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    SD is only viable option that will make 1944 competitive against other fps shooters. Overwatch is a class based shooter and hardly comparable. the only 'okay' game type is escort. That wouldn't work in a game like this at all. The other game types are loathed by the competitive community. And to be honest i find watching over watch incredibly boring due to the game type. i hate CS with a passion but its much better to watch. Other game types can be fun for casual like CTF . HQ etc but not for competitive. those game types are not as fun to watch or cast. The dev's have their head screwed on. They know if they create a competitive free movement,SD game mode, bullet goes where you aim shooter, match making support and micro transaction skin system. They are going to tap into a huge disenfranchised market.
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    Please don't bring PC vs Xbox vs PS4 debate to this forum, its just stupid. Are console versions being neglected? Compared to PC? Yes.... because we're working on the PC version right now and I absolutely refuse to rush to deliver a sub par video game we said on the kickstarter we would deliver a game that felt 'hand crafted'.. and that will take time, but this doesn't mean its ignored AT ALL. I have a lot of meetings with platform holders trying to get the best deal for console gamers on Battalion- straight up transparency; Xbox are more keen to work with us than PS4 as Sony have a focus on VR at the moment. But we aren't going to "port" Battalion to consoles. Consoles are totally different to PC, from a player psychology point of view, technical, and design. Instead we're going to take what we have and redesign it for console (don't worry, it's no more or less work than porting). But this may mean a different focus on gamemodes, maybe even unique game modes for console. But I still today don't understand why developers and publishers insist in porting and copying games to different platforms despite having totally different audiences. The best example I can give is as follows: The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is an excellent Swedish film; except you have to turn on subtitles to watch it in English. It's also lower budget than what English speaking films are used to and some of the jokes/quirky parts of 'Lisbeth Salander' don't come across. The US/UK adaptation with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara follows almost exactly the same story line, but with a much more cinematic approach, English speaking, with English/American humour and ultimately a much stronger focus on the films shot by shot visual quality. That's the best way can think to describe it, I hope that helps. I just don't understand why companies feel the need to port the exact same content over (in FPS games mostly) when they're massively different.. Do you realise how few PC players play Team Deathmatch? But its by far the biggest gamemode on console!? Just interesting^ Joe
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    "FPS game since very new, both on the console and PC. I will indicate the games I played more or less in chronological order and on which platform and at what level they were played.Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (PC / Casual)CS 1.6 (PC / Casual)COD 4 (PC / PS3) / Casual)COD MW2 (PS3 / Casual)COD BO1 (PS3 / High)COD MW3 (XBOX360 / High)COD BO2 (XBOX360 / High)CS GO (PC / Casual)OverWatch (PC / Casual)" I made the effort to clean up your competitive gaming credentials. "MW3 and BO2 were no longer games that I enjoyed playing so much due to many changes in the competitive rules that made the game less and less skill based and the games themselves, and I ended up not playing." Competitive ruleset aside there were a myriad of problems with titles going past COD 4 *cough* mod tools "I never had as much fun playing a game as BO1 in PS3 competitive mode. The game was competitively played with Decerto rules: S&D, CTF and Demolition game modes, several restricted weapons, only frag and flash, and a very skill-based individual game and teamwork, games were played 4vs4." I sincerely hope you don't expect a similar experience to competitive BO1 on the PS3. "I liked to see more variety in competitive mode, as for example in overwatch we have escort and dominion." There are actually 4 game modes in Overwatch -Escort, Assault, Hybrid, and Control- except that Escort/Hybrid are the only modes people like competitively (Hybrid is only technically a separate game mode because it has one assault point before becoming fully Escort) Assault is loathed by the competitive community, and Control is tolerated as a form of tiebreaker. Another thing you're missing is that the Overwatch team push for the map pools any tournaments hosted. "I think 30 rounds like in CS is very boring, there are many rounds, fewer rounds and other game modes like CTF I think they were a good option and would bring something different." Unfortunately what you think is boring is not the consensus amongst the majority of players! Even if I didn't 'fix' your gaming cred above, you'll notice that the two games that Battalion 1944 is modelled after is COD 2 (which you never played competitively), or COD4 Promod (which you also never played competitively). Remember how I said that the Overwatch team pushes for the map pools at tournaments? The community never really had a chance to figure out what they wanted out of Overwatch because it isn't an organically grown scene. When I was 11 years old playing MOH:AA, did you know what the most popular multiplayer servers were by far? Freeze-tag objective. When I transitioned into COD1, did you know what the most popular multiplayer server were by far? S&D. COD2? S&D. CS 1.6? S&D. COD4? S&D, and I could go on. What you're failing to understand