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    Hey guys! I want to start out with a big thanks to everyone that play tested Alpha v0.2. We had even more players than we expected! We hope you all enjoyed Battalion and got a chance to see and appreciate some improvements that we’ve worked on between v0.1 and v0.2 many of which were requested and discovered by you, The Community. Giveaway winners: For those of you that saw our midweek update in the run up to last weekend's Alpha, we outlined three criteria that if achieved would earn a free piece of gaming hardware from us. We were on the lookout for the winners throughout Alpha v0.2 and I can announce that they are as follows: First person to knife Joe (Brammertron): Vaposki Although we saw a lot of people changing teams and rushing to try to be the first one to mercilessly stab Joe. Vaposki got their first so congratulations to him!“It was like playing Battalion zombie mod, everyone just swapped teams and chased me down with knives, it was like living a nightmare” - Joe Most Kills: Bot Alien - 3750 This was a tally of total kills throughout the weekend. Bot Alien was the top fragger in Alpha v0.1 and felt he needed to defend the title! You’ve either got to be a Robot or an Alien to get that many kills. In alpha v0.3 we want to see someone knock Bot Alien off that podium! Best bug reporting: Dark This is a really important achievement as bug reporting and discussion of issues is what drives development and allows us to hammer home fixes for Alpha v0.3 and ultimately improve Battalions final state. Big thanks to Dark for his feedback on the forum as well and his commitment to creating something special with Battalion 1944! There was countless amounts of great feedback on the forums, including the guys who found the infamous ‘Rocket man’ bug. But Dark correlated multiple excellent bug reports, without telling us how we should have fixed it; instead, clearly describing the problem and how to recreate it or a feature he didn’t like. If those three could message me (BigTuna) when you can then I can arrange their prizes and get them sent off asap. We will be holding more giveaways in Alpha v0.3 so jump in game if you have access for a chance to win! Info on future builds: Although we had worked hard to fix the bugs from Alpha v0.1, there were always going to be bugs within Alpha v0.2. One of the bugs that appeared that you might’ve seen was a possible Rocket Jump. This has already been fixed as it was a pretty big issue but should no longer show itself from here on out. The level of feedback we got from you all during and after v0.2 and all of it has been amazingly constructive so please keep that up! We are currently working on improving every aspect of Battalion including our networking. In the days after v0.2 our design programmer Dave- got stuck into the netcode and already we’ve made the game a much better experience, users with higher ping will see massive improvements, while players with regular ping will notice the game will feel smoother. We are putting emphasis on networking fixes and online testing internally. A mistake we made this alpha was having too many local/lan tests and not enough online tests. Our goal is to release a stable alpha so that you can help us balance the game. We’re constantly striving to improve every aspect of Battalion throughout development. Alpha v0.3: I hope you all had a great time fragging within Alpha v0.2 and that you’re all eager for v0.3! For those of you that are interested in v0.3, the dates for it will be August 18th and 19th. Further information such as a Changelog and Server Information will be released closer to this so stay tuned for that. Thanks again guys and keep watching for further updates. Tuna & The Bulkhead Team.
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    You'll all be happy with the price, trust me.
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    Some people seem to overestimate their skill. Just look at CS, the SSG-08 (Scout) can only one shot kill with an HS (and possibly in the torso if the guy one already took damage), and even at high level it's not much used (while it isn't expensive). Speaking of CS, do players complain about the AWP? No, because the economic system counterbalances the imbalance of weapons. So wait & see, how the economic system of Battalion will impact the balancing of weapons. There are quite a few other factors that are forgotten in this post: - The SMGs will also be able to one shot kill with a HS at short range (most certainly). - SMGs usually have greater mobility (in other games and i hope in Batallion too) allowing them to straf around corners more easily, making them harder to aim. - It is also necessary to see how strong the aim-punch will be in Battalion. And let's face it, a sniper that can only OS with HS, is not fun to play for 99% of the players. A game is made to be fun to play, whether it is competitive or not.
