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    Scroll down for a tl;dr I posted this originally in the backers section, but I feel the community as a whole needs to have productive discussions moving forward. Hey all. First off, I want to congratulate the Devs on a fairly successful EA launch. No launch is perfect, which we all as a community need to acknowledge, but your attention to issues that have arisen should give us hope that things will continue to improve in the coming year(hopefully years). Before I start, I’d like to give a little history of my experience; I am a former cod 1 - 2 and 4 invite player, in game leader, league admin with Cevo and Cal as well as the co-host of the first ever Cod4 tournament (xfire tournament) and creator of the first cod4 competition mod (DAMN mod). I also ran a tournament series called Gathering of the Nerds - a 10th anniversary tournament for Cod 1. I’m not here to tout my former glory days and e-accomplishments, I’m simply setting the stage for a productive conversation from someone who has close to 10k total hours of competitive play, many hours of admin duties, tournament planning, and modding since 2002. To start, there are a lot of things to like about Battalion. Their vision of Battalion being a successful e-sports title has a great foundation and as a former competitive player, I love that mindset from the Devs. Additionally, the guns, movement, and design focus is very conducive to a competitive atmosphere. The lack of fog/dust/and bevy of graphical options (even though we can’t use them yet) are again designed and created for competitive players. However, I feel that a few things must be addressed. I’m not going to talk about bugs, or net code issues, hitbox issues, and things of the like. Those are products of the beast, so-to-speak. They will get addressed, corrected, and patched as we move forward. I’m going to speak on core mechanics, how to maintain a solid player base, and how to create longevity that games tend to lack. Firstly, the time to kill issue, or ttk for short, is far too low. By that I mean damage given by certain guns is far to high and/or the rate of fire is far too fast. This makes smg’s vastly overpowered, as well as other issues arising in fire fights with all weapons. There was a similar issue in cod4 with the ak74u. It became a competitive nightmare. I believe that there can be some balance achieved in this area, but it will take time. Taking csgo as an example, smgs are situational, mgs are the middle ground between the awp, and then we have the power houses with the scopes. While I don’t feel like that model would work for Battalion, I still believe that some sort of balance needs to be achieved. This leads to my second issue, the running/jumping/sprinting accuracy. While jumping and run and gun has been synonymous with cod for quite some time, that sort of game play leads to a severely lessened skill gap. A game of this type needs a skill gap to aid in a games longevity. There should be an element of randomness, but mastering the nuances of the game should reward a player far more than a run and gun/spray and prey style. Accuracy should be tied into the movement, not be a product of said movement. What I mean by this is, standing and shooting, strafing and shooting, crouching and shooting, jumping and shooting, and drop shooting should all penalize and/or reward the player in some fashion. I’m all for cRaZy 360 noskopeZ and I’ve pulled a few crazy shots off in my day, but those should be an exception, not the norm. Load up any twitch stream and you’ll find ‘high’ level Battalion players sprinting then jumping whilst iron sighting, hitting insanely ridiculous shots that are insanely baffling and equally as hard to counter. Call of duty has always had elements of this, but I feel that it’s a little much in its current state with Battalion. There’s should be some sort of mastering of the mechanics. Again, take csgo as an example. The shooting mechanics, as well as movement mechanics, have an insane skill gap. From silver to global elite, the two are light years apart. Yet it’s not impossible to improve, which creates desire to improve, which aids in longevity. I’m not suggesting that the whole system needs reworking, I’m just simply saying that there needs to be some sort of penalty/reward system in the way of accuracy. The maps. This is probably the most least liked facet of this game amongst former competitors that I’ve spoken with. It feels as though the devs were trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ in terms of map layouts and structure. Take any cod 1/2 map and you’ll see hat they all have certain things in common. A path to the a site, a middle, a path to the b site, and rotation spots for the defensive team. Now that’s largely simplified but seriously take a look at the layouts. Dawnville; graveyard to a, mid to a, mid to b, and hobo to a. Clean, ample choke points with rotation abilities. Carentan; arches to a, mid to a, mid to b, mg to b Toujane; same set up with the added option of the roof tops. Villers Bocage; similar set up Railyard; while a little different, there’s still a middle (hangar) with alternate paths to both bomb sites. Matmata; again, a little different but still two alternate paths to each bombsite With Battalion, while it may be true that there’s alternate