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    rifles still way too OP, feels like you got lead in your boots when you move but you can jump higher than a frog and still shoot with lazor accuracy with a rifle, this game sucks in a different way now and as not improved the game play as in the "fun aspect" ..infact i would say its frustrating and annoying to play after the update just my opinion of course .....oh and the two other guys that played it with me
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    ive started working on random objects that were commonly seen ... what have you been making?
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    178 in game.. it's growing.. and in 2 hours 500 in game.. But hey toxic will be toxic @sLL
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    Indeed you are correct but if everyone doesn't bother it is because everyone feels the same. I gave it another go and it has improved very much but trying to get my mates back playing is hard work, being told flatly "No thanks" every time says it all. Only people to blame are the devs, yes they had some bad luck at the start but they could have done more to try and install confidence back into the players instead of setting their sights on a new type of player and dumping this forum and distancing themselves from the truly interested players. We were going to play Battalion in a league but the game was so bad the league decided it couldn't host it then all the emails the league admin sent along with mine to Mr Brammer were just ignored so what more can people do. For me, i will have a game now and then, will never be my main game but as a clan we have gone back to battlefield 1 and await Battlefield V.
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    Thought the fleas were supposed to have been calmed down since the last patch (not had a chance to play much lately so not tried it since update) Pity: 🙁 I guess someone will be along soon to point out the "I wish people would stop calling it bunny hopping its strafe.....blah blah blah the difference is HUGE..... drone drone drone it takes immense skill to jab a button non stop......ZzzZZzzz. Then of course someone else will come along and say its not a problem and its MEGA MEGA MEGA easy to kill the fleas you simply need to use simple trigonometry algorithms to deduce angle to the power of bounce allowing for wind direction etc etc or they might just say "Git Gud as all the trendy kids say now.
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    oww some old cod2 dude
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    Just you to know, i ve found the solution. My steam profile was private, i ve setted it so my friends can see my profile and now it works! I don' t know if it's normal but it works this way
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    Maybe it would be helpfull if you posted Your pc specs and settings.
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    So people tried to help you and now you are yelling "dead game" to their beloved game... not so nice!
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    Just getting sick of everything that sounds like "dead game" 😅
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    Tonight I decided to give Battalion 1944 one last try. But even that was fruitless, there were a number of players on "locked" servers and the odd one on the unlocked ones so even if I wanted to play it was a waste of time. Good luck with the game but I am uninstalling. Bye bye!
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    Thank you. I'll look into modding the market json. I made a copy of Market0.json and removed machine guns and renamed it to rifles.json. I then made a copy of default.ini and called it rifles.ini. . I had to change references to Market0 file to rifles. Where it said market0.json I changed to rifles.json. Where it said Market0, I changed to rifles. Seems to be working and allows multiple ini files. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for everyone's help.
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    I take on board what your saying but it's not just me, trust me i wanted this game to be the boost a clan leader needed, recruiting members, playing in leagues and most importantly having a regular game to play with all your mates like back in the good old days. Probably my own fault for setting my sights too high but the game is progressing but i just can't for the life of me see that many people coming back to it. I hope im wrong and after release the game is top notch but as i type this i can't help but feel Battalion will be a game you play for 30 mins just for a break. As for Battlefield, ye i agree, just reskinned but then if something is working right then why not I have all the BF also except Hardline, even the spec ops expansion for the original BF, the good old days never to be repeated unfortunately.
