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    reducing the conversation to personal insults and provocative remarks is juvenile, unproductive and overshadows any valid points you're trying to make.
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    Just wanted to take the time and thank you guys for your great work on this game so far. everything i have seen brings me back to the old days when i played competitive cod1/2/4. im super hyped for this and havent been like this for any game recently and wanted to just thank the devs. Also is it possible to donate to you guys at all still? i have just recently heard of this and it seems im late for humble / kickstarter. im not asking for a key, if there is a one than thats just an added bonus, but id like to really support this game. once again thank you
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    Skins = money = continuous development of the game after release. Would you prefer no skins, have a game and then it will basically die out because there is money being made to support continuous development? Also as seen in CS:GO, Skins, stickers etc support competitive tournament prizepools which attracts great attention to the game (think of viewers, but also sponsors).
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    It is good that this game will be competitive. I don't really care what will it be (ESL, FaceIt or even some sort of Clanbase equivalent) as long as we get back into competitive arena I am IN. I was missing for a stuff like that since my last Cod4 pcw match
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    Today the first Alpha play-test will start
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    Devs change their mind about flashy skin to make more money to be able to support the game longer and they are experimenting them. It is a fact. What is true is : we don't know what looks like these skins. So jonas has right to be upset and make his voice heard even if this thread is going round and round in circles. (as an other one) Pros have their position, cons have theirs. I think now DEVs knows that.
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    nothing @jonas01 said was insulting or provocative to another person. complaining is his right, and never justifies a personal attack, just as much as your right to reply in a constructive way. if you don't like him complaining don't read it.
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    Welcome @mbk & @Bee Spread the word of Battalion
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    i can see the point @jonas01 is trying to make here so let me explain from the perspective of my own personal experience with the development of Bat44. when i saw the KS and backed this game it immediately hooked me in because words used many times were "authenticity", "realistic environments", "competitive maps", "authentic...world war 2 experience", "classic competitive shooters", "classic multiplayer fps", "cod2". (they said the word cod2 3 times which was more than any other game). skins were never mentioned, only "gun engraving", "custom clan insignias", "uniform customization", "realistic art style". but they did say what would NOT be in the game. namely, "game breaking advantages"...... all the words i used above are undeniable fact taken directly from the KS launch material. at that time -when the KS first launched- these words conjured images in my head of saving private ryan type visuals. ie, images closer to the realistic portrayal of war. so, i can see why people who were expecting a more authentic, realistic game are disappointed. however, what bulkhead meant by authentic was an authentic cod2/4 experience and not an authentic WW2 experience. there is enough of a grey area between these two things for all of us to interpret what was said in the KS into the images we conjured in our heads but we as players are more responsible for what those words conjured in our heads than the devs or anyone else in this forum. i think the KS material was so brilliantly worded, to rule nothing out, that it pulled in players from all parts of the FPS spectrum and in the final analysis, the only thing the devs said would NOT be in the game is "game breaking advantages". authentic skins, crazy skins, any sort of skin, is not game breaking.
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    Look, I will just say this as everyone is going round and round in circles. They have what, a dozen or less developers. If you were in charge of the development team, and you could decide the work to be done, would you prefer to make a really good game, or a game of two halves? That is what would happen, you would have two communities forming. That in itself would be fine, but the two sections would not be ever be able to be as polished as one getting all the attention which is what will happen. As I said before, if this team had 30 members on it, then sure. They could potentially do it. But they don't. To feasibly create the game they want, as that is all this is, their dream, they need to be able to put in everything they can in terms of man power. They have their goal. Sorry to say it but you cannot suddenly change the course of development. They have been making this game for a year or more now, and to suddenly add another emphasis would be too much. You need to accept it will either need to be modded in, or wait for another game.