paths to each site, it’s either a) way too open, b) too cluttered, or c) there are far too many paths. I feel that simple is better here. A, mid, B with little variance in between. A couple paths to one of the sites? Sure. 4 paths to the same site? Ridiculous. An open middle (dawnville is open) sure, but allow the attacking team to be able to combat that openness with out sacrificing the entire rounds utilities (coastal comes to mind). Even if you use cs as a guide for map layout, D2 is set up with an a/mid a/mid/mid b/b layout with clear direction on how to execute those attacks. Mirage, the same. Cache, again very similarly laid out. Etc etc I get the desire to want to do it your way and do it differently, but don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Competitive maps are successful because of their layout. Competitive FPS shooters are successful, in addition to many other things, because of their maps and their lay out. Keep it simple. The only map that I feel has this layout style in mind is liberation. The rest, miss the mark by a long shot in my opinion. The last thing I’m going to touch on for now is the card system. I’ll be honest, during alpha testing.. I hated the idea. I hated the implementation. I hated the stupid design. I hated the whole concept. However, after pugging and scrimming utilizing the system, I don’t mind it much at all. It’s interesting, provides a strategic element, and can make or break a round. With that being said, there needs to be some improvement with the system in general. There should be a system in place that’s similar to cs’s ‘loss bonus’ eco. Where team a loses x number of rounds and they’re given say, one of each class. That way, a team has an opportunity to regain some momentum. As it stands if a team gets steam rolled the first few rounds, it then becomes insanely difficult to regain any momentum. In a competitive setting, momentum is key, and as a spectator momentum shifts are exciting. Next is the limit on nades. I fully understand the idea of limiting nades, however, I feel 8 is far too few. Maybe a way to ‘gain’ a grenade should be implemented, for example a successful defuse nets one frag grenade for the team bank, and killing a bomb planter nets one smoke. Inversely a bomb plant should net one smoke and killing a defused nets one frag grenade. Something along those lines so that utility becomes a focal point of the economy as well. I have more I’d like to touch on, but for now this should provide some groundwork for discussion. Tl;dr love the game and love the direction; however certain things, not related to net code, bugs, etc. need work. Weapon balancing and time to kill tweaks, accuracy rewards/penalties to heighten the skill gap and reward players who master the system rather than abuse the mechanics in a run and gun style, map layouts and design need a serious look, and card system improvements.
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    I played Insurgency after release a few years ago. A number of former competitive players from a variety of games were trying to put together a community and start competing in NA. We were holding weekly draft tournament nights and assembling teams for TWL and beyond (since TWL was all there really was for NA along with a very slow to come together attempt by ESL which was mainly catering to EU). Here are my experiences with that game, perhaps some things have changed but I somewhat doubt it: 1. The game developers were vehemently opposed to allowing the game to be shaped for competitive play. One member of our community was in contact with them, and they came into teamspeak and discussed some thing for competitive play. They had their vision for the game and it did not include making it competitively viable. They felt if competition happened, it needed to happen on the terms of the base game, but the base game was not conducive to interesting competitive play that could ever become something beyond a niche/tiny community on life support which would die from the slightest change of the wind. 2. The game itself was broken in many ways. For example, since we were very limited in what settings were available to alter for competition, certain features had to stay in the game. This meant that all competitive players had access to the head/chest armor in game. To top this off, the game was centered on the idea of "tactical realism" with which I'm sure you're familiar. That means that if you were unarmored, 1 shot would kill you to practically anything from practically any weapon, which in itself is funny since in the search for realism they created a game in which players drop stone dead forever from a pistol round to the leg. Speaking of legs, we tried to plead with the developers to give us the ability to remove certain loadout items such as the armor, or apply it uniformly to the whole player model, which was rejected. While wearing the chest/head armor it took substantially more bullets from certain guns to kill a person...if you were following the rules of reality and aiming for the chest. My team was following the rules of competition and taking whatever the path of least resistance was for a kill. In this case, since the body armor did not apply to the legs, a player wearing armor was a 2+ shot kill to the chest, and an instant kill to the legs. The developers, by denying the flexibility to make the game competitively viable created a scenario where we were playing matches shooting at the other team's kneecaps for insta kills because everyone was wearing armor. This was far from the realistic feel I believe the game was intended to convey. 