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    Hello, I’d like to first like to introduce myself and provide a little context for my intentions/biases. My alias is Tiptup, however many cod-vets may remember me as kodiak (GameWyze, Nefarious, The Final Stand, DeM, etc). I played Cod1 and 4 at the invite/pro level. My hope is that Battalion becomes a very popular niche esport. I am one of the supporters that recognize the purpose of this project is not to create a realistic WW2 shooter. The developers’ goal to my understanding is to take inspiration from cod2 and cod4 promod with elements of CS match-making and create a classic competitive shooter. I am hyped and the gameplay footage has only intensified that. To the point: BAT44 is not the first project to attempt to revive the gameplay of a classic competitive game (see. Toxikk, Reflex, Battlerite, Days of War, etc). In my opinion, many of these games have fallen flat because they focused entirely too much on mimicking these games. BAT44 will not succeed if it’s simply cod with matchmaking. BAT44 can certainly take inspiration from cod but at the end of the day it must absolutely forge its own identity and be a great game on its own merits. One example of BAT44 attempting to add their own flavor to the game is this potential Reinforcement feature in Search & Destroy. I love the idea! It would add incredible depth to the game and make each round unique. After hearing the idea I quickly came up with various possibilities (+1 bomb for the allies, portable mg42 for axis, +1 grenade per player, an allocation of shotguns and/or sniper rifles, extra smoke grenades). Please, developers, first and foremost this game must be your own. We’re all here because we missed that old school cod gameplay but skins and matchmaking aren’t enough to establish long term appeal. The Reinforcement feature is a great start; please continue this approach. On an unrelated note competitive games thrive because players have something to play for. COD1 essentially died the moment CPL cancelled the second COD CPL tournament. I believe it may be in your best interest to announce a tournament/league structure as soon as possible to keep your player base motivated. The reality of modern esports is that people flock to the games that people are playing in droves. This creates a long-term stability; the thought that if you put hours into this game, in a year or five people will still be playing it and your 'development' has a payoff. These tournaments do not need to be the grand 100k+ CS level grand prizes but a simple 10k EU and NA tournament would be substantial for early player base growth and stability. Crowd funding is an option as well. Best regards, Tiptup
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    Let me begin by saying i have played 1.5k hours of CoD1 and over 500 hours of CoD2 and CoD4 promod. I had never heard of this game before an hour ago when this video popped up in my recommended youtube videos. When i first saw the gameplay footage and the old authentic animations i felt like crying. And then i read the comments where phantasy answered some questions about modding, FoV slider, etc. Now here i am, an hour later 100$ poorer and with a raging boner. Hyped for the alpha
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    Hey guys, Just got back to our Airbnb after the busy 1st full day at the event and my feet are killing, so just dropping in to read through all these posts. Some great feedback/comments from you guys with only a few namecalls earlier in the thread so we're going pretty good so far! As a heads up, the next few days will be pretty hectic for us and myself Joe and Tuna will be swamped, so just letting you know at some point next week I'll write up a summary post with some reactions from us about the feedback etc. It really is useful for us to hear what you like and dislike about the game, I know some things are down to actual game feel so if you're unlucky to not be at EGX there are certain things you just can't get from the gameplay footage just yet but Alpha is just around the corner. Everyone who has played so far has got that the game is in pre-alpha, super WIP. But the key thing is that we have the base that we can build upon with polish, bug fixes and more content. In general, development is still early but we're at the point where it's all coming together, so we can get more 'smaller' dev updates out to you guys and get everyone more involved than ever before. Thanks for you patience these last few months, you guys have been awesome. Anyway, need to get some sleep. If anyone is heading down to EGX Tomorrow/Saturday, make sure to come early, queues can get long! - Howard