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    Hey Guys! (Although this Changelog is being released to the public. Battalion 1944 is still only available to those who have purchased Alpha Access) I want to start out with a big thanks to everyone that play tested Alpha v0.2. It was really successful and it was great to see so many people playing and enjoying Battalion. We had even more players than we expected so we hope you jump back in for V0.3 and take a look at some of the improvements we’ve implemented. If you want to see our YouTube video on this here. This Alpha contains quite a few weapon tweaks so we are really interested to hear your feedback on these. Internally we have outlined some issues from your feedback that we have worked towards getting fixed. Thanks for your patience with us as we’ve been working really hard to add as much as we can to make the wait worthwhile for you all! We saw how much you all enjoyed Battalion in Alpha v0.2 so we are hoping you enjoy it even more in v0.3! Alpha v0.3 Dates and Server UpTimes: Alpha v0.3, Session 1, Launch date: 18/08/17 Session 1, Start times (approx): 18:00 (BST), 13:00 (EDT), 10:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.3, Session 1, Close date: 19/08/17 Session 1, End times (approx): 08:00 (BST), 03:00 (EDT), 00:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.3, Session 2, Launch date: 19/08/17 Session 2, Start times (approx): 18:00 (BST), 13:00 (EDT), 10:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.3, Session 2, Close date: 20/07/17 Session 2, End times (approx): 08:00 (BST), 03:00 (EDT), 00:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.3 Changelog: Maps: ManorHouse_v3 implemented - We’ve made a few changes to our ManorHouse map. We added a new courtyard area between the A & B bomb sites. This is to make the map a little bigger and add other avenues for combat. Other changes implemented into ManorHouse_V3 include improved foliage & trees to allow for better visibility and improved grenade collision. Gameplay: Strafe jump distance slightly reduced. Introduced recoil patterns for certain automatic weapons. Increased muzzle flash for all weapons. General performance tweaks to increase FPS. [EXPERIMENTAL] "Join game" through Steam friends [EXPERIMENTAL] "Invite friends to game" through Steam. Team balance - We have fixed the bug where you were unable to join a team with more players than the other. (Auto balance planned coming in a future update). New items added: M1 Carbine for American faction. Gewehr 43 for German faction. Weapons Changes: M1 Garand: M1 Garand Animation Tweaked. M1 Garand Recoil Slightly Decreased. Thompson: Thompson Animation Tweaks. Thompson Recoil Pattern Added. Thompson Damage Slightly Increased. Thompson Size & Hand placement adjusted. MP40: MP40 Animation Tweaks. MP40 Recoil Pattern Added. MP40 Damage Slightly Increased. MP40 Size & Hand placement adjusted. Pistols: M1911 & Luger Animation Tweaks. M1911 & Luger Accuracy Increased. M1911 & Luger Size & Hand placement adjusted for better accuracy. M1911 & Luger Equip Speed Increased. M1911 & Luger Muzzle Flash Decreased. Sounds: Footstep sound radius increased on all surfaces. Aim down sight volume reduced on all weapons. M1 Garand firing sound changed. Thompson firing sound changed. MP40 firing sound changed. Servers: General Network Improvements. Bug Fixes: Removed the rocket jump bug (Thanks for finding and reproducing Dark!). Numerous fixes applied from Alpha v0.2. Good luck and Remember our Alpha NDA is still in place so please stick to it! Please only speak about Alpha in the dedicated channels e.g. Alpha Discord & Alpha Test Zone Forum or directly to developers. Thanks guys and see you all on the 18th! Tuna
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    Yesterday NVIDIA released video about Battalion 1944. Check new weapons guysss !
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    OMG they're not all using bolt action rifles, this must be some extreme photoshop skillz. Above is a great example of why rifles didn't dominate and why not everyone used them. Shock, horror - most guns had their own strengths and weaknesses and shone in certain areas/within certain tactics.
