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    Hey guys We have noticed that there have been more and more threads of people looking to buy and sell Battalion 1944 codes as well as holding giveaways in return for Twitter followers. Although this is not illegal and we don't have a huge problem with it, we don't want this to be happening on our forum. This forum is designed as a hub for you guys to share your enthusiasm, discuss features, allow us to contact you all easily and to give you all the opportunity to contribute to making Battalion great. We don't want it to become a marketplace. Please report if you see this behaviour We aren't mad about it at all, just from now on I'll be deleting any topics and posts in relation to key buying to selling. You can do what you wish with your codes, but please use another form of communication for selling or buying Thanks everyone! Tuna
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    Hello guys! Im mostly making this because FrosteR did it and if he had such success i feel i should as well. -What's your name? Lauren Scott -Where are you from? London (Now living in Germany) -What are your favourite videogames? Anything FrosteR plays. -Where did you hear about Battalion 1944? From FrosteR Real talk, look forward to playing Battle Lions with you all. I hope one day we can all be on the same server as FrosteR and if we are really lucky be in his fragmovie.
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    He's KIND OF right, it doesn't if the game forces players to load all textures first (downside long load times) if the game has texture streaming (which most do) then it loads them on the fly (downside, fps lag when loading textures bigger than VRAM or using too much VRAM) Also; I don't really care about this thread because players can customise their colors in Battalion anyway. Your mistake is thinking old school is having bright colors, when actually old school is allowing players to control their colors as long as there are no game play advantages and its purely personal preference. Joe
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    Hey guys So I've seen about 4-5 topics posted about how to get in the Discord server and 2-3 about "where is my key". I understand you're wanting a fast answer but Please use the search function and comment on other posts. The answers will be there from experienced forum users that know the answers and if they don't, they will tag me so I can answer. Please just read and stop clogging up the forum with the same topics. Thanks
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    Thx for answering our questions and working very hard to get things done like forum tags and alpha forum access.. This all without complaining.. We all know your inbox was flooded for the past weeks.. We know the whole team is working really really [f***ing] hard to get things done, but this one is for the community manager @[CM] BigTuna
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    Hey Guys! In light of Alpha approaching this weekend, we have set up two more of our Developers on the forum Their main role on here will be to monitor and relay your feedback and opinions during our upcoming Alpha Phase weekends. They will be really useful and provide a great route for your feedback to really have an impact Battalion. Say Hey to @[DEV] James who is a programmer and all round useful dude. James also oversees our QA at the moment as well! He will be pretty present in the Alpha Bug Reporting Forum and discussing any issues there are within the Alpha. Also say Hi to @[DEV] Tn6 / Tim. He has recently moved up to production after previously proving his knowledge in our Art team. Tim knows a lot about a lot and he will be monitoring what you think of certain game-play related features as well as taking in any problems with art that you guys find during the Alpha! These guys will be super helpful in detailing what needs to be improved upon and allowing us to update Battalion throughout the Alpha weekends. Give them a Howdy and don't let them be strangers! That's all for now. Tuna
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    Headshot = Kill Upper Body = Kill Its the best solution I think. Battalion is based around movement, so just evade them by using the right movement. The sniper is powerful in most games if you use it right.
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    So guys and gals, today is the day where Bulkhead hopefully starts to send out the Battalion 1944 Steam keys, who gets it first? What region of the world do they start with, or is it sent out in alphabetical order? Report back when you got yours The hype is on
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    Just read this at half 12... gonna sleep ^^ Big day tomorrow!
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    Hey everyone! Nice to join the forum and see the community support on here. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all at some point
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    i hope it stays the way it is, i loved the kar98 scope from cod2
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    God no.. in a fast pace twitch shooter like this game is aiming to be the rifle class weapons would be rendered useless if you needed to get a HS every time for a one hit kill. Do you not realize how much skill is needed to ADS and get a HS when people are sprinting and strafing around the map. Rifles in BAT44 need to be a one shot kill from the center of your torso and up and the head period. Just like @WeAsOne posted 100%
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    Not adding dates was a conscious decision. Content was ordered chronologically, and so I thought that it would encourage users to explore a little more with some cool articles that were a little older. I totally understand the want for dates. I just added the date to the news cards on the home page, and news page. Over the next few weeks, I'm sure the devs will adjust to the site and notice things they would like added or changed. I will put a little more thought in to the dates etc in a couple of weeks so that the devs have time to play with it. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts @DiddumsJ & @Razor, I really appreciate the feedback! If you have any other suggestions, continue to share them here.