3. This is just my opinion, but you stated earlier that supreme/global in CS have a hard time with the game. For starters, supremes and globals in CS try to waltz into ESEA all the time and get absolutely destroyed in pugs or on the open league. That rank is not indicative of true competitive players so much as being a solid player on ESEA is. With that said, as a person who has competed in MoHAA, vCoD, CoD:UO,CoD2, CoD4, CoD:BO, BF1942, BF:V, BF2, BF:BC2, TF2, Brink (bleh), RO, RO2, RO2:RS, CSS, and CSGO as well as Insurgency I would like to report that I and my friends had absolutely no trouble at all mastering Insurgency, and the only reason we left it was because what we were trying to do was not only not supported by the developers, but actively undermined at a point (they figured out we were using exposed RCON commands to alter certain game settings to make things more competitively viable and released a patch which shut down that avenue). I am not judging them for having a vision and sticking to it, it isn't our right to turn their game into our game. I will judge in the sense that I think it was shortsighted since the game felt like a quality game at heart which could have been made into something good longer term. Now in terms of your basic point with your original post, I highly doubt that this community at large is interested in what you refer to as "tactical realism". That isn't something you or I can prove conclusively, and I don't have researched supporting evidence, it is simply an opinion. Another opinion I have is that tactical realism is a pipe dream, and while there ARE certainly players who have played a lot of different styles and simply prefer that one, which is a respectable position, I've found in my personal experience that more often than not militantly adhering to the church of "tactical realism" is a poorly disguised crutch to for people who are unable to cope with multiple styles of gameplay. I am not accusing you of this at all, I do not know you, but I do know my experiences with communities of players who subscribe to your school of thought have been uniformly this way. I remember moving to RO2 and being told that CoD skills were meaningless, it was a cartoon game for small minded idiots, and the real challenge was in games such as RO where guns had recoil, movement was not quite as free, weapons behaved in a more realistic manner, and there were fewer things on your screen to help you (no health meter, ammo meter, crosshairs, minimap, etc.). I was told that I would get blown out by the tactical realism elite for playing "stupidly". When I got deeper into the game I realized that tactical realism in their case was a euphemism for proning on a hillside for 45 minutes in a territory server trying to pick people off 400 meters away and going 3-3 but being super "immersed". Meanwhile my team came in, joined the launch tournament for RO2, blew out every team and won #1 in North America and a cash prize. We moved quickly, knew how to run and gun, out-aimed and overwhelmed quite a few tactical realism teams on the way there. I thought it was an excellent game, perhaps a bit too simple to kill somebody for my tastes but I really enjoyed it. It too was killed competitively by developers who had a vision and absolutely no sense of how to foster a competitive community which would ever grow beyond just a tiny niche. They found and cater to their market, good for them. I liked what they had to offer but if I wanted people to do competition right, I'd just go play CS instead. In terms of Battalion, this game is the CS alternative many former CoD players have been waiting for. As much as people hated me and my ilk for coming into Insurgency and trying to shape their game to be different, I reckon a number of people here have had the reverse scenario with people from the "tactical realism" or "immersion" camps who would like to hijack Battalion and steer it in the direction they would like. As much as I and other competitive FPS players failed to succeed with Insurgency I can guarantee that a tactical realism effort will fail to succeed with Battalion. The only thing which worries me is that while the militant Insurgency developers to an extent withheld the ability to mod their game in our image, I doubt the bulkhead devs will do the same with theirs, meaning you will eventually get your tactical realism mod and set about attempting to fracture the community and drag people into your camp which of course always means a lower infusion of new bodies to the default competitive mode. Somehow Counter-Strike was always immune to this, but any game set in a specific historical setting invariably falls prey. I think this may explain why you are unlikely to receive a favorable reaction on these forums attempting to sell the community on what you enjoy. If you actually read all of that please know I do not mean to come off as snarky or offensive to you, I'm just trying to state what I see matter of factly, I wouldn't want to accidentally give the false impression that I'm trying to insult someone.
