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    Since these people would be talking from their real experience on Alpha and not only from some footage, yes, it's under NDA. There is a difference if your opinion is based of some gameplay you saw or if you really played it.
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    Resurrection Gaming was founded in September 2016. The whole history goes back to Cod 1 and the EURO Clan some years ago. After some EURO Members decided to leave the Clan and create smomething new, Creat!ve was born. Creat!ve was successful on CoD 1 for a couple of years and grew a name and reputation. At one time Creat!ve was the most active public server on Call of Duty 1. But after a while it unfortunately lost its glory and shine. After some internal troubles, the Founding Fathers: Hellbreather, Nixon, Efxtive, Singo, Prspct, Pink-Floyd, Flex, and Scarecrow decided to leave and found Resurrection Gaming. History repeated itself again. Resurrection aims to have an active and welcoming community with a clan that is open to all social gamers (skill not required since one of the co-leaders is probably the worst fps player you will have ever seen). We plan to have our server up and available the day the servers go live. Right now our clan has 15-20 mature oldschool members ready and waiting for the game to be released and we'd like to add even more of that to our core crew. We have plenty of positions available if you prove yourself and want to be a part of the clan. Also, there are no fees or donations accepted. Just come on server and have a good time. Aside from the public server we will also play our fair share of scrims and wars although it will not be our main focus. The main things that we are looking for in our members is activity, socialability and maturity. If this is something you are interested in please feel free to visit us at www.resurrectionclan.com or join by our teamspeak at ts3.resurrectionclan.com. See you on the battlefield, RsG. Hell RsG. Nixon Leaders of Resurrection Gaming www.resurrectionclan.com ts3.resurrectionclan.com
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    Top class video again, amigo, an excellent POV .
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    First person POV from The Victory Show 2017.
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    Wow didn't even think about that.. but my answer is: I need to play the competitive game-mode before i know i like the maps or not
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    Links to some info from 5 days ago: Howard on the next alpha Howard talking about Square Enix Collective Howard on pricing Howard talking about the competitive mode