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    It's still pretty buggy, but its in there. These are basically the controls you were given in film tweaks. Controlling gamma, contrast, and saturation. Joe
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    Interview at the Alienware E3 Event: Battalion 1944 (Battalion begins at 5:51:20) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/151432516 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all.... Spotted the first footage of an in-game scope...? Watch this: https://www.engadget.com/2017/06/12/alienware-gaming-monitors/ (its at the video on top (video is about the gaming monitors)
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    none of this info matters because cod has been done with pc for a long time now. No matter what era its in the game gets made for consoles and ported to PC and the game can be hardly called a game with no dedi servers, crappy match making and hardly any commands that let you adjust your settings. Its sad and unfortunate that the pc community has been so blacklisted when we were the ones that started this entire franchise. CSGO series is thriving from skins and the E sport market when activision could of easily out done them with the funding and man power they have, the cod 4 promod had all the makings of a great competitive game that could of been thriving today, and yes with skins and all that other stuff being integrated. Such a great game turned into 12 year old console thumb stick fps game. Dont waste your money folks expecting anything remotely close to good ole cod4 days and before.
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    All, If you've ever played in a competitive fashion before from a ranked match making game style perspective then you've probably been the victim of dare I say 'turds' being matched with you who probably have no real idea of what a specific map looks like how a game type is played etc. It is massively frustrating for someone like myself who enjoys a competitive ranked game where you're forever trying to better your what's considered in most cases 'elo'. Is there a way to implement a pre-requisite list of targets to be achieved before being able to play ranked specific game types. I don't mean just reaching a certain level take league of legends for example get to 30 and wallahh you're ruining ranked for everyone because you've only ever played mid lane and you don't know what you're doing when auto filled. Perhaps a milestone guided pre-ranked situation. Take search and destroy it's probably going to be the main game type for LANs etc and fanboys will want to fanboy. But... Before you can play ranked search & destroy you need to have played x amount of games. Played a certain amount of maps x amount of times. Build up a good reputation for not being a bell who leaves games. Basically different statistics that can mark up a player's loyalty to playing competitively and not ruining ranked for others. I was thinking Casual S&D - fool around for the non Wannabees. Pre ranked S&D - proving yourself to be good enough to play in the big guns. You're measured against how many games you play fully without going AFK (measured based upon a reporting system) tried all roles such as sniper, SMG, heavy assault, standard assault roles. Rifler etc. Measured by how many times you throw the bomb away because you don't want to be that guy who grafts to plant and make game winning plays (probably abit difficult but just a thought) How often you team kill (this can definitely be measured) Basically feel free to give ideas but my thoughts are then a team of loyal ranked players will deem you acceptable to play ranked and get voted in. Things could then be investigated such as has the account or users IP/GUID been linked to other accounts for flaming bad attitudes reports easyanticheat alerts. Could be a huge task to implement but given how many games I've lost because someone just doesn't give a toss about ranked circumstances and wiling to ruin someone's situation. Then a similar reporting situation that CSGO has to offer by reviewing reported players because they've either A flamed or B played in a way that no human could possibly be conducted such has aimbotting walhacking etc. Statistics with reports such as how long has the person played for and how long have they owned the game. It's a good indicator often of someone being trustworthy or not to a ranked scene. My only thoughts is as this is likely to be a game hugely based around building a community then community engagement and participation in policing the game will pay dividends and leave the Devs focusing on core components of the game. Efficient work streams ensuring less hic-cups in development. How Devs would reward community participants is perhaps another discussion. Thoughts? Dave.
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    Backing options are closed, if you got a key send @[CM] BigTuna your proof in a DM and he will give you access to alpha forums and discord
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    Hey, We are not a deathmatch game! We're focused on fast paced 5v5 Search & Destroy as our core competitive mode. We're also working on a completely unique 'economy system' that will add an extra layer of depth to the mode. Welcome to the forums!
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    Headshot = kill Anything else = not kill Standard aim rules. The idea that a chest shot is a kill is just mind numbing. I think these kids have had it too easy for too long.
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    Check these guys out; http://store.steampowered.com/app/454350/agecheck# Cheers! Joe
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    all i can say is i cannot wait to test and play the living shit out of this game amazing devs and amazing game!