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    I made this thread on Steam forums, but thought of posting it here as well. I know it's not only for Battalion 1944, but i'm sure it can still fix many troubles you can get! In English Before posting any problem, be sure to have the minimum requirements to run the game. Then check bellow: Few things to check: Removal of all modded files, and unsubscription of all workshop items Outdated or improperly working driver for your graphics card: Reinstall/update driver Damaged/dying hardware (typically graphics card) Overheating of your hardware components (typically graphics card or CPU) Check that the game is added in the exeption list of your firewall Same for your antivirus. You may need to add the whole directory of the game to your antivirus exeption list Verify the game's files by right clicking the game in your Steam library, going to Properties, and then clicking "Verify integrity of game cache" under the Local Files tab. Restart of your box Restart of Steam If you're using a laptop with dual GPU, be sure to force the use of the dedicated GPU (for NVIDIA: nvidia settings> 3D settings>Preferred GPU: High spec Nvidia processor) Some software that injects an overlay over the game such as Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow or Raptr could contribute to game instability. Disable these overlays if the game is crashing at random times during gameplay. In order for us to help you as much as possible, when describing your issue, please include the following: A brief description of the issue. A list of basic hardware configuration of your PC. Your operating system, its version and if you have a 32 or 64 bit edition. Mention if you are using modifications ingame like skins or model replacements. Mention if you are using custom configuration files. Explain what you have tried to do to solve the issue, but did not work. En Français Avant de publier un problème, assurez-vous d'avoir la configuration minimale requise pour lancer le jeu. Puis vérifiez ci-dessous: Certaines choses à vérifier: Suppression de tous les fichiers modifiés et désinscription de tous les éléments de l'atelier Pilote obsolète ou ne fonctionnant pas correctement pour votre carte graphique: Réinstaller / mettre à jour le pilote Matériel endommagé / mourant (généralement une carte graphique) Surchauffe de vos composants matériels (typiquement carte graphique ou CPU) Vérifiez que le jeu est ajouté dans la liste d'exeption de votre pare-feu Idem pour votre antivirus. Vous devrez peut-être ajouter le répertoire entier du jeu à votre liste d'exeption de l'antivirus Vérifiez les fichiers du jeu en cliquant droit sur le jeu dans votre bibliothèque Steam, en allant dans Propriétés, puis en cliquant sur "Vérifier l'intégrité du cache du jeu" dans l'onglet Fichiers locaux. Redémarrage de votre box/routeur Redémarrage de Steam Si vous utilisez un ordinateur portable avec deux GPU, veillez à forcer l'utilisation du GPU dédié (pour NVIDIA: paramètres nvidia> Paramètres 3D> GPU préféré: processeur Nvidia haute performance) Certains logiciels qui injectent une "surcouche" sur le jeu tels que Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow ou Raptr peuvent contribuer à l'instabilité du jeu. Désactivez ces derniers si le jeu plante à des moments aléatoires pendant le jeu. Afin que nous puissions vous aider autant que possible, veuillez décrire ce qui suit lors de la description de votre problème (à faire en anglais!): Une brève description du problème. Une liste de configuration matérielle de base de votre PC. Votre système d'exploitation, sa version et si vous avez