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    Hitbox damage areas How many damage areas would be best for Battalion and why? I don’t know much about how it will affect the hitreg and general connection stability but I’m guessing the more complicated the hitbox the harder to keep it accurate and stable? Perhaps devs and people who have experience with hit-box design can shed some light on this topic. There’s probably limitations to each engine and some hitboxes could work better or worse on different game engines and it also depends on other things like netcode, and quality of servers in general but this is definitely something we should think about. Obviously damage multipliers can be weapon specific (And I hope they will) Please keep the discussion about the actual multiplier values of each gun to a minumum as in this topic I'd like to discuss how many damage areas would be best for Battalion and why. I'd like to know people's opinions and some facts about hitbox and what the ideal number of damage areas would be for Battalion. Options & examples COD2 had 7 different damage areas -Head -Neck -Torso -Upper Arm -Lower Torso (Stomach) -Upper leg -Other limbs COD2 Damage areas The later editions of COD such as COD4, COD5, MW2, BO1 etc had 5 hitbox areas -Head -Neck -Torso -Stomach -Limbs COD4,5,6 etc Damage areas CSGO interestingly only has 4 damage areas. - Head - Chest and arm - Stomach - Leg Because in CSGO kevlar (armor) is a big part of the game the Stomach damage multiplier is x1.25 compared to Chest and Arm which is x1.0 this means you are dealing more damage when you hit the enemy in the Stomach than you would if you hit them in the Chest and Arms. Kevlar probably won't be part of Battalion so the multiplier values strategy will differ, but that's now irrelevant. Additionally I’d like to know if Battalion uses “hit bubbles” or standard square hitbox shapes. If you don’t know what I mean by hit bubbles check the video below. CSGO had this update a few years ago and it did make the hitreg much better as a result. A video explaining “hit bubbles” instead of “hit boxes” A comparison of old and new hitboxes in CSGO Bottom line: So yeah once again don’t turn this post into “the damage multiplier for the snipers should be this or that” kind of thread I just want to discuss the number of damage areas a player model (hitbox) should have in your opinion and why. PEACE!
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    This thread makes no sense, why should a bolt action rifle have the same damage values as a semi automatic(M1 Garand)? I'm fairly sure it's been hinted that MP44/BAR will be 1 shot headshot too, why would anybody ever use the kar98k if it didn't have higher damage?
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    Although i really loved playing maps like toujane, matmata, citystreets and crash we have to let Call of Duty go. We know Battalion is based on those games, but for it to be its own game it has to develop their own maps otherwise it will be just a cheap clone. And i'm confident the developers are capable of designing some epic new maps, because let's be honest after playing cod2/4 for 10 years i'd love to play some new maps.
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    i understand that but it would have to be F2P from the outset or they'd have to refund many of the backers. a F2P game is way cheaper from the consumer's viewpoint than a full release. speaking personally, if Bat44 went F2P i'd ask for a refund of my kickstarter and take my chances paying for cosmetics when the game releases.
