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    Hey guys As you have probably seen we have made the personal reputation counter visible on your profiles. We have done this to encourage constructive and interesting posts whilst limiting argumentative or derogatory comments. We felt there has been little repercussions for these actions in the past so now you will have your rep public for everyone else to see! Consider the toxicity or the relevance of your post before you post it and rise up the upvote leader board. We are considering resetting the rep and allowing it to start from now but we may just leave it how it is. Enjoy!
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    as far as i can tell, most armies around the world have a service number system. aussies called it a service number. canadians had a regimental number. nazis had a membership number. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_number it's a tiny detail but how easy would it be to give each player a unique service number? maybe the first 100 numbers could be allocated to the dev team.
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    I don't see a reason why you wouldn't let players play online however much they want and only release updates when you want (probably for weekends). More playtime equals, at least in theory, more bugs discovered. Is there something I`m missing?
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    found this interesting pic which got me thinking about someone's suggestion of putting team logos on gloves for competitive matches.