is that S&D is not some arbitrary pick by the Bulkhead Developers about what game mode Bat44 will be developed in mind for, it's something the community has stood behind for over a decade. Way before companies took real interest in LAN tournaments, through sheer competitive drive and passion for the game, everyone played S&D as the true and primary game mode for competitive play. Saying you think it would be more fun or better to bring in something different, shows true ignorance about where the pulse of the people are on this. " A competing game with several game modes is more fun for players to play and for those who are watching." According to who, you? Let's have a look at the most popular esports in the world as it stands. LOL - 1 game mode Dota 2 - 1 game mode CS:GO - 1 game mode Literally all fighting games - 1 game mode SC:BW - unchanged for over a decade and arguably the most popular esport in S.Korea - 1 game mode SC2 - 1 game mode WOW Arena Tournaments 3v3 - 1 game mode again I could just go on. Look I have no problem if you want to come in and just state, look I think that personally this would be more fun, nobody can argue with that, that's your opinion and maybe people could persuade you with their own anecdotes why. But every point so far you have brought up to reinforce your belief and reasoning has been so so so so wrong. "When I say several, I do not say 5 or 6 but 3 would be the ideial, S&D and CTF for me are the best modes and then we have demolition or dominion as 3rd option, or a new game mode that seemed to me that Joe mentioned in the interview ." Maybe you'd like to elaborate on the arbitrary number of game modes a title should have, or are you just spit-balling ideas mid post? This doesn't seem very well thought out. "I am creating this topic because I have already seen in this forum a player that played at that time with the Decerto rules certainly to be enthusiastic about the game, and so we could gather here and give our opinion about the game and transmit some feedback that would be positive for the development of the game." If anything that you said was ever implemented it would not be a positive development for the game. Other game modes had tens of years to compete as a viable competitive game mode out of the realm of external influence, and the free market of ideas has indicated the entire time that having a singular game mode for people to compete around is best. "S&D, will always have to be one of the main game modes" Change this to the primary competitive game mode and you'd be set.
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    hearing @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON describe the economy in Bat44 in the interview with @DustMouret got me thinking about how to minimize trolling when playing with randoms. maybe, each round, a different player gets first pick from the stack. so, if there's 5 players on a team player 1 gets first pick, then player 2, then 3 and so on. then, in round 2 player 2 gets first pick player 3 gets second pick and so on. a time limit could be applied to each pick so if player 1 doesn't pick within 10 seconds he misses his turn until the other players have picked so he has a smaller stack to pick from. it then becomes a game within a game but a game with very simple rules but requires all players to be constantly analysing the game and making quick decisions even in what is usually downtime between rounds. it also makes players mix up their playstyles more which keeps the game fresh.
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    Hey folks! So I did a rather lengthy interview with Joe Brammer about all things related to Battalion 1944. Included in the interview are a lot of details that were not previously known. While it is rather long, I feel this interview tells you everything you can know up to this point about Battalion 1944 that the devs are willing to have known publicly at this time. I have time stamped the interview so you can skip things you don't care about and focus on topics that are of particular interest to you. Thanks and enjoy the interview! You can also share it on Twitter if you want:
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    Well this could be debated to the opposite end, a skillfull player will have a deeper set of capabiliteis to deal with the disadvantage. Yes, it potenttialy means you can't rush before a few set nades, and need to play a round more defensive. Though luck, you shouldn't have lost the round before, and maybe you should go for a second sniper to balance the disadvantage out. Also thinkin long term, this system should potenttialy increase the skill gap of bad players and good ones. The good ones have strats for all kinds of different situations (when on the advantage, or disadvantage). This could lead to some very interesting in-game strategy meta changes witouh ever needing to add weapons / maps as the very best teams counter each others habits. The amount of advantage could be too much or too little with 1 second spawn delays, hard to know before playing the maps. But I think this is a great idea to incorporate some kind of punishment to reckless play, and reward those who prevail. Also this keeps the best of 2 worlds, the cod clutch round to round gameplay, with a deep underlying metagame like CS has with its economy system, yet without boring saving in corners for 30 last seconds of the round.
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    I dont like the idea overall, its such an advantage even 1 second, it should be about skill which this is not.
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    They closed the store march 31th. You are 15 days too late mate. Sry but welcome to the forum.
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    It is closed. You can't buy it anymore. You have to wait until EA stage.
