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    IPB is by fa the best forum CMS and overall CMS I have ever used. I have literally done them all. Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Tons of built from scratch HTML, Bootstrap, Nuke, MyBB, BBPress, SMF and even site builders. IPB has always been the easiest, most versatile and cleanest of them all. It's anti-spam works perfect, tons of mods, easy to edit themes.....just the best. Im actually almost done with my newest theme (I accidentally erased all modifications I made on my other one when messing up on a Spanish language plugin and trying to revert a site that is completely in Spanish back to English). The new theme should be activated some time tomorrow once I get the final touches done. Five days of work and it looks just like my main website. LOVE IT! I am also using IPB for our new community site for the future Realism Community in Days of War. This time using the newest version of IPB 4.x.x which the guy in the OP uses. Most of those mods have been around for ages like the Twitch Stream, Staff and Calendar. But looks like some new things like their join server page which I can see as being a perfect tool for uniting realism players to realism servers. IF YOU ARE MAKING A SITE, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH IPB!
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    Hey guys, I've been thinking about a unique gamemode, which might seem a bit complicated first, but in my opinion it's not that hard to understand. The idea comes from a beloved game of mine, Company Of Heroes. I hope a lot of you guys have played the game, because it's really good. I know it's an RTS, but the map design and the objectives caught my attention. Below you can see an actual map from CoH, and you can see differently labelled territories. There is Ammunition Depot (talking about it below), Fuel Depot (talking about it later), normal Capture Points (for now,nothing to do with it here, I haven't come up with an idea to implement into here), and point generating Capture Points (nothing to do with it yet, because the main objective is not collecting points), so Ammunition and Fuel Depot is important right now. Obviously there would be 2 teams: 1. The Attackers: they need to help their supply truck ("a payload"). But it's not that easy. To be able to escort the truck, they have to capture the Fuel Depot. More Fuel Depot mean more fuel, so if the defending team captures these territories (so the truck will not get more fuel until The Attackers recapture the territories), the truck will move constantly until it uses up the rest of the fuel. 2. The Defenders: they have to recapture these Fuel Depot, so the attacking team can not fuel the truck, ergo the truck stops. Basically, they have to shut down the resupply of the truck. They should have some machine gun emplacements around the more important locations of the map, to make an attacker assault harder. There would be Ammunition Depot as mentioned above, a territory where you can resupply ammunition and/or counsumables, equipment, but it is only possible to resupply, if the Ammunition Depot is under your team's control. Fuel Depot: It produces X amount of fuel every X seconds. (The truck uses up X amount of it every second) Ammunition Depot: Limited resupplies. Resupplies restore every 3 minute. Important: Your team can capture a territory (it does not matter which, Fuel or Ammo), if the sector you wanna capture is connected directly, or through other territories to your team's HQ (where you can respawn). If you lose the territory which has connected one (or more sectors) to your HQ, your team will have 1-2 minutes to recapture that territory before the one it has connected to the HQ, becomes neutral. This gamemode would have a bigger map, with around 8-10 players to participate in battle (I would not consider more, because in this case, every decision can be the key to victory, so you always have to cosider which move is the best for your team, and which is not). I was thinking about maps designed around the Red Ball Express for example and other convoys in WW2. Since this game is infantry combat focused, it wouldn't be possible to get into the vehicle you need to escort. These are my ideas for now in connection with this gamemode. Looking forward to hear your thoughts about this idea. Ps.: If something is not clear, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer as well as I can.
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    I like your idea, Alom, we have a game mode in Wolf ET that's somewhat similar to what you've mentioned. We have to escort a tank and several trucks through enemy territory and reach our designated destination, destroying tank barriers along the way, in order to win the map. Here's some information on a map that incorporates what I've mentioned: [UJE]Convoy - Convoy Escort Map
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    I m managed sites with Phpbb, Joomla, phpboost or nukedclan (in other life ). The advantage of these CMS is they are free. For little communities it is to consider. IPS is a bit expensive but really powerfull if you have some knowledge with coding but it is not compulsory. There are great plugins (free or not). I m using it since 2 years now for my community and i m really enjoying it. The plugin used for servers in the video (4'02) is this one : https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7456-gs-server-list/ (not free) For his main page (where you can dl, purchase or join servers at 5'07) it is only html code (no plugin used) The tickets system (14'15) is included in IPS nativly with "commerce" app. Plugin Video at the end is this one : https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7595-videos/ (not free)
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    whatever is included in the HUD, how about all of it disappears when you ADS and reappear when you scope out? that way, those who like hardscoping a choke point would do so without the benefit of any information other than action on their screen, sounds or callouts.
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    As an CoD 2 and MoH:AA player of the first hour my sugesstions are these: Personal Ranks: Back to the roots. Personal Ranks should be the real Army ranks like told before. U.S. Ranks: Private Private First Class Corporal (Technican Ranks can be added for more ranks) Sergeant (Technican Ranks can be added for more ranks) Staff Sergeant (Technican Ranks can be added for more ranks) First Sergeant (Technican Ranks can be added for more ranks) Master Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General (Like in BF2, only a hand full of people / in proportion to community, can gain this rank) German Ranks: Schütze Oberschütze Gefreiter Obergefreiter Obergefreiter im 6. Jahr Stabsgefreiter Oberstabsgefreiter Unterfeldwebel Feldwebel Oberfeldwebel Stabsfeldwebel Oberstabsfeldwebel Leutnant Oberleutnant Hauptmann Major Oberstleutnant Oberst Generalmajor Generalleutnant General Generaloberst Generalfeldmarschall (Like in BF2, only a hand full of people / in proportion to community, can gain this rank) Officer Cadet / Fähnrich can be added to split NCOs and COs and gain one more Rank. Matchmaking Ranks: (Try to stay in a line of a soldiers progress -> i.e. Paratrooper or Ranger is no progress instead of Battle proven or battle hardened, except of things like ,,recruit", ,,replacement" and ,,reserve". These titles suggest a certain training standard) Recruit Replacement Reserve soldier Baptism by fire ? (Sorry for english) Battle proven Battle scarred Battle Hardened Frontschwein (German word for: A battle scarred, proven and hardened soldier, who survived and fought for a long time and recieves the freshman at the battlefield and leads them for a while) Honored Hometown Hero Role model Leader Ritterkreuzträger / Medal of Honor Warhero Battaillon's Elite And especially for the Team names i really like and love DukeNukem's idea !!!