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    just got back from Rezzed having spent 4 hours solid in the Battalion 1944 booth. firstly, let me preface my opinion of gameplay by stating my keyboard & mouse skills are 1 on a scale of 1-10. movement - within the first 5 seconds of playing it felt excellent. my exact feeling was this is a classic cod game. smooth and fluid. in terms of speed it felt very slightly slower than cod4 but barely noticeably so. walking speed while aiming down sight feels slow while using the M1 Garand and faster while using the Thompson. sprint lasts 3 seconds max then stamina depletion takes you into walking speed. the movement didn't feel fast-paced to me but that may be because i'm used to playing destiny and titanfall 2. overall, i felt they've nailed movement. felt really good. if your mastery of movement is better than your enemy you'll most likely win the gunfight. weapons - i used just 2. the M1 Garand felt weighty and powerful with low recoil and average fire rate. ADS was snappy and iron sights were gorgeous because i had no problem acquiring and tracking targets. if you hit the torso it was a 2 shot kill. 1 shot to head. shots felt like they went where you aimed. the M1 is outclassed at close range by smgs so you have to switch to a pistol (pistols are strong at close quarters by the way and movement speed feels faster when equipped). M1's hipfire is not great which is as it should be and the reload time is slow enough to get you killed if you're caught short mid-gunfight. the Thompson and other smgs dominate at close quarters with good hipfire but there is noticeable damage drop-off from medium range. recoil is on the low side and reload is fast. smgs definitely benefit from the faster movement speed in close quarters but it's not fast enough to make you feel like you're whizzing round the map. map - the manor house map (same one used in the new trailer) is really good. it's small but has good flow and rewards good positioning. there are no choke points and the only camping spot is upstairs in the house. visibility is excellent with players being easy to pick out even in windows and doorways. grenades - no issues here so far. they're powerful with a small blast radius. the timer is on the slow side so you're able to avoid them if you move quickly. HUD - you can see for yourself. it's uncluttered and never gets in the way. mini-map - i was surprised to see red dots when enemies fired. @KingHoward explained players with hearing impairments would have problems picking up on audible cues like footsteps etc. my personal preference is no red dots but the devs are open to all possibilities. in my 4 hours there the feedback from players was overwhelmingly positive. the only playable mode is TDM but the devs repeatedly talked very excitedly about their search & destroy mode. i had to keep telling myself this is an alpha because it was that good. All-in-all, i think the game is exactly as i hoped it would be and meeting @KingHoward @Brammertron @BigAlexTuna @MrAngryWhiskers and especially James in person who are all very nice chaps for letting me take up residence for 4 hours was well worth the trip. forgot to mention the devs said they have lots of work to do on animations. They're not finished.
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    I'm waiting at least 10 years now to play a game like this on pc.. It's what i always wanted!
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    i had a 5 minute conversation about the console version with @KingHoward at Rezzed yesterday. importantly, he started the conversation not me. the devs firmly believe they can achieve 60fps on both consoles. they have a console running the game in the office and it runs the game very well. @KingHoward went to great pains to ask what controller configurations console players want available and he'll be asking us for feedback on this at some point in the future. he didn't specify a date for console release and i didn't ask him for one but he made it 100% clear that the console version is getting as much love and polish as the PC version. just thought people would like to know this.
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    Grettings! First off, I want to say; Holy NOSTALGIA! After watching the recent gameplay video I couldn't help but think.. This is what WaW should have been like. I haven't been this excited to play a game in quite some time. I began playing competitively with MoHAA, participating in really unorganized scrimmages, practices, and eventually TWL(total war league) and the like. Then came the holy grail of all WW2 shooters, COD1. This was my first taste of true competitive gaming, where many, many, many hours were spent with clan-mates practicing and scrimming for the hope to advance through the various tiers of competition in CEVO(Cevolved) and CAL(the now defunct CyberAthlete Amateur League). I played at a very high level(main/invite) for many years through COD1, COD2, and COD4 before taking a break from gaming around the height of COD4 Promod competition. I served as a league admin for both CAL and CEVO for several seasons which gave me a better understanding of the needs of the competitive gamer. Additionally, I was the main contributor to the first competition mod for COD4 in the "DAMN" mod (short for Dan and Magnum's mod) and acted as the lead admin and tournament organizer for the very first COD4 tournament (The XFire/Alienware launch tournament). More recently I attempted to lead a revival of sorts and hosted several "Gathering of the Nerds" tournaments focusing on COD1 and 2 attempting to recreate that competitive nostalgic feel that a lot of us still long for. I instantly pre-ordered after watching that gameplay video (thankfully in time!) and I am excited to spend more time in this community, contributing in any way I can. I look forward to getting to know some of you. Hope to see you out there! Kyle "magnum" Jensen
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    But when your on Teamspeak or such and want help from a mate by your side it's nice to know who to call for, by name Your'e right......
