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    Hey guys! My name is Tony Gorb, I'm 23 y/o and I'm a Graphic Designer and Junior Developer. First of all, I'd like to thank Bulkhead interactive for this game.It's impossible to find these days something like cod2/cod4 or any other old school fps. I'm really into this game and I'd like to support the devs for their tremendous work! I was thinking over the last few days on something more common but unique to other fps games and I decided to give it a try. Let me know what do you think of this Main Menu concept, would you like to see it in-game? Here's a clear template : After you'll click Play the top nav will change to this : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 1: Server Browser UI Redesign. When you'll click on "SWITCH TO" - Unranked / Competitive buttons will appear Main Menu : https://dribbble.com/shots/4184663-Battalion-1944-Menu-UI-Redesign Server Browser : https://dribbble.com/shots/4212855-Battalion-1944-Server-Browser-UI-Redesign you can also follow my Instagram page if you want to see more stuff like this https://www.instagram.com/tony_gorb/
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    This is not a CoD2 clone. This is not a Cod4 clone. This is not a CS/DoD clone. This is Battalion 1944. We are not going to pander to just one community - we take inspiration from ALL the great classic games and merge in needed features such as MM, rankings etc) from modern games. We aim to give a shared home to the FPS players who were abandoned by mindless modern shooter design and left behind by profit seeking publishers. We can share that beauty of the old school skill based shooters with the next generation of FPS players. I don't think any other developer is in the position to take the risk we took in developing this game. We didn't expect a huge playerbase - Thankfully 100,000 people signed up to play our beta and the future of the game is looking bright as we head into Early Access. Regardless, thanks for trying out our game. CoD2 and promod will always be great and you can still play them with their tiny communities - but if Battalion gives you any nostalgia for the glory days of FPS - you can choose to support us or not on February 1st.
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    Scroll down for a tl;dr I posted this originally in the backers section, but I feel the community as a whole needs to have productive discussions moving forward. Hey all. First off, I want to congratulate the Devs on a fairly successful EA launch. No launch is perfect, which we all as a community need to acknowledge, but your attention to issues that have arisen should give us hope that things will continue to improve in the coming year(hopefully years). Before I start, I’d like to give a little history of my experience; I am a former cod 1 - 2 and 4 invite player, in game leader, league admin with Cevo and Cal as well as the co-host of the first ever Cod4 tournament (xfire tournament) and creator of the first cod4 competition mod (DAMN mod). I also ran a tournament series called Gathering of the Nerds - a 10th anniversary tournament for Cod 1. I’m not here to tout my former glory days and e-accomplishments, I’m simply setting the stage for a productive conversation from someone who has close to 10k total hours of competitive play, many hours of admin duties, tournament planning, and modding since 2002. To start, there are a lot of things to like about Battalion. Their vision of Battalion being a successful e-sports title has a great foundation and as a former competitive player, I love that mindset from the Devs. Additionally, the guns, movement, and design focus is very conducive to a competitive atmosphere. The lack of fog/dust/and bevy of graphical options (even though we can’t use them yet) are again designed and created for competitive players. However, I feel that a few things must be addressed. I’m not going to talk about bugs, or net code issues, hitbox issues, and things of the like. Those are products of the beast, so-to-speak. They will get addressed, corrected, and patched as we move forward. I’m going to speak on core mechanics, how to maintain a solid player base, and how to create longevity that games tend to lack. Firstly, the time to kill issue, or ttk for short, is far too low. By that I mean damage given by certain guns is far to high and/or the rate of fire is far too fast. This makes smg’s vastly overpowered, as well as other issues arising in fire fights with all weapons. There was a similar issue in cod4 with the ak74u. It became a competitive nightmare. I believe that there can be some balance achieved in this area, but it will take time. Taking csgo as an example, smgs are situational, mgs are the middle ground between the awp, and then we have the power houses with the scopes. While I don’t feel like that model would work for Battalion, I still believe that some sort of balance needs to be achieved. This leads to my second issue, the running/jumping/sprinting accuracy. While jumping and run and gun has been synonymous with cod for quite some time, that sort of game play leads to a severely lessened skill gap. A game of this type needs a skill gap to aid in a games longevity. There should be an element of randomness, but mastering the nuances of the game should reward a player far more than a run and gun/spray and prey style. Accuracy should be tied into the movement, not be a product of said movement. What I mean by this is, standing and shooting, strafing and shooting, crouching and shooting, jumping and shooting, and drop shooting should all penalize and/or reward the player in some fashion. I’m all for cRaZy 360 noskopeZ and I’ve pulled a few crazy shots off in my day, but those should be an exception, not the norm. Load up any twitch stream and you’ll find ‘high’ level Battalion players sprinting then jumping whilst iron sighting, hitting insanely ridiculous shots that are insanely baffling and equally as hard to counter. Call of duty has always had elements of this, but I feel that it’s a little much in its current state with Battalion. There’s should be some sort of mastering of the mechanics. Again, take csgo as an example. The shooting mechanics, as well as movement mechanics, have an insane skill gap. From silver to global elite, the two are light years apart. Yet it’s not impossible to improve, which creates desire to improve, which aids in longevity. I’m not suggesting that the whole system needs reworking, I’m just simply saying that there needs to be some sort of penalty/reward system in the way of accuracy. The maps. This is probably the most least liked facet of this game amongst former competitors that I’ve spoken with. It feels as though the devs were trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ in terms of map layouts and structure. Take any cod 1/2 map and you’ll see hat they all have certain things in common. A path to the a site, a middle, a path to the b site, and rotation spots for the defensive team. Now that’s largely simplified but seriously take a look at the layouts. Dawnville; graveyard to a, mid to a, mid to b, and hobo to a. Clean, ample choke points with rotation abilities. Carentan; arches to a, mid to a, mid to b, mg to b Toujane; same set up with the added option of the roof tops. Villers Bocage; similar set up Railyard; while a little different, there’s still a middle (hangar) with alternate paths to both bomb sites. Matmata; again, a little different but still two alternate paths to each bombsite With Battalion, while it may be true that there’s alternate paths to each site, it’s either a) way too open, b) too cluttered, or c) there are far too many paths. I feel that simple is better here. A, mid, B with little variance in between. A couple paths to one of the sites? Sure. 4 paths to the same site? Ridiculous. An open middle (dawnville is open) sure, but allow the attacking team to be able to combat that openness with out sacrificing the entire rounds utilities (coastal comes to mind). Even if you use cs as a guide for map layout, D2 is set up with an a/mid a/mid/mid b/b layout with clear direction on how to execute those attacks. Mirage, the same. Cache, again very similarly laid out. Etc etc I get the desire to want to do it your way and do it differently, but don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Competitive maps are successful because of their layout. Competitive FPS shooters are successful, in addition to many other things, because of their maps and their lay out. Keep it simple. The only map that I feel has this layout style in mind is liberation. The rest, miss the mark by a long shot in my opinion. The last thing I’m going to touch on for now is the card system. I’ll be honest, during alpha testing.. I hated the idea. I hated the implementation. I hated the stupid design. I hated the whole concept. However, after pugging and scrimming utilizing the system, I don’t mind it much at all. It’s interesting, provides a strategic element, and can make or break a round. With that being said, there needs to be some improvement with the system in general. There should be a system in place that’s similar to cs’s ‘loss bonus’ eco. Where team a loses x number of rounds and they’re given say, one of each class. That way, a team has an opportunity to regain some momentum. As it stands if a team gets steam rolled the first few rounds, it then becomes insanely difficult to regain any momentum. In a competitive setting, momentum is key, and as a spectator momentum shifts are exciting. Next is the limit on nades. I fully understand the idea of limiting nades, however, I feel 8 is far too few. Maybe a way to ‘gain’ a grenade should be implemented, for example a successful defuse nets one frag grenade for the team bank, and killing a bomb planter nets one smoke. Inversely a bomb plant should net one smoke and killing a defused nets one frag grenade. Something along those lines so that utility becomes a focal point of the economy as well. I have more I’d like to touch on, but for now this should provide some groundwork for discussion. Tl;dr love the game and love the direction; however certain things, not related to net code, bugs, etc. need work. Weapon balancing and time to kill tweaks, accuracy rewards/penalties to heighten the skill gap and reward players who master the system rather than abuse the mechanics in a run and gun style, map layouts and design need a serious look, and card system improvements.
