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    Why hello there, STK here, and this is my first time posting on the forums and I'd like to start off with a little bit of background info: I used to play cod4 a lot at decently high level, played cod2 and quake live a little bit, and most recently I've been playing overwatch at tier 2 level. Next to that I've been programming for about 5 years, mostly with game development in mind, and currently I'm studying "Creative Media and Game Technologies" at HKU in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Back in the days of cod4 I used to play smg for our team, and I absolutely LOVED the movement in that game. The movement in cod4 was the one thing that seperated promod from other shitty FPS games, and the fact that it took thousands of hours to master its movement was an extremely competitive and fun factor. After years of playing other games and occasionally playing .wars in cod4, Battalion 1944 finally arrives, and it is truly the game I've been waiting for. I love it so far. But that doesn't mean its perfect, and I mainly wanna focus on the movement in this game; strafing. Today, phantasy uploaded the video "Battalion 1944 - Strafe Jumping Tutorial", and in it he mentioned how the strafing is fundamentally different from quake engine based games, because battalion uses unreal engine, and therefore CANNOT have the same movement. This is absolute bullshit, the game's programmers should know this, and I'm here to explain why and how it could in fact be implemented. Since I've always loved strafing in games, I have done some research on the topic. There are a lot of different places on the internet where the mechanic gets described, but the most useful source of information has to come from the id software's github itself (https://github.com/id-Software). If anyone is interested in how it really works on a mathematical level, I'd be happy to explain, but I wont put that in this post just yet. When you go to the github, and more specifically to the quake 2 section, you can find a file named "pmove.c" (https://github.com/id-Software/Quake-2/blob/master/qcommon/pmove.c) this file contains all the character movement code of the engine, and its full of some great examples of code. When you scroll down to the function "PM_Accelerate", you see a function of just 15 lines long. Since movement is done by applying forces to the character in different directions, there has to be a function that limits and controls this kind of behavior. "PM_Accelerate" limits the amount of acceleration that occurs when pressing a specific directional key (WASD), and just this function alone creates the "bug" of air strafing. Again, quake-like strafing is not an "engine specific bug", but in fact some wonky vector math in the air control function. This CAN be implemented in different engines, and I have even done so. The following link is a demo i created of quake-like strafing done in unity: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19RcjAQmE33GCcfS-Pm3pWNDE6HxfmEDo/view?usp=sharing If the devs want help with implementing this feature, I would be honored, but please at least just look at the code, because I would KILL for real strafing in Battalion, and its frustrating to keep hearing its impossible when a noob dev like me can even implement it. That's it, -STK
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    Pretty simple, that thing is a laser, its spread is like having no recoil, it has none, the range makes no sense, 1 shots from higher range then an smg that needs 2-3 hits from same range, not aiming down sights with it is the easiest thing ever, it like never misses or tags, always insta kill. At this point its a joke from a competitive scene since ppl r holding down areas with a shotgun that no other gun can contest. Im sure most people will agree, at least those that are looking into playing comp and have been scrimming, its extremely unbalanced. Remove it or nerf it to the ground, the game is perfectly balanced without it and it just creates issues for no reason and other games clearly dont have this implemented for a reason, the weapon is impossible to balance and therefor is not presented in most competitive fps games.
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    Hey guys! My name is Tony Gorb, I'm 23 y/o and I'm a Graphic Designer and Junior Developer. First of all, I'd like to thank Bulkhead interactive for this game.It's impossible to find these days something like cod2/cod4 or any other old school fps. I'm really into this game and I'd like to support the devs for their tremendous work! I was thinking over the last few days on something more common but unique to other fps games and I decided to give it a try. Let me know what do you think of this Main Menu concept, would you like to see it in-game? Here's a clear template : After you'll click Play the top nav will change to this : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 1: Server Browser UI Redesign. When you'll click on "SWITCH TO" - Unranked / Competitive buttons will appear Main Menu : https://dribbble.com/shots/4184663-Battalion-1944-Menu-UI-Redesign Server Browser : https://dribbble.com/shots/4212855-Battalion-1944-Server-Browser-UI-Redesign you can also follow my Instagram page if you want to see more stuff like this https://www.instagram.com/tony_gorb/
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    Hi We bought a server that we are hosting and whilst I appreciate its not finished here are few immediate issues Server browser needs sorting. Need to be able to search for my server more smartly even a favourites would be good Uncapping from 10 man as companies such as multiplay are selling 24 man servers Deathmatch mode of gameplay Gameplay is fun and good. I like the feel and we know it has a few kinks but its nice to see a CoD1 style game back Well done Koopa
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    Hi All, Just wondered if anyone noticed this at all.. The Thompson, MP40, MP44, and BAR all sound the same. They never did in real life, nor in any of the WW2 games, you always knew the weapon you were up against but in this I feel there is very little to tell between them Any thoughts?
