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    Yo guys, 2 bad the forums really died, we had a nice community here when we we're testing the first versions of battalion 1944. We we're all so hyped after a long wait of this next big thing named battalion 1944. I haven't really been around for some time and now and then I read what's happening on twitter, reddit etc. So far no release date but probally coming really fast now. Well after we we're left alone at these forums and the game wasn't that great i decided to quit the game. The game was imo too far away from cod 1 / cod 2 the game i was really hoping for. I guess i read some positives the past time and decided to give this game 1 more try after release. So let's hope the player count grows really fast, and the game has evolved in something they promised at first in combination what they decided to create later on. Anyone else coming back to check the game after release. Cya guys :)
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    NA Community: 509th.net <<< Pros v. Joes >>> TDM server direct connect info: I have put up and will permanently keep up, even after full release, an 18 slot TDM server for the Battalion 1944 community. Unlike my Tactical #2 server, which is designed for the guys that want to play without the strafe jumping, corner jumping etc, this <<< Pro v. Joe >>> server is designated for the competitive pros and competitive joes to use, without any type of game play restrictions. Additionally, * The Kar 98 is available on both sides. * Nades and smoke are able to be picked up if you have an empty equipment slot, just walk over the equipment on the ground and resupply. * Weapons remain on the ground for an extended period of time to be picked up if needed. * Slightly reduced respawn time. I just ask that you use "autoassign" just to keep the talent on the teams from becoming lopsided and be respectful toward each other. Bramm and the rest of the crew, thanks for developing this game! I've loved every minute of Battalion since Alpha day one and am looking forward to full release and great success to the Bulkhead team! ~ Respectfully [509] Ryan