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    We all waited for this enjoy hype hype!
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    I made a little remix "made in France1944" enjoy ... or not ! Cheers.
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    Sick trailer. Can't fuckin wait for this to blow up. Now to donate with this link on shrouds stream
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    Lots of new troops in the barracks . Welcome to the ranks, Divisor, Marc, PING-on, Bagpipe, Daan and Doug .
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    Great stuff mate, the music is a little bit more relevant to the era
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    You'll be able to add whatever you want, via "Steam" workshop mods and skins for "BATT44", Mazh. You could even add your Clan symbol/tag to the uniforms. That's superb, Ryan, I really enjoyed that "very French" version .
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    Today 08/01/2018 signup for closed-beta has started. For those who don't follow twitter, facebook, discord ... and only the forums (which would suprise me but whatever) here's the link to signup: SIGN UP HERE! Announcement of when beta is will probably be tomorrow (09/01/2017) on the release date of official battalion 1944 trailer! Reload your weapons and get ready! See you all on the battlefield... ... very soon... I'll list up all social media of Battalion 1944 and their devs once more down below. Make sure to follow them! Battalion 1944 - Facebook Battalion 1944 - Steam Discussions Battalion 1944 - Steam Battalion 1944 - Twitter Developer Phantasy - Twitter Developer Brammertron - Twitter
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    I always aim for center mass and just end up shooting their helmet off as they drop. End up getting "one-shotted" and die very quickly.
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    I was watching Phantasy's video about him giving extra information on the trailer and noticed Brammer dropshotting with (what it seemed) perfect accuracy. My question is: will this be a thing? I don't mind having dropshotting in the game but make it less accurate and extend the time between standing still and proning a little bit. In my eyes it's kind of cheap doing this with 100% acc and a 0,5s movement. What is your opinion on it and of course the devs' one?
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    Personally, I've never liked it...
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    That is an impressive trailer, really on the hype train now :0
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    may i have a question? how much beta keys you let out and when?
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    The main game mode will be 5v5, but the devs will release the ability for the community to rent servers and change player count as they please! I am sure you will be able to do whatever suits your needs
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    Who told you it was random.
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    Devs said that they want to make game movement same like it was in cod4 promod. So there is 99% chance that leaning on while walking will(is) be in the game. If I remember correctly in promod your movement speed while leaning on and aiming down the sight (with ak74 - smg) was not reduced or if it was reduced so it was not noticeable. I am not sure but I think leaning reduce speed same as ADS but if you lean and ADS - speed reduction does not stack . ADS movement speed was based on promod classes (assault, smg, demoliton, sniper). So walking while ADS with smg was maybe 2x faster than with sniper rifle. I find this video showing how leaning in promod works. Only in 1st person view. You can notice that ADS reduce movement speed (but not for smg class). this lowQ video shows how leaning looks like in 3rd person view:
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    hi guys, we knew that it will be some kind of advanced rank system für players and clans in b44. my thought was the additional option to "prove" a player profile with id-card. so that a gamekey will be bound to an id (real name, adress aso.) i hope that will cause that the rate of cheaters reduce some more. because of the risk: once you have caught your id is banned too. maybe for a long period like 1 year or more? what u think?
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    Well..ok. understand your way you think about. More hackers = more sold keys and a CSGO like system would it make a little harder to cheat. But i dont understand whats the issue to bound key and id. (Id details shouldnt be public.) What you fear? Because of safety? Cmon rly?