une édition 32 ou 64 bits. Mentionnez si vous utilisez des modifications comme des habillages ou des remplacements de modèles. Mentionnez si vous utilisez des fichiers de configuration personnalisés. Expliquez ce que vous avez essayé de faire pour résoudre le problème, mais cela n'a pas fonctionné. En español Antes de publicar cualquier problema, asegúrese de tener los requisitos mínimos para ejecutar el juego. A continuación, verifique abajo: Pocas cosas para verificar: Eliminación de todos los archivos modificados y anulación de la suscripción de todos los elementos del taller Controlador desactualizado o que funciona incorrectamente para su tarjeta gráfica: reinstalar / actualizar el controlador Hardware dañado / agonizante (generalmente tarjeta gráfica) Sobrecalentamiento de los componentes de tu hardware (típicamente tarjeta gráfica o CPU) Verifica que el juego se haya agregado en la lista de excepciones de tu firewall Lo mismo para tu antivirus. Es posible que deba agregar el directorio completo del juego a su lista de excepciones de antivirus Verifica los archivos del juego haciendo clic con el botón derecho en la biblioteca de Steam, yendo a Propiedades y luego haciendo clic en "Verificar la integridad de la memoria caché del juego" en la pestaña Archivos locales. Reinicio de tu caja Si estás usando una laptop con doble GPU, asegúrate de forzar el uso de la GPU dedicada (para NVIDIA: configuración nvidia> configuración 3D> GPU preferida: procesador Nvidia de alta especificación) Algún software que inyecta una superposición sobre el juego como Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow o Raptr podría contribuir a la inestabilidad del juego. Inhabilita estas superposiciones si el juego se cuelga en momentos aleatorios durante el juego. Para poder ayudarlo lo más posible, al describir su problema, incluya lo siguiente (¡en inglés!): Una breve descripción del problema. Una lista de la configuración básica de hardware de tu PC. Su sistema operativo, su versión y si tiene una edición de 32 o 64 bit. Menciona si estás usando modificaciones en el juego como máscaras o reemplazos de modelos. Mencione si está usando archivos de configuración personalizados. Explica qué has intentado hacer para resolver el problema, pero no funcionó. Auf Deutsch Stelle sicher, dass du die Mindestanforderungen hast, um das Spiel zu starten. Dann überprüfen Sie unten: Einige Dinge zu überprüfen: Entfernen aller modifizierten Dateien und Abmeldung aller Workshop-Artikel Veralteter oder nicht ordnungsgemäß funktionierender Treiber für deine Grafikkarte: Treiber neu installieren / aktualisieren Beschädigte / auslaufende Hardware (normalerweise Grafikkarte) Überhitzung der Hardwarekomponenten (normalerweise Grafikkarte oder CPU) Prüfe, ob das Spiel in der Ausnahmeliste deiner Firewall hinzugefügt wurde Das gleiche gilt für dein Antivirenprogramm. Möglicherweise müssen Sie das gesamte Verzeichnis des Spiels zu Ihrer Virenschutz-Ausnahmeliste hinzufügen Prüfe die Spieldateien, indem du mit der rechten Maustaste auf das Spiel in deiner Steam-Bibliothek klickst, zu Eigenschaften gehst und dann auf der Registerkarte Lokale Dateien auf "Integrität des Spielcaches überprüfen" klickst. Neustart deiner Box Wenn du einen Laptop mit Dual-GPU verwendest, achte darauf, die dedizierte GPU zu verwenden (für NVIDIA: NVIDIA-Einstellungen> 3D-Einstellungen> Bevorzugte GPU: Nvidia-Prozessor mit hoher Spezifikation) Einige Software, die ein Overlay über das Spiel bringt, wie Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow oder Raptr, könnte zur Spielinstabilität beitragen. Deaktivieren Sie diese Overlays, wenn das Spiel