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    like i've said in another thread Bat44 is close to the point when it needs to be pushed to a wider audience. people are starting to see alpha footage and their natural next step would be to visit the homepage and the Bulkhead youtube channel. when they get there what will they see? content which is always one step behind. they would probably never click on the homepage again. little things like updating the homepage are becoming critical at this stage so i'm hoping we see the marketing push spring to life when the trailer releases on 9-Jan.
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    this has been my experience too. i tell people its coming but without much gameplay to push them to i lose them almost immediately. for example, hell let loose has barely been around 2 minutes but they've put out interviews with gameplay footage and them talking about gameplay elements and they're not even in alpha yet but more people i speak to know about hell let loose than Battalion. an opposite example to hell let loose is days of war. i stand to be corrected but all they did was put out very impressive trailers but very little gameplay or dev interviews so when it went to EA it died on arrival because it played nothing like people expected. it didn't help that the game is shite but the point is players weren't made to understand what they were getting beforehand. by all means tightly control what gameplay goes out there but put more out there because more is better than less when it comes to marketing a new IP. people like joe and phantasy must be recording a ton of alpha gameplay. why not use it. at the early stages of development the devs streamed some of their lunchtime CoD2 gaming sessions. players like nothing more than seeing devs playing their own game so why not bring back the impromptu streams but playing Bat44 instead.
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    That is an understatement. 99% of the people I talk with have no idea what battalion 1944 is.
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    I hope they have some plans to involve some streamers into their marketing campaign. EA is right around the corner and there is still not a lot of hype around this game. I don't think one gameplay trailer will change that. But who knows ... maybe it will be mind blowing and I am wrong about that. Yet, I don't think creating hype so slow and on such a low level is a way to go.
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    jiveturkey's vid strikes me as very representative of the type of FPS fan who would flock to Bat44 if they knew more of what the game is about. my biggest fear is many players not as in touch with the game as players like us, who frequent the forums etc. will judge Bat44 superficially and dismiss it as a cheap clone. it's so critical that Bulkhead/Square Enix get the marketing right to at least help players that could form the masses to have a clear understanding of the game. like CSGO, Bat44 needs mass support to allow the competitive community to flourish. we're getting to the point that more people need eyes on the game. just releasing to EA isn't enough on its own anymore. it will need to be pushed to every corner of the FPS world.
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    The game isn't even in beta, so i'm sure they'll update once the time is right. The website probably doesn't get much of attention at this moment anyway. I'm confident they would've updated it regularly if the number of registered hits on the homepage were significant. Give 'em time to develop the game and the rest will follow... ^^
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    Sniper are supposed to be deadly, a sniper will need his shots to kill their opponents fairly often since we have regenerative health. Even in cod2 where even upper thigh shots were deadly we still often would find non lethal shots happening for various reasons, players not exposing themselves too much, played being shot by the side where bullets hit the arm instead of the chest... Anyway... every single game that has been considered competitive(CSGO-COD2-COD4 and many others) feature 1 hit kill on most of the body. Snipers need to be able to take players out of the game, and the other players should try to avoid them at long ranges and surprise them to get the kill.