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    As a cod2 player I pretty much agree with everyhting you said mate. But aspecially this one and everyone should take a closer look at this. I take my self as a very analytic person. At the same time I used to play at around 2010-12 at the very top of cod2. From what I have experienced it is very annoying when I perhaps tag a guy with rifle 3 times in one round (The same guy) and then he gives me one bullet HS with m1. This happened many time and adding that non-regenerative feature would completely make the game more strategic, competetive and much more interesting. I see this working very well in csgo and I have experienced regenerative mode in cod2-cod4 and I can clearly say non-regenerative is way to go. Hopefully more people will reconsider this.
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    even though co2 was a great game, i think cod4 was much better in terms of competitive aspect, i feel like it was the most competitive from a balance perspective as well as from spectator perspective, letting people easily comprehend what is happening, and very easy to shoutcast, as well as the gameplay montages where among the best, i would even say better then counter strike, there are truly some great videos from cod4 promod days, and it saddens me that it was not supported more by its developers because of how much potential it had to grow and expand.
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    give in adminshipadminship get how to???