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    is that you don't have to bother with all the weapon customization, classes and whatnot bs like in recent CoDs. It's just pick your weapon & play like the good old days, when games were real.
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    I hope this improves but its a little crazy at the moment. Dont even have time to react.
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    they said they wanted the cod4 movement,well this is cod4 movement (infact cod4 strafing was more effective on pro mod then this strafing i feel like)
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    Here I put all my thoughts into a video, enjoy! Best of luck to the guys at Bulkhead!
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    I would love to have it "to the roots"... it's quite disappointing to see that by "roots" devs mean quite garbage later CoD iterations as opposing to CoD1/UO (which still have active playerbase by the way...) The entire idea of having non-regenerative health is that it requires you to perform thorough the entire round and not only from engagement to engagement. The only mode in which regen probably won't matter will be TDM and quite honestly who gives two f#%# about that garbage? S&D is bound to be slower as it should be. Regen was quite frowned upon when it was introduced in CoD2 by original CoD1/UO promod playerbase and was mostly welcomed by console players...
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    CoD4 Promod is by far the best FPS I've ever played, but it still had some flaws. Here are some of the bigger ones that should be avoided on B1944, in my opinion. - The grenade spam at the beginning of each roundwas was a pain in the a**. The grenade throw should be shorter, and the deadly range (when players are full HP) of the explosion too. - The HP regen was too fast. It should be slowed down (or replaced by a med kit system ? I have never been a fan of automatic life regen). - The hitmarker when touching an enemy through a smoke. - Red dots on the radar when enemies fire. CS GO system is better, the red dots are visible when enemis are in our field of view, or in that of an ally. - Players died too quickly on cod4. The balance was better on cod2 (lower damage on body shots, and higher on head shots, with lower rate of fire on weapons). - The movement speed per class was weird (snipers ran as fast as SMGs, only the assault class ran slower, and if you pick another weapon on the floor it wont change your speed). A movement speed per weapon would be a better idea (like cod2 or cs), with the possibilities for all classes to run at the same speed when holding a pistol. - The possibility to hide in vegetation (prone in high grass or crouch in some flowers). - The bullets wall penetration was to strong, it should be reduce. Otherwise I haven't seen in the gameplay video if it's possible to do double switch to reload or to switch weapon faster, to fake reload... I hope it will be possible, it's part of the CoD4's feeling for me. And you should consider adding the possibility of making totems like CS, it will add nice possibilities to teamworking. Good luck to the development team, our future is in your hands. ^^
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    Just want to find out how the plans are going to work for the servers in regions that aren't supported at the moment. My best ping is currently 200 on EU WEST. I'm playing from South Africa, I know there is talk of renting own custom servers, etc but if we want to play ranked will the dev team need to outsource those servers or how will that work.
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    Jumping around corners and in general while shooting ruins the feel of the game. I can deal with less then stellar graphics if the gameplay is good, but the jumping 5 to 7 feet to the side while shooting just ruins the whole ww2 gameplay.
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    Hey, I was wondering what the general consensus was in the community about skins and crates. Seeing that just recently Battlefront 2 was heavily bashed for their practice with lootboxes and consequent wave of critisicm towards other games or the infamous, shady market and betting sites with Csgo, Pubg skins etc. I would expect people to be very opposed to this concept. But that is not the only reason why I dislike this approach. To me this game is absolutely not suited for skins for its theme and era. It just looks weird to me to see M1 with a flashy, colorful, patterned skins or even stickers. I know that as of now only a few, kinda polished skins were confirmed, but keep in mind that Csgo also began just with weapon skins and now they have gloves skins and whatnot. When I first heard about game I just imagined a remastered version of CoD 2 with some fixes and the few PITA features to be tweaked. What I've seen in the past few months has surprised me, in a very positive way. It is not exactly what I imagined, it is probably even better since it's not just CoD but I sense a bit Day of Defeat, HoM, possibly some Csgo similarities... However, in none of those oldschool FPS games were skins, which is why, and for many other reasons, they are labeled as oldschool and that's what Battalion wants to be. Suddenly, the game becomes a bit less about gameplay whilst the desire for an exlusive item or the urge of being the cooler kid in the yard, takes a fair share. To put everything in perspective, I absolutely understand the reasons why the chose to do so. The initial price of $15 is really low for such an amazing product, additional DLC content is supposedly free and skins seem to be the way to pay for assets, development etc. My question is why isn't the price a bit higher at the sacrifice of skins? I definitely wouldn't mind paying more, the same goes for the DLCs. What do you think?
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    @muso You like jump shooting and Auto HP... no problem. But you need to agree that this is not "A Series" Competitive level anymore. If you want to have it easier.. it's fine. But for me, I don't prefer to play a game on "C" or "B Series" level. You know... for me CoD 4 was like Formula 3 and CoD 2 was more like Formula 2 but CoD 1 was always like Formula 1! CoD 1 was definitely more demanding. Of course it's funny and nice sometimes to have the ability to zoom in , shoot + jump and to hit a target. (Especially nice in fragmovies etc.) And sometimes it's nice and a big help to get hit and disappear behind a corner and wait few seconds until your health has been fully regenerated... but at the end it's not the top competitive level anymore. And that's the truth. Like Marrond said.. it's about to "perform thorough the entire round and not only from engagement to engagement". And that's pretty much it! If you like F3 or F2... that's fine for me... but I like F1!