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    Hello, Im a former COD2 player, recently in Brazil we organized the last "championship" of COD2 with 24 teams. Unfortunately the game has died, much due to Xfire being shut down which put the community in a constant decrease in the number of players. Our community although being small is composed of many oldschool players from 2005-2007, and this game got my and some others hopes up and I would like to talk about what made competitive gameplay awesome in COD2 and what I'd love to see in this game. Grenades: 1- Static clouds, lots of debris and textures were often used by players as a way to develop well placed grenades. 2- Simple throw and easy to repeat run(counting steps)/jump system to make those go further. 3- The grenades took around 3.5 secs to explode, so throwing in high angles+jumps result in barely touching the floor before exploding, but were more difficult to perform since you dont have many reference points when aiming at the sky. 4- Smoke grenades were a "problem", sometimes you can see inside it, sometimes you cant, added luck to the equation depending on how and where the smoke was deployed/you were positioned. If possible would be great to make it better. Also, 1 smoke per team and a long time duration was interesting. Make a choice and go for it Weapons: 1- Consistent damage, you know a mp44 takes 3 shots if you dont get the head, you know a kar98k needs a torso/head shot to kill in one shot, and you know a pistol shot even at long distances can finish an opponent who's been shot but no killed by a rifle. This makes the game fair, no inconsistency where sometimes 3 shots kill and sometimes dont depending on which pixel you hit the target. 2- Where you aim with the iron sights is where the shot is gonna land regardless of the conditions of the movement performed by the players, you cam jump and shoot if you have the skills to compensate the fast movement. THIS IS WHERE COD2 SHINED. 3- Pistols were good, but were the only weapons that would not always hit the same spot even when aimed down, even though pistols arent supposed to be very precise, I do think they should work better at "medium" distances. 4- Unlike games like CSGO, COD2 didnt have a predictable "spray" pattern when hip firing, but all gun were still viable at this kind of firing like the M1, MP44, thompson and even the rifles, this is in my opinion the hardest aspect to balance... Snipers also had an almost ideal precision at hip firing, still believe that they could have even a little more precision like 10-15%. 5- No mods, no perks, no nothing... just pick the gun Maps: 1- Maps followed a very simple rule of 3 lanes(dawnville, toujane, burgundy, matmata and others), lots of tricky angles, a few bugs but in general very good. 2- Maps allowed for both rush strategies as for slow strategies, burgundy vs dawnville for example, where teams could choose the maps that better suited their style. 3- Bright easy to spot enemies, very few dark places where enemies could have natural camouflage simply by being in a dark spot. Gameplay in general Cod2 did reward players that invested in aggressive play-style, those who trained a said shot, like jumping in the beginning of the match in Burgundy as a german and managing to get the american sniper, very few could do it and it changed the whole round when done correctly, but anyway the game gave the opportunity for the player to develop said skill, no limits in the gameplay. I would love to see that again, snipers and rifles were "overporwered" only in the right hands and people who mastered a M1 Garand could most of the times take down a Kar98k player. The game allowed almost every weapon to be efficient at a certain purpose. Sorry for the long post, anyway, I would love to help in any way possible. I've played literally thousands of competitive and have hundreds of demos for analysis and a pretty decent knowledge of the game in general, however no coding skills.
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    I know this is pretty early to think about the design of the scoreboard. Still i think many games, even CS:GO misses key features of the scoreboard. Mainly the scoreboard needs to be uncluttered, and yet display relevant information. However, different roles could possible benefit to see different stats to be more relevant. For example, lets say I mainly play assault and have the responsibility to nade a key spot of the map. I would love to see average grenade damage per round to know if it is effective. At the same time, my mate is the entry smg, he would find entry kills much more descriptive how good he is playing he's role. I think it would be pretty neat to have a basic simple scoreboard, where you could add 2-3 different custom stats from a list (ADR, grenade damage, clutches, HS %, bomb defuses / plants etch) What do you guys think?
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    Hello, I'm playing shooters since 15 years. I've been competitive player in the past when ClanBase/ESL were full of people to compete against. Since a lot of years this is the game i've been looking for I'm so happy with the work you guys doing. I can't wait till it comes out I'm Hyped as fuck. I'm one of thousend of players who is frustrated with nowdays FPS and the leak of competitive shooters for PC gamers. I was CoD PC player (the community who make CoD be what it is) till they left PC gamers in the dust and only care about consoles and making $$$$$$ . I see the power in this game to impress many players like me and get a loyal community i'm 100% sure this game will succes and have e-Sports invloved community I hope you dont do the same mistake like CoD did leaving in the dust those who make the game famous and popular... the PC gamers. Keep the nice work.
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    Not really. Call of Duty 1, and 2 were great games without wallbangs.