zu zufälligen Zeiten während des Spiels abstürzt. Damit wir Ihnen bei der Beschreibung Ihres Problems so gut wie möglich helfen können, fügen Sie bitte Folgendes hinzu (in Englisch!): Eine kurze Beschreibung des Problems. Eine Liste der grundlegenden Hardwarekonfigurationen Ihres PCs. Dein Betriebssystem, seine Version und wenn du eine 32 oder 64 Bit Edition hast. Erwähnen Sie, ob Sie Änderungen an Ingame-Skins oder Modell-Ersatz verwenden. Erwähnen Sie, wenn Sie benutzerdefinierte Konfigurationsdateien verwenden. Erkläre, was du versucht hast, um das Problem zu lösen, aber nicht funktioniert hat. Em portugues Antes de postar qualquer problema, certifique-se de ter os requisitos mínimos para executar o jogo. Então confira abaixo: Algumas coisas para verificar: Remoção de todos os arquivos modificados e remoção de assinatura de todos os itens da oficina Driver desatualizado ou incorretamente funcionando para sua placa gráfica: Reinstale / atualize o driver Hardware danificado / agonizante (geralmente placa gráfica) Superaquecimento de seus componentes de hardware (geralmente placa gráfica ou CPU) Verifique se o jogo foi adicionado na lista de exceções do seu firewall O mesmo para o seu antivírus. Você pode precisar adicionar o diretório inteiro do jogo à sua lista de exceção de antivírus Verifique os arquivos do jogo clicando com o botão direito do mouse no jogo em sua biblioteca Steam, indo para Propriedades e, em seguida, clicando em "Verificar integridade do cache do jogo" na guia Arquivos locais. Reinício da sua caixa Se você estiver usando um laptop com duas GPUs, certifique-se de forçar o uso da GPU dedicada (para NVIDIA: nvidia settings> 3D settings> GPU preferida: processador Nvidia de alta especificação) Alguns softwares que injetam uma sobreposição no jogo, como Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow ou Raptr, podem contribuir para a instabilidade do jogo. Desative essas sobreposições se o jogo estiver travando em momentos aleatórios durante o jogo. Para que possamos ajudá-lo o máximo possível, ao descrever seu problema, inclua o seguinte (em inglês!): Uma breve descrição do problema. Uma lista de configuração básica de hardware do seu PC. Seu sistema operacional, sua versão e se você tiver uma edição de 32 ou 64 bits. Mencione se você está usando modificações no jogo como skins ou substituições de modelos. Mencione se você está usando arquivos de configuração personalizados. Explique o que você tentou fazer para resolver o problema, mas não funcionou. In italiano Prima di pubblicare qualsiasi problema, assicurati di avere i requisiti minimi per eseguire il gioco. Quindi controlla sotto: Poche cose da controllare: Rimozione di tutti i file modificati e annullamento della sottoscrizione di tutti gli articoli dell'officina Driver non aggiornato o funzionante per la tua scheda grafica: Reinstallare / aggiornare il driver Hardware danneggiato / morente (tipicamente scheda grafica) Surriscaldamento dei componenti hardware (in genere scheda grafica o CPU) Verifica che il gioco sia aggiunto nella lista di eccezioni del tuo firewall Lo stesso per il tuo antivirus. Potrebbe essere necessario aggiungere l'intera directory del gioco alla lista delle eccezioni antivirus Verifica i file del gioco facendo clic con il tasto destro del mouse nella libreria di Steam, andando su Proprietà, quindi facendo clic su "Verifica integrità della cache di gioco" nella scheda File locali. Riavvia la tua casella Se utilizzi un laptop con doppia GPU, assicurati di forzare l'uso della GPU dedicata (per NVIDIA: impostazioni nvidia> impostazioni 3D> GPU preferita: processore Nvidia con specifiche