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    Just curious, i come from cod4, and imo it had some of the best directional sound ive ever heard in a game, you could hear exactly where the person was and it was key in the pro scene. Im not sure if people who are testing can comment on this, but in the videos its a bit hard to hear it, do we know what the focus on footsteps and directional sound will be for this game? Another question i have, how far can or will be able to throw your nades in this game? In cod4 you were able to effectively use nades as an anti rush feature, there was a learning curve to find the spots and master the set nades to prevent enemy team from just straight rushing you and taking key positions, is this game going to try to mimic that? Will i be able to chuck nades over houses long distances to be able to keep a team from rushing me? Ive seen a topic on cook nades and i think it was pretty heated so i wasn't going to revive it since im asking a different question about it.
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    Hello everyone, My name is Jimmy, i go by the name of Gmzorz on YouTube. I run a channel with over 30k subscribers called OneClipContest, which is (primarily) a call of duty based channel. We organise weekly editing contests for the editing community. As a big fan of the older call of duty games, i played my way through cod2, cod4, mw2 and mw3 which eventually led me to the editing scene. I started editing for other people, but soon realised i could be editing for myself, to express myself in a creative way. After seeing phantasy talk about battalion, i got really interested, this may open new doors for the editing community. Now i've seen the new trailer, edited by Nikky, and it got me pretty hopeful about this game. "Cod is dying" is something you hear alot in the editing community, and it might be. Features such as theater mode are nowhere to be found in the newer cods. Features we really wish to see in newer games, possibly in battalion! Together with some of my fellow editors, i've made up this list of features we would love to see in B44 A replay system, Loading in demos, being able to cut those demos, being able to share them with other people, a system that's user friendly and easy to use Inside the replay system we would love to see the following: A dolly camera inside the replay system, to make cinematic looking shots, being able to rotate and move the camera Linking cameras to bones (Sequencer An adjustable bokeh-style depth of field (Battlefield 1 depth of field feature, The good dof method, The bad dof method) Rendering clips in high quality, with multiple passes: green screen, world view without first person model, green screen for third person cinematics, depth pass, wireframe pass, normal pass (More info visit this link) Color/Grading effects and tweaks Customizable tweaks, Suncolor, Shadow color, sun position Placeable/customizable lights in the scene (Bo3 has this, in its director mode, but it doesnt cast shadows so you guys could beat them on that) (suggestions are welcome!) If any of the first few points would be in the game, we would be happy to organise B44 OCC Weeks on our channel and promote the game as much as possible! As i am writing this, Nikky has confirmed that the game will be awesome for moviemaking, so im certainly hyped. Cheers, Jimmy (Gmzorz)
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    I personally think that is a great question to ask, nades are a very important feature in combat. Plus it's so much fun to 'cook' a nade and just throw it in front of someone. *muhahaha*
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    Please don't add reddot-sights.
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    That's why I love Call of Duty 1, uo, 2. In order to play further in the match (pcw, cm, mix etc) you had to play with both Allies and Axis. When you come to conclusion that "we lost only because weapons for Axis are way better then for Allies". Ok, just wait until you get to switch sides and try those "better" weapons. I don't think it will make any difference if you don't know how to use them :). During that time I never heard any complaints about weapons for any nation. Everyone just sat down and played with what that side had to offer. I find it way more interesting because as I already mentioned before you had to master different weapons from each nation instead of 1-2 weapons through entire game. For example back in Cod WaW I used to see people running around with only ppsh or stg44 all the time... No matter what side they were on. How is that interesting? I don't think earlier Call of Duties had this overpower problem for weapons.. In my opinion every single weapon was optimized to perfection. Sure all them had their flaws and all but every single weapon in was deadly if you knew how to use it and aim with it properly.
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    Please don't post in public forums stating that you have not received your code. DM me and we can get it ironed out. I have ran your email and you were sent a code. 90% of the time it will be in your email and you just haven't seen it. Thanks
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    I'm afraid I'm missing something here, but there's actually going to be ranked matchmaking, like known from CS:GO. That is, you will be matched with players around your skill level. The higher up the ELO-ranks, the lesser 'unfortunate' players are likely to be met. Because there's no rank up, where there is no skillful play and you won't earn them ELO-points by only fooling around and being that guy every game. Sure, there's always a chance someone will be in for nothing but douchebaggery or one messing things up to some degree even despite best intentions. However, the idea of high ranks approving other lower ranks - or anything along this lines - for competitive play bears a whole lot more potential things going real bad than it could resolve, in my opinion. In fact, I believe it is a terrible idea. Thing is, naturally people are more tempted penalizing for slightly bad behavior than they are going to leave thumb-ups for some regular everyday player who happens to do about just alright. How is one expected to build up positive reputation? How to avoid politics, drama, elitism and all those side shows dragging people away from actually playing the game? I'd say, by such a system you are going to close a lot of doors, which are actually supposed to be opened by a system like ranked matchmaking. That's probably the very core of the whole issue here. Either be open and deal with some not-so-nice people or put a door into the way and leave a lot of nice people in front of it. You probably can't have it all at the same time. The accessibility of a game may not be underrated, no matter how much - or maybe especially when - the focus is led on competitive play. Though I agree, there might me practicable measures to keep out the jerks more efficiently, which haven't been implemented in games so far and it definitely is worth brainstorming a little more about this. I actually like the idea of putting those players you do not like to ever play with again on a personal blacklist. Like utilizing some context menu on the name directly from the scoreboard. Sure, this would require providing a reason and some sort of automated validation as to whether the entry is justified. Tricky stuff I guess. This blacklist will then be taken into account when matchmaking does its business and will keep those blacklisted folks out of your matches. It kind of works like a negative reputation system. Players piling up more and more entries on personal blacklists eventually run out of matches they are allowed to join and have to rethink their behavior. Actually, the system should put some warning signs into the way before it is too late, like telling on every match search how much games could not be joined because of blacklist entries.
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    Hey guys We have noticed that there have been more and more threads of people looking to buy and sell Battalion 1944 codes as well as holding giveaways in return for Twitter followers. Although this is not illegal and we don't have a huge problem with it, we don't want this to be happening on our forum. This forum is designed as a hub for you guys to share your enthusiasm, discuss features, allow us to contact you all easily and to give you all the opportunity to contribute to making Battalion great. We don't want it to become a marketplace. Please report if you see this behaviour We aren't mad about it at all, just from now on I'll be deleting any topics and posts in relation to key buying to selling. You can do what you wish with your codes, but please use another form of communication for selling or buying Thanks everyone! Tuna