. I mean I play way faster shooters then this game but I have huge trouble here. That is why people think jumping is ruining the experience when in reality problem is bigger then that.
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    nevMatic here. Played ESEA source, Cod4 promod, and everything in between. Hmu on discord ( nevMatic#4515 ) if you're looking for a US east based player
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    As a noob who crutches on the shotty way too often, I'd say it's OP. I don't think the damage is the problem, but it pumps way too fast and also the spread may need some tweaking. In CSGO it works fine, because if you miss you're dead. Actually come to think of it I feel like the range could be too high also.
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    This looks neat, looking forward to hear more about this!
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    By the time this game hits retail in early 2019 I'm sure it will be a decent to play once most bugs are eliminated and when the community mappers come together to make some more maps.
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    Tell him to tweet or DM @[CM] BigTuna, he'll sort your friend out
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    Find a empty server and jump your guts out, mine is empty atm:
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    They promised experience from past shooters, and they delivered how it was years ago. cod2 and cod4 had strafejumping, ET had constant strafe jumping/bhop. Next time You should read first and then back to not be dissapointed.
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    They expected 4k players on the 1st day of release. The general rule is that usually, 1/4 of the hype-ppl remains after a week, which would bring it down to 1k. They had much more than 4k players on the 1st day. The current playeramount is 4 times bigger than 1k
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    You prefer realistic walking simulators instead of competitive, arcade shooters? So why did You back Battalion in first place?
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    I generally have nothing against jump shoots. At the moment it is unacceptable. Yesterday I was on a server since a SQAUD has perfected this hopping. 95% of all their kills were made by jumping. Not just around the corner but above all Forward.It is so that the jump has no constant speed and thus is difficult to track. In self-tests it feels as if the second jump is supported again with spring Springs The hopping is currently like bug using or cheating.
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    They had the Cod4 promod strafe and movement in alpha 0.2 or 0.3, not sure if it was perfect but it played so good. I believe they nerfed the speed as it played to quickly in their maps, like really quickly. Always said I was big fan of that movement. Its oké now, but the other one was better.
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    Good Job! The way harder thing then creating a Layout is recreating it with the game engine. If done menus back in Cod4 and it is pain in the ass
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    Looks and works just fine but it needs some refining and polish like the B44.gg did.. That just looks amazing this soon in the game and time
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    It would be better and cheaper to just go stationary
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    Agree! Well I'm not that old I think lol, 43 winters but barely 20 in my head I think lol
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    Thank god there is nothing that will ever give you a advantage in game, no kill streaks, no this and that. Only a level up where you earn a war chest with cosmetic like gun skins We all have all the guns and bangs from start
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    Send a DM to @[CM] BigTuna, he can help you! Welcome to the forums
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    It's a nightmare, my notifications are blown up by his post
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    That't poor decision imo. Dunno why like.. all WW2 games I know don't include scopeless Springfield. And I would rather see it instead of M1 as rifleman weapon for the sake of balancing. Even in CoD2 were British maps with LE much more balanced than American maps, simply because they had bolt-action rifle. On Toujane and Matmata, the game was perfectly balanced and both teams had equal chances on both sides. At American maps? Dawnville, Carentan or Caen were totally axis sided, Burgundy were allies sided. Just imagine those maps with Springfield with iron sigths - on Dawnville, Americans would have better chance to kill someone covering the cross (only scope was viable option for that, while axis guys could cover cross with one sniper and one rifle). Also covering the orphs cross would be much easier because of the exact same reason.
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    well this changes things devs plz. have a look into it! :programmers: #cod4movementwithdrawals
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    800 DPI and currently testing out @1.9 sens. Probably gonna tone that down a bit more
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    In nVidia controlpanel
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    Will EA launch with this mode for offline or online servers.