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    Why hello there, STK here, and this is my first time posting on the forums and I'd like to start off with a little bit of background info: I used to play cod4 a lot at decently high level, played cod2 and quake live a little bit, and most recently I've been playing overwatch at tier 2 level. Next to that I've been programming for about 5 years, mostly with game development in mind, and currently I'm studying "Creative Media and Game Technologies" at HKU in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Back in the days of cod4 I used to play smg for our team, and I absolutely LOVED the movement in that game. The movement in cod4 was the one thing that seperated promod from other shitty FPS games, and the fact that it took thousands of hours to master its movement was an extremely competitive and fun factor. After years of playing other games and occasionally playing .wars in cod4, Battalion 1944 finally arrives, and it is truly the game I've been waiting for. I love it so far. But that doesn't mean its perfect, and I mainly wanna focus on the movement in this game; strafing. Today, phantasy uploaded the video "Battalion 1944 - Strafe Jumping Tutorial", and in it he mentioned how the strafing is fundamentally different from quake engine based games, because battalion uses unreal engine, and therefore CANNOT have the same movement. This is absolute bullshit, the game's programmers should know this, and I'm here to explain why and how it could in fact be implemented. Since I've always loved strafing in games, I have done some research on the topic. There are a lot of different places on the internet where the mechanic gets described, but the most useful source of information has to come from the id software's github itself (https://github.com/id-Software). If anyone is interested in how it really works on a mathematical level, I'd be happy to explain, but I wont put that in this post just yet. When you go to the github, and more specifically to the quake 2 section, you can find a file named "pmove.c" (https://github.com/id-Software/Quake-2/blob/master/qcommon/pmove.c) this file contains all the character movement code of the engine, and its full of some great examples of code. When you scroll down to the function "PM_Accelerate", you see a function of just 15 lines long. Since movement is done by applying forces to the character in different directions, there has to be a function that limits and controls this kind of behavior. "PM_Accelerate" limits the amount of acceleration that occurs when pressing a specific directional key (WASD), and just this function alone creates the "bug" of air strafing. Again, quake-like strafing is not an "engine specific bug", but in fact some wonky vector math in the air control function. This CAN be implemented in different engines, and I have even done so. The following link is a demo i created of quake-like strafing done in unity: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19RcjAQmE33GCcfS-Pm3pWNDE6HxfmEDo/view?usp=sharing If the devs want help with implementing this feature, I would be honored, but please at least just look at the code, because I would KILL for real strafing in Battalion, and its frustrating to keep hearing its impossible when a noob dev like me can even implement it. That's it, -STK
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    Hey community, I am thinking about creating a tiny "server-browser" with filters, etc. It would run in the webbrowser (and mb as a electron-programm) done Querying a server to get details (name, maxplayers, gamemode, map, etc..) Server-list interface (lalala) basic filters | passwort protection, empty, full, gamemode, map country-flags + filter-by-country open connect to a server via mouseclick (probably won't be possible, connection via connect <IP>:<PORT> is the simple alternative) client-ping (maybe possible via browser-plugin; I have an ideaaa - it requires a little script running on the clientside tho) save filters in between sessions mobile-friendly filter-by-steamId (a.k.a. "show my servers") rcon-tool (looks like we need to wait for the devs to impl. support for it; would require a little clientside-script unless you want to expose the rcon-password to me ;-)) performance optimizations (since the serverlist prolly wont shrink any time soon ;), well it actually shrunk ~ 1700 -> 1000 im sure they will be back on the weekend) setting to change the "flag" of a server if its wrong (for the owner) Maybe anybody has some information for me that would help to get that thing done asap :). Also I am wondering if its only me or if there is a demand for an application like this aslong as the ingame browser is useless like it is right now.. I already created a working prototype - You can check it out here: http://browser.battalionservers.com
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    I think you guys are massively over estimating the affect of these changes. The update sounds much more drastic than what happens during normal play. The aim of all of the combined changes was to combat the fact that the most (and some would say only) viable option to counter a player who is holding an angle would be to strafe around a corner and hit them mid air with a single rifle shot, without even being scoped, giving the angle holding player no time to react. This is because of the following reasons: 1] Online peekers advantage - This exists in ALL games. Unless you are playing on LAN the peeking player will get a millisecond advantage over the player holding an angle, simply because their client performs the action which is then sent to the server and then back to other players. It is important to consider this when talking about these balance changes. 2] In the Beta build - it was possible to be 100% accurate before you could even be fully iron sighted in ADS. This meant in air quick scoping was extremely easy to do for any player of any skill. We've done testing and tweaking internally - and we've since reduced the in air inaccuracy to the point where you are now only 100% accurate just after you have fully iron sighted. This means you are 100% accurate just after the moment you have gone fully into ADS - even in the air. Timing is now incredibly important. The 'inaccurate' period is during the transition to ADS - which increases in accuracy throughout the transition from 0-100%. If you shoot during this exact period your shot will be inaccurate, meaning players can no longer shoot with pinpoint accuracy immediately after strafing a corner with the angle holder having 0 time to react. If players do decide to shoot during this pre-ADS period - they are taking the risk of their shot being inaccurate - putting them at a disadvantage for doing so if they miss their shot and have to re chamber their weapon. 3] ADS speed was too slow for certain classes to be able to shoulder peek corners. Jiggle peaking a corner is now more viable for all classes - meaning you don't have to strafe jump as the only way to counter someone holding an angle. BOTH are still VIABLE options - the only difference is that an explosive strafe jump play is fully committal and you must time and hit your shot. Shooting too early before being fully aimed down sight will punish that player. This increases the skill ceiling for rifle players. 4] SMG is supposed to be an up close and personal weapon - at max range the SMG does 13 bullets to kill. It wins in the close range engagements it's supposed to - however a skilled rifler can still have that chance to ADS and flick shot them - as long as they can aim their shot.
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    Nothing spectacular but might as well do something productive in the build up to EA release! Hopefully someone will enjoy.
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    pistol is too close to you character, other guns seem fine but I feel the pistol should be at a further distance. the second issue is that when you jump or even drop off a small ledge it slows you down quite allot. when switching weapon and shooting or aiming down sight, there is quite a big delay even when you 'double switch' video of example:
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    I wanna know is everybody happy? As an humblebundle backer i'm not so enthousiastic but maybe i didn't understand everything very well. Theres not much information about it so i just start my own topic for now. To get some information and wanna know the thoughts of other backers. So first of all we paid 65 euro's like a year ago to back this game, a lot of us couldn't back the kickstarter because it didn't accept PayPal but a lot of us have been here from the start. Don't get me wrong i paid 65 euros to help the game but at that point i also thought the game would cost like 50 euro in the end and for 15 euro's extra i could play the alpha and beta which sounded pretty good to me. In the end i accepted the game would be sold for 15 euro's as people with no so much money can easily step into this game. At some point we knew the game would be cheap and the dev said we all would be happy with the price. And i guess i read somewhere there would be some compensation in the end. Ok so far everything right. We accept this. Now close to release we received 3 war chests, i don't know if it's me but i didn't find much info about this. From what i've heard they have some worth because people would like to have those. Other thing i heard when I open them they are not tradeable / Sellable. Is this true? So after i open them they don't have any worth at all? I don't rly plan to sell them but it would be nice if we got something special that is actually worth something. Can someone tell me can we expect something special, and is it worth something. Or is there a (big) chance that we will get a pistol like when u roll a case from CS:GO and clearly never get something good... So far everything ok, i must say for the above reasons I don't like that the humble bundle backers didn't receive the gold skin the kickstarter people are getting. Also the kickstarter people would get this exclusive skin from 105 euro which was clearly more than us. But now we already know that basically also the people who backed for 30 euro's received these skins and also received what we got. Correct me if im not right? Well i don't rly like the above but was kinda stunned that after this all, i also have to pay 12,50 extra to get an exclusive pack. Don't tell me it's a choise but as someone who believed in this game and was willing to invest to making it possible it feels kinda bad i have to pay 12,50 extra which brings the total almost to 80 euro's. I really think this could have been free for the people who invested time and (a lot) of money in this game. Allright that was all for now. I really wanted to share my thought about this with you guys. Well that being said, see u tonight on the battlegrounds!