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    Wouldn't say that yet, for graphics anyways......
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    The way you write makes me think that and yes you wrote your'e looking forward to the alpha, I didn't question that at all... This already got a bad tone to it so I'm out, later sir.
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    You and a lot of other kids seem to miss that this is a pre-alpha video and they already told us that most graphic elements are turned off or to a minimum to only focus on movement and old-school feel/mechanics of the game. Hold your horses and wait until early access before you can expect to see anything close to a finished game graphic wise. Geez
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    when i was playing the alpha the names would sometimes appear and sometimes not. i think its just buggy right now.
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    Clearly you've been done with Battalion since you found out you didn't know what 'at the earliest' meant. Just move on if it's not for you.
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    I've took noticed to the lack of knowledge on YouTube videos of the game play and such and people seem to not understand the goals of this game so I ask of you before you make your first post or comment to do the following: Read the kickstarter page to get pointed In the right direction >>>HERE<<< Use the search function to brows through current active topics >>>HERE<<< Just look through the first page of each discussion board and there is a HUGE chance that your question is answered right on the first page. Thank you!
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    Welcome aboard @pXz0o and @esku, congratzz with the alpha see you on the field soon!
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    didn't feel as fast as cod4 to me and sprint felt shorter. it definitely didn't feel faster than cod4 and nowhere near 1.5x faster.
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    I've noticed that the current options to pre-purchase Battalion don't offer any incentives other than guaranteed Alpha access for the top package. I have been very interested in Battalion and have wanted to guarantee my closed Alpha access however $70 to purchase a game that in months away from an official release is a big risk. I have faith in the game and hope to see the competitive scene strive but I would love to see more incentive to back the game for players that missed the kickstarter, even if its just a founder title, or a basic skin in-game, especially for the more expensive packages. At the end of the day $70 USD is a lot of money to spend for a game that I would love to back, but hasn't shown much gameplay.
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    For those who have doubts, what is sure it is not Arma3 !! Source
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    I'm a kickstarter backer, and I just watched the raw gameplay reveal on youtube, looking great so far! I left this comment on the youtube channel, but thought this might be a better venue, so I'm reposting it here... I don't want you guys to change you vision of how you want the game to be, or force everyone to play the way I want, but do you have the capacity to expand that vision? I played all the old CoD (PC) games, and can hold my own with the "twitch" crowd, I don't want to come across like I have an axe to grind or can't play fast paced games. I would love to see a "realism" mode. Lots of "tactical" mods and "crouch only" servers for the old CoD games were a blast and had large communities of players, there's a bunch still active if you load up the old CoD games and look through the server lists. They all suffered from having to enforce their rules verbally however, and there was a lot of kicking of players who wouldn't follow the server rules. It would be great if these people had a game mode where they didn't have to enforce any rules cos the game mode was designed for their play style. It would be great to see a developer supported attempt at a more realistic experience for the objective based game modes (SnD), in a game like this, where smooth player movement, high frame rates, and non-clunky control interfaces are a priority. Not to mention maps designed for small unit's of infantry only gameplay (like Cod). Most of the other games attempting realism suffer from clunky interfaces & clunky movement, terrible engine performance, huge open maps with no cover designed for vehicle combat, and so on. CoD is & was popular for a lot of reasons, despite how much ppl love to crap on it. I don't know if any of the devs are keeping an eye on "Escape from Tarkov", but it would be so cool to see stuff they're doing implemented into a realism game mode. They use the mouse wheel to control play movement speed (and how much sound you're making, so you can stalk while in a standing position). They also have a ton of attention to detail on the guns, like how you have to pull the mag out to check the remaining ammo, and it goes back in to the mag well without cycling the bolt (cos it's already chambered with a round). Searching a body takes time and makes you loose awareness while you do it. Stuff like that. CoD4's "hardcore" mode was pretty half-assed, all it did was turn off some HUD elements and lowered your health pool. It didn't attempt a lot of the stuff other games trying to be more realistic have and are doing. The foundation you're building for your game is the perfect garden for a more realistic game IMO. It wouldn't have to be an attempt at 100% realism to be fun, in fact the fun is prob somewhere in between. Thanks for reading, looking forward to playing your game.