elevate) Alcuni software che inietta uno overlay del gioco come Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow o Raptr potrebbero contribuire all'instabilità del gioco. Disabilita questi overlay se il gioco si blocca in momenti casuali durante il gioco. Per consentirci di aiutarti il più possibile, quando descrivi il tuo problema, ti preghiamo di includere quanto segue (in inglese!): Una breve descrizione del problema. Un elenco di configurazione hardware di base del tuo PC. Il tuo sistema operativo, la sua versione e se hai un'edizione a 32 o 64 bit. Indica se stai utilizzando modifiche come skin o modelli sostitutivi. Indicare se si stanno utilizzando file di configurazione personalizzati. Spiega cosa hai provato a fare per risolvere il problema, ma non ha funzionato. W języku polskim Zanim opublikujesz jakiś problem, upewnij się, że posiadasz minimalne wymagania do uruchomienia gry. Następnie sprawdź poniżej: Kilka rzeczy do sprawdzenia: Usunięcie wszystkich zmodyfikowanych plików i anulowanie subskrypcji wszystkich elementów warsztatu Nieaktualny lub nieprawidłowo działający sterownik karty graficznej: Zainstaluj ponownie / zaktualizuj sterownik Uszkodzony / obumierający sprzęt (zwykle karta graficzna) Przegrzanie komponentów sprzętowych (zazwyczaj karty graficznej lub procesora) Sprawdź, czy gra jest dodana na liście wyjątków twojej zapory To samo dotyczy twojego programu antywirusowego. Konieczne może być dodanie całego katalogu gry do listy wyjątków antywirusowych Sprawdź pliki gry, klikając prawym przyciskiem myszy grę w swojej bibliotece Steam, przechodząc do Właściwości, a następnie klikając "Sprawdź integralność pamięci podręcznej gry" na karcie Pliki lokalne. Restart twojego pudełka Jeśli używasz laptopa z podwójnym GPU, pamiętaj, aby wymusić użycie dedykowanego procesora graficznego (dla NVIDIA: ustawienia nvidia> Ustawienia 3D> Preferowany procesor graficzny: Zaawansowany procesor Nvidia) Niektóre programy, które nakładają nakładkę na grę, takie jak Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow lub Raptr, mogą przyczynić się do niestabilności gry. Wyłącz te nakładki, jeśli gra ulega awarii podczas losowania podczas gry. Abyśmy mogli Ci jak najwięcej pomóc, opisując Twój problem, dołącz następujące informacje (w języku angielskim!): Krótki opis problemu. Lista podstawowych konfiguracji sprzętowych komputera. Twój system operacyjny, jego wersja i wersja 32- lub 64-bitowa. Należy wspomnieć, jeśli używasz modyfikacji takich jak skórki lub zamienniki modelu. Należy wspomnieć, jeśli używasz niestandardowych plików konfiguracyjnych. Wyjaśnij, co próbujesz zrobić, aby rozwiązać problem, ale nie zadziałał. На русском Прежде чем отправлять какие-либо проблемы, обязательно соблюдайте минимальные требования для запуска игры. Затем проверьте ниже: Немного вещей, чтобы проверить: Удаление всех модифицированных файлов и отказ от подписки на все предметы мастерской Устаревший или ненадлежащий рабочий драйвер для вашей видеокарты: переустановите / обновите драйвер Поврежденное / умирающее оборудование (обычно графическая карта) Перегрев ваших аппаратных компонентов (как правило, видеокарты или процессора) Убедитесь, что игра добавлена в список exeption вашего брандмауэра То же самое для вашего антивируса. Возможно, вам потребуется добавить весь каталог игры в список антивирусных исключений Проверьте файлы игры, щелкнув правой кнопкой мыши игру в своей библиотеке Steam, выбрав «Свойства», а затем «Проверка целостности кеша игры» на вкладке «Локальные файлы». Перезапуск вашей коробки Если вы используете ноутбук с двойным графическим процессором, обязательно используйте специальный