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    Dlc are way worse than microtransaction, they just split the community and generate less revenue.
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    No there won't be since this isn't any kind of battlefield game.
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    I agree with you, when i backed the Alpha (65 euro) i expected to be able to play the alpha/game all the time maybe not online but atleast in offline/LAN mode, even BigTuneAlex thought we could but the changed their minds last minute for some reason (security i believe). It was a disappointment but atleast i thought we could play every weekend, but that changed to one weekend each month and only from 18:00 - 04:00 for only 2 days (which is way too short imo) And after 3 months and 3 alpha's we hear nothing from the devs about the next alpha weekend and we find out from a sketchy twitch interview we will probably wont be able to play the game for a long time? I know every negative post here towards the devs are being downvoted by white knights, but i cant hide the fact that i feel kinda dissapointed about the whole thing.
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    Since these people would be talking from their real experience on Alpha and not only from some footage, yes, it's under NDA. There is a difference if your opinion is based of some gameplay you saw or if you really played it.
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    then hes better than you cause he managed to headshot you with his first bullet after you failed to kill him with three it would also make the game slow/boring as fuck tbh
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    Wow didn't even think about that.. but my answer is: I need to play the competitive game-mode before i know i like the maps or not
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    Links to some info from 5 days ago: Howard on the next alpha Howard talking about Square Enix Collective Howard on pricing Howard talking about the competitive mode
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    I agree! Leg shots can obviously be a tag but upper chest or head is one bullet.
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    Hey guys We again want to say a huge thanks to all the Alpha Backers that played in Alpha v0.3, we had a great amount of people playing this time around despite Manor House still being the only map available. We appreciate all the hard work and time you have all put into the Battalion’s Alpha and all of you are really helping make this game better. We hope you enjoyed the weapon tweaks and updates we made to Battalion and this was probably our least buggy Alpha build so far thanks to the great work you have all done with feedback and bug reporting. Some feedback we received from Alpha v0.3 was that the carbines were not as as powerful as people expected. This is correct, they are pretty underpowered, however they have been designed this way deliberately as we are looking into having them as utility classes within our competitive game mode. Giveaways: Most Kills: Bot Alien - 2768 This was a tally of total kills throughout the weekend. Bot Alien was the top fragger in Alpha v0.1, v0.2 and now v0.3. He seems undefeatable and it seems it will take a dragon to knock him off his throne! Here is a graph to show just how much further ahead this gaming Alien was than the rest. Bot Alien is represented by the large blue far on the far left: Best bug reporting x2: Xtreem & Seekax This is a really important achievement as bug reporting and discussion of issues is what drives development and allows us to hammer home fixes for Alpha v0.3 and ultimately improve Battalions final state. Big thanks to these two for their feedback on the forum and their commitment to creating something special with Battalion 1944! There was countless amounts of great feedback on our forum with another great one from Dark and this decision was a close one but these two correlated multiple excellent bug reports, without telling us how we should have fixed it. Instead they clearly described the problems and how to recreate them. If these three could all message me (BigTuna) when you can then I can arrange their prizes and get them sent off asap. EGX and more: We’ll also be attending and showing Battalion on the Square Enix booth at EGX 2017. This will be at the NEC in Birmingham, UK on 21 – 24 September. Come see us, say hey and play Battalion to see for yourself what it’s like. We have been in contact with Gamers Apparel and had some Battalion 1944 jerseys made up. All of us here at Bulkhead love them and hope you do too so if you’re attending EGX you’ll most likely see us wearing them around somewhere. If you do make sure you say Hi to us. Big shout out to Gamers Apparel for these so make sure you check them out if you are looking to get some jerseys for your teams! We have some scary but big announcements coming in September. It may not be to everyone's liking but it will be really good for Battalion. We are looking at ways we can make the biggest splash possible in the new year. Stay tuned and thanks again guys! Tuna and the Bulkhead Team.
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    I seriously don't see what your problem is. It's literally just a visual element that doesn't impact gameplay in any way. It's not as if they give you 20% more speed if you spend $50. Or, for people like you, they should make the pricetag $100 and give you the skins for free. Maybe that makes you feel better, but plenty of people can play without and would like a lower pricetag because of that.