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    Hello Battalion 1944 Community! I'm vozER, a 28-year-old enthusiastic gamer/streamer from Finland. As some of you may know, I've been playing CoD1/2/4 competitively for around 15~ years or so. I'd like to give my point of view about the current gameplay and gun balance. I've been playing Battalion 1944 non-stop since Early Access was released. There are a few things that in my opinion could make the gameplay feel a little better though. I'm really loving the game and I have tons of fun playing it! Keep up the good work @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] KingHoward @[CM] BigTuna @[CM] phantasy and all the other developers! 1. Movement Speed Movement speed generally feels quite good, but in my opinion it's still just a little too fast. For example: sprint + jump seems a little overpowered at the moment. There seems to be almost no time to react when an enemy sprint + jumps you behind a corner - even if you're equipped with a shotgun. Especially while SMG's feel like 2-shot kills atm, I think this combination is a little too much. Also, while the movement speed is so fast, it's quite hard to one-shot with Spray-weapons. Why try to one-shot kill when you're gonna kill the enemy so much faster by spraying - no matter the distance. I would lower the movement speed 3% - 5%. 2. 1-shot Headshots Generally, I feel like this game needs more opportunities to try to get "1-shot" -kills. It's a little riskier trying to one-shot, but it may pay off the shooter since it still may have some bullets in the magazine. It also adds more diversity on how to play with the guns. Are you going for a a one-tap or are you gonna spray? As a bonus, we could see some nice one-tap kills. 3. Gun Balance I. Heavy Weapons (BAR & MP44) Rifles should be effective in mid-long (especially long-range) range battles, Heavy Weapons should be effective in mid-long (especially mid-range)ranges and SMG's should be effective in close-range situations. The recent buffs surely did help using these guns, but something still feels a little off. Many times I still feel like the enemy should have been dead already while spraying with these guns. Right now I have really mixed feelings with Heavy Weapons. I think they should be a little more effective on long range battles though. I would buff BAR & MP44 with more damage (10-20%). I would nerf the fire rate a little (5-10%). I would nerf the recoil (+5-10% added to recoil). Not sure about the percents, but you'll get the idea. I know this is a whole different game than CoD1 / CoD1:UO, but I would try to chase the recoil and damage of BAR/MP44 in these games (Thank you @Marrond for the awesome video link): I'm not sure if the little 'curve' is necessary. I think it disturbs your visibility while firing with the weapon. I would remove the curve. As a second option, I would consider changing the BAR's ironsight to something similar to this: 3. Gun Balance II. Submachine Guns (MP40 & Thompson) Submachine Guns feel a little too powerful in close range at the moment. Generally it feels like 2-3 bullets is enough to kill the enemy. I would nerf the damage in close-range by 10-15% 4. Hipfire I think firing from the hip is a little too hard at the moment. The bullet spread is a little too high on most of the weapons (especially with Heavy Weapons). Generally it doesn't feel wise trying to hip-fire the enemy since you're gonna be in a disadvantage in most situations. 5. Weapon Switch / Weapon pickup Switching between your primary and secondary weapon feels a little too slow/clunky at the moment. The same goes when picking up another weapon from the ground. This also occurs, when you're trying to "fake-plant" (quickly pressing F while planting) and getting your weapon ready to shoot again. You can pick up a weapon / pick up your old weapon to your hands too quickly at the moment. Right now you can just spam F and it will change the weapons in 0,01 second rate or something. This may be a problem when you're trying to pick up a weapon from the ground and accidentally pick your old weapon back (it may have 0 bullets for example) in to your hands in a shooting situation. This may become problematic, especially since the area to pick up another weapon is so short. I would lower the time to switch to another weapon by 0.5 seconds. I would add a cooldown while picking up another weapon (0,3~ seconds). 6. Item pickup area Many times I've tried to switch to another weapon that's laying on the ground, but often find my arms to be too short or the "weapon pick-up indicator" never shows up. I would extend the weapon pick up area/indicator. Thank you for reading! Please don't hesitate sharing your thoughts! -vozER
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    The mini map is very detailed and hard to actually see the routes or get information from it with a glance. I'd suggest making them simpler and less detailed or at least finding a middle ground between the two. The link below is a set of custom mini maps in csgo that are very clear and easy to get information from. http://simpleradar.com/
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    GENERAL (beta and early access) Q: If I have a beta key, do I also have access to EA? A: No, you will still have to buy the full version of the game (February 1st) Q: Can we Pre-order the game? A: No Q: Can we Pre-load the game? A: No Q: What will the download size of the game be? A: About 7,5 Gb Q: When can I buy the game? A: The game will be put for sale on steam on February 1st, 5pm (17:00) GMT Q: How much will the game cost? A: The game will cost €14,99 / $14,99 / £11,99 on steam. Q: When will we be able to play? A: Once the game is released on February 1st, 5pm GMT. Q: Do I need to keep Battalion 1944 Test Zone installed? A: No, the early access version runs on a different client. The Test zone has at this moment no use. Q: Will placement matches be based on K/D or W/L? A: Placement matches will be based on W/L. First to Fight edition (FtF) Q: What is Battalion FtF? A: FtF is a special edition of the game that you can buy to show your support towards the game even more. Q: What does FtF include? A: FtF includes the core game, 5 warchests, an exclusive trench gun skin and the Battalion 1944 soundtrack. Q: What will be the price of FtF? A: First to Fight edition will cost $24,99 on Steam. Q: Can I upgrade my normal Battalion 1944 game to the FtF edition? A: Yes you can, this will cost $12,99 and will include the same bonuses except the core game. Q: Will FtF edition will only be available for a certain period? A: No, it will always be available. About Skins Q: What skins will there be in the game? A: Check out all currently confirmed skins on this fan-made website: https://battalionskins.com/ Q: Can I still buy "The Turing Test" to receive the special Turing Test mp40 skin? A: Yes you can! ABOUT KICKSTARTER & HUMBLE BUNDLE PACKAGES Q: I backed the game, when do I receive my Early Access code? A: EA codes are being sent to all backers between 30th and 31st of January 2018. Q: I still didn't receive a key, what to do? A: Make sure to check your spam and promotional folders. Or search for "Bulkhead" in your email folders. If you still don't find it contact @[CM] BigTuna by sending a DM on the forum or contact him on twitter (https://twitter.com/bigtunaalex). Q: Installation file is only 167Mb, is this normal? A: Yes, you can not pre-load the game. The full game files will be available for download when the game gets released. ABOUT SERVERS Q: Can we host our own servers on Windows / Linux machines? A: Yes, at 1st of February the server files for Windows and Linux will be released. Q: What console commands can we use on our servers? A: The full list of server commands can be found here: Q: Will server owners be able to edit the amount of cards / team for each class? A: Yes Q: What will the server tickrate be on official servers? A: 60 GAME ISSUES Q: Client says it's outdated, what to do? A: Nothing, just wait till the game launches. An update will go live then, making you able to play. More Q&A's coming here once game gets released. ABOUT TOURNAMENTS Q: I would like to host a LAN / Tournament A: For possible partnerships with the team behind Battalion 1944, contact: esports@bulkheadinteractive.com. Q: Are there any big events planned yet? A: No, but check out Battalion 1944 Official Discord's chat: #events for small upcoming events. Q: What rules does an official tournament has to follow? A: Check the Battalion 1944 Official Wartide Competitive Rules here. ABOUT NDA (streaming, recording, ...) Q: Can we share pre-recorded alpha footage now NDA is lifted? A: No! Alpha footage remains under NDA! If you got any more questions add them down below and I'll add them to the list!
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    The jumping is part of their movement system they implemented to give the game depth and make it more like old school games (yes odd and buggy jumps were indeed part of CoD, CoD2, and CoD4, but the degree to which it was accentuated was not clear until sprint was added for UO and CoD4). Many will recall playing CoD4 and having people jumping all over the map with the AK74u. There are a lot of jumps in the game to get to and from locations which depends upon this movement system, I've learned a lot of them already. If they did indeed come to the conclusion that the community really does indeed want this mechanic removed, they would essentially need to commit to re-working all of their existing maps since some of these strafe jumps are actually worked into map balance whether anyone knows that yet or not. This means their only alternative would probably be to nerf its usefulness for shooting, but its hard to say whether or not that will actually be desirable since it would involve the game sort of artificially making you super inaccurate while strafe jumping or something like that, which would make the movement a little more along the lines of a CS mechanic where doing a specific movement makes you wildly inaccurate. It would likely make the game play a lot slower, since peeker's advantage on regular corner leans doesn't seem all that powerful. I see the strafe jumping as an insurance policy against people just holding angles really hard. In CS you have a wider variety of nades to force players out of difficult angles and a pretty strong peeker's advantage online (thought its not hard to hold angles on LAN if you're fast). If you have a game like this where the removal of the strafe jump mechanic takes away one of the two current tools to attack on offense it will drastically affect the feel of the game. I'm not saying it isn't possible or couldn't work I'm just pointing out that it will have repercussions. Also, I've seen a fair amount of accusations that the developers are somehow misleading people. For starters, it is charged that CoD4 is not a classic CoD game. While it is not what I personally think of when I think of classic CoD (as someone who moved from MoHAA to vCoD and onward) I'd like to point out that it was the last PC CoD to offer day 1 dedicated servers, mod tools, and have a strong competitive community on CAL/CEVO. It also occurred 11 years ago at this point, and to a large number of people CoD4 IS a classic CoD game regardless of what anyone else's opinion might be. On top of that, "Classic FPS" was not nearly the only term the developers used while talking about what this game was going to be. They did indeed mention CoD4 on multiple occasions as something they wanted to include/emulate. If a current player of Battalion feels duped by the developers chances are they weren't paying very close attention for the better part of 2 years since all of the movement and game feel was outlined in the demo videos they released in late 2016 to early 2017. They intentionally released a trailer which was raw gameplay footage to not confuse anybody and that demo included people strafe jumping around corners shooting people. The incredulity of some people post EA release is a bit shocking to be honest, since I've never seen a more honest and transparent group of developers and people are reacting like somehow they were lied to.