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    Someone on Reddit posted this.. I would like to help him the devs to read it AustiforniaCSGOtrade: Now that other post really got me thinking about this subject in depth and I went and rewatched all the footage available. And I'm gonna make a few key points. I'll make the points first for TL;DR then elaborate on them later. Side note I am very tired and at times refer to the devs in third person only to speak directly to them in the following sentence but I'm tired and am really hoping this game is a success so if they read it, fantastic, if not, well I'm not editing it either way. What is positive/in favor of Battalion WWII Shooter Hype Train Disenfranchised CoD fans from all platforms No PC loyalty to CoD CoD's lack of real Competitive focus Activisions determination to fuck over their loyal fans What needs fixing/focus Advertising: everyone I talk to hasn't heard about it First on the list is pretty self explanatory, every year there is a huge hype train for the latest CoD installment. This year it is confirmed to be WWII, and the FPS market is ripe for a WW2 arcade shooter as there hasn't been one in almost a decade. As it stands, Battalion is set to release well before CoD, and if the Devs play their cards right with DLC they will have no problems reeling in people eager to play a WWII. Let me explain; This was in the most recent dev blog, now everything on there seems well and good besides "Supply Drop". This leads me to my next point. CoD players are sick of Activision's DLC format and corner cutting. They put unique weapons behind an rng slot machine with an insanely low earn rate by playing the game. The alternative is of course shelling out 2 dollars a container. After the insanely negative reaction to the Infinite Warfare trailer, it was announced if you paid an extra $20 for it, you would get a remastered version of the fan favorite of the franchise: Modern Warfare. The statement from Raven, the Developers of Modern Warfare Remastered, or MWR, said they would keep the game original. It took 3 months for Activision to bastardize the game with an insane amount of DLC locked behind a slot machine. You could build it with "parts" but it took an insane amount of playing time to get enough parts to craft any of these weapons. So please for the players and your own success, If you are doing loot cases, make the items cosmetic. The game has a PC focus, and the PC community wont stand for that. Look at the top PC shooters right now. CS:GO and Overwatch. Both have cases, both are cosmetic only. Please don't cut yourselves off at the knees playerbase wise by making a bad DLC decision. I'm willing to pay for map DLC but CS:GO and Overwatch add all maps for free to keep the playerbase from splitting, which might be a good idea for Battalion. To round out that point, it was discovered that Infinite Warfare and MWR had sub par networking and in the case of MWR, the original game that came out a decade ago had better connection when it was run on the consoles and routers of that era. People aren't happy about this. Another thing many competitive CoD fans are missing is an in game competitive playlist. They use 3rd party sites but it's not the same as queing through the menu at all and getting a ranking in your combat record, and they are lamenting that. The more details that the devs can release about Battalion to reel people in, the better. The next point is about the PC loyalty to CoD; there is none. The last decent release was Bo3 and it has no playerbase. The casual/arcade shooter role is pretty much empty. Battlefield exists but it has massive maps and lacks the arcade feel of a CoD like title. Overwatch is too far into the arcade genre and kind of flirts with the moba genre with each hero having unique abilities and ultimates. I know that I called it a casual shooter when it's focus is competitive, I don't know how to put this really but I wanted to distinguish it from CS:GO. CS is at it's core a competitive game, and it has 20 years of pedigree to prove that. No game will knock it off that pedestal. I don't want Battalion to even try, it should be marketed as a casual shooter with a really polished competitive