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    Hey guys! My name is Tony Gorb, I'm 23 y/o and I'm a Graphic Designer and Junior Developer. First of all, I'd like to thank Bulkhead interactive for this game.It's impossible to find these days something like cod2/cod4 or any other old school fps. I'm really into this game and I'd like to support the devs for their tremendous work! I was thinking over the last few days on something more common but unique to other fps games and I decided to give it a try. Let me know what do you think of this Main Menu concept, would you like to see it in-game? Here's a clear template : After you'll click Play the top nav will change to this : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 1: Server Browser UI Redesign. When you'll click on "SWITCH TO" - Unranked / Competitive buttons will appear Main Menu : https://dribbble.com/shots/4184663-Battalion-1944-Menu-UI-Redesign Server Browser : https://dribbble.com/shots/4212855-Battalion-1944-Server-Browser-UI-Redesign you can also follow my Instagram page if you want to see more stuff like this https://www.instagram.com/tony_gorb/
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    The mini map is very detailed and hard to actually see the routes or get information from it with a glance. I'd suggest making them simpler and less detailed or at least finding a middle ground between the two. The link below is a set of custom mini maps in csgo that are very clear and easy to get information from. http://simpleradar.com/
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    Hey community, I am thinking about creating a tiny "server-browser" with filters, etc. It would run in the webbrowser (and mb as a electron-programm) done Querying a server to get details (name, maxplayers, gamemode, map, etc..) Server-list interface (lalala) basic filters | passwort protection, empty, full, gamemode, map country-flags + filter-by-country open connect to a server via mouseclick (probably won't be possible, connection via connect <IP>:<PORT> is the simple alternative) client-ping (maybe possible via browser-plugin; I have an ideaaa - it requires a little script running on the clientside tho) save filters in between sessions mobile-friendly filter-by-steamId (a.k.a. "show my servers") rcon-tool (looks like we need to wait for the devs to impl. support for it; would require a little clientside-script unless you want to expose the rcon-password to me ;-)) performance optimizations (since the serverlist prolly wont shrink any time soon ;), well it actually shrunk ~ 1700 -> 1000 im sure they will be back on the weekend) setting to change the "flag" of a server if its wrong (for the owner) Maybe anybody has some information for me that would help to get that thing done asap :). Also I am wondering if its only me or if there is a demand for an application like this aslong as the ingame browser is useless like it is right now.. I already created a working prototype - You can check it out here: http://browser.battalionservers.com
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    I'm playing with 400 DPI and 3 sense. Your settings seem crazy fast to me, would suggest turning down the DPI and see if your aim gets more consistent.
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    No, funnily enough I'm a fair bit older. You see, whilst you may not want an arcade style shooter based around WWII, some of us may be rather fond of the idea. It's a huge hit of nostalgia from playing the original Medal of Honor and Call of Duty titles. Enjoying an arcade style shooter doesn't make one young or childish, just because you don't like it.
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    Looking for 5 Players will supply practice server branding and funding/entry into leagues and tournaments must be willing to grind and learn callouts for all maps, English speaking is A Must. Must be from EU. To get in contact message me on twitter @RooanUK
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    B43 Hi everyone As some of you already know, I've mentioned a coverage site coming for Battalion, to focus primarily on the competitive/esports side of the game. My self and the rest of the team have been working very hard getting this set up for Early Access release day (plenty of all nighters). Our goals: Provide a one-stop website for all of your esport news regarding Battalion A forum so that the community can come together and grow the competitive side of the game Cover events, tournaments, and any other competition based platform with a dedicated news writing team A dedicated movie making team to express our creativity and produce not only frag movies, but put together clips and interviews from various LAN events Features (some not yet implemented): News/blogs Forum Config & Demo Section - Where users can upload/download files and rate them Clean profiles to interact with other members Recruitment Section within the forums Match ticker from tournaments that we cover Galleries from events Movie/Cinema Section and much more... The website is currently in beta, but we'll be adding more and more features as time goes on. The site is stable enough to release it to the public, however there will still be bugs that we are working on. Website: https://www.b43.gg/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/b43dot
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    Just a quicky, I think it would be useful to have some kind of kill cam type feature in the game, I feel this will be useful for detecting hackers and put to rest any sketchy feeling deaths you may have, probably not the best thing to have in wartide but at least in arcade game modes it would be a nice feature. This can also be accomplished through a spectator mode.