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    The second footage is so old and you are still using it for comparison, kinda ridiculous. I understand that graphics these days play a very important role in the success of a game, i belive thats a big reason why CS:GO got so popular but the game isnt even in Closed-Alpha right now and there is more important things to focus on, i wouldnt worry so much about it.
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    Just to talk about the 2 "bad" things he said during the interview: 1) I don't think this game will destroy the others old-school shooter like CoD1, CoD2 etc... CS 1.6 / CSS is still alive even with CS:GO. Same for StarCraft 1 / StarCraft 2. It will decrease people playing the game for sure but I bet those games will just be active forever. 2) I don't really understand what is the problem with Joe competing in his own game... I actually would be glad to compete against him... You create it, you love it then goddamn play it haha
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    "We are completely on different pages in the concept of what we call competitive games, what we just did was put all the biggest titles of e-sports." ANYTHING can be a competitive game, let's have a contest of who can shoot up the most heroin and you'd have a competitive game, so OF COURSE we're talking in the context of large esport titles. "You can not compare the number of e-sport players nowadays with the past." You can compare it, because that's what comparisons are. We have many more people in the competitive gaming pool than we did in the past. "Not completely aware of the COD competition on consoles, especially on the XBOX, which was the main console at the time, can not be compared to the PC ." Reading comprehension is terrible with people on the site, what's up with that, you just read the gist of what you want and argue something I've already covered. You say yourself ' I think 30 rounds like in CS is very boring, there are many rounds, fewer rounds and other game modes like CTF I think they were a good option and would bring something different.' literally comparing CS to other game modes from your console experience. But as soon as I draw comparisons to successful esport titles you say 'oh well you can't compare them, it's just good' ignoring how ridiculous that assertion is, you do realise that it goes both ways right? I mean it's full of shit, but if that's the argument you're going to use, I or anybody else could just tell you they can't be compared. "but it is still good and competitive, not because it does not have millions of players at the time that it is still not competitive" So if you're Bulkhead what do you think you're going to do, look at the history of PC FPS games and go 'Hmm, over a decade of community play and opinion refinement has indicated that S&D is far and away the best game mode for competitive play, looking at other esport titles indicates that a single game mode is an essential component to their success.' or do you go 'You know this guy on our forums told us how Xbox COD had this cool system where they played other game modes competitively as well, what's that? It wasn't a fraction as popular as it's PC counterpart? No, I'm sure it's fine, let's go ahead with it. No look even though literally every other popular competitive game of the modern era has a single primary game mode, I'm sure this guy has the answer to improve the game beyond what we or the community could have thought of in the last decade' I already said it earlier but since you seem to have a hard time comprehending I'll repeat it again. BAT44 is bringing COD2 and COD4 Promod to the modern era of competitive gaming, as a esport contender to CS:GO Nobody in their right mind is going to forcibly push the community into playing CTF or Domination or whatever game mode you thought was fun on Console as a primary competitive platform. You can like it, you can want it, but you'd have to be pretty intellectually dishonest or downright stupid to think it's the right move. " It is difficult to explain to those who did not play these games competitively on the console, especially BO1, because the ruleset was good after BO1 just became similar to a public game. That I knew was the only competitive way with 3 game modes within it, and it was what I liked to play, and I played the others that people know and are familiar with, and between the two I think the 1st one would be different and it was The one that gave me the most pleasure to play." The most reasonable thing you've said so far, you liked it good for you!!! "It is not by millions people liking a thing that makes it good, formerly people who played a game in a competitive way was 1% of the community. And today is 5%" I'm going to quote you here from your OP "One of the points I liked least was that the game competively go to S&D, I liked to see more variety in competitive mode" If your argument is not many people play competitively, then why are you trying to go for a push to have other game modes to be included competitively? If you just want CTF to simply exist then we could agree, but what I have an issue with is you trying to tell me that promoting CTF as a competitive mode of play should be a priority or even wanted. I promise you that S&D will be the only serious game mode at LANs, there will be no teams practicing and scrimming for CTF. This 1%, 5% thing is absolute crap. "playing a competitive game is not playing in a ranked system, but when you enter the game, play in scrims, mixs, gamebattles in my time on consoles, one day cups, to train and go to lans. I hope that someone who has walked in those wanderings at the time understands what I mean and that I can better convey what I am trying to convey." Yes I have done those things, I have represented teams, scrimmed, trained and attended lans. "in lans and online tournaments, against the best teams in the game, patronized by the big organizations of today, that you see for this e-sport out. And this well in the beginning of e-sport, in the xbox that even today has much less visibility. A video like example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq7FHAGp1kM, the ruleset played was not this, in the example of this video that the ruleset is the MLG are allowed OP weapons and other things that were not allowed. You can not tell me it's not a competitive game." You know that youtube video succinctly displays why you don't get it. Watching that video gave me virtual cancer, for you to use it as an example that it's a competitive game, or an argument for multiple game modes shows how this game isn't developed with people like you in mind. Activision is still pumping out a new COD every year, I'm sure that those same rulesets you're so fond of are still being played now, so why don't you just go play that then. Everything you're suggesting would move the original vision of bringing COD2/COD4 Promod forward with a modern polish completely backwards. If you can't understand that then you're going to just be completely disappointed when the game releases.