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    Really hope in the next weekends we are able to play longer. Only Friday and Saturday evenings is not a lot. As a lot of people have a social life (^^) aswell it would be nice to play middays and sundays.
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    + 1 No dedi..severs / modtools / maptools no buy fore me . Thats why i have my hope on Bat..1944 team to give modders and mappers the freedom to creating the stuff of the old days cod were having in cod 2/4/5
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    Think! Before you continue to play Battalion and be that person who slams your ISP or router/WiFi for lag... Have you thought about how you're connecting to the internet. There's many factors that a lot of people miss these days and take for granted. Games like Battalion rely heavily on servers bandwidth and capacity to cope using ultra fast response times processing lots of small packets. Instead of big chunky data packets. Each click that you make on your mouse. Each key you press in game to move jump etc is all recorded and sent via data packets from your PC either via 2 routes dependant on your choice. 1. --> through your network interface card which we will now define as NIC from now on. --> through your wire that you've probably had for years and it's tangled crushed bent so hard against your Wall and desk or the protective sheathing has been damaged --> into your switch/router --> to your exchange --> to the internet routers that use a protocol called OSPF which is known as open shortest path first to the server hosting the battalion server and all the way back. Or 2. --> through your wireless NIC --> probably travelling through a few brick walls. Ceilings. Floors. Wood. Anything that could potentially cause you signal loss to your WiFi router / access point. And again all the way out and back. You're probably thinking why do I care? Well... If you want good response times and want to have a consistent smooth game then it's likely you need to give things like this a thought. First of all - always prefer wired connection over wireless. Why? It's more reliable. Less likely to cause you issues. I can't do wired straight to my router!? Ok then what's your options... If you're going to go wireless make sure you're signal strength is as good as it can be. Remove constraints like walls between yourself and your WiFi access point/router. Don't have your wireless router slammed behind your sofa because it's easier there out the way. You won't believe how often this causes issues in most households and businesses because they care about how aesthetic their setup is. Thought about power line adapters... Plugs that connect to sockets and use the copper in your house to connect you in a wired fashion. Advice if you're using these don't use them on extension leads give them dedicated sockets. Also don't use them if you have more than 1 electrical circuit in your house. As it won't transmit data over 2 different circuits. Other things to note... If you have a 60-80ms ping response time ingame but it's stable and steady it's likely to be ok. Obviously the lower your ping likely means you're going to get better smoother gameplay. But if your response times are jumpy and peak every now and again it's a good sign that you've got an instability in your network somewhere. It could be anything that I've noted above to... Noise on your line from your ISPs cabinet to your roiter. The main thing is to ensure your setup is efficient as possible to your broadband router. Turn off non needed software in the background. Smart TVs used by other family members or people in your house will cause big data buffering on your network meaning your response time will be affected. Remember games like Battalion will use small data packets but lots of them. It's a completely different ballgame to being able to download and upload big data packets typically used by services like Netflix Amazon prime and other hosting platforms. You won't need a big internet pipe to play smoothly on Battalion... Obviously bigger the better in any case but aslong as those small data packets aren't being crushed by faulty Ethernet cables or huge thick brick walls over WiFi causing retransmissions of packets due to the functionality of TCP/IP. This will utilise error detection and retransmit packets that didn't respond. Essentially working harder than it needs to. Cheers Dave.
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    anyone expecting competitive elements in a CoD game these days are deluding themselves. CoD has been firmly in the casual bracket since CoD4. the CoD championships organised by MLG/Activision was nothing more than a marketing gimmick to sell more games. CoD = casual and i'm happy with that. why do you think Bat44 shifted more to the competitive? if the devs didn't do that they'd be head-to-head with CoD and would disappear without a trace. it's actually a good thing CoD and Bat44 don't compare, not a bad thing.