game mode, or a competitive game with really polished casual modes, both of which CS:GO is not. The devs mentioned promod for Cod4, this is key. PC is missing a CoD like title, and the more they base it off cod 2 the better. CoD 2 was one of the last CoDs to not have perks/abilities, CoD 4 promod restricted perks for good reason. If there are perks in Battalion, I trust the devs to know what they are doing. If you believe you have a good product for PC, release as many details about it as possible and players will come (we get horny for hud options). Have a good anti cheat and hardware/IP banning like Overwatch and some players may get full on erections at the news of that. As far as CoD's lack of competitive focus, every year the first month of the game competitively sucks ass as no one can agree on a ruleset and the devs stupidly try to push out of the box rules to relate to the casual CoD player. Yes they throw tournaments throughout the year but they still don't have a polished competitive mode in either of their IPs this year for casual players to play. If Battalion wants to coerce more people in they could use a % of profits from the supposed DLC crates in a monthly tournament, winning team could get like 50 bucks each, but all they really need to do at minimum is have a polished competitive playlist. As I've pretty much covered the positives here is the one big negative I can see until more gameplay comes out; Nobody knows about this game. Nobody on the few discord servers I frequent, nobody I know in real life that plays video games, nobody. I've done my best to advertise it with word of mouth without sounding like too much of a fanboy. Pay some youtubers or big industry names to follow the twitter or make a video on it. Those videos aren't too pricey for the size of the target audience and viewers are 10x more likely to click on a video if it's a game they haven't seen before that looks good (again with the WWII hype train). Or you could give yours truly an Alpha copy and I can post some sexy gifs to r/gaming and get an old fashioned reddit hypetrain going So yeah TL;DR at the top, I'm hyped for the game and I'm hoping it does well both for my enjoyment of a large playerbase and the success of the devs
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    Sheldon, nice to meet you Roger.
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    Yea, something small when you point at them
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    Hi Dragon and welcome to the forum. Not sure a mod like this will be imlemented by devs and there are more chance to see it from modders. That said, few monthes ago i posted a thread with ideas for servers settings which allow admins to set their servers as they like, with special settings for "crouch" or "tactical" servers. What i can say is this thread is followed by devs but that doesn't mean all ideas will be kept. Just keep finger crossed.
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    Cool, I'm trying out some stuff my self aswell. Don't know if it will launch though, need ppl with graphic skills lol
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    That stuff should probably be on the workshop.
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    Hi Rahim welcome to the forums
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    Now the question is who do I have to touch inappropriately to get maps like Toujane, Vacant, and Strike...
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    Why wouldn't you reward players who can click faster? Seems pointless to limit it in a skill based game
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    I would be very disappointed if it was less oldschool.. This is what i paid for!
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    You should read the kickstarter before buying .
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    Are you trolling? World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dota2, CS:GO, ARMA series, Starcraft 2, Civilization series, and battle royale games are all PC exclusive off the top of my head. CoD and BF are dead on PC because they have been garbage console ports for the past decade.