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    Hey community, I am thinking about creating a tiny "server-browser" with filters, etc. It would run in the webbrowser (and mb as a electron-programm) done Querying a server to get details (name, maxplayers, gamemode, map, etc..) Server-list interface (lalala) basic filters | passwort protection, empty, full, gamemode, map country-flags + filter-by-country open connect to a server via mouseclick (probably won't be possible, connection via connect <IP>:<PORT> is the simple alternative) client-ping (maybe possible via browser-plugin; I have an ideaaa - it requires a little script running on the clientside tho) save filters in between sessions mobile-friendly filter-by-steamId (a.k.a. "show my servers") rcon-tool (looks like we need to wait for the devs to impl. support for it; would require a little clientside-script unless you want to expose the rcon-password to me ;-)) performance optimizations (since the serverlist prolly wont shrink any time soon ;), well it actually shrunk ~ 1700 -> 1000 im sure they will be back on the weekend) setting to change the "flag" of a server if its wrong (for the owner) Maybe anybody has some information for me that would help to get that thing done asap :). Also I am wondering if its only me or if there is a demand for an application like this aslong as the ingame browser is useless like it is right now.. I already created a working prototype - You can check it out here: http://browser.battalionservers.com
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    Thank you for the well thought out post, I think there is some valuable discussion to be generated by this. I played IM/M in CoD2 and 4 respectively, and enjoyed being a 3 time "made the playoffs and couldn't get out of open" player on ESEA in CSGO, so I understand a lot of what you're talking about. I wanted to examine a few points: Regarding map layout, I agree with you. I think that the basic traditional layout for a great competitive map is [Long A] - [Short A] x [Mid] x [Short B] - [Long B] where x indicates a connection and - indicates an isolated attack path with the defensive team having some sort of back line rotation area. In maps Derailed for example we have a similar setup in concept: Long A, short A (tunnel next to long A), mid, short B, and long B (through cinema). The problem is the sites are quite disconnected. There is nothing attaching short B to mid, so the B players are 100% isolated from the rest of the map. So for example, as a player on Mirage in CSGO who is doing a B split take up cat and through apartments could bail and run underpass or back down pass through mid to the A site, if you're going short B on derailed and you want to bail out and go A, you have to either take the site and push through to the german spawn, or essentially return to your spawn side of mid and try to regain half of the map control. It's a good map, but I think it could probably use some layout tweaks to make things more interesting competitively. My second point I'd like to bring up is one that I don't believe you touched on: set nades. This game employs the CoD2 nade throw mechanism. Jumping at the end of your throw animation increases throw distance, adding a minor skill barrier to throwing set nades. Once you pass this barrier you realize that you're basically Peyton Manning and can throw nades 100 yards at will. Sticking with derailed, I'm sure many are familiar with the set nade down mid, but others are probably less familiar with the fact that you can set nade the other team on a rush to Long A from the German side, you can nade them attempting to peek the short A tunnel. As Americans, you can actually time a perfect set nade to deny their exit from double doors into the B site. There are few things I hated about the old CoDs more than set nades. You will notice this boring part of competitive gaming is not part of CSGO - at least not really in the sense of 1 throw 1 kill start of the round nades. In CS 1 frag at your feet with full armor takes a good chunk of health, yes but it does not kill you unless it dinks your head armor and then explodes which is uncommon. In order to totally kill/deny rushes you must stack your nade with another teammate's grenade which is a decent sized investment and takes away having a frag to hit players who are planting bombs. This mechanic is used because it is competitively uninteresting to be good at set nades. It does not show skill as pretty much anyone can be taught like a trained monkey to throw a set nade. What it shows is game knowledge and perhaps (at least right now) the willingness to do your homework on the game and stretch it to its limits. Set nades quickly become known in competitive communities. There is 0% chance your super powerful game breaking rush killing set nade lasts beyond the first season of a league, the first big tournament, etc. before every other team has seen it, learned it, and incorporated it into their gameplay. Then at that point, you are not actually doing anything skillful but rather chucking the obligatory nades at the start of the round and seeing what turns up on the roulette wheel. That makes for a game which is unexciting to play and to spectate. Anyone who played CoD4 can recall what a nightmare certain maps - GOOD maps with great layouts were because of nades. I still have PTSD from dodging exploding cars on District, and even Strike was pretty prone to ridiculous set nades. I think this should be ended. Set smokes? Good. In CS most set nades are in fact set smokes with some pop flashes and perhaps some set mollys, but all of those things are to aid in disrupting the defense and giving the attacking team a better footing to enter a site, not simply there to get kills for you because you guessed right and threw something. While I'm on the nade topic let me mention one other thing with another topic you mentioned - the card system. Why do some classes by default come with a nade? Why does the shotgun have a smoke, why does the STG/BAR have a frag? I'm honestly not sure. There is a nade pool. Personally I believe it has too many nades to start, and