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    They should have given this project to some other than Sledgehammer Games To be honest, it looks like any of the newer CoDs, but it's WW2. Just a few things that comes out of my head: + Variety on weapons + The athmoshpere is really nice + Might be fun for casual gamers + Game modes - Generally: same shit on different package - Too low recoil on most of the weapons - The sounds are... really off for some reason. - Planes - The maps don't seem to support competitive gaming too much (needs more sharp corners, needs more room for the player to move around, too many "tunnels" guiding where to go, needs more different heights where the player can go - Player models too big with the low recoil makes them too easy to hit - Maybe it's just me, but there's too much crap flying around in the graphics / "too much unnecessary detail" that makes the character models hard to see - Bullets look like lasers when they fly. They're too thick and long - I know the gameplay is on Playstation, but does the movement seem a little... clunky? - Should be swastikas, a lot less female soldiers. It just feels weird hearing a girl shouting all the time in WW2 - Just spray wherever you want, no need to aim to head - The same dull death animation with a slight blur. Come on guys. - It seems really claustrophobic - The medals after kills could be a lot smaller - I just utterly hate these killstreak bonus stuff... beacon that shows enemies on the map... artillery... planes where you can shoot yourself with marks where to shoot... just ridiculous (even in public servers). - Same problem as with the previous "newer cods". The gameplay is just... timing. -+ Are there gonna be dedicated servers? -+ Do they support modding? -+ Is there going to be silly skins? Again, these are just my opinions. If you're glad about how the new CoD looks like, then good for you. For me, it's been disappointments after disappointments so honestly I have 0 trust on Activision and with the CoD series nowadays. Pretty sure I'm not gonna buy this.
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    if you're new to the forums or just haven't been on for a long time please use the search tool first. it's almost certain your questions have been discussed ad nauseum and answered in the long and distant past. if you're still not satisfied your question has been answered, add your question to a related thread rather than starting a new topic. it just helps to make the forum easier to navigate. small tip; set the search tool to All Contents so you catch comments across the entire forum rather than the section you are currently in.
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    WolfETPlayer, from the "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" Community, has re-created the trailer of the upcoming "Call of Duty - WWII" in the style of dear ol' "Call Of Duty 2" :
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    as far as i can tell, most armies around the world have a service number system. aussies called it a service number. canadians had a regimental number. nazis had a membership number. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_number it's a tiny detail but how easy would it be to give each player a unique service number? maybe the first 100 numbers could be allocated to the dev team.
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    I'm so sad.... I was not really available last weekend (played 30-45min) and didn't know at all that the next session will be on mid-July ! How can we test the game without playing it ? :'(
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    This is interesting topic because I have even coined own term (Game realism) for these kind of discussions and after giving definition to already mentioned terms I try to explain it. - Realism: I don't like to use this term widely when speaking of games, but they need some of it to be interesting and well build, though I would compare that need more in way how fictional books need to be believable in their universe (see: game realism later). Then if we go in gaming, well... In sense of gaming I see that games which are described to be such would need to fulfill at least partly most of following things. Modeling and simulating reality as well and as far as possible. Weapons, vehicles, player interaction, visual and audio or whatever it is. Achieving this without minding much of how "fun" or "easy" it probably should be for most of players to be interested. Things in life are also hard if you don't learn first. In fact it I feel that it shouldn't be "fun" which make you play these games, but "interest" to dedicate yourself for such activity. - Authenticity: This is linked with realism but being authentic can mean other things too as it is not always about 1:1 model/simulation of real life. Sometimes I would say that authenticity is mostly realism but there are part on it which is just about feeling. It looks like real thing, it kind of sounds like real thing, it behaves kind of real thing and it is still fun and believable to play/use/watch. To put it short for gaming I would say that authenticity means that environment is realistic and being part of it feels believable even though what you can do or how isn't. - Gameplay: I use this term to describe how something is working and feeling. It could be divided to technical, conceptual(?) and feel based parts. Question about what/why/how related to how well it is going. Why some maps are working well and some are not, why weapons feel good or are well balanced in certain game, what makes it so or what would need to be done to make it so or what things make certain games to be good and distinguishable. As example I would say that gameplay of CS:GO is good, because by my point of view CS-series feels like it works as it is planned to work and therefor gameplay of it is good even if I don't per se like all choices on its gameplay. Shortly I would say that for me Gameplay means how well the game mends its part together (including realistic and authentic parts of it). Game realism: As I have tried to explain how I tend to use fore mentioned terms I shall now also try to explain term that I like to use in this kind of discussions..... That is "Game realism". To describe it shortly, it is mix of other three mentioned above eg. "How believable and immersive the experience is made by rules of gameverse" (see: fore mentioned fiction). Simple example of "Game realism" could be taken from vCoD/UO and how weapons are balanced on it. As far as I know the weapons look like real ones, sound and behave like you could though they do even if their other characteristics aren't realistic, so therefor they are mostly authentic. Now we come in part which is reason for term I use and it is how that authenticity is mend with gameplay. When you play the game the weapons feel good right? When compared to each other they feel like differences between them are believable, reasonable and in overall they feel solid? Yet if you compare how far example Thompson is effective in game and how far it is said to be effective historically there is quite much difference (by eye measurement I would say that effective range is about half of reality) but even then it somehow feels right. It feels right compared to other weapons or size of maps or whole environment as general and yet we haven't talked about what kind of damage shots do.... or other not so realistic parts of games. Same thing goes example for movement. Should I be able to jump there etc. etc. Tl;Dr: Game realism is case where something is made believable and "right" by non-realistic choices.