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    I'm 1000% with you about the "no red dot when enemy is firing" position (personally I wouldn't see them even when an enemy is spotted) My first observation/sensations are, like for others: - to fast, slow the game down a little bit - jump are just too much possible (I mean that you can perform many jumps in a too short -my opinion ?- delay) and too hight - hip shot are too much accurate The map would give us fun, I hope that the others official ones would be similar or better. Nice job. I'm not used to have a minimap on the top left edge... we can choose the position of the HUD elements? ? Please, remember that I'm just putting down some impressions bindet on a video... need to test personally to give a better feedback. Edit: I was forgetting to thanks @Farq-S for the feedback (especially about the red dots). I can understand (and appreciate) the idea behind this choose but I don't know if I would like to see them (red dots) in game... all would just and simply hunt them.
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    It looks as though there could be a bit more. I need to test it to get the feel of it, as well as compare it to the full arsenal of weapons. Then again I come from more of a CoD2 perspective when comparing to early CoD. I played some CoD1 but at the time I was well into full on MoH:AA competitive so it didn't pull me away from that for long. So yeah, maybe it could do with a bit more on a first look but I really need to get my hands on it before I can judge properly.
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    Judging from the video it could use some more recoil.
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    My thoughts exactly, I know they are aiming for old COD/COD2 players but hey, we ain't that old and most of us still can use our ears lol Really hope that feature is off by default server side... Oh, GREAT feedback @Farq-S, thx alot! That did clear up some issues I had
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    Hey all, new member and former competitive cod1/2/4 player here. My initial thoughts from watching the video; Holy nostalgia! I've remained in the competitive scene here and there over the years, mostly with cs:s/cs:go but nothing ever felt like cod 1/2. The new ones, as we all know, are hot garbage especially when it comes to a competitive setting. The movement speed that everyone is harping on, does as a viewer, seem a little fast. I can tell they were going for that fluid "promod" style of gameplay which isn't a bad thing, especially if they're looking to make a competitive shooter. Another thing you have to take into consideration is the gametype they're playing. DM's/TDM's are always hectic, fast paced, free-for-alls so the gameplay speed shouldn't be representative of actual, competitive style play. They look like they nailed the movements and fluidity of classic cod, I just hope that it continues to look and feel natural. Seeing as they hardcoded strafe jumping into the engine, they should have more freedom to change/adapt it as necessary, which I like. I was one of the lead contributors to the "DAMN" mod (which was the groundwork for PROMOD) and was a league admin as well as an invite level player for a number of years, so I have a pretty keen understanding of what it takes to tailor things to a competitive setting. It looks like they've nailed a lot of the main aspects. I'm for one super excited and everything I've seen thus is more than promising. I pre-ordered today and I'm really anxious to get in there and put the game through its paces and give some feedback. Because it took too long for me to edit my original post; (merged) Just to add a small critique; The Thompson seems a little too "pewpew" and reminds me a lot of the AK74u from COD4. It looks like it does way more lower extremity damage than it should. The biggest negative I have from COD4 was the "Run and Gun" mentality that it supported. While it has its place, I think it should be tempered a bit. Allowing the SMG to become too powerful and predominant hinders the growth and skill of other classes, especially bolts/MGs. Whether (in a competitive setting) the number of SMG's per side are limited, damage is fixed in a way that it promotes accurate sprays/bursts, or what-have-you, I think it's something to consider moving forward.
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    more recoil, it seems its like shooting a BB gun but i will have to test it more with Alpha to be certain
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    Recoil needs to be stronger (strictly vertically, no bouncing from left to right), full auto shouldn't be the best option regardless of range and SMG seems to have too much range in general, the damage should decay way quicker.
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    I get you now. Yeah one thing I noticed is the lack of texture details in the environment/ buildings. This is where you will get more color because you will have more depth in everything. You will see more realistic environments and more shades/ shadows and such.