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    Good luck buddy few of them names ring a bell. i have a funny story about swagga lol
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    got a chance to hop on and play some games. sat and played with 60 fps and resolution quality on like 50% and even like the lowest screen res lol. game was taking up mad amounts of memory. other than my shitty pc lagging the game it's self looks very promising. The response time on stuff is beautiful.(hard to notice with 60 fps ik) but it just has a very nice feel. i enjoyed playing the game. the maps were decent and the overall feel was nice. could definately spend a lot of hours playing on there. would be nice to see you stick to this level of gameplay and not sellout one day. I think what you should do is just keep on making and making maps. there should be no limit. who says have 12-20 only. looking forward to making some money irl and saving up for a pc to run this at a decent level. good job devs. the game is a work of art. about time a group of developers made a decent game. a question for the community. this early access on first of feb. if we buy the game is it available until full launch or a certain period only? im guessing its available until the full launch but im sure someone said the public access on 1st feb was like for 3 days again or something. anyone confirm? thanks
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    So, I'm hyped for the game. I've been playing it since Friday and have got 8 hours played already. I've only played the competitive mode so far. Coastal seems like a decent map - simple design, clean layout. There are of course things that probably need to be worked on and fixed but it's a solid enough map (a bit too small for me) - nothing special really but good nonetheless. Now... Derailed. Mmmmmmmmmm. Not so good. For me, Derailed is one of those maps that wouldn't make it into a competitive version of a game (there is a reason Bog wasn't played at ProMod LANs - it wasn't suited to competitive play (and it was a shit map anyway)). It's overly dark - shadows everywhere. There are multiple routes/tunnels that players can use so your head needs to be on a swivel. The ground is very cluttered especially outside the cinema. Frankly, it's a bit of a clusterfuck - and a lot of people seem to be saying the same thing. When I've asked people if they like Derailed in-game, a lot of them say no. That's just my thoughts on it. There are other issues concerning movement and the fluidity of the game but that's a different topic. I'll still be buying the game 100% and I'm sure the team will be making a lot changes and fixes before EA.
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    Hi, I think it would be awesome if we can move minimap to bottom left corner of the screen. Basically swapping places with kill feed. It's naturally much easier and quicker to glance to the bottom of the screen then looking up. The competitive side of this game requires knowing your surroundings, assessing your situation and good reaction time, just to name the few. I believe moving minimap will tremendously help with all of the above. Thoughts?
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    Yes you are allowed to use this. No need overlay. If you click on it you should be able to invite yours friends from steam. When you click [ + ] your friend list should open and then you are able to invite your friends. Other solution to invite your friends is : Alt+tab
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    Settings -> gameplay -> wartide -> individual player info in overview = disabled
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    not the only one and wholeheartedly agree with that.........they should have finished dishing them out by 18.00GMT but now 22.00 and mine is nowhere to be seen who's the saddo who neg'd my post - get a life will ya kb warrior
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    This is my concern as well. It feels more like the newer CoDs instead of MoHAA and CoD1. I also hate 1 shot bolt actions but that's probably just me, I also don't remember how it was in MoHAA. Either way longer time to kill actually equals more skill and at this point this isn't the case with BT44. Removing hit indicators would also be a great thing to do. This would really hit close to home on that old FPS nostalgia and gameplay.
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    It's not much I can do I'm afraid... @[CM] BigTuna you here?
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    Once @BRAMMERTRON hits 3000 Followers on hits Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/brammertron) he will tweet out 50 beta codes! Better start sharing! For all of your questions about keys and the game, please visit our Q&A: http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/3717-qa/
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    well if the jump shot accuracy was random and inconsistent then people wouldn’t even jumpshot at all as it would be useless. appart from trickshotters I guess
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    haha I wouldn’t mind a gas mask that would be sick
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    Hi. I do not know if anyone has ever talked about it but, for me, the minimap is too big. If we could have an option to adjust his size it would be ideal in my opinion. And, We can insist on the better visible separation between the two teams in the scoreboard. that's a a small detail, but to my mind I think there are possibilities to make this table more enjoyable to watch. That's it about my ideas, let me know if I'm talking about unimportant things Cya
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    Stop being salty. If you had just asked me for a code I probably would have given you one because you've been here a long time, but it turns out you're just pretending not to be a salty regular gamer. Sort your act out, don't get upset. We're managing a release of a game here not baby sitting people, if my phone dies and I'm late tweeting for your because I'm working my ass off so be it. Here's your code, hope someone doesn't take it; 63EMA-D5X0G-KH9NZ "what a great way to start the project" I've worked until midnight two nights in a row then back at 6am. I don't care if you aren't happy because you didn't get an alpha code. There is no line for 'order of who gets special treats first'.. You get me followers so I can promote the game, then you have a chance of winning a beta key. This is how I talk to people who speak to any developer on my team without respect. Support us and we'll bring you a great game, make us feel like crap and you're burning the fuel we use to finish this thing. Bramm.
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    Maps like - Brecourt , Hurtgen, Toujane Maps like - Carentan, Dawnville, Burgundy Would be great