графический процессор (для настроек NVIDIA: nvidia) 3D-настройки> Предпочтительный графический процессор: процессор высокой производительности Nvidia) Некоторое программное обеспечение, которое вводит наложение поверх игры, такое как Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow или Raptr, может способствовать нестабильности игры. Отключите эти оверлеи, если игра рушится в случайном порядке во время игры. Чтобы мы могли как можно больше помочь вам, при описании вашей проблемы, пожалуйста, включите следующее (на английском!): Краткое описание проблемы. Список базовой аппаратной конфигурации вашего ПК. Ваша операционная система, ее версия и если у вас 32 или 64-разрядная версия. Упомяните, если вы используете модификации, такие как скины или замены модели. Упоминание, если вы используете настраиваемые файлы конфигурации. Объясните, что вы пытались решить, но не работали. 日本語で 問題を投稿する前に、ゲームを実行するための最低限の要件があることを確認してください。次に、ベローズを確認してください: チェックするものはほとんどありません: すべての改変ファイルの削除、およびすべてのワークショップ項目の登録解除 グラフィックスカードの古いまたは間違った動作をするドライバ:ドライバの再インストール/アップデート 損傷した/枯渇しているハードウェア(通常はグラフィックカード) ハードウェアコンポーネント(通常はグラフィックスカードまたはCPU)の過熱 ファイアウォールの除外リストにゲームが追加されていることを確認してください あなたのウイルス対策と同じです。ゲームのディレクトリ全体をアンチウィルスの除外リストに追加する必要があるかもしれません Steamライブラリのゲームを右クリックし、[プロパティ]に移動し、[ローカルファイル]タブの[ゲームキャッシュの整合性を確認]をクリックして、ゲームのファイルを確認します。 ボックスの再起動 デュアルGPU搭載のラップトップを使用している場合は、専用のGPU(NVIDIAの場合:NVIDIA設定> 3D設定>優先GPU:ハイスペックNVIDIAプロセッサ)を強制的に使用してください。 Mumble、MSI Afterburner、Overflow、Raptrなどのゲームオーバーレイを注入するソフトウェアによっては、ゲームが不安定になることがあります。ゲームプレイ中にランダムな時間にゲームがクラッシュしている場合、これらのオーバーレイを無効にします。 できるだけお手伝いさせていただくために、問題をご説明いただく際には、次のものをご記入ください(英語): 問題の簡単な説明。 お使いのPCの基本的なハードウェア構成のリスト。 お使いのオペレーティングシステム、そのバージョン、32または64ビット版をお持ちの場合 あなたがスキンやモデル交換のような変更を使用している場合に言及します。 カスタム構成ファイルを使用している場合の言及。 問題を解決するために何をしようとしたのか説明してもうまくいかないことを説明してください 中文 在发布任何问题之前,请确保运行游戏的最低要求。然后检查波纹管: 几件事情要检查: 删除所有修改的文件,并取消所有研讨会项目的订阅 显卡过时或工作不正常的驱动程序:重新安装/更新驱动程序 损坏/死亡的硬件(通常是图形卡) 硬件组件过热(通常为图形卡或CPU) 检查游戏是否添加到防火墙的禁用列表中 与您的防病毒软件相同。您可能需要将游戏的整个目录添加到防病毒免除列表中 通过右键单击Steam库中的游戏,转到属性,然后在本地文件选项卡下单击“验证游戏缓存的完整性”,验证游戏文件。 重新启动你的盒子 如果您使用的是双GPU的笔记本电脑,请确保强制使用专用GPU(对于NVIDIA:nvidia设置> 3D设置>首选GPU:高规格Nvidia处理器) 某些在游戏中注入叠加层的软件,如Mumble,MSI Afterburner,Overflow或Raptr可能会导致游戏不稳定。如果在游戏过程中游戏在随机时间崩溃,请禁用这些叠加层。 为了让我们尽可能地为您提供帮助,在描述您的问题时,请包括以下内容(英文!): 对问题的简要描述。 PC的基本硬件配置列表。 您的操作系统,其版本以及您是否拥有32或64位版本。 提及您是否像使用皮肤或模型替换一样使用修改。 提及您是否使用自定义配置文件。 解释你试图解决这个问题,但没有奏效。 Türkçede Herhangi bir problem göndermeden önce, oyunu çalıştırmak için asgari şartlara sahip olduğunuzdan emin olun. Sonra kontrol edin: Kontrol edilecek birkaç şey: Tüm değiştirilmiş dosyaların kaldırılması ve tüm atölye öğelerinin aboneliğinin kaldırılması Grafik kartınız için eski veya yanlış çalışan sürücü: Sürücüyü yeniden yükle / güncelle Hasarlı / ölmekte olan donanım (genellikle grafik kartı) Donanım bileşenlerinin aşırı ısınması (genellikle grafik kartı veya CPU) Oyunun güvenlik duvarınızın exeption listesine eklendiğini kontrol edin Antivirüsünüz için de aynı. Oyunun tüm dizinini virüsten koruma exeption listesine eklemeniz gerekebilir. Oyunun dosyalarını Steam kütüphanenizde sağ tıklayarak, Özellikler'e gidip Yerel Dosyalar sekmesi altındaki "Oyun önbelleğinin bütünlüğünü doğrula" yı tıklayarak oynatabilirsiniz. Kutunuzun yeniden başlatılması Çift GPU'lu bir dizüstü bilgisayar kullanıyorsanız, özel GPU kullanımını zorladığınızdan emin olun (NVIDIA: nvidia ayarları> 3D ayarları> Tercih Edilen GPU: Yüksek özellikli Nvidia işlemci) Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow veya Raptr gibi oyunda bir yer paylaşımı yapan bazı yazılımlar oyunun kararsızlığına katkıda bulunabilir. Oyun, oyun sırasında rastgele zamanlarda çöküyorsa, bu kaplamaları devre dışı bırakın. Sorununuzu açıklarken olabildiğince size yardımcı olabilmek için lütfen aşağıdakileri ekleyin (ingilizce!): Sorunun kısa bir açıklaması. PC'nizin temel donanım yapılandırmasının bir listesi. İşletim sisteminiz, sürümü ve 32 veya 64 bit sürümünüz varsa. Kaplamalar veya model değiştirmeleri gibi modifikasyonlar kullanıyorsanız. Özel yapılandırma dosyaları kullanıyorsanız belirtin. Sorunu çözmek için ne yapmaya çalıştığınızı açıklayın, ancak işe yaramadı. 