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    1- "First of, not everyone will be 100% hp all the time so they will get killed even if you tag them in the stomach or chest, second, neck up is a decent size hit box for a weapon that requires skill to use, hence a single shot rifle/sniper is not for everyone....and third, you can tag a guy for 99% of his hp and then 1 tap him with a pistol instantly, its been done before in most shooters, i dont see why this is any different." Answer: I may be blind, but in recent videos I haven't seen a health bar, so I assume they are going to use a similar health style as COD2... with that you can eat a sniper shot and hide only to recover in a few seconds. This makes snipers/rifles nearly useless at long range and make it inferior to SMGs at close range. Why cant you understand this? 2- SMG's have a thing called recoil, you cant simple spray them like in recent cods like lazer guns, im sure their damage values will lessen with distance and they will have to close that distance when facing a sniper, especially in a 5v5 when that sniper will have back up. Answer: You haven't played the old CODs or seen the Battalion footage on recoil. 3- "I love how you keep making an argument that a poor lonely sniper wont kill anyone, but at the same time that sniper will just instantly die to smgs and somehow cant adjust his positioning at all." Answer: What? This makes no sense whatsoever.You clearly never played COD2 or COD4 in a competitive way.
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    Hey Lads! I am working on a wordpress based webpage at the moment for the hungarian community of the game. Because I'm not a webpage developer I use a pre-made template from WordPress. I translate most of the articles and news and also I post the different videos and interviews of Battalion 1944. This page would be a community hub for the hungarian players and also I would like to make a FB group in the future as well. A question can come up in your mind: Why did Alom post it here? My answer: Because I would like to know what do you think of the idea and if you have any advice please share it with me. I would be pleased if you could take a look at the webpage (linked below) and give a little feedback. Obviously you won't understand a word written there (maybe some) but that's not why I want you to visit the webpage. I want to know how you like the look of it and what would you change. I will subscribe in the future if I feel it worth the money, because I don't want to spend 'till there is a community which uses the page. Link: https://battalionhungary.wordpress.com/
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    Well, that's why it's not a bad idea to have an open beta at some point. One or two free weekends would be enough. So people can try the game and make up their minds. A lot of popular games had some sort of public beta before release.
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    CoD4 Promod is by far the best FPS I've ever played, but it still had some flaws. Here are some of the bigger ones that should be avoided on B1944, in my opinion. - The grenade spam at the beginning of each roundwas was a pain in the a**. The grenade throw should be shorter, and the deadly range (when players are full HP) of the explosion too. - The HP regen was too fast. It should be slowed down (or replaced by a med kit system ? I have never been a fan of automatic life regen). - The hitmarker when touching an enemy through a smoke. - Red dots on the radar when enemies fire. CS GO system is better, the red dots are visible when enemis are in our field of view, or in that of an ally. - Players died too quickly on cod4. The balance was better on cod2 (lower damage on body shots, and higher on head shots, with lower rate of fire on weapons). - The movement speed per class was weird (snipers ran as fast as SMGs, only the assault class ran slower, and if you pick another weapon on the floor it wont change your speed). A movement speed per weapon would be a better idea (like cod2 or cs), with the possibilities for all classes to run at the same speed when holding a pistol. - The possibility to hide in vegetation (prone in high grass or crouch in some flowers). - The bullets wall penetration was to strong, it should be reduce. Otherwise I haven't seen in the gameplay video if it's possible to do double switch to reload or to switch weapon faster, to fake reload... I hope it will be possible, it's part of the CoD4's feeling for me. And you should consider adding the possibility of making totems like CS, it will add nice possibilities to teamworking. Good luck to the development team, our future is in your hands. ^^
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    God no.. in a fast pace twitch shooter like this game is aiming to be the rifle class weapons would be rendered useless if you needed to get a HS every time for a one hit kill. Do you not realize how much skill is needed to ADS and get a HS when people are sprinting and strafing around the map. Rifles in BAT44 need to be a one shot kill from the center of your torso and up and the head period. Just like @WeAsOne posted 100%
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    This area 1 shot kill for me.. To have a chance against an automatic on close quarters.. (when its all balanced)
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    Headshot = Kill Upper Body = Kill Its the best solution I think. Battalion is based around movement, so just evade them by using the right movement. The sniper is powerful in most games if you use it right.
