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  2. Hello, Assuming that the game will of course support a developer's console, commands to mess with, cfg's etc etc, will there be a zoom sensitivity for when scoping in with the snipers? An example is zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse on csgo. Thanks in advanced, -tgrk!?
  3. Beta Release

    whats wrong with pink thompson's and sky blue kar98s? I mean do people actually care what color their opponents weapon is if it brings no stat advantages? Like that just sounds so stuck up, if a person wants a red weapon for what ever reason and there is a skin they can buy then its their choice, if you want yours to be authentic then you dont purchase 1, not required to do it yet the game still makes money from the people who do. Micro transactions are a way of life for video games these days if you haven't been living under a rock then it should be pretty obvious. The best ones offer skins and different customization options while the scumbag companies do things like give out weapons with stats and other things. Personally i cant wait to have my "sky blue kar98" because when i blow your head of you will know its me :), on a serous note, its easy money for the company, easy content for the players, and everyone should be happy as long as its not stat related, its 2017/2018 and these kind of things should be expected by now.
  4. Beta Release

    agreed, if the price is in that range, I can't complain about microtransactions
  5. Beta Release

    it was stated very early on that it would be alpha weekends. i backed the kickstarter and paid more than €60. i'm sure they'll compensate us in some way if the final price is below €20 with some in-game rewards or they'll have a lot of very angry people. personally, i won't be angry as long as the game turns out well and delivers all of the promised milestones. if you get the game you were promised the reduced price should not matter any more than if the price was reduced 6 months after release. alternatively, if the game sold 600,000 copies at €15 when it would have sold only 100,000 copies at €40 that's more people playing the game. there's no downside to any of that for the players or Bulkhead.
  6. Beta Release

    Personally i've given them 60€ on HB but would have even given more if it were possible just because I liked what they were doing and how they were doing it, so I decided to support them. All I want is for the game to succed as it is the only way to get my "investment" back and if that means selling the game for 15€ then it's fine to me.
  7. Beta Release

    would be disapointing. As a humble backer i paid 65 euro's and it stated cleary in a later stage the game would be around 40 euro's. From that i thought investing 25 extra towards the game and being part of alpha, beta early acces was reasonable. Would be rly bad if people can buy in soon for 10 or 20 euro's. I wouldn't like this at all, as i expected more gametime. Not sure if they even stated it would be only weekends (nights), because of that and some problems i only played like 25 minutes so far.
  8. Last week
  9. Beta Release

    For a long time they have mentioned about wanting a low price, all the way back in last year when the Humblebundle was still accessible, they mentioned they may decrease the price and include microtransactions or skins to counterbalance the price drop. They haven't given a particular price, as I said in my first post "$15 give or take". Could be $20, or could be $10. We have no idea. Consequently, the idea of microtransactions or skins is easier to swallow.
  10. Beta Release

  11. Beta Release

    are they releasing the game at 15$? where did you got that information?
  12. Few Ideas by jackis

    Thats completely fair and a good point. Is there plans for bullet penetration?
  13. Beta Release

    micro-transactions, if done correctly, is the way to go for Battalion. like Zane says, DLC will only split the community and generate less revenue over the life of a game. micro-transactions are so much easier to throw small amounts of money at. i keep saying this but the way it's done in Overwatch is the best example i've seen for micro-transactions and their approach would fit perfectly into Battalion.
  14. Beta Release

    Dlc are way worse than microtransaction, they just split the community and generate less revenue.
  15. Beta Release

    I'd rather pay for DLC than have people running around with pink thompsons and sky blue kar98k's tbh.
  16. Beta Release

    Have you an exemple of an older game with the same level of support of "today's game" (matchmaking using dedicated server, monthly patch, free DLC, competition support...) who don't have micro transaction (or paid DLC) and had a low entry price ? Just curious. And even if it's possible to survive without microtransaction, microtransaction allows games to survive with a smaller player base, which is a possibility that we can't excluded for Battalion.
  17. Beta Release

    For large single player games or games costing $60 it might be. If they're are single player then they don't have as many long term costs, and games such as Battlefield, CoD or Battlefront likely can make a profit from their own sales of the game itself. In the case of Battalion they're aiming it to be a cheap release costing somewhere in the price range of $15 give or take either way. They will be renting their own servers, releasing content post release and in theory having a large competitive scene with in the future things like LAN's, cups ect with support from leagues such as the ESL. So in comparison to most other games, not only is it going to be quite affordable but needed to support later development. As a smaller game developer they won't be able to rely on having 2000 game sales a month, it could happen but if it doesn't they need a backup source of income. As someone who watches some of Jim Sterling's videos and TotalBiscuit who are as far as I'm aware two main large YouTubers who have criticised games such as Dead space 3 for its micro-transactions, I would see this differently. These don't affect things in game nor will I imagine they will be expensive.
  18. Just sent you an invite. See you on steam bud.
  19. Headshots (Idea)

    Saving Private Ryan, Omaha Beach scene.
  20. Beta Release

    that's a lie told by many developers that many people believe today. I agree with the DLC point, let's wait to see if they can hold the money desire on that point
  21. Beta Release

    You are crazy if you think a game can survive just on sales in a long term. Let me quote something i wrote about skins:
  22. Beta Release

    any news about the microtransactions? really waiting for it, i'm not paying full tag price for a game to then be asked for more money for it's content even if it's only skins that's free games economy, not the paid ones. Really sad every game is doing that mindless stuff now and people buy into it, i'm not so, really waiting to see their take on it.
  23. Headshots (Idea)

    Every single hitsound please. That is one of those which have probably made COD series be famous, people feel doping and play persistently, even after terrible COD games are made.
  24. Lawbreakers tried to do too much at once. Their marketing scheme was "Trust us, it's going to be good" and "We got Cliffy B, no worries". Other than that they released a few cinematic trailers, which honestly looked really boss but was just that, cinematic. All in all they did too little marketing while the game itself tried to do too much at once. I find it very hard to believe that Battalion 1944 will suffer from the same fate at least from a marketing stand point. So far they've done very well. They've stated what people that have played the alpha thinks, what they personally want, were they're at, what core problem they're trying to fix. As soon as they can start to release more gameplay, both screenshots and videos, things will escalate from there. Until that happens we can only speculate. TL;DR: I'm not worried. The worry lies in if there's still a market for a game like this, which I truly hope there is.
  25. Hello, Im posting this because I always wanted to play a new game competetively and start "from scratch". About me: I am Jonas, 19 years old from Germany. I am searching for people around my age to play the game semi professional. At the moment I play CS:GO and currently Im at 3000 hours with plenty of competetive expierience. If you wantt to play or start a Team with me just add me on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/jon4s_f/ Have a nice Day! -Jon4s
  26. i think lawbreakers was a decent game. i don't think they did enough to build a hardcore community around the game. they thought just getting prominent youtubers to play and promote the game was enough. they had closed alphas, closed and open betas on both platforms. Devs even streamed themselves on Twitch playing the game but they just never connected with enough players. most people dismissed it as a cheap overwatch copy but if you play it, it's nothing like overwatch. i started this thread because i don't want to see Batt44 suffer the same fate. Batt44 seems to have that hardcore following but you just don't know until the time comes when people can actually buy the game. i just hope the marketing is there to push Batt44 when the time comes.
  27. Lawbreakers was so bad not even a big streamer could help them sell their game.
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