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    Today appear new image/in-game screenshot on twitter showing a bit of new map! Looks beautiful :-* Is it rendered by your modified render engine or by using unreal's default render? @[CM] BigTuna?
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    This is the new game-ready 1944 Heer Rifleman model: From the little that I've seen of this game in action, via their videos, it looks like a genuine team-based, objective-focused creation. Time will tell. Here's Luetin's latest video on "Hell Let Loose":
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    Idk man ... Skins were always something nice to have, because who doesn't like to have some options for customization. Some devs/publishers just have to take what was good a working and make it much worse and add a bigger price tag on that. One would think that as time goes, we should have better and improved games than what we had before. But the reality is completely opposite. These days we have expensive and often unoptimized games with a very little content, repetitive gameplay, unfinished mechanics, a lot of bugs + server issues, preorder bonuses, tons of dlcs and now slot-machines in the form of "loot crates" that are starting to become p2w. All that + before they release something they are usually already working on a new game "Recycled 2.0". It's really hard to find a good game these days.
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    this is exactly why most people regard micro-transactions as a dirty word and Activision's patent has just made it 100% more dirty. i can only hope bulkhead introduce micro-transactions with zero pay-2-win elements or pervasive RNG. there is no argument that can be put forward to justify the inclusion of non-cosmetic only micro-transactions now that we can see where its going to end up. Activision say this system hasn't been implemented in any games yet but i wouldn't trust them as far as i can throw them. i'm sure they've introduced it already to some degree and the patent is a refined form of something that already exists. it makes me sick to my stomach and fearful for the future of games if and when this shite trickles down to indie devs who are fighting for survival on a daily basis.
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    They are in the dark ....