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    1. Increase the pickup range. 2. Put a 0.2-0.5 second on the function so when you are spamming 'F' to pick up a gun, you don't instantly pick your pistol back up. 3. Make guns stick with the dead body, the whole gun flying around the map seems glitchy at the moment. ---Is there any chance we will see and option where you can swap out the enemy's gun for your own if its the same class? For example, if you are an American rifleman and you pick-up a Kar98 and survive through the round, at the beginning of the next round it could give you an option to swap it for your M1. Also, did anyone happen to notice if there was a "Go to crouch" and "Go to prone" option in the keybinds? In cod4 these just made the keybinds only crouch you and not stand you back up when you hit it twice. If not, can this be added? This kind of goes along with my spamming f to pick a gun up, but if find myself instantly standing back up when I try to go crouch.
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    Just off the top of my head: - Decrease smoke time (17 seconds is too long); - Increase the amount of smokes/grenades a team has from 9 to 12; - Add a "kill radius" when the bomb explodes (People risk losing their card & it allows for ninja defuses to happen); - Pistol being slower than SMG/default makes no sense (People been running with pistol in their hands for ages, because it was slightly faster in most games); - Perhaps add prone block to the game (It's possible to "360" in a window while proned atm); - Increase the pickup range of weapons and the bomb; - Add some sort of round loss system / comeback mechanic where cards get put back into the game after losing X rounds in a row for example; - Lower the fire rate of M1 Garand & shotgun; - Heavy weapons are underwhelming (Hipfire on BAR is useless and the ADS sight could use some work). Also some people (myself included) think it would be nice if card pickups were silent when crouched... There have been situations where you are "forced" to go all the way around because a card is blocking a corridor. EDIT #1: Feels like TTK (time to kill) is too low & HP regen takes forever, which makes it extremely hard to re-engage. EDIT #2: Consider increasing the fuse time from 45 to 50-55 * EDIT #3: Reduce the fall damage. * Had several situations with a perfect read on the remaining player and would still end up with only ~20 seconds left on the clock. There's little to no room to make plays or clear certain spots. Keep up the good work! <3 @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] KingHoward
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    Its like 2 weeks since we are having this problem in our community servers, we are trying really hard to grown up the amount of players in SA, but we need the servers up in our region. We are surviving only with our private servers. When i click on unranked it keeps getting this message "Match ready, allocating server" Then it keep looping to search and Match ready, allocating server. Please help us, we really love this game, Brazil, Chile and Argentina have pretty big communities since Cod2 and Cod4, players that waited a long time to a good competitive game like the old good times.
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    Introduction: So I've been following Battalion for quite sometime now, I love what the game is trying to achieve and I like the way the Dev team has been working so far, as of now I have over 100hrs in the game if we consider the time spent playing during alpha/beta and EA, so this is not coming from someone who has just bought the game and immeditaly wants to say what has to be changed. The following are my personal opinions on the current state of the game, so you are free to not agree with me. I understand the game is in EA and a lot of stuff is not final and subject to change, some of the issues i'll be talking about may have even already been fixed internally, so just to not repeat myself again: these are my current opinions on the state of the game as it is right now, I know things will change, but it is obviously easier to change them if players tell you what they feel it's wrong with the game, after all that's why we're here. Unfortunately English is not my native language so this wall of text will most likely be filled with grammar errors and things someone else could have explained better, but enough with the introduction, let's get to the point. The WWII Setting: I already know I'm going to get downvoted for this, but I've always thought that the WWII setting is a drawback for a game like Battalion, it's obviously something which cannot be changed, but I'd still like to share my thoughts on this and what it means for the game. Undoubtedly the fact the game was going to be set in WWII was one of the major reasons the Kickstarer campaign succeeded, this is obviously a good thing, but it comes with 2 issues: 1) Artistic Limitations: A few times reading threads on the forums or on the Battalion subreddit, I've found people complaining about the Axis uniforms and how they have some visibility issues in specific spots of the maps, this is something that the Devs will only be able to improve over time, but they'll always be stuck with uniforms Nazis used to wear because of "Authenticity", artists and 3D modellers will never have the freedom others game developers have (unless they decide to give up on authenticity and tweak the uniforms even if they don't end up looking like the real life counterparts). This is not only limited to uniforms, but also to weapons and nades (no flashbangs or stun for example). 2) "It's WWII so it has to be realistic": Now if you are talking with me and happen to unironically say those words, you'll have to listen to my 15 minutes monologue on why you're wrong, jokes aside the fact that the majority of WWII games that have come out recently were more based on realism and tactical movements has spread the idea that WWII games have to be realistic and anything which is not a "prone here for 10 minutes simulator" is considered CoD crap for kids, it is a possibility that if Battalion wasn't set during WWII it wouldn't have attracted so many uninformed players who were looking for a different type of game and ended up talking negatively about it. CoD2 meets CoD4: So let's get to the actual gameplay, since the beginning the devs have stated that the game was supposed to be a spiritual successor to some of the great fps games of the past (CoD2/4, MoHaa, E:T), I'm going to admit I've never played those games except from the CoDs, so I can't judge how much of them there is in Battalion. Phantasy said in one of his videos, that the developers based the game on CoD2 and added promod movements on top of it and if it's true that the game definitely feels more like promod in terms of movement and overall pacing, sometime I feel like the sprinting mechanic is not at fluid as it was in Cod4 and I get the impression to be playing CoD2 with sprint. It's kinda hard to explain both because I struggle a bit with my english skills and because it's something you have to feel to understand (and is also heavily based on personal preferences). I think this choice is bad for the game for 2 reasons: CoD2 players vs CoD4 players: Without a doubt Battalion's major supporters have since the early days been people who used to play the old CoDs back in the days and were looking for a new game to play, this is evident by the long lasting debate on whether the game should or not have sprint. But I think neither of them is happy with the game's current movement, because it doesn't resemble CoD2 nor CoD4 movement, now you may say: "Zane Battalion is not supposed to be a clone of those games", more on that later. No need to reinvent the wheel: Quite simple, there is a reason if IW back in the days made CoD2 and CoD4 as they are, with CoD4 they decided to change how the game played, improving on what they had already done, but they knew if you want to innovate you can't just change something a bit and call it a day, you have to go all the way and hope people will appreciate what you have done. In simpler terms: CoD4 plays so differently in terms of movements compared to CoD2 because most likely IW devs found out that an hybryd movements system between the 2 wouldn't have played that well. Romans used to say: "In medio stat virtus" or 'virtue stands in the middle" and if it's true that it is a good advice for life it doesn't suit game design that well. To be, or not to be.... a copy: Obviously I don't want Battalion to be just a copy of CoD2/4 I want it to be a better game, but to be better it first need to be on par with them and that's why for this whole time I've been comparing Battalion to those 2 games. If you were to ask me which fps games I like most based on movement and character control, I would without a doubt say "Quake and CoD 4", as simple as that, it's needles to say that Quake movement doesn't fit Battalion's gameplay, but with CoD4 it's a different story, because it LOOKS and FEELS like it, but it's not as good. That's why I don't think trying to reproduce CoD4 movement equals to being a copy of it, on the other hand the way the game plays right now seems like a cheap copy of promod. Now you may say: "But they will for sure with time improve the movement system" and while this is true, the devs have never officially stated their plans and when asked about it, the answer was " we want Battalion to be a different game", being DIFFERENT is NOT a good thing by itself, being BETTER is, so why deliberately choose to ignore an already tested and well working movement system, just for the sake of being different? On the the other hand there are a few things which were actually copied from CoD4 which to me don't really make any sense, an example? SMGs damage falloff, since Alpha 0.8 the thompson takes 13 bullets to kill someone at long range as you can see here: I don't remember how this stuff worked in promod, but apparently the falloff on bullet damage is the same as it is there. But what's the point of having the same values as promod when the game is so different in term of maps, weapons and movement? Those values definitely made sense in the promod's gameplay context, but it is not necessarily the same for Battalion, why use the same values of a game you don't want to be a copy of and then refuse to have the same movement mechanics? Weapon Balance: It's not a secret weapon balance needs some tweaking, in my opinion that's what should be changed: Schrodinger's SMGs: currently SMGs are in a weird position where they are both OP because they kill in 2 shots at close range and useless because of the damage dropoff I've just mentioned. Personally I don't like this, it reminds me of Overwatch heroes, where basically every hero has a counter and unless the skill gap between you and your counter is high the best choice is to turn away and avoid him most of the times. I think every weapon (except the shotgun) should be more or less viable based on the range, but never almost useless. Of course I don't want the thompson to be the Kar98 V2, but as it is right now even if I had a 100% accuracy It'd be almost impossible to kill a sniper or an Heavy from long range, unless he was already low on health or perhaps a very low skilled player. On the other hand you melt enemies at close range, which is not fun for them and makes the ttk very low, therefore gunfights "feel off". Trenchgun Nerf: The Trenchgun is also a bit OP, I think the effective range should be a tad shorter, shooting while ADS should also be more effective than hip firing Snipers: Not much to say on them but making the ADS animation just a bit longer. Kar98: It is almost okay, but it has be less accurate when not ADS, no scopes with Kar98 and snipers in general should be lucky shots, right now i get 2/3 of them every Unranked If you have just read all of this, thank you I owe you a beer, let me know what you think
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    Still got a year of development to go.