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    Esports/competition is at the front of Battalion these days. S&D being the main gamemode. In terms of what competitive games we've played? I played a lot of COD4 competitively and a bit of COD2, I've been to many lans and competed in teams, I've come top 16 quite a few times. I've also competed in CS 1.6, CSS, and CSGO. Most recently last weekend we sent a Bulkhead Overwatch team to insomnia to compete in their Overwatch tournament. We won £200 Joe
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    You can check some works of Kieron White (Environment Artist at Bulkhead Interactive): https://www.artstation.com/artwork/l8m2a https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rDAmm The details of Lee-Enfield looks absolutely amazing!
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    Please "DEVS" No GameWorks Crap... It does nothing but only adds performance issues..
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    should be just like cod4 promod, that was perfection and should be built upon
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    Sprint is in the game, discussed in various topics and featured in almost every footage we've seen so far.
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    Watch out guys, we got a badass over here ... Most players here are veteran players from the old CoD games, some with competitive experience on the highest level and yet this guy comes with this argument.
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    Oh boy.... Seems like math is the main issue in this topic. Unfortunately it can't be teached through the forum. Take a look at some COD2 fragmovies like "Decerto Face the pain".
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    Yeah, definitely! Waiting on release now
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    Holy hell you must be really new to competitive fps games. You can tag a guy and finish him with a pistol pretty damn easy, especially if you know hes guaranteed 1 hit after the tag. You can eat a sniper shot, hide to recover, by then your entire team is dead while you are sitting prone in a corner giving the enemy team a number advantage and still having to leave that corner and get hit again.... Im so confused how you keep belittling the sniper over and over again like they can only shoot once and then its either get a kill or simply die in the spot they are standing in. Once again you are really new... Battalion 1944 is still being worked on and half the guns are not even in yet, so im not sure how you can say that it will have no recoil. Cod2 had plenty of recoil as well as cod4, certainly more then any cod to come out in years or most other shooters. This actually made me laugh, since ive played in every league that cod4 had to offer in every season that it ran while it was alive, so i clearly can say with 100% certainty that you weren't apart of that scene which makes sense from the lack of understanding about this issue. Replaying with "what? or "makes no sense " isn't going to help you prove your point, what ever that is, nor discredit what i say, so try harder next time please.
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    Hello developers and players alike, I'm beginning to work with the Unreal Engine, particularly for the game "Unreal Tournament" that is looking quite well at the moment. I've always been passionate about map/level design, and began my start with the SDK for CS:GO. I'm looking forward to learning more about the engine, the game development environment, and possibly being able to create a map for this game one day! I'd love to hear from the devs about the first few routes I should take in terms of learning the engine! -Hesper
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    PM @[CM] BigTuna and he'll work this out for you! I tried inviting someone last week, but the link was expired, so I guess he'll have to invite you manually.
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    I personally really enjoy the new layout, and I love the fact that we got back to the upvote/downvote system. What do you guys think?
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    Really happy the downvote button is back. I assume it also helps the mods understand how people feel about certain opinions or game ideas expressed on the forum so it is constructive 'most' of the time.
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    Great stuff! There a real popular one in Ohio , USA. Great weekend and brings crazy amount of people in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP4S16DcDKA http://www.ddayohio.us/
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    on kickstarter it says "Regular Retail £30" although i wouldn't quite understand why people would get hung up on if they pay 20 or 40 or whatever. i imagine most will play at least hundreds of hours and the competitive ones thousands And comparing it with a release like CS:GO with someone like Valve behind it is just unfair.
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    Hey Ace, Thanks for the reply dude, I have checked out PGL a number of times. We will definitely be keen to sign up when we have a team organised. Could potentially be getting a team together for R6S too. We used to host a couple of Insurgency servers a while back, mostly co-op brutal servers. I will sign up Paradox to PGL closer to release of Batt, or if they re-open the alpha/beta store we could look at getting a team together for a few funsy/practice scrims. Will see you around no doubt man.
