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    Just curious, i come from cod4, and imo it had some of the best directional sound ive ever heard in a game, you could hear exactly where the person was and it was key in the pro scene. Im not sure if people who are testing can comment on this, but in the videos its a bit hard to hear it, do we know what the focus on footsteps and directional sound will be for this game? Another question i have, how far can or will be able to throw your nades in this game? In cod4 you were able to effectively use nades as an anti rush feature, there was a learning curve to find the spots and master the set nades to prevent enemy team from just straight rushing you and taking key positions, is this game going to try to mimic that? Will i be able to chuck nades over houses long distances to be able to keep a team from rushing me? Ive seen a topic on cook nades and i think it was pretty heated so i wasn't going to revive it since im asking a different question about it.