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    I find myself a lot on situations where I want to switch my weapon / pick up a weapon and quickly try to shoot the enemy. But usually it takes a little too much time. Anyone else? I would lower the time 1-2 seconds or so
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    There's no bulletdrop in this game as it uses hitscans. Here's something to show you how wrong you are: @[DEV] KingHoward Take a look please. If possible merge all those topics about weapon damage so we could discuss it in one place
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    This is more of a design choice and something which builds suspense for when retakes are happening. Remove the bomb timer and use a beeping noise like csgo the reason is it helps build suspense and having those nail biting super close defuses, puts everyone at the edge of their seat. A tournament in Csgo showed the bomb timer and the rounds were much less engaging and suspenseful then without the bomb timer. Could just be a viewer only addition but I think it should be replaced as a whole
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    I miss filtering options in the server browser, I can't even sort by the headings like Name, Map, Mode, Players or Ping by clicking on it.... Filters are needed!
  24. 8 points
    In games like PUBG and overwatch you have the option to change the sensitivity of different scopes and weapons, this seems like a great feature to implement into the game. Currently when I adjust my aim sensitivity to rifle with, my scope sensitivity feels way too high. An easy solution is to simply add a seperate sensitivity option for scopes only.
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    I have a friend on my steam list who messaged me. He is a CSGO player I helped out a while ago who has worked his way up from basically silver to an ESEA rank A pugger with decent RWS. He has never been good at a different game. He saw people playing this game and bought it to try it out. Within 4 hours he had determined that the game was bad because he couldn't break even in any of the matches he played and he refunded it. Another person in my server the other night was going on and on about how the game's shit because he has 2700 hours in CSGO and is a Global Elite but he was repeatedly dying to me and was mad at himself. I asked him why he should be mad at himself, since he should not expect to do all that well simply because he's a CS player. I used to be CAL-IM and CAL-M in CoD2 and CoD4 and this game was much more comfortable for me and easy to pick up. I wouldn't just wander into CSGO and expect to routinely beat an ESEA-M caliber player. This sent him into an autistic frenzy. I think a good portion of people who tried this game out in EA were mid tier players from CS or other competitive games who know they'll never be a CSGO pro but figured this new game is supposed to be competitively driven and its based on CoD which is clearly easy mode when compared to CS, so if they switch games right now they'll just be instant pros and rape everyone. Then they join a server and some 30 year old former CAL player hops around a corner and bolts them in the face and they screech like banshees and smash that refund button. It's probably a mix of that and stupid people who for some reason thought this game would be something different from what it is, or think that early access means "final product, bug free and set in stone".
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    Nothing major, I'm a big fan of the game and think it's in great shape for it's current stage. Maybe for the ability to see what class or card everybody on your team has picked on the scoreboard (tab) might be a decent suggestion. Not so helpful for competitive but might be useful in pubs. Small idea and won't break the game either way.
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    Hey ! I really think having a *bip* sound or timer sound for the last 20 second or something should be a must have. I missed many round because of that ! Its kind unbelievable that is not a thing already, maybe i missed something. Is there a option to turn on ?
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    agreed, especially the delay when you trying to shoot after sprinting or picking up a gun is way too big, your click gets completely ignored and gun won't shoot.
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    As an old fart who played CoD/OU as part of a clan in the now defunct clanbase leagues, my interest was sparked when I heard about Battalion 1944....and the one thing I would desperately like to see in the game is the original style melee attack.....you know the one....run round a corner at the same time as the enemy.....and react just quickly enough to deliver the full sweep of a rifle butt to the face. It was so satisfying!!! Please Devs if you implement one thing from CoD/UO please let it be the original bash mechanic, whether its with rifle, pistol, binoculars or even the satchel charge (my clan mate once pinned a prone sniper in the corner of a room on the st. mere eglise map and thumped him to death in about 5 hits with a satchel). It would also give us the timeless 'which team's going defence/attack' pre round start pistol melee fight between the two best bashers on each team.....everyone else forming a big circle to watch....like being at school.....fight..fight...fight.... Remember people.....Respect da Bash!
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    I agree with the Heavy changes. My proposed Weapon Balancing: HEAVY - Higher Damage (2-3 shot kill any range) - Lower fire rate (Around the current BAR's fire rate) - Same Recoil - COD1 BAR ironsights are the best iteration of the BAR in COD, but the current BAR ironsights are fine PATHFINDER - Lower Damage (3 shot close range, same falloff damage) - Same Fire Rate - Add some sort of bounce recoil on Thompson (Like the MP40's recoil animation) OPERATOR - Remove that screen shake (COD2 did it best when "pumping" shotgun animation would come across the middle of screen) - Slow down fire rate by ~7-10%. Shoots way too fast. - Widen spread slightly (would buff close range for less tags, and nerf long range) I'm an Pathfinder / Operator player..... SMG's are OP as fk and Shotguns are still awkward to use
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    You're supposed to seek headshots while using the BAR. In my opinion the current iron sights are too obtrusive for that. The iron sights from CoD 1 would be much better suited for the intented playstyle.
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    Beta Changes - Improvements, Tweaks, and Fixes from The Community ( source ) After more testing in our beta phase, we’ve read through literally all of the comments and discussions we could find in the community and we’ve taken the feedback onboard and applied it to the game Hopefully, this will be yet more evidence of the bright future of Battalion’s competitive scene. We don’t just listen to the community and react. We make our own assessments, we watch your feedback come in and evolve as more hours are put into the game, we then read and listen to your feedback on reddit/twitter/steam, then we discuss potential fixes for your issues, and then we implement/test, and then we push the game to the community for feedback! Esports, Tournaments, and Events First off we’d like to just give the community a small insight into the future of Battalion as a competitive title. Obviously, the competitive side of the game is a huge focus for Battalion, but we aren’t going to start with a huge prize pot without first growing the competitive scene. Our goal is to see each event grow bigger than the last. In the last 12 months we’ve seen multiple games grow too quickly in the esports scene without building the game on a solid foundation. Since the big success of our beta, we’ve been presented with so many amazing opportunities to push Battalion as not just a competitive game but to also have a professional scene as well. We’re humbled to be presented with these opportunities, but we wanted to let the community know that regardless of how much money gets thrown at events and tournaments the most important thing to us; is to keep our focus on fostering growth in our fan base and our competitive scene, it is not possible to buy your way into esports. To grow the game competitively we need you guys to continue your support and patience! We also would like to stress the importance of Clanwars going forward, being able to compete against other teams without ever having to leave the game is a huge step forward for a competitive game like ours. On top of this, we have some huge announcements on the horizon, surrounding Clanwars. So whilst we’ve had many offers for events, we’re choosing to support a select group who share our ideas of steady growth. If you are an event or organisation looking to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to contact esports@bulkheadinteractive.com Changes & Improvements Changes to Mid-Air Accuracy We’ve acknowledged that beta players felt the time to kill was to low and that corner strafing/jump peaking was too common. Previously in Battalion, weapons were 100% accurate in the air. We have now added another layer of depth to the game, to reduce the amount of ‘flying around corners’. Whilst this is still a valid strategy, it should no longer be always the most optimal way to approach a gun fight. This effects the snipers & kar98 most of all. For an amount of time when a player is in the air, they will no longer be able to hit perfectly accurate shots. This change is ONLY applied to horizontal movement (X & Z axis), if you stand still and complete a regular vertical jumpshot, you will retain 100% accuracy. This change has been applied to the following weapons at different levels of inaccuracy. Kar98 Sniper (Extreme) Springfield (Extreme) Kar98k (High) STG44 (Medium) BAR (Medium) Thompson (Minor) MP40 (Minor) BAR & STG44 movement speed changes After much discussion from the devs and the community. We have decided to buff the BAR & STG movement speed across the board. Firstly, we have increased ADS movement speed on the BAR & STG by 20%, this is intended to make peaking corners easier and remove the necessity to strafe round every corner. We have also given the BAR & STG a buff by making their regular movement speed 20% faster. Kar98k ADS speed changes We have made the Kar98k’s general move speed slower, however the ADS speed is the same. We have moved away from any class based movements and adopted more weapon specific movement speeds. This hasn’t made a massive change and its more of a buff to the other weapons than it is a nerf to the Kar98k. This again feels a lot more balanced when we have tested it internally. It’s worth noting that it’s counterpart the M1 Garand is now faster in ADS than the Kar98k. The Garand has the faster peak but takes 2 bullets to kill! Sniper rifles movement changes Previously, the snipers were set at the ‘medium’ movement speed. The Springfield and the Kar98 Scoped will both now have a reduced ADS walk speed and their overall movement speed will be slower. Generally, all the classes aren’t too dissimilar in speeds at the slow/medium level. But we felt the snipers were so fun to use for players that we didn’t want to nerf them by hurting the weapon. So we decided to nerf it in other ways. So far the sniper, still feels great but feels A LOT more balanced than it was. Kar98 Scope sight changes There was a consensus that the Kar98 scope wasn’t as nice at the Springfield. While we like the asymmetrical nature of the rifles; we wanted to make the sight feel a bit better. It’s a minor change but we’ve made the sticks/bars in the sight thinner & skinnier. Sniper forced unscope Previously, snipers were able to take a shot and remain in scope while bolting the weapon. Now, the player is forced to unscope. This functions the exact same way as Call of Duty 4, so it is worth noting, when you take a shot, you will need to manually press unscope, to not feel ‘stuck’ otherwise you will feel slow. This is just an extra layer of detail that adds another layer of skill to Battalion. Hopefully, snipers will no longer be overpowered, but they will still feel great to play. Pistol speeds As part of our movement changes, the pistol now also has its own unique