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    Hey guys As you have probably seen we have made the personal reputation counter visible on your profiles. We have done this to encourage constructive and interesting posts whilst limiting argumentative or derogatory comments. We felt there has been little repercussions for these actions in the past so now you will have your rep public for everyone else to see! Consider the toxicity or the relevance of your post before you post it and rise up the upvote leader board. We are considering resetting the rep and allowing it to start from now but we may just leave it how it is. Enjoy!
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    Said the guy who want to see so much features from CSGO and would like a CSGO WW2 mod ! For your information, COD2 and COD4 were not console port. Now, I read -124 ! He is growing up but in the wrong side.
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    I can see why your ''forum reputation'' is currently at -116 LOL. In a fast-paced game like COD, like Battalion, having inventory nades slows things down and makes things clunky. In these games I want to be able to throw my grenade as fast as possible, 1 click of a button. I don't want to pull out my nade, wait for the animation to finish and THEN throw it. It slows me down, which is not what I want in fast-paced games. CS:GO is a much much slower game for example and it still feels clunky to me there. Also, please stop acting like a 12 year old every time someone disagrees with you, grow up man. (Unless you are actually 12 or have some sort of disorder, then I apologize, friend).
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    Yes you are clearly very good in discussions and open to other peoples opinions, as demonstrated by the screenshot attached to this post
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    Okay, so you paid $70 for the Full Game + Early Access + Beta + Alpha. We aren't a huge team. We don't have hundreds of programmers and employees to catalog bugs and report them. We can't push builds and remodel things within the hour. We need a little more time to work on these things, just a little though We will have a post explaining how the Alpha is going to work soon so keep an eye out for that The Alpha will stretch across multiple weekends from Friday to Saturday. You'll have three full days of play over the weekend and a hard focussed time for you to report bugs. Instead of a few hours a night midweek. Then that will give us 4 days (mon, tues, wed, thurs) to implement changes and push a build for the next weekend. I am sure it will go fast don't worry!
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    Once again ToonBe you are against an idea without providing a valuable reason as to why and attacking a certain group of people. Can you please just explain as to why you disagree with something(because its retarded is not a valuable reason) and stop attacking people while you are at it.
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    Have you ever actually thrown nades in a scrim or otherwise competitive match in CoD2/4 @ToonBE?
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    does this mean there is a confirmed situation where there won't be a selection for a grenade but a click/throw button for the grenades? I mean of course we will find out what it is in the alpha and those who already played know....but it would be interesting to talk about. Ok...ToonBE...amma try to help you here....people have given up on you m8 and i really don't want to see people just egg you on just to get you pissed. Some people are asking you genuine questions and you are overreacting to almost every one of them. What is marked in RED is the wrong thing you are saying. What is marked in BLUE is the right thing to think about. What is marked in GREEN is absolutely neutral and valued in the forums. You have your own personal feelings and i agree with you that you should share them but it is HOW you share them that counts. @xXclusiivE used to blow up on the forums quite a bit but he has done a great job and is, always was, a valued member here on the forum. Even with your reputation being in the negative i value your opinions and i see through the outbursts. Your points are valid but they are highly personal. That isn't something you can bring into a valid argument. You must EXCLUDE your feelings or say that you are voicing your own opinion and if you are voicing your opinion on something you CANNOT react the way you do if someone disagrees. Take 10-15 seconds and think about it, don't act on impulse and post a hate message just because someone didn't agree. Please, just keep it neutral and civil There was a person who was purely "competitive" and attacked every neutral post i made or anything that was opposite what that person "thought". I messaged them it was official that they would stick to their own opinions that were strictly to the competitive side of the game. So fine, no problemo. I am probably known here on the forums as the "Devils Advocate" because i like to play both sides of a conversation or, in reality, w/e side is losing i go on it and try to defend it to get a conversation of WHY the winning side is winning i got a few down votes for it, but its ok....worth it! But this IS NOT what you are doing. So in conclusion, you have valid opinions but you cannot react to people disagreeing with your opinions. Bring more fact than feelings in your posts.