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    Yea I was a bit worried about how they were balancing win bonus by giving the winning team a head start. It seems kinda hard to balance but will see by alpha.
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    @Kizmmit. All right, now I understand. It's all been a joke. Silly me... Though, I suggest you better stop trying to make jokes then, because you ain't funny.
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    6 Weeks fuck! Not sure I can wait that long, too hype
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    Did you see the part where I quoted you and directly responded to each point you tried to present? Did you also see the part where you quote and cherrypick me talking about 'casuals' and 'old people' in a broad sense, when -if you had bothered to read what I wrote- had already told you that 'if you want to stick your head in the sand and say that there's no truth to it at all then I have nothing to say.' and 'despite me thinking there is a large element of truth to it, it's a joke'. This is all the while not even the primary point I was trying to make. I know that you're upset because you're probably a member of the lawn bowls association and take personal offence when I make tongue-in-cheek jokes about the types of people that are making the stupid criticisms I'm responding to. But you don't have to inject yourself into every conversation and defend the honour of the elderly buddy. <insert arthritis medication here>
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    I think the game looks great for alpha stage, the only thing i hated about it is the sprinting just like jcus proposes make the movement speed based on the weapon you hold just like the old COD series and Counter-Strike its the golden formule imo and remove the sprinting mechanic completely think it would be a good compromise for the people who tought the game was too fast and for the people who like fast paced gameplay Maybe someone can make a topic with a poll and bring our thoughts together and let the devs respond to it.
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    Wanted a username that begins with the same letter as my first name, "V". So I just made this nick up when I was 13 years old and been using it ever since
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    It would be awesome to master a map and then try to struggle against the enemy's home map. People tended to get a little scared back in the times when they knew that some team was good in a certain map. That's what I want to feel again too. Not to play 1 map all the time. CoD2 used to have that too, but nowadays it's just 3 maps that everyone plays (Toujane, Burgundy, Dawnville). There could be two different queues for them - people who like to play 1 map and people who likes to play 2 maps. Just my two cents.
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    Are you trolling? World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dota2, CS:GO, ARMA series, Starcraft 2, Civilization series, and battle royale games are all PC exclusive off the top of my head. CoD and BF are dead on PC because they have been garbage console ports for the past decade.
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    I just had to join in on the fun where its PC vs Consoles hahahaha i stopped at PS2, everything seemed so repetitive after that barely got better every version that came out after that....plus a PC is more useful than a console.... As for the game don't worry console peasants....it will come!!!!!
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    Ehh you console guys ruined enough stuff for us pc gamers already. Just stand in line thanks :).
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    when i read competitiv and aim assist (consol) in one sentence 4Head
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    kinda proves kizmmit's point about 'casuals' or 'daddy gamers' with this horrible display of ye olde meme. Like you don't even get the meme game, how are you gonna get the competitive game of 1944`.
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    Hey I do understand that there should be a differentiation from the players who backed during the kickstarter and from those who found out about the game later, however I think that you should not only recognize the players who were there from the start but also those who committed to support the game before an official release. It just seems odd to me paying such a high amount to strictly get access to Alpha and no other benefits or recognition. I will be backing the game nonetheless but simply hoped for more incentive to buy-in to help test during the alpha stages. This whole situation is very unfortunate for anyone who did not find out about the game during the kickstarter period.
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    Thank god the maps are going to be clutterless! Anyone know if there'll be settings similar to promod where you can change clutter and turn off graffiti? kinda similar to the console command mp_drawDecals 1. And I guess that leads me to another question, will be there a console?
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    If we need this kind of rules, the weapon balance is just wrong. Having 3 snipers out of 5 should lose you the round just because you went for 3 snipers.... cod is a bad game to look at when it comes to balancing. Just forget cod. You needed a whole mod to play it competitive in the first place which says enough.
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    I EFFING LOVE THE ECONOMY IDEA! and that's coming from someone who didn't care for it 6 weeks ago.