speed. SMG’s and Default Weapons are faster than the pistol, however other weapons are slower. Keep this in mind when you’re rushing to get that pick! Fixed Exploits on Derailed Various unfair spots and strange angles have been fixed Upottery training map fixes Black lighting errors on Upottery have been fixed, it now also has a loading screen Arcade Improvements Going into beta, we were already aware of issues with spawns in CTF, DOM, and TDM. The community tested the beta and came to the same conclusion that the spawns were not good enough. Fortunately we had started work on arcade spawns already and we were able to get them in just in time, we’ve tested them internally and they are much more intelligent! Gameservers Dedicated Server Files We will be releasing the dedicated server files via the Steam tools section on February 1st. You will be able to host your own servers easily. Player Counts Technically, you can run a 50v50 game if you so wish! However, we have tested the game with 18 players max, so anything after that is uncharted territory. As part of our “Major Content Update” in summer 2018 (www.battaliongame.com) we plan to include ‘large map support’ so that players can begin to play games with larger server numbers. Remember, the more players in a game, the more your frame rate will be effected. Pre-Order Gameservers We’ve been working with Multiplay who host all of our matchmaking servers, but they will also be hosting servers for players who want to run their own game! Their servers will be limited for 60 tick for now this will change in the future. Visit https://www.multiplaygameservers.com/game-servers/battalion/ Tick Rate After much deliberation, we have decided to run our matchmaking servers at 60 tick. There are multiple reasons for this and it is important that server providers read this. We fully intend to offer 128 tick servers in the near future, but currently with our time constraints there are bugs with 128 tick. Some animation related and some spectator related. Clanwars is in its early stages but we intend for it to use higher tick servers, so fixing these issues are a priority for us. If you do run your own server, we advise you do not use 128 tick and stick to 90 at most. But remember, the game has been most tested at 60 tick. Mini Beta We have made some changes to match making over this week, to improve the overall experience. Whilst for marketing purposes, we don’t want to run another beta, we do want to test the match making one more time before Early Access. This weekend, between Friday the 26th and Sunday the 28th for approximately 1 hour. We will push out an update to the Battalion Test Zone (TZ) and we will live the servers. To be clear; we have no interest in promoting this or even giving the exact time, this is for technical testing only. At some point via both the Studio Leads twitter (www.twitter.com/Brammertron) and the official Discord channel, we will say “The servers & update are live”. From then there will be a small window to play and test the game. However, our ONLY interest is testing match making. Thanks for your support! Battalion is releasing to Steam on Thursday February 1st 2018 (Next week). To help us promote the title, the best support you can give is: Purchase The Game Day 1 Write a review for game on Steam We’ll see you at release!
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    I was thinking, would it be possible to add colored points on the minimap for each players(as on CSGO) instead of just greens. really helpfull in ranked soloQ and for team that are used to have the same color on each player to make the map awareness better
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    show us evidence the devs said this game was going to play like COD2? One piece of evidence will do. claiming you were duped is defamatory.
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    After trying out the game in the weekend, I noticed that trying to get headshots didn't seem to matter that much. I think it's because of the high damage input by most of the weapons. Just spray on the body - the enemy will die really fast anyway. I also found myself almost never needing to fire from the hip. 1.The game is fast-paced 2.the maps seems to be quite small 3.there is sprinting 4.hipfire is really inaccurate - so why bother. You're going to be in disadvantage in most cases. To me it's tactically important to try to one-tap a headshot in certain situations and not just spray with whatever gun you have in your hand. Also, to hip-fire when you don't have time to zoom-in, for example. I think the variety on how to handle the weapon in different situations adds more in to the game and different kinds of playstyles. My personal suggestions: I think the damage input on most of the weapons should be slightly lower. I think the recoil on most of the weapons should be higher (5-10% at least). Maybe the movement speed is a little too high, still. I would lower it 5% or so. Other notes: Sprint + spray seems to be a problem (a little overpowered) right now. I think this would change from lowering the damage as well. And maybe the jump distance is a little too high. Heavy classes (MP44 / BAR) seems a little underpowered right now. I would put a little more recoil and damage on these weapons, or simply lower the damage on most of the other weapons. I think the scopes are a little too overpowered right now. It doesn't take long to master the gun. No breathing / no sway -system means that you can accurately hold a spot/corner 100% of the time. In my opinion, the area that you can see while zoomed-in is a little too high. I would fix this with lower zoomed circumference with a little sway. What do you guys think? -vozER
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    I am a former cod2/4 pro player and I've been waiting this game for 2 years and Battalion 1944 is the last hope for me. I didn't back them on kickstarter anyway yesterday I had a chance to try the game finally. As far as everyone knows first impressions about game is so important, you can judge it way more fairly before you involved and get used into a game. I will make a long list and long piece of writing after the beta ends but so far I want to share my first impressions about beta and the problems that I saw. First of all it has a really huge potential to become an amazing game that can be even way more superior than cod2, cod4. Yesterday I had a 8 hours of gameplay and I really enjoyed it while playing and almost I got a feeling that I am playing call of duty 2 and 4, but somehow I felt like something is missing and not polished at all ( but since it's a beta i cannot expect a polished game ). Felt like this ; https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CG0l9XNUIAEPRjG.jpg ( Hopefully after 1 year, I will have nearly everything tho) 1-Movement Movement feels way too clunky and restrictive. I am not able to jump anywhere I want or I cannot find a position that will make a huge advantage for me. I cannot climb or jump to some simple boxes that I can climb in cod2/4. Those kind of limitations break the immersion for me personally but I don't say you are able to jump everywhere that you see, but you will be able to find a good spots and feel much more safer. As far as I see, some people complain about sprinting. I think it's about to getting used to it but still I felt like I am not in the " total control " of my character, it's way somehow restricts my gameplay, you could put a stamina and regeneration thing for it. I don't complain about movements in combat but while I am playing an Axis and when the round starts I feel like " I cannot make it and take the position at all." It's maybe because of the maps but i dunno. I will give a decent feedback about movement after beta ends. But still my main concern is climbing and feeling restricted by current movement system. 2-Maps and Round Duration In my opinions what makes the game immersive and great is the maps. Even though the base game would be amazing no one could ever play a game with a bad maps. My biggest letdown about Battalion 1944 is current state of maps. I know we just see 2 maps for competitive in beta, however, I am not really feel comfortable with them. They are way too small, not immersive and there is not enough time to take a position while you are playing defence/axis. There are tons of maps to take a reference from cod2 and cod4. (see: burgundy, dawnville, carentan, toujane, crash, strike, backlot etc..) You cannot come nearly at the same time with the defending site while you are attacking. You need to take a position in Axis to defend. I feel like I am playing Quake at some points, If maps would be a bigger and way more well designed problem will be solved I think. Due to small size of maps, rounds end too quickly and you don't have a time to feel the tension of the rounds, even a round ends while 10 seconds left. In my opinion what creates and increase the tension is " there might be someone at any place to defend the objective " but when you rush as 5, you will destroy the axis before they even take a position, so it totally breaks the whole purpose of the game as well as nades. If you rush, you don't even use to tactical nades except smokes. Personally, I really liked Coastal map but I wish it was much more bigger and would be more " sweet spots." Also I believe that, people will make a great maps through modding and other stuff and they might be added into an offical community maps after all, such as Santorini, Overgrown etc.. in CS:GO. And now round duration, I think when the maps will be properly designed, round duration will go up. I feel like I am lacking of time while playing because I don't want to play it like a Quake or Overwatch. There is no enough time to check every corner and due to this map pool in beta you don't even need to check every corner. In my opinion when you make a bigger maps, rounds around 2.30 would be enough. I feel like playing TDM even when I am playing Search and Destroy. S&D requires time to set-up for both teams especially Axis, but time does not enough for it. But again I need too see the other maps in Early Access for better judgement. 3-Nades Nades need to reworked and it's a must. When you throw a nade it goes with a delay. This kind of delay makes bomb throwing way more clunky. Just make it like a CoD2 or smth. You need to be able to throw a tactical nades from a bigger distances. Just a quick example ; In CoD2, Burgundy map, you were able to interrupt Allies rush to B objective by throwing nades, even it does not cease or interrupt their rush, at least it was slowing down their rush and It was a pullback for them. And maybe, the solution for the maps fixing nades ? So attacking side rush can be stoped by nades and you can take your position way more safe and quickly. 4-Wartide System I like Wartide System, there is no meta yet, so we need time to give a feedback for it or criticize it. But sometimes it feels pull back, I know it's in the beta state as well, it will be tweaked. When you lost 2-3 rounds in a row, game can give +1 to all cards as a catch-up mechanic and can prevent snowballing. But as I said before we need a time to give a feedback for this system. 5-Sounds And Animations I am sure about sounds will be tweaked and reworked. Sometimes movement sounds of enemy is not clear at all. You are not able to hear a sound like CoD series. Rainbow Six Siege sound system might be a good reference for it. Current state of sounds is uninspired and crude. I know you are really worked hard on animations and try to improve them, I am sure that animations will be really fluid when Early Access ends.However, for the current state of animations, I can say that they are colorless, yet they are improving. 6-Killfeed Sometimes I am not able to track it, It might be tweaked as well. When you are in a combat It's really hard to track killfeed. 7-Recoil System Many people dislike recoil system but personally I liked it. Adding a little recoil to whole weapons will solve this issue for people imo. To conclude, I will give a detailed feedback when beta ends and I will continue to give a feedback in early access as well. So far I can see that this game has a fucking huge potential and it is really fun to play with its current state as well, please don't ruin it. I really like how you listen community feedbacks and try to improve your game with us. Keep it up great work !
