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    The approach of staying quiet when there's nothing to say makes sense, to begin with. Especially when you want waters to calm down after a stormy EA release. However, at this point it seems the complete silence starts to become rather adding to the negative look of the situation. Consider there's still quite a road ahead until we hit full release and the internet a) is impatient as fuck and b) needs to be 'teased' constantly in order to maintain interest in something. As a starter it would be nice to have the Steam Announcements, which are always very well put together in my opinion, posted across all communication platforms (this forum, reddit, twitter), or at least link them there for convenient access. Additionally there could be some more in between posts, preferably when internal milestones are met, not necessarily on a regular schedule, which provide an idea where development stands and what might have changed from the current live build. Keeping things more one-way though, that is, not starting design discussions, but letting people (passively) be part of what's going on behind the doors. I still believe there's no point in banging the big marketing drum before full release and the game being polished, leaving little to no issues for people to grow mad over. I'm afraid the bashing against the game on release day will be inevitably and the best way to come out clean is the majority concluding that the final product is good, so the trolls run dry on bystanders quickly and we can focus on actually playing the game and pushing things forward as a community. ;)
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    You can download the server file : Battalion 1944 server file and host, install and configure one yourself as an option.
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    Maybe i'm strange but.. This sounds good to me.. I'm a bit sick of all the negative after every update.. I would rather see the big splash coming in after a time of silence.. I hope it will be like a "new start".. But don't get me wrong, I'm highly in love with this game so far (except the current player count).. So hopefully this "new start" will attract the right people and will please them.. Everything for a higher player count. But... we really need a launch without problems by then.. really So I can find myself in this part: "This overhaul requires work - but more importantly, a healthy playerbase to enjoy the new game. It's important for Battalion 1944 to make a big splash at full release, and recapture the hearts and minds of players who fell in love with the concept earlier this year - as well as finding new players who were reluctant to join the fight back then because of the tech issues around the Early Access launch." Oh sht this tease really got me: "We hope you’ll support us in this journey going forwards through to full release, as we’ll be preparing our Mosin-Nagants ready for action on the servers next year...
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    Cyrus and I have looked at this a little. I agree with the conclusion that it's not doable right now with the files we have.
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    I agree with you Excel. They bother less about the community now. They were atleast communicating before MU2. It's depressing after playing this game over 180+ hours & now they all gone silent. MU3 is the last hope.
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    Today @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON Talked on Twitter about being more open again.. (click on it to read the whole conversation)
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    I know they are working on things. There was server file update just the other day specifically for CTF game mode.
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    I just hope they rework (resize) basicly everything so that the game looks realistic and consistent again. Some new and reworked maps would be great aswell. And I hope we'll get a better main menu at some point in the future. I would also like to spawn with 1 Frag grenade all the time. Smokes, Flashbangs (idk if these would make sense to get added), Molotovs, gas-grenades, RPGs, Mortar/grenade launchers, mountable HMGs (buildable MG nest), medikit (allows to revive 1 player per round, only 1 per round allowed) gasmask and heavy armor (decreases movement speed but counters explosives/gas) could be interessting to have in the economy system.
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    New update: ow.ly/dThJ30mw3jI
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    Probably, but at the same time some people (like myself) will give up on the game just because 3 - 4 months to wait for an update is far too long. I'm sure it will all come good in the end for the remainers If you are like me, I've waited a long time for a game like this to materialize. I am not going to let 3 - 4 months stand in my way. I really hope you don't either.
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    I think this is the best move BH could have made at the moment for many reasons. If you haven't seen these clips, you should. They really help define where BH is coming from, the real challenges they face, why they want to make this game and puts into perspective the recent move. First, they define what early access meant to them. I feel like a lot of people thought, like in many games, that early access was a pre-release of an almost finished product. That was never BH's perspective. They defined it as a true testing environment for feedback to continue development. Secondly, as a small indie developer, they just didn't have the resources(people) or tools to "behave" like a large developer. James Tatum, lead developer - Lead explaining concept of early access, challenges for indie developer Lastly, the genesis to make the game comes from the passion of playing, not the motivation to just make money. Sure, money helps keep it alive, but the passion to make a great game is the driving force. Joe - Origins of and for Battalion 1944 . Without understanding the above, it's easy to become disappointed and overreach on expectations. To me, the overreach is clearly evident with what you read in almost all of the discussion boards. The enthusiasm is relentlessly choked by haters and complainers. If you were a developer looking for constructive feedback, the current boards would not be the place to find it. Personally, all the negativity is exhausting. I'm not saying it's all unfounded, but it is overkill. At least most of Discord's "discord" is constructive or critically constructive which lends towards success and not riddled with hate and discontent which promotes failure. Now that Square Enix is 20% of BH, decisions are influenced at a greater level with seasoned thinking. SE brings more resources, equipment, knowledge and marketing skill to the table, which BH as an indie dev, just didn't have. SE would not invest in BH if they believed for one second that BH and Battalion 1944 were pushing toward failure. No one attaches their name, reputation or funds to something that is failing, especially an industry player that is knowledgeable about what is going on. Sure, I wish BH continued down the path to MU3 and on. I was so looking forward to it! But I think the community kind of shot themselves in the foot. They had a chance to be influential in a positive, constructive way. I some cases they were and in some they kind of squandered it. BH did the same thing in a lot of ways, especially in the beginning, and at least they admit it. That's what happens when there is not a clear understanding of what is going on, on both sides of the fence. Now that all of that is old news, it's time to look forward to the release of Battalion 1944 behind the support of Square Enix, which is a good move.