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    This area 1 shot kill for me.. To have a chance against an automatic on close quarters.. (when its all balanced)
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    Headshot = kill Anything else = not kill
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    Haha yes can't blame them most of them grew up with these crazy leg shot kills, I'm all for taking the good from call of duty but would be a good chance to leave what's bad. Would be nice to see Enemy territory style rifles.
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    Would depend on the recoil and fire rate of the rifles from what I see in the gameplay video, looks very op as are most sniper/rifles in games these days. I just think it would be good to have a more challenging sniping experience not only for competitive but for casual players to who like running around a pub server as SMG only to face a horde of snipers 😀
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    For any who have never been involved in a Alpha version of a Kickstarter backed game before. Keep in mind that you will be playing only the very first 5% of what the entire game will have to offer. Not only that, much of that 5% will change a lot from what you will see the first time you play it. I have been involved in several KS backed alpha tests and even knowing this I am still surprised how "rough" these games are, so those who have never done one before are in for a surprise. I guess what I am trying to say is, don't form conclusions in your very first play through. Be open minded, expect problems and most importantly, know that you are a backer. Not a "see the game first" player because what you will be seeing is hardly enough to call it "the game" yet. There are some VERY tough critics out there regarding the recent surge of WW2 games (Fog of War and Days of War). People fail to understand that all they are playing is the foundation of a game, not the game itself. It is a long road and surprisingly, it may very well be COD WW2 through the Gate first when all is said and done yet they announced a full year after. That is what you get with games developed by huge companies and endless funds. Anyone here who has backed and started in a Alpha before can and should describe your experiences for those who will be doing this for the first time to help them not get disheartened. Obviously this is not a warning post any developer will ever post else that would kind of be a bummer lol, but for us players, let's help out each other in spreading awareness and understanding about games going through development.
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    hi, my name is machine, I talk about video games for a living and used to waste a lot of my time playing cod1/2/4 to varying degrees of success. If you wanna play mp_harbor rifles or learn a sweaty nade to back A on mp_crash im your guy. FrosteR is my idol and one day i hope to be half as cool as him. See you guys on the BattleION xo
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    Just a though for the DEVs. They are under pressure and are working hard currently to please us. Think to eat/drink and sleep a bit.
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    -What's your name? My name is Johan "miRACLE" Gärtner and i am a very very old (25) computergamer who likes to run into tacnades on a bunch of different cod maps. (qLimAxzU19 naded me atleast twice a game back in the day.) -Where are you from? Vikingland, Sweden -What are your favourite videogames? I like games where i can aim a gun at someone and then pull the trigger. I like that after 20-25 bullets i may have managed to kill one or atleast hit them a couple of times. Cod will always have a place in my heart but i like alot of different games. Dying because of the blue gas thingy in Battlegrounds is amazing, so i like to do that. CS is perfect. I like beating qLimAxzU19 in FIFA aswell. -Where did you hear about Battalion 1944? Other old cod players Much love to everyone here except qLimAxzU19.
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    Guys and gals please do a search before you ask.......
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    I understand but i wonder, how will you know when most people are available? If you started for example the whole weekend u would see when most people are playing. I guess a lot of people have free time on Sunday for example. But ofcourse i understand the decision, i can't wait though. Will try to catch up this weekend, but think if it would be these times every week i won't be able to play much.
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    So never been a fan of one shot kills enless it's a headshot, just curious on other peoples thoughts on this, I feel it requires to little skill to kill people with one body shot. it's just instagib i'd prefer a more skilled rifle to use and i feel it would balance the game a little better, rather than a server full of people playing sniper/rifle cause it's so easy to kill people with
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    When they release a new gameplay we will
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    Well i can stop refreshing my mail every second for now, thanks for the heads up