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    Hi, it's my turn to make "some" feedback about the game. The game is great and on the right track, it's really remind me Cod4 and Cod2 and I love the devloppers for that ^^ In this feedback I will mainly focus on the negative aspects of the game, the things I didn't like and which I hope will be changed / balanced in the future. And I apologise in advance if my english is not perfect. Movement: Movement don't feel as precise as Cod4. It's hard to find what is off about it, but I feel the movement a bit slippy/clunky and the straf jump seems a bit soft, it lacks the feeling of an impulsion. The sprint duration is too low, it's really boring to have to press the sprint bind every seconds. When the sprint bind (I use the toggle one) is pressed (and still being pressed), you can't aim with your weapon even if you don't move. I think the aim bind should always be prioritized over the sprint bind. Need a toggle version of lean binds. In some situations, I find it's missing a bind to walk (without aiming or crouching). I really like the use of crouch-jumping to replace the auto-climb, but there are some rare places where the auto-climb is still used, it's feel weird, and we can't guess in advance where we can use it. The auto-climb should be totally removed. I have the impression that there is no difference in speed between the different classes / weapons (apart from when we are in ADS), I find it a bit disappointing. Combat: The dispersion of the bullets when moving is too big (mainly for the heavy class), we souldn't have too aim when the opponent is 1-2 meters in front of us (except for snipers). You shouldn't have hitmarker when you hit someone through smoke. More generally I don't like hitmarkers, I would prefer to see some blood that confirm visually that I hit someone (which solves the smoke issue by the way). All surfaces should be penetrable (taking into account the thickness of course) it's very frustrating to hit the corner of a wall and it stops the bullets completely. It happens often when you shoot someone leaning behind a corner. I regret that there is no trade-off for replacing our pistol with another weapon. For example, I would like that the gun allows to run faster or switch the weapons faster, but, on the other hand, it would still be less lethal than another weapon. The camera remains too long on the character when you die, which allows players to give a lot of information to his team. There should be a fade to black (or something else) after 2-3 seconds to avoid that. When a player dies, his weapon can fly anywhere, and it can make it difficult to pick up a weapon after killing someone. There is a latency feeling when you throw a grenade, it's quite annoying to throw a grenade with good timing during a jump. I don't know if it's because there is really a delay between the release of the bind and the thrown or if it is the grenade that appears outside the field of view of the camera before entering this one a short time after. The smokes are a bit too small, it's maybe due to the softness of their contours. The feeling of the double switch isn't really great, make it more like Cod4 I miss the feeling of the scopes of Cod4, when the ADS is canceled after each shot. The snipers (and the Kar98k) are a bit to powerfull. There is some idee to (try to) balance them without removing there one shot ability : There fire rate is to high, it should be reduce. Maybe reduce there mouvement speed (it would make jump shot decals from snipers a bit less effective). The scopes should have an higher time to switch to ADS. The scopes should have an higher dispersion on hip fire. The Kar98k shouldn't kill in one shot in the lower torso (only in head, neck, and upper torso), it would force the player to switch weapons to finish the opponent if he didn't aim correctly, and it would be more punitive in close range. It would also add more difference between the Kar98k and the scope one, and how to use them, which would be nice, they are too smilar at the moment. HUD: The main menu is too bright, I would love a dark mode which hurts the eyes less. The minimap is not clear at all, it's very difficulte to see the layout off the map just by looking at it. I don't like the red dot on the radar which indicates enemies that are firing, I prefer how works the radar in CS GO. It makes it easier to play with people that don't communicate, and new players will not necessarily be blamed for not giving info. For the same reasons, when the bomb is on the ground, if an ally or yourself see the bomb it should appears on the radar. I hate the blood effect on screen when we take damages, we don't know accuratly how damage we took or how many HP we have left. I would prefer an HP bar, it would make it easier to learn the damages of the different weapons, grenades or falls. I find the +5 too high in the screen. When I'm focused, I don't see it directly, and I don't easily differentiate the +5 from the +3. The kill feed is not very readable, I think it's mostly due to capital letters. It's hard to make the difference between the players that are alive and those who are dead by looking at the avatars at the top of the screen. And the player count is also not easily readable. Wartide/Competitive: The card system encourages players to save cards in certain situations, because if you die, you lose your card and (probably) give it to your opponent. I've heard many times Brammertron say that he didn't want players to save, so that there is more clutch situation, and this is currently not the case. It is too hard to come back when you have no cards left. Because if you can't kill any opponent and retrieve their card, there is no way other to regain cards. There is a snowball effect here. In CS, you still earn $ even if you lose and don't kill anyone, wich limits the snow ball effect and allows the loosing team to come back. The card system doesn't work very well with random allies. It only takes one person who refuses to coordinate with the rest of the team to sink the team's economy. The default class should be able to pick a 3rd grenade. I had games where, after 4-5 rounds, we had no more cards, until the end of the half-time. And consequently, we had a lot of grenades we couldn't use. Which is kind of frustrating. Maps: Derailed : I love the layout of the map, but the visibility isn't great. The contrast of the colors are too strong : shadows are too dark, there is too many useless detail objects on the ground, there is a lot contrast difference between textures... Coastal : The visibility is ok, the layout is a bit too open, but the map is still nice. In general, there is too many invisible walls that prevent players to go on some ledge/spot. And it's really frustrating to see a spot that you know you can jump far/high enough and just be blocked by an invisible wall. Graphisme: Overall, I found the frame rate a bit low (especially on the training map). The smoke rendering is really bad. The contours are not sharp enough and are not constant enough. And the billboard is very noticeable. The anti-aliasing tends to "blur" the image a bit. It gives the impression that the game uses the TAA, if so you should offer more traditional techniques, such as FXAA or MSAA, which blur the image less. Depending on the background, the characters aren't always correctly visible. The position of the head during the sprint animation does not match the position of the camera. It can give situations where the sprinting player can see over an obstacle without being visible. Sound: I didn't find the sound spacialization that great. Maybe it's because i'm use to the HRTF of CSGO, but I found it difficult to locaize footsteps. The footsteps are not loud enough, there have been many times where I haven't heard enemies running behind me or at the other side of a corner. There should not be a drop sound when the character drops from 20 cm. The bomb planting sound is way too loud, there is no reason to hear it from the other end of the map. The jumps should make a sound (except when you are walking ?), it would help a lot to react to close range jump shot. Finally I would add a concern on communication about the game, you should pay attention on pushing the competitive side of the game too much. It may scare a lot of casual player, who will equate Battalion to a game made only for hardcore gamer, which i think is not the case. Connard
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    Searched the forum but for some reason i could not find a thread like this? Mabye i missed it. Anyway.. Is grenade cooking ever gonna come to Battalion? I'm sure this question have been asked and answered 100 times already so sorry for being repetitive.
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