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    Actually, I didn't see this coming and somehow suspected Bulkhead might be considering to be more open again, rather than going the exact opposite direction. With Square Enix aboard they aren't all that independent in decision making anymore, I guess. I share Excel's frustration to some extend, as indeed they envisioned an active involvement of the community and had high emphasis on transparency about development and even the business part of things. Now this is yet another shift to be added to the list and I also don't see myself playing the game in its current state anymore, as I was really hoping for at least some improvements, like lobby for arcade match making, to carry us over to full release. Sure, from a business point of view it makes perfect sense for Bulkhead shutting it down at this point for various reasons. Somehow, though, this happens to be the most disturbing thing about this decision on some other level for me personally. Anyway, I'll just wait for full release and draw my conclusions then.
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    Hope you understand I mean the negative people (and they do not play the game, they are haters) I love everyone playing!!! But it really hurts to see you say they never stuck to anything they have said or promised.. You have the right to feel that way but they are so honest and imo are just doing what they have promised that it just hurts.. Why is gaming world (or internet) so harsh these days..? I'm not a hater and i generally agree with what you say and maybe i was a bit quick to read in to what you said but i felt a bit cheated as i was looking forward to MU3 but when i read it wasn't to be i just thought f**k it. I just wish i could share your enthusiasm and trust me i have tried but no matter what Bulkhead say they always change it somewhere down the line. Part of me see's what they are trying to do but the other part of me can't help but think they have used everyone's trust and money to build a business for their own gains just to leave their loyal supporters behind but that's just my personal feeling and now i shall move on to another game and will not play Battalion just simply out of principle. You have to ask yourself, how many others are thinking the same thing? Maybe it's not just about the game, maybe it's the way Bulkhead conduct themselves as a company which hit's a nerve with people who knows. And yes people can be harsh on the internet but that's what happens when you make promise's to thousand's but then cut them off and deal with discord members members only. Think how many formats have BH stopped using..... anyway, i hope your enthusiasm carries you and the 20 other players through to Feb 2019 because by then BH will have another EA game for release and Battalion will just be "the project" GL mate.
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    Well personally I'm bored of waiting so much (I like the game but I don't want to grind it in its current state). But I think it's the thing they have to do because: 1) They lose so much time fixing bugs foreach update - for a small studio it's important. 2) After all the negativity since Early Access launch, I think they need to make a big splash to get players back and to welcome new ones. And that can be only done with many new features, changes etc So yeah I agree with WeAsOne They tweeted about a russian map being developed, this hypes me so much Let's just hope for the best...
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    Well, what's more to say? Definitely uninstalling this game now, was only waiting for MU3 but now that's not happening there really is no point. Good bye Bulkhead and Battalion.
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    Update seems small fix that was released has fixed the issue.
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    Before the 2.0 FFA was playable if u turnd off the minimap. Now u get stucked in spec mode and after 20 sec the server crash
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    Not updated? you mean the unannounced maps? As far as I know they are still following this roadmap so no need to update it.. and the names of the maps/weapons we hear at the release of an update And Q1 means Quarter 1 and a quarter of a year is indeed 3 months I agree it looks like the Q4 (winter) update will be not in the fourth quarter of 2018 but a little later like Q1 2019.. So they will work on it in Q4 but will release in Q1.. We will see
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    MU3 should roll out in this or next month I guess (between 23th of September and 21st of December).. Then the next Winter Update should be before 20 March 2019 And full release somewhere after that and before 2020 (My guess goes to May 2019) All my info comes from their official roadmap http://battaliongame.com/
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    ppsh: Russian sten gun: British And I know they want to implement the British and the Russians, but that will be after full release as far as I know.. But they want it just as much as you and me The things they are working on for full release are: * New Competitive Map * Spectator Mode Overhaul * In-game clan system for scrims, ladders and competitions with high tick servers * Theatre Mode * New HUD / UI * New Casual Map * General Fixes & Patches ready for full release! After that: Free DLC
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    I'm not a competitive player but here are my thoughts: 1. The pistole is holy to me and I would like to keep it as my secondary. 2. Re-selling the weapon sounds good to me, but do you mean before the round or when the round has started? 3. See 1.
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    Yes the gameplay is good. The old-school fps feel like cod2 & cod4. That's the reason we have high expectations.
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    Could be Q3.. yeah well then it should be here at least before 2019.. I actually have high expectations for full release.. mistakes are made but that does not change the final product. The game (imo) plays really good already and with just more content and players we could have a blast on it. The content needed is being made right now and the players needed should be brought by a decent marketing campaign (and that is planned) With SquareEnix behind them it should be "easy" to reach.. but for independent developers its a lot harder in comparison to the large companies.. But they will get there.. Also worth adding is that they will create new FREE content while we play the game that has been released by then.. It's their passion (read baby) and will not abandon this one!
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    I thought MU3 was Q3 on the roadmap because on Q4 it says "It's been a full year blah blah blah" so i assume Q4 will be end of January maybe but what i meant was does anyone know what date MU3 it is out? They haven't even bothered to update the roadmap and leaving people hanging is not a way forward as they get bored and move on.
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    Well, he is clutching at straws with regards to the player base as it currently stands so i guess he is testing the waters whether to go back to how it was and take criticism or not communicate at all and lose the remaining players and the last ounce of interest this game has left. I don't know tbh if their approach to be open created the anger in people making them argumentative or whether it was just Brammers arrogance but it has been quieter since they kept the doors closed and got on with things. In the end all people want is what they were offered/promised which was a good smooth game to replace CoD2/CoD4 rather than a CS:GO looking game. Does anyone know when MU3 is going to roll out?