I also believe it is a detriment that they are never replenished by something. As you had mentioned, there is no loss bonus as in CS. The loss bonus was necessary to stop runaway matches or forcing teams to eco for 4 rounds just to have a good buy, and it works very well. I like the concept of the card system, and I'd like to take your loss bonus idea one step further. I've noticed a few times in this game that as soon as the last player is killed, I cannot plant the bomb. Even if I'm partway through the bomb plant, I can't finish it. In CSGO, you get different amounts of money for winning a round by exploding (or defusing on CT) a bomb vs. killing the enemy team. You also get money for planting the bomb at all. This means that on eco rounds, it is important for the team which is saving to try and get a bomb plant, as it will give them extra money to play with in the next round. I think that planting the bomb should reward the team which did so with perhaps 1 additional of each nade or perhaps even 1 additional of your lowest card (whatever you have the fewest of). That way, there is always an incentive to plant the bomb or a reward for taking a bomb site and getting it down, even if you win the round via elimination of the enemy. Also, let's talk about hunting kills. Say there is a 4v1 for your team, you took the A site and have ample time to plant, there is not a good incentive to do so. The 1 guy alive might have a valuable card he could save, and there is practically no drawback to hunting. In CSGO if you hunt a guy 4v1 and he manages to kill 2 of you before he's taken down, that could potentially be something like $7400 in economy damage if he took an AK and armor off each of you. If you lose an AWP hunting, or you had a rifle, armor, and nades the cost increases significantly. Now instead of losing 7400 lets say an AWPer died and a rifler with full nades died hunting. That's 5700 + 4900, you've now effectively lost $10,600 trying to kill a guy, so you have to be careful about what you do and when you do it. In Battalion, hunting is not punished. You have a 4v1, lose 2 guys killing the other guy. Your two remaining players pick up the cards from your two dead players including the card from the guy you hunted. You started this scenario with 4 cards, and in spite of the fact that the guy you were hunting punished two of you, your team leaves the scenario with 5 cards. There is no way to recoup your own team's money losses in CS, and I think that benefits the game by changing player behavior to something a bit smarter. I have more thoughts but I've already written an essay so I'll leave it for now.
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    FastFrags - Competitive Gaming League will be hosting weekly Battalion 1944 (B44) Tournaments during early-access and beyond! When do events start? [NA] ShellShock Saturday (64 Team Single Elimination) Event Rules & Details - Weekly event check-ins will be Saturdays @ 2PM EST (SS Sat #2 - Feb 17th). [EU] ShellShock Sunday (64 Team Single Elimination) Event Rules & Details - Weekly event check-ins will be Sundays@ 2PM GMT+0 (SS Sun #2 - Feb 18th). Does it cost to play? No! While the game and competitive scene establishes itself, our Tournaments will be open entry, free-2-play events with smaller prizes. We plan to add larger scale invitationals and pay-2-play events with bigger & better prize pools as the competitive community grows. What Game Mode(s) will be supported? Tournaments may vary between the Wartide, TDM, and CTF game modes from week to week (depending on the demand from the community and support from the developers). What are the Prizes? Prizes for this week's series of tournaments will be $50 in steam gift cards to the winning team (5x $10 cards codes). Still need a team? No problem! Check out our ‘Team Finder’ to quickly find and apply directly to teams that are recruiting competitive players like you, or visit our discord https://discord.gg/jmmKUJg Join, Create & Build your team’s roster today @ https://fastfrags.com
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    Same here. We need to wait for Patches and Fixes. Or we need to increase the amount of RAM and install this game on a SSD.
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    I was digging a bit, try this: open 'add/delete programs', search for 'visual C++' - there should be a few of these, last one with the date of installation (mine was 21st JAN 2017). Click on the last one -> delete -> there shoul be a pop up window asking you if you want to delete or fix file -> click 'fix'. I did that for the last two files, restarted my PC. Game launched. Hope it solves your problem Cheers!
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    @saLz First of all thank you for your very long and dedicated opinion from your point of view.. much appreciate it! Do you also have some positive aspects about that game and what of this positive things would you like to see in Battalion 1944? I know peoples like to talk about negative things but let's talk about some positive things which could fit also into a game like Battalion 1944.
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    Think it might be time to upgrade.
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    your computer is not even min spec in terms of cpu.... also those load times are due to you using a hdd likely which can be improved by using textures streaming. But frankly those kind of numbers considering you dont even qualify for min spec is perfectly fine. this game is ment for newer computers quite frankly and a gpu from 6 years ago wont cut it and it pretty much needs an ssd to have a good experience
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    I'd love to be able to cook grenades and get rid of indicators. 1st of all they work for friendly grenades which is just annoying and 2nd what's the point if you can avoid them so easily? Better audio for them and no indicators would be great. Only times when grenades hit is either if I end up in really hot fight and there are priorities to kill enemies first or if it lands and blows me up instantly.