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    Envy is your second name, lol I recognize FrosteR from promod pro-scene and i'm sure i'm not the only one. Does anyone recognize your name? Are you experienced enough to question simple and good mechanics from cod series such as grenade throwing, weapon switching etc.? People collect many things: post stamps, cards, weapon replicas, old cars even. All you collect are downvotes on BAT44 forums
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    What Soldat Said ^ Probably can't Host a LAN during Alpha sorry!
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    as far as i can tell, most armies around the world have a service number system. aussies called it a service number. canadians had a regimental number. nazis had a membership number. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_number it's a tiny detail but how easy would it be to give each player a unique service number? maybe the first 100 numbers could be allocated to the dev team.
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    I don't see a reason why you wouldn't let players play online however much they want and only release updates when you want (probably for weekends). More playtime equals, at least in theory, more bugs discovered. Is there something I`m missing?
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    found this interesting pic which got me thinking about someone's suggestion of putting team logos on gloves for competitive matches.
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    This could also be a fantastic way to reward early kickstarter backers / alpha testers and so on. Unique low digit service numbers or somthing similiar
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    Yeah, not trying to take anything away from them, just want them to keep going
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    not cherry picking. earlier, you stated the mechanic was flawed without explaining why so i had no way to rationalize your statement and comment until now. if i thought your argument was valid i'd agree but it's not.
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    That is not false, you earn a +1 for this !!
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    This is a poll that @ZeakQ tried to make but since he is new to the forums he didn't know how to make a poll. Community Manager please merge his topic into this
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    I don't want to see him get banned I just want constructive criticism..
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    @ZeakQ ill create it for you and ill ask the community manager to merge topics
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    this is a nice update people get to see who is "trusted" and who likes to more or less troll
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    He already got one warning from the mods so it wont be long until he is banned if he keeps this up..
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    Nah, looks good to me All time low
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    I just had to check ToonBE right away...
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    Just a little question @ToonBE, how come you have so many ideas on a competitive side if you are just a casual player ? No offense to casual players but I mean it's like you despising everyone who disagree with you because only YOU have the CORRECT idea... I'm just trying to figure out why, I hope you understand. Anyway, back to the topic, I'm fine with how it was on CoD2/CoD4: one button for nades/smokes and one button to switch weapons. Clear and simple.
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    Sounds like someone is jealous that I got paid to play games and won some money. Meanwhile you are stuck at Legendary Eagle Master in CS:GO matchmaking and crying on forums... hmmm Also I'm pretty sure you get downvoted because all you post is either immature stuff or suggesting the devs to create a WW2 mod for CS:GO. Because if it isn't in CS:GO it must be shit.
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    @[CM] BigTuna, as we are on idea to improve the forum i add this too : Plzzz add a timer to merge posts from the same member when he posts several times in the same thread. (I have submited the idea few monthes ago too) Ex with pictures : Here the guy posts twice in the same time with 2 differents quotes but instead to create only one post, he did 2 posts (not his fault, he may be don't know how to use IPS features) : With "automatic merge" and a timer set on 1hour for exemple the result will be like that : 1 post create after "automatic merge". Currently with my rights i m able to merge them but it will be better if it was automatic. In ACP : System -->Settings ---> Posting ---> "general" tab --> posting --> then select a timer in "Merge concurrent posts"
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    @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[CM] BigTuna @[DEV] KingHoward any ideas? @RAFF no idea....lets see
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    this tbh.. I just want a higher-risk higher-reward version of the deag from cod4
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    That cod2 rifles mod on COD4 was amazing, don't shit on a game when you havent played it yet. You're basing it off some footage that has already been proved as a bit faster paced & easy compared to the actual game (due to POV's experience in the game compared to other devs). Honestly, play the Alpha & Beta first before you start crying - please. I can tell you 100% that this game is what A LOT of people want AND need. CS:GO lacks quality fun movement & Overwatch just doesn't cater to individual skill as opposed to COD4 Promod. This is what the majority of players want, everyone from the COD competitive community in AUS / NZ will back it and Europe was HUGE at peak for COD4 Promod. The devs have the formula sorted now they just need great execution which I believe will happen. I hope this game becomes HUGE & POPULAR as it is what FPS should be - fun, quality enjoyable movement, skill-based aim and quality competitive play. If what I've mentioned above is not for you, maybe this game just might not be for you.