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    if you are using nvidia card go to nvidia control panel>resolution> select tick box that says use nvidia color settings
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    My opinion: I'm really glad that devs have made all those necessary changes we all asked for (server filters, fatal errors etc.) and also made some improvements on weapons balance. Even though MP44 and BAR are more deadly now, we still need tweaks on SMGs and trenchgun. I mean, the distance on which SMG can kill in just two hits is way to big: High resolution picture with new iron sights for BAR: Seems more similar to the one we've seen in COD2.
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    Lack of possibility to onetap headshots with MP44 is really underwhelming. Also having MP44/BAR lower the damage with distance makes them almost useless. Why bother with those highpower (yeah..) rifles and struggle with 3-4 hits kills on low-mid distance if you have MP40 and Thompson that kill in 2-3 shots? Recoil is fine, fixing the damage in certain weapons is the key.
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    I played Insurgency after release a few years ago. A number of former competitive players from a variety of games were trying to put together a community and start competing in NA. We were holding weekly draft tournament nights and assembling teams for TWL and beyond (since TWL was all there really was for NA along with a very slow to come together attempt by ESL which was mainly catering to EU). Here are my experiences with that game, perhaps some things have changed but I somewhat doubt it: 1. The game developers were vehemently opposed to allowing the game to be shaped for competitive play. One member of our community was in contact with them, and they came into teamspeak and discussed some thing for competitive play. They had their vision for the game and it did not include making it competitively viable. They felt if competition happened, it needed to happen on the terms of the base game, but the base game was not conducive to interesting competitive play that could ever become something beyond a niche/tiny community on life support which would die from the slightest change of the wind. 2. The game itself was broken in many ways. For example, since we were very limited in what settings were available to alter for competition, certain features had to stay in the game. This meant that all competitive players had access to the head/chest armor in game. To top this off, the game was centered on the idea of "tactical realism" with which I'm sure you're familiar. That means that if you were unarmored, 1 shot would kill you to practically anything from practically any weapon, which in itself is funny since in the search for realism they created a game in which players drop stone dead forever from a pistol round to the leg. Speaking of legs, we tried to plead with the developers to give us the ability to remove certain loadout items such as the armor, or apply it uniformly to the whole player model, which was rejected. While wearing the chest/head armor it took substantially more bullets from certain guns to kill a person...if you were following the rules of reality and aiming for the chest. My team was following the rules of competition and taking whatever the path of least resistance was for a kill. In this case, since the body armor did not apply to the legs, a player wearing armor was a 2+ shot kill to the chest, and an instant kill to the legs. The developers, by denying the flexibility to make the game competitively viable created a scenario where we were playing matches shooting at the other team's kneecaps for insta kills because everyone was wearing armor. This was far from the realistic feel I believe the game was intended to convey. 3. This is just my opinion, but you stated earlier that supreme/global in CS have a hard time with the game. For starters, supremes and globals in CS try to waltz into ESEA all the time and get absolutely destroyed in pugs or on the open league. That rank is not indicative of true competitive players so much as being a solid player on ESEA is. With that said, as a person who has competed in MoHAA, vCoD, CoD:UO,CoD2, CoD4, CoD:BO, BF1942, BF:V, BF2, BF:BC2, TF2, Brink (bleh), RO, RO2, RO2:RS, CSS, and CSGO as well as Insurgency I would like to report that I and my friends had absolutely no trouble at all mastering Insurgency, and the only reason we left it was because what we were trying to do was not only not supported by the developers, but actively undermined at a point (they figured out we were using exposed RCON commands to alter certain game settings to make things more competitively viable and released a patch which shut down that avenue). I am not judging them for having a vision and sticking to it, it isn't our right to turn their game into our game. I will judge in the sense that I think it was shortsighted since the game felt like a quality game at heart which could have been made into something good longer term. Now in terms of your basic point with your original post, I highly doubt that this community at large is interested in what you refer to as "tactical realism". That isn't something you or I can prove conclusively, and I don't have researched supporting evidence, it is simply an opinion. Another opinion I have is that tactical realism is a pipe dream, and while there ARE certainly players who have played a lot of different styles and simply prefer that one, which is a respectable position, I've found in my personal experience that more often than not militantly adhering to the church of "tactical realism" is a poorly disguised crutch to for people who are unable to cope with multiple styles of gameplay. I am not accusing you of this at all, I do not know you, but I do know my experiences with communities of players who subscribe to your school of thought have been uniformly this way. I remember moving to RO2 and being told that CoD skills were meaningless, it was a cartoon game for small minded idiots, and the real challenge was in games such as RO where guns had recoil, movement was not quite as free, weapons behaved in a more realistic manner, and there were fewer things on your screen to help you (no health meter, ammo meter, crosshairs, minimap, etc.). I was told that I would get blown out by the tactical realism elite for playing "stupidly". When I got deeper into the game I realized that tactical realism in their case was a euphemism for proning on a hillside for 45 minutes in a territory server trying to pick people off 400 meters away and going 3-3 but being super "immersed". Meanwhile my team came in, joined the launch tournament for RO2, blew out every team and won #1 in North America and a cash prize. We moved quickly, knew how to run and gun, out-aimed and overwhelmed quite a few tactical realism teams on the way there. I thought it was an excellent game, perhaps a bit too simple to kill somebody for my tastes but I really enjoyed it. It too was killed competitively by developers who had a vision and absolutely no sense of how to foster a competitive community which would ever grow beyond just a tiny niche. They found and cater to their market, good for them. I liked what they had to offer but if I wanted people to do competition right, I'd just go play CS instead. In terms of Battalion, this game is the CS alternative many former CoD players have been waiting for. As much as people hated me and my ilk for coming into Insurgency and trying to shape their game to be different, I reckon a number of people here have had the reverse scenario with people from the "tactical realism" or "immersion" camps who would like to hijack Battalion and steer it in the direction they would like. As much as I and other competitive FPS players failed to succeed with Insurgency I can guarantee that a tactical realism effort will fail to succeed with Battalion. The only thing which worries me is that while the militant Insurgency developers to an extent withheld the ability to mod their game in our image, I doubt the bulkhead devs will do the same with theirs, meaning you will eventually get your tactical realism mod and set about attempting to fracture the community and drag people into your camp which of course always means a lower infusion of new bodies to the default competitive mode. Somehow Counter-Strike was always immune to this, but any game set in a specific historical setting invariably falls prey. I think this may explain why you are unlikely to receive a favorable reaction on these forums attempting to sell the community on what you enjoy. If you actually read all of that please know I do not mean to come off as snarky or offensive to you, I'm just trying to state what I see matter of factly, I wouldn't want to accidentally give the false impression that I'm trying to insult someone.
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    First off, I love this game, can't wait for the 01.02. Just a short feedback: As an old highlevel competitive COD2 Player I've found the movement quite clunky. Not as smooth as in COD2 or 4. Don't really know if it's because of the engine? Any Feedback for me on this point? I also noticed the weapon switches are quite buggy, sometimes the weapon just won't switch and sometimes I just hold the same gun in my hands again. (example: Pistol in hand, want to switch to scope, animations triggers, pistol back in hand) The weapon pickup is also clunky or is it just me? Last but not least, scoping with the scope, it happened to me a few times. When I tried to scope and the animations started to trigger nothing happened. I was standing there, wide open with the scope in my hand facing 2 guys at the other site of the street shooting me with my unscoped scope in my hand (No, my mouse and everything else on my computer is just working fine) Extra: I saw a post about the jumping shot in COD2 while scoping. Would be so glad if it would be possible to do that on this engine aswell. These are just some minor fixes, nothing big and some ideas to make the game, at least for me as an old cod2 fanboy, even better.