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    If Battalion 1944 ended up going in a realism direction then I wouldn't be here because I have no interest in playing something like that. Same reason I haven't touched Day of Infamy, ARMA ,Squad, Red Orchestra, or any of the recent Battlefield / Call of Duty games. If I'm not interested in the core gameplay then I don't bother with it. But that doesn't mean a game like that or any of the aforementioned games can't have a competitive community behind them. Like I said, there isn't just one big "competitive community" roaming around searching for the next FPS game. Competitive communities form around games because people want to prove they are better than others and enjoy the competitive nature of playing against other people. This means playing the games how they were designed to be played, not enforcing arbitrary rules like defense zones or can't shoot hipfire because that's the rules Johnny came up with for his server and realism mode. If the base game had all of the realism mode features and a competitive community formed around it, I don't see any problem with that. Battalion 1944 is targeting the competitive CoD1/2/4 PC community that hasn't had a new game to play in a very long time. That is their target audience, not realism mod DoD players. Battalion 1944 has been thoroughly documented as heavily inspired by CoD - particularly CoD4 Promod's movement system and CoD2 design/weaponry. It's not a realistic game and was never intended to be. It's being created as a fast paced arcade shooter. Removing things like strafe jumping, hipfire, and making it a more tactical game just goes in the completely opposite direction of what Bulkhead is trying to make. If you want to mod it to be that, no one is stopping you. I just still don't understand why you wouldn't start with something like Red Orchestra or Day of Infamy which have features that you're looking for in the base game already. Plus they're already out so you can start modding them right away.
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    Not many clips of the game out yet but found this where you see the M1 but it's pre alpha video and does not show much...
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    Authentic as in authentic oldschool ww2 fps, it refers to gameplay. Also why the heck do you get hung up on a single word, words only have meaning when you pay attention to the context. What is this sentence even supposed to mean? I didn't claim they were the same, there is a greater than symbol between the two, indicating that one has priority over the other. There hasn't been a competitive ww2 themed game since 2005, skins haven't been around for particularly long and just because something hasn't been done yet in a ww2 themed game doesn't mean that it shouldn't be done.
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    every time when DEVS says "update coming soon" i feel like
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    Honestly the fast movement is a lot of what we saw in the classic cod games, like cod1 and 2. That being said as we saw in call of duty 1.1 they had a lot of bouncing, which made you basically fly really fast with continuous jumping. In later versions they took this feature out and a new mod was created to include sprint. My guess is that Battalion 1944 will not be this broken, but I do hope that there is some sort of "brokeness" in the game. Game's that are too limited are boring. Take the new cod games, you can fly around and climb on walls, but everything is blocked off and the map is too limited. Hopefully it's not that broken, but I do hope that it is faster paced, and not too slow.
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    Bounces won't be in, what has been replicated is the strafe acceleration. I see no reason for a rocketlauncher to be in this game, so that shouldn't be a concern either.
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    I know. CSGO is a modern day shooter. Well Joe said it on Twitter, and in the interview on YouTube. I find this quite interesting: Intense & balanced infantry combat. Our designers have scoured hundreds of multiplayer shooters to design the best fitting formula for a well balanced WW2 first person shooter. The excitement in Battalion lies in the down the barrel experience. Bulkhead said this during the KS. Then why didn't they inform us better of the changed plans for the development? And it's well worth to say that i think 10 000 people on KS paid for the KS
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    I can't deal with the mp40 having the incorrect iron sight , ive been told this is to help with visibility but yet the Thompson has the correct iron sight and that gun covers the most of the screen .. So why have every other gun correctly positioned and not the mp40.. What at I suggest is line up the mp40 but widen the field of view while aiming ... It's currently too close to the screen same goes for Thompson . i know it's a silly thing to complain about but I don't think I can play it like this ...
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    I really hope the maps are big 5vs5 is too small.
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    Then why did they say authentic ww2 fps? A big difference between historical accuracy and gameplay + longevity. Have you ever seen a game placed in ww2 that has flashy skins?