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    Hi Dev`s i think the rounds on game are too faster and the time to choose is unbalanced because i think is so much. I hope it helps the community.-
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    This is more of a design choice and something which builds suspense for when retakes are happening. Remove the bomb timer and use a beeping noise like csgo the reason is it helps build suspense and having those nail biting super close defuses, puts everyone at the edge of their seat. A tournament in Csgo showed the bomb timer and the rounds were much less engaging and suspenseful then without the bomb timer. Could just be a viewer only addition but I think it should be replaced as a whole
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    First of all thank you for making a game that a lot of us have been waiting for for almost a decade to get those clan wars going on again Everything feels spot on and i can see a bright future for it. My only concern is a way too much aliasing. In any kind of shooter we need to have a "calm" image so that anyhing that moves on screen is another player and not edges of almost every object around. Using the temporal anti alisaing creates too much blur and in a competitive shooter where visibility is the most important thing is just not a good option, feels like having motion blur on. Besides even having it set to ultra here doesn't do much and we can not use third party sharpening filters to counter the induced blur (file security errors when starting game with reshade for exemple). Setting screen resolution to 200 doesn't do much either and even all those options combined still have too much aliasing. I know that temporal aa is a defalut UE4 option (honestly don't know why even choosing Unreal Engine for a shooter of this kind when blurinnes is a well known problem in every game it's based on) and it's not costly performance wise but we really need some other aa method here because after doing only 2 games u're starting to have a headache with all this aliasing cause it's too much of an eye strain.
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    Op Great find Hacker scum We need kill cams, in some game modes so the community can clean these guys out. Also when ranked matches come out their needs to be a way to watch back past matches if possible to catch out those players that have extra game sense
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    Its impressive how after all the information released about the game prior to early access, all the dev statements all the twitter posts and beta footage there are still people/trolls who didnt get the memo its going to be cod2/ cod4:promod kind of game feelsbadman. Not sure if troll or just blind. Anyways kinda wakes the urge in me to spam every arma (or any other realistic game) forum with my need of strafe jumps and how shit they are without. (I kinda like arma and so on but thats not what i bought Battalion 1944 for.)
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    I don't think people are playing this game to get an air of realism, pretty sure people are playing it to frag out. As it stands, jumpshooting is a really good way to facilitate this, especially when you have no other means of utility, and sprinting through the air around a corner is a really good way to get the jump on somebody who might be holding it. In terms of jumpshooting with snipers, I'm still getting used to it. As they mentioned in a recent patch notes update they made jumpshooting straight up and down with a sniper rifle pretty much completely accurate, but side to side it looses a lot of its accuracy. Given how potent sniper rifles are though, this makes sense. I think it's in a decent spot right now overall.
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    "Hey guys, this guy was actually banned minutes after he made the video. He was hardware, steam and IP banned. Don’t pretend for a second that you couldn’t find a cheat for EVERY GAME on steam. This “oh easy anti cheat doesn’t work” is a terrible myth from gamers. It very much does work. We also have our own systems in the place on top of easy anti cheat, EAC is primarily used for reporting, banning, and catching existing UE4 hacks. There are a lot of good players on Battalion and that is probably why you are getting killed, so don’t be that guy! I spent 2 hours going through reports yesterday manually just checking legitimacy and stalking people out using their steam ID to find how legitimate claims were. Aside from that, this guy in the video was automatically caught and we have only seen 1 other hacker. You can’t expect 0 hackers unfortunately guys, but you can expect us to do something about it! Note; I’m being deliberately vague about our cheat stuff for obvious reasons"
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    I feel like if the accuracy goes down, the pace of play should too. I personally think the sprint jump mechanic is so flawed. I also believe sprint should be taken out, and increased movespeed nerfs based on the gun you are holding to really bring back the old cod feel. Who remembers being slow AF with mp44/BAR? lol This. RO2 was plagued by glitches post release and I don't feel it garnered the attention it deserved after that (not really on topic, i know..) does anyone know if movespeed is the same regardless of weapon/class etc?
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    If you were backing the kickstarter, it stands to reason that it was because you want this game to be a thing and succeed. With that in mind, it should be fantastic news that the game is cheap. We're talking about a CoD2-4 clone, multiplayer only competitive focused FPS, whose main competition should be the biggest established FPS eSport in the world, CSGO. If you think for a moment that this game would be able to build a community and succeed with a price point higher than it currently is selling for then you're out of your mind. If you care about Battalion becoming popular and growing into a healthy competitive game with a large and vibrant community then you should care more that the price point is low and fosters such a thing than whether or not you got yours. Would you rather have a game that you feel like you got a really big value for your money but is dead 6 months after launch because nobody wants a $25+ game?
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    No no no, skill is fighting not only your opponent but also random number generators. We need more random number generators! If we randomize the game to the extent that bad players can accidentally do things well and good players can accidentally do things poorly due to no fault of their own, we will have established a skillful game!
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    My 10 keys just dropped in my mail
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    Welcome to the forums @Mass, don't think you need to worry about that
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    It's happening but you have to wait, my guess would be late this year or beginning of next year for console versions. Anyways, welcome to the forums
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    Welcome, feel free to join us! https://discord.gg/fFK6bu5 - South America Discord https://discord.gg/8yUay7a - Community Discord http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BattalionCommunity
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    Welcome to the forums @RPV2, I'm sure I saw one or two Finnish teams joining up around here, do a search mate Good luck!
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