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    No one said it was going to be a remake of anything. They took inspiration from the likes of CoD2, 4 and a lot of promod things. Never did the devs say they were attempting a remake
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    I hope this improves but its a little crazy at the moment. Dont even have time to react.
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    Hi, it's my turn to make "some" feedback about the game. The game is great and on the right track, it's really remind me Cod4 and Cod2 and I love the devloppers for that ^^ In this feedback I will mainly focus on the negative aspects of the game, the things I didn't like and which I hope will be changed / balanced in the future. And I apologise in advance if my english is not perfect. Movement: Movement don't feel as precise as Cod4. It's hard to find what is off about it, but I feel the movement a bit slippy/clunky and the straf jump seems a bit soft, it lacks the feeling of an impulsion. The sprint duration is too low, it's really boring to have to press the sprint bind every seconds. When the sprint bind (I use the toggle one) is pressed (and still being pressed), you can't aim with your weapon even if you don't move. I think the aim bind should always be prioritized over the sprint bind. Need a toggle version of lean binds. In some situations, I find it's missing a bind to walk (without aiming or crouching). I really like the use of crouch-jumping to replace the auto-climb, but there are some rare places where the auto-climb is still used, it's feel weird, and we can't guess in advance where we can use it. The auto-climb should be totally removed. I have the impression that there is no difference in speed between the different classes / weapons (apart from when we are in ADS), I find it a bit disappointing. Combat: The dispersion of the bullets when moving is too big (mainly for the heavy class), we souldn't have too aim when the opponent is 1-2 meters in front of us (except for snipers). You shouldn't have hitmarker when you hit someone through smoke. More generally I don't like hitmarkers, I would prefer to see some blood that confirm visually that I hit someone (which solves the smoke issue by the way). All surfaces should be penetrable (taking into account the thickness of course) it's very frustrating to hit the corner of a wall and it stops the bullets completely. It happens often when you shoot someone leaning behind a corner. I regret that there is no trade-off for replacing our pistol with another weapon. For example, I would like that the gun allows to run faster or switch the weapons faster, but, on the other hand, it would still be less lethal than another weapon. The camera remains too long on the character when you die, which allows players to give a lot of information to his team. There should be a fade to black (or something else) after 2-3 seconds to avoid that. When a player dies, his weapon can fly anywhere, and it can make it difficult to pick up a weapon after killing someone. There is a latency feeling when you throw a grenade, it's quite annoying to throw a grenade with good timing during a jump. I don't know if it's because there is really a delay between the release of the bind and the thrown or if it is the grenade that appears outside the field of view of the camera before entering this one a short time after. The smokes are a bit too small, it's maybe due to the softness of their contours. The feeling of the double switch isn't really great, make it more like Cod4 I miss the feeling of the scopes of Cod4, when the ADS is canceled after each shot. The snipers (and the Kar98k) are a bit to powerfull. There is some idee to (try to) balance them without removing there one shot ability : There fire rate is to high, it should be reduce. Maybe reduce there mouvement speed (it would make jump shot decals from snipers a bit less effective). The scopes should have an higher time to switch to ADS. The scopes should have an higher dispersion on hip fire. The Kar98k shouldn't kill in one shot in the lower torso (only in head, neck, and upper torso), it would force the player to switch weapons to finish the opponent if he didn't aim correctly, and it would be more punitive in close range. It would also add more difference between the Kar98k and the scope one, and how to use them, which would be nice, they are too smilar at the moment. HUD: The main menu is too bright, I would love a dark mode which hurts the eyes less. The minimap is not clear at all, it's very difficulte to see the layout off the map just by looking at it. I don't like the red dot on the radar which indicates enemies that are firing, I prefer how works the radar in CS GO. It makes it easier to play with people that don't communicate, and new players will not necessarily be blamed for not giving info. For the same reasons, when the bomb is on the ground, if an ally or yourself see the bomb it should appears on the radar. I hate the blood effect on screen when we take damages, we don't know accuratly how damage we took or how many HP we have left. I would prefer an HP bar, it would make it easier to learn the damages of the different weapons, grenades or falls. I find the +5 too high in the screen. When I'm focused, I don't see it directly, and I don't easily differentiate the +5 from the +3. The kill feed is not very readable, I think it's mostly due to capital letters. It's hard to make the difference between the players that are alive and those who are dead by looking at the avatars at the top of the screen. And the player count is also not easily readable. Wartide/Competitive: The card system encourages players to save cards in certain situations, because if you die, you lose your card and (probably) give it to your opponent. I've heard many times Brammertron say that he didn't want players to save, so that there is more clutch situation, and this is currently not the case. It is too hard to come back when you have no cards left. Because if you can't kill any opponent and retrieve their card, there is no way other to regain cards. There is a snowball effect here. In CS, you still earn $ even if you lose and don't kill anyone, wich limits the snow ball effect and allows the loosing team to come back. The card system doesn't work very well with random allies. It only takes one person who refuses to coordinate with the rest of the team to sink the team's economy. The default class should be able to pick a 3rd grenade. I had games where, after 4-5 rounds, we had no more cards, until the end of the half-time. And consequently, we had a lot of grenades we couldn't use. Which is kind of frustrating. Maps: Derailed : I love the layout of the map, but the visibility isn't great. The contrast of the colors are too strong : shadows are too dark, there is too many useless detail objects on the ground, there is a lot contrast difference between textures... Coastal : The visibility is ok, the layout is a bit too open, but the map is still nice. In general, there is too many invisible walls that prevent players to go on some ledge/spot. And it's really frustrating to see a spot that you know you can jump far/high enough and just be blocked by an invisible wall. Graphisme: Overall, I found the frame rate a bit low (especially on the training map). The smoke rendering is really bad. The contours are not sharp enough and are not constant enough. And the billboard is very noticeable. The anti-aliasing tends to "blur" the image a bit. It gives the impression that the game uses the TAA, if so you should offer more traditional techniques, such as FXAA or MSAA, which blur the image less. Depending on the background, the characters aren't always correctly visible. The position of the head during the sprint animation does not match the position of the camera. It can give situations where the sprinting player can see over an obstacle without being visible. Sound: I didn't find the sound spacialization that great. Maybe it's because i'm use to the HRTF of CSGO, but I found it difficult to locaize footsteps. The footsteps are not loud enough, there have been many times where I haven't heard enemies running behind me or at the other side of a corner. There should not be a drop sound when the character drops from 20 cm. The bomb planting sound is way too loud, there is no reason to hear it from the other end of the map. The jumps should make a sound (except when you are walking ?), it would help a lot to react to close range jump shot. Finally I would add a concern on communication about the game, you should pay attention on pushing the competitive side of the game too much. It may scare a lot of casual player, who will equate Battalion to a game made only for hardcore gamer, which i think is not the case. Connard
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    One more, because this community is different level.
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    I have just sent proof to 2 people in this thread that we sent out their codes in December. Yesterday I sent out proof to 2 other people in this thread that we sent them their codes in December. We can't hand deliver codes to everyone individually, there aren't enough hours in the day for this. 85% of people figure it out so why can't the other 25%. Joe gets frustrated because people "call us out" at times and make threads like this one claiming we are ripping people off or not giving people what they have paid for when in actual fact we are doing our job and I have sent you all proof that we have. Our studio lead cares a great deal about both his community, his studio and his employees so when you call that all out and claim that it's in the wrong when it isn't he gets fired up. We aren't suits in board rooms. We are a company of smart gamers making a game that people love. Work with us not against us and accept we might actually know what we are doing. There are ways in which you may have paid for Battalion and not received a key but that is a very very very small percentage and was due to Humble Bundle's fuck up not ours. Anyone that has come to me with these issues has had it resolved personally. If you still believe you have not received one. DM me and I will take your request seriously and get your code from our database and resend it to you. However if you post a passive aggressive post on our public forum that others can see saying we aren't doing our job, when we are then we aren't going to be impressed. Thank you to @Razor for attempting to get this point across. I'm locking this topic because there's no more to say.
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    is that you don't have to bother with all the weapon customization, classes and whatnot bs like in recent CoDs. It's just pick your weapon & play like the good old days, when games were real.
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    Here I put all my thoughts into a video, enjoy! Best of luck to the guys at Bulkhead!
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    No, we have the opinion if there is an issue with any of our competitive maps, then we need to address it and fix it. Not allow certain maps to just become stagnant because players don't practice them as much. Reality with CS is that it has many great maps, but they never get used because players are very afraid of change. Bramm