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    Nice way to introduce your self on these forums Think you should try the game before you trashtalk it... Welcome btw
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    Gotcha! I was wondering if that was the case or not. Shame, I was ready to throw money at the devs haha. And thanks for the welcome!
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    Really, really old efforts: The Last Stand Measure The Time Some compilations: POLISH MIX #1 POLISH MIX #2 THE MEMORIES And more fun stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_b-VEWnZOI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA_2xg-aqUQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXKq9WY-87U
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    I hope that b:44 will have demo/system/commands etc. for movie making I'm very big fan and producer of these movies. #CAN'Twait
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    Hey guys. Check out our post on Rezzed, the footage we released and the updates we are making!
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    Much love <3 Comments like this keep us going
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    I Think a lot of us saw the video and combined this with what they hoped for. After Some time people remind a mix of both
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    Hey guys, Just got back to our Airbnb after the busy 1st full day at the event and my feet are killing, so just dropping in to read through all these posts. Some great feedback/comments from you guys with only a few namecalls earlier in the thread so we're going pretty good so far! As a heads up, the next few days will be pretty hectic for us and myself Joe and Tuna will be swamped, so just letting you know at some point next week I'll write up a summary post with some reactions from us about the feedback etc. It really is useful for us to hear what you like and dislike about the game, I know some things are down to actual game feel so if you're unlucky to not be at EGX there are certain things you just can't get from the gameplay footage just yet but Alpha is just around the corner. Everyone who has played so far has got that the game is in pre-alpha, super WIP. But the key thing is that we have the base that we can build upon with polish, bug fixes and more content. In general, development is still early but we're at the point where it's all coming together, so we can get more 'smaller' dev updates out to you guys and get everyone more involved than ever before. Thanks for you patience these last few months, you guys have been awesome. Anyway, need to get some sleep. If anyone is heading down to EGX Tomorrow/Saturday, make sure to come early, queues can get long! - Howard
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    didn't feel as fast as cod4 to me and sprint felt shorter. it definitely didn't feel faster than cod4 and nowhere near 1.5x faster.
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    COD2 had no sprint therefore the movement and strafe was slower, play some COD4 promod and you see the similarities a lot more
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    ToonBe have been warn yet and reported to the admins (once again) So calm down and back to the thread. Thank you.
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    calling a mechanic flawed because a player can 'accidently' throw a nade is a very weak argument for changing it. the mechanic isn't flawed, it's the player's action that's flawed and no mechanic should be created to mitigate accidents.
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    Hey Duke, well I try to explain but everything that is not "cod-like" is often just ignored or hate upon. Why hot key is not the right option: -it means you only have 1 type of throw, you press button "x" and a nade is thrown. However, in some situations you want to regulate the distance in which you want the nade to travel (short, medium, long range). In a system where a nade is an inventory item you can left click mouse for long throw, right click for short (pop flashes etc..) and left+right at the same time for medium. -it is cluncky in set up situations where you need to coordinate an attack to a bomb site with f.e. smokes. -accidently pressing a key might lose you a very valuable piece of utility -using nades become one dimensional, f.e. flashes, mollies and smokes are all thrown in different ways which require different distance throws -etc... Let the downvoting begin, because it does not resemble cod2 or 4!
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    They allow us to play offline, but not online during the week.. therefore, your argument is mostly not valid..
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    It's even more clunky to scroll to the grenade and then throw it, also while standing there exposed with no means to defend yourself with. The CoD 2/4/Promod way of throwing grenades is more streamlined and I think the majority of the community actually prefer it. Bulkhead said that they wanted to create an old-school fps. Most games back then used CoDs style of handling grenades..
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