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    Why Closed Alpha Weekends? (Dedicated Server uptime and Testing Playtimes) As an extension of the fact that the Closed Alpha weekends are a testing phase for the game, it’s very important that we let you know that there will be dedicated server uptimes for playing the game and the reasoning behind why this is the case. The core reason is that we need time between play sessions and weekends to analyse the stats & data over the weekend and use your feedback to improve the game during the week. This way you’ll actively be a part of the community driven development we always promised, seeing weekly changes, additions and updates. Another reason is that at no point during the Closed Alpha testing periods do we want testers to not be able to find others to play with. We currently have a list of Alpha Backers, Humble pre-purchasers and external testers to help us improve the game during these periods. We've purposefully aimed for our Alpha player ‘pool’ to be around a few thousand players, however this does not mean concurrent player counts will reach that during Alpha, in fact we expect concurrent player counts to be much lower. This is in fact good for the game as it allows us to get more quality feedback from the hardcore few! These concurrent players will make up the core of our hardcore testing community from weekend to weekend. We will be taking on board your feedback through the forums and our social channels and then implement changes during the week, ready for the next alpha play test weekend. i am fine with the current state of the game but i was expecting when i bought in for 60€ to play once a week or once every 2 weeks but now we have 2 wait often longer then 1month for 1 weekend
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    micro-transactions, if done correctly, is the way to go for Battalion. like Zane says, DLC will only split the community and generate less revenue over the life of a game. micro-transactions are so much easier to throw small amounts of money at. i keep saying this but the way it's done in Overwatch is the best example i've seen for micro-transactions and their approach would fit perfectly into Battalion.
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    but your pledge doesn't include the word beta anywhere. your earliest access to the game is steam early access. estimated delivery: May 2017 refers to the earliest point in the development cycle that backers get access to the game. that earliest point was the closed alpha. if you didn't buy a pledge that included access to closed alpha then that estimated delivery date didn't apply to your pledge. if you read the dates given in the timeline on the kickstarter page in conjunction with the info in your pledge you could place your pledge within the timeline. maybe kickstarter should be clearer with how they do it but that's their setup i guess. also, there's no way a development cycle is set in stone before it has started so all the dates given were "estimated" and so were always subject to change. everyone seems to ignore the word estimated in the stated delivery date.
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    Fake Battalion demos start to appear on the internet. Obviously fake. Why would Bulkhead put the video of the Kickstarter in the introduction of the game ? ^^ And some links : https://www.game-demo2.com/battalion-1944-demo-telecharger/ http://reworkedgames.eu/battalion-1944-pc-download/ It goes without saying that it is advised to not download the contents of these links =)
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    Yeah but Pubg and Battalion are 2 different games, Pubg has one huge map so chances are you always get a different experience every time you play and the gamemode they have it's what Pubg is supposed be played on. Battalion on the other side has small maps and playing deathmatch over and over on the same map with a limited amount of weapons and customization can get boring quickly. Also mind that us backers pledged for having a role in shaping up the game and because we used to play promod, new buyers will most likely be outsiders and won't judge the game on what it is supposed to be but on what is it now. Days of war did many mistakes during EA and one of them was releasing too early to the public and the game is dead now, so the devs are smartly avoiding doing the same thing.
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    Yo, i appreciate your criticism! Its just that im used to a game that uses a certain amount of health without a regenerate mechanism while the player is not being shot at. And i think this would add incredibly much to Battalion. If you / the devs disagree, thats fine. I also think there are rather (Ex-) CoD 2 Players around here in these forums. There are only few CoD 1 Players left (like TheGoog, some threads below mine). But either way, i can deal with regenerating health as well as ive played several Battlefield games. About big maps, well its hard to describe but i get your point. Maps shouldnt be too big or they will eventually be a problem when it comes to play competitive. Its just that i think most CoD 1 maps have the perfect size for both casual and competitive gaming. Maybe you should take a look at mp_carentan or mp_harbor (in case you dont know them already). I've played this game at the gamescom this year in Cologne, and i saw that leaning is in game already. But im not sure about what kind of effect it has, there was not enough time at Gamescom to find that out. It would be nice if it has an effect like in CoD 1 1.1 / 1.5.
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    Correction, #bat44 make FPS great again, COD has had it's days
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    i really dont like that map that they are testing on, like i know its just a test map for now and there will be other maps, but really not a fan the way its designed, just random holes in the ground with ditches(i know i know its ww2 era type of crap) but just overall id prefer it more clean buildings with 2 or 3 floors, some streets, i mean basically like cod2/cod4, no crazy holes in the floor, just seems to have way too many holes all over the map. This is just my opinion, but for a 5v5 SnD id hate to play on that map lol, too narrow tunnels just overall layout turns me away from it. On the other hand i cant wait to see the other new maps and the mp44 looked great as well as the scopes.
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    I think you won't have problems selling it since a lot of people are trying to get into the alpha and next time at least read the infos in the Kickstarter campaign before blindly spending your money
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    I don't think he is suggestion removing the old classic spectator view, simply addition of an overview such as the one in COD:WWII or even NS2. Other than that: • The live player specific statistics from QL • Pretty much everything from CS:GO with a prettier and less clunky appearance • Alternate overview perspecive such as NS2 (or the example from COD:WWII) • Production additions (player faces/reactions, timers, etc.) such as those by PGL If it's possible to find a sweet spot in between any of these you're in a damn good place.
