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    my memory on this might be wrong but i thought it was just tdm to start and depending on how alpha testing progresses they'd introduce more content. it'll be baby steps. be prepared for a very barebones build and a highly focused test programme. you're there to help with the public build of the game not to play the game.
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    I hate it when people say the game is releasing, it isn't! The game is going to a very small alpha to get some initial feedback and testing.
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    What is wrong with S&D, CTF, FFA, TDM? EDIT: it could be cool to have this though: 1vs1 maps, 2vs2 maps, retakes on official maps. These things are done by the community. The devs will focus on making S&D interesting. The rest is up to you.
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    Hello. My question is if there is going to be supported only english or you the developers would also like to add other languages.
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    Hey, Just a small idea regarding the new homepage, which looks great by the way; add publication dates for the the news/articles. This makes it a lot easier to check if there is some new news, and also to keep an eye on how fast things are moving. Im not sure I made this thread in the right category, but please move as/if needed. Thanks! //John
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    Hello all Battalion 1944 people ! Alpha is coming, 10 days left. Like devs said this week we gonna see update from them about Alpha Info & Roadmap etc. I have seen this on Pansy twitter. Guys help me solve the riddle. I made photo for you. Let's go ! Any ideas ?
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    Willing to suck a dick-shaped Popsicle or maybe even a dick for a key. Anybody got one in between the seats of their car maybe?
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    So I've been playing this pretty solidly for the past 3/4days. For those of you that like Battle Royale type games, you've probably already heard of this. I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea but just thought I'd share the game for those that aren't aware and are twiddling their thumbs waiting for Battalion. I'd played H1Z1 KotK but the lack of development/depth kept me from going back. I'd also seen a few other Battle Royale type games over time (havn't ever played the original ArmA mod) and none of them ever really gripped me but I have to say this has been a blast so far. Highly recommend it. I've mainly played Duo's but a few more friends have picked this up over the weekend and have played a few squad games too. Managed to pick up back to back wins in duos on Saturday and it was probably the most fun I've had in a game in a long time, despite how incredibly tense these types of game are haha. There are a few bugs, mainly with the directional audio being a bit sketchy at times but it has only just released to Early Access and is fairly solid for being at that point in it's development. Website link for those that want to have a look - https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/main.pu
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    I really hope there will be a skin market like CS:GO and the same system with cases and rewards. Its not only the money that move, also when skins have a really high prices makes the game more value to other type of people and make it have a different type of community. In reference of betting sites I think is not bad at all. You cant base the eSport scene in it but as opposed u make people follow more the scene. I personally think right now skins are really atractive for most of the base players that not want competitive. About types of skins I dont really care about if they are colorful or basic skins just they have to look CS:GO market and watch wich type skins attract more players. In my opinion I perefer variety. Also If a part of te comunity dont want skins, make a option to desactivate it. My english is not good but I hope you can understand what im saying.
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    WW! That was truly epic, OB, it was genuinely just like a clip from an old WWII movie . I can't wait to sse it, bro. An attack on an old farm house, fighting through abandoned buildings or close-quarter combat in a forest environment, all in COD2 SP-style .
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    https://pubg.me/FreakshowJsy Didn't know there was a stats site like this so thanks @vozER Yeah I'm totally done with solo at least until the stats reset :P. K/Ds aren't impressive but I/the squad I roll with do tend to have a bit more of a cautious approach. I'm all about positioning haha. In a way that's one of the reasons I like this game, there are several ways of approaching it and all are viable.
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    Those KDA's in EU are impressive enough haha! Mine hover around 1.1 - 1.3 on average for all modes beside duo. What is the ping like for someone in EU playing on the NA servers? I'd like to try a EU match some time. You have so many matches played xP https://pubg.me/Vergy @vozER
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    Here it is http://itsalmo.st/#battalion1944
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    I was really damn sceptic at first. Then I noticed almost all of my friends started playing this game. I though it would flop just like DayZ or something. But now it's the only game I'm playing on the side of HOTS. I highly recommend the game, it's already really good even though it's early access.
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    there's no destructible environments in Bat44. no blowing holes in walls or kicking down doors. like i said, it'll be a dumbed down r6s with everyone in the building ads'ing the entry points with a shotgun. it'd get real boring real fast.
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    I am fairly certain TDM will be the main mode and i am sure as the test progresses there will be S&D to test that out as well. Maybe they will post it up in the closed alpha forums when they open
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    It may keep some people interested for longer, for me it lessens my interest because fewer rounds actually say anything about which team is better. The endresult is distorted because people can't appreciate the details in gameplay. The main difference between a map and the economy system is that if the map sucks i can just not play it, i can't avoid the economy system. Going the route of least resistance and least effort to make the game diverse seems like a terrible plan for a game which is supposed to stay relevant in the long run. Regarding relevant games with longevity, most of them are fairly simple. Chess, football, baseball, tennis, essentially any game which isn't digital and is popular in the mainstream is fairly simple, i have no idea why this has to be any different because we switched to a digital medium. Tennis is really just hitting a ball over a net and people still dedicate their lives to that. This comes to mind every time i read about people thinking the game is too linear.
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    nice work lysoo ! thx for sharing !
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    Waiting for the right event to do that kind of filming at the moment however we do have a new video...
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    Okay, I'm going to lock this thread. It's spiraled into another argument. You guys need to quell your beef. Seriously. It's starting to make certain threads AIDS to read. I'm going to start warning people for being inconsiderate and disrespectful to others. You think people coming onto these forums want to see this, it makes both you and us look bad. Also you just hijacked a persons thread to have your argument in whilst he was talking about his own issues. Not cool guys. If you want to argue about these things then start a discord server called ESL vs Faceit and do it in there lol! You're all entitled to your opinion but ya'll saying this whilst hating on each other for their opinion. Some people think ESL is shit because they've probably had bad experiences with them. You might not have had that experience so just be a bit more understanding and stop the groaning please. If more and more posts start descending into mud slinging then I'm going to have to start warning and banning people because this isn't a place for that. Be happy. Ya'll love the same games so you have that in common. Talk sh*t to each other about other stuff in your own time lol! Tuna
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    For similar speed, movement, bomb-planting etc., you could try Dirty Bomb, created by SplashDamage, Jmaes:
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    One team will have to defend a house are or something inside and are allowed to have shotguns and submachine guns and are not allowed to go outside .The attackers have to kill all the defenders to win and have snipers,assault rifles and machine guns.The defenders have to survive till time runs out
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    Haha yes Can't wait to test the game and meet you all boys! C U all on the discord in 10 days.
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    yep, that is the only thing I have said in this thread.
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    You seem to be a part of the minority in this case, You've been saying the same thing over and over again. Hence why you are being downvoted by people
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    how can i Play the game?
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    Again, i have to say it yet again: I don't have any problems with skins, what i have problems with is flashy skins placed in a game placed in 1944
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    Of course i'm saying the same thing over and over again because a lot of the people here seems to think that i don't want skins in the game.