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    Hey everyone! Most likely nobody cares about who I am, but I'll go ahead anyway My name is Amory, but in-game I go by the name of "Dark". I'm a CS:GO addict who also plays PUBG every now and then. I tried out Battalion 1944 at ESL ONE Cologne and loved it every second. That's why I'm thankful towards the devs for giving me a chance in helping the game trough out the development state by playing it and finding bugs. (And of course because i can play it already... ) Whoever kills me is cheating or I had a lag spike... Thanks for wasting your time in reading this and hopefully I'll see you in-game! #BattalionRules
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    there are no cooked nades in Bat44 mostly for that reason.
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    Played pogs in 97 with snoop dog and ludacris. Professional shotgun player in cod4 Almost made it to playoffs s2 cal open 7th place in spelling bee and im eating dry oats 17/?/mars hmu
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    Headshot = kill Anything else = not kill Standard aim rules. The idea that a chest shot is a kill is just mind numbing. I think these kids have had it too easy for too long.
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    Is there any "tutorials" or guides that those from Bulkhead would recommend to go in depth on UE4? I would very much enjoy creating maps and things of that nature once this comes out. I've only dabbled in UE4 and am following a Youtube guide to learn more but was just curious if there were any guides you would recommend more than others.
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    If it's anything like Squad, Unreal Engine 4 will allow you to download the Battalion build then launch it and mod away. Export what features you need for your own project and use the assets they provide. A great playlist by Unreal that I used to get myself started is here -> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZlv_N0_O1gasd4IcOe9Cx9wHoBB7rxFl It introduces you to the engine. Once you know your way around, get started with something small by following the FPS tutorial by Jimmy Vegas or the 3PS by Unreal again. You probably already have your answer as this post is quite old, but a bit more info never hurts. Hope this helps and happy modding!
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    -What's your name? My name is Johan "miRACLE" Gärtner and i am a very very old (25) computergamer who likes to run into tacnades on a bunch of different cod maps. (qLimAxzU19 naded me atleast twice a game back in the day.) -Where are you from? Vikingland, Sweden -What are your favourite videogames? I like games where i can aim a gun at someone and then pull the trigger. I like that after 20-25 bullets i may have managed to kill one or atleast hit them a couple of times. Cod will always have a place in my heart but i like alot of different games. Dying because of the blue gas thingy in Battlegrounds is amazing, so i like to do that. CS is perfect. I like beating qLimAxzU19 in FIFA aswell. -Where did you hear about Battalion 1944? Other old cod players Much love to everyone here except qLimAxzU19.
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    To add to this, i would say each soldier has their own dog tag with some custom information on there. Something along the lines of Battlefield but its designated to Blood Type, Name, Rank, and Service Number. Having it be 000000001-999999999 would be kinda awkward. I mean could be interesting maybe but limits things. I would say Something with Letters and Numbers like A101-00-001-A0A0A0 (A101) would be joined season A1 month 01 (00) would be day joined (001) Country of Origin (could use the real "area code" for the country like Greece is 30, Germany 49, UK 44, etc etc) (A0A0A0) Would be the random letter/number combo a person would get. So it would be personal and yet random at the same time. You can either have a single type of dogtag style or take each countries and do the same idea within the format of that country. In this case it would be US and Nazi dog tags for the two nations that are in the game. For the future it can be Russians and British along with whomever else will be added. +1 for the idea in general!!!
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    Hey There seems to have been a fair few questions on what the PC requirements will be so I'll post them here! SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 SP1 (x64), Windows 8 (x64) Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: Geforce GTX 570 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 5 GB available space RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 10 (x64) Processor: 3+ GHz Quad-Core 64-bit CPU Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: DX12 Compatible GPU with 4 GB VRAM DirectX: Version 12 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 5 GB available space Enjoy