한국 문제를 게시하기 전에 게임을 실행하기위한 최소 요구 사항을 갖추어야합니다. 그런 다음 벨로우즈를 확인하십시오 : 확인할 사항은 거의 없습니다. 모든 수정 된 파일 제거 및 모든 워크샵 항목의 등록 취소 그래픽 카드의 구식이거나 부적절하게 작동하는 드라이버 : 드라이버 재설치 / 업데이트 손상되거나 수명이 다한 하드웨어 (일반적으로 그래픽 카드) 하드웨어 구성 요소 (일반적으로 그래픽 카드 또는 CPU) 과열 게임이 방화벽의 예외 목록에 추가되었는지 확인하십시오. 바이러스 백신과 동일합니다. 바이러스 백신 제외 목록에 게임의 전체 디렉터리를 추가해야 할 수 있습니다. Steam 라이브러리에서 게임을 마우스 오른쪽 단추로 클릭하고 속성으로 이동 한 다음 로컬 파일 탭에서 "게임 캐시 무결성 확인"을 클릭하여 게임 파일을 확인하십시오. 상자 재시작 듀얼 GPU가있는 랩톱 컴퓨터를 사용하는 경우 전용 GPU (NVIDIA : NVIDIA 설정> 3D 설정> 기본 GPU : High spec NVIDIA 프로세서)를 사용하도록하십시오. Mumble, MSI Afterburner, Overflow 또는 Raptr과 같은 게임 오버레이를 삽입하는 일부 소프트웨어는 게임 불안정성에 기여할 수 있습니다. 게임이 진행되는 동안 무작위로 게임이 중단되는 경우이 오버레이를 비활성화하십시오. 문제를 설명 할 때 최대한 많은 도움을 받으려면 다음을 포함하십시오 (영문). 문제에 대한 간단한 설명. PC의 기본 하드웨어 구성 목록입니다. 운영 체제, 버전 및 32 비트 또는 64 비트 버전이있는 경우. 스킨이나 모델 대체품과 같은 수정을 사용하는 경우 언급하십시오. 사용자 지정 구성 파일을 사용하는 경우 언급됩니다. 문제를 해결하기 위해 무엇을 시도했는지 설명하고 작동하지는 않습니다. في العربية قبل نشر أي مشكلة ، تأكد من الحصول على الحد الأدنى من المتطلبات لتشغيل اللعبة. ثم تحقق من رفع الصوت: بعض الأشياء للتحقق: إزالة جميع الملفات المعدلة ، وإلغاء الاشتراك في جميع بنود ورشة العمل برنامج تشغيل قديم أو غير صحيح لبطاقة الرسومات: إعادة تثبيت / تحديث برنامج التشغيل الأجهزة التالفة / التي تموت (عادةً بطاقة الرسومات) ارتفاع درجة حرارة مكونات الأجهزة (عادةً ما تكون بطاقة الرسومات أو وحدة المعالجة المركزية) تأكد من إضافة اللعبة في قائمة الاستثناءات لجدار الحماية نفس لبرامج مكافحة الفيروسات. قد تحتاج إلى إضافة الدليل الكامل للعبة إلى قائمة exeption لمكافحة الفيروسات تحقق من ملفات اللعبة بالنقر بزر الماوس الأيمن فوق اللعبة في مكتبة Steam ، والانتقال إلى خصائص ، ثم النقر فوق "التحقق من سلامة ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت للعبة" ضمن علامة التبويب "ملفات محلية". إعادة تشغيل المربع الخاص بك إذا كنت تستخدم جهاز كمبيوتر محمول مع GPU مزدوج ، تأكد من فرض استخدام GPU المخصص (لإعدادات NVIDIA: nvidia> إعدادات 3D> GPU المفضل: معالج Nvidia عالي المواصفات) بعض البرامج التي تضيف تراكبًا فوق اللعبة مثل Mumble أو MSI Afterburner أو Overflow أو Raptr يمكن أن تسهم في عدم استقرار اللعبة. تعطيل هذه التراكبات إذا كانت اللعبة تتعطل في أوقات عشوائية أثناء اللعب. لكي نساعدك بأكبر قدر ممكن ، عند وصف مشكلتك ، يرجى تضمين ما يلي (بالإنجليزية!): وصف موجز للمشكلة. قائمة من تكوين الأجهزة الأساسية للكمبيوتر الخاص بك. نظام التشغيل ، وإصدارته ، وإذا كان لديك إصدار 32 أو 64 بت. أذكر ما إذا كنت تستخدم تعديلات داخل اللعبة مثل الجلود أو بدائل النموذج. أذكر ما إذا كنت تستخدم ملفات تهيئة مخصصة. اشرح ما حاولت فعله لحل المشكلة ، ولكن لم تنجح.
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    @Soldat Ryan, And Thanks once more for these answers as well! -cb99
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    This is only for Arcade and/or Wartide. This is not for Server browser where ALL servers must been displaying. So yes, if you choose EU servers when you play Arcade, you join EU servers. There is no ping-lock in the settings, or i missed it. If i m right (must be confirmed by others .... or devs 🙄), you can see only servers with the same version of yours. So if your game is running the last version, you are able only to see servers updated too, not those with older version. The problem is not new and persist since long time. It has been reported yet.