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    In all honesty, how many of you would be actually complaining if a game just like BAT44 was going through this a year ago. Same movement, same strafing, same weapon mechanics, but it was aimed at realism arcade instead so it had realism based gamemodes and not team deathmatch. It had medics instead of self heal or time heal. It had weapon jam/drop instead of well...nothing. What would you be saying? "We have not had a truly competitive game in ages, you are so close to it, why not make a comp mode for it". Granted I know, it would be easier to remove than create, I get that. But just remember, I and us fellow realism guys are from the same communities you guys come from. Same games we grew up on and same reasons we are here and in DOW if they ever get some big updates completed. I can't speak for the COD community because I was never really involved in it, but the realism community in DODS easily made up 20-30% of it. But someone mentioned DOD realism never being popular because we did not run 24/7 realism mode. Sure, the game mode may not had been played 24/7. However, the server default (out of realism mode) had a realism elements that ran 24/7 in our regular play not found on normal servers. We had medics or self heal, different weapon and ammo loadouts, different health levels and some servers even had bleed out. It was not just the game mode that made realism servers popular. Another reason we did not play the game mode 24/7. The script was not perfect. It still required LOTS of administration and headaches dealing with rule breakers (hence the reason it would be preferable for the Devs to work on it instead of a modder). There was no way to force a player to not Rambo as defense was setting up or ghost when dead. Then having to explain he rules to a new join...it grows tiresome after a while. It would be a much different scenario if on the main title screen you can specifically choose what game mode you would like to browse servers for. Deathmatch, S&D, Realism, Gun Game, etc. And again, I am not complaining. Even if a dev resonds and says they will add it, I could care less if it was added dead last or even post release. It is not my goal to see BAT44 change it's core gameplay. If all they want to cater to is one part of these old games communities then fine, Days of War already shows interest so it is not a complete loss and maybe the modding tools can give a modder enough to be able to make a realism script that can be better than what we where forced to have to use in old games. But I for one see a segment of these old shooters who will be instantly drawn to the game and feel like they belong, something we often had conflicts with in our old games with people saying we should go be in other games constantly.
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    Until a developer responds it is hard to assume what their work load is that they can handle. I seriously doubt they did not plan/budget unexpected development. They may hold off answering until after Alpha release to judge how far they have made it and where they are on schedule. I think I saw somewhere that one map alone has been thrown away and retried three times (DDay one). So they clearly do not have a very strict policy and instead are willing to throw it all away to start over from scratch which would entail they budgeted for this. So until they can probably judge where exactly they are they may not be able to answer this request right away. Or they could respond the first second they see this is being requested and state that they will not be doing it. But hopefully at the very least server variables they may not have thought of before can now be considered to help us realism folk (and other popular mods/game modes of old) can be easily implemented without the need for much modding work.
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    If this game only offers 5v5 search and destroy gamemode then I'm not buying. I'll stick to AAPG or insur--cy. Old ww2 games, such as medal of honor allied assault, had 12v12s.
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    I understand that skins will help to improve the game and improve the economic income for the game, BUT why can't you use the same skin system like Battlefield 1? They look good and are authentic. Why just why shall you have flashy skins in a game placed during 1944 ...
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    ESL sucks. They need to convince FaceIt.
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    In my opinion it looks way too fast and gimicky. All the bunny hops and jumps make me feel uneasy. Hopefully it gets toned down for release. Also the recoil and especially the hipfire spread seem WAY too low. Hopefully these get tweaked for release as well.
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    lol all the hate again. ESL= just a ladder system, bad website, not very user friendly, better have "team matchmaking" build into the game, no REAL need for ESL to be involved, maybe accepts for tournaments, you need to rent your own server, you need to install ESL config on it, esl has a bad reputation FaceIt = kind of like match making, you can win daily prices, they do team tournaments, you connect from the webbrowser to their own servers, good AC (ESL wire is not good), recent updates, no need to install your own config on the server, you don't need your own game server, you just connect and play, everything is automatic (team switches, round calling, etc,),...... It's just the modern type of clanbase.com.
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    Realistic shooters are neither intense nor balanced ... Devs will not change the game beacuse you want it to be different. People want it to be fast paced competitive game with skins, not another shitty mil-sim. If you're not satisfied just sell your key and stop crying like a baby please.
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    What will the ESRB rating be? Please try and make it T!!! I don't like M games...