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    Hi, all Battalion 1944 Lovers ! In this thread i gonna put some stuff/materials from EGX. Come join to me ! I know everyone is waiting for "big annoucement" but until then we need to enjoy it
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    Well yeah but ive heard it in some of the other interview before that EA is comming in Q1 2018 for sure. Beta should be by the end of this year most likely november if i am correct? Im not sure where I ve heard it by now but its in my head as a sure thing But there should be some big announcment comming soon this month that was the reaction to HypeRNT
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    would be disapointing. As a humble backer i paid 65 euro's and it stated cleary in a later stage the game would be around 40 euro's. From that i thought investing 25 extra towards the game and being part of alpha, beta early acces was reasonable. Would be rly bad if people can buy in soon for 10 or 20 euro's. I wouldn't like this at all, as i expected more gametime. Not sure if they even stated it would be only weekends (nights), because of that and some problems i only played like 25 minutes so far.
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    For large single player games or games costing $60 it might be. If they're are single player then they don't have as many long term costs, and games such as Battlefield, CoD or Battlefront likely can make a profit from their own sales of the game itself. In the case of Battalion they're aiming it to be a cheap release costing somewhere in the price range of $15 give or take either way. They will be renting their own servers, releasing content post release and in theory having a large competitive scene with in the future things like LAN's, cups ect with support from leagues such as the ESL. So in comparison to most other games, not only is it going to be quite affordable but needed to support later development. As a smaller game developer they won't be able to rely on having 2000 game sales a month, it could happen but if it doesn't they need a backup source of income. As someone who watches some of Jim Sterling's videos and TotalBiscuit who are as far as I'm aware two main large YouTubers who have criticised games such as Dead space 3 for its micro-transactions, I would see this differently. These don't affect things in game nor will I imagine they will be expensive.
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    that's a lie told by many developers that many people believe today. I agree with the DLC point, let's wait to see if they can hold the money desire on that point
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    Top class video again, amigo, an excellent POV .
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    This has been discussed already and the thing where they probably will go for is wallbanging the same way as it is in CS:GO atm. Able to penetrate light surfaces such as wood, and trough corners/edges of concrete walls. People won't be able to shoot trough a brick wall as far as I heard About this you should contact @[CM] BigTuna, send him a pm with what you bought and what email you used. He can look it up and give you the rank. Nice post bro, glad to see people putting out their ideas. I also hope for a nice spectator mode. If PUBG was able to pull off a good spectator mode i'm pretty sure Battalion will get this sorted as well And about the non-regen health, I completely agree. It does'nt really make sense when you hit someone (about 85 damage) with a kar, and he can just walk off with it after hiding for a few seconds. However I think this is part of their plan I think. @RevoluT. has a good point on that one. Taking the luck factor down. This way people can not just spray, throw nades and get a kill without having any skill or even seeing the enemy (except when you're standing on top of a nade ofcourse...) Nice ideas! Let's see what the rest of the community thinks of this!
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    From what i have heard the game won't be free to play but it will cost around 13 eur = same as csgo. Microtransactions was already confirmed i guess as i heard somewhere about skins (which is good thing).
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    They have big announcements coming up. Probably beta ETA coming soon! Alpha is Running Tour it's end , game is getting well shaped. Personaly i expect closed beta somewhere october-november.
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    Lol i thought new news were released and someone opened pointless topic
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    I think battle cries would be sick at the start of the round, I also think that the voice commands in CS are really cool, as long as enemies can't hear them.
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    Could not agree more! Running is a must
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    WE NEED WALLBANGS PEOPLE! lots of love <3
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    I'm glad there is no flashes...I like to see my screen I've always used smoke instead of flash as SMG anyway, Which brings me to a point we should only have ONE flash or ONE smoke.
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    The keyboard is the razer blackwidow, mousepad razer goliathus and the mouse im not sure but i think its the logitech gpro
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    You need to have the alpha to get into the alpha discord
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    Would love to see this in bat44 as a game mode. But think it will be a classic s&d mode. Never played ET, but always loved to watch that game mode on competitive streams😍
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    read the pinned comment in this vid if you don't know who dr disrespect is.
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    CoD2 when played at a competitive level was 5v5 S&D. There was also a lot of community servers which provided larger player amounts and different gametypes (S&D, DM, TDM, CTF), Battalion will also have community servers with similar options.
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    There is Mazarini's stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168891480 - 46:30 Enjoy.
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    Stationary, prop-like vehicles. You will not be able to drive around in a tank, jeep or similar. The vehicles will be props around the maps or perhaps objectives on some, i.e. a bombsite.
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    Yes! Come join us for some quality pugs
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    Welcome aboard Lo0Pse, I have nothing to add to Ryan here
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    There will be a Frag and a Smoke Grenade. I am not sure about different types of throws though
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    This thread makes me giggle, what a word "wallbang"... Let's go bang a wall
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    Yeah, not trying to take anything away from them, just want them to keep going
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    In COD2 you had the sound notification with every single hit, not just headshot.
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    It's a good idea, just not for Battalion. It's been suggested a year ago, and a huge majority of the community weren't in favour of this.