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    "COMMUNITY SERVERS" are not official servers. This is the default name use in config file (defaultserver.ini). Bulkhead do not managing these servers. The server is maybe simply locked ! Did you try other servers ?
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    Such a shame tbh and im thinking of doing the same thing since i haven't bothered with Battalion since 17th March so might as well free up some hard drive space.
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    I love the new update with all the new options. Im looking for the best visibility, but there are so many Options and its hard to figure out if u have good settings. So I would like to see how other Players have set their environmental tweaks. Color Strength: 10 Color Tint: 5.5 Toggle Fog: Disabled Toggle Atmospherics: Disabled Toggle Antialiasing: Disabled Toggle Landscape Shadows: Disabled World Contrast: 0 Sky Fade: 0 Vignette: 3 Lightbounce Power: 10 AO Strength: 0 Toggle Static AO: Disabled Toggle Detail Occlusion: Disabled Lens Flare Intensity: 0 Toggle Lens Flare: Disabled Toggle Bloom: Disabled Exposure Amount: 5.5 Motion Blur: Disabled Kill Aberration: Disabled Digital Vibrance is at 100%
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    Did anyone ever stop and think that the reason you see no-one playing is because people like you. You see low numbers and give up. If everyone does that...no players. If everyone that says "game is dead" would get in there and play...voila, more players. Got to admit, game has come a long way. Get in there and give it a chance. The only people that can bring numbers up is ourselves.
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    As said in another thread to someone else DoD is a hipfire game and the maps simply wouldn't work well game-play wise in a ADS shooter like this.. SO NOPE.
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    Sup guys, as Im just searching a german based Team, ill continue writing this text in german. Hallo vielleicht zukünftige Teammates! Ich suche ein Team in Battalion 1944, mit dem man eventuell erstmal ein wenig einsteigen kann um noch ein wenig mehr Erfahrung in dem Spiel zu bekommen. Selber spiele ich derzeit noch CS:GO in ESEA, bin jedoch an keinem Team gebunden. Ich habe einige Jahre eSport Erfahrung auf dem Buckel, sowie einige Jahre im Shooter Genre. Durch das neue Update von Battalion haben ich Spaß gefunden an dem Game, bin aber leider jemand, der ein Spiel nicht einfach nur aus Spaß spielen kann. Ich kann verlieren, hasse es aber wie die Pest. Für mich ist es wichtig nicht aufzugeben, an sich zuarbeiten und beim nächsten mal den Gegner in den Arsch zu treten. Spiele für gewöhnlich die einzel Schuss Waffen für 1 Token, oder die Rifle (Hier bevorzuge ich das STG, die Bar ist noch nciht mein Freund geworden). Aim ist vorhanden, muss aber noch auf Battalion angepasst werden. Wenn Ihr noch mehr erfahren wollt, könnt ihr mir gerne per Steam oder hier im Forum schreiben (Steamlink weiter unten) Eckdaten: IGN: TrueFate Steam: www.Steamcommunity.com/id/TrueFateFK Alter: 19.07.1994 (23) Teamspeak, Headset, Gehirn sind vorhanden Skill: Zwischen Mid-Mid/High (happert noch an Map Kenntnis und Movement) Spielzeiten: Ab 18/19 - Ende Offen, Wochenende unbegrenzt
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    Give this game some time. Its amazing how many skilled Players are on the server. Never ever experienced this before. I love the Battlefield Series too, i have all BF on Origin except Hardline, but BFV will just another Re-Skin from BF1 like they did with BF3&4. I think Battalion will do this, just look at other EarlyAcces Games -> nothing happens for months and in Battalion u see how many effort they put into their game and dont forget the small dev team.... :p
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    I hope so, that you are wrong we will see what devs will bring, with more content and less bugs there will be more players I hope I started BF series with Vietnam and my favourite titles are 2&3 played it tons of hours and it was pure fun. My personal opinion is, that BF is going the wrong way (casual) You had the Sentinel Packs in BF1 aka "uh yes every noob can be a frag machine for some time" and in BFV there will be Planes with huge bombs aka COD Killstreak award.... I will definitley play the Battlefield Beta but i guess i will stick to Battalion Have a nice day
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