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    Completely agree I think one of the reasons that people jump round corners all the time in Battalion is because of the lean patch that they did, it's not in the aggressors favour to lean around to see if someone is camping in a corner. I really hope they change this so it's not so op for the defender. It's already bad enough that they're already set up holding an angle, so they're at an even more advantage cause they can see them much more before the other guy can see you. Therefore, only way to do it is jumping round corners. I don't think the game has the movement or play style to have this "jumping everywhere" meta. Once this becomes general knowledge for everyone, it'll be a game of everyone jumping round corners or playing super slow. I've attached the images that were on Mark Horner's tweet to perfectly show how OP this is for the guy who is playing defensive and sit in a corner type of play style.
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    Interesting read and you make some very good points. Skill gap is an interesting subject and I've found it's difficult to put into words for this game so gj. I feel like for the maps, we will see an overwhelming amount come out when the dev team has time to focus on upping the map pool, then hopefully boil those new maps into a competitive pool. The community modders will be able to jump the maps leaps and bounds also, I'm expecting some community maps to make it up to the most popular. I really do hope that this game survives and has a consistent player base.
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    That is exactly what people need to understand, I too have played COUNTLESS hours of CoD2 , competed in cups, clanbase (obviously) and some other platforms that were available at the time, Same goes for CoD4.. until like 2015~ , (not to mention my time playing Q3/QL) .. I wont say the game is "broken" like the initial response of many oldschool players, that feel they may have been deceived and lured into thinking this game is one thing and got something else entirely upon its release (or EA, doesnt really matter because the core is what it is). I strongly believe that the changes the devs prepare us for in the forseeable future arent going to affect & change the core gameplay (maybe to a negligible extent).They wont remove sprint / they wont change the maps (changes like REMOVING an entire path of entrance to a site and major things like that). But what they can do to increase the skillgap (And these things DONT really require much) : - Change the mechanics and behavior of the weapons (recoil,maybe add a pattern or just increase it by simply raising it on the Y axis) also the connection of movement+shooting (jumping included) needs some serious work. You talked making FPS great again, back to the roots - of CLASSIC FPS[?] it means you should make the game HARD to master. Not CS hard .. but certainly not easier than CoD4 (and I noticed it since my 2nd unranked match) . That said I do know the shape of the servers and how the feel, netcoding, chunky movement (where players that have over 50-60 ping as myself, get stuck while jumping on or over objects , or just mid air with the animation being pulled back and forward a few inches.. something thats hard to describe but easy to see or notice). But yeah.. raising the skillgap (and PROLONG the game's life accordingly should be the main focus right after those small things I mentioned..
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    Love it man, really clean and professional. However, you did misspell 'competitive'.
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    dear oh dear is that the best you can up with .................nice try but when a devs makes a public statement to advertise hes game then it as to be scrutinized if its not as described lol fan boy strikes again
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    The problem here is that if you hit someone it hardly bothers them and they just kill you. Now if landing first hit with Garand was throwing off someone's aim all of sudden you have balanced situation - if he hits first he obviously kills you, but if you hit him first he has no accuracy and either has to (VERY QUICKLY) withdraw or dies from second hit from an already ridiculously fast Garand. In current scenario Kar will always win given equal aiming skills and reaction time. In the end they will have to introduce accuracy penalties in one way or another so better make peace with it to avoid disappointment...
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    I’m sure those comments will come. And that’s not what I want, nor am I expecting. I want Battalion to be its own game. But within that, there are things that are at the core of every successful shooter. Unfortunately, our list of successful titles is limited. Movement, skill-gaps, incentives (ranks, improvement, updates, etc) and proper maps are the formula. Battalion has the potential to be in that list of successful titles as well.
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    so how do you explain this please https://eu.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/586711/Battalion-1944-producer-the-COD2-community/
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    It's a bug yes! Can't bind space and enter as far as I know yet.... No, that's not it
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    show us evidence the devs said this game was going to play like COD2? One piece of evidence will do. claiming you were duped is defamatory.
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    -Add the possibility to do double switch as on CoD2 / CoD4. -Increase the damage of the "Heavy" class at medium / long distance (It takes too many bullets to kill an enemy, in my opinion). -Try to do something to reduce stuttering and tearing.
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