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    hello uhm well i go straight to the point i was thinking about this and i think is something pretty simple, my idea is that when you hit the enemy in the head, the helmet flies
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    I think the issue with the game not playing as smooth as cod4 right now is not caused by the way they have implemented strafing, but rather because of animations/player collisions still not being polished enough.
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    The jumping shot accuracy has to be killed to like 1%. Otherwise this will kill the game.
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    custom servers also need the ability to run for more than 30 minutes without crashing.
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    With your suggestions I'd just recommend you to play something else, not trying to be mean or anything but I think the game is not what you're looking for since you're trying to compare the game with how things are in real life.
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    How is vCoD not relevant? It is THE classic CoD no matter how supposedly good and popular CoD4promod was. That's like saying Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a classic Battlefield game which is obviously stupid and wrong because you're omitting BF1942 and BF2 at the very least. People have good reasons to feel cheated and saying vCoD is irrelevant is just plain dumb. 2007 was near the end of good classic FPS and CoD4 was the catalyst for that.
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    It will never happen because the devs are cod2/4 promod vets who enjoyed playing with no-sway sniper mods etc.
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    Hey I'm lvl 100. Wow how did you get that in a week!? Server Boosting... I think the Devs made the right choice.
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    This is a balancing issue, right now the snipers are one shot, one kill, and with no scope sway, it makes them over powered. I think you need to add same mechanics COD2 had to its scopes. Unless you are holding shift, it sways, and if you hold it too long, you lose your breathe and it moves more. This would add some balance to the people camping corners with snipers. If this can not be done, maybe nerf the scoped snipers and make them only one shot kill with a head shot...
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    One of the biggest selling points of the game is the fact that you can rent servers again. This fact has been used during the advertisement of the game. Many pc gamers are tired of console-style matchmaking. So I'd say it's important and not to be neglected. What's more... they are putting time in fixing other server-related things such as filters (which is great), but that isn't going to help much if servers don't work anyway. Needs to be priority.
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    Thanks I've done all that, just crashes the server.
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    They just took the way it was done in cod4's promod... It doesn't fit to this game though.
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    Sway will never get a foot in Battalion 1944. That's for sure. Snipers are good yes, but they can be countered easily. Each class has their pros and cons, they just needs to be played accordingly. And don't forget to choose your nades wisely too - smoke might be the better option here. And please remember this is a thing that always will be balanced on 5v5 wartide. Not on they chaotic pub-servers.
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    You need to learn to bait out the shot then get him while he's rebolting. Don't just dry peak snipers. Don't keep trying to out skill everyone, out think/play them. Sway is not needed and breath holding is just tedious, if you were scoped for that long you ran out of breath in Cod2 you were most likely doing it wrong.
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    I am the owner of https://www.battalionservers.com/ we are currently offering a 15% discount for the first month. This is the only game we offer so all our focus is on this, we offer fast techincal support and will help with any server configuration. These are some of our features - https://www.battalionservers.com/features.html Instant Server Setup Free De-Branding Game Control Panel Free Public Server High Performance Networks 24/7 Monitoring Enterprise Hardware DDOS Protection You are also able to configure your server from our control panel with a nice GUI so you can choose your game mode and map rotation with an easy dropdown menu to make your life easier. Kind Regards, Cobby
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    Do you run it from home or did you rent it?
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    it does seem to make a difference for anyone who rents the server.
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    Server Browser New Feature: Filter servers by server name, player count, map, mode and ping. New Feature: Search for servers by name New Feature: Hide locked servers. That's great. Been expecting this. However, as long as servers still keep crashing, there is no point.