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    Yes there was a strafe jump but the game was like 50% slower and there was no sprint (i guess they are trying to combine cod2/cod4) ... i don´t know was expecting something similar to cod1/2
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    i cannot, in good conscience, agree with you on this one m8....thats like someone in the construction field telling me "lets replace that steel column with a plastic one because they function similarly and its cost effective, so it shouldn't matter what the weight of the building is" I can't man, i understand this will be a CS:GO/COD Hybrid but come on......the sights? i get its a minuscule thing but come on....this is a WW2 game....not a "mod" or anything of the sort....respect the era, its weapons, its events, and everything else by GETTING THE LITTLE THINGS RIGHT
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    I think this also is done for the gameplay.. I should NOT change the Thompson and I think the mp40 is also better this way
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    Even compared to COD4 it seems much faster. Specially with the player models being so slender. I'm with xXclusiivE on this one, at least until I've had a chance to try the alpha. Maybe not something drastic as 20-25% for me but at least 10%. Again, subject to change!
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    Seriously red dots when the enemy is firing? hope that is not the standard setting.. The rest is EPIC
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    Game Mode (Each game mode, unless otherwise specified, only gives the player 1 life per round. Once they are killed, they remain in spectate until round is over and then they automatically rejoin the team they where just on) DODS "Classic Mode" One side attacks while the other defends. Match ends when last defender or attacker is slain. Then roles switch and unit who just defended are now on attack. There is time between rounds for leadership to prepare defenses and come up with a strategy. Only certain parts of a map can be defended. - Recommendation more emphasis is placed on defending a certain land mark rather than last man standing Strategics Search and Destroy Defenders have a minute to place a objective anywhere on the map. Once planted, it creates a radius in which defenders are forced to stay within (say 40 yards). Anyone not in the radius is transported automatically to where the objective was planted and now "trapped" in case they are a potential Rambo. Attackers then have to destroy the objective. 1 life each team. Patrol Attackers must have one man reach 3 objectives in order from 1,2 and 3. All the while defenders can use this to move around the map and lay ambushes. COD Classic S&D Defending team gets forced into two teams. Team A stuck in one part of the map, Team B stuck on the other end. Maybe kept there by a player block "radius". Attacking side must destroy one of the teams and plant a timed bomb. Once planted, this opens the forcefield around the other defenders who now must attack their other teams old objective and defuse the bomb. Server Configs Appearances - Different skins to illustrate who is designated the realisms leader for each side (like Cpt. bars) and squad leaders. - Ability to upload your own images to be used as a maps in game mini map. Allows units to draw up private battle plans for a match and assign small units different routes, position callouts, objective numbers and notes. - "Match" Config option to disable viewing in spectator - Remove Teammate icons over heads - MG Suppression effect. Blurred/Frantic vision when being shot at. Classes - Medic Class instead of self healing. And/or a blend of the two in which a Medic can heal to 80 health and a player can only heal ones self partially. Gameplay Shooting/Weapons - ADS only way to fire. If hip shoot is allowed, is wildly inaccurate and very unreliable. - No Crosshairs - Nerfed grenades so they do not travel as far - Ammo count not by rounds, but by magazines / If reloading half empty mag, you lose the rounds inside it - Unable to fire weapons while on ladders - Shorter hand grenade and rifle nade timers (2.5-3.5 seconds) - Larger blast radius of grenades Gameplay Movement - No bunny hopping. Should have a time limit on when a jump can be performed and cannot fire in animation. - Leaning Left/Right - Holster/Sling weapons when going up ladders (with animation and climbing animation) - Slower strafe speed - Higher recoil while moving in ADS or hip fire Gameplay Misc - More Fall damage - Lower footstep sounds - No ability to stand on ledges, sign posts or other non-realistic areas - Voice Proximity (can hear anyone chatting in team talk within a 10 foot radius)
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    Prove it. Prove that you have seen "SEVERAL TIMES" that we said PS4 release date is end of 2017... I bet you can't from a authentic source.
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    They probably thought they would be further along in development than they are. It was said that after the kickstarter they started redoing everything. I don't think it will be fully released for pc in late 2017, let alone console. Also don't forget that WW2 is just the setting, other than that it doesn't affect anything. This game is built to be an old school competitive shooter regardless of the setting.